El Dragon: Return of a Warrior s01e35 Episode Script

Episode 35

Who is Rei? How serious is that for us? Miguel, prepare for war.
War between partners always brings loss: men, money, power.
Do you think it can be avoided somehow? I don't think so.
Does war have something to do with Efiline? I don't think so.
Jun and Goro's issue didn't just start now.
What do you want me to do, Tadamichi-San? Stay close to Goro and study his movements.
- I'll do it, sir.
- Go.
Do you think he'll go after Jun? Unfortunately.
- What do you want from me, Tadamichi-San? - We have to wait.
This can change everything.
And we do not want to make mistakes.
MEXICO CITY I saw that man again, the one who is showing up everywhere.
- Did you follow him? - Even better.
I talked to him.
What did he tell you? Dora, the truth is what he said is disturbing.
Tell me.
He told me he killed Miguel's parents, by Epigmenio's command.
- What did you just say? - What I just said.
Do you realize how important this is to Miguel? - I need to tell him.
- No, you won't tell him anything! You don't even know if it's true.
Well, you're right.
But why would that man lie to me? Just because.
You don't know how many stories my husband was told about the attack on his son.
People are just like that.
Sometimes they're just evil or they want money.
- Did he ask you for money? - Yes, he did.
There you have it.
What this family needs to do is forget about that.
It only brought us pain.
I really don't want to go against you, but I know how important this is to Miguel and I need to tell him.
Look, Lamberto spent years trying to figure out and he was just wasted away by that.
Do you want that for Miguel? - No! Of course not.
- He doesn't deserve it.
Miguel's always in pain, traumatized.
Do you realize that they killed their parents in front of his face? - What do you think you are? His savior? - Well, let him decide at least.
If you care about Miguel, you'll forget we had this talk.
You got it! I did it.
Wait a minute.
There it is.
Make the call.
Mom! How are you? Fine.
Yes, we're fine.
Be calm.
- The girl.
- What about the girl? Mom.
Thanks, I don't know what we would have done without you.
I speak for both of us.
Forgive us.
We never imagined this would go that far and I know.
I love you, too.
I'll call you later, OK? I love you.
I think you should go with them.
I should have done so many things, but I've decided to stay here with you.
Why? After what I did to you Honey, you have an entire life ahead of you with our girl.
What if I don't want it without you? I promised you something totally different from this and look where I took you.
Don't say that.
I'm here with you because I want to be.
You're not influencing me.
Why? Because I don't want to leave you alone.
Isn't this what marriage is? We're together through thick and thin.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
I love you.
Look, forgive me for everything, will you? It's OK.
We're acting weird, aren't we? Yeah, we are.
I mean, I know it's my fault because I asked you to step back, but I can't stop thinking about us.
I can't focus on anything but you.
So, will you forgive me? We can't be together.
Why? Pilar came to see me.
- Why did you go talk to him? - I did it to protect you.
Who asked you to? Accept it, Kenia.
You're not capable.
You're losing your way.
What if I want to lose it? Get it, you can't fall in love with anybody.
Too late.
I already fell in love with Jorge.
You don't understand you're putting us in danger, do you? What do you want me to do? I have done everything I can to help you.
I know, Pilar, and I'll always be grateful for that, but I can't help it.
Sorry, Kenia, but if your plan is to put yourself at risk, don't count on me.
Are you leaving? I have no choice.
I'm tired of hiding.
Are you sure of what you're doing? I'm sorry, Pilar.
You're making a mistake.
Thanks for everything.
I'll come for my belongings in a few days.
It cannot be true that journalist isn't anywhere.
Evidently, he had everything planned.
You should know how to find him, Carlos! I just want to shut his mouth once and for all! Don't say stupid things, don't you see? That's just what he wants, to provoke you.
Well, yes, but he's trying my patience! If Héctor Bernal is found dead after what he made public, you'd be the first suspect.
I know! He exposed me.
Well, you have to watch yourself, then.
We don't want the authorities to put a target on your back.
I need to do something.
Help me find him.
Only if you promise me you will just scare him.
But it will be the worst fright of his life.
Be careful with what you are going to do.
Your blood is boiling lately and that does not suit any of us.
Why are you worried? You always come out on top.
That's the way it should be, no? Wait.
Do you want me to stay? No, I need to ask you a favor.
Tell me.
Don't come back here for a while.
What are you saying? What you just heard.
- Are you hiding something, Carlos? - No, nothing.
It's just that we need to be careful.
Do you understand? Are you OK? Yes, I'm fine.
Thank you.
