El Recluso (2018) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

Good afternoon, Dr.
- Yes? - Look, I need to ask you something.
- May I? - Please.
Well Where should I begin? You know I'm a reasonable man, and above all just.
Then I'll tell you the truth.
It's not difficult for me to see you as my successor in this prison.
You have ambition, smarts.
That's why it pained me that you signed that report.
No, sir.
That's not the issue.
- No? - No.
Then why do you slander me like that? This isn't personal.
Not at all.
I'm only protecting the inmates, La Rotunda, and even you.
I see.
It's just so simple to judge and point fingers when you're not in power, right? Just say "that guy doesn't know anything and acts wrongly," then wash your hands and be done with it.
Well, the attorney has the final word.
So if you have proof we've overlooked, then you won't have problems.
You are a professional.
I hope that in the future you'll understand that loyalty is tiny but essential in this machinery.
Think about it.
Did I interrupt you? You were typing on your computer, right? Working.
The dollhouse is real pretty, fellas.
Check out La Caracola.
Always so made up.
Yes, darling.
I always need to look good.
- It's not like I'm dead.
- You know what you're like? - Like what? - Like beer with blow.
Why? You're bad for me but I want a taste.
Whenever you like, baby.
You're missing confidence.
No way, bud.
Stop screwing around.
She's used and isn't worth shit anymore.
How well do you know me? I know you, Caracolita.
Here's some Snow White for the princess.
No, no.
No, darling, no.
We couldn't chip in.
We're not VIPs like you.
Right, girls? Are we VIPs? No, no dice.
Well, shit.
You're really not buying anything? Nothing? Not even a tiny pouch? Darling? No, thanks.
The fuck? Do you know what could happen? My boss will get pissed and stop sending you squat.
Sucks, daddy.
Fine, fag.
We're done.
Just don't come crying to us that you've got nothing.
Because all of you are going to hell now, fuckers.
We'll manage, honey.
Okay? Don't worry.
Real big-balled now, huh, slut? Did you grow balls or what? Guess what, asshole? I've always had those.
Yeah? You son of a bitch? Come with me, fag, so you explain to my boss.
- Real cocky.
You're not paying? - Let go.
Suck my dick, fucker.
Go on.
- You're hurting me.
- You're a real badass, right, fucker? - You'll explain to my boss.
- Leave him, damn it! Leave him! Don't be rude.
That's a lady.
They didn't want to buy, boss.
Well, shit.
Why not? You're clean or what? To be honest I already I already explained to them that - Go on.
- We're broke and We couldn't chip in.
What's going on, Caracolita? Why are you doing this to me? Haven't I taken good care of you? Of Of course It's not that, just Look.
If you tell me what's up, I won't get mad with either you or your fucking posse of junkies.
But it you don't speak, fucker.
If you don't Okay Okay, okay, okay.
It's just that We already bought.
I didn't want to, okay? But the rest agreed and it happened.
Good, good, good.
That's how I like it.
Speak the truth to me.
Give her a beer.
I like that you tell it to me straight.
We appreciate you, yeah? Give her the beer.
We really do.
Just like we appreciated Florentino before he passed away.
Poor fellow.
He wasn't the same after Foca's accident.
Come here, man.
Sit down.
Talk to me.
Who sold it to you? In truth, it was a guy from La Unión, but Please, no fuss.
I'm cool.
Thing is no one else can sell blow.
Only me.
Or one of ours.
And that also goes to the buyers, asshole.
Yeah? Yes.
Thing is It was real cheap.
Half the price.
What are you taking, sweetheart? They cut that crap with rat poison.
Someone as pretty as you shouldn't take that crap.
And? Is it the price? If it's the price we can talk it out, yeah? We'll talk it out, just like that.
Haven't I offered you a price, bastard? Didn't I give you a price? We'll do that.
This better be the last fucking time.
Drink your fucking beer.
All of it, fag.
Swallow, fucker.
Go, go.
Scram, scram.
Get the hell out, go.
Don't you dare piss off my boss again, homie.
'Cause he's diabetic.
God fucking damn it! I'm not fucking diabetic! - Go! Get Dante here already! - Yes, boss.
- Go, fucking bums! - Hurry, dude.
The connection's not working.
Could you help me again? Jeez, doctor.
You said you'd risked enough already.
The computers are being monitored.
And once you get a connection many will freak out - and if you send files here, it's worse.
- Yes.
I don't want to get you into trouble, of course.
But this is very important to me.
Stay calm, don't worry.
I'll speak to him.
- Please.
- Yes.
- Excuse me.
- Thank you, José Luis.
Boss, Dante's already here.
- Okay, go.
- Yes, boss.
Let's go, dude.
Come in.
You're treating me like a fool just like Santito.
