El Dragon: Return of a Warrior s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

Where's Andrei? You better tell me where Andrei is, or your little friend is dead.
What do we do now? - Need a ride? - Let's go.
Let's go.
We must change our meeting spot.
Let's meet at the pizzeria.
Peligros, stay sharp.
Andrei, where are you? I'm in the middle of a traffic jam.
Are you sure you're not being tailed? Yes, I'm sure.
Hey, can you write something down? I'll give you the address for the new meeting spot.
Yes, of course.
I know it's a delicate subject and I'll handle it as such.
Perfect, that's very good.
See you soon, then.
Thank you.
It's done.
Arturo talked Natalia's mom into speaking to me.
- So, it's a huge success.
- Great! Ana.
- Hey.
- Honey! How are you? Hi, pumpkin pie! Hey, come in, have a seat.
No, we're fine.
And to what do I owe the pleasure of having you here? Well, you had to take the baby to the pediatrician.
You forgot, huh? Sorry yes.
I forgot, but it's been a couple of hectic days here at the paper.
- Yes, pumpkin.
- Don't worry.
- Really? - I think she's doing much better.
- Is she? You okay, sweetie? - Yes.
- She's so pretty.
- Thank you.
We'll be on our way now, so we won't bother you.
Hey, honey, wait.
I'll open the door.
- Talk to you later? - Yeah.
Bye, chubby cheeks! She's really mad this time, isn't she? Well, poor girl.
I mean, marrying a guy like me, work-obsessed, I mean, that's not easy.
Well, no, but I couldn't be with a guy who doesn't love what he does, either.
Stay close.
Peligros, stay here, I need you to keep your eyes peeled.
Done, Boss.
Miguel, welcome.
- Come in.
- Thanks.
I'd like to apologize to you for risking everything.
I'm glad to see you're okay.
But things won't stay like this.
Sergei has to pay for this disrespect.
Nobody has to pay for anything.
Excuse me.
We just hired the best pizza chef in the city, it would be our pleasure to have you as our first guests.
It will be a pleasure sharing a table and, especially, doing business with you.
Go ahead.
Thank you.
This pizza is excellent.
Excellent! My compliments to the chef.
I'll tell him gladly.
- Excuse me.
- So, now, you're formally a client of my investment fund.
I promise you won't regret it.
As for me, the deal is closed.
Well if that's the case, we'll leave it at that and we'll be staying in touch.
Miguel, right? Very well.
Don't worry, Karina.
Your commission has been paid.
Same bank as always.
Always a pleasure doing business with you.
The pleasure is all mine, beautiful Karina.
- To us! - To us! Héctor, glad to see you.
- Come in.
- How are you? - Thank you for having me.
- Come inside.
Thanks very much.
Allow me.
This is my wife, Lupe.
This is Héctor, the journalist I told you about.
- Nice to meet you.
- Please.
I know perfectly well who you are.
Well, thank you for having me, then, and wanting to talk to me.
- Coffee? - Yes, please.
Thank you so much.
There you go.
So, what would you like to know? Basically, I'm writing about the victims who have died at the hands of criminal gangs.
My goal is to humanize them.
I understand your effort and Arturo has talked to me about it before, but after all these years of grieving, and having to talk about my daughter's death to everybody, it's something I don't want to relive.
Of course, I understand, and, well, I offer you my apologies.
What I want to know about Naty is what was she like, back then? Well, around that time, Naty had just managed to get a job that she had to fight really hard for.
Right, Carlos Duarte's office.
Yes, a great man.
No more deaths! SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR PRESIDENTIAL ASPIRAN No more deaths! No more deaths! No more deaths! Could they be here already? - Comrades, anything about Duarte? - Yes, they're inside.
No more deaths! No more deaths! There, at the Office of the Secretary, she became really close with a young woman named Juana.
- Juana.
- Yes.
Could Juana still be working at the same office? - I think so.
- Yeah.
What exactly was Natalia's job? Well, at first, she was just another secretary.
But my Naty always was a very special girl and she ended up becoming the personal assistant to the Secretary.
Natalia? Yes, Mr.
Secretary? - Come upstairs, please.
- Yes.
And what were the duties of a personal assistant? I mean, did they travel together? Yes, they went on trips together, I mean, domestic and international.
But sometimes she traveled alone.
