Élite (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 So, according to you everything started with the arrival of the new students.
When a new species is introduced in an ecosystem, it is always altered.
The new one can devastate the flora and fauna of a place, breed endlessly, or cause more subtle changes which end up perverting everything.
Are you referring to the scholarship students as if they were another species? I'm trying to think that Marina is not is not dead.
Social networks are the way we have nowadays to present ourselves to the rest, right? What we show, or what we hide, says a lot about who we are.
And this is what the pair work I want you to do is about.
I want you to create your partner's profile for a social network.
But wasn't this a language and literature class? Welcome to Las Encinas, man.
We can demonize social networks, like other schools do, but but we can also use them to learn.
Please, take advantage of the opportunity to investigate, to question the other.
And most of all, adapt this to your goal.
What is it, Christian? I just have a doubt.
What can I improve in my profile? Nothing! - It's perfect! - [LU.]
Believe me, it can be improved.
Martín was talking about privilege and intelligence, not you.
Boom! Take that.
Guys Please, be creative.
Use photos, video, interviews, whatever you want.
You have all the school's material at your disposal.
Nobody leaves until they have a partner.
Choose one and come by my desk.
Here's your chance.
For what? What do you mean "for what"? Our plan for Miss Palestine.
Go and tell her you want to work with her.
You are with me, right? That way I get to see you a bit more.
You've been avoiding me of late.
What a silly thing to say.
Of course we'll work together.
So, shall we work together? You won't have much to do, I'm telling you.
My profile rules.
And once we upload some photos of your trophies and the girls you get, yours will be ready in no time.
- Then we can smoke a joint.
- Shut up! Samuel.
We can work together, if you want.
You and I? Okay.
Shall we work together? - But we have nothing in common.
- Even better.
That way we learn more about each other.
Nano, are those burgers ready? Almost there.
Why the hurry? [SAMU.]
Get a move on.
I told them you had experience and they are complaining.
- Samu, don't bust my balls.
- Hurry.
Here you are.
We were so happy in this town without these fancy people! I don't know where she is.
I think Carla is avoiding me.
You must have done something.
You're nuts if you don't take care of her.
You won't find another one like her.
I've told you before, haven't I? - Huh? - [INCOMING TEXTS.]
Put your cell phone down, please.
We are here! - It's my father, he wants me to train.
- Sorry.
Hey, waiter, thank you.
- I've had faster service.
- Sorry, we have new kitchen staff.
I wish you were as good working as making excuses.
This is overcooked.
You know I can't answer back here.
That's why you talk to me like that.
- He's talking to me.
- [ANDER .]
Just eat it like that.
She's seen my WhatsApp.
See? It's blue.
Why won't she answer? I get it.
- Is it clear? - Yes.
Nano, what's going on? Nothing.
Besides, they are leaving, right? That's up to you.
Give me time.
Good afternoon.
- Nano, can you tell me what's going on? - Samu, it's nothing.
Forget it.
Guys, I'm leaving.
You're leaving? How come? Gotta train, I told you.
- But finish your food.
- If I do, I'll be late.
- See you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.
Should I write to her again, or send her an audio message? I'll send her an audio message.
- Hey.
How much do you want? It's good, you'll see.
We can finish this one, if you want.
Can I ask you a question? [PUFFS.]
If it's about the other night, better not.
I was drunk.
And I wanted to try.
Just for trying.
Guys are not my thing.
- What? - You wanted to suck my dick.
You okay? Shit.
They're freezing.
What are you doing? Putting it on the seat, so you're more comfortable.
What is it? Thought the Muslim boy was gonna rob you, or what? [LAUGHS.]
No, it's not that, but I don't feel comfortable.
Let's leave it.
What is it? It was you who wanted it.
Dude - Are you really freaking out now? - No, but, leave me, okay? I'm leaving.
What was your relationship with the students? - Normal, nothing out of the ordinary.
- And Omar? He's a friend.
What's up, man? Hey.
- How was training yesterday? - Good.
Very good.
My father's cracking the whip, but it's good.
- Okay.
You know you can tell me anything, right? Sure, I know.
I mean, because we've been friends all our lives.
I'm off to train.
Now, a hobby.
Samuel, you've been recording for ten minutes.
Give me a hobby, and I'm done.
Seriously, I didn't plan to work so hard on my part.
I thought they strove for excellence at this school.
- Tell me something I don't know.
- Fine, but not here, I'd feel awkward.
Let's go.
What are we doing here? [MARINA.]
Don't ask.
