Electric City (2012) s01e19 Episode Script

Such Beauty From a Box

1 Can you keep a secret? I have not thought of a woman like I think of you in a very long time.
I never imagined a man would fill my life like you have.
Well, I can't see you again until after the holiday.
Nobody in the PQA gets Illumination Day off.
No stress, baby! I'll keep busy.
Doing what? Thinking of you.
Illumination Night means joy for the citizenry, but responsibility is for the servants of the Electric City.
From Little Canada to Walls End, from the Highlands to the Morningside, I charge you bearers of the Youth Auxiliary to give aid, keep order, and do your duty to your post, your precinct, and your city.
To observe and serve! Deetleman, we are to proceed.
It is up to us.
Hey Deets! If we connect now, I mean, uh, won't we run too hot? I mean I've been zapped before, you know.
I don't want that to happen again.
It could cause a detectable surge besides, right? Battery power.
Until the first beacon of Illumination Night, then we connect.
No one will think twice about a power draw from Wire Central.
Can't say I know any Dick Jacobs.
It wasn't long after I told Dick about the baby that he - he was dead.
And then I found the dictation wire and heard his voice again, and he was talking to a strange woman.
It was all explained when I was on the outside, but I've been leaving quite a trail of dead bodies of late per your orders.
No one knows anything, Mr.
No one ever has.
Do you know who it was? No.
What talented musicians.
Where are they? Musicians? Oh, my dear, you have a pleasure coming your way.
♫ How does such beauty come from a box?