El Dragon: Return of a Warrior s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Jimena, thank you for coming.
I accept.
Then welcome to the team.
I want an explanation.
Do you usually carry a gun? I'm sorry.
It's just that I will have to be able to defend myself if I'm going to work with illegal businesses, right? I'm hiring a finance specialist, not a hit man.
Safety is on me.
You sure know how to impress a woman.
And we're just getting to know each other.
Excuse me, Mr.
There's a man looking for you outside.
Excuse me.
Relax, Miss.
You'll like working here.
You'll see! There you go again with your stupid ideas.
I told you that Miguel is untouchable for now! Yeah, sure, but you can't tell me what I can or can't do! But I have to tell you what you have to do.
You don't understand, we have to use him to our advantage! But that Japanese guy hasn't delivered on his promise.
- He's of no use to us! - He needs time! Time? What time? If he doesn't deliver in 15 days, the group itself will kick him out and he won't be of any use to you! I don't know.
I see he's very self-confident.
He's confident! - No, he's lying! - He has a trick up his sleeve, so what? Can't you see? The only one who will come out on top in this matter is me.
I'm going to be the boss of El Salado, can't you see? He still has 15 days left.
But you may be right, he may not make it.
All right.
I will help you.
That's what I wanted to hear.
Yes, but under one condition.
From now on, I want to be informed of all your actions.
Clear? Sure, all right! We have to organize a rally, add followers to our cause, the cause of everyone in Mexico.
We must make ourselves visible! Yes, actually, I can tell your stories.
No, I want to tell who our heroes were.
They have to be made visible.
We have to tell everyone who they were, tell them their stories, please, make them known.
Look, I think that victims like my sister, Helena, or your children, parents, your friends, they have to stop being nothing more than numbers.
They are people with a first name and a last name.
Like they once had.
Sure, I think it's perfect.
Very good! Okay, here are our babies, the new companies created up until now.
McGregor took care of the finances, I took care of the rest.
Trademark registration, the logo and all the paperwork.
- Good job.
- They really look like active companies.
And how many companies are we talking about? Okay.
Ecogreen is at the very top.
On the second level, we have a construction company and an engineering company, both connected to the first one, but with nothing between them.
On the third level, we have six companies, all of which are also related to the previous two.
And I suppose that the rest are below those and so on.
The advantage of this scaling is that we can isolate any company if they're being investigated or something, see? Interesting.
For this to work out, we need foreign capital.
Yes, you're right.
If all the money came from Mexico, it'd be too traceable.
I need the Russians.
Andrei, a pleasure seeing you again.
The pleasure, as always, is all mine.
My dear Karina.
It's a shame that Sergei could not join us today.
It is.
But do you have an answer? Karina.
I don't want to make a mistake.
What does a girl have to do to gain some trust? You have my trust, but this implies many other things.
I'm telling you, it is the best deal I've ever offered you.
And if you join right now, I may even get you more benefits.
All right.
I'm in.
You won't regret it.
And what do we do about Sergei? We have different interests.
I thought you had to agree.
We are in different gangs.
Look, if Sergei wants to stay out of the deal, that is his problem.
I like your attitude.
So let's fly over to Mexico City to seal the deal.
Meanwhile, a toast to that! Here it is.
Thank you.
- Cheers! - Cheers! MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - Morning.
- Morning.
We're looking for Chano.
Is this the place? - Who's looking for him? - Mr.
Epigmenio Moncada.
I hope he doesn't take too long, right? It's too hot here.
Chano is waiting for you.
All right.
- Epigmenio Moncada.
- Yes.
DRUG SUPPLIER, MEXICO CITY Dude, we've heard a lot about you around here.
Put that away.
Besides, you've been highly recommended.
I can't say that Carlos doesn't have good connections.
I guess you're the one running things in this neighborhood.
Good guess.
Nobody gets in or out without my permission.
So, you may relax.
That's what I need.
- I was told you want to do business, too.
- Yes.
Well, we have some vacancies.
You may begin there.
Well, actually, I'm going to need some men.
