Elena of Avalor (2016) s01e06 Episode Script

Prince Too Charming

1 In a kingdom old and grand Elena A princess bravely rules the land Elena With her family by her side Elena It's a wild and daring ride Elena Elena of Avalor Myth and mystery everywhere Myth and mystery everywhere Loyal friends are always there Loyal friends always there Magic shines from deep within Magic shines from within Let her royal reign begin Elena, Elena Elena of Avalor Ooh! We're almost there! The Kingdom of Cordoba.
So, you excited? Are you kidding? Building this bridge between Avalor and Cordoba is my first big royal project.
It'll make travelling between the kingdoms so much faster.
I just have to figure out exactly where to build it.
You have any ideas? Oh, just a few.
I like doing my research.
(Chuckles) Well, if Prince Alonso is half as prepared as you are, finding a good spot should be easy.
(Horse whinnies) Welcome to Cordoba, Crown Princess Elena.
The pleasure is all mine, King Juan Ramon.
It is an honor to have you in our kingdom.
Everyone has heard about how you rescued your people from Shuriki.
You are quite an impressive young lady.
Oh, it's what any ruler would have done for her people, Your Highness.
I am so glad that you will be working on this project with Prince Alonso.
I hope you will be a good role model for him.
He can use one.
Is he here? Whoa! Yee-haw! Outta my way! (Horses whinny) Well, hey there.
I'm Alonso.
Prince Alonso.
Nice to meet you, I'm Princess Elena.
I know.
Your oil painting does not do you justice.
Yes, well, now that we know who we are and what we look like, we should get started.
You two have a lot of work to do.
Let me show you to the throne room.
Take care of her bags, will you? Ahh The throne room is right this way.
I love all the tapestries.
Ah, they depict important moments in Cordoba's history, as well as some famous legends.
(Scoffs) Looks like a bunch of old rugs hanging on the wall to me.
(Sighs) You'll have to excuse my son.
He has never had much interest in history.
I'm more of a live-in-the-moment type of prince.
Besides, who can look at tapestries when the greatest work of art is standing right before us? What is that? Some people call it poetry.
I mean that.
Is that a giant? That wooden giant is called the Yacalli.
Legend says that he scares off people who wander into his territory.
And what about this one with the cute little owls? Ah, they are called "buhitos".
You can only find them in Cordoba.
(Sighs) Indeed, there are so many things that you'll only find in Cordoba.
And, it would be my pleasure to take you on a tour of the kingdom to see all of them.
But first things first.
ELENA: Wow! This bridge is the perfect combination of Avaloran and Cordoban style.
I am delighted to hear you say that.
I feel the same way.
Well then, I will leave it up to you two to find the perfect location to build it.
Ready for that tour of Cordoba? But what about choosing a site for the bridge? A member of the staff can take care of that for us.
But it's our job.
We shouldn't give it to someone else.
Of course.
Please, forgive me.
How would you like to proceed, Princess? Well, let's compare our lists of potential bridge sites.
Hmm? Oh, why yes.
My list.
Let me, um But where are my manners? Ladies first.
Let's start with your list.
My first site is the closest distance between our two kingdoms.
It's the meadow next to the San Prado River.
I know exactly where that is.
We'll take my chariot! Sorry, but my chariot only seats two.
I'm the Crown Princess's Royal Guard.
Wherever she goes, I go.
Of course.
Of course.
Where are my manners? You can follow us on Pedro.
Pedro? (Whinnies) Wait.
There's no way H'yah! (Coughing) (grunts) (groans) Ah, here we are, the San Prado River.
Bright, sparkling, mysterious.
In many ways it's like me.
(Hoots) (gasps) Is that a buhito? Yes, but I can show you far more majestic sights once we begin our tour.
After we choose the location for the bridge, okay? Now I chose this site because the river is really narrow here.
So it would save us time and materials.
Perfect, we'll build here.
