El Dragon: Return of a Warrior s01e36 Episode Script

Episode 36

Something's wrong.
We have to find Tadamichi.
That's not a good idea.
Why? If Goro sent those men with fake guns, they must be following your movements.
They know it's you who's protecting me.
If you leave right now, he'll be waiting for you and he'll hurt you.
Why would Goro want to kill me if the conflict is between you two? Let me explain.
That conflict began years ago.
AOIKIGAHARA, JAPAN Cellphone signal jammer installed.
He's trying everything to destroy me, starting with my right-hand man.
But you had his right-hand man killed first.
Stop pretending.
I did not kill Rei! I didn't kill anybody.
It's all Goro's plan to start a war.
Can't you see it? On the ground! It was Goro who planned all this.
It seems that envy has brought out the worst in Goro.
- There were no bullet impacts on the wall.
- What wall? The one in your place when they tried to kill you.
I don't get it.
There was just broken glass, but not a single bullet hole anywhere.
The attack was fake, right? Listen to yourself, Miguel.
It makes no sense.
Why would I do that? Had it not happened, we wouldn't have defended you and we wouldn't be here, far from Tadamichi.
Miguel! Hold on! If anything happens to Tadamichi, I swear I'll kill you myself! AOIKIGAHARA, JAPAN ON THE ROAD TO AOIKIGAHARA, JAPAN - No answer, Boss? - No, Peligros.
We have no time to lose.
Hit the gas, Ishiro! We have agreed to meet an hour before we meet with the rest of the associates.
Stop right here.
- What are you doing, Boss? - You keep going down the road.
I'm taking a shortcut through the forest.
Every minute counts.
Tadamichi-san, we have to get out of here.
It's a trap! Miguel! Drop it! Are you alright? These ching-chong are crazier than Mexicans, trust me.
Alright, what's next? It seems that you managed to hold them back.
- Are you OK, Tadamichi-san? - Yes, thanks to you.
- Are you OK, Boss? - Yes.
Thank you, Peligros.
Goro did not show up and it can only mean one thing.
Goro and Jun are accomplices.
I'm afraid so.
Ishiro, call the men we left guarding Jun.
No answer.
Goro must have helped him escape.
Boss, are we going to let him get away with it? No.
Let's get him.
We aren't doing anything! Jun and Goro wanted me dead.
Let's give them the pleasure.
Are you OK? Yes.
Your men took me out of the safe house without a problem.
But they had to kill Tadamichi's men.
Collateral damage.
Do they suspect me? No, not at all.
Miguel and his men thought it had all been my idea.
All you have to do now is go into hiding and I'll keep up appearances.
When I become the new boss, I'll pardon you, so that you can return.
And it'll be very soon.
Goro's here.
I'm deeply sorry.
Thank you very much.
I'm very sorry, Miguel-san.
I know how important Tadamichi was to you.
He was like a brother to me.
Thank you, Goro.
Those were the same words that Jun used to describe Kim before we found out he had him killed.
Jun is a traitor and he must pay.
Jun must pay.
I will take care of it.
From now on, it will be my honor to serve as your leader.
Tadamichi-san! I offer my apologies.
I thought you were dead! As you can see, that is not the case.
I am glad.
Really, are you glad? Jun sent his men to kill me, but he did not succeed! He shall be punished for that betrayal.
He will, as well as all his accomplices! You wanted power, Goro-san.
You were not patient! And without patience, you will never be a great leader.
I will give you one chance to make up for your betrayal if you tell me where Jun is.
I will not speak.
So be it, then.
You shall not speak.
- Hello.
- Hello.
May I come in? Are you packing your bags already? What do you want, Miguel? Forgive me.
I know I have not been good to you.
I've been very stressed and I guess I took it out on you.
Good guess.
Forgive me.
This has not been the trip I thought it would be at all.
How had you thought it would be? I don't know, drinking sake, eating sushi in bed, watching the city from our window.
And, well, I did it, but by myself.
That wasn't the idea.
Well, I'm sorry.
Is there anything I can do to make up for it? No, let's just leave it at that.
I understand that I'm nothing but a distraction for you.
Are you expecting someone? No.
Who is it? Come in.