We have ten minutes before the basketball guys arrive.
And you should know, I've shown this to very few of my friends.
Now I'm ready.
- Are you recording? - [SAMUEL.]
I'm recording.
- You'll end up with a great project.
Why did you make these videos? For a school project.
It's over.
Marina loved to dance.
- Siblings? - One, you know him, Nano.
And, how is it going in the kitchen at La Cabaña? For him, or for me since he's been there? [LAUGHS.]
I'm writing you get along famously.
We could lie there, right? Then you write that I get along with my brother.
Look, I'm happy my brother is out of jail.
It's just that sometimes What? Never mind, let's not get intense.
Do we use what we have, or take new ones? I can dance, but posing for photos is entirely different.
Let me see.
This folder.
- Yes, that one.
- Okay.
This one's really cool.
What are you talking about? This one's not bad.
The problem is none of them show your face.
- That's normal.
- Normal, yeah, right.
I opened something I shouldn't have.
It's no secret he's my father, right? [SAMUEL.]
Why do you have all those articles? Well Because It doesn't matter.
Let's do this later, okay? [SCHOOL-BELL RINGS.]
- [BOY.]
See you tomorrow, Carla.
- Bye.
Hi, there.
See? No problem.
I didn't want to complicate things with your boyfriend.
Don't worry.
We are only texting.
I'll go smoke a joint and then look for you.
What does he say? The poor thing is clueless.
He's afraid if you see us talking you'll suspect and get jealous.
Me? Jealous of that one? He's more muscle than brain, and can't tell the difference - [BOTH MOAN.]
- Of course not.
How about we repeat it? With Christian.
I'm so glad you persuaded me to do it.
- I didn't persuade you.
- I want to do it again.
Say yes, please.
We'll talk later, okay? Okay.
- So, how do we go about this? Do you - Shhh! You come to my place, or do I go to yours? My parents wouldn't like me to be seen with you.
Because they don't know me.
All my friends' mothers say I'm the perfect son-in-law.
For my parents, the perfect son-in-law prays five times a day, facing Mecca.
Do you do it? Yes.
It helps me find myself.
We don't have to marry, it's just a project.
Can't we work on it during breaks? Here, I've written some questions.
Answer them for tomorrow? And we're done.
We'll talk tomorrow.
I think Miss Palestine is not going to make it easy for you.
If I were you I'd put in a little more effort, honey.
Shhh! - Please! - Shut up! Excuse us.
- We have this project - Shhh! [BIRDS TWEETING.]
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'm looking for Samuel.
He's on a break.
Out back.
- That way.
- Thanks.
Hey, what's going on? - I was looking for your brother.
- And you've found me.
It's gonna become a habit.
Fuck! How's everything here? Fantastic.
I'm a total chef.
I can tell.
They told me you were out here.
- Want some? - No, thanks.
Listen Sorry I left like that.
Don't worry.
Shall we work on the project? My name is Marina, and as you know, I like to dance.
But what I would really like to do is make documentaries.
Do investigative reports.
The truth is, that it has always been my dream.
Although now, I don't know Why not? How could I call myself an investigative reporter if I have now the chance to unmask somebody, and I don't do it? Nobody's going to blame you for not wanting to ruin your father.
Not even if I had proof that clearly incriminates him? [BIRDS CHIRPING.]
There's always been money in the safe of my father's office at home.
And, about a year ago, I needed to get some.
We all know the combination.
It's my date of birth.
So, I opened the safe and there were photos, documents, and some emails.
They were addressed to a minister in the government.
My father was telling him that, as the budget was so tight, maybe the materials would not be of the best quality.
Was that my school's project? I don't know, but I think something similar happened with your school.
Now you know more than any of my friends.
Don't even think of using that in the project, okay? Of course I will! It's going next to the part about you liking to dance.
- That you have a corrupt father.
- Don't even joke about that.
- But of course! - [BOY.]
Break is over.
- See you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.
Bye, thanks.
Hi, how are you? Go ahead, please.
- Good afternoon.
- Why are you here? What do you want? I want to introduce myself to your parents.
Hi, how are you? Guzmán Nunier, pleased to meet you.
- I go to school with your daughter.
- Hello.
I came to ask you if I may study with her.
You'd better leave.
Why? What's the matter? That I'm not a Muslim? That my father is who he is? What is it? I said we'd work on the project during breaks.
What's the problem? Who is his father? - Dad.
Guzmán, go.
- My father paid for her scholarship.
I think it would be best if you let me stay and work on the project with her.
