El Recluso (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

1 - Santito.
- There.
Fuck, man! Who do you work for? Talk now or you're going to die, prick.
- Talk.
- They just told us to let you in.
Really? Why is the cell phone not working? - Why? - There was a storm last night.
What did you say? - Hey.
- A storm.
That messed up the signal? But I made a phone call.
Why? I even sent a picture of you.
I'm not an idiot.
- Easy.
- You're cops, right? Are you cops? Move it.
Move it, whore! Move it! - Calm down.
- Go! - It's all good.
- On the floor.
Hey! Santito! What's going on? Fuck.
- Give me a signal.
- Easy.
Those two either work for Morris or they're cops.
Does this pussy look like a gardener? He's here to help.
You said he worked here with you.
- You said that.
- Easy.
Damn it.
What's with you? What's wrong with you? Are you that stupid? Can't you see? We were set up.
- Calm down.
- You.
Go to the back.
Mosco, go inside.
Search everywhere.
You, take these two.
- Make them talk.
Do whatever it takes.
- Up.
- Inside.
- Go.
Move it.
- Move your ass, gardener.
- Come on.
- Go.
- There's something on your ass.
- There.
- Enough.
- Muerto! - Yeah, I'll calm him down.
- Walk, pussy.
- Listen to me.
Listen, man.
If we have to shoot anyone, we will.
But this is crazy.
You're screwed.
- Calm down, man.
- Drop the gun.
- Me, too? - Drop it.
On your knees.
- Relax.
What did I do? - Close your eyes.
- Close your eyes.
- Santito.
- Now pray.
- Fuck off, man.
- Pray, pussy.
- I don't know how.
Repeat, asshole: Our Father - Our Father - who art in heaven who art in heaven You son of a bitch.
- Fucking asshole.
- What's up? - Scared, man? - Fuck you.
You got scared.
- Fuck off.
- He's not a gardener.
- You're crazy.
- He's not.
Let us go, please.
We just let you in as a favor to my dad.
Is he coming soon? After he's done the shopping.
Is he going to use that door? Or the back door? - There's only one.
- Don't play dumb.
I don't buy it.
You know who I am.
I'm on your side.
I'll ask again.
Are you with Morris? Yes or no? Great.
Where's Morris? - Where's Jack? - All right, Mendoza.
Jack sent us.
The place is surrounded.
Why the fuck didn't you wait? The rest of them are coming.
They won't make it.
Why didn't you tell me? You're going to be released.
But first we have to kill Santito and his guys.
- I'm sick of you, man.
- Drop it.
You don't think.
You're scary.
- Look what you've done.
- Fuck off, man.
- What did they say? - They don't know Morris.
They're landlords.
Take it easy.
- Really? - Yes, man.
I shot the gardener.
Fuck! - Damn.
- Fuck.
Fucking hell.
Cumbias! Cumbias, go get the girl.
Let's go.
Go find her.
Come on.
Get out of there.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go now.
- Come on.
Come here.
- Cumbias.
- Let's go.
- Cumbias.
Let her go.
Do you know her? Why do you? What the fuck? Take that! - This is Santito! - Mosco! Take that! Right here, buddy! Here's Santito, pussies! What's up? Mendoza.
- Where's Linda? - Drop the gun.
Where's Linda? Header and goal.
Take that, bitch.
What's up, bitch? What happened, bitch? What the fuck? Come on, let's go.
Let's go.
I told you, pussies.
Get in.
Get in.
- Go.
- Up you go.
- Let's go.
- Up.
- Go! - Let's go! Come on, pussy! Go! - Go.
- Go.
Where are you hiding, pussy? TRANSFERS There they are.
Take that.
Stay with me, Diente.
Stay here.
It was just a bullet.
It's not that bad, pussy.
Hold on.
For fuck's sake.
They betrayed me.
- Who the fuck told them? - Don't know.
You don't know? Hello? They're here.
Open the door, jackass.
Come on.
Open up.
- Come on.
- That way.
What the fuck? What happened? What happened? Don't you know? Pick him up.
Hold on.
It was a mess.
They ambushed us.
The fuckers were everywhere.
Take him to the doctor.
Take him! - Get out of here.
- Come here, homie.
A chair, Muerto.
A chair.
Easy, homie.
We're home.
Don't worry.
It's just a little bullet.
Relax, Diente.
- Relax, Diente.
- Boss Lázaro What do you mean? Your name's Diente.
It's Lázaro.
I'm not Dante.