Here we are.
Thanks, Adela.
You were amazing.
Yeah, you're a box of surprises, darling.
I'll learn to speak Russian, and then there's no stopping me.
As much as you joke about that, today we closed that deal thanks to you.
Yeah, right! It's not a big deal.
Enough praise, it'll go to my head.
Want me to wait for you? No, we still have some business to settle.
Yeah, some business that takes a while, you know what I mean.
Well, if you need protection, you know where I am.
Unless you have some.
"Business" my foot.
We tried to keep her things as she left them, at first because the police asked us to for the investigation.
But later, I couldn't bring myself to move her things.
It's like she's still with us.
I'm sorry.
Did she have a computer? Yes, the police took it and never brought it back.
They said it was protocol.
Excuse me.
Héctor, is it okay if I leave you alone for a sec? You can check whatever you need.
- Okay, it won't take long.
- Excuse me.
To our success.
Toasting too early could be bad luck.
Too early? Sorry.
Why don't you keep the champagne cold? I need to sort something out.
I won't be long.
Sorry, I don't like to have sex when my mind is somewhere else.
Héctor, did you find anything you can work with? Yeah, plenty of stuff.
It's just, coming into this place it's like, it stirs up so many emotions, you know? Thank you so much for your trust.
I actually have to go now.
I don't want to bother you anymore.
Talking about this topic is very hard for my wife, so we have never brought anyone into this room.
If you felt bad, don't worry about it.
Nothing personal, okay? No, it's okay.
I understand.
Thank you so much.
- See you soon.
- Of course.
- I'll go with you.
- Thank you.
I don't care.
But find them.
Stop looking.
I'm here.
What are you doing here? Put your weapon down, Sergei.
I'm not looking for trouble.
What do you want, then? I want to offer you a deal.
I told you I'm not interested in making any deals.
Can I ask you something? Do you like soccer? Let's pretend you're the manager of a very valuable player, you want to sign a great contract to earn your commission.
You have two options: selling him in the local market for a reasonable price, or internationally for an astronomic sum.
Which would you pick? You won't take me for a ride with your tales.
Would you pick the local or international market? Whatever brings the most money.
And that's enough of this.
Your answer is logically sound, but not the best one.
What should I have answered then? You should have asked me about the player.
He's a young player, 20 years old.
If you sold him on the international market, you'd win today, but lose in the future.
I was misguided by my lack of information.
Andrei thought about today, not the future.
You need to assess the passage of time.
I am offering you a deal with different terms than what I agreed on with Andrei.
Go on.
Ecogreen stocks at a lower price.
I want to be aware of every move.
I will make sure to bring you the reports myself and guarantee you a steady return, as well as a fixed sum you will never lose.
"When in Rome, do as Romans do.
" That's true.
But "nothing ventured, nothing gained" and "God helps those who help themselves.
" As you see, cultural mixing can bring us very far.
What will you decide? I like the way you think.
You're making the right choice.
I hope so.
Did you get your worries off your back? Much more than that.
Sergei is in.
You never stop surprising me.
Cold, like you asked.
Well, sir, we got 12 AK-47s, ten five-sevens and six point fives.
Give me this one.
- It's my favorite.
- I know, sir.
I have to say, Tacho, you did a good job.
Thanks, Boss.
At least good enough to make up for all the crap you've been doing lately.
These weapons are good, enough to arm our little army.
In a couple hours, they'll bring us the ammo and all.
And the men? Already been hired.
That's your order, sir.
It's almost time.
Well, we're ready to go.
That Japanese guy won't even know what hit him.
What's up, boys? Are you having fun? Yeah! Yeah, I can see you're not having a good time, are you? Here, with the girls.
Because when you're with me, you can have this all the time.
Who doesn't like a firm butt every day? That's right, baby.
Then again, if you're not with me, you'll run out of luck and won't get to see another day.
Is that clear? Sure.
I said, is that clear? Well, it better be.
Come here, big mama.
Let's move our boots.
Amazing, Rosarito.
You outdid yourself.
- Really? You enjoyed it? - It's delicious.
It's a shame you're allergic to salmon, or I'd have made you my world famous omelette à la rosé.
Hey, have you seen Miguel? He must be doing his morning workout.
- Hello, good morning.
- Good morning.
