El Dragon: Return of a Warrior s01e37 Episode Script

Episode 37

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Are you here, Miguelito? Are you that scared of me that you won't show your face? Open up! Good evening, Epigmenio.
It was time for us to meet again.
And just look where we meet.
It would be better for you to kill me, Miguel, if not, I'm sending you straight to hell.
If you're alive, it's simply because I didn't want to kill you.
Press the button and the both of us will explode into a thousand pieces.
Press it! - I'm not going to.
- Then what the hell do you want? What do you want? - I came to negotiate with you.
- Negotiate? No way! Get me out of here! Let me out of here and fight man to man.
Are you so afraid of me, you effeminate Japanese? Eh? Get me out of here! Get me out of here! Here you have it.
I want to propose a truce.
We'll see about that.
I won't repeat it.
I want to offer you the same that I did some time ago.
What's that? To join me in the stock market business.
Didn't you want to be a powerful man? You are now.
You have your own organization working for you, but you keep burying the money like a pirate.
I offer an end to that wild man that doesn't want to be tamed, in exchange for two things.
First, leave my businesses alone.
And second, don't mess with my friend Héctor Bernal.
- What do you say? - Alright, alright.
What do you say, Epigmenio? - I want to think about it.
- It's the last chance I'll give you.
I don't have money.
Go away.
What do you want? Your boss is waiting for you inside.
Who are you? I'm talking to you! Who are you? Hey! Fucking Chinese.
Boss? Boss? Hey! Boss? Boss? What happened, Boss? Who did this? Miguel Garza.
It was a trap, Tacho.
We fell for it like two dumbasses.
So we were set up by that Jimena girl? Yes.
What are we going to do? I have to tell him the truth.
But why? He has to know about my past if we're going to be a couple.
Kenia, don't be stupid! It matters who you are, not who you were.
Yes, but I don't want to lie to him.
Live your life, do whatever you want, but don't open your mouth.
I told you the truth, right? And you believed me, you helped me.
Jorge could do the same.
- Yes, but it was different with me.
- Why? Kenia, because I was alone, too.
I also needed someone.
Kenia, because I wanted to try it, try it for real.
With you.
Oh, Pilar.
Look, Jorge's brother is a really important person.
Maybe he could help me.
After what you did? I have to go, but you have to promise that you're not going to say anything, never.
I promise you.
Do you think he's interested in your proposal? He should if he sets aside his personal hatred and thinks with a clear head.
Something very hard for a man like him.
I'm offering him what he wants to become.
A powerful and respectable man.
It sounds tempting.
What's the matter? I was thinking you could have killed him, why didn't you? You cannot kill and stay immutable.
A man that kills is like an animal that tastes blood.
He wants to quench his thirst.
He may not do it again, but the memory and sensation of it will stay on his mind.
He will know and acknowledge the simplicity of the act.
He will remember that euphoria, that adrenaline, that sexuality that accompanied the act.
And that he was rewarded by never being caught.
Thank you for taking risks again.
Not to take away from my own merit, but I know there's no danger with you.
Although, no, on second thought, I think I have a little bit of fear.
So, what if you stay? It's not a bad idea.
- Hello.
Give me one of each.
- Yes, sir.
- Here.
- Thank you.
- Do you have them? - Yes.
Come on.
Come in.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Hey, aren't you curious to know what ephiline will be like? I mean, if it's going to come in pills, powdered It doesn't matter, does it? - Calm down, we're just talking.
- And I'm working.
You woke up very stubborn today, didn't you? Can you please stop saying stupid shit, Kenia? Did you have something bitter for breakfast? Hey, I didn't know my beautiful presence annoyed you so much.
- Why are you invading my office? - Your office? Yeah, right.
- Your chair, if anything.
- You're not nice.
- Nobody wants you here.
- I do.
Therefore, I'm going to take a lot of oxygen because there isn't any here.
- Flaco.
- Wow.
What was that? So aggressive.
I haven't seen him so angry.
Well, he'll have to get used to it, no? - Damn - What happened? - It's today.
- What's today? Flaco's birthday.