I'm Lázaro.
No, your name's Diente.
- It's Lázaro.
- What the fuck? No.
You're Diente.
- Come here.
- Hold on.
- What happened? - Nothing.
- Tell me what happened.
- Yes.
- Nothing.
- What happened? I told you, Godfather.
I Shut up.
I asked you something.
- It's just - Shut up! We need to talk, asshole.
Deep breath in.
It was a nasty shot, but you're fine.
The hospital did a nice job.
I'll give you something for the pain and the infection.
You're so stupid, Sobaco.
What's up? How are you, homie? Fuck.
It looks awesome.
I thought you were a dog, but no.
You turned out to be a fucking wild cat with seven lives.
A cat.
Sobaco doesn't believe me.
- Sounds like an action movie.
- Tell him.
- What happened? - Tell him.
Who was it? Who? Who saved you? Who? - Santito.
- Santito's the man.
Hell, yeah.
What's up, doc? - Let's see.
- You owe me.
I won't back down.
Hell, yeah.
- I told you.
- Take one every eight hours.
- I knew it was a trap.
- All of them.
I'll examine you later.
What about Cumbias? Of course.
No, yeah.
We lost Cumbias.
But things even out.
Good news.
There's room for you in the wing.
How's that? Move in.
I'll stay in the courtyard.
What the fuck? Are you spurning us? It's not that.
I want to run the business from there.
I'll get changed.
Time's up.
I see.
I'll go.
Is that what a wounded man looks like? - What's up? - How are you? I'll live.
What did I miss? Chele got killed.
I heard.
I'm so sorry.
That fucking gringo.
But they lost their boss.
What about you? What happened? PORFIRIO MENDOZA FOUND DEAD - What did you do? - Hey.
It's not today's paper, man.
What's up, homie? I'm drawing a fucking demon, horns and all.
It's Come on.
It's not today's paper, I told you.
You know what? I'll find another piece of paper.
Hello? Yes, hi.
- Is Rosaura there? - Who's this? A friend.
It's important.
I'm her daughter.
- Are you a journalist? - No.
Look This is Lázaro Mendoza.
Porfirio's brother.
I heard what happened.
Where's my son? Lázaro, how dare you call here? My sister and your brother were murdered, and we know it was Porfirio's fault.
He was mixed up in something.
We're very worried about Pablito, but we don't want anything to do with you.
Why does he look down on me? I save his fucking life, he comes back, I invite him to our wing, but no.
He chooses his buddies from La Unión.
I want to work from there.
" Asshole.
You risked your life for him, and you expected a different response, in a way.
- Hell, yeah.
- A reward? We're buddies.
A second later, one second, and he'd be dead.
How do you think he should reward you for what you did? With love.
But not Not faggot love.
I'm not into that.
Careful there.
Do you follow me? I do my best to show him a good time, and he gives me nothing.
He doesn't even thank me.
He doesn't show me some love.
He You've expressed doubts about Dante before.
The other day you said he never shares what's going on in his life.
You didn't know why you liked him.
Now I get it.
You're screwed.
I finally get it, you pussy.
You want to brainwash me.
You want me to think Diente's the jackass here, don't you? Don't you? You pussy.
No, I didn't bring it up.
The one talking about trust and betrayal is you.
Betrayal? No.
Who said "betrayal"? Who talked about that? Don't put words in my mouth.
You want me to think Diente was the one who tipped Judge Morris off.
What if I said the only one who knew about this was you? - Santito, you're being paranoid.
- These are paranoid.
I've got paranoid balls.
You're an idiot, pussy.
It's getting harder to treat you.
You know better than anyone that everything you say here No.
You can't smoke here.
What you say stays here.
It's called patient confidentiality.
- Put that out.
- You're such a fat-ass.
And you're screwed.
Look, Santito.
I'd never dare to do that to your godfather or you.
- Really? - You know that.
No, I don't.
You're dismissed.
What's up? You look so serious, pussy.
Heads up.
Fucking hell.
Fucking asshole.
Can you tell him we're here? - Of course.
- You? - Great.
- Nice to see you.
Sir, Dr.
Villarreal and Sorry, what's your name? Sir? - Evaristo Galindo.
- Evaristo Galindo.
Go ahead.
Come in.
It's such a pleasure.
- Sir.
- Evaristo.
- You look great.
- Peniche.
I'm so glad to see you and dear Fridita here.
Please, what can I get you? - Coffee? - Yes.
Americano, no sugar, please.
