El Chapo (2017) s03e09 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 9

I feel the warmth from my boiling blood I feel the fear, sweat dripping away There's a stillness that nothing transmits I'm a breeze that grows stronger Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return I have the dust that protects the road I have the branches of a leafless tree I'm the guardian of the tired night There are silhouettes that come to meet me Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return ALTIPLANO PRISON STATE OF MEXICO Guzman.
Bad news? Issues between Quino and Damaso.
- Is Quino all right? - Yes.
But the situation is out of control.
ISMAEL'S HOME CULIACAN, MEXICO Joaquin, they both say you gave them control.
That you named them leaders of the organization in your absence.
If you don't do something, it'll be a mess.
You know everything I've done for Joaquin.
Everything I do for the organization.
Do you think the kid deserves to be in charge? I don't need anybody to tell me what to do.
I've got the balls to manage the organization on my own.
Quino is not a kid anymore, Damaso.
It's natural that he now wants to take the lead.
Quino you know the importance of Damaso for the organization.
He's a great leader.
He has your dad's trust.
He has been with Joaquin since Puente Grande.
If Quino says that my friend left him in charge, I believe him.
According to Damaso, he did do it.
I believe him.
That's a lie, Ismael.
My dad never told him anything.
Let's keep our eyes on Quino and his people.
That kid will not know how to manage the business.
That asshole won't be my boss.
He will prove that he's not ready to be the boss.
We will show them I can manage the organization much better than he can.
Ismael sent me to give you this information.
And to ask you who is in charge.
Did you give it to Damaso or to Quino? At this moment, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman is being taken from the navy's hangar and shown to the press.
After 13 years as a fugitive, this is the face of the most wanted drug lord in the world.
Sorry to bother you, sir.
I have a letter from your dad.
Thank you.
Thanks for coming.
Thanks for the invitation.
What are we celebrating? A surprise, come.
I organized this party to tell you something very important.
So important that I asked the guys to compose a song.
My dad has finally confirmed it.
Play the song! Here's El Chapo's letter That he sends out to everyone He writes from Altiplano There's a new boss in this place Don't feel down, my people Things are so clear, now Sinaloa's future Falls to "El Chapito" Quino Guzman As the cartel leader His son is now in charge And now he calls the shots The order is to split the cake Damaso! Damaso, what's going on? Nobody will believe you.
I swear I got a letter from him, telling me that.
I thought you would be happy for me.
You're just a kid.
You can't be the successor.
In his letter he asked me to tell everyone.
Ismael already knows it.
You were the only one left to find out.
Damaso I'll make operational changes in the organization.
I already thought about it all.
I will respect your way of working, and your territories.
Come on, dude! Let's get some drinks.
Let's celebrate.
You'll never tell me what to do.
Without Joaquin here, I'm responsible for the organization.
The power belongs to me.
- Sit down, Valcarcel.
How many dealers do we have working in this place? Like 50.
And how often do they come by? Weekly.
Fifty dealers that buy from us in all the Culiacan houses, weekly? Approximately, sir.
We will improve the way in which we operate.
It's OK that they make good money with our drugs.
But it could benefit the organization more directly with what they sell.
A tax? Yes.
They can keep taking the merchandise at the same price, but they have to give us 10% of everything they sell.
- Is that clear? - Yes, sir.
Take care of it.
DEALERS The usual? Same.
Gentlemen From now on, the boss is imposing new rules.
A 10% tax on all the sales.
Any problems? No.
This is fucked up.
People don't want to pay more.
What's up, boys? - What's up? - How much, dude? - Fifteen bucks.
- No - It's too expensive - Fellas, it's just And if on top of that they charge us with that tax, what's our profit? No, it's cheaper somewhere else.
What do we do? We can stop working for Quino.
No way! We wouldn't get away with it.
I'll pay you the usual, or I'll buy it somewhere else.
All right.
Right now, he's the man.
His father gave him the spot.
Going with someone else would be like going against Mr.
Joaquin himself.
What's up? - What's up, bro? - How are you? Why those faces? Fucking Quino changed the deal.
