El Chapo (2017) s03e10 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 10

1 [panting] I told you I would capture you, Joaquin.
[Conrado] Now, you'll be extradited.
You'll disappear.
It will be as if you had never existed.
[man on TV]in this summer.
[boy on TV] How are you, sir? You don't even know us.
I feel the warmth from my boiling blood I feel the fear, sweat dripping away There's a stillness that nothing transmits I'm a breeze that grows stronger Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return I have the dust that protects the road I have the branches of a leafless tree I'm the guardian of the tired night There are silhouettes that come to meet me Even when the clouds drift away Even when my skin dries away I'll be back someday To unleash my return MUNICIPAL POLICE ISIDORO'S SAFE HOUSE Thank you, commander.
We'll be in touch.
We were able to evade the Sinaloa lookouts.
We're home now.
Find more places where we can leave men and weapons.
ISIDORO'S SAFE HOUSE GUASAVE, SINALOA This time, Los Mochis will fall.
PRISON SECURITY [Joaquin] What's your name? Gloria.
Did Valdovinos explain why you're here? [Gloria] Yeah.
Sit down.
[Gloria moans] Tell him I decided to go to Colombia once I'm out of here.
I'll need one of the organization's ships.
Tell him to coordinate the details with Ismael.
[moaning continues] One more thing.
I'll need a map of the penitentiary's surroundings, - as detailed as possible - [moans] where I can see where the house is being built.
[moaning continues] Did he tell you what he needs? Yeah.
Nothing out of the ordinary, sir.
Visits, walks in the patio, the regular routine.
Did they start the work on the Cutzamala River? [Martin] Yes, sir.
We started the construction on the Cutzamala River, next to the penitentiary.
It will help us to disguise the noise made by the construction of the tunnel.
I need two men to infiltrate the construction, so they can watch over the house where the tunnel is being done.
Create a surveillance perimeter in the surrounding area so we can keep track of El Chapo once he's out.
[cell phone vibrating] Yes? Hi, sir.
How long will it take for him to be with us? According to the engineer, it will be ready in three months.
I already have the ship he requested.
It'll be on the coast in less than three months.
Did you get the map he requested? Yes.
Now, we have to make sure no one finds out when he receives it.
Can you see the house? Affirmative.
Keep me posted.
[reporter] This happened around three years ago, right? It was something that surprised everyone.
Why did you tweet El Chapo Guzman? [Vanessa] To be honest, I never imagined a tweet would provoke such reaction.
[reporter] You said you trusted El Chapo Guzman more than the Mexican government.
Did you think that wasn't going to provoke such a reaction? [Vanessa] Well, that's what I thought in that moment.
Do you have any regrets? No, I have no regrets.
I really do think that if we traffic love instead of drugs, the world would be different.
[reporter] Then, why play a character such as The Empress? Aren't you mystifying a drug lord? The Empress is a fictional character.
A woman who is congruent with herself, she says what she thinks.
I love playing this character.
This kind of character is unforgettable.
[Vanessa] People will always remember those characters.
[reporter] Out of curiosity, did El Chapo Guzman ever contact you after the tweet? No.
[laughter] No, never.
How are things going? All's going well, Joaquin.
When will the house be finished? We think it'll be done in a month.
There's not enough time.
I need you to find someone.
Who? LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA, USA This one here, when will we shoot that scene? In an hour I think in an hour it will be done.
Once it is shot, we'll be done for the day.
- Perfect.
- Perfect.
[phone ringing] Can you hold this for a sec? Yes? [Valdovinos] Miss Vanessa? I'm Ricardo Valdovinos, a Mexican producer.
I got your number from the Actor's Guild.
Valdovinos, would you mind contacting my agent? I'd rather talk to you directly.
It's for a confidential project.
A really big movie.
Well, in that case, send me the script and I'll read it.
That way none of us will waste time.
Well, that'll be complicated.
Why? Hello? Look, ma'am, I'll be honest.
I'm a lawyer, I have a powerful client who wants to work with you.
My client is Mr.
Joaquin Guzman Loera.
He's a big fan of yours.
He'd like to offer you this project.
Can you travel to Mexico? When? The sooner the better.
Some of you over here.
You'll stay here until we have enough men, and we receive the orders.
Hello? [man] Sir, we just got a new group of people.