I'm fine, thanks.
What can I do for you? To be honest, we don't know where to start, Peniche.
"Great is the art of beginning.
Greater is the art of ending.
" Who said that? If I remember, I'll let you know.
What's up? Well, regarding the man nicknamed Elegante Thank you very much.
the attorney general's office agrees.
But regarding the riot that took place in the dining hall That was tragic.
We heard your statements to the press.
Horrible interview.
They took what I said out of context.
Putting the interview aside, we'd like to ask you about a few inmates that have gone missing.
- Mr.
René Santana, for example.
- Frida.
Frida, you know René didn't go missing.
He died during the riot.
But no one saw his body.
And what about Foca and the Americans? I can explain everything.
Well, during the interviews, you said there were only two victims.
Of course.
They're journalists.
You can't trust them, ever.
What about the inmate Dante Pardo, who was shot? How on earth did the inmates get the guns? Look.
Do your job.
But I'll tell you one thing.
You won't find anything that hasn't been reported.
But who am I to tell you how to spend your time? All right.
I have to hand you this document personally.
It's a letter of safe conduct from the attorney general's office.
It allows us to conduct interviews and write a report.
We're expecting full cooperation from your office.
Make yourself at home.
If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask, please.
Evaristo, this penitentiary's doors are open for you, too.
Thank you very much, sir.
Thank you.
I'll send you an e-mail.
I've never given up, guys.
- Ever.
- Hell, yeah.
With all due respect to Cumbias Hey.
It's cool.
- Cheers.
- God rest his soul.
- To Cumbias.
- It's part of the job.
And I've been this way all my life.
Take Kiko for example.
His old man, one day we built a big closet, a fucking beauty.
Of course.
We built a false back, and we tried to escape in it.
My dad told me that story.
The closet's still in the house.
But you got caught, didn't you? Yeah, man.
We were just stupid kids.
But not as stupid as you.
- Hell, no.
- He means you, Bocinas.
- Out.
- Let's see.
Get the fuck out.
I have to take this.
Come on.
Outside, stupid idiot.
Let's see.
- Go away.
- You, too.
Beat it.
What? Why me? For fuck's sake.
Beat it.
This is important.
- Hey, come here.
- Changed your mind? Leave that here.
Leave that shit here.
It's good stuff, boss.
What the fuck do you want? What is life you're nothing.
It's fucking tacky.
Are you? looking at pictures.
You know, it's good to remember.
Poor guy.
How did you know we were going to move Linda? Tell your little bird to watch himself.
Because I've got a gun, buddy.
Thoughts on that? Hey, buddy.
A little chat? Talk, amigo, please.
It doesn't matter.
I'll erase that little smile from your face very soon, you fucking lousy gringo.
I'm shaking.
Bye, amigo.
What can you tell me about the riot in the dining hall? It was a row, that's all.
What triggered the conflict? No idea, lady doc.
Suddenly everyone was punching each other.
Don't know who started it.
Nikolai did you start the fight? They throw food and call names.
They provoke.
Ask them.
Where's Jeremy? We were watching the match, and those motherfuckers went crazy.
They pulled out knives and started to: We had to defend ourselves.
That's what happened.
But I've heard that that This Jeremy guy got killed.
- Did you kill him? - What? Did you kill him? No.
That asshole killed one of our guys.
You knew that.
Don't tell me you haven't heard worse.
Unfortunately, I have.
There you go.
You can't blame me.
Look, lady doc.
If it had been us they would've killed us all.
I want an accurate report of what happened.
I was very clear.
We were just defending ourselves.
The motherfuckers went berserk.
I think it's his skin tone.
My mom would say they're not well baked.
When they told us it was a Code Red, I quickly set out to the dining hall.
Did you leave your station? The protocol states that in case of a Code Red, which is what they told us, everyone has to hurry to the site of the brawl like the one that occurred.
When did you notify the warden? Well I That piece of information is unknown to me, I won't lie.
When was the last time you saw René Santana? Fuck.
I didn't see that one coming.
I don't really remember.
When was it? Sometime during the week.
- Last week? - No.
Yes, last week, I think.
It's just that we rarely saw that guy.
Okay, Marcos.
That's all.
- Really? - Yeah.
That's all.
- Sure? - Yes.
See you later.
We were betrayed, buddy.
What was I supposed to do? You should've been one step ahead.
Are you new at this? They even killed one of your guys.
That fucking Cumbias was sent to the farm.
Respect the dead.
