Electric City (2012) s01e13 Episode Script

Lorenzo Seventeen

Well they don't change keys as often anymore.
Makes decoding easier.
Look how many just in the last three days.
Here are the important dispatches.
What are they talking about? Something called a "wave unit" that is supposed to be a revolutionary change from tap code.
Are you going to report these to Captain Bozeman? I'll do it next roll call.
Gladys, I'm making a bunk for you in the common room.
Mom, we train for weather like this all the time.
She'll get home.
See you tomorrow! Hi.
Oh! You made it through this storm? I just had to see you.
Get in here! Oh! Agh! Urgh.
Easy, my - my ribs.
Well, baby, lemme see! It's nothin', it's nothin'.
Oh, look at you! I'm going to be forced to take it easy on you.
It's a nice change of pace.
- Thank you.
- Special Bulletin! Harsh thunderstorms continue to pummel all precincts.
Residents are advised to take cover at their nearest high-ground shelter.
Ah! At last, thank heaven! I got worried! You weren't at the shelter in Atwater.
You've been searching for me? Oh how darling! Why can't that little knitting club of yours be closer to home? Don't blame us old ladies for stormy weather.
If it clears soon, we could make it home not too long after power down.
No! Let's stay the night like the old days! I guess I could snuggle up with you for the evening.
Lorenzo! How 'bout another track tonight? I'm dying to try the new filtration fountain in Helen's Bridge.
We can sleep under the stars again.
I'll bring the blankets.
Okay, action team.
Passive approach.
Nobody yells, no aggressive force.
We're here to make peace.
Understood? Yes, field sergeant! Lorenzo Seventeen, you take the outboard perimeter.
Aye aye! Let's see what you're made of, Officer Seventeen.
Lorenzo! I love you! Hold back! Field sergeant, hold back! Jean Marie!! !