But I didn't order anything.
Don't worry.
It's on the house.
But Didn't you say you wanted to eat sushi and drink sake watching the city from our window? Don't think I'll forgive you just because of this.
Don't think that's the only thing I've prepared.
Really? What do you have in mind? Let me surprise you.
Are you still mad? Or do you think you can forgive me? Thank you, Miguel-san.
Although I don't deserve your help, you've saved my life and I will not forget that.
I will forever be in your debt.
This afternoon we will sign the agreement to produce ephiline and I'm certain it will be a success.
I can't help feeling that I'm leaving my mission incomplete.
Why is that? Jun managed to escape.
Don't worry.
I have a feeling he won't get far.
Put the fruit on the table.
A new age begins today with the business that will change the world.
That's the way it's going to be! - Wait, Miguel.
- I'm listening, Tadamichi-san.
This is so that you will never forget what you learned during this trip.
Thank you.
I want you to take Ishiro with you.
It won't be necessary.
You're flying higher and higher.
You will need more protection.
Anything you say, Tadamichi-san.
Your enemies will be more and more powerful.
I hope it won't be too long until we see each other again.
It will be however long it must be.
No more, no less.
MEXICO CITY - Are you sure, Marcos? - Yes, Claudia.
I've been looking into it, I didn't find an investigation.
Maybe because it's too soon.
Perhaps we No, Claudia! We're talking about organized crime.
- The head of a criminal organization! - Precisely because of that.
Precisely because of that.
I'm afraid not.
So, what does that mean for everything Héctor is doing? I'd love to give you good news, but you know how this is, right? Yes.
If one of them falls, they all fall.
And there's too much at stake.
There's just one fact.
The name Epigmenio Moncada can't be found in the records.
- Are you sure? - Yes, Marcos confirmed it.
So they're not going to do anything? You don't have to yell! Sorry, OK.
- This doesn't make any sense.
- I know.
I was just as mad as you are.
- But then I thought about - Yes, sure, I know.
Corrupt people are always covering for each other.
- It's normal.
- It's normal.
It could just be too soon and that's why Come on, Claudia.
This is not the first time that Carlos has had Epigmenio's back, please! You're right.
It's alright.
I'm leaving, Héctor.
I just wanted to come by and tell you about my conversation with Marcos and What is it? Nothing, it's just that I came here because I needed to see you.
That's the truth.
I just wanted to know how you were.
And when you're coming back.
I don't know, Claudia.
I just want to know what I should say if they ask about you.
I don't know, tell them I'm out of town and that you don't know when I'm coming back.
And tell them to leave a message, OK? OK.
Thanks for everything.
I'm glad you're back home.
Me too.
Let me introduce you to Ishiro.
He came with us from Japan.
- Nice to meet you.
- Hello, Ishiro.
Ishiro is one of my trusted men.
He is going to move into our house to reinforce our security, with Peligros.
Welcome, Ishiro.
Miguel! I'm glad to see you back home again.
We missed you.
I see we have visitors.
Let me introduce you.
Ishiro, this is Rosario, our majordomo.
How are you? Come on! Greet me like this, without so much reverence! That's how we greet people in Japan.
Oh, everyone? I was starting to feel too important.
What does he eat? He's no pet, you know? I mean, in order to cook him something he'll like.
The same thing we eat.
And please prepare a room for him.
- So Adela's room, since it's vacant.
- No.
Leave that one alone.
Is Adela coming back? - I don't know.
- I hope so.
I mean, there are more rooms you can prepare for him, right? We have one that is ideal for this gentleman.
With an extra-king-size bed.
When you're ready, I'll be waiting for you outside to show you the house.
- Excuse me.
- Go ahead.
Go ahead.
How do you say: "Follow me.
I'm going to show you your bedroom" in Japanese? - He speaks Spanish.
- Spanish? Bedroom.
And for having two sweethearts, I ended up with none.
I think you should give Víctor a chance.
Yes, Grandma.
But that wouldn't be fair for him.
Depending on how you see it, right? - What do you mean? - You love him.
Yes, I love him.
But not the way he loves me.
Remember, in every couple there's always one who loves more than the other.
Really? Your grandpa wouldn't have put up with me for so many years.