Coordinate with the commander.
We'll send weapons.
HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES MEXICO CITY Gentlemen, the senator asked me to gather you here.
She has a candidate for the medal Vicente Guerrero for Mexican of the year.
That's right, I nominate Manglio Uriarte as a contender.
Uriarte? Does the President know? Yes, he agrees.
GREEN PARTY COORDINATOR Uriarte's one of our finest writers WORKERS PARTY COORDINATOR internationally renowned.
We consider him to be the best person to receive the medal.
We request you coordinate this with your parties PRP PARTY COORDINATOR PAD PARTY COORDINATOR so we can get the senate approval.
Thank you, senator.
I think it's a wonderful choice.
As wonderful, if you may, as you are every morning.
[laughs] Of course my party has no problem backing you, but first we gotta hear the names of other contenders the senators might propose.
It doesn't matter what they propose, no one will offer you what we're offering.
Financial backing for the next local campaigns.
Greater participation within the State Department.
Thank you, senator.
I love how passionate you are with your proposals.
If it were up to me, I'd approve them all.
- I approve everything, senator.
- [laughs] Please, gentlemen.
Don't mind my colleagues, we'll take your proposals under serious consideration.
Very well.
Thank you, I look forward to your decision.
Thank you, senator.
[Conrado] They told you they'd think about it.
DEPARTMENT OF STATE MEXICO CITY It's normal that they'd want to know other proposals.
It's not that, Conrado.
I don't give a fuck if they consider it or not.
The matter here is they see me as an idiot.
They laughed in my face.
They're machos, Berta, what were you expecting? To act as people, that's what I expect.
Manglio Uriarte is loved by most Mexicans.
It benefits us to be associated with him.
It will be a streak of popularity for the next campaign.
I wouldn't be so sure of that.
Of what? That everybody wants Manglio Uriarte to be the recipient of the medal for outstanding citizen.
- Why? - Because he's openly gay.
You complain about how those old macho fools treat you, and then you want them to award the medal to a homosexual.
Would you award him the medal? This has nothing to do with me.
You should propose it.
It would benefit you that the government recognizes someone like him.
I won't waste a political favor for this.
What if I ask you to? What you want is to get back at those men.
You don't even care who receives the medal.
So, what if that was the case? Would you help me out? Why should I help you with your lover if you're not willing to help me? ISIDORO'S HIT MEN'S SAFE HOUSE MOCHICAHUI 20 KMS FROM LOS MOCHIS SAFE HOUSE FOR ISIDORO'S HIT MEN GUASAVE 12 MILES FROM LOS MOCHIS [Isidoro] Are you ready? [man] Yes, sir.
All men are in position.
For Los Mochis, fuckers.
Let's go! [shouting] Move, move! [Valdovinos] I don't have good news, Joaquin.
[gunshots] Isidoro and his men took control of Los Mochis.
They took us by surprise, and our people couldn't do anything.
They took the turf.
Marcelo retreated to a new safe house.
[Marcelo] Check everything.
[Joaquin] Fucking Isidoro.
He's an idiot if he thinks he's gonna keep control of Los Mochis.
How's the house going? It'll be ready in a matter of weeks.
The sooner, the better, my man.
I gotta leave to instill order inside and outside the organization.
You have any news about the actress? Thanks for coming.
Where would you like to have dinner? The closer the better.
Some tacos would make me happy.
No way.
The boss told me to take you to the best restaurant.
If he found out I took you to eat tacos, he'd kill me.
What? Literally? [laughs] You're funny.
He wants to make a movie about his life.
He wants you to be part of that project.
Why me? Because he admires and respects you.
You're brave and blunt.
When you speak, you speak the truth.
Just like the tweet where you mentioned him.
But I won't make him look like a hero.
I'm not interested in a one-sided version of things.
We'll have to tell his story just as it is.
Speak the truth.
That's exactly what he wants.
To tell his truth.
How are we gonna work if he's in prison? If you accept, I'll take care of everything, so the right people will visit him to get the project going.
I'm in.
Why the long face? Are you upset about awarding Uriarte the medal, or what? No, it's not that.
I think that if Berta blackmailed me with that, then she can blackmail me with anything she wants.
That power, comes from your secrets.
If you stop having secrets, she won't have any more power.