And that's not okay.
Right? Me? Of course not.
Tell it to me straight.
I'm already old, right? I'm not scary like used to be.
If you have something to say, do it.
Thing is, it's on you to take care of the yard.
But you're like a chick.
You give three steps, then muck it up.
- I'm mucking it up? - Yes, a lot.
Your fucking neighbors are selling coke in the homosexuals' pavilion.
I didn't know.
- I'll check it and report back.
- No doubt you fucking will.
I know what's going on and I'm telling you now! You don't muck around with the Tavares' laws.
Go on, go on.
Where are you taking me? Come here.
This is my jail, dude.
It's all here, hell yeah.
Right here in your conscience.
Your conscience is screwed up even if you're not a junkie.
This'll be cool.
This'll be badass.
Relax, relax.
Watch it.
What's this? We're buds.
But we've never done what buds do.
Come in.
Come in, this'll be real badass.
Come in.
What? Just you and me? You and me.
Anything you like.
Kidding! You freaked out, Diente.
What's up? Calm down.
Come in, come in, come in.
Come in.
Come in.
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, Dante.
Go on.
I'll go straight for dessert.
Hell yeah.
Have you told your godfather about the ring? About what? Have you talked to you godfather about where to hide the ring.
Damn, dude.
Check out this damn feast.
You're seeing this? And you wanna talk about a damn ring? You're such an idiot.
Fuck, fuck.
Wait, wait.
Wait, hold on.
Stay there.
Hell yeah, you finally made it.
What's up? What's up? What's up, Diente? You didn't say your friend would be this pretty.
Get inside.
Get inside already.
Hell yeah.
Fucking Tavares.
What an ugly fucker.
And still you smile, idiot? Nice tits.
Who's this damn chick? Roxana.
I don't wanna go.
The hell? That's weird.
I'm getting texts from the number you gave me.
No way, sweetheart.
I already changed my cellphone.
"I miss you, darling.
" "I can't live without your tits.
" Can you tell me who the hell wrote that? Show me.
That phone was stolen during the raid.
Goddamn it.
Peniche kept everything.
Son of a fucking bitch.
I didn't know, damn it.
No, no, no.
That ass will be on my case now.
Not a problem, sweetie.
Let the whole world see your rocking bod.
- But - What's missing in this fucking life is more beauty.
- Right? - That's true.
- Right, my beastie.
- What? - What? - Where's my dinner? You're still hungry? - Very.
- So greedy.
Go, then.
You know what? - What? - I also love your huge tits.
I'm so glad you love my huge tits.
They're yours, my beastie.
What's up, homie? You freaked out? Are you dizzy? No mistake.
Already sent some treats your way.
What you think? You're fucking lost in space, right dude? What'd you give me, fucker? Get off.
Where you going? Hold it.
Hold it.
Take it, take it.
Hold it.
Don't be stupid.
Don't let this feast I made you go to waste, bud.
You got hot from thinking about these chicks.
So dirty, jerking off.
Can I ask you something? Why are you such a damn prude, dude? You got someone else or what? Another one like me, dude? Didn't I tell you I'm the jealous type? Fucking Diente.
Stay still, dude.
Enjoy paradise, fucker.
Yeah? Enjoy it.
- Hey, hey.
- Hell yeah.
Let me do the work.
Go, go.
- What's up, darling? - Daddy.
Come on, I thought you'd forgotten me.
Until next time, boys.
See you tomorrow.
Forgive me.
I messed up.
- You have nothing to explain.
- I don't know what happened.
It was real stupid.
I didn't think that I think you're making this too big.
- It was just a fleeting thing.
- I don't want to see you.
The report is done.
Why don't you just leave? All right, I'll go, but I just want you to know that you can count on me whenever you wish, okay? I really don't know what to tell you.
That we're okay.
I Losing the baby was terrible.
It was a tragedy, but it wasn't anyone's fault.
Look, Frida.
Wait, wait.
I want I want to have a family with you.
I want to keep trying, I want us to give us one more chance.
Another chance, please.
- I mean it.
- I have a lot of work, Evaristo.
Frida You should've seen that.
I was so scared.
Come on, daddy.
I'm not Dante.
I'm Lázaro Mendoza.
Lázaro Mendoza.
And you? I mean you, Dante.
What? How long have you been here? A fucking lot.
Hell yeah.
I'm Lázaro Mendoza, and I'm sick of this shit.
You're so stoned.
Lázaro Mendoza.
This fucker doesn't want to tell me where the dough is.
Not a clue, dude.
I'm not Britney.
No, no way.
I'm La Gaviota! This guy always says he's Lázaro when he gets high.
Last time he got beat up.
But he held on.
He resisted like a badass.
