El Recluso (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

- Hello, Claudio.
What's up? - Hello, sir.
- Is the baby born already? - Yes.
- Tell me when so I can send a gift.
- Yes, sir.
I'll baptize him for you, you know.
Yes, sir.
You should print me a VIP inmate ID that says: "Mr.
Mariano Tavares Alcocer.
" - Yes, sir.
- Mister.
- Mr.
Mariano Tavares.
- Yes, sir.
The heading, there.
- This - Hands up! This is a robbery.
- Rox.
- Yes, boss? Darling, give me a moment.
- Yes, yes.
Of course.
- Take this.
- Excuse me.
- Please.
What's up, bud? What can I do for you? I need you to tell me where your mate is.
It's been a few days since he signed in.
Who? René Santana.
Oh, René.
Good old René.
- This way! - Shut it! - It's the cops! - Watch out! Watch out! That was it.
I asked those dudes to take care of a little errand and René used the time to visit his old lady.
Old bat's about to kick the bucket, yeah? - She's 98 years old.
- Oh.
Must be nice to make it to that age.
Depends on one's kind of life.
Hey, I'm sorry for snooping, but What errand? What were they doing there? Settling a score.
That explains it.
You should've started from there.
How much do I get? You don't miss a beat, bastard.
Two hundred thousand, so don't ask any more questions.
Two-fifty or you can say goodbye to conjugal visits.
You tell me.
Heck, no.
Those visits are sacred.
If you don't want me to ask more, find René and bring him to me.
We miss that bastard around here.
Sounds good, bud.
Hey, this brandy's good.
We should give the others one for Christmas, don't you think? Hand me the bottle, bastard.
Look, take it down a notch, Mister Judge.
Yeah? Don't act stupid! Bro to bro.
Oh, sweetie.
- Eat first, bastard, or you'll - Can you guess her age? - Nice.
- Let's see.
Chick's a nice piece of ass, boss.
Around 23 years old.
She's 20 years old.
She's ripe and tender.
She's Canadian.
Real pretty.
She studies International Relations.
Does she know you're behind bars? That's not an issue, you moron.
Many convicts score with the ladies.
You know why? Totally.
Those chicks are hateful - because they didn't have daddies.
- No, sucker.
They hate men who are free spirits.
And here we're caged.
I was a son of a gun with the ladies.
Just chatting.
No reggaeton, grinding, nor any of that shit.
But I had a great teacher.
Your old man.
Fucking Quico.
He knew how to talk to them, how to charm them and all that.
Dude even became a pimp.
But later he went to the slammer.
So it goes.
They take out the good ones.
Hey, boss, the gringa's been screaming like crazy.
Seems very upset.
Didn't you leave the radio on, or what? Yeah, but I'm worried because someone's in the pit, and could hear something since it's right next to her.
- Here's yours.
- Hey, Foca! What's up, boss? Do you know if there's someone in the pit? Yeah, the fucking new guy.
What's up, Foca? Don't be pissed.
You tried to boss Dental and he didn't let you.
He screwed you over good.
Why's the new guy in the fucking pit? You told me to take care of him.
Take your pizza and shove it where the sun don't shine.
Go on.
- Get out of here! Scram! - What'd I do now? Talk to Marcial - and tell him to get the newbie out.
- Marcial's left already, sir.
Then tomorrow at first light.
And quickly! Wake up, fucking louts! Come on, you sons of a fucking bitch! Get up, all of you! Wake up, you sons of a whore! Toreador On guard Toreador Toreador And contemplate well Yes contemplate as you fight That a dark eye is watching you And that love is waiting for you Morning, missy.
Slept well? Isn't this place the shit, dude? Let's go.
Hurry up, bastard.
I don't have your time.
Wipe your ass, bastard.
Animal protection's made this place go to shit.
Careful if you say anything, or you're fucked.
You were never there.
Hey, Martial Arts! Who told you to take him to the pit? For that, you need to collect signatures.
Where's your sense of duty? Down here, asshole.
Wanna see? - Go on, show me.
- Then get down.
Show me, show me.
You should denounce him! Denounce him and I'll be your witness, Dental.
Go on, bastard, scram.
Who'll believe a junkie, you ass? You're stoned all day, man, with your pupils dilated and the brain fried.
