Elfen Lied (2004) s01e10 Episode Script


1 Os iusti meditabitur sapientiam The mouth of the just shall meditate wisdom Et lingua eius loquetur indicium And his tongue shall speak judgment Beatus vir qui suffert tentationem Blessed is the man that endureth temptation Quoniam cum probatus fuerit accipient coronam vitae For when he hath been proved, he shall receive a crown of life Kyrie, ignis divine, eleison Lord, fire divine, have mercy O quam sancta, quam serena Oh how holy, how serene Quam benigma, quam amoena How benign, how pleasant O castitatis lilium Oh lily of purity Miss Nyu Um Miss Nyu? Don't hurt Mayu! Are you still going to oppose me? You didn't even stand a chance against me.
Miss Nana! Ouch! Oh?! Sorry.
Let me see.
It's no big deal.
No, you should put a bandage on it.
Geez, you can't even cut the scallions decently.
I'm embarrased.
Hold on a second, okay? This is why I said I couldn't do it.
What was that? Is that the best you can do? Do you really intend to kill me when that's the best you've got? Mayu, get out of here! I can do it.
No! Oh? Hey, Kohta! Nyu's not here! What?! Don't do this Things like this That was close.
What're you doing? Miss Nyu, you just purposely We're not done fighting.
I know.
Miss Nyu! Stop it now! Stop it now! Miss Nyu?! What's going on? Nyu! What're you doing in a place like this? No! Kohta Your fever hasn't gone down yet.
Kohta! I like you! I like you.
Kohta! Kohta! Um, before it's too late, you should 'cause they'll be startled.
That's not Miss Lucy any more.
What? All we have is rice porridge, but Help yourself.
You haven't eaten for a long time, have you? Nyu! Then, just a little.
She's your friend? Yes.
Miss Nana is my friend and she doesn't have a place to go back to just like me.
Leaving that aside, why did she suddenly attack Nyu earlier? Well, Miss Nana was hungry and irritated, so Once she eats, she's a good girl.
Hey We were just making dinner, so Well, one more person wouldn't I'm Another bowl, please.
Nyu She must've been really hungry.
Looks like it.
Another bowl, please! I'm sorry, but we don't have any more.
Um Miss Nana has no place to live right now.
Would you please let her stay overnight tonight? No place to live? A horned human doesn't have a place to go back to anyway.
What shall we do? I do have many things that I'd like to ask her.
Then why don't you stay with us for a while? No! Miss Nana.
You all treated me as a bad person! What're you saying?! You're the one who suddenly attacked Nyu! That's because Nyu! Are you giving it to me? Nyu! Nyu, you're Mayu was saying that Nana got angry because she was hungry, so But, Nyu, you have to eat.
Nyu? I haven't touched my food yet, so you can have it if you like.
What's the matter? I'm sorry.
Nyu? I was wrong for attacking you suddenly.
I'm sorry.
You'll pay for your crime of disobeying me with that debt of gratitude.
Are you gonna stay here even after you graduate? Yeah, I can continue my research to the utmost if I stay here.
I want you to keep quiet about this to others, but Your father's research institute? Yeah.
They've been working on some top-secret research for a government project.
It seems highly classified so they can use only people who can be trusted.
Top-secret and classified I don't wanna have anything to do with something suspicious like that.
We want your help.
Sorry, but ask someone else, Kakuzawa.
Hey, Kurama, don't you wanna see the beginning of a new human race? This is the police! We've surrounded the area! Don't move! Take her under protection.
It's all right.
You don't have to be afraid.
Is the scary person still inside? We're going in! There's no one here! What? There shouldn't be another escape route.
Where was the scary person at? Shoot! Shoot! Four years ago, girls with protrusions on their temporal area were born around the same time in the area surrounding Kanagawa Prefecture.
It gathered a lot of attention as a rare disease, but actually it wasn't such a simple matter.
I don't wanna do it any more.
Do it.
270 joules cleared.
We'll go with 300 joules next.
No No I'm scared! I'm scared! I don't wanna do it any more! Please stop! I'm scared! So 270 joules is the limit.
There hasn't been any change in the past month.
Her power's supposed to get stronger as her body grows, but The individuals differ significantly from one another, so I guess there's still more room for researching vectors.
What's the matter, Kurama? You look like you're in a bad mood.
I'm regretting being taken in by your words.
We're researching using samples that you can find only here.
What we're doing is sure to be appreciated by future generations.
Trust me, Kurama.
Why did they occur around the same time in the same area? I think this issue is more important.
It's not necessary to do something inhumane like this.
Do you think they're humans? What? Diclonius show their true colors around when they turn three.
Vectors appear and they murder repeatedly.
The examples until now also show that Diclonius kill even their own parents without hesitation.
But without exception, the only targets they use their vectors on are humans.
What does this mean? It means that Diclonius are an enemy of us, mankind.
I'm going home now.
Say hello to your wife, Mr.
Chief Kakuzawa What's the matter? It's time for #3's meal, but something is wrong.
There was no scheduled communication made and the room was left unlocked.
Take good aim! The bullets are being deflected! I'll do the same to you too.
Close the main hatch! The guards are to be fully armed and to keep a strict watch on the #3 floor! Ohmori, check the other floors! Yes! It's not you.
