El Dragon: Return of a Warrior s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Have you studied your files? What do we have to do? This is the plan.
MEXICO CITY, MEXICO The countdown begins.
We have 14 days left until the deadline I gave my associates.
We cannot fail.
Each one of us knows what we have to do.
I'm in! Finally! Flaco Kenia You know it! We can't afford any mistakes or suspicions.
Hey, no.
You know what? Those are dollars.
Miguel asked for euros only.
I told you, Guajolote.
Hey, Peligros, why does Miguel want this much money? Well, if you're the accountant and you don't know, why would I? I just follow orders and that's it.
That's true.
Well, let's get going.
There you go.
Want me to go with you? No, thanks.
I won't be long.
Thank you.
Miguel, come in.
You know, you need a safe place to talk privately.
Here is Rogelio Valdez's fiscal information.
Rogelio Valdez.
They call him "La Muralla.
" He's the toughest nut to crack.
They say that whatever he wants, he gets.
This is my contact.
He'll be waiting for your call.
You could have sent this with an errand boy.
- What do you really want from me? - I wanted to see you.
I'm worried.
Several days have passed and I've had no news from your business.
- I'm still within the time window.
- No, I know, but I have invested a lot of money.
My associates are pressuring me, too, and you know I don't like to lose.
I am aware.
Miguel, if you don't get results, my associates and I will lose everything.
And that is serious.
With this information, nobody will lose anything.
And would you care to explain why you need that? Excuse me.
- Yes, hello? - What's up, Carlos, where are you? Here, in the apartment.
I'm in the middle of a meeting.
I'll be going now, Carlos.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
That's okay, I'll call you later.
Tacho, let's go to Carlos' place.
What happened, Boss? Nothing, we just got a chance and we can't let it pass.
Come on, let's go! - Hang on, I'm - Let's settle the score once and for all.
- Hang on, I'm - Move it, Tacho! I'm moving, man.
Hurry up, man! Let's go! I'm going, all right.
Let's go, Boss.
You're amazing.
How did you do it? I told you it was true.
This is incredible.
This is very simple, Jorge.
You're done for.
MADRID, SPAIN Truth is, I'm deeply in debt.
Lots of debt, few clients.
So, you're done for, aren't you? Yeah.
But you have your shop and it's legal.
Is that him? That's him.
That's how I pictured him when you told me.
Has he changed a lot from what he looked like when it happened? He's the same to me.
Adri, I feel like it was yesterday.
I'll get my revenge.
How? I don't know.
But I'll make him pay for what he did.
Your shop will still be yours.
The only difference will be that on top of what you earn by selling these crappy little cocktails, I'd be adding my clients' dirty money.
You'd suddenly have thousands of invisible clients dying to spend their money in your little shop.
What do you say? My soul is tearing apart just thinking You could come back You wouldn't want to come back - Get in, Miguel! - Let's go! Freeze! What are you doing? All right.
Let me go, man! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go already! What do you want, Carlos? Let me go.
What do you want? Let him go.
I don't get you.
What's wrong with you? Are you dumb, are you deaf? You don't lay a finger on Miguel! Much less here! What were you thinking, shooting up my building like a madman? You're the only madman here.
Thinking that moron will make you millionaires.
- Miguel is still within his time window.
- What do I care about his time window? That guy is making us look stupid, all of us! You can't put us at risk over your personal issues.
Miguel is after a great business opportunity, get it? He's been saying that for quite a while now.
You think my associates and I will let him walk away if he fails? I think you and your associates are too lenient.
- And you're too brash.
- Yes.
You can't throw everything to hell.
- We'll see about that.
- No, you don't get it! We won't "see about that.
" You won't do it.
You'll let Miguel work in peace, or I'll put you out of commission myself.
It was Carlos.
His keepers told him there was an attempt on his life.
Yeah, sure, right.
Their aim is really bad, then.
I don't believe him either.
I shouldn't risk your life.
I really should have read the small print in the contract.
If you want to stop working for me, I understand.
Maybe it wasn't a good idea hiring you.
And who would you put in my place, eh? - I don't know, Peligros? - No, man! Miguel! Peligros would get lost at the first intersection in Ciudad Jiménez.
But if anything happened to you Well, it's too late now.
I can't leave you.
I can't leave the work I do for you.
That's what I mean.
Man, you're finally home! Is this any time to come home? - Isabel, please.
- "Isabel, please" what, Valentín? This is not the time.
