El Recluso (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Fuck! Who sounded the alarm? Goddamn it.
Why the fuck is there an alarm? - Goddamn it, Santito, this is bullshit! - Step on it! Step on it! Floor it! - It's closed, dude! - Step on it, dude! Level the fucking door! I said level it, fucker! Open! - What's with the alarm, godfather? - Holy shit, dude.
- Step on it, fucker! - It's closed, Santito.
No, we're here.
All right, Mosco.
You either level that door or it's the end of the road! Calm down, Santito.
Calm down, dude.
- Level the door! - Calm down, calm down.
What's going on? What did you say? - What did you say? - No, no, no! What did you say? Say it again! Say it again, bitch! I'm going to kill you.
And then I'll be in control! Come on! Come on! Come on! Throw him some water! Check out that damn pussy.
Get a shower, fucker! That's it, you motherfuckers.
What's wrong? What's wrong? Let's go, blondie! Let's go.
Come on, bring her down, down.
No, no, no, wait, wait.
Get her back inside.
You stay with the chick.
Go on.
Hey, bro.
You stay here.
There's a conflict with the inmates.
Stay here while the matter's solved.
What do you mean, stay here? I'm sorry.
It's part of the protocols.
This classifies as kidnapping.
You realize that? What? How much do you want? Who do you think you're dealing with? - Calm down, Marcial.
- Calm down, Marcial.
Once this conflict is solved I'll come get you.
- What happened? - I don't want any heroes.
What's going on? You're not going to say anything? - No.
- You've gotta be shitting me.
Marcial, open the fucking He locked us in! They closed all doors over a fucking fight.
Wait until I give you new instructions.
- The fuck, godfather? What's this mess? - I'll call you back.
What the fuck are you doing here? - Where's the gringa, damn it? - She's in the truck.
Why'd that thing go off? The fucking Nazis made a mess in the dining room.
- Who's looking after the girl? - Bocinas.
- Who else? - No one else, boss.
Goddamn it.
If you want things done right you gotta do them yourself.
Why are you staring at me like idiots? Stay here and don't move, bastards.
Open the fucking door! - Marcial! - Julián.
- Open the fucking door! - What are you doing? - Julián! What's with you? - Hey! If you two want to die in this damn pit, that's your problem, not mine.
- Don't be stupid.
No one's going to die.
- What did you call me? I said calm down.
Acting crazy changes nothing.
You're great at starting fights, but when there's real trouble you don't even flinch? - Isn't the death of an inmate a problem? - That's none of your business! You're a coward and a hypocrite.
- So you do bite back now.
Bravo! - Enough! - Stop, you're making me nervous.
- How do you think I feel, huh? - I'm calling the police.
- The police? The authorities already know.
They sounded the alarm.
That won't do a thing.
They already know we're here.
Hello? I'd like to report a conflict in La Rotunda prison.
Yes, the public officials have us locked up and won't let us go.
Out of the way! - Careful, hun, or you might - Let's go.
Don't stay, please.
No, I'll wait for the warden before going.
What he fuck? Goddamn it! Open up! Open up! - Open, damn it! - Coming! Coming! - Open up! - Wait.
Open up! - Wait.
What's going on? - I'll explain later, Roxy.
Open, damn it! - What's going on? - Let me through.
Don't ask me anything right now.
Damn it, wait! But - That truck had to leave.
Fuck's going on? - Come this way.
This way, damn it.
"This way.
" You're the warden, fucker.
Do something! That truck had to leave.
Fuck! Open the fucking doors! We can't 'cause of the alarm.
It's for emergencies.
I didn't expect it.
I didn't set it off.
Someone fucked with us.
Someone snitched 'cause there's loads of cops outside.
And reporters, man.
Where's the fucking gringa? In the truck, ready to go.
Where else, man? She can't stay there.
It's too risky, man.
Get her out of there! Someone might see her.
- What do you want me to do? - Place her somewhere safer! Think, think.
Let's see.
Call Doctor Carreño and tell him to come over.
Do it now! Shut up.
Pick up, fucker.
Pick up, fucker.
Carreño, come to my office right now.
To Hurry up, damn it! Goddamn it.
This goes for my homie, dog! We're screwed.
I told you.
It's your fault 'cause you weren't quick enough.
