El Dragon: Return of a Warrior s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES They took our dough.
Peligros? I got shot.
Peligros, answer me.
Are you there? MEXICO CITY, MEXICO Let me get a sip.
That's Miguel! Flaco here.
Peligros? We're on it.
- What happened? - Peligros was attacked.
I'm going to track him with his GPS.
Is he okay? I don't know.
SEARCHING MODERN MECHANICS Miguel, did I forget to pick you up? Okay, yes, sure.
I'll get Trejo.
How long do I have? I'm on my way! You may begin bidding.
WE NEED MORE TIME Remember that the initial price is ten million euros.
Excuse me.
I don't want to get ahead of myself, but my paddle doesn't work.
Disgraceful! Please, accept my apologies.
We will get you a new one immediately.
Please, see to it that it's done.
Thank you.
Please bear with me.
It's just going to take a minute.
It's over there, mister! Oh, Flaco.
That was harsh.
Over here.
Please, stop! We'll pay you right away.
Please, hold on a second.
We'll pay right away.
- Is the victim okay? - Are you his relatives? - We're his friends.
- Friends.
Colleagues from work.
Well, it doesn't look good.
Please, follow the ambulance.
AMBULANCE If you could please just wait one second, the paddle will be swapped.
This is going to be very quick.
I'm sorry.
- Here you go.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
All right, if there are no further setbacks, we will begin the auction of the Grace prototype.
Please remember that the initial price is ten million euros.
Who will give me 10,100,000? I want 10,100,000 euros.
I have 10,100,000 euros as our first bid! We have 10,100,000 euros, who will go higher? Eleven million euros, the gentleman in the third row! We have 11 million euros.
Who will go higher? Eleven Eleven and a half million euros! I have 11 and a half, who will go higher? Come on, go ahead.
We have 11,500,000 euros.
Twelve and a half euros! Trejo! Miguel called me.
- He told me to meet you here urgently.
- I know.
Let's go! My God! I've never ever seen so much money! Hurry up, Adela.
We don't have time.
No, hold on! Let me first come out of shock! This is not normal for me, dude! Okay, grab this bag.
We have to sort them out.
All that? We have to bring 20 million euros.
Twenty million what? Euros! Hurry up, time is money.
Oh, well, I can see that Miguel has more than enough time, right? Jeez! Hang on tight, son! - Time is money.
- Eyes on the road! My eyes are on the road, man! Does anyone in Japan have a sense of humor? Miguel, we're on our way with the money.
Pull the car over! Damn! Pull over! Pigs always come out of nowhere.
The highest bidder right now is the lady over there, with 14,100,000 euros.
Who'll go higher? Any higher bid? Who will go higher? Do I have 15 million? I have a bid of 15 million! Fifteen million going once, 15 Sixteen million euros! I have 16 million euros.
Who'll bid more? Seventeen million euros, and we're going up.
Seventeen million going once, 17 million going twice, 17,100,000! The gentleman's bid is 17,100,000.
Who will go higher? We're at 17,100,000.
What's wrong, my dear officer? Is everything all right? Good morning.
Do you know how fast were you driving? No.
But within the limit, I imagine.
Right? You were driving over 130.
Oh, boy.
And what's the speed limit? Sixty.
Oh, boy! How did you manage to reach me? Your license and registration, please.
No, Officer.
- You know you don't need that.
- Your license and registration, please! I'm sorry, Officer, but we really have an emergency.
Trust me.
Please, I'm talking to the driver of the vehicle.
Look, here you go.
Please step out of the car one moment.
It seems we have 17,800,000 euros over here, 17,800,000 over here.
Who will go higher? Eighteen million! Here I have a bid of 18 million! Who will go higher? Come on! I have 18 18,200,000! I have a bid of 18,200,000! We're at 18,200,000 euros.
I'm prettier in person, right? Come on, Officer! Look, you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.
I have an emergency.
I really have to go now.
You should have thought about it before speeding like that.
I'm going to give you a fine, and we will have to impound your car.