That's why he's so annoyed.
Why is he so annoyed if it's his birthday? Because he hates birthdays.
I thought you didn't want to see me again in person.
Why did you call me? What happened to your face? I don't have time, Carlos.
What do you want? - It's about Héctor Bernal.
- What about him? Since you didn't find him, I had to take matters into my own hands.
Did you find him? No, but I have important information to give you.
What is it? Héctor Bernal has been making transfers from his bank account from this ATM.
Here is the address.
Now it's your turn.
What's up, Güicho? - Sir.
- Everything alright? - Everything's alright.
- Boy.
What's up? Tell me, do you recognize him? No.
I was told he was living in this neighborhood, and I thought that I'd give money to the one who finds him.
How much? Something like this, my Güicho.
What do you think? That's it.
- Yes? - Come on.
- Be alert, then.
- Yes, sir.
Come on.
The important thing is to let me know if you find him, that's it.
Of course.
We'll look for him.
My number is behind the photo.
Call me if you find something.
And buy something with this, fifty-fifty.
- OK, Boss.
- Come on.
Let's go.
Come on.
- Hey, how old are you turning? - A few.
- A few? - But you're a little bit wasted, uh? - We have to see his voter ID.
- Which one? - The original.
- Good afternoon.
Sorry to bother you, have you seen Adela? Víctor, here I am.
Should we go? - Bye! - Where are you going? Today's the day to flatter Flaco.
- Who's Flaco? - This one right here, buddy.
It's my birthday and we're going to celebrate.
Yes, I know.
Sorry, Flaco.
We already had plans.
I promise to bring you a birthday cake when I return.
If you want to celebrate with them, there's no problem.
- We can go out another time.
- You can come, too! After all, we need someone new on the team.
- There's no problem on my part.
- No.
- No, I think - I think he should stay.
It's my birthday and I like him.
Very nice to meet you.
- Víctor.
- Thank you.
- Hi, Víctor.
- Hi.
- Are you coming with us? - Where to? It's Flaco's birthday.
We will celebrate at Pizza Pizzeria.
- Happy birthday.
- I didn't know.
Happy birthday.
Do you see? They are celebrating me.
What a better way to celebrate than at Pizza Pizzeria? What? You're coming, too? I mean, I need to see how many there are, because I'll have to miss it this time.
But enjoy the food.
Jimena? Are you coming? No, I'm waiting for some data from the London stock market.
If I finish on time, I'll see you there.
Well, let's go.
Let's get out of this office.
What happened, nana? Is the food ready? Is that a way to say hello to your grandma, you hog? Stop it with that.
You don't even bring avocados, at least say hello properly.
I won't even come next time.
As you wish.
And what's that? It's a guy they are searching for.
Looking for something? You almost gave me a heart attack.
Is that how samurais attack or what? What happened is that Miguel left a paper for me to study for the business.
And I don't know if I can print it.
I'll talk about it with him later.
- I'll help you look for it.
- No, don't worry.
I don't want to be late for Flaco's celebration.
Want me to take you? Are you going too? Alright, let's go.
What a gentleman.
Thank you.
- Miguel, I didn't expect to see you here.
- Hi, Claudia.
I'm looking for Héctor.
I thought I'd find him here.
No, Héctor isn't here.
Will he be long? Well, yes, he went on a trip and will be gone a few weeks.
Where did he go? - I don't know.
- I guess he took his phone with him.
Yes, he took his phone.
I'll tell him to call you when he calls.
You lie pretty well.
Well, at least you tried.
I don't know what you're talking about.
If Héctor returns from his trip, tell him his friend Miguel is looking for him.
Thank you.
- Look at this, Edna.
- What? Miguel Garza's offices.
Let me see.
Zoom in more.
This was taken an hour and a half ago.
These are all his employees.
Is there someone with a record? We don't know yet.
We're still investigating.
This tells me nothing, Gary.
A bunch of employees leaving a building doesn't mean anything.
There's more.
Calm down.
- His house.
- Like one in a thousand.
But thousands don't have advanced technology like this.
I know millionaires who live in fortresses.
