El Recluso (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Four forty-two.
Go! - Stop! - Don't move! Outside! Left! Clear! - Go! - Clear! Stop! Stop! Hands up, asshole! Stop! Don't move! Left! You two to the right! Stop, asshole! Stop! Stop! Watch it, asshole! On the floor! Don't move, asshole! MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON LA ROTUNDA REYNOSA, TAMAULIPAS Turn around! Pretty boy! Wake up, asshole.
- Name.
- Dante Pardo Calderón.
To the other side.
Dante Pardo, welcome to La Rotunda.
Welcome to hell.
Did you stay up late? - Yeah, a while.
- You look like shit.
I feel like shit.
Grab your crap.
Get up.
That's it! Come on! One, two, three! Fresh meat, bro! Look! This is your new house.
Do you like it? Don't just stand there.
Where's my cell? Your cell? This is not a five-star hotel.
- Fuck you, asshole! - What are you doing? Take him to the infirmary.
I'll talk to the warden, this has got to stop.
Get up, asshole.
Take this dickhead away.
Hold on.
- Breathe, old man.
- Busy? It's cool, but Florentino sleeps there when he doesn't hook up.
You wish! I did your mom, too, moron! Look! I summoned him.
Who's this? The new guy.
Well, new guy, go fuck yourself.
Come on, go away.
Go away, moron! Listen, moron.
Get the fuck out of here before I come back, or I'll send you to hell myself.
You don't know who I am.
Why did you let him in, moron? You'll regret it.
Foca! You might get in trouble for that.
I'm Picudo.
I'm a quiet dude.
I don't raise hell, man.
- Dante.
- Dante.
Everything's ready.
All right.
So, how old are you today? Forty-nine, Doc.
Who would've thought I'd be here? Is your family coming? No, they'd never come.
My mom's freaked out.
She says my brothers are - They're misbehaving.
- I see.
Plus, they can't even pay the fare.
- It's impossible.
- Look I know people who work in that neighborhood.
I'll ask them if they can help, okay? You're a nice person, doc.
So are you.
That's all? You may go.
And happy birthday.
Thanks, doc.
Frida Villarreal.
I'll be right there.
Guess what! - I got your money, dude.
It's done.
- Hell, yeah! Hell, yeah! Yours, too.
Are you going to call your sister? Here.
But you owe me two, man.
- One.
- Two.
What's up, little man? You owe me six hits! You eat them like candy, man! - Relax.
I'll settle it this Thursday.
- Or I'll settle it myself.
I'm on my way.
Okay, pussy.
What did you say? It's this dickhead.
Who's this prick? His name's Dante and he's new.
- Fuck off, stupid Dante.
- Move it! - Fuck off! - Get the hell out! Move it, pussy! Get your things out.
Do you want to stay there? Pay for it.
What do you say? I won't go and I won't pay you.
Really, dickhead? No! Stop it! Stop it! I won't get my hands dirty.
Call your family.
You're dead, dickhead! Come on, Foca! Show him who's the man! Yeah, dickhead.
Say goodbye to your fucking parents, moron.
Wherever you want, honey.
Not sushi.
Raw food makes me sick.
Be more creative, sweetie.
I can imagine.
What did he say? I'll call you later.
- Yes, sir? - Come here.
Right away.
Yes, sir? - Roxanita, come in.
- Sure.
Help me out here.
Look at that guy.
Do you think he'd kill a governor's son? No way.
He's got the face of a movie star and he's built like a tank, a fine one.
- Roxana! - Why did you ask, then? You won't believe this, but they sent him here through a very murky process.
You know what they say about appearances.
That's just it.
That's what worries me.
His name's Dante Pardo, but we don't know him.
- We can't get involved.
- No.
- But he's hot.
- Give me a break! Listen, man.
Foca's just a salesman.
La Unión rules here.
Is that clear? You killed two bugs out there.
One of them had some pull, right? What? Do you want to help La Unión? Let's see if the son of a bitch can take it, okay? One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! - Ten! - On target! Eleven! Twelve! Thirteen! Get up, asshole! Come on, bro! - Hold him! - Well done, buddy.
That's enough, asshole.