I don't know about you, but I really worked up an appetite.
Hmm What are those dirt mounds? It doesn't matter because they will soon be gone.
We will dig here! - You should tell him.
- I'm not gonna tell him.
Oh, wait.
Is there something wrong? Well, Princess, the local farmers say that if you build in this area, you will awaken the Yacalli.
The Yacalli? The wooden giant from the tapestry? Yes, but that's just an old legend.
It's not real.
Has anyone seen this Yacalli? Well, no Yes, no one has seen him because he does not exist.
(laughs) Shall we go? I know a perfect spot for a picnic.
PEDRO: (snorts) Gabe! You made it.
Sorry, Princess.
The ride took longer than expected.
Yes, it is hard keeping up with the fastest chariot in the kingdom.
Only because I have the slowest horse in the kingdom.
Well, you're just in time, 'cos we're about to break ground.
Actually, I was thinking we should check out some other sites.
(Nervous chuckle) We wouldn't want to awaken the Yacalli.
Ah! Don't let some old stories scare you, Elena.
Trust me, this is the perfect place.
(Attempts to whistle) Excellent whistle, Your Highness! Yes, I know.
I've been practicing.
Call in the workers! See, Princess? No Yacalli.
I guess you were right, Prince Alonso.
Now for that tour.
I'd love a tour after we've finished our job.
Our job was to pick the spot for the bridge, not stand here and watch them build it.
I was thinking we should at least supervise them for a little while to make sure they're doing Elena, I'm just looking out for you.
It's important to have a balance of work and fun.
Or do you not like to have fun? I have fun all the time.
You wouldn't believe the jokes we tell around the castle.
- Are you sure you want to - (clears throat) Why did the cookie go to the doctor? Because he felt crummy! (laughs) My grandma thought it was funny.
(Exaggerated laugh) Yeah! Oh, it is hilarious, alright.
But I'm talking about more than telling jokes, Elena.
When was the last time you took a real break? A whole day of nothing but fun.
Well, um You know (nervous chuckle) I'm pretty sure I have one scheduled for next week.
You can be serious when you're an adult.
When you're young like us, your only job is to have a good time.
You and I will only be young once Let's not act like we're already old Working hard is so terribly tiring Let's put all of those worries on hold If you take a good look all around you There's a kingdom for us to explore You'll see sights which will surely astound you Starting with the guy giving the tour So take my hand Come and dance 'cross the land Spend a day in the sun For your sake You must take a small break And feel free to have fun Please tell me you're not falling for his song and dance.
Look, I'd love to take a break with you, but we still have work to do.
Just think, if you work this much as Crown Princess, imagine what you'll be like when you're Queen.
It is so very tough for a Royal Oh, I know just what you're going through Let me save you from all of that toil A day off must be way overdue I guess a little break wouldn't hurt anyone.
Great! Then let the tour begin! (Horse whinnies) (coughs) I'll take your hand And we'll dance 'cross the land Spend a day in the sun For your sake You can take a short break And feel free to have fun A little tour See the shore and much more Spend a day in the sun Such a day in the sun Stay awhile And we'll step out in style Feelin' free to have fun Feel free to have fun I feel free Feel free To have fun! (Chiming sounds) ALONSO: We call this the Choral Cascade.
Oh, I've never seen, or heard, anything like it.
It's so Perfect? Yes.
All right, men! Let's start clearing out the mounds of dirt.
(Grunts) ALL: (hooting) (rumbling) The legend is real! It's the Yacalli! Good morrow, gentlemen.
I would be ever so grateful if you would leave this area immediately.
However, if you choose not to, I will have to break all of your equipment and cause much unnecessary unpleasantness.
No, men.
Keep on digging! Well, unpleasantness it is.
(Whistling) ALL: (shouting) GUARDS: (whimpering) ALONSO: Now this is the life.
No work.
No worries.
- Just me, you and - Me.