Please, Officer, why? You know impounding it is not necessary, right? Look, let's sort this out some other way.
I'm listening.
Do you know how expensive your ticket would be? - No.
- The ticket alone would be 3,800.
Add to that the towing fee for your car and the impound lot fee.
Do you have one of those booklets with the fines and all that? I'd like to take a look.
Article 19.
There it is! I see what's there.
And look at that beautiful bookmark you have.
Yes, well, the problem here is that my partner over there knows how to read, too.
I don't know if you have another one of those bookmarks over there.
Trejo! Give one here.
Look, here's another Frida Kahlo-themed bookmark.
Will you look at that? It's beautiful! Okay, miss, look.
I'm giving you back your papers, but I'm going to ask you not to speed again.
Don't worry about it.
It's been a pleasure.
Thank you.
- Have a good day.
- You, too! - Goodbye, miss.
- Goodbye! Thank you.
What happened? Well, there's nothing a 500-peso bill won't fix.
Nineteen million euros, ladies and gentlemen! Nineteen million going once! We have a bid of 19,200,000! 19,200,000 going once, 19,200,000 going Twenty million euros! The gentleman's bid is 20 million euros! Twenty million euro going once, 20 million going twice, 20 million euro going three times! Sold to the gentleman! A pleasure.
Thank you.
We're handing him the ownership title of the Grace prototype! Male patient, around 40 years old, gunshot wound in the chest.
Can you hear me, sir? He's been unconscious since we found him.
Carefully, please.
Come here.
That's it.
Good afternoon.
Rogelio Valdez Cruz? Who's asking? We're from the Tax Administration Service.
We have an arrest warrant against you for tax evasion.
What is this? How did you find me here? It seems you got yourself in a mess, Mr.
I may be able to help you get out of it.
Oh, really? Is he with you? Take it easy.
I assure you we'll all be satisfied.
What if I say no? The way I see it, you have two options.
You may go with them and be locked in a cell forever because of the amount of taxes you've evaded all these years, or you sell me that prototype you've just bought for about 20 million euros.
Is that reasonable enough for you? That's extortion.
I'd rather call it a trade-off.
A trade-off? You and I know perfectly well that sooner or later they'd knock on your door about those taxes.
This way, I'll get the tax service off your back, and you give me something I want for the same amount of money you paid for it, without any financial loss.
Would you mind opening your trunk? Open the trunk.
The title? Here it is.
Could you please sign this? Thank you very much.
Smile! Life has just given you a second chance.
What's your name? The less you know, the better, Rogelio.
Careful out there.
Very good, Tacho! You really made it this time, you scoundrel! We messed them up, Boss.
I would have loved to see that Japanese guy's face when he realized he didn't have his paper.
Are you expecting someone? Just the girls I had come to celebrate your accomplishment, scoundrel.
Look at these beauties.
And they're clean! - Come in! - Over there on the left, ladies.
Thank you, Boss.
- Go ahead, son, have fun! - Okay.
Hey, girls, this is an advance.
Catch it.
Please may Peligros be all right.
Yes, he should be all right.
Moreover, he should be here, celebrating with us because our plan worked out just as we wanted it to.
Well, except for this, of course.
I must admit that your move, losing the auction inside to buy the prototype outside, was genius.
It was Jimena's idea.
A very good plan! We have the prototype, we launder the money, it's a perfect solution.
By the way, breaking the device at the auction in order to gain some time was very smart.
Thank you.
Are you here for Mr.
Sánchez? Yes, how is he? The surgery was successful.
We managed to extract the bullet and his lung is healing.
But he must remain in Intensive Care for monitoring.
- For how long? - That's still unknown.
He has to be evaluated.
Gunshot wounds are called "dirty wounds" because they cause many infections that must be monitored.
Okay, Doctor.
Thanks, from the bottom of my heart.
- You're welcome.
- Good afternoon.
I'm Detective Salina and I'm in charge of this investigation.
How is the patient with the bullet wound? He's all right.