Why have you come here? To insult me? Do you know, because of your father, my son and many like him have to travel 30 km to go to school? Do you know how many children could have died? Sir, I've come in good faith, to ask if I can work on a project with Nadia, that's all.
Enough, Guzmán.
What do I have to buy so you let me stay here and explain it to you? [DOOR-BELLS JINGLE.]
What's going on? Guzmán, please.
We know this is a very difficult time.
But we need to ask you some questions.
What was your relationship with your sister? What kind of question is that? I loved her very much.
- Hi, sweetie.
Have you taken your medication? Listen, if you have any discomfort, any retching or whatever, you tell me, okay? [SIGHS.]
- Hello, mommy.
- Hello, sweetie.
- Are you okay? - Yes.
Did you know mom talks about my medication only when she mixes her tranquilizers with alcohol? You know it's hard for her, Marina.
And for me this is a total holiday, right? Hey.
Hey, Marina.
What did we say? Huh? Through good times, bad times, and ? [MARINA SNIFFS.]
And the ones that are really fucked up.
What are you doing here? The store is unattended.
Yes, I'm coming.
Don't worry.
- Keep an eye on it.
- Yes.
Hi, are you still freaked out? [MARINA.]
There's always been money in the safe of my father's office at home.
We all know the combination.
It's my date of birth.
So it's no problem to open it.
What are you doing? Recording fancy girl in your free time? - It's for a school project.
- A school project.
How modern.
Come, Spielberg, to dinner.
Gorgeous, what are you doing? Waiting for you in my bed thinking of you [INCOMING TEXT.]
Don't say that, you are killing me [INCOMING SKYPE CALL.]
- Hi, hon.
- Hi.
- What are you doing? - Chatting with Christian.
- What's he telling you? - Not much.
But it was getting interesting.
Do you want to join me so it gets better? I'm sure we'll have a good time.
What do I tell him? Tell him you are playful only with those who know how to play.
And ask him if he knows how to play.
And if he's willing to go all the way.
You are into this! He says what would my boyfriend think if he knew what I'm doing.
That you're a very bad girlfriend.
And that you want to be worse than bad.
I am a very bad girlfriend.
And I want to be worse than bad.
What would you do to me if I were there with you? I'd treat you like a queen.
Tell him you already have your boyfriend for that.
Now I want other things.
He tells me "I'm becoming really bad.
" - Do I go on? - Make him come.
Hey, you.
- Yes, you.
- Christian.
Yes, whatever your name is.
Listen, I have a question.
Do you know a guy, I think he's Muslim.
- Nadia's brother? - Yes, Omar.
- Why? Who's talked to you about him? - Ander, he's told me about him.
Buddy, you want to score? Wow, I didn't think you smoked, but I imagine we all have our vices, huh? Right.
And what exactly does he sell? - Well, he has grass, paki, polen, acorns - Acorns? Another kind of hash, dude, softer.
- They're drugs, right? Shhh! - Joints.
Whatever you want, he can get it.
Just give me a call and I'll give you his number, okayt? So, already thinking of planting a bomb, right? - [NADIA.]
Yes, on your face! - "Hbrlhuhehe" on your face! Hi, Nadia.
Listen, sorry about yesterday.
- It got out of hand.
- You don't deserve me talking to you.
What were you thinking? I swear I went with the best intentions to show your father I am a good person.
Nailed it.
After all, arrogance runs through your veins.
Good morning! What do I do to make it up to you? [HUFFS.]
And nothing.
I've finished without you.
The information I had was enough to finish your profile.
I have a question.
It's about the project.
Nadia says she's finished, but I really think it's incomplete.
- May I? - Yes, of course.
I is this all you have? Four photos and I don't know.
How much more does one need to introduce oneself on social media? Nadia, I think there's something you haven't understood, at this school we take projects very seriously.
They are as important, or even more, than exams.
This is a rigorous exercise.
Guys, I thought I had explained myself clearly.
When I read your profiles, I want to get a clear idea of who the other is.
You try too hard, Martín, with someone who doesn't deserve much attention.
No, I don't try too hard.
I just think she can do it, and she can be the best in the class.
You all can, if you try.
The emails were addressed to a minister in the government.
My father was telling him that, as the budget was so tight, maybe the materials would not be of the best quality.
I can't stop thinking about our conversation from yesterday.
It was very educational.
- We'll have to put that into practice.
- Any time.
I'm all yours.
At your place or mine? Better yours.