You're married, aren't you? You're married! - I'm alone! - I'm so fed up with - Fed up? - Always complaining about everything.
And I'm tired, Valentín! I'm tired of being here, alone! Why do I even put up with you? But you know what? I'm the one who's going away.
But, Valentín, hey, no, listen.
You and I have to work on this together.
Together! You can't let our marriage die like that! - Isabel, let me go.
- No! Valentín, please! I won't let you go, Valentín! - It's over.
- No.
Let me go.
I don't know.
You, me, burgers, computers Think about it.
You watch too many cartoons, don't you, Flaco? You may joke about it, but this is our first night together.
Behind locked doors.
All right, cut it out, Flaco.
Did you bring me here to be all horny over me or to work? What a temper! I picked you because you're the best.
- Yeah.
- After me.
What a shame.
I'd have made you scream algorithms.
I am really quiet, you know? And, anyway, what do you care if I scream or not? These are great.
I even lost my appetite.
- What? - Nothing.
It is a big deal, but I think anybody would have done the same.
- What would you have done? - Yeah, I'd have done the same.
- Are you listening to me, Chisca? - I am! - Are you? - Yeah.
What did I tell you? I mean, to see if you were listening.
Hey, don't pester me.
Chisca, why would you ask me out to a bar? To have me talk to myself? - Where's the fun in that? - I am paying attention! - Let's see what's so interesting.
- Ángel! Give me that! What's up? What have you got there? I don't have anything.
- Stop bothering me.
- Nothing? Now I want you to explain.
What is in your phone? Are you waiting for a call, a text? - Who are you talking to? - Why do you care? You know what, Chisca? You're right.
Why do I care? I don't get it.
Why should I care? Enjoy.
Have a nice time.
- Cheers.
- Yeah, cheers.
Your idiocy is rubbing off on me, Tacho.
It's the Japanese guy's fault, sir! Not mine.
Even though it's so easy, killing someone.
But if Carlos doesn't want me to get blood on my hands, then he'll have to be the one who kills Miguel.
How? That little deal the Japanese brat has been working on.
Carlos says it's the proof for his associates.
You know what we are going to do, Tacho? We'll make sure Miguel fails.
Really? So, I want you to go ahead and find out everything you can about that deal, and then, when he least expects it, that's when we strike.
All right, Boss.
All right.
Then get moving.
Move it! You know what I want right now? No, babe, what do you want? To take my clothes off? To spread your legs wide open, put you against the wall and - Subtle.
- I've heard worse, believe me.
And for me? Don't you have anything for me? - Oh, it's getting to the good part! - Flaco! Well, you're taking some time now because here's your little dessert waiting for you.
What? Let's meet right now, the usual place.
Well, come quickly, then, because we've just started playing.
- How? - Incredible.
How did Miguel know Raúl was cheating on his wife? That Miguel has, like, the power to find out what people hide.
You think? Yeah, well, it's a mixture of intuition, reading the signs paying attention to detail and the intelligence to put all that together.
Don't you think? - We have our location.
- Where is it? La Cabaña brothel.
Intercept the cameras, go.
Got them.
How's this wig? Great, it really changes your facial structure.
Just what I wanted.
I don't want to be recognized.
The meeting was pretty interesting, wasn't it? Interesting? I learned a lot of stuff.
For example? That you like the boss.
- You're straightforward.
- And very observant.
I'm not so sure about that.
Who wouldn't like Miguel? Me.
He's not my type.
So, you're even weirder than I thought.
Not weird.
Oh, well.
All right, does this look good? Yeah, turn around.
Rita Cortés.
All right, Jeremías, write this down.
Sure, I'm ready.
- What's that? - What do you mean? Hey, are you dumb or something? It's the account for that famous aunt Irina.
Karina Grishenko's aunt? The very same, yeah.
How did you manage to get her bank information? I'm surprised.
We've worked together for so long and you don't know what I can do? Well, I mean, it's not something very easy to get.
It was smart, not easy.
You could never do something like that.
- I could, if I got into the database - No, you couldn't.
- Enough.
- Okay.
And what do you want me to do with that? For now, stop chewing in my ear.
Once you're done, please track that money.
That Russian's account is our gateway into that laundering network we've been after.
Call me when you find something.
Actually, I have something interesting.
What are you talking about? Miguel Garza is the grandson of Lamberto Garza.
Honey, I want to go already.
- I'm sorry.
- I want to go.
I'm coming.
Tell me, speak.
Lamberto Garza was the leader of El Salado, and I say "was" because he died.