I was thinking about the foundation and stuff like that.
Did Miguel come back from Japan? I don't know.
Why are you asking me that? Just saying.
I mean, maybe he wanted to know how things are going with the foundation and stuff.
Well, I'll leave you so you can rest.
- I need to keep working.
- Thank you.
Are you OK? Yes.
Everything's OK.
What happened? Pilar left.
She left? But she can come back any time.
No, Jorge.
She's gone for good.
We're not together anymore.
It's just you and I now.
I'll help you.
- Jorge, my hair is stuck.
- I'm sorry.
Don't worry.
Now it's better.
We need a lot of practice.
We have our entire lives to do that.
I want you to be the first and the only woman in my life.
TOKYO, JAPAN It's a different kind of wake.
It's called tsuya, and only the people who matter where invited.
What are they giving to the woman? Money.
The kouden is a millenary tradition.
It's a way to show respect to the widow.
They won't get away with this, Tadamichi-San.
I suggest you think with a clear mind, Goro.
We're not sure about anything.
I have no doubt it was Jun who killed Rei.
What's happening? That's Jun.
He shouldn't be here.
What are you doing? You're being disrespectful by coming here.
What are you saying, Tadamichi? I've come to show respect to the family.
This is unacceptable, Jun.
Are you saying I'm guilty of something? Go now.
You shouldn't be here.
But I don't understand your discourtesy.
He shouldn't have come here.
Today, Jun has gone too far.
MEXICO CITY Miguel is still in Japan.
Jorge says he's trying to sell the new product there.
- And where's that product? - I don't know.
It'll be manufactured in Asia or something.
Chisca, you have to pay attention.
I can't stay calm if you don't give me all the information.
I'm telling you all I know.
What more do you want? Well, I'm sorry.
It's just that being away from you really affects me.
How's the divorce going? Really slow to be honest, honey.
But we won't despair, OK? We need to be patient.
Can we do something to speed up that process a little bit? It feels like years.
I'd love that.
But knowing you're doing something for both of us helps me to bear it.
I need you inside there, Chisca, where you can access everything.
Inside? Where? I have an idea.
No, Grandpa! Jorge.
Be calm, it was a nightmare.
The same as always, right? Do you want to tell me? I've never told anyone.
- Don't worry if you don't want to.
- I do.
I want to.
I always have the same nightmare.
I'm a child and I wake up alone in my bedroom.
I go out, keep walking, straight to my grandpa's office and I see him, but he's not alone, he's with another man.
He's giving him a package or something.
Who? I don't know.
Every time I'm about to see his face, I wake up and I can't OK.
Be calm.
Do you want some water? Thanks.
TOKYO, JAPAN I see you're a little worried, Tadamichi-San.
Not without reason, Miguel.
I can't make Jun come to his senses.
Maybe Jun will listen to me.
We're the same age.
Go ahead.
Akumu? What kind of name is that? Akumu.
It means nightmare.
What we were missing, Boss.
Miguel, I didn't expect you here.
I thought it was fine to visit you.
Everyone's welcome here.
- Thanks, Jun.
- Thanks for coming! Please, treat yourselves as our special guests.
So, you've come to insist on the Efiline issue? Not really.
I've come to talk about Rei's death.
Do you think I had something to do with that? I want to prevent a war.
Miguel, whose side are you on? On peace's side.
War doesn't suit you.
Yes, I admit it.
If Goro thinks about attacking me, I'll attack, too.
I understand.
That's why I came to offer you an alternative.
I want to protect you if you let me.
Protect me? At least until Tadamichi finds a way to agree on a fair truce.
We are not here for pleasure! Let's see.
Wait a moment.
Hold this.
What do you mean? What's the matter? Tell Tadamichi I'll give him one day.
Get down! - Are you OK? - Yes, thank you.
Thanks for saving my life.
The dogs are gone, Boss.
It wasn't possible.
- What are you saying? - We couldn't do it.
Jun is still alive.
MEXICO CITY You were right to kill him.
Coyote was our longtime partner.
That bastard, Epigmenio, is capable of poisoning even the water he drinks.
We know him very well.
He's different now.
He's has grown a lot.
I saw the plantation myself.
We need to keep an eye on him.
Maybe it's time to think of a different plan.
What? Do you want to betray me like you did with Coyote? Never, ma'am.
I'll always be loyal to Lamberto, but I'm not a fool.
Tell me, why wouldn't we transport his product like any other? Because I said so.
That's it.
Miguel is the one who can decide that, not us.
So, with all due respect, I'll ask him.
Well, ask him when he returns.
And may his will be done.
