El Dragon: Return of a Warrior s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

And I want you to know you made me happy every second of my life.
Asya! No.
Wake up! TOKYO, JAPAN What do you think about those couples that put photos all around their home? Those never fail.
You and me, we're different.
We are freer.
This is you and me.
I am the waves of the sea.
The only thing I can see are the waves of the sea.
Of course not, Miguel! Take a good look.
You're the salt.
You're in me all the time.
One does not exist without the other.
That's why I'm asking you to have a little patience with your brother.
I'm sorry, but why do we have to care about him? He doesn't deserve it.
He's just become a widower, Chisca! I suppose this is very hard for him.
He just doesn't show it.
Of course! This family has gone through some horrible things.
- I don't remember seeing Miguel there.
- Why are you like that towards him? - I'm the bad guy now.
- Can we stop fighting, Chisca? Look, I know that the separation between you didn't help, but It didn't! That's true, it didn't help, so don't expect me to help Miguel.
Is a little bit of compassion too much to ask for? Oh, Chisca.
- Dora.
- Yes? Why are those we love the ones who die? That's how it was with my parents, then Asya, and I know that it'll soon be the same for Grandpa.
I ask myself the very same thing, darling.
I ask myself the same thing.
TOKYO, JAPAN Let me know when everything is fixed, or when it can no longer be fixed.
TADAMICHI'S HEAD OF SECURITY I am very sorry, Miguel.
You're a ronin now, Miguel.
A samurai without a master.
I have to keep my word.
To say and to do are the same thing.
I will return to Mexico.
A suffering samurai has fully tempered his character.
Have you left any instructions about what you will do with your apartment? No.
I will leave, but Asya is still there.
I'm sorry.
- Thank you.
- Come here.
Come in.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Sit down.
Your room is ready.
I want you to know you're not alone.
Your family is with you.
What's this meeting about, Epigmenio? I think we should smooth things over, Sandro, don't you think? Hey, calm down, men! Stay calm, this gentleman and I will just talk! HEAD OF LOS GUACHOS A PARAMILITARY GROUP You took out one of my men and you tried to steal a piece of my territory.
Hold on.
The only reason I agreed to come was revenge.
We haven't killed anyone.
It was the police.
Castro, would you, please? An eye for an eye, that's the only way to keep this from becoming a massacre.
No, hold on, relax, man! Calm down! Satisfied? Now we're even, right? Let's go! So, Sandro? We've smoothed things over, right? Tacho! Yes? Does he have any loved ones? Who knows? I don't think so.
No? Leave him here, then.
Move, boys! We understand the situation, doctor.
Tell us, how long does he have left? Okay.
I want to be completely honest with you.
I don't think he has much time left.
His heart is very weak.
Look, I suggest you try to avoid giving him the bad news, avoid upsetting him, anything that would make him tense and worsen things.
And what are you going to wear to the party? With these earrings, who cares? - Wonderful! - Ricky.
Do you have anything else back there that you haven't shown me? We always have some surprises for Chisca.
- Just look at this - Adri! - What is it? - I've lost track of time! - I have to go right now! - What? Where? I forgot I had made an appointment with my stylist and it's right now.
I can't even take you! I keep looking at jewelry! I'll get the earrings, please.
Would you take them to the house? - Please! - Okay, all right.
- Be careful.
- Yes, sure.
- Wait for the receipt.
- Okay.
Can you sign for me? - Thank you! - Should I help you? - I'm leaving now! - You sure? Yes! Everything's all right.
The bracelet, I'm sorry! Don't worry, I've had worse.
Don't worry.
- I'm sorry! How embarrassing.
- No, please.
Hurry up, you cannot miss your appointment! Do you have some money for a taco? Sure.
This should be enough for two.
Really, girl? - Yes! - God bless you! - Thank you, my girl! - You too! Take care! That's it, thank you.
So, the Korean has returned to Ciudad Jiménez.
- Did you see him? - Yes, my people did.
Tell your people to stay sharp.
Don't lose sight of him.
Don't worry, he won't escape.
I don't think it's necessary to remind you of what happens when you make me angry, right? It's not necessary, Boss.
Well, you and your people will go and follow him wherever he goes.
To the toilet if necessary.
- Is that clear? - Very clear.
MEXICO CITY, MEXICO I thought that my duty was just to expose crimes.
Now I apologize to the victims in my countless articles for I have neglected expressing your pain.
Today I am aware of this because I have become a part of that obscure mass that screams for justice.
My sister, Helena Bernal, has been brutally killed.
Today I am a part of that burning Mexico.
But this crime, just like many others, shall not remain unpunished.
