El Recluso (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

We have to go to the police.
They can help No, Frida.
Please, I'm begging you, don't involve the police.
There are very dangerous people behind this.
I just need you to help me find my son.
I'm all he's got.
- I have to help him.
- Okay.
- Without me - I'll help you.
We'll find him.
We'll find him.
Come in.
- Sit down, José Luis.
- Thanks.
- How are you? - Fine, thank you.
Very busy.
We're all sentenced somehow.
Yeah, I suppose so.
Oh, well.
We've got to keep going.
I called you because I've got a favor to ask.
Tell me who to kill.
If you only knew But no.
Let them die on their own.
Is your brother still working at Reynosa's investigative police? Sure thing.
So is my cousin.
As I've said, half of my relatives are thieves and half of them are cops.
Imagine our Christmas dinners.
Try to guess which half roots for América FC.
Look, I need some information about a kid that's gone missing Pablo Mendoza.
Count on it, doctor.
I'll tell my bro.
Thank you very much.
It's for the lady who cleans my house.
She's related to him.
The couple that looked after the boy was killed.
No one knows anything about him.
- If it happened here, my bro will know.
- Yes, it happened here.
But please be very discreet.
No one here can find out.
It's not very professional.
Don't worry, doctor.
I won't talk.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
You're always helping us out.
I attended my mom's funeral thanks to you.
You're a flower among stones.
Come on, Bocinas.
Come on, my son.
Put some pressure.
- A call.
- Who's calling? - Who? - Some slut.
I'll be right back.
Don't go, man.
- Which one? - Number 2.
Hello? Fuck.
- What's up? - You were very nice to me, so thanks.
Look, blondie, you can't just call me.
My dad is dead.
Do you know why they kidnapped me? Drop it.
Look, I Your dad stole some money from Tavares.
Do you understand? Your dad's an asshole.
Don't poke around.
It's dangerous.
A gift, man.
Is he talking to the gringa we had here? I think he nailed her.
Really, man? Stupid fucker.
It was a shitty business I have to go.
- What's up? - Nothing.
- Who was that? - No one.
Where are you going? Who called you, man? The fucking gringa we had here? She wanted to check up on me, man.
Was she worried about you? Did you hear that, man? She called because she was worried.
She wanted to check up on Bocinas.
Are you fucking her? Come on.
It's the first time.
- It happened once? - It's the first time she's called.
Come here, pussy.
Come here, asshole.
Listen carefully.
Unless you want the boss to find out you're fucking the gringa we had here, you have to give my man Silvestre a gift.
All right.
I'll bring it later.
- Don't say anything.
- For now.
You know why I won't, man? Because I've also been obsessed with some bitch.
But don't be stupid, kid.
You have to understand that work is work, man.
Don't get confused, man.
Just jerk off, man.
It's safer that way, right? Stupid kid.
Hey, wait up.
- Wait up, man.
What about me? - What? What do you mean? Give me something.
There, dude.
But keep quiet.
What about Silvestre? I will give it to him.
- Did you wipe your ass with it? - You don't want it? What's up, man? What are you doing with that money? - What are you up to? - Bocinas had a debt.
Where's Santito's commission? - Come on, man.
- That's loose change.
- Only greens for me, brother.
- Drop dead.
- Where's the money? - What's up, guys? Those fuckers from La Unión are stealing stuff from the shed.
- I swear, man.
They are - No way.
Hold on, man.
Did you see them? - Let's kick some ass.
- No way.
- Bring pickaxes.
Bring that shit.
- No.
- What the fuck? - We should tell your godfather first.
My godfather's busy.
Santito's in charge.
Open up.
- No.
What is he going to say? - Don't be an ass.
You're a wuss.
Those guys scare you, don't they? - Are you scared? - They can suck my cock, man.
- Open the door.
- It would piss off your godfather.
What the fuck? Open it! What is my godfather going to say if we sit still? Open the fucking door.
- Come on, Muerto.
- Let him out, pussy.
- All right, fuck them.
- Let him out.
- Get fired up, pussy.
- Give me that.
- Get fired up.
- Fuck it.
You outdid yourself, man.
