El Recluso (2018) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

Let me remind you of something, Dante.
I'm here to help you, and you're here to aid me however I need.
I let you out.
You promised to help me bring Tavares down, and now you say you can't stop him? Tavares has too much power.
We can't bring him down overnight.
Here's my advice.
The best resource against a criminal organization is money.
That's what gives them power.
Did you know Tavares has a lot of money here? But he's a cautious asshole.
I don't know where he keeps it.
Go get that money.
Get it, will you? Say something.
That money will help a noble cause.
I want to donate it to a nursing home.
Old women, old men.
Wheelchairs Some whiskey? Are you in the mood? Of course you are.
Have some whiskey.
I mean, if you don't want to do it, it's fine.
I understand.
It's okay.
Please, taste this, Dante.
Taste it.
Come on.
However, Dante, I'm sure you know that Special Forces officers aren't welcomed here.
They have a bad rep.
And gringos have it worse.
What does that mean? You had this.
You came back with this after killing the judge.
Get me that money Lázaro.
Nice name.
Look how handsome you look.
Go get me that money, will you? I'll keep your secret.
Honestly, I'll keep your secret.
Go now, Lázaro.
We're done.
Pretty name.
A dog's name, but pretty.
I've always liked that name.
For the boys.
- Trini's cake is delicious.
- Yeah.
Tell her to keep it up.
We could get clean and decide to go legit.
What do you say? Your only skill is being sneaky, pumpkin.
Are we going to be bakers now? I'm solving the Peniche situation.
- Are you? - He owes me an apology.
That asshole has to respect me.
Tell the girls they can start bringing stuff again.
All right.
Think about it.
They could also bring more cake.
The guys from La Unión are Oh, well.
Why am I boring you with this? - Hold on, pumpkin.
- What can you do? Hello? Hello? - No - Try there.
Hello? Who's this? Yes, speaking.
Yes, I'm his sister.
What happened? What is it? What's wrong? Tell me what the fuck happened.
What the fuck happened? Kiko got killed, asshole.
- Kiko got killed, asshole.
- Easy.
Don't make a scene here.
Calm down, for fuck's sake.
Calm down.
Fucking hell.
What the fuck's wrong with this? For fuck's sake.
Fucking hell.
Son of a bitch, you startled me.
You're stealthy, man.
What? Did you lose anything? I didn't.
You? For sure.
I'm looking for your mother.
Where is she? Taking a shower has a downside.
Things come loose with soap.
Bracelets, rings medallions shit like that.
And they get lost.
But I don't know why you say that.
I just lost a little bag of cocaine that I dropped.
Have you seen it? Fuck.
I lost my dessert, man.
And they electrocuted him.
And they left a fucking sign that says "La Unión.
" Sons of bitches.
What are we going to tell Santito, pumpkin? We're going to tell him that La Unión is going down.
Do you understand, love? An eye for an eye.
Take that.
Now he really is lame.
Until they get rid of the cocky bastard.
Come on, shoot.
You're such a dog.
Fucking dog.
- My turn.
- Shoot.
Hell, yeah.
- Hey.
- A few passes.
Beat it.
What's up, Godfather? Why the long face? What? Santito.
Something terrible has happened, sonny.
What's up, Godfather? Relax.
What is it? I want you to know that above all, we're family.
Of course.
And no matter what happens you can always count on me.
All right.
Your aunt's just been told that your dad got killed.
Santito, put that down.
Come on, talk to me.
Say something.
Why don't they just kill us all? No fucking way.
In Kiko's honor, we'll get tougher every day.
Those assholes from La Unión are screwed.
I swear it on my life.
What's up, man? - Do you have a problem? - No.
None, man.
I'll stand over there.
Sons of bitches! Open up, asshole! Open up, you son of a bitch.
Come here, you son of a fucking bitch.
Or do you lack the balls? - Bastard.
- Is that what you want? You can gorge yourself on these, asshole.
I'll kill you, you fucking baldy.
You messed with my family.
Fucking reggaeton lover.
You messed with my family, asshole.
Don't you have a code of honor? - You're a fucking scumbag.
- Code? What code? You broke it first, asshole.
What is it? Does your ass hurt? Does your little ass hurt? Do your homies know that you lost your cherry and you liked it, asshole? And your brother-in-law? Are you going to use him as a strainer now that he's full of holes? You're going to meet the real Mariano Tavares, sons of bitches.
But it'll be a short-lived pleasure.