Could you help me get some? Money talks around here.
That won't be a problem with me.
We're understanding each other already.
You know what? You remind me of somebody.
Me! Welcome, Epigmenio.
I heard what you were saying during the meeting, Arturo, and I'd like to start with the story of your daughter, Natalia.
Her case was very public because she was Carlos Duarte's secretary.
Of Carlos Duarte? Sure, yes.
I remember the article.
She was our only daughter.
Her mom and I were devastated.
Three years ago, three damn years ago Do you think Natalia's boss was involved? No, I don't think he had anything to do with it.
I'd like to ask you whether you have any idea what happened.
They say she was a collateral victim a stray bullet.
That it was a clash between criminals.
But they say there's one man arrested.
His name is Braulio, right? Naty was a girl who always pursued her dreams, she was hard-working, entrepreneurial, beautiful.
I'd like to talk to your wife.
She won't like to talk about this.
You know what? I have to go, so excuse me.
- Thanks.
- Yeah, sure.
Please promise that you're going to try.
I will.
- Good day.
- Thank you.
Welcome to your home.
Your keys.
Hopefully nobody tries to break in.
Allow me, Boss.
It's only a joke.
You can't sleep in here.
It won't be for long, Tacho.
I assure you.
How was your flight from Tokyo? It was a bit hard.
How are you coping with the jet lag? I couldn't sleep at all during the flight.
But tonight, I surely will.
Hey, thank you so much for bringing me back home.
It's always a pleasure.
You had asked for it and I remembered.
Tadamichi sent you this gift.
"The sword may be used once in a lifetime, but you must always carry it with you.
" - Thank you.
- It's an honor.
So? Will you tell me what my job is? I need you to make these companies work.
Any guidelines? To launder a lot of money, quickly and effectively.
Don't worry, I'll take care of it.
- Anything else? - Yes.
It's urgent.
Good morning.
Who are you looking for? Morning, I'm looking for Chisca.
Chisca? And who is looking for her? Ángel.
Ángel? Hey, have you seen Chisca? No, but I've already heard that an angel is looking for her.
An angel, I'd love to see his little wings! Rosario! Sorry, it's just that, well, your name, Ángel.
- And Rosario, he's funny.
- Yes.
Yes, I get it.
And you haven't heard my last name.
No, what is it? Blanco.
Just kidding! - I almost died right then and there! - It would've been insulting! - My pleasure, Adela Cruz.
- Adela, nice to meet you.
What are you doing? - Talking.
- I'm talking to the help, obviously.
Come on, Chisca! Don't you know any other insult? - There's lots of them! - Yes, I do know a few.
- Well - I'm going to ask you to stay away from my friends.
I have enough with you in my home.
- What is it, Chisca? - Leave her.
- Let her let off steam.
- I should let off steam? - Yes! - I'm not the one who is after Miguel like a dog, right? - "Please, give me shelter.
" - The only bitch in here is you! No, Chisca! Let's go to your room.
Where is it? Let's go.
- Bye! - Nice to meet you, Ángel Blanco! I need a cybernetics expert.
When you say expert, you mean an unscrupulous hacker, right? - You said it.
- Well, I have the best one for you.
Manuel Tormo.
I got him out of prison some time ago.
Is he competent? He's a genius.
I'm interested.
There's nothing! I haven't heard from him, but I could look into it.
I have to go now, but when you're back in Miami, don't hesitate to call me.
I will.
He just vanished.
If Epigmenio's lying low, he's up to something, and that's worrying.
Look, Coyote, I didn't want to tell you, but I'm starting to doubt Miguel's going to make it.
Geez, Mister.
I tend to think the same way.
Lamberto is dead, and Miguel is nowhere to be seen.
What are we going to do with El Salado's business? I have no idea, my friend.
But it smells fishy.
Let's go.
What did you hear? Andrei decided to enter the finance business.
He's going to Mexico City with Karina.
So, he's leaving Very good.
So, they're going to Mexico.
Yes, what's wrong with that? That Mexican financier, Miguel Garza, came by a few days ago and was with her.