Are you going to meet with this moron? - And Polo? - Guzmán, mind your own business.
I do.
My friend's girlfriend is my business.
- Not at all.
- You heard her, man.
Go away.
You can't order me around in my school.
Too bad your school is also my school, besides, we are both asking you, so go.
Let me explain this to you, you idiot.
Neither you, nor anybody from your shitty town can say anything to me.
You know why? Because to me, you don't exist.
Maybe if I hit you that would confirm my existence.
What are you doing? This nobody is trying to steal your girlfriend.
Oh, "your girlfriend," "my school," "my rules.
" Fuck, man your concept of property is a bit much.
Come on, if I get the chick it's because she wants me to.
You calm down too.
- Sorry, love.
- Can't you hear it? He calls her "love"! Look, don't Let's go, Guzmán.
That's enough.
So, at your place, then? We'll talk.
Why are you so calm while I defend your girlfriend? Why do you interfere, man? Because he's taking her from right under your nose, don't you see? Don't be so old fashioned.
You sound like a Neanderthal.
I may be whatever you want, but I know what I saw.
- So put an end to this, Polo - Guzmán, it's arranged.
And if she's hooking up with him, it's because I want her to.
It's a game, okay? Let's see, Polo What the fuck do you gain in this game? But, Guzmán, we are using him.
She hooks up with him, yes, but I tell her what to do with him.
And while they do it I watch them.
But, man Shit, alright.
I didn't know things between you two were that bad.
- But - Listen, and if Carla falls for him? Anyway End this as soon as possible, Polito.
Martín? I have a question.
May I come in? - Yes, of course.
- Thank you.
I know that The new ones getting into the school, and being at a great disadvantage, it's logical for you to pay them more attention.
I don't know how to put it, so it doesn't sound so rude.
Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find the words.
Tell me.
Do you think it's okay to pay more attention to a girl with such archaic and non feminist values? Are you asking me to discriminate? No, just telling you not to pay her so much attention.
I mean, she does not pay your salary, the rest of the parents do.
I am your teacher, Lu, not your employee.
And I'm telling you, your contract is renewed every year.
And that the idea of the new ones getting into the school was not popular with our parents.
It was all just a pose.
Thank you.
Think about it.
Whose side you are on.
Have a good day.
I wish those three had never come to the school, that's all.
- Do you hate them so much? - I'm not the only one, I can assure you.
- What are you doing here? - Shall we work? Let's.
So, do you want to take some pictures since we have good light here? - Don't be shy, tell me how to pose.
- I think this is stupid.
Let me see.
Is this how you see me? Only this? Don't be afraid to sexualize me a little bit.
Relax, take a couple more.
Get dressed.
You are so boring, really.
- What are you doing? - There's no one here.
Since we are here, and you're not looking at me At least ask me questions, okay? Well I don't know.
Why are you hell-bent on working on this project with me? Is it to laugh at me? As you're not taking any pictures of me, I will take one of you.
Stand over there.
There's good light.
Let's see.
Turn around.
Turn slightly to your left.
To your left, Nadia! Are you dyslexic? [LAUGHS.]
- I should delete it.
- Why? It doesn't say anything about you.
I have no fucking idea of who you are.
I'll wait for you outside.
What happened? Some men came asking for Nano.
I didn't let them in and they forced the door.
- Let me get this - Nothing's happened.
They only meant to scare her, that's all.
- I told her it won't happen again.
- Was it the guys from La Cabaña? Who from La Cabaña? - No, what about La Cabaña? - Come.
Who from La Cabaña, what did you get into? Shut the door.
Tell me, Nano.
Do you think it's normal for some junkies to come here and threaten Mom? I owe a lot of money, Samu.
A lot.
What are you saying? You just got out of jail.
I owe it to the jail people.
To the people who protected me.
- I promised a lot of money.
- What are you saying? - What are you saying? - That things were messed up there.
And I had to figure things out.
Look at the present they gave me.
I didn't tell you so as not to scare you.
But now I need to pay up.
Samu, if something happens to me, I don't care, it's my fucking problem.
- But I can't let anything happen to you.
- Are you being serious, Nano? Do I look like I'm joking? Help me.
How? [HUFFS.]
I saw what fancy girl told you.
About her father's papers.
Help me get them.
I can sell them, blackmail him.
You're telling me you got into my computer when I've told you a thousand Can you think of a better way to get 40.
000 bucks? If you have one, tell me.
Nano, you are on fucking parole.
I can't let you do that.
If I don't do it, we are fucked.
Mom you and I.