If I give an order, you follow through.
You don't think.
They closed the door, man.
Yes, godfather.
What's up? Listen to me well, man, and don't fuck this up.
- Get the gringa and tell me when you do.
- No, no, no.
Calm down.
- What are you gonna do? - What am I doing, man? Your job.
- Let's get the gringa.
- Giddy-up.
No, where? Where? Where? No, this is on El Muerto and me.
I'll go with you, dude.
Will do good.
No, you stay.
And you too for being an idiot.
- Why stay? There's nothing to do here.
- Look, bud.
Didn't you hear what the boss said? Santito is in charge here.
So listen to him.
If you get bored you can always jack off Cumbias.
- You got that? - Some nice spankings, bud.
Let's go.
Calm down, calm down, calm down.
It's me, stay calm.
Everything's okay.
Stay calm.
Calm down, calm down.
It's me.
Calm down, stay calm, blondie.
Blondie, blondie.
Hold up.
I promise this mess will end.
Calm down.
It's okay, blondie, blondie.
Why'd you take so long? What's up, Romeo? Everything's ready.
Get down.
Bring blondie.
- No! No! - Calm down, calm down.
- Come with me, please.
- No.
Move, quick! Move! Move! Move! Move! Go! Go! Go! - Good.
- I'll translate, Muerto.
- Get in here.
Right this way.
- No, no.
- Get inside.
Inside, damn it.
- No! Oh, poor you.
- Here, dude.
- No! - Change.
- Stop it! - Stop! Stop! - Change, change.
Stop! Just stop! - "Just stop!" Don't move.
- Fuck you! - That's enough.
- Don't move! Don't move or I kill you! Let me put the hood over her.
Tie her up with the leash, dude.
And she'll stay calm all day, fucker.
This is hilarious.
I got her like that.
That's how they like it, man.
What's up, Rebollo? Door, door! You're so handsome, Rebollo.
- That lighting's good on you.
- You.
Go on.
Come here, fucker.
Take that, fucker.
Sir, the fight in the dining room's under control.
What'll we do with the casualties? We'll go over the details later, Marcial.
Thanks for stepping up.
Turn off that fucking alarm.
It's driving us mad, man.
- Looks like it's over.
- Here they come.
Fucking Bocinas, why do you feed her so well? Where do you think you're going? What's up, Roxy? We went to buy groceries.
Check it! We got a dummy.
How's that sound? How's that sound? They're waiting for us.
Go, go, go.
Open, open, open! - Look.
- Can someone explain what's going on? Nothing's going on.
I'll explain later.
- I'm getting calls with people asking - Don't let anybody in.
Tell them I'll gladly answer tomorrow, Roxana.
Help me out, Roxana.
Let's go.
- Help me out.
I'll explain later.
- Go, go, go.
Leave her, man.
Hurry, hurry.
- Go, go, go.
- You're so bony.
- Don't move.
Stay still, stay still.
- Let me go, let me go! Muerto, close the blinds, damn it! Close them! - Stop moving.
- Don't! - Don't touch me! No, no! - No, no, don't move.
Go, go.
- Great, she stopped struggling.
- Is that all? Is that all of it? - Hell yeah.
- You done? Good.
- Barely enough.
- She's letting go.
Hey, doc, don't you have some more.
For realsies.
That's kickass.
- Don't be stingy.
- The hell, godfather? What do we do? - I've no fucking clue.
Let's go.
- We must wait.
We must wait and keep a cool head, that's all there is for now.
She's all stiff.
Think she's dead? - Fucking Romeo.
- Please.
Zip it, man.
Okay? Go.
Thanks for everything and keep a sharp eye, 'cause Let's go.
Let's get the hell out, come on.
- Let's go, Muerto.
- Yes, boss.
- Come on, dude.
- Hurry.
Scram, man.
Why are you here? - Move it, dude.
Let's go, hurry.
- What was that? What was what? Our groceries.
Hell yeah.
Ciao, snack.
- Real nice, huh? Hell yeah.
- Hell yeah.
Hurry, Romeo.
Come! You can jerk off to her later, sucker.
What a pussy, man.
Well, damn.
What now, bud? This was your idea, fucker.
Here! Here! We're here, damn it! Goddamn it.
They got me, damn it.