Look at me when I'm talking to you.
Are you sure you don't want my help? - Do you think you're prepared for this? - Of course! I think you're not.
Thank you anyways.
Good morning! - You're late, as always.
- Flaco is never late.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Hello, everybody.
- Good morning.
Wow! It seems someone slept very well, right? I mean, if you slept.
God, what a waste.
It's such a pity it wasn't you, right, Flaco? You're so funny.
Thanks for the coffee, Trejo.
Hey, do you know something about the documents for the foundation's furniture? - Miguel signed them yesterday.
- They must be on his desk.
I'll check.
Thank you.
Chisca! It's so nice to have your gorgeousness here again.
What can I say? I'm getting used to it.
I'm working here.
- Don't tell me.
- I already told you.
- What do you do here? As an ornament? - No.
I work in a position you could never reach, low-grade driver.
Chisca, how are you? You see? Somebody greets me with joy.
That's good.
- Were you fighting again? - No, not at all.
Chisca was telling me she was going to work here, as a coat stand, I guess.
- Really? - Not as a coat stand, but, yeah.
That's good news! We're going to be together, the three of us! - It's true.
- Let's tell Kenia.
- Let's go.
- She'll be so glad, like everybody! Yes! So glad.
How awful! - Are you happy with me here? - Of course.
I mean, I'm glad because you can get along with Miguel and that's what grandpa would have wanted.
Right, I need a distraction, so this works very well.
- Thank you.
- Yes.
I mean, it can help you to forget your bad habits issue.
Well, I mean, I don't know how that works.
Why don't you tell me what you're doing? So I can catch up and I can start working.
- OK? - OK.
- Let's see how this works.
- Let's see.
You take the other side.
I've got this.
One, two, three.
There it is.
- I think it needs to be further back.
- Wait.
I look so weird.
Excuse me, have you seen my wife? - Stop it, OK? - Have you seen her? - What a shame.
- You're so pretty.
- I look so bad! - You don't.
You look pretty.
- Are you sure? - I didn't think you'd look so pretty.
- Everything's OK.
- Stop it.
And what will you do? Go ahead.
Surprise me.
TOKYO, JAPAN Your reflexes are rusty, Miguel-San.
I don't have anyone to practice with in Mexico.
But I'm starting to remember.
Very good.
It was an unexpected move.
Everything in life is unexpected.
I missed this.
It's good to come back home.
I've been thinking about the concept of zanshin, not only for kendo, but for life, as you said during combat.
It seems strange to me that none of Jun's guards saw the attack coming at his nightclub, not even Kim, his right-hand man.
- Living on alert is part of his routine.
- That's true.
But it's also true that his guards are the image of the man they serve.
We should focus on the play in front of us.
But how do we anticipate someone's strategy, if we do not know his objective? Jun is a stubborn boy, his thirst for power blinds him from seeing the full game board.
We must convince Goro to accept some kind of compensation from Jun, for killing Rei.
It's the only way to avoid a war.
I have agreed to meet with him one hour before the scheduled meeting with the other partners.
What do you need me to do? Your mission, Miguel, will be that Jun arrives alive to that encounter.
MEXICO CITY I'm sorry, I don't get it.
Why do we have so many companies? My grandpa and we lived very well with our one company in Ciudad Jiménez.
So, why don't you go back to Ciudad Jiménez and leave us alone? Why don't you get used to me being here? Because I'll be here a long time Chisca, look.
Come here.
I'll show you every company's purpose.
Thanks, Jorge.
The supplies Dr.
Farchala asked for have arrived.
Who can take them? I have to check some transactions before I close the stock exchange.
I leave in 30 minutes to go to El Salvador.
- For the money moving.
- Jorge and I can go.
Well, I can't.
I have to go to college, I have to You can do that later.
Come on, let's do this.
Chisca, I don't think that's appropriate.
- Why? - It's a very reserved place.
- So? - I know it well.
I worked on security engineering there.
Take it, then.
TOKYO, JAPAN Tell Tadamichi I'll give him just one day.
Get down! Thanks for saving my life.
The dogs are gone, Boss! What are we looking for, Boss? I'm not sure.
Any information about what happened.
Information? What else do we want to know, Boss? It was just a gunfight to try to kill Jun, wasn't it? I don't know.
Something's wrong, and I don't know what it is.
Miguel-San, can I go in to find Jun and take him to the safe house? That Jap doesn't like me very much, right, Boss? MEXICO CITY - It's here? - Yup.
Very exciting, isn't it? Hey.
We need to act normal, OK? Please.
Yes, sir.