Darling, - I understand that - Look, Ana.
I won't stop until these murderers pay for what they did to my sister.
And what will you do? I'll do what I do best.
I'm worried about you.
About us.
Look, I couldn't live with myself if I didn't do what I think is right.
All they want to do is silence me.
They want to scare me, but I won't let them.
Darling do you think that love fades? No, I don't think so.
No? Then what? I think it evolves.
Into what? Into something more mature.
Love is a decision.
I decide to love you despite whether I feel like it or not.
And I decide to love you forever no matter what.
Move, idiot! Can't you see I nearly ran you over? What are you doing? - Sorry.
- I don't care about your life, but if I run you over, I end up unemployed.
- Unemployed? - Yes! I'm a driver.
Is there a problem? Are you free? Hey, I've just told you I nearly killed you.
Didn't you hear? What are you doing? Can you take me? You're not from here.
I'm Mexican, if that's what you mean.
You don't look it.
Is that good or bad? It depends.
Where should I take you? You know what I need now? Some good tacos.
In that case, you're in the right car, buddy.
I want two Al Pastor and two chicken tacos, please.
Generously served, huh? What do you think? Do you like the place? This is exactly what I missed.
Do you come here often? Well, about three times a week.
- Three! - Yes.
Thank you very much.
- Here.
- Thank you.
- Your tacos.
- Thank you.
Now you'll know what the real deal is.
Thank you! Tell me, don't they taste like heaven? I have not eaten a taco in forever! But why? There are taco shops on every corner! Not in Japan.
Japan? Holy That's why.
There's only veggies and soupy rice over there! Add some salsa! Mix it well, with lemon, with love! - What? - It's hot! Too spicy? No way! So you do have teeth! It's just that they only appear when people smile, and, well, you don't.
I thought nobody else could make me smile.
Why not? No! Look, life is too short! It must be enjoyed! We have to be happy.
We have to eat tacos! Let's see.
I love it! I love how she sings.
This woman sings with true passion, she feels it.
And that's not easy, there are so few of us.
Do you know a good place to have a drink after this? What? Why would you even ask? Of course! - Cheers! - Cheers! Hey, Chisca, why didn't you bring your brother with you? Because Jorge doesn't like these kind of parties.
No, dummy! I'm not talking about Jorge.
I mean Miguel! Miguel? Yes! We could play with the Chinese sticks, right? Okay, first off, he's from Japan, dummy.
And second, he wouldn't want to do anything with you, or with you, or with anyone here! - And why not? - You're giving him a bad name! I am not the one who's insensitive.
What? Because his wife just died and he acts as if nothing happened.
For real? He doesn't cry, he's not in pain or anything.
He's all normal.
But, well, we're all kicking it, right? So turn up the music! And line up! Line up! A line? What for? - I come first, me! - What's the line for? - What's the line for? - I'm sorry, young man.
Mommy has brought you milk! Oh, yes! Oh, come on! Let me speak! Stop taking over the conversation! Sorry, you were telling me something.
When did you learn to drive automobiles? Drive automobiles? Oh, that's very formal.
Why? How should I say it? Drive cars.
My grandma says automobiles.
When did you learn to drive cars? My father was a mechanic A car mechanic.
Yes, I know what a mechanic is.
It's just that you come from Japan and say "automobile.
" I didn't know what to expect.
He loved cars more than anything else in the world.
He built his car himself.
Can you imagine? Do you know how long it took him? Ten years.
That's how old I was when he taught me how to drive an automobile.
My dad always said life was like a joke, that's why we have to learn to laugh about it.
Good evening, princess.
Gentleman, please, we're talking.
This is too much for you.
Please, let's talk quietly, will you? I may be small, but I pack a punch, darling! Really? Let's see And? What is it? Not so manly now? - You are hurting me.
- Oh, why are you suddenly so shy, huh? Go drink your shot, go! What happened? Did you think she liked you? You said she was yours.
You know what? I think I'll take you home.
This place has become too annoying for tourists.
Check, please! - Where to? - Where do we go next? No, that's it, pal.
- Enough.
- Hey! That's all.
Give me five.
- That's all.
- Grab this for me, okay? - All right.
- No, not the bottle! I can do it myself.
- This.
- Sure, the bag.
No! You're not driving! I'm driving.
You dropped my bag and you think you can drive? You're crazy.
- Hey, you're way drunker than I am, girl! - Sure! Get in.
- If you skip a stop sign, I drive.
- Sure! What's wrong with you? My boobs! Why'd you get in first? I couldn't get in from here! Chisca, slow down.