You were asking about Miguel, right? Wasn't he here? He came home super late.
He actually came at the crack of dawn.
He looked tired, which is surprising because you said he's working out.
Looks like he worked out all night.
- You don't say.
- I do say.
Why were you awake at that hour? Did you go for a run or could you not sleep thinking about how to ruin everybody's day? Are you on her side? I take no sides, Miss.
That's okay.
Have a good day.
Thanks! Thank you.
- I'll be glad to see you there.
So - Thank you very much.
Have a nice day.
Take care.
See you later.
- How do you do? - How do you do? Good afternoon.
Please, have a seat.
Tell me, how can I help you? Oh, well We're set to go, bro.
We'll be working with air gaps.
Air gaps? Air-gapped computers, they have never connected to the Internet.
Their WLAN is completely disabled, so they're hermetic.
You lost me again.
A computer is secure if it's never been online.
What if it connected once? It's vulnerable, any hacker can give us away.
Not with air gaps.
No way.
Unless they do it physically.
They'd have to walk in here, into the office, handle it and turn it on.
Well, welcome aboard.
I'll just be needing a little help.
You have complete freedom.
I found it.
Let me introduce you to Kenia Guzmán.
Well, you're looking like my auntie who hates my tattoos and piercings.
I'm more into people who can keep a low profile, but you must be good if he chose you.
I can do anything you want in front of a computer.
You'll have to prove it.
Welcome, then.
No problem at all.
It's done now, yeah? You're welcome.
Not at all.
Have a good day.
- Excuse me.
- Good afternoon.
Can you help me? I agreed to meet with my girlfriend here and I can't find her.
Her name is Karina Grishenko.
I am sorry, but I cannot give you that information.
Yeah, no, I only wanted to know if she's been around here.
I do not know.
It's really not that hard.
She's tall, gorgeous.
- Like, absolutely gorgeous, you know? - Yes, indeed.
- But even so, I cannot help you, sir.
- You know who I mean, right? Yes.
Truth is, I'm a really lucky man.
We just wanted to check a transfer.
I cannot show you anything, sir.
No, that's all right.
If you don't want to show me, no problem.
I just want to know if she came, because my beautiful Russian is a total airhead and, well, truth be told, I don't want the money to fall into the wrong hands, you see? The transfer was successfully made to the same account.
- Was it? - Yes.
See? No need for me to come.
Probably her dad, then.
Already has the money in his account.
He always does.
No, don't tell me it's not her dad.
Her mom? From what I understand, it belongs to her aunt.
Alesha, of course.
No, Irina Grishenko.
Irina? Oh, well.
It's all between women, in the end.
- Thank you so much.
- You're welcome.
Anyway, good afternoon.
Hold on a second.
Guajolote! - Aye, ma'am.
- What's wrong? Shouldn't you have gone out? Yes, ma'am, we're planning another route, there's control posts.
I don't want mistakes.
I have too many problems.
- I'll handle it.
- Off you go! Move it, boys! - We need this done yesterday! - What? How's the collecting? It's going pretty well.
Despite Lamberto's death, everything is moving along.
So, no news, then? No news.
Wait, there is some.
Remember that client from Arizona? He's really behind on his payment.
That's strange.
He never runs late.
Well, yeah, because Lamberto wouldn't have it.
I'll give him a call, then.
Yeah, call him.
You're doing right by staying in charge, Dora.
Well, I need to keep my mind active.
I can't be thinking about my husband all day.
Well, yeah.
Since you took the reins of everything, business has been going swimmingly.
Too bad I'm not worth a dime to the associates.
Don't say that.
Lamberto would be so proud of you.
I don't know.
I don't think like him.
Why, what do you mean? - Miguel.
- Miguel? Yeah, I wouldn't have left him in charge of all of this.
I think it was a mistake.
No, Dora, we must have faith in him.
Well, we have no choice, but if that kid doesn't keep his word, we'll lose everything, Ricardo.
MEXICO CITY, MEXICO We're stuck with Ecogreen.
The stock market won't trust our company if we don't make it shine a little bit.
And how do we do that? We need to feed the investors some juicy relative assessment.
That way we can raise expectations and give our laundering a little push.
Any plan in mind? There will be an auction for an engine with partially electric combustion.
It's called Grace, from a young inventor.
