El Dragon: Return of a Warrior s01e31 Episode Script

Episode 31

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Why do you sleep with every woman but me? Because you're not like all the others, Adela.
You're unique.
- I'm sorry.
That was out of line.
- No, wait! I haven't called you out on it.
- I don't know what came over me.
- You like me, that's what came over you.
Listen, Adela.
I don't want to become a problem for you and Víctor.
Miguel, let me be the one to decide that, for God's sake.
- I am not an available option.
- Why not? - Because I can't make you happy.
- I'm happy right now.
You deserve everything and I have nothing to give you.
Miguel, I like you.
That's no secret.
Why are you constantly turning me down? - I don't want to disappoint you.
- Well, I want to take my chances with you.
I'm sorry.
MEXICO CITY, MEXICO No! Ana! This is nothing, Ana! This doesn't matter! Ana, wait! Ana! - Ana! - Don't touch me! - Please! Let me explain myself.
Ana! - Leave me alone! I don't want to hear excuses.
Leave me alone! Let me explain it to you, honey! What are you doing? No, Ana.
What are you doing? - Hey, no! - Don't touch me! All right, I won't touch you.
Are you OK? Did I hurt you? My love, please, OK? Look, honey, please understand.
I was feeling weird, OK? Hey, I was drunk, OK? I was feeling very bad, honey.
- You were feeling bad? - Yes.
I thought something had happened to you.
But no.
Of course not.
- My God.
- No, nothing happened to me.
I'm so stupid.
Get off me! This is what you wanted, isn't it? To get me and my daughter out of the house, so you could sleep with her.
- No! That's not true.
- In my own house! In my bed and my house! All right, Ana! Honey, I love you, OK? She means nothing to me.
It was just sex, honey.
It was Go with her.
No, Ana! I won't go with her because I don't care about her.
I care about you.
I care about our daughter! I care about us.
Don't ever show your face in front of me or my daughter ever again.
- Don't do this to me, please, Ana.
- So, it's my fault? No! It's not your fault! I have a right to explain myself.
- Yeah? Shut up.
- Yeah! Ever the advocate for just causes, aren't you? You're the worst kind of scum! Ana! I'm an idiot.
I'm an idiot! CIUDAD JIMÉNEZ, MEXICO - Jimena! What are you doing here? - Hi.
I wanted to surprise you.
- Well, you certainly have.
- I'm sorry for coming without notice.
I was working on a project, I'm sure you'll be very interested and I didn't want to wait any longer.
Miguel, would you like to hear about it? Yes, of course.
Now that Montero has won the election, you need an action plan.
And I think I know what it'll be.
- A plan? - Mr.
Miguel Garza, good morning.
Can you please share a few words with our viewers about candidate Montero's victory? MEXICO CITY Today is your lucky day.
Me, lucky? But you'll be so busy, your handicap will suffer.
Not even with twice the handicap.
You don't stand a chance against me, Mauricio.
All right.
Montero's victory is getting to you.
Just you wait until victory is mine.
- Boys! - How are you? - Hi! - Hi! Congratulations on the win! Montero at the head! Was there any other option? Well, let me tell you, we were sweating buckets! Too close for those of us with heart conditions! That's all part of the fun, man! - Yeah, that's true.
- Nobody likes a boring game.
- Take care of your heart.
- I know, right? The usual, please! - Thank you.
- Very well.
Oh, look.
GARZA TALKS ABOUT MONTERO So, this is the famous Miguel Garza.
Yes, that's right.
But I'm surprised to see him on the news.
Why? - Doesn't he like the attention? - Not at all.
Can you turn it up, please? Sure.
- Is that OK? - Yes, perfect.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
How do you feel about Carlos Duarte being part of Montero's campaign? I think that it's logical.
Do you think Montero's victory will place Carlos as the party's next candidate in the upcoming presidential race? I don't know.
I'd rather abstain from partisan politics.
But you support him, don't you? My family and I support Jesús Montero.
He's an honest man from Ciudad Jiménez.
Well, once we're in the middle of the presidential elections, who will you support? We'll see.
Well, is he your friend or your enemy? He doesn't know what he's talking about.
Well, I hope that doesn't backfire on you.
Let's switch to the soccer game, OK? - That's valid.
- Look.
Miguel is still wet behind the ears.
He may know a lot about financing, but politics? Very little! Hey, Tacho! - It's me! - I know who you are.
What do you want? I have an idea, Tacho.
Look, Gato.