Turn it up, bastard! Turn it up! Great, bro! He needs to relax! - Hold it, asshole.
- What's up? Don't get mad.
Don't you like playing ball? I lend you these, asshole! I want to see Tavares.
Where is he? He's busy.
What do you want? - It's stupid.
- What else is new, fucking Foca? What's going on? Nothing.
There's a new dickhead and I want to teach him a lesson.
Wow, fucking Foca! Nasty and feisty.
Tell Santito, come on.
Come on, tell me.
It's cool.
The guys from La Unión already beat him up.
His initiation and that bullshit.
Watch out, Foca.
We've got a truce with them.
- Peace and love, brother.
- Let's let Tavares decide, okay? You know what? No.
Or maybe? Go ahead.
Are you coming or going? Come in.
Shake those boobs, Foca.
Shake them! Fuck you.
- Foca! - I'll be back, fuckers.
I'll be back.
Hold on, pussies.
Hold on.
Foca wants to talk to you about some bullshit.
The new guy joined La Unión.
I don't want him causing trouble.
- I live by a code - I see! You live by a code.
Does it include molesting someone else's visitor? What do you mean? You're fucking her, you son of a bitch.
No, I'm not Shut up! Don't interrupt me, prick! I let you talk.
Two bums who owed you money ended up here.
You made them pay you with some relative's ass.
It was Cebollín's sister, but she agreed.
You don't fuck someone else's visitor, period.
I'll let it slide once.
But open your eyes.
La Unión's fucking you over under your nose.
That's why I mentioned the new guy.
Then go and fight him like a man.
- But I wanted some back up - I'm busy and you're distracting me.
Is there anything else? Because I don't give a damn about your problems.
- Okay.
I'll handle it.
- Do it.
You get paid to do so.
And if you screw up, as you know, money won't fix it.
Is it clear, asshole? Go.
Move it! Too bad! I've got to work tomorrow.
What's your story, man? - Mine? - We know it all around here.
Identities, background, deeds.
Then you know.
They'll try to recruit you for killing a politician's son.
Here's my advice, buddy.
Forget who you were out there.
Make the most of your time here to become someone else.
Cheer up, man.
Hey! Let's make some tats! Let's make some tats! A fucking foreigner in his own country.
I'll do the talking.
Speak only when spoken to.
A FEW DAYS EARLIER MCALLEN, TEXAS How's your English, René? Buddy! One question.
Hey! Where downtown? In your face, pussy! Don't run, you moron! Grab her! No! - No, please! Don't! - Get in, sweetie! - Get in! Come on, gorgeous.
- Get her in! Get in, sweetie.
Come on! Get her in the car.
Watch out! In your face, pussy! - She's running away, man! - You're an idiot, Muerto.
An idiot! No! No, no! - Get up! - No! You're screwed, man.
Don't shit your pants.
Get up.
Come on! I'll let you live.
But just so you can tell your stupid boss not to mess with Mariano Tavares.
Is that clear? Stay there, knocked out.
Like Muhammad Ali.
- She's heavy! Goddamn it! - You forgot this, man.
Fucking hell! Look at René.
What happened? What happened? Look at that.
- You screwed up! They killed René.
- Why is it my fault? - Let's get out of here.
- Fuck it! - Let's go! - Let's go! Go! Careful, bitch! Good morning, pumpkin.
Come in.
What's up, love? - Give me a massage, babe.
- Of course.
My back really hurts.
- Does it hurt, honey? - Yes, honey.
- This part right here.
- You're so tense, love.
Some oil.
What's that shit? - It's coconut.
- Coconut? Hold on.
Did your friends give it to you? The ones in the poof's wing, to help you tie me down.
You know, love? I'm never going to leave you.
When I get out, I'll come visit you, even if it's as a ghost.
Come on.
Give me a massage.
With your hands, and then, with your little mouth, love.
- Go down.
- Down? Yeah.
- We'll get even later.
Okay, babe? - Yeah.
You'll see.
Look at that.
They really messed you up.
Shall I call for help? Guard! What's up, doctor? I called you because I talked to Rosa María, your sister and your mom.
We discussed your reinsertion.
Why did you do that? It's been fucking ages.
I'm dead to them, doctor.