More normal! This is more impressive than I thought.
- Impressive, isn't it? - Yes.
Here are the supplies you ordered.
Excellent! I couldn't wait to receive them.
- Let's see.
- Let me help you.
I hope it's this.
What are their names? - One of them is Pumbaa.
- Hello! You can choose a name for the other one.
TOKYO, JAPAN The place is fine.
No one can come here.
Tadamichi's guards will take care of you.
Like your guards do as well.
Kim worries me.
His right-hand man? I contacted him and he should be here by now.
Don't worry, we'll find him and take him to safety.
Thank you.
Listen, man, when do you think we can go after that guy, if our boss told us to stay here taking care of him? I'll go look for him, you stay.
No, I'll go.
Where can you look for him? I don't know.
- Well, I'll go then.
- What? Was that a little smile? Serve me another drink.
Where is Jun? Don't be a fool.
Speak! Where is Jun? - Thanks for dinner.
- Thanks for your company.
Hey, why don't we go somewhere near, somewhere you know, you like.
You know, more lively, to hang out for a while? I don't think it's a good idea.
I have to solve some issues with our partners.
Miguel, I would really like to know more about your life in Japan.
We are already here, awake.
So what? We will be able to sleep when we arrive in Mexico.
Come on.
No, I told you I can't.
Why did you bring me here, if you don't want to be with me? It's not that.
I just can't.
Well, let Peligros and that Ishiro deal with everything for one night.
- Nothing's going to happen.
- Jimena, no.
Why did you bring me here, then? It is obvious you don't need me in your meetings with Tadamichi.
Am I just an ornament to entertain you when you're bored? Jimena, I already explained to you that things got more complicated than I expected.
Although I would have loved to spend more time together, the reality is that I came to work and that is what I have to focus on.
If you had told me that from the beginning maybe I wouldn't have come.
I'm not here to serve you only when you feel like it.
- I'm not a geisha.
- Don't talk about what you don't know.
Please, enlighten me.
I'd gladly explain what it means to be a geisha, but, again, I don't have time.
Let's go.
TOKYO, JAPAN Peligros, what's going on? Jun is worried about Kim, his assistant.
We couldn't find him, Boss.
Miguel, Kim has disappeared.
I went to look for him in Gobancho, but there was no trace of him.
In Gobancho? Yes, he usually has dinner near the river.
Doesn't he answer his phone? It is not common for Kim to disappear in this way.
For now, there is nothing we can do.
Just wait.
I spoke with Tadamichi.
Tomorrow he will meet Goro at dawn.
We will wait here for the order to move Jun.
Jun-San will be safe with us.
I'll spend the night here.
There's something I don't like about this.
I think we should stick together.
I understand.
Didn't you sleep, Boss? What's that? - Chinese checkers? - It's called GO.
It's a strategy game.
Just two players, one moves black stones and the other one moves the white ones.
The goal is to dominate most of the territory symbolized on the board.
I get it.
It's about taking away the land from your enemy.
The best strategy is one in which the enemy does not realize you surround him, until it is too late.
Since the attack against Jun in the nightclub happened, there is something that is missing, but I cannot decipher what it is.
We're surrounded, Boss.
Peligros! - Miguel! - What are you doing, Boss? No! So, do you want me to kill Tadamichi's disciple? No.
You just have to retain him.
You don't know what deal he's going to offer.
It can be something good.
Are you OK, Boss? They are just blanks.
They are Jun's men.
Miguel! Boss, I don't understand.
Why did Jun's men come to attack us with blanks? - You don't do that! - It doesn't make sense, Miguel.
That's what we're going to find out.
Bring Kim's body.
Yes, Boss.
ROAD TO AOIKIGAHARA, JAPAN Kim? They must have tortured him to tell them where I was.
That's what I thought, but then I realized those who brought him were your own men and that they came to threaten us with unusual weapons.
- Are you crazy? - Look at the wall.
Can you explain why your men came to leave Kim's body and shoot us with blanks? I don't know what you're talking about.
Why do you say they were my men? They had this same tattoo on their hands.
How do you know they're not fake? Goro must have sent his men with those tattoos for you to think they were my men.
Look, Miguel-San, I didn't kill Kim.
He was like a brother to me.
What are you doing? Tadamichi's phone is out of service.
The fake attack will keep Tadamichi's disciple busy so that my men can take care of him.
Tadamichi will arrive at the house of Aoikigahara at 8:00 o'clock, your men should be punctual.
I will retain him until that time.
Tadamichi's time has come to an end.
Subtitle translation by Amanda Contreras