- See how happy they are? - Give them everything.
I've always thought that a man fails when he makes a mistake and doesn't gain some experience from that.
Think about it, Rox.
There are also men who Who know that crises bring opportunities, and they make the most of them.
Stop the Tavares.
Don't let them reach the courtyard.
Sons of bitches.
You're screwed, assholes.
Open up, pussy.
Open it, asshole.
You can't go outside.
Back off, asshole.
Filthy fucker.
- Go back to your wing.
- Open up, pussy.
Come on.
What the fuck? Okay, hold on.
And if we don't? What then? I'll beat the crap out of you until you're unrecognizable.
- Really? - We'll call Dante, asshole.
Call your sister, too, asshole.
Go get my godfather.
Go get him now.
You can suck my dick, pussies.
Suck my dick, pussies.
Hell, yeah.
What the fuck is going on here? - No one can go out.
- Really, fucker? Why not? Orders from upstairs.
For fuck's sake.
What do we do? Wait a sec.
Wait a sec.
As soon as it's open, pussy Fuck you, pussy.
What's wrong? Why the obscene gesture? I'm the one who should be pissed off.
No one's treated me this way in years, asshole.
Hard times.
You're getting old, dear Mariano.
Stop having tantrums.
Or would you like me to transfer you? - Don't forget I have that power.
- You can't intimidate me, asshole.
If you want to talk, let's do it privately.
I'll let you know.
I've got your number.
Fucking Peniche.
Hi, handsome.
I got you these ones.
Choose one.
Check them out.
I want this one.
Who is it for? That Frida chick? Take this one instead.
That's nice.
Congratulations, Marcial.
The job's gotten complicated lately, but today you and the guys excelled.
Keep it up.
Thanks, sir.
If I had my way, I'd make use of other means.
This is not the time.
Last week's riot, the investigation Nothing would surprise me now.
Sir, with all due respect, may I tell you what I think? "I'd die defending your right to express your opinion, even if I don't share it.
" - Voltaire.
- Then I'll express it.
Go ahead.
Everything's gone to hell for two reasons.
One: Tavares.
We let him grow too much.
Two: the new guy, Dante Pardo.
I knew he'd be a pain in the ass the minute he arrived.
He's a big deal now because he took over Foca.
If you ask me, I'd get rid of the weakest.
Good point.
You know what? Go get Tavares.
It's time to start breaking the eggs for the omelet.
My pleasure, sir.
Excuse me.
What can you see here? What do you mean? What my fucking eyes perceive, fucker.
Why do you take all that shit? Those idiots take everything.
Food, goods, drugs We've got to put up with it.
I've been in jail many times.
For 10 pesos I'd get a bed and a mattress.
But these idiots hog everything.
The man upstairs is to blame.
I don't mean God, man.
What if I told you that he's sick of all those privileges? If you get organized and show him you're the real thing, you'll get this place.
But you have to lead them.
Why do you think I let you distribute this stuff? Thanks, homie.
Look alive.
I can't understand why they tolerate what's in your report.
I mean, it makes sense if the warden is getting a nice cut.
There's no evidence, but you know where we are.
Do you think it can get worse? Hello.
Good morning.
- Hi.
- Good morning.
Any news? Any bodies, murders or disappearances today? - No.
- Nothing major.
We still have enough material for the report.
- I'll leave you to it.
- Later.
I can't take that kind of humiliation anymore.
You ordered a search.
You confiscated my merchandise.
And now you ban my freedom of movement.
What's this about, asshole? What do you want, jerk? Should I sit idle? No.
Someone has to enforce the rules.
How old do you think I am, fucker? You have something against me, but you don't have the balls to say it.
Do you want to know what I have against you? Okay.
Wounded people, fights, disappearances, inexplicable deaths.
Why? Because of that stupid gang you can no longer control.
What's it called? But you don't mind getting rich, do you? I swear on my mother's life that if you mess with my organization, I'll kill you, jackass.
Instead of getting mad, you should support me.
I bust my ass every day to clean up your fuckups, asshole.
Stop whining, asshole.
Do you want me to sit there and do your job, as well? Don't fuck with me, Peniche.