Don't be an ass.
What about my fucking ranch? It's shit now, asshole.
That's part of the score we need to settle, you stupid Tavares.
If we get away with it.
Don't worry, buddy.
- It's all good, man.
- Good? No.
Have they talked to you yet? Have they? We're being investigated, fucker.
Stupid Frida went to the attorney general's office, and this is out of control.
I can't relax.
You should've taken care of that missy a long time ago.
When you still could, asshole.
Now her friend's here, we're screwed.
That's why I said "If we get away with it.
" You were taken for a stupid fool.
We were taken for fools.
I'm sure everyone's singing right now.
Don't insult us.
The Tavares don't sing.
No one knows a thing about Santana.
And those who did think he's sick.
The gringos got what they deserved, asshole.
You can add Cumbias to the riot's casualties and Who's going to give a fuck about that stupid Foca? No one liked him.
That stupid fat-ass had a boyfriend, didn't he? What's was his name? Peniche, right? I should ask.
I'm glad you're okay.
I was worried about you.
- You hear things and - It was just a scratch.
That's all.
The bullet went through.
But here I am.
I thought about you then.
- Why? - Well, because I'd rather be here answering your weird questions, than sedated with a cop by my side.
I don't know how to say this, but I've got bad news.
I don't know if you heard what happened to your lawyer.
I did.
He and his wife were murdered and the kid's missing.
Were you close? A bit.
When we were kids, we were neighbors.
I'm so sorry.
It's a very sad story, actually.
- Their son's missing - No.
They weren't his parents.
Just his guardians.
You're going to need a defense attorney.
Do you know anyone we can call? I hadn't thought of that yet.
Are you okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
- Wait.
Dante you can trust me.
Don't worry.
Frida? Are you all right? See you.
Sign me out, will you? Don't be lazy.
Do it yourself.
Take care of the place.
Let's go.
- Hi, girls.
- How are you? Upset, actually.
Of course.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
How's my aunt? - Really sad.
We're all very upset.
- Come sit down.
Take a seat.
Take a seat.
Well It's a real tragedy.
He'd finally recovered from his stomach problem, and now this.
Be strong.
I'm so pissed off, Azucena.
I have a favor to ask.
I want you to tell your husband to come and see me.
No, Lupita.
I can't.
It's not possible.
This family can't be responsible for more blood.
Just drop it.
You don't know what René was up to.
Don't put yourself and the kids at risk.
Mariano and I won't abandon you.
You'll have our full support.
Our full support.
- There.
- What you need is to come to terms with it.
Thank you, cousin.
- I'll pay you back.
- No way.
We've never been a self-serving clan.
You just focus on your kids.
And don't do anything stupid.
We won't allow that.
Are we clear? - Go with her.
- Yes.
Come on.
Come on, girl.
Don't worry.
- Go.
- Don't worry.
God be with you.
Come on.
Poor thing.
It's done, pumpkin.
I'm so relieved.
One problem solved.
Tell me what you're wearing.
Really? Send me a picture.
Come on.
One and one.
All right, I'll wait.
Santito? Take a picture of yourself.
Just don't show your face.
- Don't stare.
- Gangsters.
Screwed, you are so screwed.
- What's up, faggot? - Stop it, jackass.
Get out of here.
- You're working, right? - Stop it, faggot.
What? Faggot? Who's the faggot? Why are you so hostile? I just want to talk.
What the fuck? I just want to have a chat.
Come on.
- What do you want, man? - Come here.
- Let's have a chat, you and I.
- Where? In a dark corner.
I've heard you're upset because your boyfriend's not here.
I know how to comfort you.
- Cover me, guys.
Come here.
- No.
Don't worry.
Do your thing.
But no tooth, all right? There.
- I'll do it, but don't record me.
- I'm not going to record you.
I just wanted to show you this picture.
God, no.
- No.
- Look at him.
Look at him.
If you don't want to join him, faggot, stop asking stupid questions.
Don't ask stupid questions, and we'll let you blossom.
Is that clear? I'll send it later.
All right.
- Do you want a cigarette? - Enough.
Fuck you, jackass.
" What's up? What the fuck? What's up, tough girl? What's up? Did you see him running? Here, faggot.
You forgot this.
I'm at a point in my life where I don't even trust my shadow.
We had a plan the necessary backup a good team.
Guns, vehicles, everything.
And we failed.
Because of one thing out of my control.
A gossipy rat.
A fucking snitch that thinks he's smarter than me.