Stop messing with me.
You're drunk.
Oh, no! I'm just here, at the park, having fun.
Guess who's right in front of me.
I don't care who's in front of you.
The one and only Miguel Garza! What do you say? You don't say.
Can I tell you something? I couldn't care less.
And what about him? What if he needs some information about what happened to his parents during the attack? Look, pussycat.
Let me tell you one thing.
You can't threaten me, all right? No, it's not a threat! It's just a donation.
See it like that.
You have the money, and I'm broke.
Fucking Gato.
You're playing a losing game with me, pal.
Look, just a little money.
Watch out! - I'm sorry! Are you OK? - No, it's all right! Then tell that to your face! Yeah.
I'm on my way.
That's how I like it.
Ana, honey, please.
Answer me, will you? Honey, I need you so bad! Please, forgive me! Really? What are you saying? Hot chocolate, coming up! Who wants some? Here, Miguel.
Careful now, it's very hot.
I haven't been able to find hot chocolate like this in all of Japan.
And you won't! Dora's hot chocolate is one of a kind! - Thank you.
- Let's open the presents! Yeah! I want to open Miguel's.
It's the biggest one.
Of course, he wants to buy our affection with presents.
Don't get started, Chisca.
Why don't you open yours, Dora? What do you mean, mine? We old folk don't have any presents under the tree.
Darling! - What is this? - Open your present! - All right, hold on.
- OK.
- Should I help you? - No, let me enjoy it! Open it! Darling, it's beautiful! Does it have any pictures inside? - Open it! - Look at that! - I love you so much! - It's what you deserve.
I miss you.
- Come here, you ungrateful bastard.
- Calm down! Give me a good reason not to blow your brains out.
- Put that down! - I just don't like being threatened! Tacho! Look at me! I can't even afford food! That's your problem.
All right.
We're going to make this easy.
This will be the last bit of cash I'll give you, pussycat.
I don't want to see you again.
Are we clear? Yes.
Jeez, would you look at that! What do we have here? What the hell are you doing here? Hey, since when do I owe you any explanations? Since you're on my turf, you know? I'm here to vote.
Just like everyone else.
To vote? I don't believe you.
You know what? I don't give a fuck if you believe me or not.
That's OK.
Just watch out, we'll be keeping a close eye on you.
Very well.
You've got dirt on your shoulder.
Soria is away on a trip.
On a trip? Where to? - I do not know, miss.
- You don't know.
Well maybe you could tell me because this is an emergency.
I need to know exactly where he is.
- Keep your money.
- No, you keep it.
I'm sorry.
I have no further information.
I must now ask you to leave.
Look, when Mr.
Soria finds out I'm looking for him, he'll be very grateful to you.
Do not insist.
But wait, sir! CIUDAD JIMÉNEZ, MEXICO - Here are the bastards you requested.
- Would you look at that.
So, these are the little buddies who were buying votes for Volta.
- It wasn't us.
- Shut up.
- We caught you red-handed.
Shut your hole! - Well, it can't be helped, can it? There are some lucky people in this world.
- Us? - No.
Not you.
Your partners.
The others.
Do you know why? Because the cops got them.
Meanwhile, your luck brought you here, with us.
Come on.
Start singing.
We don't have all day.
- Come on! - Where did you get the dough? What dough? Don't try to play dumb with me! The bills you used to buy those votes! Who are you working for? So, cat got your tongue or what? - Maybe they need a good reminder.
- I think they do.
Speak! It wasn't us.
Please, don't kill us! I'm telling the truth! Damned sellout.
Look, Peligros.
Forget about it.
- These dogs won't spit it out.
- I'm realizing that.
- If they say anything, they're dead.
- Yeah.
Can you imagine? Our industrial town will be like a house of cards.
Beautiful, huge and empty inside.
What do you say? Excellent idea, Jimena.
Do you think Montero has any objections? - None.
- Then? You don't seem convinced.
No, it's not that.
The idea makes sense.
- I just have one question.
- What? You came here just to tell me that? Yes.
I also was dying to see you, but I guess that was a bad idea.
I never said it was a bad idea.
I'm so stupid.
I don't know what I am doing here.
Come with me.
- What? Aren't you mad? - No.
On the contrary.
Let's go.
MEXICO CITY I have nothing left, Norberto.
I'm alone because of my stupidity.
Look, your wife will end up forgiving you.
You don't know her.
She's mad right now.
Let her blow off some steam.
To be honest, she has good reasons.