This isn't giving me anything, Gary.
As you said, Miguel Garza is a millionaire that's too flawless to not have secrets.
I don't care about his money.
I care about his contacts with the underworld.
I need something solid to be able to have him face to face.
You will have it.
Let's go, Flaco.
Give us a speech.
First of all, thanks for closing this exclusive place just for me.
Now just tell Trejo to open a new one just for you, Flaco.
One for each if you work, Kenia.
I'm kidding, Trejo.
Well, let's see, who wants a beer? Just wine? - No, I don't like wine.
- I want some.
- Hi! - Hi.
- Hi! - Look at the boss at the party.
- We were able to make it.
- Yes, we couldn't miss it.
- Thanks for coming.
- Happy birthday.
Now we're all here.
Look how Flaco glues the team together.
Come here, Boss, so you can eat the most delicious pizza in the world.
- Thank you.
- Literally.
Yes, but is there something else? - Vegetarian? - I don't like pineapple.
Well, how many beers? If you want I"ll go with you to get them.
Who else wants beer? I'm done.
I'm going to the internet cafe.
- I'm going with you.
- No, no.
It's OK.
I won't take long.
What are you going to do there? Oh, Ana! I need to send the article, love.
Do you want something? I'll bring whatever you want.
What do you want? Hey! I want you to come back soon and be careful.
My love, I won't be long.
I promise you.
Your phone! I always forget everything.
Thank you.
- Be careful! - Yes! NORBERTO ALVAREZ JOURNALIS Stand still! What's wrong? Calm down.
- Get in.
- Where? Move it or you die, friend.
Get in! Shut up! Get in, man! Don't turn around! Stop looking at me! Let's go! ARIEL MANTILLO - MANUEL GUTIERREZ JOURNALIST - PHOTOGRAPHER What do we do tomorrow? With everything.
We have to be ready.
I can take a good picture here.
Gutierrez, you are the photographer, aren't you? I hope you come out very well now, friend.
Get in and shut up.
I'm already so late and couldn't find the lens.
Get in the van.
Open! Sit in the middle.
Get in.
Don't look at me.
What are you looking at? No.
Use the hood.
- What do you have in the bag? - Nothing.
Don't look at me! Let's go! Be quiet.
Don't turn around.
I don't care if I kill you and leave you here on the ground.
- Who are you? - Come on, walk.
Shut up.
- Let's go.
- Please.
I said shut up! Walk! Get in! Don't look at me! Give me the hood! Close it! Let's go! Don't lift your face! Let's go.
- Who are you? - Put your hands on your neck.
- Hi! - Hi.
We haven't been introduced.
Jimena Ortiz.
- Nice to meet you.
- Víctor Torres.
- Nice to meet you.
- Your name is kind of familiar.
Are you a banker? Look at that.
Either you have a lot of information or I'm really famous.
- Or both.
- Or both.
It could be.
You know? Your financial position is well recognized.
- In fact, I perfectly remember that - Excuse me, I have a philosophy.
I don't like to talk about work stuff at social gatherings.
And even less when we are eating such a good pizza.
- Jimena, do you want pizza? - No.
Thank you so much, Adela.
- I don't eat pizza.
- What did I miss? Víctor was telling me he is a banker.
- How difficult.
- How difficult? How difficult.
How difficult it is to be away from you.
Excuse me, Adela and I have an obsession with Jorge Gallegos' songs.
You know him, right? They really look like they are made for each other.
Right, Miguel? Yes.
The pizza is almost finished and the waiter isn't coming.
Anyone want anything else? - Do you want me to go with you? - No, it's OK.
- Ask for pepperoni.
- And cheese.
Well! Pizza Pizzeria.
- What a funny name, isn't it? - Yes, I didn't choose it.
When I bought the business, it already had the name.
I guess you bought it not necessarily for the costumers.
- Don't you eat pizza? - No! Thank you.
Answer the phone.
The number you dialed is not available or is outside the area Yes, of course I know the Romeros.
In fact, they're my clients.
Were they investing in the stock market? What a coincidence.
They've been operating with my funds for years.
