El Dragon: Return of a Warrior s01e17 Episode Script

Episode 17

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Miguel Garza? This is Fernando Pacheco.
I'm calling you to do business.
Okay, I'll see you here.
Oh, snap! I was expecting someone a little older.
Good morning.
I'm Miguel Garza.
Should I kill him once and for all? - No.
- But I have him in my sights! - I'll kill him now.
- I said, no! I have other plans.
Let's go.
You are that Japanese dude, right? My dad wants to do business with you.
And where is your father? My dad's not here, but we are.
Come on, take a seat, Miguel! Make yourself at home.
- Get yourself any drink you want! - Take a seat.
It doesn't look like a home, but it's our home.
- I'm all right.
Thank you.
- Hey, Miguel.
We heard that you're laundering money and that you don't charge.
And we have a very important question.
How do you do it? How? Yes, I do that.
- Hey! Bring in a few girls.
Hurry! - Oh, yes, right.
Here, we treat our guests of honor, like yourself, very well.
Look! From Guatemala to the world! Come here, girl.
Look, dude, if you want local beauties, we have some of those too, baby.
They've only been used by their bosses, so they're like new.
If you want to do business with me, stop.
What was that? Get your hands off her.
Princess, get off.
Look, Miguel, nobody tells me what to do in my own home.
Are we clear? Relax, dude.
We're drinking and having a good time.
Calm down, relax.
Princesses, dance a little so we can chill, hurry.
You can sit down, Miguel.
They're here to please you.
Are you deaf or what? Dance! Relax, Nando.
Dance better! Please, get me out of here.
I'm pregnant.
This dude.
How was work in Miami? Work was okay.
The fun part was everything else.
You know? I must confess I had my doubts about you during the plan.
Really? Why? Because being a professional race driver is not the same as being a simple taxi driver.
Being stuck in an office the entire day must be quite boring, right? Not so much, especially, if I'm stuck in here with Miguel.
Well, the mission was a complete success.
Look, Adela.
You don't need a PhD to step on the gas pedal.
But of course, we all need somebody to run the errands for us.
What are you doing? I'm making you a little less bitter.
Look, Miguel.
In the end, the important thing is our business, the relationships we'll have.
If you don't want to be indulged, massaged and cuddled - That's enough.
- What's wrong? Tell your father I'm out.
Hey! Take the girls away.
Hurry! Move! Get them out of here, man! Look, boy.
My money is worth the same as your clients' money.
- Let's go, Peligros.
- You're being spoken to.
Guanajuato, Querétaro.
Ciudad Jiménez.
CJ, Ciudad Jiménez.
What a surprise.
I missed the two of you.
Does that mean that you'll work here, from home? Well, I suppose work can wait, right? Let's see who's come home from the park! She's sleeping? My sweetheart.
Just look at her.
Who's a tiny little creature? Hello, darling.
So plump! I wanted to apologize to you because Well, these days have been Hard? Very hard.
I know.
My love.
I'm afraid.
No, don't be.
Nothing will happen to me.
No one will hurt me, okay? No one.
Eyes a little bit more slanted.
Her mouth is a bit more prominent.
That's it.
Now, make the nose a bit wider.
- Like this? - That's right.
That's her.
Follow me.
- Attention.
We have work to do.
- What company is this about now? This time it's not about a company.
So, what's this about? We're going to save a girl.
I love the idea! I'm all ears.
Please, have a seat.
Chisca, darling! Someone in the living room is looking for you.
What are you doing here? I want to talk to you.
I can't talk right now.
There's someone waiting for me.
- What do you want? - I want to know what's happening between us right now.
I can't see, hear or say anything.
Actually, I'm not even here.
I'm tired of being your toy, Chisca.
- I don't know what you mean.
- You know perfectly well.
- Don't be so hypocritical.
- I don't know what you mean.
You call me when you're dying.
Now you're fine, I'm nobody.
- Can you get away from me? - No, I can't.
You're not decent enough to thank me.
You know what? You're absolutely right.
Thank you for being there when I needed you.
- I'm leaving now.
- Come here, Chisca.