I'd like to interrogate him.
When that's possible, obviously.
Well, right now, the patient is still delicate, but you can talk to him when he is out of Intensive Care.
- May I talk to you? - Are you his relative? Something like that.
Okay, let's go, please.
Wait for me here.
- Excuse me.
- Go ahead.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
No, thanks.
You? - No? - Thank you.
Any time.
Excuse me.
What happened? What did the detective want? He wanted to do his job.
I let him know we're on the same side and that there's no need to open an investigation.
We have to keep working.
Flaco, I need you to leak that Ecogreen has bought the Grace engine prototype and that they'll begin work developing it for cargo planes.
To do that To do that they'll need a company like TransportJet, which just so happens to belong to us, right? Right.
You've read my mind.
Copy that.
We're working on it.
- Let's go.
- Yes.
The stock rally process won't be fast.
Yes, I know.
I'm going to get some coffee.
Peligros, my old friend.
This is not the first time you've been willing to take a bullet for this family.
Relax, get some rest.
It was Tacho.
Don't worry about it right now.
Focus on getting better.
We're at 4.
35 and it's increasing.
Write this down If in one month we don't earn what I said, the Garzas will step back from the business and you're free.
Hydration, please.
Drink some water.
Here THREE DAYS UNTIL DEADLINE We have three days left.
We should sell.
We've experienced an increase of over 400%.
No, it's not time yet.
- What price? Twenty-five dollars per share.
When we've sold them, leak information about the prototype having production problems, the butanol-based fuel freezing and fixing it will take time.
You'll make share prices drop.
And as soon as they drop to 11, we buy again.
I couldn't have come up with a better plan.
I'm coming! What is it? I'm not deaf! - Good morning.
- What's up, Rosario? Is Chisca home? "What soup"? Learn some manners! Learn to greet as one should! She's in her room.
- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
- Is she home? - That's better.
- Exactly.
- Hey! You presumptuous kid! I'm alone without your love I just want to kiss your lips I just want to kiss your skin Never go away, don't No, I don't want you to go I just want to kiss your skin Ángel! Don't stop, come on! What's the deal with your majordomo? I think he likes me too much.
Why do you care whether the help likes you too much or not? I don't care, I'm just saying.
So, where are we traveling to? I am going to Madrid to see a friend I haven't seen in a long time.
Who else is going? Don't start, Ángel.
I mean it, Chisca.
- What do you mean? - Come on, don't play with me.
When were you going to tell me you're going away? I'm telling you now! - Unbelievable.
- Well, you're welcome.
- Why don't you want me to come? - Because we're not joined at the hip! - Okey-dokey.
- What is it? - Nothing, Chisca.
Have a good time.
- Thank you, I'll have a great time! I'll get you my majordomo's phone number! Yes, Miguel.
El Coyote and Zaragoza have already expressed their content.
I'm here, celebrating with Ricardo.
I know, don't worry.
I assure you it's a very good harvest.
All right, I'll tell him.
Goodbye, son.
- Here.
- Miguel says everything must be arranged so Zaragoza and Coyote get their money.
Yes, of course.
What we promised, their profit and the capital.
And the best part is, Dora, it's clean, legal money.
Don't worry about anything.
I'm arranging every detail with the accountants today.
I'll leave those details to you.
Right now, I want to make a toast to Lamberto.
To Lamberto.
And we have to acknowledge that Miguel did very well! He delivered on his word two days before the deadline.
We have to acknowledge he's doing things very well.
Yes, he's a Garza through and through.
A man of his word.
I just don't get it.
If I'm being discharged, why do I have to go in a wheelchair as if I was disabled? Please, dear Peligros.
Just enjoy it.
I wish I was carried around in one of these wheelchairs, wandering here and there.
Because you're just as you are.
But I don't like it, so stop.
I'm walking.
Please, Peligros, sit down! You're wounded! You have to come out in a wheelchair! Stop, or I'm crawling! Good evening, Tadamichi-san.
Good morning to you, Miguel.