If I discover one of her secrets, I'll override her power.
Well, we better stop talking about Berta, and put the time we have to good use.
You're right.
[Joaquin panting] [Conrado] I told you I was going to capture you, Joaquin.
You'll disappear.
It'll be as if you've never existed.
- [Conrado] Now you'll be extradited.
- [coughs] [TV]yeah, he should choose some songs.
- I want gummy bears.
- [man on TV] Gummy bears? I want some [woman on TV] You're gonna taste all I need a pen.
Warden, I think it's best if you came.
[clanging continues] [rocks chipping] [guard] What's that noise? Where is it coming from? What noise? I don't hear anything.
[phone rings] Martin.
[Martin] Sir, the noise began.
The tunnel will be ready at any moment.
Get the plan going.
Gentlemen, when it happens, don't activate the alarm system.
First, you'll inform Eduardo Rubio, he's in charge of security.
He'll confirm the procedure.
Is that clear? Yes, sir.
Listen up, a couple of days ago, maintenance work on the Cutzamala River began.
The noise you heard today is related to the digging and casing of the system.
Eduardo, it is imminent.
We're ready, Conrado.
The surveillance perimeter has been activated.
I'm leaving on a trip in a few hours.
Keep me posted.
Thank you.
I read it already.
I won't need it anymore.
[Joaquin] Did you receive my book? [Valdovinos] Yeah, the story is clear.
[Joaquin] Please, give my compadre and Hector a copy.
TELEPHONES [Valdovinos] I'll do it.
Joaquin, the actress was going send a writer to interview you.
Is that still on? We don't have enough time.
From what I've heard, the house is almost done.
Only a door is needed.
So long.
Thank you very much for the support to get the necessary consensus, and award the medal to Uriarte.
You have nothing to thank me for, Mr.
As long as it is to receive awards and improve our image, people such as Uriarte will be welcomed.
It would be another thing if they wanted to govern.
[laughs] Sure.
Gentlemen, how do you do? Is everything set for the trip to France? Yes, Mr.
We'll leave once the ceremony is over.
Your wife will be waiting at the airport.
We're not leaving a mess in the country, Conrado? Not at all.
If there were anything going on, I'd tell you.
Let's go.
This year, and deservingly so, the Senate has decided to award the Vicente Guerrero Medal to the Mexican of the year, our beloved writer Manglio Uriarte.
[applause] 8:46 PM JULY 11, 2015 [methodical clanging] [voices on TV] [clanging continues] [voices on TV continue] [clanging intensifies] [rocks slide] Your shoes [panting] 8:52 PM JULY 11, 2015 Mr.
Rubio [grunting] [inmates] Mr.
Joaquin! 9:17 PM JULY 11, 2015 Mr.
Joaquin! [inmate] Where is he? [inmates yelling] The target has left.
I repeat the target has left.
He's leaving in a blue sedan, license plate WZS5709.
He's heading north of Santa Juanita.
Copy that.
NORTH OF SANTA JUANITA STATE OF MEXICO The target has passed the second point.
I repeat, he passed the second point.
He's heading to the highway towards Atlacomulco.
[man] The target is in front of us.
Don't lose sight of him.
They took the highway now.
They're heading north.
Copy that, we'll reach them later on.
[screeching tires] [honk] [man] The target has taken a detour.
They've just taken the highway en route to Morelia.
[honks] - [screeching tires] - [honk] Copy that, we'll turn back and head there.
[honk] [tires screech] [tires screech] [man] Shit, there are three identical cars.
I repeat, there are three identical cars.
The subject is in a vehicle with plates WZS5709.
- [man] Can you spot them? - They all have the same plates.
They're splitting up.
The cars are splitting up.
One is heading east, two others are heading west.
We need back-up.
We're on the way.
One is turning, and heading towards us, what shall we do? Step out! Hands up! Another car is heading towards us.
Stop them! [tires screech] Stop! Get out! Get out of the car! [man] Did you stop the car? Yeah, we stopped the car, but it is not the target.
[phone ringing] Yes? [man] Sir, we lost him.
How could you lose him? He's gone, sir.
He had a plan.
We couldn't follow him.
I'm on my way.
It worked, Hector.
It worked.
[engine turns] Conrado won't be able to catch me.
Subtitle translation by Jorge Vazquez