Don't make me think we're enemies, or one day, you and I will meet each other's fists.
Come on.
Anytime, asshole.
But there'll be no guards or tricks.
Fine, no tricks.
I'm not afraid of you, jackass.
- Name the time and place, pussy.
- Are you calling me a pussy? No, I'm not calling you a pussy.
I'm calling you a fucking pussy.
Great, asshole.
What are you doing? Choosing a date, and it's today, fucker.
Today's the day, asshole.
- Come on, pussy.
- Come on.
You're going to piss your pants.
What's wrong, pussy? Fuck you.
This is the notification.
There's enough evidence to discharge the head office at least.
The drug trafficking, the privileges for just a few inmates, the riot's casualties, the irregular handling of some cadavers, and the disappearances attributed to Dante Pardo.
I thought that didn't make sense to you.
What doesn't make sense to me is your infatuation.
What's up? - Is that relevant for the report? - Okay, fine.
We're not assessing your work, just Peniche's.
There's nothing between me and Dante Pardo.
Or any other inmate.
- Is that clear? - Okay, fine.
But the thing is that he's been linked to cases riddled with irregularities.
Like almost everything here.
I don't want to get you into trouble by submitting this report.
Okay? I called you, Evaristo.
I started this.
Someone has to pave the way.
I got the task.
It's fine.
I'd forgotten how much I like working with you.
- Thanks.
- I mean it.
- Me, too.
- Seriously.
You're You're very brave.
- Well - Listen.
- What? - I still want to read your dissertation.
I'll bring it tomorrow.
- It's fine.
- Tomorrow? - Yes.
- Okay.
- I hope so.
What's wrong? - What's going on? Evaristo Try to control yourself.
Go stand over there.
Don't get confused.
Look, let's give the report to Peniche, and then we'll talk.
Stop it.
You're going to get hurt.
Security! Come here, for fuck's sake! Come on.
You brought your little girls to help you, right? Get him out of here.
Take him away.
Son of a bitch.
- Are you okay, sir? - Yes, I'm - I'm great, thank God.
- What happened? - What was that? - Nothing.
A bit of cardio, doctor.
Warming up the muscles.
I'm glad they took him away.
I was about to kill him.
I've seen many things in this country, but nothing like this.
That's me.
My method may seem a bit extreme, but that's why they respect me.
I treat them like equals.
Do you want to beat the penitentiary's warden? You can.
And it works.
- Some water, sir? - Please.
- Some coffee or anything? - No, thank you, Roxy.
All right.
What can I do for you? Here.
This is the report we made for the attorney general.
These many pages? The last one is the one that matters.
Let's see.
"The attorney general's office" Hold on, Frida.
Last week we had a strange conversation.
Why? Because you saw Santito's report, and you didn't agree with it.
I admired your composure.
You defended your opinion.
But this? These lies? I'm surprised.
I don't know why.
I've never been one to put up with irregularities.
All right.
It's no big deal.
I've been informed.
- I'll sign the form.
Do you have it? - Yes.
These are lies.
I mean it.
This prison's considered one of the best in the country.
You both know it.
I've dedicated my life to this damn project, and so much more.
- Excuse us, sir.
- Good luck.
Sons of bitches.
All good? What's up? For sure.
All good.
What? Are you looking for more gifts for your friends? No.
- That was just to control them.
- Fuck off.
This is good for you, bread and games.
Think about it.
Let's see if my godfather buys it.
Bread and games.
What's that? Are you getting married? Is it genuine? No, but it's my mom's.
It's worthless, but it'd hurt to lose it.
Sure, yeah.
Moms are sacred.
Know where I could hide it? It's just that you're You're amongst thieves, punk.
I know, but I thought you I mean You had a place to hide the gringa.
- Right? - Wrong.
No, man.
- I don't know.
- Sure? I said no.
You know what? I do know.
Sure, there's a place.
- Where, man? - It's really cool.
It sure is.
- Where? - Yeah.
Yeah, you could You could check Check Silvestre's ass.
No one is ever going to find it there.
Sure thing.
That ass loves wedgies.
I know him.
Hell, yeah.