Because whatever happens no one will give a damn about you, assholes.
So what? There's a bunch of us, and we stand firm.
La Unión rules, geezer.
- We rule! - Anytime, anyplace.
You don't get it, jackass.
You have no idea who you're dealing with, asshole.
La Unión rules! La Unión rules! La Unión rules! First and foremost I'd like to apologize for not being there.
It's okay, babe.
Things are tricky in here and we couldn't get a leave.
You know? Confinement hurts more at times like these.
Not being able to be with you, to hold you to see my buddy and thank him for making me a better man.
All I can do is enjoy my time with Santito, whom I'll support and help for the rest of my life.
Of course, pumpkin.
Say something, Santito.
He's going to say a few words.
I Come on, son.
I haven't seen my dad in 19 years.
He taught me a lot and But he never got to see me this strong.
And I don't know if he knows I'm the shit.
He does, sonny.
I'll never find out.
And And You're the shit, Santito.
You are, son.
You're the shit.
Back there, you'll find Santito's clothes.
And Bocinas'.
The boss' are on the other side.
You have to iron it.
We all look like shit.
Hi, Muertito.
I was hoping you'd be here, holding the good stuff.
What the fuck do you want? Don't be so mean to me.
I know we did a bad thing.
It was wrong to buy coke from La Unión.
I told you so.
Watch your health, asshole.
It's not a game.
- I know.
- Use the good stuff, bitch.
You're so right.
They sold us pure crap.
I shouldn't tell you, but I even got the flu, love.
I told you.
So? Can you forgive us and hook us up for a party? - Can you believe him? - Don't be mean.
- We'll pay the full price.
- Yeah? Yeah.
I told you to go to hell, you fucking fag.
What else can you do? - Besides paying the full price? - Well, I don't know.
- You know I'm good at negotiations.
- Want some cock? - Why not? - Let's go.
- Wait.
- What? I'm a lady, asshole.
I can't do it here.
I know a place.
You'll love it.
I'll take you to the stars, love.
- So? - Really? Careful, Daddy.
How far do you want to go, queer? Right here.
Stop complaining and enjoy the view.
The fucking view? I promise it'll be worth it, love.
I prefer you use your mouth.
Last time I gave it to you, you weren't tight enough, you fucking whore.
I've never let you down, Daddy.
I know.
That's why I mention it.
I'm a professional and you know it.
And no teeth, okay? Haven't you heard that there is no pleasure without pain? - Fucking faggot.
- Here.
- Here? - Get comfortable and enjoy, Daddy.
Fucking faggot.
Go over there.
Don't be nosy.
I'm so silly.
Since you're already there, bitch.
Are you going to show me that fat prisoner of yours? Do you want it to get fat, bitch? Let's see, Daddy.
- Here.
- Oh, baby.
Slow down.
Shut up, bitch.
Shut up.
Oh, man.
You're too voracious.
You bitch.
- Don't move.
- Fucking bitch.
Fucking treacherous bitch.
Don't move unless you want a hole in your stomach.
Hold on, homie.
- Thanks, Mama.
- That's what we're here for, Daddy.
Don't let that asshole get away.
You're a fucking bunch of cowards.
You - One at a time, pussies.
- Okay.
Hold him.
Help me! You dog.
Mariano! Just remember, homie: La Unión always wins.
He's gone.
Slash him so that no one can recognize him.
Not even his mother will recognize him.
I got my revenge, homies.
You know what to do with them.
Come on, motherfucker.
Move it.
Don't play dumb.
I was thinking It might be a lot to ask.
What? I need you to go to McAllen, to talk to his daughter.
I'm sure she's in touch with Jack.
And say what? "Where's the boy your bodyguard kidnapped?" Should I also ask her to kill the man? Frida, it's the only way, unless I jeopardize my son's life.
I know it's hard.
I know it's a lot to ask.
They won't connect you to me.
Do you have a picture? The ones online are blurry.
No, I don't, because it'd be dangerous.
You know who does? - Who? - My mom.
- Hello.
- How are you? Hi.
I'm here to see Mrs.
Elsa Duarte.
- Your ID, please.
- Yes, of course.
- Sign in, please.
- Of course.
Vanessa? A woman's come to see Mrs.
Elsa Duarte.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I'm here to see Mrs.
Elsa Duarte.
- Are you related to her? Yes.
- I'm her daughter-in-law.
- Come with me, please.
She's Mrs.
Elsa Duarte's daughter-in-law.
- How are you? Nice to meet you.
