Élite (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

I have to ask you some questions.
You haven't been at this school for long, right? RECONSTRUCTION OF: SAN ESTEBAN HIGH SCHOOL [SAMU.]
No, almost four months.
I used to attend San Esteban.
San Esteban, the school that collapsed? [SAMU PANTS.]
Calm down.
It's going to be alright.
Another woman's after your husband.
Have you noticed anything off lately? What are you doing? It's hers, I was just holding it for her.
This kid, I'm telling you.
To win over the locals, the construction company decided to fund three scholarships to study here at Las Encinas.
I was one of the lucky ones.
Samu! - What's up, man? - How are you? Hello, beautiful.
Shit, sorry.
You're not gonna sacrifice yourself because of what I said, right? - [CAR HONKS.]
- Do you know each other? He's a buddy of my brother.
This is fucking paradise, man.
Can't you smell it? Those chicks pee cologne, dude.
I'm telling you.
Let's take a walk around, okay? Look at that.
They stare as if we were Martians.
You get used to it.
Come, a photo, right? Let's take a selfie, or something.
Let's take a look around.
You can't use your cell phone here.
If they catch you, they'll take it, and keep it for a week.
That's against the constitution.
- You've read the constitution? - No.
I'm waiting for the movie.
- It's in the handbook.
- Have you read the handbook? When your name is Nadia Shana, you better know what can get you expelled.
Just in case.
Whoo! The swimming pool is bigger than the school! You liked to swim, didn't you? [POLICEWOMAN.]
You were in the same class.
You'd be saving us a lot of time and work if you answered a simple question.
Why did you have blood on you? [CAMERAS FLASH AND CLICK.]
I've done nothing.
I want a lawyer, please.
What else is forbidden? [NADIA.]
Drinking, smoking on the grounds, doing drugs.
- [SAMU.]
They don't allow anything cool? - Depends on what you think is cool.
- Olé.
- [BOY.]
Whoo-hoo! - [BOY.]
What the fuck, man? - [CHRISTIAN.]
Don't cry! [TEACHER.]
This is your classroom.
Wait for your teacher, and after class I'll assign you lockers.
- Welcome! - [SAMU.]
- Are you the new students? - [SAMU.]
Good luck, then.
You're gonna need it.
What's up, guys! I'm Christian.
Look at this one.
Hi there.
- Not there! - [CHRISTIAN.]
Is it taken? - By an invisible friend.
Oh! Enjoy his company.
Good morning, class! How's everybody doing today? Please, sit down.
So, as we all know, we have three new students with us today.
Let's meet them.
- Damn.
Wasn't this a tutorial class? - In English.
It's a bilingual school.
You knew that, right? Christian Varela.
Do you want to introduce yourself to the class? What's he saying? - Introduce yourself.
- Ah! Yes.
Um Hello.
- Goodbye? - [STUDENTS LAUGH.]
OK Great.
Thank you, mister teacher.
"Mister teacher.
" - Nadia Shana.
Hello, I'm Nadia.
I'm 16.
My family is from Palestine.
But I was born here in Spain.
And when I finish my studies, I'd like to be professional diplomat in the United Nations.
Wow! Impressive.
You know, every year we choose our best student, and the trophy is rather ugly, but it allows you to study the following year at Who can tell me where? Carla.
At a school in Florida.
Which gives you access to an Ivy League University.
- And how can you win it? - By standing out in all activities.
Curricular and extracurricular.
The more extracurricular, the better.
Photography, chess, Chinese, check out the list.
If I were you, I'd watch out for this one.
She'll give you no quarter.
Wasn't this a secular school? [MARTIN.]
Samuel García.
My name is Samuel and I feel like anything I say will be used against me, - so I'll better remain quiet.
- How darling! Don't be afraid.
At this school we teach values.
Manners and respect are paramount.
The leaders of tomorrow are at this school.
I know.
That's what I fear.
- What did the waiter say? - [GIRLS LAUGH.]
He's talking to us.
- Guys.
- Sorry.
My name's Samuel, and I am, as your classmate said, a waiter.
Strange as it may seem to you, sometimes waiters get a seat at the table.