Well, cheers for our clients in common! Hey, I know you have your ways of working, but I can put my bank at your disposition for whatever you need.
Thank you.
Very kind of you.
- Can I ask you a question? - Yes, of course.
Why do you trust me? Excuse me? Yes, we don't know each other and you're already offering.
It's very simple.
I trust you because Adela trusts you.
You used to write and now you're crying, you clown.
Get on the floor! Welcome to what will be your home indefinitely, until we kill you all.
What did you do to her? What happened? What happened? Let me see.
Look, if you stop crying and behave very well, I promise you'll be the last one I kill.
Please, let me go.
Why you wanna leave us if you just arrived? I have two daughters.
I'll give you a third one, we'll fall in love and go on a journey by the highway.
Leave her alone! Hey! Who said that? Was it you? Why are you crying? Was it you, little one? Hey! What's that? - Where is it? - It's in my pants.
Well, look, my guests of honor are here.
Let's start by collecting your phones.
One by one, I'm going to ask for your cooperation.
Let's make this interesting.
I'm going to take off your hoods, but I'll kill the first to open their eyes.
And who is the restless one? I haven't seen anything.
It had to be you! Really, I haven't seen anything.
- Did someone see something? - No! I can't hear you! - No! - Nothing! That's how I like it, with your faces uncovered.
Here are the rules of the game.
Whoever opens their eyes or speaks, will get shot in the head, alright? The number you dialed is not available.
Is anyone hungry? Excuse them, Boss, they're a little bit shy.
I won't know if they are hungry if they don't answer.
Does anyone want something to eat? Anyone want to go to the bathroom? Raise your hand if you want to go to the bathroom.
Why don't you check if one of the ladies wants to go to the bathroom? - Can I? - Go on, Tacho.
Excuse me, miss, do you want to go take a piss? - Not that one.
- She didn't want to.
I'm the one with the paper.
Excuse me, miss, do you want to go to the bathroom? Hey! Better give some punches to the others in the name of our friend the rebel.
Let's see who else wants to be brave.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Have you seen my husband around? No.
We were here a couple hours ago and bought a few newspapers.
He's this tall with dark glasses.
A hood.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
The number you dialed is not available or is outside the area.
Please, call later.
You don't like pizza.
I'm still not used to Mexican food.
Pizza is Italian.
Why did Miguel bring another bodyguard from Japan? Is it because of the new product? You would have to ask that directly to Miguel-san.
Miguel-san? This isn't Karate Kid.
What's that? You're not very talkative, are you? Hey, do I have to ask Miguel-san if I want to know more about you? Hey! Why so lonely if you're the birthday boy? Better alone than in bad company, right? - OK.
- I wasn't saying it because of you.
It's alright.
Hey, sorry for not buying you a present.
I had to send money to my family, and my financial situation isn't very good as of now.
Don't worry.
Just your company is enough.
If you're having money problems, why don't you talk to Miguel? - You think so? - He may help you.
I don't have as much confidence with Mr.
Miguel as you guys do.
There's no need.
If there's something that Miguel has, it's money.
Do you know what? I prefer not knowing everything that happens in this company.
I'm good with reception, answering the phone.
I consider myself well served.
Well, I would tell you to take advantage now, because once this boat sinks, nobody will be saved.
- Is Héctor here? - No.
Are you OK? Do you need something? I can't find him.
He hasn't answered the phone for hours.
I don't know where he is.
Where was he going? I don't know, he was about to send something for work, and he never came back.
Maybe he didn't finish yet.
You know how this works.
I went to the place where he was supposed to be, and he wasn't there.
I don't know what to do.
OK, sit down.
Let's make some calls.
We're going to find him.
Don't worry.
Hello? Hello? I don't think they're here.
Shut up! My name is Héctor Bernal.
Who else is here? Shut up! Do you want to get us all killed? Héctor! - Who are you? - It's me, Norberto.
Shut up, please! Norberto, do you know who took us here? No, I don't know.
Shut up, please! Look, maybe you don't care, but I have two little daughters and I don't want to die here.
Look, all of us here have families.