So, if Ecogreen gets ahold of the prototype, we'll be kick-starting a new project with advances undreamed of for the industry.
Yes, but like every risk, it's highly rewarding.
Nothing like a bit of risk for the stock market.
You'll see.
The stakeholders will smell it from miles away.
Good plan, Jimena.
We need to know everything about the auction, and I'll call for a staff meeting.
At this event, there'll be an auction for a prototype engine.
Do we have any information about it? I'll send you the specifications of the prototype so you can study it.
- What is our goal? - Winning the auction.
I like the idea.
We all like it, but we're not the only ones interested, so let me introduce you to our strongest contenders.
Let's start with Raúl Silva, a power-hungry entrepreneur, owner of a fleet of aircraft.
Next is Malcom Rubio, a retired general.
He has the stakeholder's money and wants the prototype for the army.
And the toughest one: Rogelio Valdez.
They call him "La Muralla.
" He's the toughest nut to crack.
They say that whatever he wants, he gets.
With a face like that, no doubt.
We need to be prepared.
We can't make any mistakes.
I have done some research on them and we have their strongest points, but most importantly, their weaknesses.
There's no time to lose.
Yes, sir.
So? How do you like the neighborhood? Very nice, everything's running as it should but there's room for improvement.
What improvement? What are we missing, or what? I want to become your partner, Chano.
So, you think what I've got here isn't worth it.
No, not at all.
I'm saying that if you're like me, then you never have enough.
Chano, I've got the dough and lots of it.
We could increase production and trade of the goods.
Would you just look at that? Here we have Epigmenio, the businessman.
I'm offering you a good share of the pie and I'm not always up for that.
Well, look.
Let me tell you something, Epigmenio.
If I get in, there'll be no human alive that could get me out.
Well, I didn't go wrong with you then, Chanito.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
We won't find anything like this.
What do you suggest we do, Claudia? This key is the only proof we have.
Yeah, but it's hard.
I mean, it looks like any old key.
Well, it does, but are we gonna sit here twiddling our thumbs or what? No.
I have a guy who can help us.
Who? - He's an investigation officer.
- No, Claudia.
I don't want anything to do with the cops, no.
I know, Héctor.
I knew you were going to say that.
I don't trust them.
Well, but like you said, we can't just give up, right? We need to use every resource we can get.
And what does he want for it? Nothing.
He's an honest cop.
Well, then that makes him an endangered species, doesn't it? Well, all the more reason, then.
He's that much more valuable.
We should use it, for real, come on.
He could help us.
Hi, Adela.
Do we know each other? I know you, but you don't know me.
- How come? - I'm Manuel Tormo.
Everybody here calls me Flaco.
Informatics specialist or hacker, whatever.
I've been fiddling around with the boss' phone.
I saw you in his house.
Wow, like in the movies, literally! Way better than the movies.
Pleased to meet you.
No, and pleased to spy on me, I see! The boss is in his office.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Adela, don't go.
How did you know it's me? You didn't even open your eyes.
I don't need to see you.
I can feel you.
It's perfect.
Yes, a sunset to behold.
I mean all of this.
You're right.
It's perfect.
How was work with the Japanese guy? Exciting.
Wow, that's new.
I just feel like I belong.
Miguel likes my ideas.
He's determined.
He takes risks.
Does that mean he's willing to put you at risk? César, please.
This is something I needed.
Let me remind you my career was going south.
If you're not careful, it can go back to that.
What do you mean? Nothing.
Don't get into any trouble.
And who says I'm getting into trouble? What I mean is you should be careful with those people.
"Those people"? What do you want? To make everybody be like you? Huddled up all day inside your college, sticking to routine, to what's safe? That gray, dull life? That didn't bother you before.
For the first time ever, I have the chance to do what I can do best.
What does that mean? I know what I'm doing and I can go really far with Miguel.
You're starting to forget me.
No, I couldn't.
Forget me.
It's good.
But not completely.
You are a part of me, but I need to go on living.
Take me with you.
My love How are you, Jorge? Fine.
What are your plans for today? Plans? Well, no, I have nothing.
Do you want to come to the office? We got some new computers, state of the art technology.
You'll probably like it.
For real? You can explain them to me, too.
No, I'll be glad to do it, yeah! Hey, Chisca, Miguel is taking me to see his office.
- Why don't you come with us? - So awesome, yay.