Stay still, fucker.
Move! - Hello? - Hi.
Listen to me, there was a mutiny.
They couldn't get Linda out.
Are you okay? Yes, I'm fine.
Tell Morris.
Will do.
Hey Porfirio Porfirio.
Porfirio! Porfirio, what happened? Porfirio! Goddamn it.
Where's Porfirio? - What're you doing? - Porfirio! - He's not here.
I said he's not here.
- Where's Porfirio? - Porfirio! - Pablo Pablo, come here.
- Porfirio! - He's not here, damn it! - He's not here.
- Where is he? Out.
I don't know where.
I don't know.
Now you're gonna play dumb.
Porfirio! - Where is he? - Not here! Out! Where is he, goddamn it? Your call will be transferred to voice mail.
Porfirio, have you talked to Morris? Look, tell him to stay alert.
They'll try to move Linda.
I don't know when, if it'll be tonight or tomorrow.
Message me.
Goddamn it.
Hello? Doctor, he can't see you right now.
It's urgent, Roxana.
I'm sorry, but I have strict orders to not let anyone in.
- I won't go until - Heads up, man.
- At least tell him.
- I can't.
This is a critical situation.
You're impeding my work.
- Close that, close it! - Shut up.
- The other one, bastard, the other one! - Shut up.
Goddamn it.
All right.
Very well.
Thank you.
It's me.
Doctor's gone.
Well done, Rox.
Well done, Rox.
Go home and rest too.
You did great.
- You can go already.
- Are you sure? Definitely.
Tomorrow will be very tough, Rox.
Go now.
Help me, man.
Shut up, asshole.
Now your soul's at peace.
La Unión won't forget you.
You who were kept in chains, go free 'cause glory awaits.
Your family sends you off.
We guard you with peace of mind.
Blood boils in the delinquent heart.
Loyalty was tattooed on your face.
- Go.
- Go in peace.
Rest in peace, brother.
Go in peace.
Go in peace, brother.
- Rest.
- For La Unión.
Goddamn it, seriously.
There are still people outside.
Don't they have anything else to do? Don't get anxious.
When you're behind bars, you learn that time isn't worth shit.
And now you're behind bars.
So time isn't worth shit.
Besides, I have to talk to you.
Oh, yeah? About what? I fought with Susana.
To top it all, I can't go back home.
No kidding.
- What a pity.
- Whatever.
Everyone needs some fucking space, right? Didn't you say that one of the pros of being cooped up here is that even your wife misses you? So when she visits she finds you attractive.
If Susana loves you, she'll come around.
And if not, have a slice.
She's too young.
Well, if you don't like them gringas, I can get you any you want.
Are we playing or screwing around? Let's do.
Here we go, man.
Let's see what happens.
Yes, it seems it was serious, but I'm okay.
Thank you.
No, I just left the warden's office and he refused to see me.
Neither the relatives, the press, nor anyone else has been allowed inside.
It's a lot.
As I told you, what I worry about most is the disappearance of several inmates.
Yes? Yes, that'd be great.
Tell me what you need.
That Okay.
I'll get it for you, don't worry.
Is that all or are there more? That's all of them, sir.
Those mean trouble.
Not that fella.
Him we can solve as usual.
Fucking Nazis.
This could get us into some real trouble.
- And Foca, sir? - What about Foca? What do we do with him? Do we leave him in the fridge? That fat piece of shit - He apparently had an accident.
- Marcial, no.
Let me think! With all due respect, sir, I saw the body.
That definitely wasn't an accident.
One thing at a time.
First off, head to the entrance.
Calm all those people who are making a fuss.
You know, give them what they want.
You get me, right? - Yes, sir.
- I'm not telling you to lie.
But don't give away any details.
Tell them there was a mutiny, but that it's been neutralized and there wasn't any sort of abuse.
But no one can come in until things are entirely back to normal.
Tell them to return tomorrow.
To try again tomorrow.
And if they ask if there were any deaths? Then Listen to me carefully.
Open your mouth only if what you're about to say is more beautiful than silence.
Arabian proverb.
Learn it.
What's up, Rebollo? You like me, don't you? Are we sparring? Come.
Come, come, come.
Did you hear? Change of guard.
Open the door, fucker.
Open it.