Oh, Grandma.
I don't know what to think anymore.
The problem here is different.
Don't say it.
You're in love with Miguel.
The problem is that Miguel is a very complicated person.
And do you like him so much you would complicate your life with him? And more.
Grandma, do you think Miguel will decide to be happy? Certainly.
Everybody wants to be happy.
Just look at that.
Doesn't she have the most beautiful eyes in the universe? They're your eyes.
Hey, you miss her a lot, don't you? Go to her.
We talked about this.
I'm OK.
I don't want you to suffer.
I'm OK, darling.
Don't insist, really.
- But you're crying.
- No.
It's not what you think.
Why are you crying, then? I don't know, I was picturing me talking with her in a few years, telling her about this whole adventure.
I'd tell her how brave her dad was.
Because I want her to see you as I do.
I want her to be just as proud as I am.
My love.
I love you.
Me too.
Wow, that was quick.
Who are you? Ishiro Tanaka.
What? He is Ishiro.
- Yes, he was saying something like that.
- He will be reinforcing our security.
He's moving into our house.
- He'll live here? - Yes, that's what I said.
Yes! That's cool.
He's fine.
I mean, I'm fine with him living here.
This is Chisca, my sister.
I mean, we've already met, but I He I'm Chisca.
Excuse me.
Does he speak Spanish? - Yes, but he doesn't talk much.
- Why? His training.
He only communicates when it's essential.
Is he taking Peligros' job? No, nobody's taking anybody's job.
They'll work together.
Speaking of working together, I have a surprise for you.
Good news.
Should I be worried? Why? It's good news! Of the good kind! Come here! Ishiro is a samurai warrior who belongs to one of the most powerful organizations in Japan.
- Which one? - The Yakuza.
Bless you! I thought you sneezed.
He's very strict and disciplined with his customs and schedule.
He devotes a lot of time to meditation, training and his philosophy.
Just like we do! - Let's see how long he lasts here.
- I give him one week.
This is his new home and we have to do our part.
You've just arrived from Japan, right? How did business go there? - Are you interested in it now? - You'll be surprised, brother.
- You'll see.
- What do you mean? I want to start working with you.
- In the office? - Yeah, what do you think? - Do you really want to work there? - Yes! - I mean, if you'll have me.
- So, that was the good news.
Do you like it? - Yes, I love it! - Really? See? I told you! OK.
I don't know anything at all.
You would have to Don't worry.
We'll find you something you like.
Let's make a toast then! - With some coffee - Alright.
- And water.
- A toast to the Garza family business.
It's a little cold, no? - Miguel, can we talk a minute? - Sure.
I'll be right back.
MADRID, SPAIN According to Chisca, Miguel is in Japan.
So, it's true that they will produce ephiline in Asia.
- My money is on it.
- How far into the process are they? Likely they're very far already.
Being one step ahead of Miguel is very hard.
Stay calm, Piero.
That business will end up in my hands.
You do understand you may ruin your relationship with him for life, right? It would be worth it.
- Hello! - Darling.
- Do you want some more wine? - Yes, please.
Thank you.
Darling, I'm going to get ready for today's dinner, OK? Why? You're perfect.
You don't need to.
Thank you.
You're playing with fire.
You're playing with Miguel, with Chisca.
You're playing with Isabel.
I just hope you're not playing with me too.
That's nonsense, Piero.
We'll have the world at our feet.
Aren't you afraid to be discovered by your women? On the contrary.
It makes me feel secure.
Isabel is my cover story.
Chisca she's my key to keeping everything.
MEXICO CITY You shouldn't have taken your eyes off him.
Truth be told, I had never imagined Coyote would betray us like that.
Nobody would.
Epigmenio is gaining too much strength.
He's becoming an enemy hard to defeat.
You're completely right.
And his allies are almost as strong as yours.
This is the law of the jungle.
You can't treat everybody with the same courtesy and politeness you were taught over on the other side of the planet! Thank you for expressing your concern.
Stay calm.
I will be calm the day he dies.
- You're sure that's the date, right? - Very sure.
I'll get the number in five minutes.
Jimena, as soon as we have Tacho's phone number, you'll have to contact him.
Yes, alright.