But you don't need to worry, I'm not here to take anybody's place.
You are still the leaders of tomorrow.
Thank you.
- [SAMU.]
You're welcome.
So, why don't we continue with where we left it yesterday? [PEOPLE CHATTERING.]
Of all the people there, you had to mess with my brother.
That was your brother? And people say we, rich people, don't suffer.
I see.
- My condolences.
- Thank you.
Shall we? Hey in case nobody's told you, it's cool having you in class.
Where are you going? We'll walk with you.
- Stop being such an asshole.
- Watch that mouth.
We're only trying to be friendly.
What's the matter, waiter? Do you like my sister? - She's a fan of lost causes - Guzmán, go to hell.
Seriously, leave him alone.
Let us have him for a while.
We want to get to know him.
Or are you afraid of us? - He is afraid of us! - He is, yeah.
Waiter don't lay a hand on my sister.
Imagine you have a restraining order.
Guzmán take this.
Can you come with me for a moment? The principal wants a word.
No one had mentioned the scarf.
Why now? Per our rules, no supplementary vestures are allowed.
My hijab is not supplementary.
Besides, everybody has things around here.
Expensive bags, gold watches.
Those are ornamental, they don't mean anything.
They do.
They mean many things.
They mean "I have more money than you, more style than you.
I'm better than you.
" - Nadia, we understand you, really, but - Look, if you understood you wouldn't ask me to give up my culture or my religion.
Nadia, think about it.
It's up to you.
But if you wear it tomorrow we'll have no option but to expel you.
Who do you think calls the shots here? Shouldn't you be worrying about other things now? About the fact that you speak no English, for instance.
Come on, it's not "nothing", it's "a little but.
" I got it all under control.
You lend me your notes "in English" and I translate them online to know what it's all about.
I'm not going to give you my notes.
And you shouldn't be here.
You're taking a spot somebody else actually needs.
Wait, do you think I am here to study? No.
I'm here to meet the people who rule the roost.
They are not those with the best grades, but those who make the best friends.
- [LU.]
What time's the party? - What party? Anybody say party? Hi, I'm Christian.
Hello! Do you speak Spanish? - [ALL LAUGH.]
I was talking to my friends.
Oh, sorry.
By the way, are you on Instagram? I can give you mine, if you want.
Yes, please! It's "pekechristian007," the first one is a "K.
" [LU.]
Oh, no! I've fucking had it with these people.
I don't understand how they got into this school.
I don't.
Wow, this video! Look at this.
Do not touch me! Lu, don't be mean.
- Pay no attention to my friend.
- So, what about this party? My sister's coming out party is private, like our conversation.
Who do I need to talk to about getting an invite? You've never partied with me.
You had a roof collapse on you, right? Maybe the blow impaired your ability to take a hint.
Shall I say it in English, so you get it? Goodbye.
- And if I don't feel like it? - Look As you're slow-witted, you don't get how things work here.
But your friend there is starting to get it.
Come, let's go, Guzmán.
Cool video.
Christian, it can happen to anyone, going too far.
It's the end of the school year party There's alcohol.
I don't know, maybe a fight gets out of control.
What do I have to do with it? I'm not like that.
Can you interrogate me if my parents are not present? These are just questions.
But if you don't want to cooperate, we can take you to the station.
With your parents, and a lawyer.
How did you get that injury? I hit myself on a door.
Why do I get the feeling you are lying to me? [BUS HONKS.]
The change may end up not being all that bad.
How is your new school? Imagine, I'm a Muslim, I don't play soccer, and I was caught reading a book in the hallway.
There'll be wanted signs with my face tomorrow.
The reward will be a reggaeton concert.
I'm a dead man, then.
Shit, man, I wish some rubble had fallen on me when the school collapsed.
Christian got 14 stitches.
Yeah, and a scholarship to Las Encinas, dickhead.
With any luck, the same will happen to you at your new school.
- No such luck, I'm afraid.
- Roofs do collapse.
You're the worst! Hi.
Look at him.
He looks like a minister.
Little brother! Little brother! [BOTH LAUGH.]
Goodness me! - Doing well in fancy-land? - Yes.
I'm ready to fight anybody who bothers you.