What's wrong with you? Let go! You think I can't see you're with that Spaniard? - Let me go! - Are you with me or him? What are you doing? If you ever touch Chisca again, I'll beat you to a pulp.
I won't fight over this freak.
She's all yours, pal.
Get out of here, go.
Are you all right? Who's that guy? Okay, Héctor.
See you there.
Miguel, I honestly don't know why we have to make this new plan.
I told you.
We're going to rescue a woman.
Yes, but supposedly we're here to earn money, not to put our lives in danger over nonsense.
- Look, I have appointments with invest - I know, Jimena.
So? I've made up my mind.
Miguel, there are thousands of brothels in this city, there are I have to do something.
- Did you at least hear what I said? - Yes, I have.
Thank you.
But we do as I say around here.
If you like it, good.
If you don't, you're free to go.
Excuse me.
Adela! Miguel, I have an idea.
I want to be part of the rescue.
No, I don't think so.
- Why not? - For your own good.
I can handle your missions.
I've shown you that.
This one is different.
These guys don't respect women at all.
Those are exactly the kind of asses I'd like kicking the most.
For your own safety, don't be involved this time.
You're making a mistake.
You and Peligros shouldn't get involved.
They already know you! You're going to need help escaping.
Who's going to drive? I don't know, someone will.
As well as I do? No, I doubt it.
I'll think about it.
Where should I be and at what time? Hey, I'm not invisible.
Watch where you're going! Watch carefully next time.
And to finish this class, I'm going to challenge you with a little project.
I'm going to test your ability and creativity while time is against you.
You'll make a prototype for a dual-core microprocessor, like the one I showed you in class.
And it's due tomorrow.
Sir, that's impossible! It may be impossible for you, Mr.
But, for the rest of you, I want the prototypes by tomorrow.
Those who complete it will qualify for an even better project.
See you tomorrow, everyone, and work hard.
For you, connecting a Nintendo to a TV is hard enough.
This project is not for you.
- And this lecture is not for you, is it? - You better shut up.
Oh, really? Do you think you're on my level? - You, on my level? - Yeah, right.
Fight! - Let them fight! - No, let go of me.
Hey, hold on.
What's up with that idiot? And, well, my guess is it's Ciudad Jiménez.
It makes sense.
I mean, all these are initials for city names, so CJ should logically be Ciudad Jiménez, right? Hey, Miguel.
I need to talk to Dora.
I want to ask her some questions.
What? - You don't trust me.
- Be careful with what you say.
You have more trust in Duarte than in me, your friend since childhood.
- How could you say that? - It makes sense.
Carlos Duarte protects you and you protect him.
I use him and he uses me.
It's exactly what I just said, but in other words.
It's not the same.
It's business.
Look, people like Carlos Duarte are as repulsive to me as they are to you.
If you can prove that he's corrupt, which he is, I'll be very glad.
- But - But I can't get involved nor can I help you directly.
What does that mean? That you won't allow me to talk with Dora anyway? You want information on my family? Promise me you won't get us involved in anything.
Miguel, you have my word.
Now I need a favor in return.
Of course.
That's how things work in your line of business.
Isn't it the same when you do yours? What do you want? Don't worry, it has nothing to do with my business.
All right.
I'm listening.
Go ahead.
No! I have to fly back to Madrid.
Oh, how cool.
Get off me.
What about me? I can't stay here forever.
- What's wrong? - Nothing.
I'm going to miss you more than I thought.
Well, we can meet over there anyway, right? In Madrid? Of course.
That necklace has to return to the place it came from.
- I could - I'm going to be waiting for it.
And I forbid you from wearing it again until you're my wife.
Did Are you serious? I'll keep you informed about the divorce status, okay? Chisca, I want you to be the person No, Claudia.
I'm not going to the office today.
In fact, I'm going to send you an article that needs to be in tomorrow's edition.
It's just a favor.
Can you do it or not? Do it.
Where are you going? I'll call you later, okay? Was it her? Please, don't start now, Ana.
You had promised me you'd stay here at home with your girl, with me.
- Where are you going? - Hey, relax.
Don't start making things up.
I'm traveling alone.
I'm following a lead I can't lose! Oh, a lead.