How about you guys? Damaso hasn't changed anything? No.
What did he change? Hello.
Sir, I've got something that may interest you.
Get them together.
DAMASO'S DISTRIBUTION HOUSE CULIACAN, MEXICO I want you to spread the word that everyone is welcome here.
If they come to work with me, they won't pay any tax.
But can we buy from you with no problems? In the end, we all work for the same organization.
Quino shouldn't be upset by it.
What if he does get upset? The issue would be with me! If he messes with you, he would be messing with my people.
And I take care of my people.
Nothing? The whole day? Let's see, fuckers do you know something? Hello? Sir, we have a problem.
What is it? The dealers are flipping to go work with Damaso.
How many? Most of them.
Son of a bitch.
Just say the word, do we look for them and fuck them up? No, leave them alone.
The issue is not with them.
Meet me at the southern exit.
Come with a group.
All right.
DAMASO'S SAFE HOUSE MARIJUANA FIELD, QUILA, MEXICO Let's go! Watch out, fuckers! Watch out! If you have the balls to come into my territory let's handle this face to face! Don't shoot.
I'm the boss now, Damaso.
If your men shoot, you'll start a war you don't want to fight.
You know these lands belong to me.
Your dad gave them to me.
I have every right to defend them.
And what will you do? Will you kill El Chapo Guzman's son? So, do we go back to Culiacan, sir? Yeah, but we'll be back tomorrow.
We won't let any fucking kid dispose of what belongs to us.
If that means war I won't be the one running away.
We've been at it all night with this, Joaquin.
Going to Mazatlán is too risky.
Sol betrayed me.
I have to disappear for a few days.
But I won't go without seeing Elba and the girls.
I understand.
But going from here to Los Cabos is safer.
The sooner you are in that territory, the better.
It's out of the government's radar, you said it.
Bravo! Yes, sir? Coordinate your people in Mazatlán, reinforce the security.
We're going to see my daughters.
You'll be playing straight into their hands, dude.
I know.
But if anything happens to me, I want to ask you something.
Do you remember how these lands were when I gave them to you? Of course.
I trust I'll be back from Mazatlán without any issues.
And once I'm in Los Cabos, I will fix this issue.
But if something bad happens to me, I want you to be in charge of the organization.
And Quino? His time will come.
He's my son and I love him, but he's still too young.
He still has a lot to learn.
I want you to guide him, and when you think he's ready, leave it to him.
Thanks, Joaquin.
I trust everything will come out well.
But if not, I will take the lead of the organization with pleasure.
And I will guide Quino.
I promise.
At this time, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, is being taken out of the navy's hangar and shown to the press.
After 13 years as a fugitive, this is the face of the most wanted drug lord in the world.
Quino! Thanks for coming.
Thanks for the invitation.
- What are we celebrating? - Come on! Everything is ready for me to take get charge.
Of what? Before being captured in Mazatlán, your dad entrusted me with the leadership of the organization.
He asked me to take care of you if something happened to him.
And guide you in the business.
He wanted me to take over until you're ready to be the boss.
I don't need anybody.
You have your own territories, he couldn't give you power over ours, that's impossible.
He did.
Everybody knows it.
Ismael always knew it.
We have been organizing and I'm ready to fulfill what I promised to him.
I don't believe you.
Quino! I promised your dad.
Don't disappoint him.
He wants us to keep building Sinaloa together, into he most powerful organization in the world.
Come on, dude! Let's have some drinks and celebrate.
I'm his son, fucker! In his absence, the power belongs to me.
Let's go! How many dealers do we have working in this territory? Like 50.
Let's change the way we operate.
Enough of them making so much money with our drugs and me getting nothing.
Let's charge them a tax.
Is that clear? Is something wrong? Did you already discuss it with Mr.
Damaso? Mr.
Ismael told us that he would give the instructions now that Mr.
Joaquin isn't here.
Without my dad here, this territory belongs to me.
I'll decide how to manage it.
The usual? Same.
Gentlemen from now on, the boss is imposing new rules.
A 10% tax on all the sales.
He's charging us to sell it? We don't work like that, Berny.