Go, go, go.
Come on, we're out.
We're out.
We're going on a trip.
We're going on a trip.
Off we go! Ciao, fuckers! Step on it, Mosca.
Fuck yeah, fuck yeah.
Who thought otherwise? Traveling, dudes, traveling.
Want some? No? Want some? Of course not.
Want some? Want some? Come on, Diente.
Try some.
Life is good.
No one wants some.
There's more for me.
It was my fault.
I accept it freely before the world and you, doctor.
Do you take it with sugar? - Whichever.
- Without sugar then.
That fucking ball started everything.
The football? You can't mean that.
Frida, please I was naive.
I thought that allowing the inmates to watch a sports spectacle would promote healthy conviviality and exalt values.
Healthy mind, healthy body, all of that, but I was wrong.
The world's gone completely mad, Frida.
You know how things are one the other side and sadly, soccer was fatal.
Warden, there already were indicators concerning racial conflicts.
Then you tell me, Frida.
Help me with this, please.
What do I do? Do I put the American prisoners elsewhere? Should I build them a wall? I guess that would constitute a Human Rights violation.
But you're the expert.
Given yesterday's deaths and the situation, I had to open an inquiry.
- Excuse me? - Yes.
Someone from the National Committee will come.
It's highly probable it'll be Evaristo Galindo.
Evaristo? Frida, no.
That's not necessary.
This administration has always been transparent.
Actually, today I'm speaking publicly.
Then we expect you to cooperate with this investigation.
What? We've always cooperated, Frida.
I'll bring your coffee.
Okay, okay.
What's on your mind, Frida? Goddamn it.
What'd you do, fucker? What'd you do? - What'd you do, fucker? - Damn it.
You son of a bitch, have some.
It'll stop the pain.
- What's with you? - What's up, fucker.
- We're working, fucker.
- And who's in charge, pussy? Yeah, pussy? You're worth shit.
Just like your damn brother, fucker.
- What's he got to do with this? - What? Ethics, fucker.
Who's in charge? Who's in charge? Santito.
I forbid you from screwing with me! All of you! Fuck it all.
- Santito's in charge.
Want some? - No.
I still got more.
Are you sure? - No.
- Seriously? No.
When the job's done and you have your cash, you'll be so high I'll get that stick outta your ass, fucker.
And why the gringa? Wasn't it easier to attack a rich Mexican? Ladies and gents, the fuck? I know you're a badass but don't be so snoopy.
Right? Anyway.
Bocinas, turn the volume up! I'm here.
That one's Cumbias.
Well, shit.
Who's that? Cumbias! Turn up the volume, come on.
Stop screwing around, Santito.
You're already fucked up, dude.
- Bud, you're super stoned.
- Goddamn it.
That's it, that's it.
What's up? - Are you jealous? Isn't that it? - We're working.
He's jealous.
He's jealous.
My godfather put me in charge of this, fags.
You know why? Because this shit's complex.
Do the job first and then you take that shit, dude.
- Enough, fucker.
- Godfather.
What is it? How're you doing? Where are we, Mosca? - We're at mile ninety-seven.
- Mile ninety-seven, godfather.
We're there.
Yeah, I can see it, suckers.
And where's the other unit? I don't have a fucking clue.
I'll call them.
- What's up, Gargles? How're you doing? - We're delayed, boss.
There was a roadblock.
We had to go around it.
And why the fuck didn't you tell me? You must report everything, fucker! - Sorry, boss.
We're on route now.
- Fine.
Yes, fucking Gargles, yes.
I told him to take the highway.
Goddamn it.
I told him.
Gargles is He's Let's hope the feds don't catch us.
- Which route is he gonna take? - Are you high, son of a fucking bitch? Motherfucker.
You motherfucker.
You sent my godfather a message, right? - Don't be stupid, dude.
- Go fuck yourself.
- Godfather.
- If you hang up on me again, I'll hang you by the balls, fucker.
Everything's fine, godfather.
Everything's fine.
It's all I love you too, godfather.
Fucking godfather.
He gets all mushy.
Fuck yeah.
This one's to peace, fucker.
Here goes.
Leave that shit, fucker.
I'm craving it now, fucker.
Enough, dude.
That's enough.
Good afternoon, warden Peniche.