You know, kids and junkies always tell the truth.
Get the hell out of here, and wash your trap, asshole.
That's my eggplant, faggot.
You did like it.
He seems tough, but that fag likes eggplants.
What's up, we're on the quick wash With cash and parties You're the damn boss Who fucks shit up I'm the voice of Iztapalapa In the fucking orient Hood that rules East of my Mexico I'm a junkie, ladies' man, and lowlife What's up, Dante? Back so fast? Didn't get a chance to rent your damn bunk, dude.
Here I am.
Hey, how do I get a phone card? Foca is in charge of those.
I'm sure he won't sell you one, but you could go - and see what he tells you, dude.
- Get me one and I'll pay you double.
I don't have cash, dude.
And I don't want to see that fatso's fucking face.
That fatass should fuck himself.
He screws with us all fucking day.
No way, dude.
See? Dante's out.
How were your vacations, fag? How are you? We're putting on a party, dog.
For Cuau.
Join us, homie.
- What party? - Wasn't it clear? It's his birthday.
We're gonna party hard, man.
It'll be wild with all the whores.
Well? How'd you get out so fast? - Who bailed you out, huh? - No one bailed me out.
But maybe you could help me.
I need a phone card to call my lawyer.
No way, get the hell out of here.
It's Cuau's birthday, not yours, you son of a whore.
- You're so selfish.
- Wait, man.
You want a stupid card? We'll get you one.
Just so you're aware who rules this yard.
What do you think? - We rule, dog.
- Totally, asshole.
My turn, man.
- Okay, man! One, two, three.
- Here, man.
Open up, dude! Hurry.
You think I have a key in my dick, bastard? Open up.
Hey, watch your tongue, asshole.
What'd you say? Don't forget who I am and who you are.
I know who I am.
And I also know who you are.
You know who you are, but don't know who I am.
I'm a saint, bastard.
Do you know what saints do to the fucking mortals that misbehave like you? We turn them over and fuck them up.
So, fucking Silvestre? Did that scare you or what? Or are you wet? You liked that, right? Did that turn you on? Go on, open it.
Goddamn it.
Hey Take care of this for me till I come back.
Fucking disgusting pig.
Hit it, give her a kid You speak Spanish? Spanish? You don't speak it, but definitely understand me.
Let me tell you something, blondie.
If daddy John Morris doesn't drop the cash, you'll stay here for so long that you'll forget you lived elsewhere and used to have your girly friends and dough.
And you'll spend every minute of each day begging us to kill you.
Now eat.
No, no, no.
Come on.
No, no, loser.
Me? A loser? No loser.
Of course not.
How's that? That's the problem with fucking gringos like you! Fucking gringos! You think we're fucking screw ups.
That we want to jump over your fucking piece-of-shit border.
Listen to me well, baby.
And now you won't eat, for acting like a gringa.
You're the worst.
Fucking gringos! The previous interview was interrupted by your lawyer's visit.
You finish filling up the form while I make you some questions, okay? Tell me.
Do you have any interests? Any pastimes? Have you checked the prison's list of activities? I prefer to think it over for a bit longer.
There's no rush, right? No.
Take all the time you need.
But the inmates who participate in activities earn major benefits in the process.
Do you know what I'm accused of? - Of course.
- Aren't you afraid? If I was afraid, I wouldn't be here.
And my other companions? Do you trust any of them? Do any of them scare you? They're all different.
You'll get to know them.
Look, I'm not here to judge you.
Now, back to this Is there someone waiting for you on the outside? We need to register your visitors to help process them.
No one, just my lawyer, but I'm not interested in seeing him.
I'm sure there must be someone outside that cares about you.
What about you? What do you have? A cat? Dog? Plants? I have the feeling that you're hiding something from me.
And I'll find out what that is, Dante.
I accept the challenge.
- What's up, Foca? - Rubio.
- How's it going? - Yeah? Give us something for Cuau's party.
Hell, yeah.
A goodwill gift for the fellas of La Unión, right? - We're the kings here.
- Right.
Just tell Cuau not to keep bringing new people in, or fucking scum will join your gang.
Here you go.
- What's this? - Enjoy, fellas.
What? Stop screwing around.
There's 20 of us.
Party wisely, then.
Beggars can't be choosers.
- Go fuck yourself, dude.