Brother, I'm screwed.
I'll do it myself.
I'll get you the papers.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Fuck! Looking for this? You have no right to search my room.
How did you find it? Guzmán, who's a good friend of yours.
Do you know what can happen if you test positive for drugs? It's the second time I buy.
And why? Why do you want to ruin your career? - Come on, it's just a joint.
- You are an idiot.
This is the last time.
I I think we should drop this thing with Christian.
- Why? - I've been talking to Guzmán.
As I was telling him about it, I realized how stupid it sounded.
What are we doing? Polo, are we really going to stop experimenting and having fun because of what you friend thinks? We all know what he's like.
And also, we are playing with fire.
It's not normal.
It's not normal for people our age to do these things.
And that's it.
- Right? - When have you and I been normal? My mom is a wine-making marchioness, and your mothers a pair of rich and mega influential lesbians.
You and I are anything but normal.
I don't know.
You don't want to feel again the way you did the other day? Or yesterday? Because I can't stop thinking about it.
And I know you.
I know you feel the same.
I don't think it's the same.
Our lives are already written.
And I'm not saying they are bad lives.
But, why not depart from the script, at least a little bit? I don't know, Carla.
- What don't you know? - I don't know.
- What? That you love me? - Huh? - I do love you.
- I love you.
- And you? Do you love me? - I love you.
Wait in the lobby.
We'll continue talking in a while.
Thank you.
Polo, you may come in.
Sorry, why do you want to talk to me? They are questioning everybody, don't worry.
They suspect Guzmán.
Really? Yes.
Good morning! Good morning.
- Good morning.
A bit sluggish this morning? I'm a little tired.
I have to show you what I've done.
I have your profile almost ready.
I am still a bit stuck with yours.
How come? If you want we can work on it this afternoon at my place.
The thing is, my mother is at home, it may be better to do it at yours.
Of course.
- Are you okay? - Yes.
I'm still sleepy.
- What the fuck are you playing at? - Hey, calm down.
You got me in trouble! I'm worried about you.
You are my friend.
Then you should talk to me, not snitch to my parents.
You know what I'm like when it has to do with drugs.
- After what happened with my sister.
- Guzmán, get over it already! Get over what happened to your sister! And stop messing with the rest of us.
Would you say Guzmán is violent? You suspect Guzmán? Guzmán wouldn't hurt his sister, or anybody else.
It's just a draft.
If you want, we can change the whole thing.
I don't know.
I feel a little exposed, Samuel.
Besides, you end it by saying: "Sad, intelligent eyes which seem to have suffered too much.
" Too much.
I don't know.
Maybe this is nothing but a bored rich girl who has it all striking a pose.
Why would you do something like that? To keep guys away and avoid being upended by love.
I've never felt that.
You're not missing out, really.
You don't want it to happen again? I don't know, it scares me.
What are you scared of? [GUZMAN.]
How are you? Hi, what are you doing here? How did you let this one talk you into anything? - She's only here to work on the project.
- So is Samu.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Okay, we're off.
We don't want to bother you.
Psst, Nadia.
Don't let him tease you too much.
Whistle if you need me, okay? Guzmán! Honey, I'm calling you and you don't You're not answering.
I don't know what you're doing, or where you are.
Please call me when you get this, okay? [BIRDS CHIRPING.]
So? Why are you so complimentary? Am I a challenge, or a bet you made with your friends? Let's see how long it takes the Muslim girl to fall for me.
What? Is your self-esteem so low, you think I'd only get near you because of a bet? Then I'm a challenge.
- The impossible turns you on.
- I feel comfortable with you.
We have a lot in common.
Come now, allow me to doubt that.
Well, you believe in your God, respect your parents.
You are responsible.
Me too.
Here we go again! See? Only I wouldn't strip to show you I believe in Allah.
Put your shirt on.
Or you'll get cold.
We all have our resources, Nadia.
And it is true that I often use my body and my charm to get what I want.
Maybe, I don't quite believe someone could like me just for what I think or feel.
Do you have your cell phone on you? Want to take a picture? No.
No! - Tell me.
- Guzmán.
Not so brave now, huh? - [LAUGHS.]
Please! - Come on, laugh now! - Come on, stop it.
- Laugh at me now.
- Go on, laugh.
- Please, Guzmán! - No! - Look.
- Please! - No.
- Come.
- Guzmán! Please! [GUZMAN.]
I was winning.
Shall we continue? - Can I use your bathroom? - Sure, it's right over there.
