Electric City (2012) s01e14 Episode Script

Trail of Dead Bodies

The AMP is continuing to oversee cleanup efforts after massive city flooding.
Various city guilds have completed 48-hour cycles of continuous aid and support.
Power has been completely restored to all precincts.
Come with me.
What do you want? Uh, dictation room, of course.
It'll look like a room full of idiots died in the fire, but they didn't go down easy.
Still, they're down.
Good job.
If the AMP do any investigating, they'll find a couple of broken vertebrae in one and a crushed windpipe in another.
If they knew who you were, they would thank you.
You've made their job easier.
No one knows anything, Mr.
No one ever has.
That's how it works.
It was all explained when I was on the outside, but I've been leaving quite a trail of dead bodies of late per your orders.
That was Dick's voice.
But that was not my husband.
"Trail of dead bodies?" Who was he talking to? I mean, how did he - Wait.
Why did he make this recording? Wait.
He said, "When I was on the outside.
" He told me he had never been to the outside.
Welcome! State your purpose! To live free.
Loman! Honored to be on duty for your return.
We've cut a new path.
A bit longer but well hidden.
Welcome back! Ah! It's good to be back on the outside.
A vision of our future.
Voila! Ooh! Get a load of this.
Ooh! What does it do? Someone, a voice out of the air you breathe, will soon be talking to you! It borders on magic.
No more clickety clacks and spelling out secrets.
Just tune in with open ears.
What else can we hear? Ah! Big things.
Big, huge, massive things.
Lorenzo~ Jean Marie St.
Cloud reporting for duty! Lorenzo Seventeen, you take the outboard perimeter.
Let's see what you're made of, Officer Seventeen.
I love you.
Jean Marie!! You are in great pain, young man, but that's the good news.
Pain means you've survived.
Commander Welles.
He recognizes you.
Lorenzo Seventeen was a promising officer.
Best field report scores I've ever seen.
His death was a blow to the AMP.
My team.
What happened to Jean Marie? Jean Marie is dead.
She died tragically in the explosion that killed your entire action team.
Outlaw fuel burners and contraband culprits are to blame.
You've survived because you have been chosen.
A new path awaits you, a new life's work, and a new identity.