It's important to know our names, so that if we don't all survive, then the ones who make it can say who was here.
You are a troublemaker.
You don't respect the rules.
We'll have to teach you a lesson.
Ladies and gentlemen.
No! Please! The money comes in different forms for the different businesses we have.
The thing here is in the following.
We have several just like this one.
The problem is the amount of cash.
It's surpassing Sorry.
I was looking for the bathroom.
Do you know where it is? - In the hallway - I'll take him.
I'll accompany you.
Yes, but tell me, no one with that name has gone there? OK.
Thank you.
They say in the Delegation of Squad 201 they searched the eastern area of the city, and no one with that name has appeared.
Now what? What do we do? The only thing left is to call the hospitals and the morgue.
Calm down, Ana.
We'll find him.
Marcos, let's start with the hospitals, OK? Yes.
Your cake is almost ready.
So what? How so? The truth is that I don't see any sense in this stupid custom of blowing out candles in a dessert that I really don't even like, celebrating another year of life in a world that's quite miserable.
Wow, Flaco, if it's negative and bitter, you've hit the jackpot.
I shouldn't have accepted this party you only threw for me out of pity.
Flaco, why would you say that? It wasn't out of pity.
Then, why? To see you make out with Jorge? That's why you're like this.
We have talked about this a lot, Flaco.
We're really good friends.
Why do you keep insisting? I regret the moment when I started to work with the Garzas and I brought you with me.
Are you really going there? I want every Garza to disappear from my life, starting with Jorge and Chisca.
It would be the best birthday gift.
No, Jorge Flaco, wait.
Let's sing happy birthday.
Come on! This is the morning song that King David sang to all of the beautiful boys, we sing it like that.
Wake up, Flaco, wake up, look it is already dawn! The birds are already singing and the moon is already gone! - Make a wish! - Bravo! Bite! Everything alright, miss Dora? Do you want me to bring something? A new phone would be nice.
- This thing doesn't have service.
- Why is that? That's weird because there's really good service in the house.
Look, I have That's weird, I don't have service either.
- I told you.
- It must be a system problem.
I'm going to use the landline.
One even feels old while talking with those phones, right? As if they were smoke signals.
- Zaragoza? - Dora? - Dora, are you there? - Yes, it's me.
It's just that my phone doesn't have service.
Hey, a question.
How is the candy route going? I told you that we cannot use that route anymore.
It's not safe anymore.
Some of our allies fell there.
Besides, they changed the personnel on this side of the border.
We have to find an alternative route.
And the Eagle route? My husband stopped using it in 2010.
It should be free.
I had forgotten about that other route.
Changing business, what happened with Epigmenio? Did Miguel put him in his place? No, he offered him to be part of the business again.
Why would he do something like that? He says it's better to have him as a friend than as an enemy.
We know the only way to keep that damn bug in check.
Gary! Please, come in.
- Thank you.
- What do we have here? Well, look, all of the Garza's phones, family, collaborators, are blocked.
In fact, they have a security system too advanced for that kind of bugging.
Are we still on the same? - I already told you that - Look.
Fortunately for us, that type of phone runs out of signal, they can't talk.
And what do they do? They look for a landline.
And that landline, nobody protects them.
You want something to interrogate him.
There you have a lot more.
Cold water because you're really hot, friend.
And it won't improve your situation or your partner's, understood? Start saying your prayers, now death is going to take you.
- Adela! - What's up? Can I talk to you? I'm glad you went to Flaco's birthday, so your team knows that you care about them.
I really liked Víctor.
He seems like he loves you very much and he seems trustworthy.
Because he's trustworthy, isn't he? Miguel, if you're worried about your businesses, stay calm.
Believe me when I say that Víctor won't open his mouth.
What are you doing, Miguel? What? I don't understand.
Yes, because now you want to talk about Víctor.
Well, because If you didn't come to talk about work, we better leave this conversation here You're right.
I'm sorry.
I just wanted you to know that Víctor seems like a nice guy and he's the right man for you.
The right man for me is you.
And you know it.
Subtitle translation by Víctor Vizcuña