But the truth will come to light.
And then I'll be able to party with his head on a silver platter.
Goddamn it.
Come here.
- What is it? - Come here.
I spoke No, wait.
Come here.
I spoke to Florentino.
- Great.
- Yeah.
- Did he see reason? - Yeah.
We had a one-on-one.
I beat him around a bit.
He almost wets his pants.
But I don't know.
That dude makes me hesitate.
Hesitation is poison, sonny.
A very potent poison.
Never hesitate.
No matter who it is.
I got it.
I never thought it'd be such a delicate matter.
I didn't think Peniche could be so cynical.
It's a brilliant stunt.
God knows what's behind this.
So, do you have any plans? I'm going home.
My bed's calling me.
Well, I thought we could go somewhere together.
I don't think that's a good idea.
It's just that sometimes I miss you, Frida.
Frida Look, sometimes I miss you, too, but it's over between us.
It ended long ago.
Maybe we could I don't know, rebuild our relationship.
We were great.
Everything clicked when we were together.
It's not possible.
Look, our relationship meant a lot to me, but it was really intense.
I just want to leave that in the past.
- Okay, fine.
- Where it belongs.
Don't take it the wrong way.
I really care about you and respect you as a colleague.
That's why I asked for your help.
It was just an idea, but it was inappropriate.
- I'm sorry.
- You don't have to apologize.
It's cool.
But it was important to set it straight.
Yeah, I get it.
- Good night.
- Yeah.
Come on, sir.
Let me help.
- Thanks.
- What's this? Why don't you go home? You have no idea.
- My wife threw me out.
- No way.
- What did you do? - Nothing.
I swear I did nothing wrong, Roxana.
- Nothing.
- I don't buy it.
I was going to find a motel, but what for? I didn't want to bother my My fucking ranch was completely destroyed.
Completely destroyed.
Listen, sir, you can always stay with us.
- We've got a spare room.
- No, Roxana.
But thanks.
Look, this office This place is my second home.
The only one I've got right now.
You're right on that one.
What else can I do to help you, sir? Nothing, Rox.
Rox, what would I do without you? Nothing.
I'd be a mess.
Wow, I can see you're wasted.
No, I'm fine.
- Look at all those empty bottles.
- It wasn't me.
I'm fine.
I swear I'm fine.
Fucking Susana.
Don't transfer If she calls, tell that bitch to go to hell.
I don't believe a word you're saying.
Wait, sir.
Sir I'm ashamed to ask, but I'm really worried.
- About? - This whole investigation.
Do you think it'll end badly? No.
Hold on.
Hold on.
You know me.
You know I won't let anyone destroy our lives.
- Just a sec, Florentino.
- Hi.
- What's up? - I - What? - I need you to question me.
I have to give the warden some papers.
Meet me in my office in an hour.
- One hour? - Yes.
- Okay.
- All right? - I'll meet you there.
- Yes.
Marcial, good morning.
- What do you want? - I need to talk to Peniche.
It's important.
That's it.
I've told you all I know.
Very well.
Look, I have a favor to ask.
It's personal.
Do you think I could get a leave? My son will be born soon.
It's a very difficult time, but I'll look into it.
- I've been good.
I deserve it, don't I? - Yes.
- Yes, I agree.
- I've stayed out of trouble, I've done my chores.
- Yes.
- I mean It's just that my wife needs me.
It's been a complicated pregnancy.
Yes, I swear I'll look into it.
I promise.
- Do all you can.
- Of course.
- Yes? - Do all you can, please.
Of course.
- Can you bring Florentino, please? - Yes, of course.
Don't forget.
Excuse me.
- See you later.
- Go.
Sir? Marcial y Dante are here.
- Let them in.
- Come in, please.
What is it, Marcial? He insisted on seeing you.
He threatened to report me to the inspector unless I brought him.
Tell me what to do.
Leave us alone.
If you're here to threaten or blackmail me, it's not going to work.
That was just an excuse to talk to you.
You're here now.
What's up? I need to go out.
Just 24 hours.
I'll come back, I swear.
Did the bullet reach your brain? Do you think this is a golf club you can visit at will? It's a family thing.
Do you understand the risk of what you're doing? Yes.
But I also know that you're aware of my usefulness.
Marcial! Take him to the courtyard.
Come on.
Move your ass, fucker.
You've been summoned.
Fucking hell.
Son of a bitch.
Code Red.
It's Florentino.
Subtitle translation by Larisa Jardon