So what? I'm the grandson of my grandpa, who cares? - Howard, it seems you don't know my - All right, answer me.
Fine, it's a well-known secret.
He was never apprehended, but I think it's something we should investigate.
Give me more details.
Honey, we'll miss our plane.
- Going, dear.
- Look at the time, honey! Give me a second.
Come on, tell me.
Okay, Lamberto Garza was a supposed trafficker who had his company in Ciudad Jiménez.
Ciudad Jiménez.
Don't wait for me, I won't be coming back today.
When are you Dear, I'm sorry.
Some stuff came up.
I have to stay, okay? You know I hate flying alone, honey.
Love, and I hate running out of clean clothes, but I have to buy some.
All right, love.
Call me, okay? - Love you.
- Take care.
And I love you.
- Take care.
- Take care.
All right, pal, come.
Where is Ciudad Jiménez? In Chihuahua? Hey, Miguel, I had lots of fun at your office.
I'm glad to hear that.
Since when is it fun being stuck in an office? I mean the computers, not the people.
Well, the people weren't so bad either, you know? You can go anytime you want.
Hey, all the staff there is very capable, right? I mean, otherwise they wouldn't be there.
Kenia seemed very interesting.
- And the other guy, what was his name? - Flaco.
Flaco, yeah.
I haven't talked to Kenia a lot, but her resume is spotless.
She's an IT genius.
I think she's got something going on with Flaco.
Why do you say that? They're huddled up together all day inside that cave.
I mean, they eat together, work together sleep together.
They are a good work team, Chisca.
These are organic, by the way.
Do not hold back.
Thank you.
Well, I think she's very interesting, isn't she? She's original.
- She's a weirdo.
- I don't think she's weird.
No, I bet you can easily come across a piece of work like that.
But why all the mystery? What is so strange about this girl? Well, she's inked from head to toe, and has more holes in her than a golf field.
- Imagine that.
- Piercings.
Sorry, piercings.
Adela, when you're done, tell me and take me to the office.
- Sure, I'll wrap this up.
- Hey, Miguel.
I mean, Flaco told me I could lend them a hand at the office.
I don't know, what do you think? Sure, it's a great idea! - Really? - Of course! Well, I'll go brush my teeth, see you in a minute.
- Good.
- Okay.
- Miguel, can I talk to you? - Sure? - Privately? - Yes.
Adelita, would you like anything else? You're trying to fatten me up.
I'm onto you.
- Some chilaquiles? - Nope, I'm going.
I don't see the problem.
Let's see.
Jorge has never worked a day in his life.
- In anything.
- That's why I think it's a great idea.
Great idea, exposing him in front of everybody.
You're exaggerating.
He feels comfortable there.
Jorge has more in common with Kenia and Flaco than with us.
Who told you he would be comfortable there? Why are you upset that I'm giving him a chance? Grandpa would've never approved! He would have never let him get into this business, ever.
He is not prepared for these things and would break under pressure.
That's another good reason to give him a chance.
You and Grandpa have kept him living inside a bubble.
- He is an adult, and he's very smart.
- He's very smart.
He's brilliant.
But the issue is not his intelligence, it's emotional.
We all have emotional issues, including you.
Look, I'm not looking for an argument.
He asked me for an opportunity, I'll give it to him.
End of story.
The Signus X-100F.
Yeah, why? This is the latest cutting-edge Swag Tablet.
- Thanks, I'm not interested.
- I'm not selling them.
I don't want you to look at the outside, but the inside.
You didn't wait for me.
You were taking so long! I'm already here.
But I bet you were missing my little cousin here! Oh, I did.
That and many other memorable quotes, my dear Hamelin.
All right, what is this? Who do you work for? - Why do you mess with my private life? - Hey, hold it there, cowboy.
Nobody is going to see this, just us.
Well, maybe people on the Internet.
Unless you play nice and cooperate.
- This is blackmail.
- And it's really simple.
All you have to do is not go to the auction for the Grace prototype.
That's it? That's it.
And if I go? Well, let's say the first to see it before I upload it to every porn site online will be Mrs.
How's that? I bet she's really into threesomes.
I got a call, hold on.
Hey there, my Silva man.
I got the videos ready.
Should we upload them or what? The client's cooperating.
Your call.
Well, then.
It's a pleasure doing business with you.
By the way, that watch is garbage.
It doesn't even have half the features the Token has and is twice the price.
Just so you know.
Pal, the Pied Piper is out of the game.
Good work, Flaco.
