El Dragon: Return of a Warrior s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES I heard that you had arrived from China and I wanted to come by to say hello.
That's right, man! That's what I meant.
All Asian people look the same, right? Well, I also found out about what happened at your ranch and the message they left for you.
You're a well-informed person.
Well, there's no hell like a small town.
Bad news travels fast around here.
Look, I don't know if you're aware of my relationship with Mr.
I respect your grandfather a lot, I love him like a father.
And to be honest, I'm very worried about him.
You're a man of few words, right? In Japan they say one has to try to say only what is better than silence.
I'm beginning to like you with all that mystery of yours! Well, I'm just here to let you know that I'm at your service, to tell you I'm here for anything you need.
Unless you cannot comply with the limited time you have.
Don't worry, we still have 12 hours.
Well, since you're so relaxed, you'll accept my invitation to a party, right? No, not really It's for you, Miguel.
For me? Of course! To welcome Mr.
Lamberto's grandson as he deserves.
Come on! It'll be at my ranch, man.
Write the address down.
Don't worry, I'll find it.
All right, as you wish.
See you there, Miguelito.
Let's go, Tacho.
I met Epigmenio Moncada.
Where? He came to me while I was visiting my parents' grave.
That scoundrel won't even respect the peace of those who passed away.
What did he want? He invited me to a party at his ranch.
He said he wants to welcome me.
It could be a trap.
Today is the deadline.
All the more reason to go.
If we get attacked tonight, we have to be ready.
It can't happen like it did last time! Either they die or we all die! Is that clear? Yes, Boss! To the bitter end, champs.
No compromises! Go! Miguel, come here.
Be very careful.
I will.
What is this? So you don't arrive empty-handed.
Thank you.
Garza! Welcome.
We were waiting for you, we thought you wouldn't come.
Why wouldn't I? I don't know, but welcome.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
You and your thugs are not invited, so move.
I don't need an invitation.
Where Mr.
Miguel goes, I go.
Nothing personal.
Those are my boss' orders.
- I don't give a damn.
- Really? - Really.
- Gentlemen, calm down.
It's all right.
Peligros, wait for me here.
Stay here, Peligros.
Sir, this way.
Be careful, Boss.
Trust me.
- Boss.
- Thank you.
Just look at this beautiful animal.
I'm not talking about myself, idiots, I'm talking about her.
Why do you think I bought her? Hey, Miguelito! I'm glad you could come, and welcome home.
Come with me, through here.
I've arranged a little party for you.
Please, a round of applause for my guest of honor, the eldest grandchild of my partner, Lamberto Garza.
Welcome, Miguelito! Welcome! You shouldn't have, man.
Tequila aged in French oak barrels.
We should taste it together.
Do you really drink tequila? I thought you only drank soy! Come in, Miguel! The night is young, man.
Let's see what you've brought.
Let's see.
Oh, man, you shouldn't have.
Thank you very much.
Look at this.
I've heard you don't come to Mexico often.
No, not much.
Why have you come, Miguelito? - I came to visit my family.
- Sure.
Family comes first, right? But just for a few days, otherwise they lose all respect for you.
I haven't decided that yet.
Yet And don't you have a Chinese girl waiting for you over there? Because to be honest, this place is not for you, for a gentleman like yourself, decent and sharply dressed.
So urban.
I can adapt easily.
Why get your hands dirty dealing with ill-mannered and ill-dressed savages like these? Just look at them.
I wouldn't recommend it, but you are the one who gets to choose here.
Thanks for your advice.
I want to toast Miguelito's return to our country.
To one more Garza in Ciudad Jiménez.
Cheers! Cheers! I'll get the bottle of tequila you brought.
Today we'll have to be dragged out of here.
Well, at least one of us.
How long do we have? Two hours.
- Excuse me, girls.
- Yes.
He doesn't know he walked right into the lair of the wolf.
So? What's the plan? Do we attack now? Don't be so impatient, Tacho.
Calm down.
Well, it's just that the deadline is in two hours and I don't think the old man will come.
No, but we have to respect all 48 hours.
But not one minute more, not one minute less.
As soon as it's 3:00 in the morning, you will know.
All right, that's the way it'll be, Boss.
You'll see how we'll take away his manhood.
Why so alone? And so sober? All of this is for you, Miguelito.
Food, music, booze, women, what else do you want? I thank you, Epigmenio, but for now I'll just join you with this.
So, you're all work, no fun, right? Don't take it the wrong way.