No, thank you.
Come on! We never do stuff, all three of us.
It'd be an honor.
- Yeah! - This is a good plan for you? It beats listening to Rosario's singing.
Come on, please.
That's fair.
Okay, I'll grab my bag.
- Go! We'll be waiting for you in the car.
- Yeah, I'll get my bag! Well, she said yes.
- Let's go.
- That's some progress.
I want you to meet my siblings, Chisca and Jorge.
Glad to meet you in person.
Welcome to my lair.
How can you pay attention to this many screens at the same time? The screens are paying attention to me.
This is dope, isn't it? I just checked all the employee phones.
There's no Pegasus.
- All clean.
- Good.
Can I have a minute? Yes, be right back.
" That's a candy store, right? Pegasus is malware.
It's what? It's a spy software that embeds to any kind of cellphone.
I mean, the owner doesn't realize others are tracking all their activity.
He looked so quiet, too.
It's like bringing a spy in your bag.
I could know everything you do.
Everything? Everything.
For example, if Miguel is exposed to Pegasus, the spy could gain access to his mobile phone, like our home security cameras.
I'm not surprised Jorge knows what he's talking about, I've seen how much he is into computers, robotics It's the only thing I saw.
It was an exercise Miguel and I had.
No, I mean, wow.
Fascinating, right? We could always use more hands here.
Whenever you want.
Ah, well, thanks a lot, but not me.
No, thanks.
Kenia, the Garzas.
- Garzas, Kenia.
- Hi.
Cookie? Still in here? Where else would I go? You could have a look around the coffee shop downstairs.
No way.
Why would I go downstairs, when you make the best coffee? It's instant.
It's not what makes it, but who makes it.
And now, with this coffee, all I need to know is when you will have some free time, babe.
Be careful, Mr.
Garza could realize you're getting distracted.
Oh, well.
Flaco, right? Yeah.
Hey, show me how to install that Pegasus thing.
So I believe you.
- Whose phone do you want to crack into? - Valentín Soria.
You're not getting me into trouble, right? Of course not.
We're great pals.
This is just an experiment to see if it works.
What's his number? I don't know.
He lives in Spain, that's why I don't, but he's a "Valentín Soria, financier.
345 Huertas Street, Madrid.
" Found him, he just got his ad.
Let's see.
Valentín, wait.
What are you doing? Hey, what are you doing? Valentín, I asked what you are doing.
You're not telling me, are you? - Valentín, drop that phone right away! - What do you want! I'm talking to you! You never listen to what I say! Would you stop yelling like crazy? I'm crazy? Look, you're the only crazy one in here.
We're here because of you! You won't even listen to me! My fault? If you don't like it, why don't you get lost? I'm going to! Where will you go? You don't have money! You're a douche, man.
- Don't say that! Don't insult me! - Let go! Chisca, are you ready Chisca? - Chisca.
- Yeah, what? - Your brother's talking.
- Are you ready to go home? Yeah.
I'm totally ready.
- Everything's okay? - Yeah, you? Super-duper.
- You sure? - Yeah.
Now, are you really that interested in this key? It's just like any key.
Well, I'm doing research on large-scale drug trafficking and I don't want to go into details, but - if you don't want to help, fine.
- No, I'm sorry.
I never said I wouldn't, but I will need some time.
I'll do anything to uncover this.
Thanks, Marcos.
Anything for you.
Oh, no.
It's for me, really.
But thanks a lot.
Did you read your documents? What do you have to do? This is the plan.
MADRID, SPAIN Take good care of it.
No, reschedule my appointment.
I won't make it in time.
I'll go wherever, just one hour later.
Otherwise I can't make it.
I don't have time.
3:30, 4:00, is that okay? I could drink this whole bottle by myself.
You should stay sober.
What's up? My family needs you, and so do I.
ITALIAN TRAFFICKER You can count on me.
Things are going well.
I'll drink to that.
We keep growing.
Thank you.
You have to try this.
What's this? Baby codfish.
One billion, Valentín.
Fast, clean and hush-hush.
If the sum goes up, commission does, too.
Valentín, we've already paid enough.
It's never enough to be in peace, Piero.
Your family knows that.
I don't believe you.
That's okay.
You know that for my family, money will never be a problem.
Subtitle translation by Amanda Contreras