Your timing is impeccable.
Princess Elena.
You've been here a while.
Shouldn't you head back to the, uh (clears throat) bridge site now? Oh.
We should check up on the progress.
But we haven't finished our lunch.
Please stay.
There's nothing to worry about.
My men are taking good care of it.
GUARD: Prince Alonso! The workers have awakened the Yacalli! - BOTH: What?! - How many times must I say it? The Yacalli is just an old story.
Well, that old story just wrecked our work site.
(Gasps) That's terrible! Oh! I knew we shouldn't have left.
(Stammers) But our picnic! How can you think of food at a time like this? And, how did I let you talk me into this? Well, I am very persuasive and extremely irresistible.
Uh not that irresistible.
Let's just go.
- H'yah! - (horses neighing) - Princess, wait! - (snoring) Oh, come on! (Sighs) (horses neighing) (shrieks) The Yacalli is real? Good day.
I hate to inconvenience you, but your presence is not welcome here.
Kindly leave the premises at once.
We're so sorry.
We're leaving right now.
Leave? We will not leave.
I am the Prince of this kingdom and no one will tell me what to do.
If I want to stay, I stay! (Cracking) (hoots) I deeply regret to inform you that since you destroyed this home, I must now destroy your most glorious residence.
Senor Yacalli, we had no idea this was your home and we're very sorry for disturbing it.
This is not my home, but thank you for your kind words.
Hmm, let me see.
If memory serves me correctly, the Palacio Rosado is due east.
Quick! Guards, do something! (Attempts to whistle) GUARDS: Yes, Your Highness! Uh-uh-uh, I'll take those.
Please forgive me for having to resort to such measures, but you are making bad choices, not-so-gentlemen.
Let us take our leave, friends.
- BUHITOS: (hooting) - (grunting) Princess Elena, are you okay? I'm fine, but the Yacalli is off to destroy the palace.
What do we do, Prince Alonso? I, uh I don't know.
Princess Elena, you're all work and no fun, what should we do? The first thing we need to do is warn your father.
Good idea.
To my chariot! You've done enough.
Come on, Gabe.
Wait! What about me?! Sorry.
Only seats two.
H'yah! (Neighs) Look, there he is! Friends, I would be forever in your debt if you could please assist me in travelling more speedily.
Whee! (laughs) Please tell me you saw that.
Why are the buhitos helping the Yacalli? I don't know, but we better pick up the pace.
Princess Elena, what's wrong? The Yacalli is coming to destroy the palace! What? I thought the Yacalli was just a legend.
Oh, he's very real, Your Highness.
And surprisingly polite.
Is he polite or coming to destroy the palace? BOTH: Both.
Then, we must defend the Palacio Rosado.
Fetch Captain Rivas at once! Come on, we're almost there.
Oh, forget it.
- Father! - Hey! The workers woke the Yacalli! That's not what happened, Your Highness.
It was Alonso who upset the Yacalli, not the workers.
Things would've been okay if we had just apologized and left.
Is this true, son? (Scoffs) Of course not.
If you think about it, it really This is actually all Princess Elena's fault since she's the one who picked the site in the first place.
The truth is, it's both our faults.
I did choose the site, Your Majesty.
But I wanted to leave after I heard about the Yacalli.
I should've trusted my instincts.
I see.
Thank you for your honesty, Princess Elena.
(Gasps) Why would you believe a stranger over your own son?! Because I know my son all too well.
- Your Majesty? - Captain Rivas.
The palace is about to be attacked by the Yacalli.
- (Gasps) - Set up a perimeter around the palace.
I want two lines of defense.
And we need to get everyone in the palace to safety.
Right away, Your Majesty! ALL: (gasps) I am most appreciative of your assistance with my arrival, my winged friends.
BUHITOS: (hooting) Stand your ground, men! ALL: (shouts) Stay close! I'll take you somewhere safe.
Princess Elena, we've got to keep moving.