Now she's going over there with one of the Russians.
They'll make some kind of deal.
It's possible.
Give it here.
What's this mess, Jeremías? Sir, you want me to stay on the computer.
- I eventually have to eat, right? - Right.
Please, get me their flight number, the hotel they're staying in, the address, I want to know everything.
And what's all this information for? I'm going after them.
To Mexico? That's illegal.
Mexico is out of your jurisdiction.
In that case, I'm going on vacation with my wife.
That is legal, right? It is.
I won't lose sight of them.
Now? Right now? Yes? Just look at this treat! Look at all these colors.
What beauty! Smell the aromas.
Asian food, so the boss won't miss his country, right, Peligros? Because if Rosario will not go to Japan, Japan must come to Rosario! I wish I was in Japan.
My foot! Let's go! Set the table! What's wrong? Are you all right? I'm just praying to God as hard as I can so this raw fish kills me already before I die of boredom.
Honestly, I'd like to return to Ciudad Jiménez already.
Honestly, me too.
Well, the good thing is you can have fun with your toys.
But me? I can't play with mine! Relax, man.
Don't lose faith! Nothing is forever.
Is it good? The boss is here already! Hurry up! Hello? Anybody home? Of course, sir.
We're all here and we have a little surprise.
- A surprise? - Yes, come in.
Miguel! Hello.
- Hello.
- Guess what the doctor told me? - What? - That I'm fine again! I can work, exercise, go to the movies if somebody invites me.
And how were your days here in our house? Very good, thanks.
Well, let's say, good.
Actually, not that good.
I imagine that's because of my sister, I guess.
After everything you've done, I don't want to complain.
I understand.
Chisca's temper is quite tough.
There's nothing a good spanking can't change.
I'm worried about your brother, though.
- Why? - What do you mean? He doesn't sleep, doesn't talk, doesn't eat.
I hope he showers! His situation is different.
Why, Miguel? He's 25 years old.
He doesn't even have fun! If I told you what I did when I was You have no idea, that was a huge party.
You know, karaoke, shots, 80 people, a Mariachi came! I'm just kidding! Just a handful of friends in my car and the Mariachi was my stereo.
But we were worth 80 people! Look, his childhood was very different from everybody else's.
He witnessed the murder of my parents when he was very young.
I'm very sorry.
Yes, me too.
It changed his life.
And my grandfather and Dora overprotected him.
I can imagine.
He has a very hard time interacting with everyone in the world.
It's good that I'm not everyone.
I'm just Adela.
And that's more than enough.
The table's been laid beautifully.
What a surprise! Ms.
Chisca, dinner has been served.
Everything looks delicious.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you so much.
It's Japanese food, so that Mr.
Miguel feels at home.
- Thank you very much.
- It certainly is! - I recommend you begin with this.
- Come with me.
Give me one of those.
- To the table.
- There's soy sauce.
Nothing! I'm just inviting you to have dinner with us! - What's happening? - Sit down.
I said, sit.
What are you doing, Chisca? Nothing! It's just that since our servants can now have dinner with us, why not invite them all? Stop, Chisca.
I'm tired of your attitude.
What's the problem? I don't have any problem sharing the table.
- Perfect! - My problem is with you.
Good night, Boss.
Excuse me.
Esmeralda, come.
So? What do you want? I want my family.
You said that's what we would be, right? A family.
Like we used to be.
But, look, you bring any person you find on the street into your bed! Adela is my friend! Is she a friend or is the one replacing Asya in bed? What did they do to you to make you so bitter, Chisca? Don't talk to me.
Who would want to? This cannot go on like this.
No, I don't think so, right? Geez! Time is running out for Miguel, right? Miguel knows that already, he's not dumb.
Yes, but we don't have any news from Miguel and for us that's worrying.
Nothing to worry about.
Miguel is a man of his word.
If he told you he will deliver before the agreed time runs out, he will.
You may trust him because you're his family, but you have to understand, we barely know him.
I will introduce him in the best possible way.