And who's given it to you now? Your friend, Miguel Garza? Really? - I needed it.
- Have you just made a deal with Miguel? - Do you remember where he comes from? - Stop.
No, stop? No.
Why do you always listen to anyone but your family? - Why? - Calm down.
It will lead to a dead end! Don't be so stupid! Hey, calm down.
I'm leaving.
No, you're not leaving! - I'm leaving.
- You're not leaving! I said, no! Goodbye, my sweetheart.
Stop yelling.
"Novotech has announced that its engine has obtained the aircraft certification.
" - Good! - I don't know how you did it.
- But you did it.
- Let me see.
"It guarantees the quality and effectiveness of the product.
It will soon be used for cargo planes and they will begin mass-producing it.
" Very good, right? Congratulations once again.
- They published it fast.
- You should trust me more.
We have to sell our Novotech shares as soon as possible.
Yes, you're right.
Take care of that while we continue with the rescue operation.
We have to keep our eyes peeled.
It's good to see you here.
Miguel told me you were coming.
Thanks for having me, Dora.
How have things been around here? Well, you know.
There are bad days and there are good days.
Yes, sure.
I can imagine.
I know, son.
I know.
Dora, I've come because I need your help.
Have you seen this woman around the ranch? Please, I won't make this public.
I just need to know.
Well, not on the ranch but in the business.
She used to come every now and then, about two years ago.
And what was she here for? Oh, son.
I need to know.
It's important.
Otherwise, I wouldn't have come.
To collect bribe money.
- For whom? - I don't know.
Lamberto used to manage those deals.
But I know of someone who might know.
Who? And now we're superheroes saving girls.
- God! - Can you stop complaining? We're experts in financial matters.
That's what we were hired for.
I really have no problem with that.
You should be on my side and stop wagging your tail like a dog every time your owner comes up with a new trick.
Take it down a notch or two.
I'm fed up with you, sweetie.
- Excuse me? - It's not my fault Adela and Miguel were on a yacht, nor that he applied suntan lotion where the sun doesn't tan her.
Shut up already! I'm not mad about that.
Come on.
You want a piece of the boss, stop pretending.
Stop talking nonsense.
I'm worried about our job.
If you're worried about it, quit.
What's the deal? No way.
It's just that I'm terribly nervous about all this, that's all.
Let's go.
Tacho, I think I have something you may be interested in.
Do you know her? Yes.
She used to come to the company.
Representing who? Don't worry.
Miguel told us that we could trust Héctor.
She worked for Carlos Duarte.
MEXICO CITY, MEXICO What's up? Is this your first time? Why so nervous, Flaco? First time? Watch and learn.
Jimena, a beer? Who are you? Hey, how may I help you, handsome? I was looking for Are you new here? Why are you so nervous? I want her.
Celia! A new customer.
Remember what the boss said.
You treat your customers very well, okay? She's new.
- Enjoy her.
- Thank you.
Make yourself comfortable.
What are you doing? No! - I'm here to get you out of here.
- What? Take your shoes off.
- But - Hush! Take your shoes off! - Hurry up! - Okay! - Let's go.
- No.
Come here.
Down with the revolution! - What's wrong with you? - Nothing, sorry.
- Are you drunk or something? - No.
- Just sorry? - Sorry! Come here, come.
That's right.
Hurry up, Flaco! - And Trejo? - He couldn't get out.
- Let's go get him.
- No! Find Adela.
- She's in the alley as we had planned.
- No.
Go! I'll go get him.
Who are you? Get in! Let's go! Get her! The girl's getting away! Let's go! Step on it! All right! Disperse! Get out of the way! That's all, man! - Peligros! We're done here, right, pal? - Okay, let's go! - Flaco's missing! - He's with Adela! Move! Follow me! Shut up! Hurry up! Everyone quiet down! Get down! Keep moving! Shut up or everybody dies, okay? Is it here? Yes.
But stay calm, okay? I'll be watching over you.
Please, follow me, miss.
They're waiting for you.
Would you like something to drink? Yes, get me a cold tequila and leave the bottle.
Of course.