I'm aware of what Ecogreen has accomplished.
Although I'm not surprised, I must confess.
Thank you very much, Tadamichi-san.
What I need right now is to raise funds in other places to avoid raising suspicion.
That is the reason behind your call, I suppose.
Mexican customs had to come back into your life sooner or later.
But remember that prudence is key to success.
Ricardo Silva told me there is a powerful group of Colombians and Jaramillo is their leader.
They call him The Doctor.
I'm well acquainted with him.
Tell them they owe me.
I will do so.
See you soon, Miguel.
See you soon.
No, not this one.
Oh, well, we have to keep trying, right? Nothing.
You know what, Héctor? This is going to be impossible.
Look, Claudia, we've only cleared two rows.
Don't give up so easily! Please make an effort, okay? Good afternoon.
May I help you? Well actually, no.
Look, I always forget where I leave my stuff.
I don't know if it's in one of these lockers or if my locker is somewhere else.
- Yes.
- Oh, is that so? Darling, we should be leaving.
It's getting late.
Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
- Did you say "darling"? I had to, Héctor.
- Jorge! - What? Jorge, I'm going to Madrid with some girlfriends.
What? Hold on, sorry? - Hey! Did you tell Miguel? - Really? I'm too old to ask for permission, don't you think? Wait, who are you going with? At least send him a message or call him! - Chisca! - Stop it, Jorge! Well, we knew it wouldn't be easy, didn't we? It'll be like looking for a needle in a haystack, like you said, Claudia.
Yes, Héctor.
But what if there's nothing important in the locker? Well, then at least we'd know, right? You know me very well.
You know I can't go on wondering "what if.
" And do you really think that this young woman would've gone to such great lengths to hide something worthless? What's up? Where are you? On the road.
Sorry, I'm always calling you about this, but I'm desperate.
Now she's having trouble digesting her baby food.
And did you call the pediatrician? Yes, he's ignoring me.
She's so colicky she didn't sleep last night at all.
And well, I slept even less! Look, it's over here, a little further down the road.
Around there, a little further.
And why don't you call a babysitter to help you out? I'll call you later, okay? Oh, dear.
Look, over there! - Hey, Héctor.
- What? Why did you tell me to be quiet? Because it was Ana.
So what? I didn't say anything wrong.
Ana is a little jealous.
Especially of you.
Of me? Yes, you.
And why is that? She knows we've worked together for a long time.
Well, yes.
But she also knows there was something between us.
Are you for real? You know how long ago it was, we were just undergrads, right? Claudia, it may be something silly for you, but not for Ana.
But why? Héctor, there's nothing between us, right? Or is there something? Adela! - What's up? - What's up? - Hey, have you seen Jorge? - No.
I think he overslept.
Coffee? No, man! I'd rust! You don't like coffee? No.
I thought Jorge was the weird one in the relationship.
I mean, not that there's a relationship between you two.
I mean in your coworker relationship, your hackership relationship, or something like that.
So, you think that we're weird? No, dude! No, I mean, Jorge is a little peculiar, right? And you're not? I am.
Good point.
I don't get it.
Why didn't Jorge come? He asked to work here.
He shouldn't step back like that.
Not even if he is the boss's little brother? Not even then.
I'll be right back.
- See you, Adela.
- Goodbye! Just look who I've brought, Epigmenio.
As worthless as he may look, he's my supplier.
The true big fish in this whole area.
Just tell me what I can do for you.
Isn't he cute? Who would've thought that the dumb-looking stutterer hasn't a single stupid bone in his body, right? I want you to sell me twice as much as you're selling Chano.
Are you mad? What will you do with so much weight? You can't sell it without stepping onto somebody else's territory.
And what do you think I want to do? Hello, Esme.
- Shall I cook something for you? - No, thanks.
I'm all right.
Who do you think you are? It's your second day on the job and you've already skipped it.
- But - Grab your jacket, let's go.
Go? Where? You skipped work, and I imagine you didn't see the professor, right? Why do you pretend to be interested, Jorge? No, I'm really not pretending.