I want you to see Epigmenio in person.
Where should I meet him? Do you remember the name of the restaurant where you met him the first time? - Romanos.
- Fancy! Even for someone like Epigmenio.
Ishiro, I have a job for you.
It's done.
Who would have thought working for my brother would be so exciting? Maybe you have to do things like this all the time in Japan, right? Hello! We have a reservation under Sachida? Two people? Perfect, thank you.
Is Sachida a real name? Actually Japanese? Thank you.
Who would have thought that this is an actual operation? Are you keeping an eye on everything? We should order food in order to keep this going.
The menu, please! How may I help you? Come back home.
Sorry? I'd like to have you back home, Adela.
Oh, that.
We can still be friends.
- I don't want to be your friend.
- Why not? Because I'm in love with you! You wanted me to be direct, right? - Adela, I - Miguel, relax.
You don't have to explain yourself to me, everything's fine.
I feel uncomfortable with everything that's happening.
We had agreed on this since the very beginning.
What do you mean? Yes, do you remember when you told me that if anything stopped working for me, I could tell you? - Yes.
- There you go.
It's not working anymore.
Living in your house is not good for me.
OK, I understand.
You and I will talk about work and nothing else.
So, if there's nothing else right now, excuse me.
I'm very busy.
Here's another one.
Is that the last bag? No, there's another batch out there.
In that case, we're doing things right, Tachito! It's just that you're unstoppable! You know what? It seems like you're stronger now than - Stop it! Don't be a flatterer.
- OK, alright! Is it yours? - No, it's not mine.
- OK, everyone, get out! It's coming from over there, Tacho.
- Do you see it? - It's It's Jimena.
Miguel's little friend? Answer and see what she wants.
Hello? Hello? Who's talking? Ms.
Jimena! How are you? It's been a while.
I want to meet with Epigmenio Moncada.
You don't say.
I was wrong.
Miguel is not who I thought.
Look, I will have to ask my boss if he wants to see you.
Well, tell your boss I have information for him.
What kind of information? Good information.
No nonsense.
Give it here, Tacho.
I just hope the information you want to give me is worthwhile.
Yes, it's very worth your while.
See you at 9:00 at Romanos.
Should I come with you, Boss? Aren't you ashamed of yourself, Tacho? What for? Why? For asking such stupid questions.
You look like a mess.
I can't enter this kind of place with you.
As you wish, Boss.
But stay on guard.
You know we can't trust these people.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
I'm glad to see you've changed your mind.
I have.
Why? What happened? I won't deny it was very difficult, but I finally made up my mind.
What did Miguel do to you? Miguel was toying with me and I won't tolerate that.
That makes two of us.
He made me believe I was important to him and he used me.
He used my knowledge and contacts to do whatever he wanted without giving me credit.
I'm not surprised.
I know the Garza family very well.
I want Miguel to regret it.
- That's called revenge, Jimena.
- Whatever.
That's why I'll tell you everything I know.
I'm listening.
I'd like to drink something before we start.
And trust me, you'll need a drink as well.
Could you order something while I use the restroom? Yes.
Excuse me.
Yes? - Bring me your most expensive tequila.
- Right away.
Can I help you with anything? No.
There's not much left.
I promise I'll take good care of your apartment.
Don't worry.
Use it.
That's what it is for.
I can transfer the rent money to your account every month.
Kenia, I'm going to change my account.
- I wouldn't want to - Sure.
Yes, you're right.
How foolish.
Don't worry, they won't get to you through me.
We can see the payment thing later.
All I care about is that you are well.
Thank you, Pilar.
Thank you for everything, always.
Thank you.
You accepted me the way I am when nobody else did.
You're not telling Jorge the truth, right? Why not? Because it would be the worst mistake of your life, Kenia.
Think about it.
Jimena! Jimena! What's happening here? I'm not in the mood for jokes, Jimena! You're jammed, bro.
You have no signal.
What's this? Open! What do you want? Is it you, Miguel? Show your face, you coward! Are you here, Miguelito? Why don't you show your face like a man? Are you so afraid of me you won't show your face? Show your face, asshole! Open this! Open! Good evening, Epigmenio.
It was time for us to see each other again.