Chisca! Stop! You stop, you can't handle anything! Slow down, Chisca! - Morning, Boss.
- Good morning, Boss.
- Good morning, guys.
- Good morning, Boss.
Well, you have a modest home.
So, you're one of the Garzas.
Is that a problem? No, it's not.
Only if you answer one question honestly, since I was the only one talking all night long.
Okay, but think your question through.
Why a dragon? The dragon symbolizes the fight.
It's like a guardian that helps keep the order of the universe.
This is a Shiryu, a dragon spirit that evolved over time.
It's a mix between a bird and a dragon.
And that's you? A winged dragon? - Thank you for tonight.
- You're welcome.
Hey I have to go to the airport tomorrow.
Give me your number, please.
You have to download the app, pal.
That's how this works.
Doesn't it exist in Japan? Yes, it does.
But, well, I thought I may be an exception.
All right, just because I like you.
But don't tell anyone! - Give me your phone, I'll enter it.
- No, just tell me.
I'll remember.
Sure, I'm not buying it.
- Give it here! - Tell me! 8132-0229.
Thank you.
Repeat it! What's that, man? Your car's VIN number.
I don't know how you think this is funny.
You might kill yourself, kill me, kill somebody! You are completely fine! You're so over-dramatic! It's not that, Chisca.
Don't you realize? It's not so hard to realize it's wrong.
I've told you a million times! I know perfectly well what I'm doing.
Thank you.
You never know what you're doing! Do you? - I don't care! - I'm talking to you.
You don't care about what? About killing yourself? - I'm talking to you, Chisca! - Hey, idiot, let me go! - I'm not letting you go.
You dumb - Your mother! I offer you my apologies if Chisca gave you a difficult time.
Walk away now, please.
Let me borrow your car.
So what? Be very careful, young man! Surely more careful than you! - Please, go inside.
- I don't want to, not right now.
Go inside, I said.
Okay, but only because I want to.
Why are you behaving like this? You're not my dad, so don't talk to me like that.
I do it because I worry about you.
About me? Wow, Miguel! Thank you! Somebody has to stop you before you kill yourself, Chisca! I'm alive! So you've arrived just in time.
Let me go! Don't touch me! - Why are you fighting? - At least I do fight! What do you mean? I mean that you drove your wife so crazy she killed herself! Don't you dare.
I do dare.
Look at you! You're perfect.
Look at you! Acting as if nothing had happened! As if nothing had happened to you.
You're crazy.
Let me go.
What's wrong with you! Miguel! I'm not interested in blind dates.
MADRID, SPAIN Trust me! It's not a blind date.
We will YEARS AGO You're choking me! Forgive this savage.
And who's this? - Valentín, a friend from university.
- Hello, I'm Chisca.
I know who you are.
Your brother has talked to me about you.
Good things only, I hope.
Yes, of course.
Let's go already! We have an entire day to have fun.
Come on, let's go! An eager tourist! I like him.
- What do you study? - International financing.
So, you live in London, like my brother? Yes, well, for a few months.
- He's an exchange student.
- Sorry.
Yes? Hey, gorgeous! Yes, sure.
It still stands.
Do we go there? All right, see you.
It's the girl I talked to you about! - You have to meet her, come on! - What girl? What's he talking about? Oh, Valentín! Asya an exotic mix.
Her mother is Thai and her father is Puerto Rican.
She's a bombshell, right? And Miguel Garza? How should I put it? He's a nerdy Mexican, a rare species.
My pleasure.
It's two kisses here.
And are you just passing through Madrid? I move around a lot.
My father is an ambassador and we're in London right now.
London? Me, too! - Really? - Yes! What a coincidence! - Where in London? - Soho.
- No way! - Yes.
I don't know how much longer I'll be there.
And you? I think I did a great job as a matchmaker.
I think so.
I know my brother, he's mesmerized.
What about you? Are you dating someone? Really, I swear! No way! Impossible! - What time is it? - I don't know.
What time is it? My phone is over there.
It's ten to nine.
It's late for me.
I have to go to the airport.
- Okay, I'll take you! - Really? Yes, sure, and I will drop you off at the hostel.
No, let her stay for a while with me.
I'll take her to her hostel later.
- Are you sure? - Sure, go to the airport.
- Okay.
- I'll leave her in your hands.
- Careful.
- Bye.
Nice to meet you.
Should we order something a bit stronger? Okay? Pour me two tequilas.
Here we go.
You're very pretty, Chisca.
Where would you like to go? Are you saying you've never had a night out in Madrid? Yes, sure, a lot! I don't believe a single word.
Mike! Pour two more, please.