Right I don't feel so good and it would be embarrassing - [LAUGHS.]
Use the one downstairs.
- Okay, thanks.
You still need a couple of photos here at the end, but it is ready.
- Hi, Dad.
- Hi, Nadia.
- Are you at school? - No.
I'm with Samuel, doing homework.
- Sure, you are with the waiter.
- Put him on.
- I want to ask him something.
- Eh Of course.
He's in the bathroom, one second.
- Shit, I have to find Samuel.
- Go.
Marina! - Have you seen Samuel? - He's in the bathroom.
- The one downstairs.
Shit! Samuel.
- Hello? You still there? - Dad, one moment.
What am I doing? Samuel! - Samuel! - What? It's my father.
- Tell him we are studying at your house.
- Hello? Hi, Mr.
Yusef, it's Samuel.
We are at home working on something for school.
- We won't be late.
- What are you doing here? I couldn't find the bathroom.
- It's down there! - I couldn't find it.
Nadia will be there soon, okay? [WHISTLES LOUDLY.]
Some hut! - Listen, and your mother? - [INCOMING TEXT.]
Polo almost there - She's rarely here.
- Right, of course.
I suppose marchionesses also have things to do.
- Hello, Mirella.
- Hello.
Yeah, well, she always says they have been social parasites, and a blight on this country, but she got interested in wine.
In making it, that is, not in drinking it.
Although every now and then, they open the odd bottle.
- I'll introduce you one day.
- Okay.
- Wow, nice bathtub you marquises have! - [POP MUSIC PLAYING.]
- Hello, Mirella.
- Hello.
Carla is expecting me.
Hey, you don't see me just as a sexual object, right? [CARLA CHUCKLES.]
It's okay! It's okay, don't worry.
You can carry on.
Let's see the positive side of it.
I'm more comfortable here than I was at Marina's.
- What's he saying? - You haven't told him? The other day, I was there, watching you.
Or did you think you would fuck my girl without me enjoying it? - Polo! - What's he talking about? Is that true? You knew? [POLO LAUGHS.]
Poor guy! Of course, he thought he was hooking up with a Spanish grandee.
You imagined yourself a married winemaker, right? You're laughing at me.
- No, it's not that.
- No.
I think you are.
Fucking fancy people! - Let's talk.
- Fucking rich people.
- It's clear.
- Christian! - Let's talk about it.
- No, man! Do you realize what you have? Take care of it, please, man! You can't let people fuck her! And you watching, on top of it! Fuck off, will you? Good evening.
How can you be so stupid? If you didn't want to do it, you should have told me.
I did tell you, Carla, but you didn't listen to me.
What's the matter? Do you care so much about that bumpkin's feelings? The only bumpkin here is you.
Fuck off! You don't tell me to fuck off, Carla.
Ander: What are you doing? [TYPING.]
Omar: Hey, finally Ander: Sorry.
I've been busy Omar: Want some pot? Ander: No, I'd rather see you without an excuse - Hi, darling.
- Hi, Dad.
How did it go with Samuel? Good.
We finished the project.
Were you at Samuel's? [TV PLAYING.]
- Dad - I didn't expect this from you.
You just lied to me.
That's not typical of a daughter like you.
I don't want those people to change you, Nadia.
And I don't want you to disappoint your mother and me.
We have sacrificed a lot for you two.
Don't make us feel we made a mistake.
No more lies.
Don't you have to study? There is no power or strength saved in Allah.
Omar, leave me alone, I have to study.
Ander: Would you like to meet tomorrow? [TYPING.]
Omar: I'm really busy What do you mean you don't have it? You said you would get it.
I couldn't do it, alright? I'm not going to rob her father.
- You'd rather save her family than ours? - I didn't do it because I like her.
I like Marina very much.
You, dumbshit! You have nothing to do with her.
Samu! What? You are screwing me for a girl who doesn't give a shit about you.
You are an idiot! [MARTIN.]
Guys, I got all your projects in my inbox, and I wanted to thank you.
I'm very happy with them.
I imagine you've realized this was a very important project to get to know ourselves better, and to find out what it is that we want others to know about us.
What is the image we want to project.
What is it we hide from others.
Are we really what others believe we are, or do they only see our best side? Do you want me to tell you what Marina was like? Marina was light.
Marina was one of those people you meet on a Monday and you want to look in the face, because you know she will smile and brighten your day.
Do you have any more questions? Guzmán Maybe there's one thing you didn't know about your sister.
We got the autopsy results.
She was pregnant.

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