Because if I think you're good, you are good.
I don't go around giving compliments.
So, you came to my home to pick me up? I didn't come to use the toilet, did I? - Hurry up, let's go! - Yes, but Leave the milk! Let's go! Hold on, let me get my jacket, because - Forget the jacket, Jorge.
Let's move! - Get my jacket, in my room.
- Where did you leave it? - By my backpack, in my room.
- The brown one? Yes? - Please! - May I? - Come in.
Kenia! It's nice to see you.
- How are you, professor? - All right, and you? I can't believe it.
You haven't aged a day! - How old are you now? - You'd be surprised.
What have you been doing? What are you up to? You'd be even more surprised.
Oh, kid.
This is Jorge Garza.
The guy I talked to you about.
I thought you wouldn't come, Jorge.
He wasn't going to come on his own.
I brought him.
Why is that? Kenia has told me you're a self-taught virtuoso.
He is, but he has got some emotional issues.
Kenia, please.
Well, Jorge is a Sorry, Jorge does what he does very well even without having attended a single class.
If you agree, I could enroll you in the morning lecture.
- I don't know - Yes, count him in.
Yes, sure.
And how about the registration, the enrollment You're not just talking with some dude.
He is Prof.
Fernando Bravo.
Yes, Jorge, don't worry.
I'll take care of that.
Welcome to my lecture.
Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
- One more thing.
I don't like tardiness and people skipping class.
- Are we clear? - Yes, sure.
Let's think about it with a cool head.
What could she have hidden in a locker? What do you think? Look, I think it could be a notebook with all the details we need to take Carlos Duarte down.
It's just that I don't know, I don't think it would be that easy.
The question shouldn't be what she hid in the locker, but rather why she didn't hide it at home, for example.
Maybe because she didn't want her family to find out.
Because maybe what she's hiding is something that can be easily understood by her father and her mother.
What if they're photos? Could be.
Héctor, we have to keep looking for it.
Yes, but let's continue somewhere else tomorrow.
No, Héctor! We could be close! Look, let's continue tomorrow, okay? - Let's go now.
- Are you for real? For real.
And what if it was here? I'll start tomorrow.
Can you imagine? Me in college.
- Let's celebrate! - How cool! No, I don't think that's a good idea.
You can't know for certain until you try.
Miguel, I'm afraid.
I'm not like any of you.
Thank God for that! Can you imagine having two Adelas at home? Oh, I can't! We have enough with one, God forbid! - Hey! - I'm serious.
It's not a good idea.
But I can call him and cancel it all.
Hey, calm down.
Give yourself a chance.
You deserve it.
That would be fair for you.
And for Kenia, too.
For Kenia? Stop playing dumb, you naughty boy! Ever since she set eyes on you, she's just been helping you all the time! Isn't Chisca coming for dinner? She left for Madrid.
- What do you mean Madrid? - Yes.
You know her, she said she didn't need anybody's permission.
It's just so funny that you have to do everything with her.
We work together, darling.
Now that's funny! You have to work with your ex-girlfriend.
You surely work hard in the office and then in bed, right? Stop this nonsense! It's because I'm fat, right! Because I'm fat, I have dark circles, I'm ugly, I'm a cow.
I'm like a cow or a walrus.
Right! Any other man would have left me already! - Okay, stop.
- I get it! Stop telling these lies, please.
You're not like that.
You know what I'm tired of? Of what? Of staying here all day taking care of the baby.
I'm like a nanny.
I cook, I take care of the baby, I cook, I take care of the baby.
While you're taking pleasure rides.
Okay, stop it, stop it now.
Do you want to see the airport parking ticket? Here it is! Take a good look at it! Here it is! Don't take me for a fool! I mean, I'm tired of arguing about something I haven't even done! Okay? - I'm going to have dinner in our room.
- Enjoy! It's good to have you back, Peligros.
You had us worried.
You shouldn't have been so nice to me, Boss.
That's the least I can do for you.