What's the next thing you'll say? That you're a virgin? And what if I'm not? You're a little girl.
Come here.
Keep watch.
Virgin after all, right? I knew it.
Wait, what are you doing? You know you want to.
Valentín, wait.
Stop! I'll tell Miguel! What will you tell Miguel? Will you also tell him you've been arousing me the entire day? The least you can do is finish what you started.
- Boss, give me that bag.
- No, someone will take me to the airport.
Oh, really? Now, that's something.
I'm punctual! Hey, I can manage it.
Do you think these arms are weak? Where did you find this girl, Boss? Her name's Adela.
So? Want me to investigate her? No, everything's okay.
Don't worry.
Are you sure we can trust her? - Yes.
- Hey! Stop giving him ideas.
I'm just here for work.
Let's go.
Don't worry.
- Take care of the family.
- As you wish, Boss.
Are you just traveling with that bag? Yes.
Brave girl! How did she manage to get here? Well, the boss gave the order.
Excuse Peligros.
He gets defensive around people he doesn't know.
Peligros? Yes, they've always called him that.
"Peligros" because he's dangerous, or due to the song? What song? What? I'm in danger Of falling in love with you again I'm in danger Of destroying how I once felt for you - You know that song, right? - What else? Keep going.
No! It was that was just a taste.
If I continue, I won't be able to shake you off me! - Where are you going? - Mexico City.
What for? Business.
My grandma lives there.
It's been a long time since I last saw her.
She's very old now.
Missing loved ones is an awful feeling, right? - Why don't you come along? - Where to? Mexico City, with me.
No way! Are you crazy or what? Why? What's wrong? I have a private plane for myself.
The flight would be free! You could see your grandmother and you can consider me your personal air transport service.
Yeah, sure.
- Are you serious? - What can I do to make you believe me? All right, then.
Let's go! Let's go.
Darling, what are you doing? Don't get up, you have to rest.
No, I have to see Miguel.
Miguel already went to Mexico City to start the businesses.
No! You're wrong, Dora.
This boy, Miguel, his wife has just died.
He won't be able to focus, I have to help him, no! No, he made his choice.
Lie down.
You didn't make it and neither did I.
Plus, he made the partners a promise.
Get some rest.
Miguelito reminds me of me when I was his age.
I preferred work to avoid feeling pain.
Darling do you think Miguel is the most suitable? The most suitable? No.
He's the best.
Holy mother.
Is this normal? - Lady, is this normal? - Yes, don't worry.
- Calm down.
- May I offer you something to drink? - Do you have tequila? - Yes.
- Get me one, please.
- All right.
And, Mr.
Garza, do I bring you the usual sake? No, get me the same as the lady.
Right away.
MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - Do you have a place to stay? - Yes, don't worry.
As soon as I finish what I have to do, I'll call you.
You better, or I can't get back.
I'll go see my grandma.
You have no clue how surprised she'll be.
- Thank you for the ride.
- You're welcome.
Please, follow me through here.
Rosario Rosique.
Miguel Garza.
Pleased to meet you.
Rosique is the housekeeper.
Majordomo! Although it may be hard for you.
I'm not a caretaker! The Salinas family left me in charge of the entire property until it is sold.
Which won't happen if you continue to interrupt me.
Garza, if you could please come with me.
This is the main bedroom.
It's climate controlled.
It has a walk-in closet, full bathroom and this beautiful view of the woods.
Are all bedrooms furnished, like this one? - Yes, that's - All of them, all.
Well, not like this one.
Each one has a unique style.
As you may have noticed, Mrs.
Salinas has quite exquisite taste.
Very well, I'll buy it.
- Rosario.
- Yes? Do you want to keep your job in this house? Do you mean, keep working in this house? I will double the salary the Salinases gave you.
Yes, I am thoroughly interested.
Where do I sign? I'll move in, in a few days.
- Keep everything as clean as it is.
- Sure.
At your service.
I thought I would never see you again.
Oh, Grandma! You're exaggerating! - Incredible.
- Time goes by.
And look at you! You're gorgeous! That's just the facade, girl.
I may have strong bones, but I'm not the same now, 50 years later.
Fifty? Come on, Grandma! You're about to You don't have to say my age out loud, girl.
Good afternoon! I'm protecting you.
Protecting me? Who are you protecting me against? These ladies from the senior home say that you're a spinster.
I told them that my granddaughter is no spinster.
She's just waiting for me to die, so she can have fun! Hello! Look, this is my granddaughter and she's no spinster! You should see how many suitors she has.
Of all kinds, right? Politicians, actors, the best of the best.
Grandma! Come here, let's go.