Who are you? The man who will change your life, you see? - And what do you want? - To offer you a job.
I already have a job.
Thank you.
I know.
And I don't want you to quit.
I just want to juice every last drop out of your position, so that we both can benefit.
You're quite distrustful, right? When some guy breaks into my apartment and brings me to a place I don't know, at gunpoint, I'm usually distrustful.
You're clever.
I like that.
I need a clever person to do the job I'm offering you.
Sorry, but why do you even think I'll accept any job you could offer? Hey, you should at least hear my offer.
I'm not interested, thank you.
- Excuse me.
- Hey! Get yourself back in that seat.
Talking is such a nice thing.
Look, this is very easy.
What I do is not very different from what you do.
And from what your boss does, Miguel Garza.
He may be fancier than I am, and prettier.
But in the end, we do the same thing.
We earn money and power through illegal means.
The only difference between you and me is that you work for a person who has harmed me in the past.
But that can be solved, right? Miguel's paying me very well.
Why would I work for you? We're starting to understand each other.
I want you to continue working there like nothing's changed.
My only condition is that you report to me from time to time on what he's doing.
You want me to spy on Miguel? I would reward you handsomely.
More money than you've ever seen.
- That's impossible.
- No, it's not impossible, babe.
If you work for me you and your family wouldn't run into issues.
But if you work for Miguel I would have to consider you my enemy and you and your family would have to protect yourselves.
But there's no reason to do that.
Can I think about it? Look, if you drink your tequila with me I may consider it.
But you won't have much time, though.
I'm just giving you a few days.
And be careful about running your mouth, because my friend over there will be watching you.
Fernando knows a lot, right? Yes, he's the best IT professor in the country.
Well, thank you very much for having helped me get into his class.
Jorge, you don't have to thank me every time we see each other.
I already told you that I did it because I think you're pretty good.
In fact, he's given us many projects already.
I have one in mind, which is really cool.
I bet you'll impress him.
I hope so.
Oh, I hope so.
It must be Flaco.
Is everything set up? - We're on it.
- Yes, we're on it.
It's okay, they're friends.
Let me introduce you to Celia.
This is Jorge and Kenia.
Hello, Celia.
Nice to meet you.
Thank you.
Come here.
I'm going to change your look.
- You what? - Just come, man! How are you doing with this? Ta-da! Wow, you look way different.
Wow, Celia, you look Hey, calm down, cowboy.
We're working.
- Could you give me the camera, Jorge? - Sure.
Hold on, let me just There it is.
Come here.
Sit down over here.
There you go.
Smile when I say cheese.
Cheese! Who are you? Why are you helping me? We're friends, Celia.
That's the only thing you have to know.
What's up, boys? How are you? - Hello, Peligros.
- What's up, Kenia? Jorge! What's up, Flaco? How's everything going? It's a license, fresh out of the oven.
Let's see.
Oh, God! You're good at this, Flaco, huh? - Who said I wasn't? - Okay, child.
Here you have your driver's license, your citizen card and your Colombian passport.
From now on, you're Marina Gamán.
And here's some money with which you'll start a new life.
Your flight to Medellin is in four hours.
So, I'll come with you to the airport, so that you feel safe until you're on the plane.
I don't know how I'll repay you for this.
- It's too much, I can't.
- No, relax.
The boss just asked me to tell you to spend it wisely.
- That's what he said.
- Who's your boss? It doesn't matter.
I promise that if I ever see you again, I'm going to give you back every last penny.
We're sure you will.
Thank you.
I owe you my life.
Just one more thing.
- Why that name specifically? - That was a special request.
Gamán is a Japanese concept which refers to the ability to keep on fighting in hard times.
And Marina? The boss just liked that one.
I'll remember that.
Okay, girl, let's go! It's getting late.
- See you later, boys.
- Bye, Peligros.
- Keep working.
- Could you carry this? We have to get you a bag.
There's no way to carry it otherwise.
2% Smell this.
It looks good.
Enchiladas Adela-style.
There you go.
- Amazing.
- Go ahead, please.
- Did you like it? - Very good! That's good.
Hey, may I ask you a question? Could I do something to keep you from asking? No.