Lamberto's blood runs through Miguel's veins.
What do you think? Isn't that a good enough introduction? Look, Miguel has been working on it ever since he arrived in Mexico.
Trust us, he won't come back empty-handed.
I don't think it will happen, but if young Miguel doesn't deliver on his word, we won't have any other choice but to keep all of the Garza family's assets.
If Miguel doesn't deliver on his word, I'll spit out the platinum teeth I have so that you'll keep every last penny this family has.
All right, that's good.
Are we clear? - We're clear.
- Like water.
It's always a pleasure.
Have a good day, Coyote.
- Goodbye, Zaragoza.
- Goodbye.
That was very risky, Dora.
I've lived all my life running risks.
This isn't the first time, it won't be the last.
And there's still time.
Yes, there's still time, but it's running out.
Do you have any ideas? I don't know, but we have to make a new plan.
- Our only plan is Miguel.
- Yes.
Yes, Dora, don't worry.
I'm very aware of the time I have left.
What do you want? I want peace.
This is our chance to behave like siblings.
This is our chance.
Let me help you.
You want to help me with what? You need to go to rehab.
Right! You want to help me by locking me away in some place.
- No, I'm not saying - Screw you, okay? Charge it to this card, please.
Of course.
Here's your card.
And here are your keys, rooms 408 and 410.
- Thank you.
- Do you need a bellboy? No, we're all right like this.
Thank you.
- Thank you, sir.
- Welcome.
Could you wait until I finish arranging everything? I'll call you to your room later.
- Okay? - All right.
Howard, please.
Hush, woman.
Stop complaining.
This hotel is way too expensive, darling.
Don't worry, love.
Thanks for taking care of my money.
Let's have fun, come.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Hello, welcome.
- How are you? - Have a seat.
- Thank you.
Good morning! You look good! I'm all right! What better way to begin your day than doing what you like? - Am I right? - You're right.
Thank you.
- Where to, Boss? - To the office.
Of course.
In silence, I want to keep loving you In silence Because it hurts not having you That one is for you.
I mean, for the "in silence" part, not because of the love thing.
You're so quiet! Me, on the other hand, geez.
Have you always been a man of few words? That's Japanese culture.
Well, at least they can't tell you: "Loose lips sink ships," right? I sincerely don't know if I'll be able to get used to Mexican culture.
Maybe you need a Mexican girlfriend.
Hello? Mr.
Garza your voice sounds way sexier on the phone than in person.
I thought we were on a first-name basis.
Sometimes it is more exciting to begin a conversation more formally, right? - I guess you're already here.
- Good guess.
We've just arrived.
If you want, we can meet in a few hours, - if you think that's convenient.
- Perfect.
Russians like to negotiate while eating.
I know the perfect place to meet.
- Do you have pen and paper? - Yes.
Tell me.
Hold on a second.
Now I'm ready.
The address is Bruno Traven 578, the junction with Pirineos.
We can meet there at half past one, okay? I look forward to seeing you.
And I you.
In silence, your silence is killing me In silence Because it hurts not having you Love In silence Because it hurts not having you Thanks for the concert.
It was wonderful.
I'll have breakfast before going to the office.
- Want to join me? - No, thanks, I eat a lot, otherwise I'm dead at midday.
Okay, wait for me up there, then.
- Up there? - Yes, in the office.
I'll join you later.
As you wish, Boss! Andrei, I've spoken to Miguel Garza.
We're meeting at midday to seal the deal.
All right.
I'll come for you.
The new house is beautiful, Miguel.
Do I know you? Not yet, but I know you.
And your sister, Chisca, too.
Very pretty.
A shame she's addicted, right? Your brother, Jorge, has some psychological issues.
How's your life as financial adviser in this city? Anything else? How's Adela? Miguel! - Who are you? Who are you working for? - Let me go! - My wrists are delicate, please! - Answer me! I'm Manuel Tormo, the hacker you were looking for! How did you find me? If people knew that every time they look for someone on the Internet, they give us full access when they get one of those targeted advertisements, well they wouldn't spend so much time connected.