Of course she has good reasons, Norberto.
Are you going to sit there, arms crossed? You should go after Carlos' case.
Look, I couldn't care less about what happens to that guy anymore.
- I have nothing more to lose.
- Well, then go and face him.
- Do it.
- How? - What do I do? - If you have nothing to lose There you go.
Finish him once and for all.
So, Tacho Guadaña is in Ciudad Jiménez.
Yeah, I ran into him in the town square.
He said he came to vote, that bastard.
It's a bunch of lies.
Of course.
Could you find out anything? I'm on it, Boss.
But so far I haven't been able to find anybody who can confirm it.
But look.
If Tacho is here, that means Epigmenio had something to do with the bought votes.
Did he act against Carlos? What if you tell Carlos about all that's happening? No, I can't take anything for granted.
Yeah, I know so far it's nothing but conjectures.
But look, Boss.
I'd bet my hand that it's all true.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know what to say.
Miguel, they say we women are complicated, but you? Goodness, you're something else.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Can you spell out for me why can't we be together? Because I can't.
The old trick.
"It's not you, it's me.
" Adela, I want you more than you could imagine.
I admire you like no other woman.
I need you more and more.
But? But I can't fall in love again.
Miguel, let her go! She wants you to be happy! I couldn't save her.
And I can't let that happen again.
I don't want you to save me.
I just want you to love me.
I'm sorry, Adela.
I can't.
I can't.
No, this needs more garlic in it.
- And salt, it's there on the - Excuse me, ma'am.
- Come in.
- Here he is.
- This is Mario.
- At your service, ma'am.
I just wanted to thank you.
Everything was well taken care of.
Thank you so much.
And thanks to my partner, Guajolote.
May God rest his soul.
- He taught me so many things.
- He did well.
We've already talked about security.
All in order, ma'am.
From now on, you'll be managing the ranch, Mario.
- You're responsible if anything happens.
- Thank you.
Keep me updated.
- Of course you will, Boss.
- OK.
- Anything else? - No.
- Let them know we'll have dinner soon.
- Very well.
Thank you.
Here, girls.
This is not getting cooked on the other side.
I just told you.
We need to find a way to talk to that man, Carlos.
Why do we need to talk to him? What's in it for us? Well, justice.
Justice for the victims.
Look, if we manage to get that interview, like this, directly, face to face, me and him, I'm sure we could get to move forward, you and me.
Are you OK, Héctor? - Am I OK? - Yeah.
I'm better than ever.
I want to do this for my sister, Helena.
And you should do it for Natalia.
I don't know, my wife and I are very fond of Mr.
He helped us immensely after Natalia passed away.
So, you should consider doing it because of that, shouldn't you? Get that interview! Look, I think that if Carlos Duarte has been so considerate to you, I mean, to you and your wife, then he won't deny you his help.
Let me see what I can do.
But I can't promise you anything, all right? Arturo.
Do it for Natalia.
It will be hard for me to go back to Mexico City.
I only feel at home at this ranch.
I know exactly what you mean, Dora.
Believe me, coming home was very strange for me, too.
I mean, just remembering the sweltering heat we have here at night, I can't forget that.
Come in.
Cheer up, Dora.
- Thanks.
- I understand how you feel.
Dora? Do you remember when I was a little boy and I hated having eggs for breakfast? I remember Grandpa always took my side because you were set on making me eat eggs.
- That's egg-celent! - Yeah, egg-celent.
Yeah, but do you remember those banana milkshakes your grandpa made for you? - They were delicious! They were! - He put two eggs in those.
For real? Grandpa! Who could have known! How's that? Miguel? What's wrong? Why are you so quiet? Today was a day of very strong emotions.
That's all.
I'll go rest.
Excuse me.
Rest well.
- Can you pass the bread? - Yeah.
Are you thirsty? Adela! You startled me.
I saw you.
I mean, I saw you both.
You saw us? You and Miguel.
Kissing in the town square.
And what else? Why are you telling me this? Are you a couple or what? Well, not officially, but yes.
We will be.
You're so sure of that! You must know him very well, then! More than you do.
No, Jimena.
If that were true, by now you'd be sleeping like a baby.
But not exactly in the guest room, which is where you're staying.
Adela, if you're trying to get in the way between Miguel and me, you're making a huge mistake.
It's neither you nor me, Jimena.
Miguel's destined to be alone.
If you really knew him as well as you say, you'd know that by now.
Good night.
MEXICO CITY Good evening, Boss.