What are you doing here? - What, you're not happy to see me? - Yes! But have they let you out? No, I'm still there.
What do you think? Come, let's have a beer.
Here you go.
Wow! This is nice, right? The three of us together again.
- The family goes out tonight.
- I can't tonight.
- You can.
- I work tonight, Nano.
Call in sick, and that's it.
What if they find out I'm lying? It's the only job we have since you left.
Is this how it's gonna be? Samu, I didn't leave.
They made me leave.
- [OMAR.]
How was your first day? - Very good.
How about this one? Do you like it? Mom You showed me that one yesterday.
The answer remains the same.
You don't like anything, Marina.
Is it that hard to be a bit more enthusiastic? Mom and Dad are doing all of this for you.
For me? - But nobody's asked them.
- Sweetheart We want to celebrate that you are a woman, and you're coming out into society.
Presenting me as a virginal young lady looking for a boyfriend.
Marina, please.
What? Are we never going to talk about it? How about the new students? A moron, a fundamentalist, and one with raised fist.
- As a joke, they'd be priceless.
- Hey Why don't you ask one of them to the party? Are you serious? Why not? [MOBILE PHONE BUZZES.]
Have you lost your mind? Hello.
No, I told you not to worry.
Okay? I think it's a great idea.
Besides, it's my party, right? [WATER POURING FROM SHOWERS.]
Son of a bitch! Cool.
Hey! Have you seen my uniform? No? Nothing? You haven't seen my clothes? What's up, handsome? Hello, beautiful.
You haven't seen my clothes, really? No? Come on! There we are! [GIRLS LAUGHING.]
Alright, then.
Fuck you all.
Enjoy the view! This too, come on.
Wouldn't you like to have this ass.
Hey, would you like to come to a party at my place tomorrow evening? Why would you invite me to a party? Because I need somebody else to enjoy it as little as me.
Besides, wouldn't you like to see my brother's face? [BOTH CHUCKLE.]
- Okay.
Your hair looks nice today.
Did you have any problems with the other students? No.
Not with anybody.
How was your relationship with the students at the school? Did you get along? Were you friends? You're Ander, right? I've seen all your trophies, man.
I'm crazy about tennis.
Come on, guys! To your next class! Anybody left in the locker room? What are you doing? - Anything wrong? - No, why? OK, then.
Off to class.
Thanks a lot, man.
You're alright.
No, I'm not.
I just saved your ass.
You could pay me back.
Guzmán! - What? - We've been seen, damn it! - What is it? - [LU.]
Shit! - We've been seen.
- Shit! [CHRISTIAN.]
Don't worry, he'll be here.
I talked to him ten minutes ago.
Besides, nobody will see you here, man.
Don't worry.
- But can he be trusted, or not? - Of course! What's he gonna do? Go on TV to say a rich boy is buying joints? Come on! That wouldn't be news.
I just don't want them to know at school.
Who's going to find out? I won't tell anyone, don't worry, man.
Besides, I don't even have any friends in there.
Or do I? Yeah! Good man! By the way, man, I wanted to ask you something.
- [ANDER.]
- Why do you all mess with us so much? [EAGLE SCREAMS.]
Something happened with a scholarship student.
The son of one of the cooks.
And they halted scholarships for a full year.
It was a huge mess.
Until you arrived.
Hey! What's up, man? - How are you? - Hi.
I'll introduce you, Mr.
X, Mr.
Sorry, no real names.
Thank you, much obliged.
Have you seen how well-mannered? You can't complain, I bring you quality clients.
Don't you forget.
By the way, you and I will talk.
You owe me one! [MOTORBIKE BEEPS.]
Here we go, now we are all set.
- Hey, my man! - [CHRISTIAN.]
So good to see you! [NANO.]
Twelve, thirteen, fourteen Hang in there! Fifteen, sixteen, that's it! So, they make a school collapse, and get away with it.
Can't wrap my fucking head around that! - When will the others be released? - [NANO.]
What do I know, man? That's how the world works.
Some of us in jail for some small shit, and the real crooks out on the street.
It figures.
I almost didn't live to tell it.
I got a huge cut in my head.
But, that got me a ticket to fancy-land.
