Elena of Avalor (2016) s01e05 Episode Script

Spellbound Subtitle

1 In a kingdom old and grand Elena A princess bravely rules the land Elena With her family by her side Elena It's a wild and daring ride Elena Elena of Avalor Myth and mystery everywhere Myth and mystery everywhere Loyal friends are always there Loyal friends always there Magic shines from deep within Magic shines from within Let her royal reign begin Elena, Elena Elena of Avalor Moze.
Come on, Mateo, get it right.
Hey, Mr.
Almost the Royal Wizard.
It's almost time for the ceremony.
Are you ready? What? Me? Sure.
Well, maybe.
Everything will be fine.
I'll say a few words, you'll do a little magic, and we're done.
What could go wrong? He could mess up a spell and destroy the world as we know it.
No, I don't think any of my spells could do that.
Could they? Don't worry, Mateo.
I know you'll do great.
Your grandfather was a royal wizard.
It's in your blood.
And it'll be a friendly crowd.
Crowd? What crowd? I invited a few people.
Oh, wow, you didn't have to do that.
Why did you do that? Because I wanted everyone to meet our new royal wizard.
Now come on.
Let's greet the guests.
(Whimpers) Welcome to the palace.
Name, please.
I'm sorry, sir, - but I don't see it - Look again.
I should be on there.
I knew the boy's grandfather.
There it is.
Don't know how I missed it.
It happens to the best of us, young man.
(Chuckles) Does this look crooked to you? All guests are present and accounted for, Crown Princess.
It's just a party, Gabe, not a military exercise.
You can relax.
This is relaxed.
Are you sure Mateo is royal wizard material? He seems a little young.
And you seem young to be a royal guard, but here you are.
Let's make it official, shall we? (Playing fanfare) Mateo! Mateo! It's Mommy! (Nervous chuckle) Okay, Mom.
Please stop.
Stand up straight.
Mateo de Alma, by unanimous vote of the Grand Council, I hereby appoint you royal wizard of Avalor.
I am honored to serve the kingdom.
And I am honored to present you with this.
It was your grandfather's.
(Gasps) (Fiero grunts) He would have been so proud to see you wear this.
Our new royal wizard, everyone.
That's my son.
Refreshments will now be served, followed by a display of enchantment from the royal wizard himself.
Followed by an even bigger surprise.
Mateo? Have either of you seen Mateo? It's time for his performance.
Maybe he made himself disappear.
Not helping, Naomi.
I'll find him.
I'll look, too.
Mor toloz jaqirando! (Gasps) I did it.
Mateo? - What are you doing out here? - Just practicing.
Well, it's time to go out there and show 'em what you got.
I know, but what if what I got isn't enough? I mean, royal wizards are supposed to be old and wise, have long beards and robes that fit.
Your grandfather was young once, too.
But he knew so much more than me.
I only have a few spell books, and I only know half the spells.
You're still learning.
So am I.
But it's not just about how many spells you know.
It's not? No.
It's about something much more powerful.
So listen up, 'cause I'm only gonna sing this once.
The first time that I met you I could see You were meant to be A hero to us all Taking on the forces of the dark With your magic scarf And always standing tall You're starting down a path To find your destiny So now is not the time to hide You have to raise your wand and do your best for me Because I need you by my side But there's a lesson that you will not find in a book Inside yourself is where you have to look Find your courage and your pride Inner strength can be your guide And it will always see you through If you believe the magic's within you But, if, no, wait, I can't These words will hold you down Instead just say, I can Those words will turn things around Cast all your doubts away Tell all your fears good-bye Do what you're meant to do And let your magic fly Mortoloz jaqirando! 'Cause there's a lesson you will not find in a book Inside yourself is where you have to look Find your courage and your pride Inner strength will be your guide And it will always see you through If you believe the magic within you You must believe The magic within you You're right.
I can do this.
Uh, Mateo.
You might need these.
Where is it? Can I help you, sir? I doubt it.
The party's in the throne room.
Yes, but I'm not here for the party.
Akatok! Looks like I'll need a change of plan.