- Thank you.
We were sorry to hear about your brother-in-law.
- Yes.
- It was a difficult day.
The police had some questions.
- It was good of you to come.
- Thank you very much.
How's Mrs.
Elsa? Well, her condition helps her cope with grief.
- Is she lucid? - Sometimes.
But the periods are getting shorter.
I'm Lázaro's wife.
Lázaro, your son.
It's done.
No one will find those fucking sons of bitches.
What did you do? What had to be done, buddy.
We also prepared a little surprise.
You should've seen that motherfucker.
MS rules this place, homie.
But don't worry.
I won.
The debt is settled.
- Lázaro looks so cute.
- Yes.
- My son is lovely, isn't he? - Yes.
He grew into a very handsome man.
- Didn't he? - Yes.
What about his dad? What was he like? He was a good man, too.
He was American.
But one day he took to the bottle and then he left and didn't come back.
We never heard from him again.
He never sent any money.
We had to look after ourselves.
Lazarito took care of the family when he was young.
We moved to Mexico, but then Lazarito wanted to go back.
Let's drop it.
What about Lázaro's son? Pablito is Lazarito's boy.
- Can I borrow it? - Yes.
This one's new to me.
He's so lovely.
Is Lazarito still a soldier? Tell him I'm here, waiting for him.
I mean it.
I won't move from here.
- What's up, man? - Boss, how are you? - How did we do this week? - Not so good, but here's what you wanted.
Is it enough? Count it if you want.
- Take care.
- See that bunch of kids there? - Sell them our stuff.
- Sure.
- Take care, boss.
- Come on.
Let's go home.
Your dog is super cute.
May I? - Come here, buddy.
- Yes, it's a cute bastard.
- What's his name? - His name is Aguayo, sweetie.
- Like the wrestler.
- Yeah.
- May I hold him? - Sure, hold him.
- Come here.
- Go ahead.
He won't bite or anything.
He's really tired.
Yeah, he was running all over the place, but he'll be driving me crazy again in no time.
- I'm sure he will.
- Yes.
Are you Ventura? Come here, boy.
I am.
Who are you, sweetie? I'm from La Unión.
Hurry, asshole.
Let's go.
What would happen if we killed one of the prisoners? We'd be screwed.
What's going on, gentlemen? What's going on? - People want to see their relatives.
- Screw them.
Have some respect, asshole.
Who chose your as our union's leader? Hold on.
Are you behind all this? Are you in charge here? We want to talk to an authority willing to listen.
Nice to meet you.
I'm the warden.
It's a pleasure, gentlemen.
We won't talk to you.
We'll talk to him, the attorney general.
Welcome, sir.
How are you? I'm sorry you had to come here for a trifle.
On the contrary, sir.
What's happening at La Rotunda is not a trifle.
Galindo has already informed me.
There are some serious issues, apart from their complaints.
- You're mistaken, sir.
- Am I? You're absolutely right, sir.
We've put in a thousand requests for basic security measures.
But apparently, the inmates are in charge.
And if we dare to touch them, they call the human rights officer.
Ventura was killed to settle a row he had with the inmates.
That's a rumor, not a fact.
Things are changing around here.
Some guards even need a second job.
And we have to pay for the uniforms ourselves.
Please, listen to me, gentlemen.
All your claims need to be presented in written form in a formal document.
Make a list of complaints and suggestions.
We will address your complaints.
All right? Now, please, as a gesture of goodwill, go back to work.
Thank you very much, sir.
Let's go.
- Get to work.
- You heard him.
You crossed the line.
- Sir? - Not now.
- I'm busy.
- It's important.
What is it? Attendance was taken, and three inmates are missing.
- What? Did they escape? - I don't know, but they're missing.
Gómez, Muerto, - Abelardo - Yes.
- Yes.
And Gutiérrez - I'll take care of it.
- Don't worry.
- Yeah.
Sir, this is my secretary, Roxana.
- How are you? - It's an honor to meet you, sir.
- And my pleasure.
- Thanks.
- Sorry, what was your name? - Roxana.
Roxana, can you get me some coffee? Of course.
Give me a minute.
- Thank you very much.
- Excuse me.
Sir, please.
After you.
- Thanks.
- I'm glad your came, sir.
Look, this facility for social rehabilitation has been exemplary.
Some have escaped, but there has never been a riot, and there are almost no fights.
Go ahead.
I want to tell you something, just between us.
Look, when my promotion became known, this place turned into chaos.
