Electric City (2012) s01e12 Episode Script

Lost Souls

The air takes our friend, Richard Jacobs.
The land and sea welcome him home.
I had so many questions to ask him.
I thought we'd have forever.
You know, we were going to figure out where he was born.
Judging from his age, guess he was born in the last great migration.
You know, he didn't need to know his exact age, not that that mattered to me.
Look, the skies are clearing.
Why were you working with an operative with a wife? Men seek women and vice versa.
He was an excellent worker.
People who live together discover secrets they'd rather not know.
Jacobs was tight-lipped, but if there's a breach from her, you've got a problem.
I've been doing this since before you were born, Eugene.
Drink your tea.
Still tapping? Yes, because whoever is out there should know that we'd lost Dick.
I found something.
Dick was hiding it.
It must be valuable.
Copper wire? Expletive yes, it's valuable! Wait wait, this - this is dictation wire.
What would Dick be doing with this? Dictation wire? I can't tell you.
I don't know.
Best be shovin' off soon.
Upper River Canal locks will be closed for the night.
Three shops can deliver the units out of Little Canada, Steam Town, and Central Stations.
15 a week.
I'm going to Walls End and Greenlight.
Could get that up to 25.
Happ and Biff were gonna dwarf that number, but they've had a problem.
They've disappeared.
Those two will show up like always.
No, I'm, uh, I'm afraid they're lost forever.
This city is so full of lost souls.
Be careful.
Travel safe, Loman.
So many lost souls.
I've killed enough people.
Haven't you?