Electric City (2012) s01e11 Episode Script

Necessary to Hide

I am so sorry for your loss, Mrs.
Evidence points to a tragic accident after drinking too much.
Dick didn't drink.
I must ask.
Did you husband ever share with you or did you ever observe an activity or behavior that could be construed as necessary to hide? No.
He went to work, he came home.
And he was going to be a father.
Heaven on earth.
I am so sorry.
Eva, what the expletive is going on? Mmph! Never had to put a lot of the cat gut suture on you in a while.
Well, there were six of them.
Agh! And they all had clubs.
And really big teeth.
Agh! Is that right? You lying, kid.
It was one guy with a slicer.
Don't you slip up, Cleveland.
He had more than a slicer.
These clips bite onto the splices I made on your yeoman lamp.
This switch powers up the unit.
Wait for it to warm up.
Oh Look, the - the glow! Here.
Place this in your ear.
Now turn this knob until you find someone transmitting code.
Turn the other dial to modulate.
What's this bell sound? It's so clear! A new tone generator testing the frequency for new broadcasts.
" I like that.
Walking Post delivers.
Hope Chatsworth? I'm her.
Huh, you sure are! I recognize your voice from the Meridian Report! Response, Ms.
Chatsworth? I don't even know where to send it.
Okay, Hope! I'll be hearing you again.
Hope, no one can know you have a wave unit.
Why? It's harmless.
You're the voice of Wire Central! "The voice of the city!" This box is gonna shake things up like nothing ever has! I can't figure this out! Ugh.
Son of a plow! There it is! Wave units will bring revolu - revolution!