Electric City (2012) s01e15 Episode Script

Strategic Casualties

So the numbers are dwindling? Ugh! Not at all, Captain Bozeman! Tap Coders are just as busy, but they're all waiting for something.
They're migrating to the new wave units.
Tap Coders steal un-metered power.
All these wave units will siphon even more.
They're criminals! That's a fact.
Look, I'm an old cat, kids.
I don't understand any of this.
Thanks for the briefing.
But the AMP need to know! Do you really think the AMP isn't on top of this? The AMP are helpless.
Again? They cannot move en masse the way we can nor as quickly.
We strike surgically say a supply point for the wave units and we attack the attention of the AMP so they have cause for action.
As you know, I am now blind in the shadows and will be for some time.
Mine is ready.
I'll put him on the clock.
A few strategic casualties always help.
Chucky, your hands startin' to hurt? Yeah, it's too many hours of fine work, I guess.
I gotta get some sleep.
I just hope the Skytrains are running now 'cause, you know, they haven't been running right since that storm.
Make sure you aren't followed outta here.
You never know.
I'm too tired to be paranoid.
Sure I can't offer you any pioneer grits, hmm? I get these from Callebero.
Divine! So, how many wave units you movin' now? Fellow I know once said, ask no questions and be told no lies.
I want the name of one customer and one wave unit assembly line.
I heard there's a shop in Fourhouse Square.
Now the customer.
Okay, okay.
Chucky Wilcox.
He used to have a place in, uh, Nova Bossa.
Chucky Wilcox? Yea - urgh! Hmm.
This makes it easier.