Look, Miguel, if you're looking to keep your grandfather's empire, it's going to be a huge mistake, I assure you.
Why is that? Because you don't know anything about it, man! Now, I'm prepared to make you a pretty solid offer, if that's what you want.
I thank you for your offer.
Look, Miguel, nobody knows this business better than I do.
Honestly, I wouldn't like any more sad things to happen, such as your parents' death, may they rest in peace.
I'll think about it.
I don't think you have much time to think about it.
Guys, now Epigmenio will show us the mare he's just bought, Volcana! You'll see this animal is out of this world because surely it cost a fortune! Come here, Miguelito.
Taming an animal is like being a leader, because when the leader commands, the beast obeys.
I'll demonstrate this fact in a moment.
Let's all go outside, guys! Come on! Come, Tacho.
Miguel, come here! Miguel, do you know why I bought this proud and fiery mare? - Why? - Because I'm just like her.
Now I'll show you how to tame an animal, because in order to tame beasts, one has to do it the easy way and the hard way.
We have to get to know each other, gorgeous.
That's it! So, what do you think? Look.
What are you laughing about, idiots? What are you laughing about? Now you know that I am the one in charge here.
And I'll pop anyone who doesn't agree with that! Understood? What time is it? It's 2:00.
Make the call.
I'm Ricardo Silva.
Tell me, what can I do for you? LAMBERTO GARZA'S PARTNER (SOUTHERN AREA) Mr.
Lamberto is calling a meeting with the members in an hour.
Say no more, I'll be there.
- It's urgent, huh? - Same place as always? Yes, they'll be waiting.
Tell Lamberto that I'll see him there.
Zaragoza, there is a phone call for you.
What's up? LAMBERTO GARZA'S PARTNER (NORTHERN AREA) It'll be a pleasure to see you there.
I was wondering why they hadn't called earlier.
If you'll excuse me, beasts are tamed the easy way or the hard way around here.
Thank you for your hospitality, but I have to go.
So, do we have a deal or not? Because I have very little patience, Miguel.
I came because my grandfather respects you.
He asked me to tell you to wait for him in an hour at the old warehouse.
He'll answer you there.
In that case, thank you for the message.
Thank you for the party.
Hey! Everyone, out of my house! There's nothing for you here anymore! Get out of here! Move! So, what do we do? Do we go to the meeting called by the big old man? If that ching-chong said that, there's a reason.
What do you think? Who knows? The old man may make me the leader.
Prepare everything for our departure.
Let's go.
Darling, I have a bad feeling.
Dora, calm down.
You shouldn't go to that meeting.
We have already talked about this.
He took the bait.
Everything is set up.
Miguel, if they realize that The decision has already been made.
Come to the car with me.
Yes, sir.
Miguel, look at the time.
Yesterday he didn't even remember his name.
His wounds are still open.
How do you plan to come out of this on top? We don't have any other option.
Stay calm.
Epigmenio! We've been waiting for you.
Come in.
Yes, I can see that.
Sit down! Gentlemen I've summoned you in order to give you some news.
I'm retiring.
Jesus! How's that, Mr.
Lamberto? My grandson, Miguel, will become the new boss of El Salado group.
Gee! That is some big news, Mr.
Lamberto! No, hold on.
Miguelito and I just had a conversation.
And I already have the answer.
I accept to stay in my grandfather's place.
But you have no idea how this business works, Miguel! So what? We are going to allow them to gamble with our futures? We're talking about a business that is completely different from any other, Mr.
Do you think that Mr.
Miguel here can do things as well as you've been doing them? Come on, please! It doesn't take a genius to realize that things need to change! - Change? - Yes! Really? What's your plan? We have to expand.
Transport is not good enough anymore.
We have to distribute, gentlemen! We should distribute? That would be a grave error.
Getting into distribution would mean having to get dirty.
Who wouldn't like to get dirty with crude oil? We've lived well off of transport.
But that's not necessary! It's not enough! Let's hear Mr.
Lamberto what do you think? What do you think about We've already discussed this topic.
We both agree.
If you've taken a decision without consulting with us, you could at least tell us what your proposal is.
I propose earning way more money without having to get dirty.
So, Mr.
Lamberto, now your grandson has come to manage our lives, right? Zaragoza.
Yes, tell me.
The other day, a coward came to my house to threaten me.
He demanded that there had to be a new boss in the El Salado group.
Well, there he is! I'm worried, Chisca.
