Electric City (2012) s01e20 Episode Script

Illumination Night

1 Happy Illumination Day, everyone! Happy Illumination Day! This is William Feather reporting from Wire Central on this Illumination Day special.
You wouldn't have a grain separator by any chance? Walter, no middle initial, La Fong.
Writes for Daylight and possesses one of my wave kits.
Took 'em for a couple pomegranates and look, one for you.
A city journalist for Daylight.
He'll be tuned in tonight when Beacon One throws up its light.
We are going to be witnesses to expletive history tonight! History? The spread of disobedience citywide is history? We've failed, Mr.
I'm still on the clock.
What do you want me to do? You do nothing.
We let the forces of ignorance cast broadly their "historic message.
" Then we'll begin cleaning up the mess.
Happy Illumination Night, Mr.
What do we do? You do nothing.
We are going to be witnesses to history tonight! Contraband culprits are to blame.
Check out these squiggles.
Can you keep a secret? Where have you been all these years!? You have been chosen This is William Feather speaking from Wire Central.
We are moments away from lighting the first beacon.
Come darling! Beacon One goes up any second! I know.
It ought to be quite a show.
Carr? Out here, Manny, witnessing history.
5 4 3 2 one.
Happy Illumination Day, everyone! Happy Illumination Day! There's Beacon One! Now New Pulse! If you hear my voice, you are free.
Free from the closed order of the Wire Service.
Free from the dictates of contrived decency.
Free from the filter of authority.
Free from the control of structure.
Free to breathe in the air of a city that finally belongs to you and not become another one of its lost souls.
Deus ex machina.
(God from machine) Tranquility♫ and freedoms in the air.
♫ ♫ There could be thousands listening to this, Loman.
A dozen would do.
Wow! ♫ Oh! Hey Deets! The system's overloading! - Gonna blow! - Agh! - No! No! - Expletive! It's citywide emergency! Agh! Freedom is the message.
A light in the darkness.
A voice with no name.
The mysteries that keep my job secure.
I know what I am.
The paradox between truth and consequence for all who inhabit the Electric City.