And he was all, "Call me Lázaro.
" And, "I'm Lázaro, damn it.
" Come on.
You called, sir? - What can I do for you? - Come here, come here.
Did you know that Tavares is fucking a chick from here? - What? - I caught him! I found the texts.
The pics they sent.
They sent nudes, pics of their butts and sex organs.
Check this out.
- Have any idea who it could be? - No, they didn't photograph the faces.
This must be really embarrassing for her.
Must have low self-esteem if she lets such a disgusting guy fuck her.
That's awful.
She's real fine, right? Real fine, but has got real awful taste.
Awful taste.
Real fine.
Check out that ass.
That's a fine ass.
- Need anything else, sir? - No, that's all.
- Excuse me, then.
- Don't worry.
Hey, bud.
Take it easy.
I see you were about town.
We gotta check the inventory, dude.
I said we have to check the inventory.
Come on.
It was just a matter of time before you reeked of shit.
Walk, fucker.
No funny business, asshole.
The good news is the warden appears willing to help us once more.
I'm just waiting for him to send the new file.
What's wrong, Dante? Are you okay? What's wrong? No, no, nothing.
It's just that - I didn't sleep well last night.
- I see.
I get why.
- No, it's not what it looks like.
- That's not my problem.
- Let me explain why.
- I'm not interested.
You'll misinterpret the situation What? I just received the file.
What does it say? What's wrong? Doctor, is everything okay? Yes, everything's fine.
Everything's fine.
I'm here if you need anything.
- Can you explain this to me, please? - That photo's ten years old.
I'm not Dante Pardo.
My name's Lázaro Mendoza.
Porfirio wasn't my lawyer.
He was my brother.
I'm a retired Marine from the United States.
I came here to investigate the kidnapping of Linda Morris, the daughter of Judge John Morris with whom I work for, or used to.
Until he betrayed me and left me here.
Jack is another one of his bodyguards.
And he's the one who has my son.
I need you to believe me.
Is any of that in here? Read.
I'm sorry, but I'm processing the information - that you just told me.
- I know, I know.
I know it's hard, but please focus.
Read what it says.
This doesn't say anything about this Jack or some judge.
It just says something about some guy named Juan Carlos Vélez.
Says it's the body of the other person found in the house of your lawyer Your brother.
It says: "The hitman of the Los Cóndors gang who had come to settle a score with the deceased, Porfirio Mendoza.
" Does any of this make sense? Yes, my brother owed them a lot of money.
- Goddamn it, Porfirio.
- There's It says about your son's disappearance.
What else can we do? Let me read it.
Time's up.
Waiting room's full of good people awaiting their therapy.
- Yes, we're almost done.
- Five more minutes, please.
Seriously? Let's go.
Don't worry, Dante.
We'll continue in our next session.
- Thanks, Marcial.
Lead the next one in.
- Is everything okay? Yes, everything's fine.
Over there where it's dark.
The gang's selling shit in the jail and Tavares is really pissed.
You need to control them.
Stop getting into trouble.
Tell him to drop names if he's going to complain.
Otherwise, he should leave me alone, bud.
So it isn't allowed? What's not allowed? Selling blow.
You were selling blow? - Yes, at the school.
- Whose? - Answer! - From some guy who gets it outside, but don't get mad Are you stupid or something? - Stop.
- Let go! - You want them to kill me, idiot? - No.
You stupid or something? La Unión's codes must be upheld, bastards! - Hell yeah! - Yes or no? - Yes! - Cuau.
Tell Tavares I'll give back all his dough.
- He shouldn't worry.
- Come on.
The fucking show's over! Move along, asshole.
What's with you? I'm coming, I'm coming.
Come on, fucker.
Asshole! Son of a bitch.
Move, assholes! What? You got punished too? Yeah.
'Cause I just love cleaning up shit.
Come on, assholes, get to it.
You're used to this already.
Screw you, homie.
- This sucks, man.
- Screw you, homie.
No matter how much effort you put it, it's not enough.
This won't work.
You know what? Thing is we need to use that thing.
What's it called again? Some acid.
Muriatic acid.
Or we'll be stuck here all day.
Dante, go with him.
Come on, bud.
Hurry, hurry.
What about me? I wait here like an idiot, or what? Shut the hell up and keep working, asshole.
Fuck off, freaking pussy.
What's worse is we gotta work our asses off.
Goddamn it.
You're dead, asshole.
No way about it, man.
We gotta check one by one, dude.
There, dude.
Check there.
Open those one by one to see which is it.
You're dead.
- Is this it? - Dunno.
Smell it, bro.
- No, this ain't it.
- What's it smell like? Dunno, dude.
Like muriatic acid.
That shit's acid, bro.
Goddamn it.