What'll happen if they realize Grandpa is sick? They won't realize.
Don't worry, they won't, okay? Everything will be all right.
Do you think Miguel will take care of us? I don't know.
Anyway, we have to keep taking care of each other as we've always done.
As it has always been.
How much would the group earn by selling the cargo in the city? As much money as stars in the sky.
Or as little as having to sell your underwear to pay your debt, Miguelito.
I want a figure, not poetry.
Well, here, just in Ciudad Jiménez, it should be around six or seven million.
Dollars! How much do we subtract for bribing the police and politicians, plus paying for security? Around two kilos.
All right, I promise you far greater earnings without having to sell it in the streets.
Holy How would you accomplish that? Creating shell companies without having anyone know that I'm behind them.
That's impossible, man! Sooner or later, people will realize.
Let him explain! I just want to know how he will accumulate that money! Miguel is talking about the money we've stashed in the pits.
That money is just rotting away in there.
Well, if that money's dead, we should resurrect it, right? I'm going to launder that money without charging you for that service and I'll invest it in the stock market.
I'll help you earn more money than you've ever imagined, but under one condition.
And the truth comes out.
What's that condition, Miguelito? I don't want any more conflicts.
And especially no more threats.
You've played your strong card, Mr.
Now, your grandson has to deliver, because if we don't see results within one month, we go for distributing in the streets.
I see you like setting deadlines.
First, 48 hours.
Now, a month.
Here's an even better offer.
If in one month we don't earn what I said, the Garzas will step back from the business and you can do as you please.
Welcome to Ciudad Jiménez, Miguel.
Welcome to El Salado.
Thank you.
We'll be in touch.
Lamberto, I hope your grandson does things as well as you do.
Lamberto? Mr.
Lamberto, are you feeling all right? Thank you for your trust.
- You won't regret it.
- Cheers! I wanted to ask something about money laundering Mr.
Lamberto, I don't think we should start from zero.
We know very well how this business works, man! If you want, I can buy your part of the business.
Epigmenio! You don't get it, really.
Miguel is more qualified than all of us combined.
Aren't you afraid to lose Miguelito just like you lost your son? Let's go, Grandpa.
Come on.
Miguel, wait.
Epigmenio! Don't ever call him Miguelito again! He is Miguel Garza, the new boss of El Salado group.
Understood? Yes.
Come on, pal! Don't get upset! See you around! Tacho.
Sir? Tell Zaragoza and Coyote that we will meet in the valley.
- Yes, sir.
- Off you go.
That was close.
That was close? What? That they nearly found out I have Alzheimer's? Or that Epigmenio died from anger? That guy never backs down, right? He's a snake.
You'll have to watch him very closely.
All right.
Now I'll begin setting up the business's structure.
We're going to need money.
- How much? - A few million.
Grandpa! Oh, sure.
Yes, sure.
Count on it.
Drop me off at the town's entrance.
I need to walk and think for a bit.
You take Grandpa home.
Yes, Boss.
Don't you realize? That Japanese guy has no clue how we manage things here.
Hey, you're completely right, pal.
But ultimately, Mr.
Lamberto can name anyone he wants to name, am I wrong? But Lamberto is old already! He doesn't think like he used to! Whatever the situation is, Mr.
Lamberto is our partner! Yes, but who would be better than us, the people who know how to run this business? Having young Miguel with us could be good for business, could it not? I say we give him time.
Time for what? To let them screw us over or what? Look, pal, first of all, we've already agreed to wait for a month.
Let's keep our word like men! And after a month, we see the results and decide.
Calm down, don't get mad! Is everything okay, Boss? Need something? Come on, let's go.
I'm really messed up but I still got it.
Tell me.
You should have seen Epigmenio's face.
They killed her, Miguel.
I feel so helpless.
I feel such rage.
My sister didn't deserve this, Miguel.
I know.
I couldn't believe it was her when I read it.
I will not rest until I find who is responsible.
I swear, I will make them pay, Miguel.
Would you like to get some coffee? - Sure, okay.
I need one.
- Sure.
Hey, I thought you were on the other side of the world, in Japan.
Yes, I was there.
Until now, at least.
You know, I think I haven't seen you since high school.
You look the same as you were back then.
But you grew a beard.
And just as embroiled.
Were you able to find anything out about the shooting? Nothing.
The police don't want to get their hands dirty whenever there's a conflict between rival gangs.
What then? If I want to find something out, I have to do it myself.