You give me the stuff and I pay you.
What I sell is mine.
Well, if you want to keep working for Quino and not get into trouble, you'll have to pay.
That's the new deal.
Any problem? No.
Now it's like that.
No way, dude.
That's fucked up.
People aren't willing to pay more.
It's cheaper somewhere else.
And if on top of that they charge us with that tax, what's our profit? in another place.
What do we do? We can stop working for Quino.
He's our boss, but he's not the man.
Right now, the man is Damaso.
According to Mr.
Joaquin, he's in charge.
Everybody knows it.
Either way, Quino is Joaquin's son.
If they come to work with me, there could be issues.
With all due respect, boss, Mr.
Joaquin himself would understand that this tax is unfair.
We come to you as the boss of the organization to help us.
With you, all deals have always been respected.
Whatever you say, Mr.
Quino will obey.
Mr Quino is harming the business.
If there is something Joaquin always wanted for the organization, it was union, harmony and profits for all.
They can come to work with me and buy in my houses.
I will talk with Quino and make him understand.
Nothing? Hello.
Sir, we have a problem.
Meet me at the southern exit.
Let's give Damaso a hit that he'll never forget.
DAMASO'S SECURITY HOUSE MARIJUANA FIELD, QUILA, MEXICO As you may already know, these lands were originally from my dad.
He bought them and worked them.
The issue is not with you, I just came to recover what belongs to me.
From now on, you won't answer to Damaso, but to me.
Come on, get to work! Move it.
What do we do, sir? Do we go back to Culiacan? No.
We're staying here.
This place is now ours, we have to defend it.
Bad news has wings, Damaso is about to arrive.
Don't shoot.
Move it.
I don't want any problems with you.
You should've thought about that before stealing my people in Culiacan.
You can't change the way in which the organization works without consulting me, since I'm the boss.
That tax was unfair.
That's why your dealers work with me.
Oh, really? That's why your people in here work for me.
This territory is mine.
Your dad gave me these lands.
You can't come and take them.
From now on, they belong to me.
And of you don't go, I'll ask my men to shoot you.
No one will shoot in here, Quino.
You know that if you shoot there won't be a way back.
You will start a problem you'll never get out of.
Everybody will be over you and not even your dad will be able to help you.
Think about that.
You were always cocky but never stupid! Don't start a war.
Gather the people.
For when? For tomorrow.
Fuck Damaso, he can go fuck himself.
If they come and mess with us, we'll take it.
War is what he fears, and war is what he'll have.
Bad news? Issues between Quino and Damaso.
They both say you gave them the power.
That you named them leaders of the organization in your absence.
But the situation got out of control.
There have already been deaths.
Ask Ismael to talk with them and to tell them to stop fucking around.
The power is mine.
I am the only boss.
That must be made clear to them.
Also advise him that he can already tell them I will get out.
And that they better calm down until I get back.
Once I'm out I'll fix this myself.
Joaquin is going to escape.
- When? - Why didn't we know anything? That's what your father wants.
But now he wants you to know.
He also wants you to know that once he's out, he will take care of the conflict you have.
My people are really upset, Ismael.
I don't know how long they can wait.
I am also holding my men back.
If Quino doesn't accept that he attacked my territory What will you do, fucker? Calm down.
We're too grown for this bullshit, aren't we? Quino, you're not a kid anymore.
Joaquin also wants to make it very clear that he continues to be the only boss, and that you're under his command.
You both are causing a crisis that any of our enemies can take advantage of.
We have to be able to control our own territory.
If you want to keep being part of this organization, you will have to learn how to live in peace.
If not, you're free to go and you'll be out of the business.
What's your choice? Sir.
Tell my friend that he will have to hurry with the tunnel.
If not, by the time he gets out the issue between Damaso and Quino will have destroyed the organization forever.
Do as Ismael says.
Have them work 24 hours a day with twice as many people.
Don't let them stop.
The situation got out of control, there have already been deaths.
Is Quino all right? He will have to hurry with the tunnel thing.
If you don't do something, it will be a damn mess.
Subtitle translation by Ramon Hernandez