How are you? We're doing fine.
As usual, working to uphold an exemplary social readaptation system.
Yesterday was a hectic day in La Rotunda.
- Is that right? - Yes, there are complicated days.
There are days when No, you know what? Cut that.
Stop recording.
Cut, please.
No, no, no.
Don't jump straight to the mutiny.
I respect your work a lot, Mariana.
I understand and admire that we have few journalists left like you committed to finding the truth.
But we agreed, Mariana, we had agreed that the interview would include other subjects, not just yesterday.
The context matters, please.
- Very well.
If you prefer.
- Of course I do.
We should chat, have an exchange, yeah? No one likes to feel cornered.
Of course.
- Do you agree? - Then, let's pick up with the greeting, followed by a short introduction.
Something like that? Yeah, I like that.
You're the expert.
Of course.
Come on.
Goddamn it.
You've got ants in your pants.
Fucking Mosca.
How was the trip? And you are? I'm Sabrina.
I'm the daughter of the caretaker, Mr.
My father went to buy some things for the visits.
If you wanted to enjoy the afternoon, he could buy meat to do on the grill.
Don't worry, we'll leave quick.
This is your first visit? Get inside the house and find a room for the girl.
Go, go, go.
What's with you? You don't look like some caretaker's daughter.
I'll accompany your colleague.
The inside's locked.
Hey, hey, hey.
What's with that dude? Relax, bud.
He's just working.
Come in.
You and your father live here on your own? No, I live in the town.
Two kilometers from here.
- You know it? - No.
It's very pretty, it's peaceful.
Did your father tell you about us? - He said you came from jail.
- Yes.
And he left you alone to welcome us.
That's the way we work.
And who are you? My father and I.
That's how the house works.
Is your friend okay? Yes, why? I don't know.
He seemed a bit anxious.
That's just like him.
He gets tense.
This is your home.
We have, and I can't stress this enough, a commitment to the inmates, that's a lifelong process.
I won't lie to you.
Sometimes the conditions aren't right.
It's not that we don't have the will, but we lack the resources.
Despite these shortcomings, yesterday's tragedy was a completely isolated case.
- Did anybody die? - Yes, sadly they did.
- Could you give us a number? - Two dead and around ten wounded.
What's up, fucker? What? Did I scare you? - Well? - It's done.
- All good? - Yes.
Get her out.
Come on, come on.
Bring her out.
Out, out, out.
I'll take her.
What's up, godfather? I dunno, dunno.
I don't trust them and got a bad feeling.
No one said we'd meet the caretaker's daughter.
And there's some guy doing chores.
It's weird.
No, no, no.
Let's get the chick, take her someplace that's ours and end this shit.
Look, fucker.
Don't make a mountain of a molehill.
Take a photo so I can send it to Peniche.
A photo, a photo.
And why didn't you give the press access until today? Okay, I believe I must clarify the reasons.
On one side, there's the right to information and transparency that we're entitled to respect.
But on the other side, there's the fact that I must guarantee to you and my employees that you'll be able to work safely in any situation.
Right? - Of course.
- Yes.
And, look, here's the thing.
Mariana, I'm glad you touched the subject because I believe that as a society we have to take a step forward.
It's urgent that we understand that education is key to promote tolerance and diversity.
If I were to tell you the number of youths, young men, who are here and no one visits them.
So it is.
For example, there's this transsexual kid's story Hold on.
You know what? I have to cut the interview short.
I have to cut this short.
- Forgive me.
- Why? What happened? It's just Roxana, see them out, please.
- Okay, okay.
- See them out.
- Everyone, thank you for your time.
- Roxana, keep a sharp eye.
Anyway, time's up.
How'd it go? Did you finish? - What is it? Did your drawing win? - Come here.
Did your drawing win at the exhibition? - That's great.
- Someone ratted on us.
- They're looking, fucker.
- Gargles was ambushed.
- What about the ranch, bastard? - Stop acting already.
Do you know this fucking bitch? That's my ranch.
It's my ranch, fucker.
She's the caretaker's daughter.
I'm talking to you.
- Stop acting - Shut up.
The caretaker has a daughter that age but I've not seen her in years.
God fucking damn it.
Subtitle translation by MARÍA JOSÉ MARTÍNEZ DELFÍN