Okay, I think I'm ready.
- There you are.
- Everyone's waiting.
Black tamborito.
- It's malvago.
- A what? Ximocu! (Coughing) Stay down, princess.
I'll clear the perimeter.
- Ow! - What happened? I think the dome collapsed.
- What did you do? - I was trying to protect you.
By nearly crushing us? Okay, that part wasn't supposed to happen.
But there was a malvago.
- A who what go? - An evil wizard.
He was trying to cast a spell on us.
There's no way an evil wizard could've gotten in the palace.
I checked everyone.
Well, there's only one way to find out.
We have to get out of here.
- I might have a spell - Save it.
I can handle this.
After you.
(Gasps) Guys, look.
Abuelo? Abuela? Mama? They're all statues? Uh-oh.
What did you do to them? It wasn't me.
It was the malvago.
Mateo, can you undo the spell? Maybe we should hold off on the magic until we know he didn't do it.
Mateo knows what he's doing, Gabe.
It doesn't matter.
I don't know any spells powerful enough to undo this kind of magic.
There must be something in one of your spell books.
This is just my grandfather's notebook.
He had some beginner spells, but that's it.
The kind of magic we need can only be found - in the Codex Maru.
- What's that? It's an ancient Muruvian spell book passed down through generations of royal wizards.
It contains the most ancient and powerful magic in the kingdom.
Yes, yes, yes.
Where is it? That's great.
So where is it? According to the notebook, it's hidden somewhere in the palace in a secret chamber.
We have to find it, Mateo.
It won't be easy.
My grandfather wanted to make sure the Codex didn't fall into the wrong hands.
All he left was a clue.
Actually, it's more like a riddle.
Maybe not a riddle.
More like a test.
Like multiple choice, true or false, guess who.
- Just read it! - All right.
- Okay, it says - (vase shatters) MATEO: That's the malvago.
Fiero's the malvago? He said he was a friend of your grandfather's.
Friend? That's his worst enemy.
And you let him in? He was on the list.
Look, everyone stay put.
I'll get him.
No, wait.
Llevaluq! What are you doing? Put me down! He'll turn you to stone like the others.
My mom told me the story.
Fiero was in line to become royal wizard, but the king appointed my grandfather instead.
Fiero ran off to become a malvago, vowing revenge.
This must be his revenge.
Not if we find the Codex Maru and undo that spell.
Didn't you say there was a clue in that book? Yes.
Hang on.
Hang on.
It's right Um, I'm still up here.
Oh, right.
Here it is.
"If you wish to complete this task, a wizard most royal must simply ask.
" - Ask what? - And who? I've been trying to figure that out for a while.
Once, I even tried asking the notebook where the Codex was.
- (laughs) You talked to a book? - I know.
But you weren't a wizard most royal then.
I don't follow.
Maybe a wizard most royal means a royal wizard, which you weren't until tonight.
Ask it again.
Uh, book where can I find the Codex Maru? What does it say? I think it's another riddle.
"To find the book of which you speak, there are three keys which you must seek.
Time will tell how much you know.
You'll find key one three hours ago.
" What is up with all the riddles? It's a test to make sure whoever gets the Codex is worthy.
How can we find something three hours ago, unless you have a time travel spell.
No, and I don't think that's what it means.
But I don't know.
Time will tell, time will tell.
How do we tell time? Well, when the big hand is on the hour Of course! The clock! - I need a lift.
- Why? So I can make it three hours ago.
A little higher.
(Straining, bones cracking) One hour, two hours.
Could you hurry? Three.
Huh? That's key number one! What about the other two? Guys, look.
"When you play this melody, the second key is way off-key.
" Off-key? You know, like your singing.
- Hey! - Hmmm.
The riddle is about music.
We keep all the instruments in the music room, so maybe the key is there.
Come on! The riddle said play a melody.
And key could mean piano keys.
You're right! Now that I think about it, there was always a key that was off-key.
But which one was it? Here.
Let me try.
- (Discordant note) - Sounds off-key to me.