What's good about it, Tacho? - No, nothing.
- One thing.
I only asked one thing of you.
One! And you failed.
I don't even know why I am talking to you.
You're worthless.
Listen, Boss.
This horse lost its rider.
It was obviously going to lose, wasn't it? "It was obviously going to lose, wasn't it?" Your great nuggets of wisdom were useful the first time I spoke with Volta.
- Well, Boss, back then I - All right, that's enough, Tacho! I don't want to hear your answers! This is just so you know you can't fail me again.
Martín! Take this piece of shit out of here.
I want to drink in peace.
Get your hands off me.
She looks just like her! - That's her, isn't it? - Yes, that's her! - I can't believe it.
- Gosh! Nina! - Nina? Come here.
- What? What's this? MEXICAN GIRL CHISCA IN THREESOME If I knew he was going to record this, I would have told him we could split the video's profits.
Girl, when Chisca finds out, all hell will break loose.
Relax, girl! - Adri.
- What's up? Hold on a second, girl! You have to see this.
It can't be.
- Send me the video, OK? - OK.
- Here you go.
- My God.
MADRID, SPAIN You must have gotten into quite the mess if your brother wanted to have you admitted! All right, real talk, you two are way crazier than me, OK? Thing is, you don't live in Mexico City! If you did, you'd be institutionalized after just one of your parties.
I swear! They're such squares over there, for real.
Squares? Yeah, squares are like goody two-shoes? - For realsies? - Realsies? Come on! Chisca, we missed your Mexican slang so much! By the way, are you going out with us tonight or what? Well, my boyfriend isn't here, so I have no plans! Don't mind that! We'll wait for him with a gin and tonic.
Oh, yeah! I'll drink to that.
Besides, we're taking you to this exclusive party on a terrace that's to die for.
Help me with this.
If you're not careful, you'll forget about your boyfriend! Yeah, I doubt that.
CHISCA, NO WAY, YOU NEED TO SEE THIS MEXICAN GIRL CHISCA IN THREESOME - Can you do me a favor? - What? Go to my room.
I'll see you upstairs.
Room 403.
- What happened? - No, nothing.
- I just have to make a call.
- Is everything all right? Hold this.
- Hello? - Did you hit your head or something? - Who's this, sorry? - Chisca! Don't play dumb with me right now, please! Chisca! - How is everything in Europe? - Bad! It's really bad! I just got to Madrid and the first thing I see on my phone is a porn video? Of us, on the internet? You're messed up.
For real! Calm down, gal! It's no big deal.
If you don't take that video down right away, I swear you'll regret it for the rest of your miserable life! It's not as cool when you're the butt of the joke, is it? - What are you talking about? - I asked you to stop making fun of me.
I asked you to stop using me like you did so many times.
And the first thing you do is go to Spain to see that dago? You know what, Chisca? I hope that dago watches the video, so he can realize what a piece of work his chick is.
Ángel! That jerk! The number you have dialed is not in service.
I'll kill him! I'm going to kill him.
Hurry up! Room 403, please.
CIUDAD JIMÉNEZ, MEXICO Miguel? I'm sorry, but Chisca just called.
There's a problem.
Can we talk? Right, I need you to make sure there is no trace left of that video online.
Understood? Thank you.
Flaco located the IP address from which Chisca's video was uploaded.
He'll take it down.
What's an IP address? It's a unique key that will lead us directly to the person who uploaded that video.
You already know who did it.
It was that brat from the video, Ángel Jr.
I always told your sister that he was no good.
It was probably him.
But we need to be 100 percent sure.
You need to defend your sister's honor.
She's a Garza.
Your grandpa would never allow anyone to disrespect her.
How are you? How do I look? Have a seat.
- Héctor - Claudia.
Have a seat, please.
You're wasted, aren't you? Claudia, Claudia, Claudia.
I want to apologize to you.
You don't need to do anything.
I understand that there's nothing between you and me.
My only problem was falling in love, but you already know that.
Claudia, I didn't mean to hurt you or Ana! Héctor, let me speak.
I just want you to know my intentions weren't bad or meant to cause you any trouble with your marriage.
I always wanted something steady with you, what happened yesterday, what Ana saw that was wrong.
It was a mistake for it to happen the way it did.
So, here is my resignation letter, OK? No, come on, hey! Why? Why? Are we going to play dumb, really? If I stay, you'll only have more trouble at home and trouble here.
Farewell, Héctor.