You still have the Sucesos newspaper, right? Yes.
You remembered the name? Yes.
It's an independent paper, but Sucesos has national-level influence.
You've done great work.
Well, let's say I'm used to receiving death threats as a columnist.
And what are you doing here? I'm here to see my grandpa.
Your grandfather? How is he? I haven't heard from him in a long time.
His health is a bit poor.
I'm assuming control of his business.
How so? Of all his businesses? Something like that.
I don't get it.
The only thing I can do well is finance.
I'm trying to find a way to combine it with my grandfather's businesses.
Okay, Miguel, look, my sister just died and she's a victim of those businesses.
Sorry, Miguel, but I don't get it! It wouldn't be the same.
Can't you see that violence on this side of the country is reaching untold levels! Héctor, I don't think this is the time or place to talk about this.
We'll talk in due time, okay? Yes.
Yes, I suppose you're right.
We'll see each other again, right? I'm going to go see my mother.
Mom? Hello, my son.
What are you doing here? So alone.
I came out to breathe some fresh air.
The smell of so many flowers suffocates me in there.
I don't know how I will ever be able to live with this pain, my son! Mom.
You're a strong woman.
I'm sure we'll overcome this together.
Hey, Mom, what if you moved with us to Mexico City? With my wife, with your granddaughter.
At least for a while, Mom.
That'd do you good.
No, son.
I won't be a burden.
I won't live in your house.
I won't be a hindrance in your home.
No, Mom, you're no hindrance.
- I'd be the meddling mother-in-law.
- No.
I think it'd do you very good.
That way you could enjoy your granddaughter, and it would be nice for her to be a little spoiled by you.
I would like that but Helena will be here forever.
TOKYO, JAPAN What are you cooking? Tamagoyaki.
- So tasty! I can smell it from here! - Do you miss my cooking, or what? Among other things.
Is that so? And what do you miss the most? You know! Tamagoyaki? Or this? Slow, right! No, that's it! No, come on! Yes, that's it.
I want you to tell me, come on! I've been thinking about what Tadamichi told me.
"One has to do what one knows.
" Wise advice.
It may sound a bit crazy, but I think I can use what I know about finance to turn my grandpa's business around.
Wait, I'm not sure if I understand.
Combine both things? That sounds difficult and strange.
Yes, I've been thinking about it a lot.
Well, I bet you already have a plan thought out.
It's a bit hard to explain it on here, but trust me.
If this works out, it's going to be the craziest adventure of my life.
It sounds fun, but also very dangerous, Miguel.
Yes, I know it has its dangers and it may even sound unreasonable.
But if this financial plan works well, the world is going to change.
Now you sound ambitious.
You know I like having challenges.
Never say, "It's impossible.
" Say, "I haven't done it yet!" Exactly! This is the first time you have talked more than me during a call.
You must be very thrilled, darling.
Yes, I am.
What is it? Are you okay? Yes, I haven't eaten well today.
That's all.
But I want to see you already, my love.
When are you coming? Tomorrow I'm leaving for Japan.
I'm going to settle things with Tadamichi, prepare everything for the move.
The twists and turns of life, now our child won't be Japanese! It's going to be Mexican.
I miss you, darling.
I love you! And I love you.
You're in charge, Peligros.
You may leave without unresolved issues.
We're ready for anything here.
Time is of the essence, but I'll be back soon.
- Peligros, I entrust you with my family.
- I'll protect them with my life, Boss.
Hurry up, kid, what are you waiting for? Get in! Hey, let me know as soon as he takes off.
- Yes, Peligros.
Don't worry.
- Go ahead.
Ana and I will have to go back to Mexico City later.
Have you already thought it through? Are you sure you don't want to come with us? No, not yet.
But can't you stay longer? No, we left our baby with my parents, sorry.
It's not good for her to be like that for so long.
Hey, Mom I swear I'll go out of my way to make sure whoever did this to my sister goes to jail.
Yes, my son.
I instilled fairness in you.
Helena was fair, that's the least she deserves.
I won't rest until I receive justice for my sister.
I promise, Mom.
TOKYO, JAPAN Asya! My love? Asya! I thought you were picking me up.
What is it? What's wrong? What happened? The tests weren't positive.
It's all right.
It's all right if we can't have children.
I just care about you.
It's not that.
What? I have a degenerative disease.
What are you talking about? Multiple sclerosis.
Let's get a second opinion.
No, no.
Stay calm.
We'll find out what's happening with another doctor.