He won't feel a ring.
Fucking Diente.
Bread and games.
You're bread and games, fucking Diente.
He's good.
Have a nice day.
All set.
I'm going now.
- Signing off? - Thanks.
Yes, I am.
And you, sir? "Sir"? Why "sir"? Sorry.
What about you? Yeah.
Today's been Today's been a weird day.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Things have gotten very complicated around here lately.
But it's still daytime.
- Yes.
Luckily, we're off early.
- Luckily.
So, do you have a car? Do you need a ride? No.
It's not necessary.
I always take a cab outside.
Thanks, Alex.
See you.
No, wait.
I would never let an ambassador for culture like yourself take a cab.
- Ambassador for culture? - Yes.
We hardly have a complete encyclopedia here.
Every detail counts.
- What do you say? - Okay.
- Shall we? - All right.
How are you? Take care of it, Memo.
Focus on the tires.
Make them shiny.
Come on, assholes.
Beat it.
Listen, asshole.
What do you have against Santito? He needs his therapy.
- Who're you? Or? - "Who're?" Enunciate, asshole.
Fucking asshole.
Do you want to know who I am? I'm Mariano Tavares' wife.
Now, about Santito, why don't you want to see him? I'm not going to say a word about my patients with a third party.
Fuck off.
You idiot.
- There's only two of us.
- A third party.
- Don't be stupid.
- Hey.
Start decorating his fucking car.
It's fucking ugly.
Help this jackass out.
His fucking car's a piece of crap.
What the fuck are you doing? Don't.
What's wrong with you? - Don't talk to her like that.
- Nice.
You know what? You should keep your mouth shut about what Santito said about my husband.
Do you know why? Because if you don't, we'll come here and blow you up into pieces, you and your entire family.
Fuck you.
Watch your fucking tongue, jackass.
Did I make myself clear? Do you know what to do? Start treating him again, pay attention to him, and say nice things to cheer him up.
- My Santito's a good boy.
- Yes.
He's very kind.
He's a sweetheart.
Deal? - Yes.
- Are we clear? Okay.
If I find out he's depressed, you won't live long.
- Is that clear? - Yes.
- Is that clear? - Yes.
I got it.
- Is that clear, jackass? - Look.
He dropped his things.
Poor baby.
He dropped them.
- Poor thing.
His things.
- Pick them up.
- Move it.
- Move it.
It'd better be clear.
I don't want any confusions.
- I'll be nice to him.
- Say nice things or he'll get depressed.
- Is that clear? - Yes.
All right, then.
All right, then.
Bye, faggot.
Look at you.
Do you think I look nice? Do I look good? - Great.
Very pretty.
What are you up to? - I'm glad.
Well, yeah.
I am up to something.
I did what you suggested.
I aimed high.
- Well done, girl.
- Yeah.
- But be careful around here - Doctor.
- I'll go.
- Have a nice day.
- Navarro.
- Good luck.
- Here's Sobaco.
- Hello, José Luis.
It's all yours.
Be careful, asshole.
Thanks, Marcial.
It's fine.
José Luis is a good man.
Yes, that must be why he's here.
Did you write this? - Well, it's my doctoral dissertation.
- I see.
It's big.
Before I forget.
My brother's phone.
May I? Look, you should call around 2:00.
He's very busy right now with some files, but he'll help you.
He can give you five minutes before lunch.
Thank you so much, José Luis.
I mean it.
Hey, Diente.
What the fuck? Have you hidden the ring yet? - Was Silvestre in pain? - Fuck you.
Hey, Santito.
Santi - Fuck, man.
- Do you get it? Do you? Because I do.
Do you? We have a problem, Dante.
I'm all nice and like, "What's up, homie?" I want to protect you.
I want to help you, back you up, and you? You reject me.
You've built a fucking wall.
You know what? I feel sorry for you, asshole.
I know you are mad and all, that you're miserable, but - Even Foca was less pathetic.
- Hold on.
Turn around, man.
Look at me.
- Look at me, man.
- Fuck off.
I care about you, idiot.
A lot.
What would I do without you, asshole? - We're buddies, man.
- Really? You're my friend.