It's no joke, Christian, what if there had been casualties? This is not okay.
This country is a fucking joke.
Let's give your brother a drink, we're losing him! - There are none left.
- [NANO.]
None? I can solve that in a second.
Be right back.
Man, save, and you can buy it.
A little stuck on that topic, isn't he? I mean, I don't know, Nano is like a brother to me, you know.
And my brother's brother is also my brother, right? You want my notes from class? [PEOPLE CHATTERING.]
Look at him! Like a baby.
I have a romantic idea worthy of a movie.
Jaime, I'm borrowing it.
Nano, can you tell me where we're going? To visit our friend the constructor, so he remembers us.
- [NANO.]
Get off.
Get off! - What? Keep watch.
No! What are you doing? Don't even think about it! Yes! Let's enjoy it, Samu.
Nano! You just got out of jail, and this is the dumbest shit you could do! Nano, someone's coming! Nano! - What? - Someone's coming, let's go! Motherfucker THI Come on! - [MOTORBIKE ROARS.]
Just one more thing, Nadia.
Help us, and then you can go.
What can you tell me about this trophy? Why? We think it's the murder weapon.
What? We've been told you wanted to win it more than anything.
Just me? It's her word against ours.
You want to risk them believing her? - This is all your fault.
- Mine? Yes, you and your silly obsession with doing it in public places.
As if you didn't like it.
Sorry about yesterday.
We thought we were alone.
I wish.
Look, I know we started off on the wrong foot.
I'd like to fix that.
Why don't you come tonight to my sister's coming out party? We can get to know each other.
Thanks, but no.
Have a nice day.
I love her! [ANDER.]
Who? Carla? Her mother is a Spanish grandee.
Do you know the Marquesado de Caleruega wines? - No.
- That's her mommy, the marchioness.
Well, and that guy, Polo, is her boyfriend, since they were 12.
That one? For real? No, come on, she deserves much better.
You're fucking kidding me! If I were you, I'd watch out for the girls here.
I'll be watching this one.
How are you? Listen, I'd like you to come to my party.
Thank you, but it isn't my scene.
You can come in your scarf, or without it.
Come as you want, okay? It's called a hijab.
Not a scarf.
- And nobody forces me to wear it.
- Lucky you! I do feel like I'm being forced to have this ridiculous coming out party.
I don't know.
Give us a chance.
We're not all like my brother.
It starts at eight.
Samuel has the address.
- Fuck, man, this doesn't pull well.
- [ANDER.]
Don't laugh at the newbie, okay? [CHRISTIAN.]
I'm not laughing, for a first joint, made with a tutorial, it's not bad.
By the way, why the fuck don't you wanna go to the party? [COUGHS.]
Still obsessing about the party, give me a break! I'm not obsessing, you may be used to all of this stuff and this luxury, but I'm not, this is all new to me.
I'm excited about it.
What do you think? That I live like the rest of them? - You don't? - Not even close.
Then what the fuck are you doing at that school? Kid, I'm the principal's son.
Son of a bitch! You are fucking plugged in! Anyway - [ANDER.]
You want to go, right? - Of course.
- [ANDER.]
Are you positive? - Completely, yes.
- Do you have anything decent to wear? - [CHRISTIAN.]
Of course I do, man! - [SAMU.]
What are you doing here? - Nadia wants to go to the party.
And my father says if there's no alcohol, and there's parents there - [OMAR.]
Say yes, I want to go home.
- Yeah, man, don't worry.
This is a serious party.
THI What's up, Samu? - Hi.
- You didn't expect to see me here, huh? Let's go in! [MUSIC PLAYING.]
Here you have it, a coming out party in all its ridiculousness! [ANDER.]
What is it for? In other times, to find a husband quickly.
Nowadays it's more to widen your network.
Although the husband thing is not ruled out.
You're so much fun when you drink.
Wow, you rich people know how to throw a party! Are you color blind? Or did you not turn on the light when you got dressed? Lu, don't be mean.
Handsome guys look good whatever they wear.
We've already said hi.
Are you staying? I don't know.
Do you want me to stay? - If you say yes, I'll stay forever.
- Well, well, let's start with a drink.