- You fuck yourself.
At least give us a card so Cuau can call his mom, fucker.
- And cigarettes, dog.
- And more beer, Foca, goddamn it.
Hold it, hold it.
Don't you get it, you fucking tramps? There's those who come begging and those who act benevolent.
You've got beers which you didn't have before.
Now you want anything else? Cards cost 200, the beers 100, cigarettes cost 20.
What can I get you? - How much does it cost to do your mom? - Go fuck yourself, asshole.
- I'm feeling hot, dude.
- Scram, fuckers.
- Get lost.
- Go fuck yourself.
- All that crack's rotting - Let's go.
This place smells like shit.
- your brains, fuckers.
- It smells like shit, you fag.
Go fuck yourself, man.
- Scram, fuckers.
- Fucker.
This is all the crap that faggot Foca gave us.
- Foca's such a stuck-up ass.
- And the card? Couldn't get it either, homie.
This is bullshit.
Stop crying already.
Just keep an eye out, man 'cause the guards got their ears pricked.
What do we do about the party? What do we do? I can't function without whores, blow or chicks.
Hi, little dude.
It's your dad.
You're almost here, huh? Well You'll do a lot in life.
Good things, yeah? And I'll be very proud of you.
That's it, shorty.
I'll call you on Monday.
Take care, yeah? Porfirio, it's me.
I need you to come see me.
We have to talk.
It's important.
What's up, Dental? Who'd you call? - My lawyer.
- Fucking lawyers.
Those only come around when there's dough.
Just like chicks.
Right? The only things that'll save you here are our gang and loyalty.
By the way go ahead.
You need to thank me, bastard.
Why else? So? Thanks for what, Santito? What? Don't be stupid, Dental.
What'd you mean by that? Why do you think you got out of the pit without shitting yourself once? Who do you think was behind that miracle? Go on.
Thanks, Santito, I owe you one.
Don't freak, homie, chill.
I won't hold you to it.
Or will I? No.
I'm doing this pro bono.
Boss, we have a bit of an issue.
What issue? Outside's the wife of the inmate, René Santana, and she looks very jumpy.
She wants to talk to you because her husband's missing.
Bring her in quick.
- Quickly.
But stay here, okay? - Yes, sir.
Come in, ma'am, please.
Welcome, ma'am.
Come in, please.
Sit down, please.
I want to know where my husband is.
Of course.
Sit down.
Look René has a case of acute gastroenteritis, - so he's in the hospital on fluids.
- Fluids? - Is it very serious? - No, calm down.
No, no, no.
No, I just got a call from the hospital, right? They told me that they'll discharge him soon enough.
In which hospital is he? Which hospital was it, Rox? Wait, hold on.
I'm his wife, so why didn't you tell me? Ma'am, I won't lie to you, but I need you to be discreet.
Yes? - Discretion, Roxana.
- Yes, of course.
We don't want it out that there's a case of gastroenteritis in the prison.
It complicates things due to bureaucracy, paperwork and many screenings that ultimately make things hard for you.
Why? Because it makes it complicated to see the relatives.
Yes, ma'am, you can't imagine how difficult they act, truly.
You can't imagine.
Look, let's do this, ma'am.
Allow me to compensate you for this inconvenience.
I understand.
I promise that as soon as René is here, I'll give him a telephone card myself.
- We can call you.
Can you remind me, Rox? - Of course, boss.
Take it, ma'am, go on.
- Here.
- Go on.
Thank you very much.
And I'm sorry for bothering you.
Not at all.
It's no bother, ma'am.
Do you know what the inmates mean to me? Do you? You don't? They're almost family.
And good old René, is We call him "good old René.
" - Yes.
- His behavior's impeccable.
- He'll be all right? - He's in perfect condition.
- Getting better from the indigestion.
- Well, he's always had a delicate stomach.
See? Don't bring him spicy food anymore.
That complicates things, right? For now, let's forget about greasy tacos and the like, ma'am.
It was a pleasure.
Thank you very much, sir.
And, please, call me - as soon as my husband's discharged.
- Of course.
- Don't worry.
- Of course, ma'am.
Don't worry.
- I leave him in your hands.
- He'll be fine.
Boss, you definitely shouldn't be here.
- Why? - You should be in a chapel because you're a holy bastard.