The Yacalli is here! He's breaking through our defenses! Alonso, lead Princess Elena and her guard to safety.
I must defend the palace.
Yes, Father.
Follow me! Gabe, look.
See how the Yacalli has one arm stretched out towards those villagers? I do.
So what? Let's go.
See how his other arm goes off the edge? The rest of it is in that tapestry.
The buhitos are sitting on the Yacalli's arm.
(Groans) It's just a tree branch.
No, it's his arm.
Seriously? How is any of this important? The Yacalli is standing in between the buhitos and the villagers.
That's his job.
To protect the buhitos! That's why he's so upset.
Because we were destroying the buhitos' homes.
I think I know how to save the palace! ALONSO: Now what are you doing? The palace is under attack! We need to evacuate immediately! I hate to agree with him, but he has a point.
ELENA: Look, I don't have time to explain, so you've got to trust me.
I have an idea and I need your help to do it.
Are you with me? I'm always with you.
Great! Get me straw, a bucket of water and a cart, please.
You got it, Princess.
Princess Elena, you need to be somewhere safe, not out here digging in the dirt.
It's reckless and not how a royal behaves.
This is exactly how a royal behaves.
We serve our people.
As a prince, who will rule someday, you should know that.
I tried.
I'm outta here.
- GUARDS: (whimpering) - Pardon me.
Help! You have my most heartfelt apologies for the commotion.
Whoa! Whoa! And property damage.
Fall back, men! Fall back! Out of the way! Coming through! Princess Elena, what are you still doing here? It's not safe! I'm sorry, Your Highness, but I think I know how to stop the Yacalli Without fighting.
HORSE: (whinnies) GUARDS: (whimpering) Upsy-daisy.
(Pants) I really hope this plan works.
Me too.
(Hoots) (gasps) Look.
BOTH: Aww.
Senor Yacalli, we had no idea those dirt mounds were the buhitos' homes, and we're sorry for what happened to them.
So, we built this burrow to replace the first one we accidently destroyed.
And we just need a little more time to build a second burrow and bring them both to the meadow.
Hmm I I admire you for doing your duty.
You're a good example for all of us.
(Hooting) On behalf of the buhitos, I accept your apology.
And on behalf of the people of Cordoba, I promise an incident like this will never happen again.
This royal proclamation hereby declares that "Buhitos' Meadow" is the official home of the buhitos, not to be disturbed by anyone.
They love their new home! You have my eternal gratitude, Princess.
And now, I must return from whence I came.
Goodbye, Senor Yacalli.
Hey, congratulations, Princess.
You get to spend the rest of the day touring Cordoba with me.
(Chuckles) We still have to pick out a site for the bridge.
I will help you pick the site, Princess Elena.
I have another job for Prince Alonso.
You do? What kind of job? This isn't funny.
I'm a prince! A prince is supposed to ride over a bridge, not help build one! A prince serves his people, and right now this is the best way for you to serve your people.
That's it! I've had enough.
Wait! Don't go.
I can go if I please.
- (Shouts) - (body thuds) And that's what I was trying to tell you.
(Grunts) Guards! Get me out of here! (Attempts to whistle) Maybe when he learns to whistle, huh? I can't thank you enough for what you've done for Cordoba, Princess Elena.
I look forward to seeing you again once the bridge is completed.
As do I.
I sincerely hope that my son understands what it means to be a prince by then.
Thank you, King Juan Ramon.
Coachman, take us to the port.
Coachman, please ignore that order.
Yes, Your Highness.
But Princess, the Royal Cruiser is waiting.
And it can wait a bit longer.
We finished our job, so now we deserve a little break.
Let's tour the kingdom.
Are you sure? Yeah.
We're young.
We should have a little fun.
You're right.
After all I'm a live-in-the moment type of Royal Guard.
BOTH: (laugh) BUHITOS: (hooting) PEDRO: (snores, snorts)