Ah, move aside.
Can you explain to me why you've brought the influencer? - You've brought the girl, right? - It's my home, Ander.
I don't know, because he really wanted to come.
Nothing's going to happen.
This whole crusade of yours against them is ridiculous.
Look I forgive you, because you're really drunk.
But I wouldn't have betrayed you like that.
Never! What betrayal, Guzmán? What betrayal? Fucking champagne! Where's the beer? [GIRLS CHUCKLE.]
You've come.
Pleased to meet you.
The balls on you, kid, showing up here! Don't you know we have security cameras? [VENTURA.]
Shall we talk later? Only alcohol can make this tolerable.
I don't drink.
It's going to be a hard night, then.
- I'm leaving soon.
- Of course.
Why give us a chance when you have already sentenced and judged us all, right? Here's everything you hate about the West.
All the sinful decadence.
I thought I was the one judging.
But I can see you have decided what I think and what I don't.
With a scarf on your head, you can't possibly think much, dear.
Is this about me not accepting the champagne? Or your congenital racism? Forgive me.
Oh, no, forgive me.
Sorry, I came here in peace, I swear.
I'm sure you and I have something in common.
Don't worry.
I've come to Las Encinas to study.
I'm not interested in anything beyond that.
Let me give you some advice, dear.
You can do it all.
Look at me.
I date, I have fun, a lot.
And I'm top of the class.
Or you were.
Right? So? What do you think of my party? Wouldn't you love to set us all on fire? OK.
I'll order a glass of water, just in case.
Samuel Sorry I didn't tell you my father's construction company - was the one from your school.
- Right.
It would have been good to know.
I'm not like him.
And to be honest, I think I don't even like him.
But he's done all of this for you.
Yeah, he's very good at solving problems throwing money at them.
Wanna dance? - What? - Why are you like this, Lu? Don't you see? It's not about the skirt, I don't care.
It's about that Taliban girl.
That little hypocrite.
Wearing a scarf on your head makes you superior to us? - Please, how ridiculous! - I don't want her here either.
But we have to do something, so she won't tell on us.
I have an idea.
Let's hear it.
I propose a game.
Why don't you seduce her? Then everybody finds out and that's that.
You want me to hook up with the Palestinian girl, who walks around school in a turban? Oh, sweetie the idea of making a virginal Muslim girl fall for you doesn't turn you on? Come on, you woo her, she falls for you, everybody finds out That's it! We cut her down to size, she can't act all superior anymore.
Not even if I ask you? Then I'll let you do whatever you want with me.
But I already do whatever I want with you.
Not even half of it.
I'm thinking, today would be a good day to do it.
I call the tow truck, and they don't come for me.
Well, I don't know.
Here? Right now? And why not? But if you're not sure, let's forget about it.
- Samuel, right? - Yes.
What exactly did you mean to write here, on my front wall? T-H-I "S.
" "This above all: to thine own self be true.
" - Ah.
- It's a quote from Hamlet.
Yes, of course, a quote from Hamlet.
But I think you wanted to write Thief, son of a bitch, or one of those names the press is calling me lately.
Bring the other two scholarship kids, and we'll take a photo of the four of us.
Shaking hands and smiling.
I don't know.
Come, man.
What's wrong with taking a photo? It could be good for everybody.
For the town, for the school, even for you.
I wouldn't feel comfortable doing it, to be honest.
It's OK, kid.
I'll report your brother to the police tomorrow, see what happens to his parole.
Think about it.
What did he say? He wants a picture with the scholarship students.
- Really? - Yes.
That's why he wanted me to invite you.
His image makeover bullshit.
He doesn't waste an opportunity.
Samuel, don't play along.
You don't have to.
I don't mind doing it.
What's wrong? Nothing.
I don't know.
I thought you were different.
Can you come and get me? Come on, [CLAPS HANDS.]
we have things to do.
What is this? [WHISTLES.]
We have 15 minutes before they realize I'm not there.
Are you taking your clothes off? That comes off, too.
But slowly, so I can see you.
You too.
Let's do it at the same time.
Like this? Am I doing it right? Yes, you're doing fucking great.