I'm only doing my job, Rox.
I should make you an altar so that someday - I get something out of you, yeah? - Do it.
Do it, and you just might.
Pablito, what are we making today? Hey there, buddy.
- Hey, come.
- What do you want? I come to offer you a product, but it should stay between us, no one else can know.
It comes from a nearby town where we plow an extract that absolutely no one else has.
I wanted to ask if you and your wife still - You know.
- Goddamn it.
You know why I'm asking? Because it's from a town called Tit Dick - and another called Hung Low.
- Fuck yourself, asshole.
What? We plow an extract from my schlong, if you want some.
- Go fuck yourself.
- Hey, tell your mom the burial was Okay, hand it over.
Hurry, damn it.
Let's go.
We're gonna party, buddy.
What the fuck's going on? Don't know.
It's one of their fucking parties or something.
No, wait.
Something's going down.
I'll be back, sweetie.
What the fuck? What's going on, dude? Where the fuck are you going? What? Hey! No fucking way, no fucking way! Those sons of whores! No fucking way! Fuck, no! Fuckers! They stole everything! Goddamn it! Matías! Go fuck yourself! You damn fuckers! Drop my stuff! My merchandise, you fuckers! You'll see! Goddamn it! You thought I wouldn't notice, son of a whore? You son of a fucking bitch! Come here, asshole! Bastard! Son of a bitch! Open up! Open up! Open up, fuckers! No fucking way.
How did La Unión steal all your stuff? - Mine? - Yeah, man.
Aren't you supposed to be the boss of that fucking useless pig? You're right on that, bud.
Foca is too fucking old for this shit.
But what about your guards? One was getting beat up while this fucking mess was happening! The guards earn a shitty salary to do what you're supposed to be in charge of.
Just let them have their fun, man.
Telephone cards, alcohol, pot, blow.
Those Unión assholes stole everything! You're complaining, but I am the most affected by this, man.
You'll see what I'll do to those assholes.
I want to.
What else do you have to tell me? - What? - What? About Santana.
Where is he? I told you his old mother is sick.
- What's the issue? - Which fucking hag? Don't play stupid, asshole! No, no, no.
Don't talk to me like that.
Okay? There's no need.
We're two gentlemen.
Let me explain it to you so it's clear, all right? I don't give a shit about Santana.
He can drop dead, but he lawfully exists.
If someone realizes he's not here with us, my head will roll and then your head will roll.
You forgot the hot peppers, you fucking loafers! - Don't give me that fucking look.
- Then which other, you idiot? What are you looking at, asshole? How hard was it to give them a couple of beers? Would've cost you less.
Go screw yourself.
Go on.
- It's just some advice.
Think about it.
- Go shove your advice - and fuck yourself.
- Stop.
He's going to kick your ass again.
Enough, enough.
Look, go.
I'll clean this up.
Here's breakfast.
Aren't you hungry, blondie? Blondie? Blondie? Blondie.
Blondie! Goddamn it! What now? Should we be pissed that they stole everything, or because they didn't invite us to the party? Godfather, I know you don't believe in psychology and all that, but seriously.
Seriously, it's the door that'll lead us into those guys' heads.
We could understand how they think, also how they feel, and what they fear.
And those dudes aren't afraid of fucking Foca anymore.
What do you propose? Dental! Come here, homie! - Come, come, come.
- I see.
It's the fucking new guy.
A celebrity.
What's your name? - Dante Pardo.
- Dental.
Will someone come to collect here after what you did outside? There's nothing for you to worry about.
No, homie, we don't worry about anything, but you should loosen your damn tongue.
It's fine.
I don't care what you did over there.
We only need you to bring order to the yard.
We've seen you've won La Unión over and that's not easy.
Come on, godfather, try him already.
Dental's my friend.
He's cool.
If any of your screw ups gets us into trouble, we won't investigate nor wait for you to come tell us.
So? Is Is that a yes? Great.
Come here.
You've got work, fucker.
- I've got no shit to sell.
- The gringa's very ill.
Let's go.
You want some blow, bud? - No.
- To celebrate.
What are you giving her, doctor? Is it serious? She'll get better, right? Doctor? - Will she get better? - Enough! Enough, damn it! - Can we talk outside? - Of course, doc.
It's okay, love.