We'll do our part later.
Flaco just brought me up to date.
- Great work.
- Sir, thank you, sir.
Jorge will be joining our team now.
I mean, if your ship still has room for one more onboard.
Sure, welcome, sailor.
- I'll leave him to you.
- Yes, sir.
Sit down.
- The dressing room? - Yes, straight ahead, please.
Thank you.
- I'll take all of this.
- Sure thing! What will be your payment method, please? - Card.
- Okay.
- Ready for your first IT assignment? - I'm so ready! A little chip before we start? - No, thanks.
- All right.
What is my assignment? I want you to hack into the auction credentials site and upload the data for the fake identity we gave Jimena: Rita Cortés.
Do you have the data? Yeah, I saved everything in an encrypted folder.
For that you'll need to crawl around the hard drive I'm done! How? - Yeah, you said Rita Cortés, right? - Yeah.
Well, there was a recurring pattern among the encrypted paths, so I guessed it represented the binomial T and E with an accent.
From Cortés.
Easy-peasy! All right, get into the credentials site.
All right, now upload the credentials, but you'll need to go through all the security firewalls, otherwise they'll be onto us.
Not soon, but eventually, and they'll delete all the data.
Hey! You lost or something? Guajolote.
Guajolote! Guajolote! What can I do for you, Mr.
Smith? Are you okay? I thought you would find it sooner.
After how fast you got the files, I didn't think this would be hard.
Jorge, it's just the firewall.
Careful, don't get that close.
You're getting too I'm sorry.
- No - I think it was a mistake, really, coming to work here.
I should go.
No, I'm sorry for pressuring you.
And you were doing great, too! Yeah, but you better do it.
I have to go, it's It's just hacking the firewalls, just like we did in college! I didn't go to college.
For real? Then how did you learn so much? What does it matter? A lot, because you really impressed me, you know? And I happen to be really hard to impress.
I taught myself.
And some teachers that would sometimes come to the house.
Well, let me tell you, you're a genius.
You should go to college.
You could do so much College is not for me.
I don't like people.
People make me - I don't - Ah, well.
Then we have one thing in common, you and me.
I don't like people either.
Look, Fernando Bravo was the teacher at my school.
You should talk to him.
It couldn't hurt.
And keep going.
You were doing great.
I promise I'll keep my distance.
Are you lost? Can I come in? You speak English? I come from Texas looking for job opportunities.
No, we're not hiring right now.
No, I'm not talking about contracts.
Question, do you only carry fuel here? Why are you asking me that? Pardon me, it's just a question.
Sometimes it's important to know the reach of a business.
Could be an opportunity for collaboration.
Well, yes.
We carry that and a lot of other things.
Didn't you see the sign on your way in? Sometimes signs don't have everything.
I reckon it may be a bad time.
I'll come around another day and tell you about the chickens I'm fixing to send back to my ranch in Texas.
So, you gave me all this crap to tell me you want to send some chickens? Oh, well, then! How many chickens are we talking about? Just about one hundred? Oh, not that many.
For a Texas man? I got my fair share dealing with cows, bulls, one hundred chickens? - Whole other can of worms.
- Well, that's for sure.
You got chickens? Yeah, a couple, back on the ranch.
Y'all got a ranch, too! Yeah, five minutes from here.
Garza Ranch.
I sure like ranchers a lot.
Sure do.
You know what, Mr.
Texas? I like you a lot.
Let's go see what we can do so you can get your chickens there.
Sure! Thank you very much.
You're welcome.
It seems so.
So, you managed to track it down? Yeah, but not all the way back to the source.
What I can tell you is that this key belongs to a single company that sells lockers.
Well, that narrows the variables quite a bit.
It reduces them only to the places where that company has put their lockers.
But between bus depots and airports, there could be thousands of them.
Hey, so these are the lists of the places where they put those lockers? Yeah, just those from the area.
If I search anything larger than a 300 km radius, it could be hundreds of them.
Officer Núñez, the captain is looking for you.
Excuse me, I'll be right back.
Sure, thank you, Marcos.
Héctor, there's over 30 places with thousands of lockers.
It's impossible.
We have to give it a shot.
Okay, but what if the key is from a locker over 300 km away from us? Then we'll reach another dead end.
Look, Claudia, Naty is the only person we have who was close to Carlos Duarte.
Maybe closer than her parents believed.
That key must lead to a clue.
- It was hidden for a reason.
- Yes, you're right.
Now, let's think.