Why did you help just the one girl in the brothel and not everyone else? Well, because she asked for help.
Just like that? Yes, just like that.
And don't you think your answer is a little bit arrogant? Arrogant? I mean, what you did is not arrogant.
On the contrary.
It was very honorable, but I don't know.
You decided the fate of somebody else's life, without asking.
No, I did not decide anything.
She decided when she took a risk and asked me for help without knowing anything about me.
Think about it.
How was his face covered? Was he wearing a balaclava hood, a wrestling mask or what? I don't know.
He was wearing some kind of balaclava hood or black stockings or something like that.
And how about the other one? I don't know, I didn't see him.
Come on, princess.
You're good for one thing: nothing.
You know what? Get lost.
They made such a mess.
And all for one girl and she's not even hot.
This wasn't done by some lover looking to save a girl.
- No? Then what? - This was a rescue mission.
- A rescue mission? - Yes.
This has "Miguel Garza" written all over it.
That Jap thinks he's from Dragon Ball.
He believes he can do anything he wants and decided to rescue some girl.
And he even decided to turn us down when we were looking to partner with him.
Yes, but don't worry.
Everything has a solution in this life.
I'll give you the information you need to hit him where it'll hurt him the most.
- Will you? - Yes.
In the end, you'll see that they come begging us to do business with them.
Let's go, gentlemen! Get in the trucks! Get all the heavy stuff.
- Hurry up! - Let's go! - Let's go.
- Come on, ladies! Move! Let's go.
Let me know if you have any setbacks.
I'll get you some help.
I still have some good contacts there.
- As you wish, pal! - Let's go.
Move, ladies! This is no joyride! Move! - Georgie! - Hey, George! How are you? - Good.
- Is that your project? - Yes.
- Show me, what is it? It's a processor.
What does it do? Yes, right.
Hey, why don't I join your team? But I did it alone.
- Hey, what would happen if I touched this? - No, don't touch it! Please! - "Don't touch it!" - Don't touch me! - Hey! - No! - Grab it, George.
- Oops, I dropped it! Hey, George, grab it.
But fix it, so that we can join your team, all right? Help him.
- He can do it alone.
- Hey, George.
- What's up, buddy? - George! Did you record that? - Sorry.
- What's wrong with you? Excuse me, sorry.
Here you go.
So? Did they confirm our suspicions? - All of it.
- All of it? The bribes, Naty's role and, above all, the most important thing.
Carlos Duarte has always been behind all this.
Natalia was instructed to do his work.
If we already have that information, why can't we publish it already? Because it's not so easy.
Look, the Garzas won't let me mention their names at all.
Everything they told me was off-the-record.
- Héctor.
- Don't be like that! Let's look on the bright side of things.
It's the first time we've not hit a dead end.
Well, you're right.
- But I thought all this was - Claudia! Accept it.
We're in a better position now than before.
It's the first time we have first-hand information about Carlos Duarte's involvement in illicit business affairs.
Does that mean that Naty's death wasn't an accident? Exactly.
And with all the information Juana gave me, I can assume they did not just work together, but also that they had a relationship.
But the question now is whether what happened to Natalia was due to something she did or whether they were settling scores to mess with Carlos.
That's something only her supposed murderer would know.
We have to visit him in prison.
I'll get us that visit.
Gentlemen, the game has just begun.
Stock prices are rising.
Excuse me, Mr.
What can you tell us about the Grace prototype blueprints being sold to Novotech? I'd dare to say it was a great decision.
Novotech is a great company.
A great company which lately has experienced a big drop in value due to the numerous rumors circulating about the Grace engine being severely flawed.
With the laundered money flowing into Ecogreen, our stock prices have not dropped and Novotech has gone up by itself.
It was a brilliant move.
Congratulations! No, congratulations to you.
This wouldn't be possible without your work.
Applause, right? NOVOTECH AND GRACE HAVE PASSED THE TESTS Come and get a tasty and delicious Popsicle.
Come and get it! - How many do you want, sir? - Hey! What's that? Hurry up! Move! Get out of there, you're not on vacation! Hurry up, dude! Move, go inside! Go inside, ladies!