But where's the key we're looking for? I think I'm getting the hang of these riddles.
- Maybe I should be the royal wizard.
- No.
The next riddle is appearing.
"In the proper frame of mind, the third key you will surely find.
Once you've gotten all three keys, unlock the three mysteries.
" Hm.
Well, Gabe, you're the riddle master.
I don't know, but I'm still one ahead of him.
- Gabe.
- He's right.
I should know how to solve these.
That's the whole point To prove I'm worthy of the Codex.
The point is to get the Codex and save our families.
How we do it doesn't matter.
Oh, I know what the three mysteries are.
I see them out my window every morning.
You know those three big islands on Avalor Bay? They're called the Three Mysteries.
So now we have to sail out on the bay? No.
The riddle said proper frame of mind.
What if it means the frame of a painting? Come on! I am so lost.
The Three Mysteries of Avalor Bay.
Check the frame.
Found it! The third key.
- Now what? - We use the three keys to unlock the three mysteries.
Whatever that means.
Well, the mysteries are the islands.
Maybe there's something there.
See that weird little cave? I think it kinda looks like a keyhole! Check the other islands.
- Here's another.
- Here's the third one.
That's how we unlock the mysteries.
This isn't just a hiding place.
It's a full-blown wizard's workshop.
(Gasps) There it is.
The Codex Maru.
Aha! Found it.
Okay, the good news is, I found the statue spell in the Codex, and there's a reversal potion.
What's the bad news? It says if we don't undo the spell by the next sunrise, it'll become permanent.
- Permanent? - It's okay, though.
I think I have all the ingredients here.
You think? Do you even know what this stuff is? Yes.
Well, most of it.
Ugh! You should've let me go after Fiero.
Look, this is our only chance.
So if you don't mind, I have a potion to make.
All right.
Extract of whistle weed.
That's it I think.
Great, because we're running out of time.
- We have to hurry.
- Let's go.
Fiero! The Codex, give it to me.
So that's what you're here for.
And you lovely children have led me right to it.
So hand it over.
Ah, the new royal wizard.
What makes you think you can stop me? I did it before on the balcony.
Are you sure about that, or did I let you escape so you could lead me to the Codex? What? You can stop him, Mateo.
- Can he? - Sh! If I give you the book, will you leave? You have my word.
- Mateo.
- It's safer this way.
Smart boy.
It's okay.
We still have the potion.
Ah, yes.
I'll take that, too.
Meyázami! You said you'd go.
Gabe! Abracadabra! Akatok! Mateo! Good-bye, princess.
No! Vetzi! Nice shot.
Canaza! The potion? No matter.
I still have what I came for.
Elena, catch.
You unfreeze them.
I'm going after the Codex.
Ow! - Oh, sorry.
- What happened? Mateo's potion just saved you and Naomi.
It did? He went after Fiero.
Come on.
Canaza! Boqato! Meyázami! Vetzi! This will only end one way, and we both know it.
Canaza! Look at you.
A boy in a man's robe.
The princess was foolish to think you were a royal wizard, and you were even more foolish for believing her.
But you will make a lovely statue.
- Akatok! - Ximocu! Mateo! Whoa.
You turned him to stone.
You do know what you're doing.
You did it! I I guess I did.
I'm sorry I doubted you.
Nice work, hero.
Uh, guys, the sun's coming up.
ELENA: Uh, we have to undo that spell now.
MATEO: There's not enough time to drip the potion on everyone.
What do we do? Gabe, how's your throwing arm? Like a cannon.
High as you can right in the center of the room.
You got it! Solaza! What what happened? How is it morning already? It is my duty to report that a malvago invaded the palace.
But he was defeated by our new royal wizard.
I believe this belongs to you.
Huh? This is why I made you the royal wizard.
Thank you.
You believed in me when I didn't even believe in myself.
We make a pretty good team.
She's right.
The kingdom can sleep a little safer tonight.
(laughs) Thanks to Mateo.
So, Mateo, are you ready to show them what you got now? Mortoloz jaqirando! Ooh! Jaquins! Sparkly.