The locker should be either inside an airport or a bus depot that Natalia had easy access to, don't you think? There we go! That key could lead us to the proof that Carlos Duarte is a corrupt politician.
All right, boys, it's time to party.
Our pal Tacho here has all the information, so he'll be in charge of the entire operation.
It'll be like taking candy from a baby.
One thing, though.
If anybody fails, they're dead.
And that goes for you, too, Tacho.
You hear me? I'd actually be really sorry if I had to kill you.
Despite all your dumb crap, I like you.
Now, move, let's get this show on the road.
So, what do you think? - Super sexy.
- For sure.
I love this one, it's amazing.
- You like it? - Yeah, it's so cool.
You can have it.
No, no way! Adri, I bought a ton of stuff.
It's yours.
- Really? - Yeah.
Thank you! - When are you planning to go to Madrid? - I'm leaving in ten days.
Have you told Ángel yet? No.
Don't you tell him either.
I'm serious, I want to go alone.
Okay, don't worry, my lips are sealed.
Do you know what you'll do? With Valentín? Yeah, I'll seduce him, bring him to Mexico.
Think he'll fall for it? What do you think? - Of course he will! - Of course! Hey, and once he's here in Mexico, how will you go about Killing him? Yeah.
I already have someone to do it.
I won't get my hands dirty, obviously.
Chisca, please be careful.
You've always told me he's a very clever man.
He is.
Don't worry.
You stay relaxed.
- This thing makes no sense at all.
- Amazing.
Your credentials, please.
- Welcome.
- Thank you very much.
Your invitation, please.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
Your invitation, please.
My bodyguard will come with me.
Of course.
You are not on the list.
There must be a mistake, of course.
Let me go check.
Check this, please.
No, she's not on the list.
Miss, I'm sorry, but you're not on the list.
This cannot be! Try again.
Hey, do you have any idea who you're talking to? Check it, please.
Flaco, are you seeing this? Don't get your panties in a knot.
Flaco is on the job.
Terribly disorganized.
You better hope I come up on that list.
We won't be able to keep them distracted much longer.
Pressure isn't helping, but here we go.
Got it! We missed a firewall.
The credentials won't be live until we go through this filter.
You are in serious trouble.
- Why didn't you disable that? - Because I asked Jorge to do it.
- Jorge? - Yes.
I think this is the fourth time they've tried to let her in.
You just have a few seconds to fix it.
Now she should have access! I better show up on that list.
There you are.
Cortés, my apologies.
- You're on the list.
- Well, about time! Dr.
González, how are you? Jorge, really? Yes.
Your ten o'clock.
If you tell me where you got that martini, I'll be in your debt all night.
If that's the case, you can have mine.
Malcom Rubio, a retired general.
He has the stakeholder's money and wants the prototype for the army.
I have no problem switching to whiskey.
How kind.
Thank you so much.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Martinis really are the best way to soothe one's nerves.
It sure is.
Malcom Rubio, nice to meet you.
Rita Cortés, my pleasure.
Cortés, if you don't mind me asking, why are you so nervous? I came to bid at the auction, but honestly, I'm not so sure I want to anymore.
I see.
May I ask why? The shortcomings of the prototype don't make it seem as reliable as announced.
I have heard it's basically finished.
Let's say I have some privileged information.
It seems butane is not as efficient as a bio-fuel.
It freezes easily.
So, buying Grace is like buying an old washing machine.
- Is it? - But I'll be bidding anyway.
A girl has to have fun, one way or another, right? - Of course.
- But I won't be a strong opponent.
Good luck with the auction.
Good luck.
Of course.
Have a nice evening.
I'm sorry, are you all right? Don't worry, it was nothing.
Rogelio Valdez.
They call him "La Muralla.
" They say that whatever he wants, he gets.
At least let me buy you a drink, to make up for my faux pas.
I thought drinks were free.
Not if you drink the cognac I'm having.
I see.
Are you here for the auction? Yes.
You? Well, I suggest you set your mind on something else because the prototype already has an owner.
We'll see about that.
Shall we? - After you.
- Excuse me.
I hope you all brought your attitude, but overall, enough money to make this auction really interesting.
Well, if we're all set to go let the auction begin! Get out or you're dead! - Get out, bitch! - Easy, you cripple! - Easy! - Get the bags! Boss! Peligros.
Are you okay? They took our dough.
Boss, I got shot.
Peligros, answer me.
Are you there? Due to its features, it produces very few polluting emissions Peligros? Peligros? Subtitle translation by Amanda Contreras