Hey, cool profile [ANDER TYPING.]
Yours too.
What's up? [INCOMING TEXT.]
Shall we meet? [ANDER TYPING.]
Do you have another photo? I can't believe it.
Explain it to me, please.
You knew it was him who ruined our wall, and you let him in our home? - Who? - The thin one.
But only because he had ulterior motives, he wanted a picture with him.
What? Mom, I don't know why you are surprised.
You are the only one dad still manages to disappoint.
Those people are poison, Marina, and you know it.
Why are you with them every time I turn around, Marina? Why? Why don't you leave them alone? Because I refuse to let you get hurt again, Marina! - Pablo did not mean to hurt me! - Marina! It's not the moment.
Then when? Tell me when is the moment.
Why can't we talk about what happened? You've spent a fortune on psychologists to convince me nothing happened.
That life goes on.
That everything would be alright.
And you know what? Every time you avoid the subject, I feel like a piece of shit.
I fell in love with a boy.
He infected me.
I need you to say it! Say it! Say it, Mom! "My 16-year-old daughter is HIV-positive.
Do you regret tonight? It was intense.
But it was good.
Sure? Good night.
Good night, gorgeous.
I love you.
I love you more than ever.
You! You get a scholarship, and you thank us like this? - Guzmán! - Vandalizing the property of others? - You disgust me! - What's going on here? And who are you? Unbelievable, the riffraff we get here tonight! Shall I take that as a compliment or punch you? Take it as you will.
- Let's go.
- I won't let this prep boy insult us.
I'm not insulting you, just stating the facts.
One question.
What do you call people who keep millions that don't belong to them, so they can live the way you do? Thieves, or simply bastards? You dare come to this house to insult me and my family.
Who do you think you are, fucking clown? [GUZMAN GRUNTS.]
- What are you doing? - Okay.
You don't deserve my brother! [GUZMAN.]
Get off me! Shove your money up your asses! You! Hey! You are finished! Tomorrow, everybody at school will know you are a fucking criminal! And forget about your scholarship.
Guzmán, please.
Are you okay? Did they hurt you? [DOG BARKING.]
Does it hurt a lot? Polo Why don't you go for a walk and stop making a fool of yourself? Go! Guzmán, don't take it out on Samuel, he's a good person.
Let's see what the principal says tomorrow.
Your sister is right.
Samuel is a good person.
Me, not so much.
If you say anything at school, you'll force me to tell what I saw in the shower.
Thanks for inviting me.
Nadia, you win.
I spoke in the heat of the moment.
I won't tell on your friend.
Stay a little longer.
Let me show you we are worth the trouble.
You are too good looking over your shoulder.
Teach me how to look at you.
I promise I'll be a fast learner.
What's going on, honey? This one needs to be taken down a peg or two.
Do you plan to remain mute all night? Had I known, I wouldn't have stood up for you.
You are clueless, aren't you? Do you know what I've done for you? I had it under control, and you had to come and screw it up.
And now I must clean up after you! I was protecting you, asshole! It's what I've been doing my whole life.
I never asked you for that! Come on, Samu! I won't let those people, who are a real cancer, laugh at you! Your whole life you've been blaming them, maybe you are the cancer.
Is Samuel home? - Is Samuel here? - He's sleeping.
He was up all night hugging the toilet.
Says it's hangover.
I think it's the panic of having to go back to that fucking school.
He can come back, no problem.
That's what I came to tell him.
My brother won't say anything.
Very well.
Was there anything else? Coffee, water, beer? Sit down, if you want.
Did you tag my wall? My letter of introduction.
Next time, finish it.
I liked what you said at the party.
You dared to shout what many of us think.
Or at least I do.
Somebody had to say it.
And, is it true you've been in jail? You love to ask questions, huh? - [BOTH CHUCKLE.]
- Yes, but for a short spell.
Sleeping rough, eating worse.
No women, unless you count my mother or my lawyer.
A second aunt from Murcia, I'm not sure why she came all the way up to see me None like you, I can tell you that.
Stay another minute, and I'll make you iron.
- I'm leaving.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Here you go.
Washed and pressed.
By the way Fancy girl was here.
She wants you to go back to school.

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