You found it already? Is that it? No, dunno, dude.
- This is a beating La Rotunda style.
- No! No! Stop, bastard! No! No! No! Shut up.
Open it, open it.
Check those things, dude.
- Is this is it, man? - Check it, smell it.
Check that shit.
- Smell it? Don't you know where it is? - This is it, dude.
- Goddamn it.
- It should be there, that's where it was - last time I came, dude.
- You do it, you do it.
Goddamn it, man.
Goddamn it.
Cuau, Cuau.
Stop, dude.
Calm down, calm down.
It's me, it's me.
Who did this to you, man? What happened? Who did this, huh? Come on.
Up, up, up.
There, there.
Don't worry, I won't say anything, okay? Calm down, calm down, calm down.
Come, come.
That's it, that's it.
That stew was real spicy.
For real.
I'm sore.
- At least it's out, right? - Anything to report? Uneventful.
What happened, man? What? Shit.
Calm down.
You'll be okay.
Uneventful, asshole? - You were saying? - I don't know what happened.
What do you mean? Weren't you looking? Let me check what happened.
- I didn't see anything.
- That's bullshit.
Go, hurry, hurry, hurry.
Move, bastard.
Grab some of those beers.
- And leave me on my own.
- Got it.
I don't want anyone to come this way.
Look, man.
Go have a few drinks with these guys.
And when I tell you, take this shit to the junker so they disassemble it, got it? Go.
Close the door! Fuck yeah! Fuck yeah! Fuck yeah! You're a fucking genius, Tavares.
I was working when three fuckers suddenly appeared.
Who were they, homie? I didn't see them.
They had their faces covered.
But they were definitely Tavares' men.
To help with the pain.
- Take this for the pain.
- No, not now.
I'm fine.
They're just flesh wounds.
I'll be fine.
One of them dropped this in the shower.
So many devotees of Santa Muerte here.
Who knows who this belongs to? Keep your eyes peeled, homies.
The only certain thing is that bastard Ventura was with them.
He covered for them.
You were with him, right? I'll get some water.
We won't let this slide.
Because if you harm one of La Unión - You harm all of us.
- You harm all of us.
Those suckers are fucked.
- We'll get the Tavares.
- We'll get rid of them all.
It's time for those assholes to go to hell.
- Enough.
- I'll deal with it.
I wish to be alone.
Bye, Cuau.
Hey, hey, hey.
What doesn't kill you, man.
I know, homie.
I know.
- What's wrong, man? - You knew about those guys and Cuauhtémoc.
You're their errand-boy, asshole.
You took me to the warehouse and distracted me - while they fucked him over.
- Why would I? You have four hours to get out of here, asshole.
I don't want to see you again.
I don't Either you leave this prison, asshole, go to another pavilion, or I'll destroy you.
Don't come back here.
Don't come back here! I didn't betray Look, homie I want to apologize.
I didn't think they'd do this 'cause of a mistake I made.
It's all right, bro.
Gimme a heads up next time.
We never work alone in La Unión.
La Mara's got your back, homie.
Hey, homie.
The homies from Los Dorados say they can help us.
How? Tavares' brother-in-law's over there.
Santito's father.
Another son of a bitch that thinks he's some big-baller.
Sounds good.
Dante, come in.
Sit down.
Thank you, officer.
Please close the door on the outside, okay? Go on.
How are you? Fine? First of all, I hadn't told you but it was a good move to give away the stuff from the store.
Each day, Tavares loses power, credibility, and followers.
Well done, Dante, well done.
Hey, I heard a rumor that La Unión is furious.
What happened? Tavares emptied the showers to pummel Cuauhtémoc.
That Tavares.
- He's a menace, right? - This will become a slaughterhouse.
So help me stop it, yeah? I can't do it on my own.
Let me remind you an itty bitty fact, Dante.
I'm here to help you with anything so you help me with what I need.
I let you out.
You said you'd help me end Tavares' power but now you're saying you can't stop him? Tavares has a lot of power here.
We can't get rid of him overnight.
Here's some advice.
The best blow to strike any criminal organization is aiming at their money.
That's where their power lies, in their purse.
Did you know Tavares has a lot of money here? But that fucker's greedy.
I've never found out where it's hidden.
Go and get that money.
Get it, okay? What? Dante, say something.
That money's for a noble cause.
I want to donate it to a nursing home for old people.
Yes, I know Whiskey? You want some? Yeah, you'd like some.
Good old whiskey.
Put your weight in it.
Don't carry the weight of your hip on the leg.
Give a step.
Hello? I need to make a call.
Come in, guys! This is for Cuauhtémoc.
Get him.
Let's go.
LA UNIÃ"N BITES BACK Subtitle translation by María José Martínez Delín