You'll get better.
It's okay.
It's okay, you'll be fine.
Check this out.
Outside, many people slave away to live like rich people.
They're worse off than us.
We've got a TV.
The porn channel.
- Whores.
- Want a light, blondie? - Doesn't work.
- Doesn't work, doesn't work.
Only drugs matter in here.
Leave that shit.
Wanna play some Foosball? - Let's have a round later.
- All right.
All of them here are my bitches.
The only one I can't beat is my godfather.
That bastard plays like an Argentinian, no joke.
He knows all the tricks.
He seemed a bit worried.
Something up? About what? Who's the one they call "the gringa"? The gringa? You'll figure it out.
Piece by piece.
I'm so sick of that jam.
Come, Dental.
Let's go.
Let's take a walk, come.
What's up, Santito? Where's Mariano, man? - Where's Mariano? - What do you care? What do you mean? So we can get ready.
What are we doing to the bastards who stole our shit? Hey, Foca.
Hey, Foca.
- Hey, stop screwing around.
- Have you ever been fired before? - What? - What you mean by that? If he was out there, he'd tell you to pick up your severance pay, asshole.
My good friend Dental's the new floor manager.
What do you think? Fuck, no.
No one's worked in that fucking yard as long as me! Don't be a cry-baby.
Are you really giving that asshole my job, man? He'll betray us, dude, he'll betray us all.
It's like you're seeing the future, Foca.
Hey, that could be your next job, man.
Just like with Paul the Octopus and you're Foca.
Holy shit! - Start shuffling cards! - Come on, man, wait.
And you could dress Florentina as a gypsy.
Let's go let your godfather decide.
Guess what? No.
He already decided.
He already decided and reassigned.
You're done.
Take it or leave it.
Fuck off, Foca, that's it for you.
Let's go.
Come, come, Dental.
Did you see Foca's tits? God damn.
Will she get better or not? The fluids I gave her will rehydrate her.
I also administered fludrocortisone to help level her pressure.
She'll be fine, - but don't neglect her so much.
- Thank God.
And you? Aren't you looking after her or what? Yes, we are boss, but she's the one who doesn't want to eat.
Goddamn it.
How much do I owe you, doc? That'll be 1500.
Holy shit.
Good thing she just fainted.
I would've had to mortgage the place.
Thank you.
Looks like they had a great time, huh? Totally.
Those fuckers didn't invite me, man.
I didn't want to bother you.
You were sound asleep.
Come on, all I want is to party.
So, now you're the guy in charge.
Careful, dude.
We don't need anyone to administer our drugs here.
Nor the beer and telephone cards, dog.
Tell your boss, Tavares, that whoever he chooses to send, La Unión will get rid of him.
- You're a fucking traitor.
- No.
That's not it.
We're going to get rid of the newbie.
This gets paid in blood, you son of a bitch.
Tavares knows I have a good relation with you.
Getting rid of Foca was a sign of respect.
Tell Tavares to shove his respect up his ass, and if you're just bullshitting us and behave like Foca, we'll break you, bud.
Who asked you? Stop screwing around.
Enough! Calm down! Hold it! I'm not fucking Foca and answer to no one.
That fucker is gone.
I'll deal with you straight, and if you don't believe me, you'll see.
Fuck off, already, go! Fuck off.
- Get the hell out of here.
- Now.
Don't play with fire, 'cause fire serves only one purpose here, homie.
Scooch over.
Calm down, love.
There, there, there.
Calm down, darling.
I will kill that son of a bitch myself.
Stop screwing around.
How'd you kill him? By sitting on him? - Don't be a pussy.
- Whatever.
Go away, jerk.
Like I didn't have enough problems as it is.
I'm almost done.
Just five minutes, give me five.
What? I don't understand you.
No, no, blondie.
Hold on.
Calm down.
If your dad has the money everything'll be fine.
Yes, it'll be fine.
Everything'll be fine if your dad pays.
- If Daddy pays money, all be okay.
- Okay, okay, okay.
Relax, calm down, love.
Calm down.
Calm down, love.
Relax, everything's fine.
There, there.
Everything will be cool.
I have to go now, but There, there, blondie.
Don't cry.
Dante Pardo.
Why'd it take you so long to come? What happened? I know where she is.
That fucking bitch!