Elfen Lied (2004) s01e12 Episode Script


1 Os iusti meditabitur sapientiam The mouth of the just shall meditate wisdom Et lingua eius loquetur indicium And his tongue shall speak judgment Beatus vir qui suffert tentationem Blessed is the man that endureth temptation Quoniam cum probatus fuerit accipient coronam vitae For when he hath been proved, he shall receive a crown of life Kyrie, ignis divine, eleison Lord, fire divine, have mercy O quam sancta, quam serena Oh how holy, how serene Quam benigma, quam amoena How benign, how pleasant O castitatis lilium Oh lily of purity No! What're you doing? Finish her now! Why? She's the only one that I can kill, right? Yeah, that's right.
So? Then it'd be such a waste if I kill her quickly, wouldn't it? Where's my leg? No! I don't wanna feel any more pain! Oh? She's already stopped moving? And when I can kill only one person too This isn't any fun.
This is a children's game.
As if she was tearing off insects' wings.
Hey, lady, I'm talking to you.
Are we done already? Papa What's this? Nyu? Nyu! Nyu! Nyu! #35, enough already! Okay.
That was enough.
I got tired of it.
Nana! Wait! Where did he slip in from? What's the guard team doing?! What the heck's going on? What in the world has happened? Why did you come? Looks like he knows #7.
Hey, shall I kill that guy too? Hold on.
It seems that we need to ask him about the situation.
What's going on? Your leg just Don't harm this person! Nana what the I see.
That guy's your friend.
Hey, get out of here now, or you'll be killed! What? Killed? What?! What's the matter? It appears that the entire guard team on the Kamakura side is down on the ground.
The general public's also gathering.
This isn't good! When this many irregular matters keep happening, we can't Shirakawa! I'll talk to him.
Don't act on your own! Our duty is taking out #7! A regular human and a Diclonius are communicating! There's gotta be a way without killing her! Shirakawa, damn it! #35, kill #7! Okay.
Stop it! Watch out! I can't allow it having friends even though you're just like me! Nana! Kohta! #7's fallen into the ocean! Search the ocean surface right away! Kohta! Can't be! Nyu! Lucy! Nyu! Are you all right? No! Don't! What're you doing? Let me go! No! You'll be killed! What're you saying? Let me go! Nyu! Nyu! Kohta What're you doing, #35?! Hurry up and get Lucy! No What? That's not Lucy! What're you saying? Hurry! She'll get away! Shirakawa! Don't bother with him! Kohta You Nyu They aren't coming out What'd you say? My arms aren't coming out! What?! Retrieve #35! Hey.
Roger! Don't forget to restrain her! What's going on? Nyu! We're getting out of here! Wait! They aren't coming out! They aren't coming out! They aren't coming out! Damn it! At a critical time like this Don't let Lucy get away! Wait! Lucy is The current Lucy is Shoot! Nyu! Stop it! In any case, we can't let the witness get away alive! Get away! Shoot! Warning shots are pointless! If we hesitate, we'll all just be killed! Can't be helped! Take aim! We'll be killed! Kohta Run, Nyu! Get out of here! Kohta! Shoot! Kohta! I just can't really understand it.
About Nana and Nyu too.
They've got nothing to do with Kohta at all.
So why? It's the same with me too.
Mayu? I felt it when Nana came.
It's as if we're abandoned by society and Mr.
Kohta accepted us right away.
I can't explain well, but he can't leave people alone when they're facing hardships or feeling sad.
Or rather, it's as if there's a reason he feels he has to do so.
A reason? I wonder if it has something to do with that incident? An incident? Oh, nothing.
It doesn't matter what reason Mr.
Kohta has.
I feel that this Kaede House is the only place that I can call home.
Miss Nyu and Miss Nana are like my sisters and there're also parents.
Parents? Mr.
Kohta's the father and you're the mother at Kaede House.
That's how I feel.
Mayu, what are you saying? So, everyone'll come back to this house again, for sure.
What on earth This can't be happening.
Now I get it.
Your personality was split and that's why Nyu.
What's the matter? Listen.
She's not who you think she is.
She is Lucy is Please forgive me, Chief.
Liar This is it.
Idiot! Don't hesitate! If we shoot all at the same time, she won't be able to defend! Is she trying to get herself killed? She flew Shoot! If we act now, we don't have to worry about involving a private citizen! Shoot me.
