Elfen Lied (2004) s01e11 Episode Script


1 Os iusti meditabitur sapientiam The mouth of the just shall meditate wisdom Et lingua eius loquetur indicium And his tongue shall speak judgment Beatus vir qui suffert tentationem Blessed is the man that endureth temptation Quoniam cum probatus fuerit accipient coronam vitae For when he hath been proved, he shall receive a crown of life Kyrie, ignis divine, eleison Lord, fire divine, have mercy O quam sancta, quam serena Oh how holy, how serene Quam benigma, quam amoena How benign, how pleasant O castitatis lilium Oh lily of purity Can you guess why she's in a large-scale receptacle like this? #35's vectors' range of motion is 11 meters.
If we use #35, Lucy can probably be defeated.
But she's a monster who instinctively kills humans.
How are you going to make her cooperate? Moreover, how are you going to restrain her after she's released? Are you going to get down on your hands and knees and beg earnestly or something? Thanks for waiting.
Are you Yes.
I'm Saitoh and I take care of her as though I were her parent.
On the monitor, it shows no problems, but she probably can't stand since she's been kept in isolation in here ever since she was born.
Um, are you really going to get her out of this? That's right.
Certainly, she's been exclusively working on #35 for five years, but Also I've been talking to her through speakers everyday, so I think she'll listen to me.
She calls me Mom.
It's strange, isn't it? Although I've never seen her face before, I feel like I'm meeting my daughter who was separated from me.
Start preparing.
So you're having her persuade #35.
Even if she's the strongest Diclonius, #35 is still a child.
Saitoh is her parent and the only human to her.
#35 won't be able to do anything that could lead to losing her.
But is there any conclusive evidence that #35 will listen to her? If #35 doesn't listen to her, we'll simply threaten her.
Threat A bomb was planted in #35's body right after she was born.
Bo- This is the first time I've heard about it.
Why such an action? Whatever the reason was, there's no doubt that it's useful now.
If #35 doesn't listen to her, we'll detonate the bomb and kill her.
A bomb Did the chief Kurama agreed to it.
So that his daughter wouldn't harm humans, because of his responsibility as her father.
To me, it was a chain in order to keep him from ever betraying me, but unfortunately he disobeyed me and let a Silpelit escape.
This is a good chance.
Let's have her work for all that money it took to keep her alive.
I'm releasing the partitions.
Mariko, come over here.
You can come out now, right? This is Now Is it okay to let her get so close? I've got him ready to send the signal.
Poor thing, being so thin Do you know who I am? Mom? No, you aren't.
Shirakawa! Send the signal to the bomb! Now! Yes! I knew it! Shirakawa! Get out of here! Hurry up! She can't use her vectors while she's in pain.
You know now.
You'll suffer more unless you listen to us! Wow! Ice cream tastes good! What do I do, Mayu? I can't stop eating! If you eat in a hurry like that Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow I was going to tell you that your head would hurt, but Nyu! What're you doing?! Oh, no.
You disassembled it.
Nyu! Nana Can I talk to you a minute? Let me see.
Where should this one go? I wonder if it can be put back as it was before.
Even if you ask me questions, I won't tell you anything! What's your relationship with Nyu? At least that much If you don't wanna tell, I won't push you.
But don't think you can keep being a guest here forever.
Kohta! I know! I'll just leave this stupid place.
We can't let you stay here unless you help out with the chores.
Everyone's doing it here.
Me, Yuka and even Mayu.
Is it okay for me to stay here? Where were you planning on going? It's just It's somehow back to how it was before, but Nyu? Nyu.
Excuse me It's just that I was scared.
I didn't know what to do from now on by myself.
I was always always scared Miss Nana Hey, Mayu.
Yes? If there's something she may be able to do, teach her how to do it.
Okay! Welcome.
What's the matter? Taking a bath means getting into this hot water? Yes Wow! No way! The hot water feels good! Up until now, when my body got dirty, I only got hosed down with water.
Hosed? You know, Mayu.
Like I said before But the Miss Nyu that I know is a very nice person and When she returns to Miss Lucy again I hope she stays Miss Nyu forever.
Then I'll also be able to live here happily, and I heard that #7 was spotted in Kamakura.
So I heard.
How's our key, #35? The bomb seemed to be pretty effective, so she's quiet right now.
Hey, what happened to Chief Kurama? He hasn't shown up at all.
The #35 case is entirely entrusted to me.
But Hey! I'm going to give a report to the chief now since this is my duty.
Chief? Excuse me.
Last night? Yes.
He said it was an emergency liaison conference and left on a special connecting flight.
Um, that's not the case? Ms.
Shirakawa, the preparations for #35's conveyance are complete.
You can leave any time.