You can't just take one opinion.
Miguel, it's a very aggressive disease and there's no cure.
Everything is getting settled, we'll live in Mexico.
We're together.
Stay calm.
We will find a solution.
I will devote myself to that, I'll look for it until I find it.
There's no solution.
Of course there is.
I'll look for it and I'll find it.
Trust me.
I'm afraid.
Everything will be all right, darling.
Calm down, it's all right.
Calm down.
I told you to scare Romualdo not to kill Sandro Ochoa's people.
Well, Los Guachos showed up.
They started it, Boss! Look, you talk when I ask you to talk, idiot! And I don't care who started it.
What exactly happened, Yayo? Los Guachos want to take revenge on us because we killed one of them at Desiré.
I have to settle things with that ching-chong who just came to ruin my party, and now I have a dispute with Los Guachos! Tacho, organize a meeting with Sandro Ochoa.
Tell him I want to talk with him in good faith.
I have to fix this mess you got us into.
Go! Leave before I shoot you! TOKYO, JAPAN What? Did I wrong you somehow? I apologize.
The challenge is honorable and I'm confident that you'll come out victorious.
And if you must live in Mexico, so be it.
I thank you.
But there is something you have not told me about yet.
Your dismay is palpable.
I'm at a crossroads, Tadamichi-san.
Returning to Mexico wasn't in your plans.
Bewilderment is a part of life and we cannot avoid it.
That is partly true.
The situation in Mexico has made me question many things.
But the problem at hand is much bigger.
We always have a choice.
What is wrong, Miguel? I need your advice, Tadamichi-san.
Asya has a difficult disease.
On the one hand I've already given my word to take over my grandpa's businesses in Mexico, and the clock is ticking.
If you have spoken, nothing on Earth will stop you.
On the other hand, my love for Asya is very powerful.
I must fight for her.
Asya depends on you.
What should I do, Tadamichi-san? How many times have we played Go? Many.
You have the ability to analyze difficult situations when you see them from a certain distance.
Just for a moment, analyze without considering your heart.
That is the only way you may make the best decision.
But this is not a Go match.
It's about Asya, my family.
In Go, just like in life, you have to make a decision for every move.
Not only for the final move.
You're right, Tadamichi-san.
Miguel, I can only give you one piece of advice.
Do not do anything that is not useful.
I need your attention.
I want you to find out everything about degenerative multiple sclerosis.
Find the best treatments, the most successful doctors, experimental treatments, everything.
Any drugs and renowned clinics, everything about this disease.
Only in Japan? Anywhere in the world.
Yes, Mr.
Director! Okay, strike a pose, handsome.
- Me? - Yes! Is there another handsome man here? Yes, you! Did you like it? Your best face.
Okay, Miguel, come here.
Miguel? Miguel.
Where were you? What is this? Take it.
Do you want to marry me? Yes.
I love you! I love you, too.
Were you able to find new information? Not yet, but we're continuing to investigate.
Hey, look at me! How silly! Give it here.
But why? Why are you taking away my phone? Come here! - What do you want? - What do I want? Yes, Trejo, I need you to buy stocks.
Yes, right now.
Yes! Not now.
I have to talk, darling! Hey, hold on, yes.
Please! Wait for a bit! All right.
Let's go.
- What are you doing? - Recording a wonderful memory.
Give it here.
Come, let's see the otters.
- Otters? - Yes.
Why? Did you know that otters sleep holding hands? - Holding hands, like this? - Yes! What for? So that the water current doesn't separate them.
Miguel, I think you might be interested in this.
It's called Alemtuzumab.
- This is a recent article.
- That's right.
Cambridge specialists say it's a miraculous drug.
Trejo, Saori, this could be the solution! I hope so.
Send all this information to my email! - It's already there.
- Thank you.
Love! Look what I found! My love! Asya! I thought this was the best way to tell you so many things without regretting the decision I've made.
I know you'd go out of your way to look after my health.
And I also know how much it'd hurt you to lose hope after every attempt.
What is the use, Miguel? What is the use of watching me die? Seeing how my body degenerates hopelessly? I love you so much, darling, I could never do that to you.
We can't control everything.
I wish we could, but we can't.
Just like you said, things in your life are getting settled.
Return to Mexico with your family and protect them as you would protect me.
Find a new path, Miguel.
I love you.
And I want you to know you made me happy every second of my life.
Asya! Asya, darling, what did you do? No, wake up, wake up.
What did you do?