You monster! That's right It's her You know, since you're clumsy, it'll turn out the same no matter how many times you try.
So what?! No, no! Idiot! At a place like this I can't stand that I won't be able to see you until next summer.
That girl isn't here, is she? What? Hey, stop crying.
You're not a little kid.
Where the heck did Kanae go? I hope she didn't get lost.
What? What's going on? Kohta! Yuka! Uncle I'm glad.
You are okay.
Where's Kanae? Hey, what happened? What happened to Kanae? Well, we got separated.
What?! We'll go look for her! Hey, what happened? I heard that a bomb exploded over there.
A bomb? Oh no Big brother Kanae! Kanae! There's blood on her.
Did you get hurt? A lot of people got killed.
Got killed? I saw it I saw it! In any case, let's go back right away.
You'll come again, right? Yeah.
It's a promise.
Okay? It's a promise! I like you, Yuka, so wait for me.
Yes, I'll be waiting.
I'll always be waiting.
So don't forget about me! Ouch! What're you doing, Kanae?! You take care too, Kanae.
Hey, Kanae! Now, we're leaving! She didn't come after all.
Kohta! Oh, sorry.
Kanae, what's the matter? You're a dummy, big brother! Dummy! Someone like you should get killed by the girl with horns! What did you just I saw it at the festival! A girl with horns killed everyone all at once! Don't say such a strange thing! There's no way something like that happened! It's true! That's a lie! I saw it! I don't like someone who lies like that! You dummy! Dummy! I'm not a liar! Hey, be quiet! It's really true that a girl with horns killed everyone! Hey, Kanae! Oh, it's you! You were on this train too! Since you didn't come, I was wondering what happened.
Big brother, what're you saying? Hurry up.
Hurry up and get out of here, or Liar Is your cousin who's going with you tomorrow a boy or a girl? It's a boy.
I see! Tomorrow Tomorrow night, I'll come to see you off at the station.
Bye! Woah! He's got a long neck! He's got a long neck! Hey! He's got a long neck! This is amazing! Woah! What's this? He's big, big, big! He's somehow very big! Woah! Woah! The water's cold and it feels good! Hey! Your face's dirty.
You're even cleaner than me now.
You little That was payback.
You did it first! We won't be able to ride the bus until our clothes get dried.
I can't breath Sorry.
Are you all right? Boy, you surprised me.
What's with you all of a sudden? Hey Kohta Huh? I have a favor to ask.
If I start killing many other people You filthy bitch! Kohta I want you to kill me.
This can't be happening This can't be This can't be They're cute! There are many shops like this in Kamakura.
I think I'll buy this.
What? Why don't you buy one with more joyful music? Yeah.
I'll do as I please since I like this music! This Since you've been staring at this I just thought that it was a beautiful melody.
Really? Leave me alone.
Hey, be friends with me! Where were you drawing? Yeah, in the mountain.
She was an unusual girl.
An unusual girl? Big brother! I got a bunch of seashells! Look! Look! I'll give this to you.
If you don't like those horns, all you need to do is hide them.
Liar! No! Kanae! Big brother! We have to get out of here! We have to hurry up and get out of here! Idiot! What're you doing?! What're you saying that she did?! Apologize to her properly! Or, I'll hate you, Kanae! No, big brother! Don't hate me! Hey, Kohta, what're you making noises abo Did you do all this? Why're you doing something like this?! Weren't we friends?! What're you saying? I didn't kill you because we're friends.
The next'll be that girl.
Girl? Yuka Stop it now! Stop it! Stop it now! Please stop! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it now! Please stop it now! Shit! This is terrible.
I remember now.
I remember everything now.
You're the one from that time eight years ago.
Tell me Who in the world are you? Many abnormal things are happening, and you're always at the center of them.
What are you gonna do when you find out? Such a thing doesn't have anything to do with you.
It does! Of course, it does! You killed my little sister and my father.
Kohta! I didn't expect that my real target'd be here instead of the prey that I was asked to take care of! This is revenge for my eyes and my arm.
Die! Don't run away! Fight with me! Wait for me at those stone steps.
Shit! The prayer was not heard after all, and the penitence no longer means anything.
Must the longing, compassion, and even the love for each other be shattered into pieces, as if it were a fragile and sad song that the elves sing? Next Elfen Lied, the last episode.