Wait, Claudia! Claudia! Hey! - Someone's waiting for me.
Thank you.
- Come in.
- How are you? - Fine! Well, at risk of earning that label you've stuck on me, I have to officially accept that yes, I did miss you.
A lot.
Officially, I missed you too.
A lot.
I also realized that time is relative.
I swear these last two days became an eternity.
Come on, no.
You really are something.
It's amazing how you always manage to find a way to make everything more sickeningly sweet.
- More romantic.
- I know! That's a part of me, my essence.
I'm a natural, am I not? But if we're talking business, I'm something else.
That's when I become the Wolf of Wall Street.
And that's still not enough.
Wowza! Hey, and that wolf, what's up with that? I think I'd like to meet him.
Do you think he'll be available tonight? You ask with those pretty lips of yours and I'll deliver.
If you missed me so much, how come you didn't call me? Because last time I saw you, I felt like you were reluctant, distant, aloof.
I needed to give you some space.
Besides I wouldn't get to savor the moment of you nagging me for not calling.
Hey, turn it down a notch! Don't be so full of yourself.
- I'm not nagging you at all! - Of course you are! Admit it, you're nagging me a bit.
Admit it, please.
A tiny bit, that's it.
Yes? How awful! The romance is about to come pouring out of me! - I caught your bad ways! - Very good! Let it flow.
It's a part of you.
Let it all out.
Come on.
You can do it.
I've been thinking things through and I think It's time for us to start a relationship.
A serious, formal one.
I mean, if you want to.
Wow, I just Of course I do! Come in, he's waiting for you.
- Thank you.
- Come in.
- Come in, welcome.
- Thank you.
Have a seat, please.
Thank you.
What are you doing here? Is there anybody else? Welcome, come in.
Juana, for the moment, hold my calls, please.
Yes, Mr.
Well, first I offer you my apologies, I don't have enough chairs for everyone, but I didn't know how many of us there would be today.
On the contrary, Mr.
You don't need to apologize.
You're doing enough already by seeing us personally.
Thank you.
Well, tell me.
How can I help you? - Hello, Ángel.
- Miguel, I Miguel! I've been wondering, what should I do to a rat like you? Abusing a woman's trust and then exposing her for all to see.
I can explain! You broke my arm! I don't want you showing up in Chisca's life ever again.
- Do you hear me? - You broke my arm! I need to make sure you understood what I said.
Yes! If you ever contact her again, in any way, I'll simply kill you.
What about the dago, Miguel? What did you say? If you're going around breaking the arms of everybody who's ever hurt your sister, you're missing the worst one, Miguel! Your friend! Your dago friend! Valentín! Miguel, Valentín! He's the worst! MADRID, SPAIN Thank you.
Let's raise our glasses and forget everything that happened in Mexico.
- All right? - OK.
Today's the day to forget all the bad stuff.
- You're right.
- Cheers! You're absolutely right.
We're going to have so much fun.
MEXICO CITY Well, as you can see, we're still struggling.
We're trying to raise awareness among the citizens about the identity of the victims.
I understand you perfectly.
And believe me when I say that what you're doing is invaluable for society.
I agree with you.
I will support Excuse me, did I say something funny? I'm sorry, Mr.
But I must admit that you deserve the award for Best Actor! What's wrong with you? Why don't you tell the truth to these poor parents, Mr.
Secretary? Why don't you tell them that you were directly responsible for the deaths of the people they lost? - That we lost! - Héctor, what's wrong with you? - What are you saying? - Because you can't.
Because you, Mr.
Secretary, are paid by corruption, by crime! Because you're corrupt, Mr.
Secretary! Your hands are bloody from all these deaths.
All right, enough! We don't need to come here and listen to all your nonsense! - Besides, you're drunk! - What? I just came here to tell Mr.
Secretary the truth right to his face! You don't know what you're talking about! I know perfectly well what I'm talking about! You're the one who doesn't know a thing! Nobody here knows a thing! - What are you talking about? - Why don't you tell them? That Natalia was your lover.
You're insane, Héctor! - That is not true! - No, I'm not insane.
This man used her.
This gentleman sent her to collect the bribes that all the different cartels were sending him! - What you're saying is - It's the truth.
I'm only telling the truth.
Why don't you realize that this gentleman, Mr.
Secretary, Mr.
Carlos Duarte, used her! Corrupted her! He sent her to do his dirty bidding! That's why she's dead! - That is not true! - Of course it is! You're drunk! Subtitle translation by Amanda Contreras