Chief You're Oh, I'm tired.
I wonder how many days it's been since I've taken a bath.
There're at least 3,000 students including grad students at our university! It's impossible to find someone whom I've met only once.
Anyway, would you let me at least take a shower? I also haven't changed my underwear for a long time and it seems like I'll be getting you know what.
Isn't it about time for Okay, I'll hurry.
Shit! What happened to that hand? You It's none of your business! If the connection and the control parts aren't damaged, probably a simple exchange of parts will do it.
What? If I do it, I can procure the parts without anyone's knowledge.
What do you wanna make me do? Huh? I want you to kill a Diclonius that will come here shortly.
Are you serious? In charge of Wanta's meals? Yes.
I can't do anything right now, but I'll learn various things from Mayu, so Yeah, I think that's good.
You just need to do whatever you can.
Hey, who's that girl? What? My little sister.
She died, though.
She died? Before she died, I said something mean to her.
I don't remember well, but I've been regretting it.
Even if I wanna apologize, Kanae is now D-D-D-D Don't cry, Kohta! Don't cry! But I'm not crying.
Miss Nana No.
I just had that feeling for a second.
What're you gonna do with those scissors? Nyu! Where'd she go? I'll go check the upstairs.
I'm coming too.
Miss Nyu! Nyu! Nyu? I'm not Nyu! I'm Kanae.
I forgive you! I forgive you, Kohta! I forgive you! Miss Nyu wanted to become his little sister and forgive Mr.
What's the matter? What you told me was right, Mayu.
She's really a nice person.
Now, let's go.
Kohta, no sad face.
I'm sorry.
What you did when you came here for the first time I see.
You were still bothered by that.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Nyu! Nyu.
I don't know why, but I feel that I've known you for a long time.
Kohta Thanks.
I like you too, Nyu.
The number you have dialed is either out of area or Chief, where are you? Hey What is it? You're doing it again? Well, it's okay since it was broken in the first place.
Yuka's late I'm in charge of your meals, so eat a lot, okay? Oh, that's about enough.
This is a creature called Wanta, right? Well, it's true his name's Wanta, but Hey, Mayu What is it? This is kinda nice, isn't it? Yes.
Who's that? It's okay to kill the other one who's not Lucy, right? What's wrong? She came to kill me.
She's a Diclonius just like me.
She's extremely malicious! Umph.
There's no mistake.
He's the one.
Miss Nana, please calm down.
She's noticed me.
She'll come to kill me for sure.
For sure.
Mayu, do you know where Yuka went? No, she didn't tell me.
She left saying that she was going to buy some soumen noodles, but I think she's taking too long.
Soumen noodles? That's Yuka's and my favorite food so she wanted Nana to eat it, too.
Miss Nana? Where're you going? I'm going out for a bit.
No! Don't worry.
I'll definitely come back because I wanna eat soumen noodles! Nana? I've never seen Kohta look at anyone like that.
As I thought, he always liked Nyu from the beginning.
Stupid me.
Closed? Those are the people who came to see Kohta when he got injured.
The entire Enoshima area is blocked, huh? Their actions've been getting more dramatic.
I wonder what sort of VIP's coming.
You got it, right? Unless the secret code number is input every 30 minutes using this, your body will get blown to bits.
If you act funny, we'll detonate the bomb right away.
The area blockade is completed.
What's the status of #7's movements? That's She's coming this way.
This way? Can't be I'd understand if she was running away, but Sounds like it'll be fun.
Mayu, you know something, don't you? That's I don't know the details, but Miss Nana told me that someone came to kill her.
Kill?! I think Miss Nana left because it would cause trouble for us if she stayed.
Though she said she wanted to live here happily forever.
Mayu, watch over the house while I'm out! When Yuka comes back, tell her to wait here.
But are you gonna be okay? Nana is a member of our family here too.
I have to do something about it.
See you later.
Kohta! You stay here! I'm coming! I said don't come! I'm coming! Don't come! I'm coming! Kohta?! You're home.
Where's Kohta? Well Did something happen? Works without a problem.
Let's go.
Don't order me! I'm just going to return a favor.
Where'd she go? Due to previously unscheduled special training for the Metropolitan Police Department's Special Troops, it appears that the entire Enoshima area is blocked.
What the hell's this unscheduled training? She really came.
I didn't expect that it'd be such a small girl.
Hey, it's okay to kill that lady, right? If I throw her off guard with my regular hands and fire my vectors Even though I'm still this far away from her No! I don't want this! This is fun! The ceremony to unseal the past that the boy himself shut was a ball in Hell that was decorated with blood and had the final gasps of people as music.
The ones dancing there are the strange-looking dancing girls with grudges, curses, sadness and love within them.
Next Elfen Lied, episode twelve.