- What? - Why did you do that? What did I do, darling? If they could see you, sweet old woman! Old but to be reckoned with! My darling! How long will you stay? Well, at least a few days.
- I have a lot to tell you.
- Tell me.
Where do I begin? Urinating is a luxury, Tacho.
Especially for you.
- What is it, Boss? - What is it? Your main duty has been neglected.
I just came to You know this ching-chong is nowhere to be seen? What? - No, don't say that, Boss.
- No, I'm telling you, idiot! You can't take your eyes off him and the Garza family.
All right.
I want to know where that Jap is before you take another piss, understood? Understood, Boss.
MEXICO CITY, MEXICO Whiskey, please.
No, we don't have that.
Well, I'll have a beer.
We do have that.
I want to speak to the landlord.
It's a landlady.
And she doesn't usually get involved with the customers.
Then I want to talk to her.
Good evening, madam.
Someone here to see you.
- Take a seat, please.
- Thank you.
I'm interested in getting into this business.
I want to buy your place.
The only thing we sell here are girls.
And only by the hour.
I want it with everything included.
It's not for sale.
With the price I'm able to offer you trust me, it is.
It seems like you and I will get along well.
I want to buy this place.
Well, this place is not for sale, sir.
So, please You're obviously laundering money.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Honestly, I want to keep this place as it is.
How much do you want? Done.
We have to change the footer, okay? Thank you.
Ana! Darling, I'm sorry to disappoint you.
I can't have dinner with you.
I'm going to get home late, I have to cover a story.
Again? I mean, are you serious? Can't somebody else do it? No, darling.
It has to be me.
You're putting yourself at risk again.
Ana, I really don't want to argue on the phone, darling.
See you later, okay? Very well.
So, just a regular story? Well, I honestly didn't want to worry her more.
She's been very defensive lately.
Okay, I understand.
Shall we go? Let's go.
Come in, please.
Thank you.
I am Jesús Montero.
I'm glad to have you here because I've heard a lot about you through your grandfather.
Garza will no longer be able to be the head of the business.
It can't be.
He has named me as his successor.
Lamberto and I, well, we understood each other quite well.
I'd like to think you're going to be the same, right? If you want to know if I'll go on supporting your candidacy as Governor of Baja California, the answer is yes.
Perfect, thank you.
But I want to ask you a favor in return.
I need you to introduce me to political contacts.
I just arrived from Japan and I need to create relationships.
See, it's wonderful because there's a political ceremony today.
We do it in order to raise funds for the party.
Why don't you come? I'll introduce you to the people there and we can begin these relationships you're talking about.
They carry these signs every day.
Come with me, please.
Good evening, I'm sorry to interrupt.
I'm sorry, excuse me.
Enjoy the evening.
- Dear Carlos, how are you? - How are you? Fine.
I want to introduce you to Miguel Garza.
He comes from Ciudad Jiménez and is Mr.
Lamberto Garza's grandson.
I'll leave you alone.
Excuse me! Thank you.
Miguel! My pleasure.
No more deaths! No more deaths! - They may have arrived.
- Do you know anything about Duarte? - Yes, they've gone inside already.
- No more deaths! No more deaths! - I've heard very good things about you.
- What have they told you? They say you have innovative ideas for such a traditional business as your grandfather's.
Making big changes is a huge challenge, right? I see you're well informed.
I'm the Secretary of the Interior, don't forget that.
I've been told you do it with honor and seriousness.
Do you play golf? I can hold my own.
Let me invite you for a game tomorrow.
That way we may speak less formally.
Very well.
See you tomorrow, then.
I'm sure that we will do great things.
No more deaths! No more deaths! They took her away from me, son.
They killed her! She is my sister, Helena Bernal.
Wait! Silence! Quiet, comrades! Claudia, I think we should split up.
- I'll go in with - No! Yes.
Listen to me, I'm going, this can become very dangerous.
- If you go, I go with you! - No, it's all right! Trust me, please.
- Claudia, really.
- Take care.
Comrades! Let's go in! Everyone, get in! Go! Let's go, move! Go! They are involved.
Go! Don't stop! Sir! Who is involved in the disappearances? What can you say about the killed journalists? - Nothing's ever mentioned in the news! - Okay, stay calm.
You may ask any questions.
I have nothing to hide! Ever since I came to the Secretariat, I've proposed projects to protect journalists.
And what's the purpose of that protection, Secretary? The police work for criminal organizations.
Okay, Miguel, look, my sister just died.
She's a victim of those businesses.
Furthermore, the police torture and kill these journalists.
Subtitle translation by Amanda Contreras