Well, thank you.
Hey, have you ever met Jaramillo? The Colombian? I barely know him.
He made some deals with Mr.
Lamberto for a while, may he rest in peace.
- What kind of deals? - I don't know about that.
I do remember he's a force to be reckoned with, though.
- I'm going to see him in Colombia.
- So, I'm coming with you! No, stay to let your lung heal.
This is nothing! I have two of those, don't I? I can't stand sitting in here all day having chicken soup.
- No, you're not going anywhere.
- All right.
I'll have the time to look for this dog Epigmenio, then.
Don't think about looking for Tacho.
- He'll pay for what he did to me.
- Peligros, that's an order.
Anything you say, Boss.
Soon enough I'll run into him and then he'll pay for it.
That's right, Peligros.
Be patient.
And you, be careful.
That Jaramillo, you have to be careful around those people.
Don't worry.
- Get some rest.
- Take care.
Hello, Jimena! Yes, I know.
But we'll have to postpone the celebration.
That's a shame! I had a great plan in mind.
The champagne was just the beginning.
Yes, well, I'm traveling to Colombia tomorrow morning and I can't stay up late.
Okay, if there's no chance.
I hope your trip to Colombia won't be as fun.
See you soon.
It'll have to be some other time.
Peligros! - Yes? - Your chicken soup.
- Oh, no, Adela! Stop, please! - You can't say no to Adela.
- I'm tired of that! - I was cooking for a full hour! Eat it yourself or I'll feed it to you! Bring me some roasted lamb or tripe stew.
Roasted lamb? In your condition? Eat it.
How sweet.
Do you always talk to your boss like that? What? Are you spying on me now? No, I don't have to.
You're very obvious.
Then stop asking stupid questions.
MADRID, SPAIN Yes, sure.
You know I think exactly the same, but - give me a second, okay? - Sure.
You know this is a 24/7 job.
- We don't stop for a second.
- It's all right.
Now, Valentín.
- Charisma is different than results.
- No, please.
Valentín, wait, what are you doing? The least you can do is finish what you started.
- Right? - Valentín! I will introduce you to some girls, they will be delighted.
Yes, don't worry, we'll deliver.
Excuse me.
Chisca? - Valentín? - This can't be! Excuse me one second.
Sorry, I haven't seen him in a long time I have to make a call.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- What are you doing here? - I'm visiting some girlfriends.
You came to remember the good times, right? Exactly.
Please, let me hug you! You have no idea how happy I am to see you! Really! How long has it been since you were here? - It's been a long time.
- You look gorgeous! Thank you.
You look just the same.
Better, you look better.
You've become a real woman.
I've always been one.
Right, that's true.
Sorry, my memory is horrible.
Sorry, I didn't want to interrupt.
- I was looking for my friends.
- No, please! I'm glad to be interrupted by you.
- Really? - Of course! Okay, well, what are you doing tonight? - Nothing.
- Nothing? So, give me your phone number and let's get a drink.
- All right.
I'd love to! - And talk.
- Sure! - Perfect! I can't believe it, really.
Me neither.
I can't believe it.
All right, so you'll call me? No, send me a message.
Keep driving down this road.
You'll eventually find a fence.
Leave the car there and keep walking north.
All right.
MADRID, SPAIN I hope you haven't started without me! I would never do that.
I was waiting for you.
You look gorgeous, Chisca, as always.
I hope you still like strong drinks.
I like any drink.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
You're welcome.
Thank you.
We have so much to talk about.
A lot! Yes.
Although I'd rather have fun than talk today.
Of course, I had nearly forgotten than your specialty is having fun.
Well, I learned from the best, didn't I? To us.
To us.
- Oh, Héctor.
- Yes? How many more places will we have to go to? I don't know, but it's your turn to check.
- I told you I'd help you! - Look, I got a blister! - It isn't this one either.
- I'm bored already.
Could you please move? - Please.
- Okay.
What? - No! - Really? Open it! Subtitle translation by Amanda Contreras