Then, what do we do, Rubio? After these stages, I want to grant you temporary release, but you need a home for that.
I'm trying to pave the way.
Listen, I Can I stay here forever? I'm fine here.
What's the big deal? No, you can't stay here forever.
You have to leave some day.
If I do, I'll kill them.
- Don't say that.
- Why not? If you let me out, I will.
Fuck it.
They're just external wounds, Marcial.
Nothing serious.
Marcial Navarro.
Guard chief.
I heard that my people got there just in time.
On the contrary.
Your people left just in time.
For how much? Make no mistake, asshole.
You're on a slippery slope.
We're all honorable here.
Right, doc? That's right.
All on the up-and-up.
I'll give you two tips on how to survive in La Rotunda.
Number one: observe, listen and keep quiet.
Number two: stop acting like a brown-noser or you won't last a second.
Later, Carreño.
See you.
Dante Pardo, right? I'm Frida Villarreal.
The penitentiary's social worker and Human Rights Officer.
One of my tasks here is to help prisoners adapt to the penitentiary system.
By finding a wing and inmates with similar interests.
Are there many gangs? There are groups, we don't call them gangs.
In fact, we're going to have to interview each wing's representative to decide which one is more convenient for you.
I'll ask you a few questions to complete my file.
Do you have any acquaintances, relatives or friends inside the penitentiary? - No one? - No.
Do you have relatives outside? No one.
Has your life been at risk since you entered the? Actually Tell me about the bruises.
Look, if you're having a hard time adapting, we can help you.
You don't have to tell me anything, it's fine.
But, please, keep it in mind.
Is that clear? Sorry.
Frida Villarreal.
He's right here.
Mendoza? Your lawyer is waiting for you.
We'll pick this up some other time.
- Name.
- Dante Pardo.
Sit down.
What the fuck are you doing here? - What happened, Lázaro? - Dante, you dickhead! I said I'd call you when I had something.
Easy, Dante.
I'm your lawyer.
They won't suspect.
Tell Morris there's something I don't get.
I was supposed to be locked up for drugs, not for what happened there.
- Do you know anything? - No.
What they say on the news.
Drugs, a shooting.
The governor hasn't said anything about his son.
- I didn't kill anyone.
- I know, asshole.
Morris is a fucking genius.
You wouldn't be here for running a red light.
He saw a chance and he took it.
We don't have much time.
Any news yet? I just got here.
Do you have a message? Do you need anything? Are you okay? How's my son? He's fine.
Ivanka spoils him, while I have to be tough on him, but the little brat He misses you.
- He hasn't seen you in ages.
- And mom? Last time I went to see her, she didn't recognize me.
The doctors say that's to be expected from now on, so Well, such is life.
You'd better get cracking, Dante.
We'll be in touch.
Look at that! Here's Mr.
Big Cock.
Fuck off, pussy! Go! Or come swallow this, dickhead.
Fuck off, pussy! What? Are you deaf or what? Come on, you pussy! Fuck off! Are you a brave little fucker, bastard? Don't fuck with me, cunt.
I call the shots, son of a bitch.
Come on, pussy! Fight! No? Come on.
Fight, pussy! Come on, son of a bitch.
You'll just stand there, bastard? Come on! Look! Right in the mouth! Here comes his friend.
Look at the princess.
One single punch, boss.
Look at that fat dickhead.
His response is to carry his princess inside.
We're screwed.
What's up, homies? Good morning, ladies.
- What's up, dude? - I'm out.
Go in there and wash your hands, asshole.
Ask for some warm water, because it's Who's this one? His name's Dante.
He's a fucking good fighter.
Sure, but so what? He just beat up that fatso, Foca, and Florentino.
It's not a big deal.
This is Santito.
But, please, don't hit me.
Don't hit me, don't kill me.
Don't kill me, please.
I don't hit saints.
That's right! You'd better light a candle and pray for a miracle, right? Listen.
Don't mess with Foca.
If you kill Florentino, he'll make you his replacement, asshole.
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.
Well done, Cuervo! Hey! Don't soap him up or he'll get attached, asshole.
We wash clothes three times a week.
You have to come, scrub, rinse and scrub all day long, like a dickhead.
It's really good.