Nice to meet you, Manuel.
Nobody calls me Manuel.
They all call me Flaco.
Nice to meet you.
I must admit, I'm pleasantly surprised with you.
That's not easy, trust me.
I'm glad you liked it! I wouldn't like it if you didn't.
You can imagine that.
It's very active.
If you want to work for me, you're already hired.
Really? Thank you.
When do I begin? You've already begun.
One more thing, if you ever access one of my devices without permission, your sore wrists will be a minor issue.
Understood? Understood.
Good morning.
How may I help you? How formal! I would love a coffee, but since I work here too, I won't take advantage.
You work here? Adela.
Nice to meet you.
I take it you're the receptionist? That's right, I'm new.
Honestly, I'm a bit nervous.
I don't have much experience before this.
Relax, you're doing just fine.
I felt important even when I arrived! - Thanks a lot! - Miriam.
Yes? Are you working? I am, Mrs.
I'm sorry.
May I help you? Yes.
I'd love to see this place! It's amazing! Excuse me! Excuse me! - Who are you? - Adela, Miguel's driver.
You're Mr.
Garza's chauffeur.
Well, yes! Driver, chauffeur, call me what you like.
And to be honest, I don't really use the Mr.
Garza thing much.
It makes it sound like he's old, and he is not old at all.
Well, nice to meet you, Adela.
Since you're already here, I was going to ask Miriam to take this to the courier, but you can do me the favor.
Thank you.
Miguel hired me as his exclusive driver.
I'm not IBM.
IBM? I be a messenger, coming and going.
All right? Oh, well.
All right.
They're in rooms 408 and 410.
Yes? I got out of the hotel.
Sergei is in there.
You have to leave.
Take a taxi and get to the restaurant where Miguel Garza is going to be.
I'll send you the address.
See you there.
Darn! Karina! Let's go! Yes? Hey, I need a favor from you.
All right? Okay.
Yes, as we agreed.
Yes, sure.
See you.
Taxi! Four hundred and ten.
Sorry, could you give me a minute? I don't feel well.
Yes, of course, sir.
Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
- Excuse me.
"Bruno Traven 578 the junction with Pirineos.
" Pirineos.
Pierino's Restaurant.
You go there, you there! Karina! I just want WOMEN Karina.
I'm in trouble.
I need your help.
- What's wrong? - Sergei is chasing me.
Help me, please.
- Where are you? - I'm in a shopping mall.
It's a few streets away from the hotel.
- Paseo Periférico? - That one, exactly.
I'm hiding in a restroom on the second floor.
I'm on my way.
Are you with Andrei? No, he managed to escape.
Please, hurry.
I'm on my way.
Adela! I have to go now.
Yes, sure.
Is everything all right? Yes, I'll explain on the way.
Can't this person wait until you get to the shopping mall? No, it's an urgent matter.
Maybe I should drive.
No! Why hire a first-rate driver just for pleasure rides? - This is serious.
- So am I! I got it.
Get in! Fasten your seat belt.
Thank you.
- Let's go.
- Brace yourself.
- How pressing is our situation? - Very.
I didn't know you had this skill.
I have many skills you don't know about yet.
Wait for me at the elevators' exit.
Mineral water, please.
Who could this man be? I don't know.
Could it be worth checking him out? It is worth it.
Find out everything about him.
He may very well be the big fish I'm looking for.
- Found anything? - Nothing.
- Nothing.
- Find her! Don't come back without her! Hey! Here.
- Look! - For you.
What do we say, darling? - Thank you! - Welcome! Thank you very much, sir.
They're so cute! Karina.
Miguel, finally.
- Are you all right? - Yes, I am.
I think they don't know where I am, but they're patient and have been waiting for hours.
- Did they see you? - No.
Okay, because I don't have to tell you how dangerous Sergei can be.
I know.
We must be careful.
- Did you tell Andrei? - Yes.
Okay, we have to be very careful.
They're out there.
Let's go.
Grishenko, Mr.
We finally meet.
Where is Andrei?