You're so fucking cool.
Diente plus Santito, right? Okay.
- Yeah, man.
- You scared me.
- No.
Don't be scared.
- You scared me.
- Don't worry, man.
- What the fuck? - What the fuck? - I'm right here.
- You're here, I'm here.
- Sure thing.
- Sure thing.
- Sure thing.
Whatever you need, okay? I'll talk to my godfather about the ring.
- It's okay.
He'll help you out.
- Yeah? - Hell, yeah.
- I appreciate it.
Consider it done.
You're the shit.
You're the shit, pussy.
You scared me.
You should've seen that little shrink.
He was so scared.
Trini's good for that.
We should use her more.
- So, it's done? - Of course.
What about you? Did you settle things with Peniche? Can you do it? Or do you need me to soften him up? Well, there's nothing official yet.
But I talked to Jorgito.
He's a good guy.
Sit down.
But he's a fucking politician.
See? They take my money, but when their bubble gets burst, they walk around like headless chickens.
But don't worry, babe.
If he doesn't fix his ways, he'll meet the boss.
I hope so.
I'll sort it out in a week.
She said it was mine, and I said, "How's that possible? We've just met.
"I don't even how to do my laundry, you bitch.
" - She left all embarrassed.
- Yeah.
"The baby's yours, and I'll call him Junior.
" Hello, love.
Hey, is Cuau at home? He's not here, but I am, little Mama.
- Come here.
- Stop flirting.
I know he's here.
Come in, ladies.
Hi, handsome.
- What's up? - Why are you so happy? Look, darlings, we've got a very simple request.
As you know, if asses need to be kicked, we come through.
You just scratch people.
Just scratch? We have other tools, love.
Really, Mama? - Come in.
- Thanks.
I adore a gentleman.
- Here's the thing.
- Wait.
Check for ears, Balín.
Kicking people's asses is not really our thing.
- Is it, girls? - No.
It really isn't.
But if it's to help someone, well count us in.
We want to be safe from the Tavares.
This one will keep you safe.
We're looking for allies.
All right.
La Unión is here to fight and rule.
We'll call you when the shit goes down, Mama.
I like what I hear.
We have a deal then, Daddy.
Take care, handsome.
Good one, Mama.
I can't believe it.
Get up, you lazy fuck.
This is not a hotel, asshole.
- Get up.
- What the fuck? I'm up.
What? While you're sleeping, that fucker Dante's giving our stuff away.
No, hold on.
It's just that Hold on.
He's onto something.
That jackass didn't explain himself.
That's all.
It was all a ruse to make La Unión feel tough and all that.
A game.
Bread and games.
We won't tolerate this again.
No, I know.
It's under control, Godfather.
It is.
- I hope so, asshole.
- That's enough, Godfather.
So? Don't you have to see your therapist? What? Now you care? You've always made fun of me.
Come on, go.
If you run out of topics, tell him Azucena came to see me.
All right.
And that she said your dad sends his best.
Really? Okay.
Stop it.
Go now.
- Go.
- I do, too.
I'm going.
Come in.
I'm in.
Where's your buddy? Let's keep working together.
Guess what.
I don't want to anymore.
Why? Why would we? Why? I've been thinking, and I think we need some time to fix our relationship.
We've worked hard on this.
Hell, yeah.
I told you.
I did.
But you wanted me to find another therapist and shit.
You were playing dumb.
Why? I had my doubts, that's all.
I'm a doctor, but I'm also human.
There's a bond between doctor and patient.
It's complicated and it's irrelevant.
What do you mean? It is relevant.
I'm interested.
- Santito.
- Come on, sing.
I am interested.
This is the dynamic we need to change.
We can't work like this.
All right.
No, I know.
Of course.
Now I get it.
All right.
Of course.
I'm sorry.
So? What happened to your face? A blow? Does it hurt? - No, it was just - Peace and love.
For the pain.
A gift from Santito.
- See? - Keep it.
It's a small bruise.
Let's not waste our time on this.
Let's talk about you.
How are you? Good afternoon, doctor.
Yes? It's just that I need to ask you one thing.
Subtitle translation by Larisa Frine