Crimes, jailbreaks, things that I'm sorry, but I find it suspicious.
I haven't heard one good thing about this place, sir.
Quite the contrary.
Sir, as you know, good news is almost never reported.
The main thing is that you're here.
An expert in politics who knows that obedience keeps us out of trouble.
Problems start when we express an opinion or speak our mind.
You're very interested in politics.
Since I was little.
Since you were little? If you want to make it in politics, stop playing dumb, Peniche.
- Sorry.
Here's your coffee.
- Yes, Rosy.
Rosy, right? - Yes.
- Thanks.
Sugar? Sweetener? - Sweetener.
- How much? Fourteen unmixed ounces.
No, it's okay.
I like it black.
- I was joking.
- I just got it.
- You're funny, sir.
- You think so? - Yes, of course.
- You are, too.
Well thanks.
Excuse me.
- Fourteen.
- You may go.
What about the staff? Well qualified, right? Not all of them.
Not everything is wrong in this place.
Some things are worth keeping.
I'm glad.
I never imagined those fuckers from La Unión would be so cheeky.
But they'll go down.
I'm going to scrape their fucking tattoos one by one.
- Hell, yeah.
- They won't act so tough then.
Let me see that.
This is Muerto's.
What the fuck? This is Muerto's.
Fucking hell.
They'll pay, sons of What the fuck? Fuck.
Let's kill them.
Sit down, for fuck's sake.
- Fuck.
- Sit and calm down.
Calm the fuck down.
There's always some jackass who thinks it's very easy to take someone like me by surprise.
But I want you to know that when that whore you call "Mom" was pregnant and crying, deciding whether to have an abortion or throw you in the trash I was already big and strong.
When God created light Tavares Tavares was already hooked to the power line.
WELCOME TO MEXICO I need to get this straight.
I heard about an incident in the showers.
I was taking a shower, and someone beat me up.
You got your ass kicked.
That day, Ventura was guarding that area, and now Ventura is dead.
Did you know that? La Unión did it.
One more thing.
There was a medallion and a finger in Tavares' food.
Who's the owner? - Don't know.
- I guessed as much.
It belongs to Abelardo Robles, whose stupid nickname was Muerto, and now he's dead.
Life's strange, isn't it? Catch my drift? What's this about? They were in the showers when Cuau got his ass kicked.
Don't know who did it.
They were hooded.
You came to his aid.
But I didn't see them.
It's fine.
But I'll tell you one thing.
When you get old, you'll still be here, I'm sure.
If some crazier dudes beat you up then, I won't say a word either.
I told Linda to come and see you, but she probably won't come.
I saw your mom.
I told her to contact me if she needed anything.
I gave the nurse my number.
She seemed confused.
She's too young to be that sick.
When Camila died, I promised to take care of Pablo.
I never thought I'd let her down over nothing.
We will find him, Lázaro.
I'll help you.
What's up, Santito? All good? What? I haven't seen you in ages.
So? What's up? What do you mean? Didn't you hear what happened at the other prison? No.
What happened? You're always in the dark, asshole.
Some pussies from La Unión killed my dad.
I'm a fucking orphan now, Diente.
That's fucked up.
- I'm sorry.
- Hey.
What? What the fuck? What the fuck? That's all? "I'm sorry"? Things are about to get heavy, and you're like this Holding hands with Cuauhtémoc.
Try to imagine my godfather's reaction.
Don't show your face in our wing.
He's steaming.
- I told you, I'm not taking sides.
- Hey.
No, not now.
This is when emotions become visible, Diente.
Do you understand? Diente.
- Can I call it a day, sir? - Yes, go.
Are you all right? What can I say, Rox? After all these years here, I made a couple of stupid mistakes and now I'm fucked.
Is it that serious? So serious that I'd offer my ass to that little geezer to save us.
That's got to be good wine.
I didn't know you liked that.
Your taste is fucking awful, though.
No, Rox.
How long have we been working together, Roxana? It's been several years, sir.
Doesn't it piss you off? You should be as pissed off as I am.
To be honest, I am worried, there's no denying it.
See? You should be willing to do the same, Roxana.
- What? - What? What? The attorney general would be delighted to meet you and have fun.
No offense but fuck off.
Just this once, I'm asking you for a favor.
You and I are a team.
Think about it.
Or we're both screwed.
No fucking way.
Thanks, Luciano.
Come in, please.
Be quick, please.
Yes, I told her.
How could you? Subtitle translation by Larisa Frine