I can finally meet you the person who was behind the glass.
I wanted to thank you.
Thank you It wouldn't be possible for her to avert an armor-piercing bullet yet, even if she could avert a gun bullet.
Kurama, you've escaped death.
We thought her power hadn't grown lately, but she was faking.
Are you saying that she already had the power to repel bullets? Even if they're still children emotionally, Diclonius have high intelligence.
I was careless.
I wanted to thank you.
What did she mean? In spite of not knowing the reason for their births, the number of Diclonius that are institutionalized keeps on growing.
Even the facility has its limits.
Are you telling us to kill all the children who'll be born from now on? You can go ahead and log it as sudden infant death syndrome by congenital chromosomal abnormality.
This place is publicly known as that kind of facility.
Please don't come in.
What're you going to do? Even if she has horns sticking out she's my daughter! Ohmori, you should know well what happens when Diclonius get older.
But she's my daughter! But you're the very first one who'll be killed three years from now.
Just forget about her.
You just didn't have luck.
Do you feel the same way, Mr.
Kurama? When you consider the hard destiny that lies in your future, it'd be better to kill her before she becomes old enough to understand what's going on, and before she becomes attached to you.
There's no way that I can decide such a thing myself! I'll make the decision.
I decided on it.
You can blame me.
There's no reason for you to do it each time.
I've already killed more than ten.
There's no need to dirty anyone else's hands now.
Well, killing them is your duty so I won't say anything.
But you're busy too, with your wife nine months pregnant, right? Kisaragi I'm sorry.
I'll bring a cleaning rag right away! Is she new? I hear that she's a talented woman who graduated from Tokyo University, but She is? Yes, this is the Chief's office.
Having someone like that around makes things a little easier.
I don't understand.
Kurama! Cervical cancer was discovered so we removed the uterus right away and performed a C-section.
How's my wife? And my child? There's no danger to both mother and child's lives, so Look.
It's a girl.
We have to think of a name.
Even if she has horns sticking out she's my daughter! It'd be better to kill her But she's my daughter! But you're the very first one who'll be killed three years from now.
It'd be better to kill her There's no way that I can decide such a thing myself! I'll make the decision.
I decided on it.
You can blame me.
Leave! Just leave! You know that there's no way that I can let that happen! Please understand.
It hurts me too.
But Why does this child have to be killed?! Mrs.
Kurama! What's the matter? Doctor! We can't afford something like this.
It hasn't even been a few hours since the surgery was performed.
How's my wife? Since she got excited and acted violently even though she needed complete rest, she's unconscious and in critical condition with excessive bleeding.
If she bleeds more, her life will be in danger.
Where's my daughter? She's in the nursery room.
Please go and see her, say, tomorrow.
I wanted to thank you That time! That's why Ohmori's baby was also I see.
So that's why it happened.
How shameful that I didn't realize it until it happened to me.
Forgive me.
Why? Why're you trying to kill this child? You were looking forward to this child so much.
I can't bear children any more.
Why? She just has horns sticking out from her head.
She isn't a bad child.
Please save her.
Please All right, I will.
I will, so wake up! I will so please wake up! The results of the follow-up study are in.
As expected, the tests on all the fathers showed the same reactions as Kurama's.
There's no mistake that the cause is the virus transmitted by vectors.
It's ironic that the mystery of the Diclonius outbreak is resolved because of you.
I'm gonna leave this place and focus on researching the virus.
It was my specialty from the beginning, anyway.
That's fine.
Kurama, you take over the Chief of Research Lab position.
Well, then, I'm leaving now since I need to get ready.
There has to be a queen.
A queen? There must be a Diclonius that transmitted the virus for the first time.
Investigate the past incidents thoroughly and find the original one.
But Your daughter's life is in my hands.
Rightfully, she should be killed.
I won't allow you to disobey me.
I want at least you to escape from all this.
You! How dare you burn my brothers to death?! Consequently, you're sentenced to naked crucifixion! Miss Nana! Miss Nana! I see Yesterday Breakfast's ready.
It's your fault, Mayu! Woah! What's this? It tastes really good! Did you make this, Mayu? Yes.
It's amazing! Mayu, you're a genius! Um I'm sorry for presuming upon your kindness again.
That's all right.
There's no difference when it gets to this many people.
Right? Yeah.
Well, I guess Oh, yeah! Because there're more people, shall we go to Enoshima?! Because there're more people? That's a good idea.
Wanta'll be happy too.
Nyu! I don't understand things like this but this is somehow nice.
#35 isn't an ordinary Silpelit.
Even the number of people who know of her existence is limited.
I didn't know about her, either.
But it's an order from the Director.
Even now it's all we can do to lock her up in this tomb.
#35 is the worst Silpelit, who kills one after another when she sees humans.
Since she's the only confirmed third generation, we're keeping her alive, but otherwise That's right, we can see them in here because their wave motions are extremely strong.
That's not the only thing.
There are twenty-six of them.
She's a worse monster than Lucy, the strongest Diclonius.
Being born with a cursed cry, a young devil descends to this world.
Realizing the meaning of happiness, a girl stands to protect it.
Trying to break off all the chains, a man joins hands with a beast.
In each place, the preparations for the bloody banquet are being steadily done.
Next Elfen Lied, episode eleven.