I can hook What's up, asshole? Do you like me? Dickhead.
What's over there? Halls.
Where do they lead? Look, Balín.
- Gay underpants.
For a little prick! - Take this fucking - Asshole! - Relax, moron.
Stop it, homeboys.
Is that common? It's under control.
It used to be much worse.
When you walked around, knives used to fly out of nowhere.
Am I right, Cuau? It was a loony bin.
Until La Unión brought order.
There's a truce.
Otherwise, we'd be fucking history.
But Balín comes from a family of hitmen.
That fucker's no joke.
No way! He's my bitch.
And so are you two.
The new cunt as well.
What's the deal? We heard you killed two motherfuckers.
Who do you work for? Hey, you.
The new guy.
It's bath time! I'd love to have that mustache.
This is basically a computer now.
Messing with it will void the guarantee.
Take it to a dealer.
And how much are they going to charge me? - I don't know.
I can get Chinese parts - Sir.
Prisoner Dante Pardo.
Dante Pardo.
- Check it.
- Yes, sir.
Come here.
Dante Pardo, you seem like a nice guy.
So, explain to me how on earth you beat up two assholes in my jail.
Who do you think you are? Lord of the Inmates or fucking Rambo? In here, we settle disputes politely, not through regulated fights.
I'm a peaceful guy, don't worry.
I'm intrigued by your case, Dante.
There was nothing on the news, you know? I found out you were more than 72 hours in custody and that was it.
Now you're part of this big family.
You know all there is to know.
What was the governor's son doing in that shithole? Because a nice guy like you doesn't act of his own accord.
Who ordered the hit? Who? I'm sorry.
My lawyer advised me to be discreet.
I hate barriers between me and the inmates.
You never know, your qualities might be useful to me or I may be of help to you.
Do you understand? It's a legal thing.
I can't say a word.
Not a word.
I understand.
Just this once, I'll disregard your violent conduct.
But get this straight: There's only one boss: me.
I'll do whatever it takes to lay down the law.
Understood? Great.
- Sir? - Please.
Let's go.
Excuse us.
Go ahead.
Open the fucking door, moron.
It's not that hard! Marcial! Marcial! - I need something from you.
- What? The balls you lost in the courtyard? That's so fucking funny, you dickhead.
We both breathe the same shit, moron.
Make no mistake, stupid Foca.
When I leave, I go to the stadium and attend a baseball game.
By the way, when was the last time you attended a game? Here's the thing.
When I get out, I'll put all this shit behind me, and you'll still be here.
What do you want? I want you to scare the shit out of the new guy.
Dante Pardo.
Why would I do that? For 5000.
Five grand? You're an idiot.
Do you take me for a beggar? All right! Ten grand.
Ten grand and I get to take the First Lady for a spin.
No, not Florentino.
No, I'll get you someone else.
A new one, buddy.
An American who's really hot.
I'm a made-in-Mexico kind of guy.
I support national products.
So, tell me if we have a deal or fuck off.
Listen up, sons of bitches! This is an official inspection, asshole! Go fuck yourself! Picudo! Is this yours, asshole? Stand up, dickhead! It's not yours.
If it's not Picudo's, then it's yours.
Don't mess with me.
You've won a trip to Beat-Down Alley, asshole.
Put your arms down.
Sorry, buddy! That's what assholes get! Did you think this was a five-star hotel? It's not, asshole.
But we're still going to give you a massage.
Come on, asshole.
Watch your fucking step, asshole.
Move it, you son of a bitch! Let me show you the presidential suite, asshole.
I'll send some whores to give you a little massage.
There's a jacuzzi and all that crap.
Get inside, little pussy.
Toreador, en guarde! Toreador Toreador Pablito, why are you all alone? No.
Come here.
Come here.
Where's your mom? Cami! Where are you? Upstairs! I'm sick.
I got him! Hi, love.
It's too much sugar.
Blow them all! Bravo! Bravo! What's up? Open up.
Hurry up.
Move it.
Shut up.
Mind your own business.
- That's more like it.
- Shut up! Hi, Linda.
Please! It's me again.
Muerto used to come here, he speaks His English is better, but you understand, right? Subtitle translation by Larisa Frine