Élite (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 This is almost ready.
Let's see.
All set.
Here you go.
"Partey," with "E-Y"? Really? That's the way they say it.
Quit stalling and create the event.
When will your mom be absent again on a Saturday night? - Who are all these people? - They are my friends.
You still haven't told me where you know them from.
You're not the only one making new friends, man.
If you are too chicken to do it, - I'll do it.
- What are you doing? Let's see.
Event "partey," create - Created.
That's it.
- Give me my cell phone! - Okay.
- Idiot.
We'll have people at home whom we don't know.
You're irresponsible.
That above all else.
But I know you well, Samu.
You only care about that posh girl coming.
That's why you're organizing this circus.
Ander! Ander! Ander.
I deserve at least a moment to explain myself, right? Or will you keep ignoring me? - I don't want you to end up - I know, Guzmán! I won't end up like your sister! She was drugged and taken advantage of, but no one is going to do that to me! to end up like my parents.
- What do your parents have to ? - My biological parents, Ander.
A week ago I went to the agency.
I wanted to know how they were.
Apparently, I was ten years too late.
They overdosed.
That shit ruins your life, man.
I can't let anything happen to you.
You're my friend.
Why did you never tell me this? Because you and I talk about other things.
We talk about cars, girls, parties, but not that.
Maybe we should, right? Yes.
If you want we can do a kebab-cinema, like in the old days.
I'd like that, but I'm still grounded.
Because of you.
Your father listens to me.
I'll talk to him.
Sweet! You were outswam by one who grew up in the desert.
As if you cared for Taliban girl.
- Who's saying I care for her? - It looks that way.
I think you're gonna end up like your sister.
Falling for the first person from the slums that crosses your path.
- Fuck you, Lucrecia.
- That's what you were going to do.
Fuck her, to then expose her.
Because, if I remember correctly, that fundamentalist threatened you in your own home.
When are you going to cut her down to size? - I'm gonna kill you, man.
- It wasn't me, I swear.
Why would I tell him anything? He's had it in for me since day one.
Besides, I wouldn't tell on you, you are my buddy.
In fact, you're the only friend I have here! Shhh! - Is the wedding off, then? - Just postponed for a bit, okay? But it's going to happen.
It's the "weekend", man! One ends up learning the important words.
By the way, there's a party at Samu's this weekend.
Lots of chicks.
Oh, and my buddy the dealer.
I'm not telling you anything, but there you have it.
How come your parents let you go to the party? - Easy, I haven't told them.
- And your brother? - No, it's better if he doesn't find out.
- Shit! What do I do with his invite now? I don't know.
- And your brother? - He's the DJ.
You better like twerking.
- Love it.
- Oh, yeah? Look.
OK, great, then.
As your lawyer, I advise you to stop talking to the police.
- Unless you want to confess.
- I have nothing to confess.
You were covered in the victim's blood.
A victim you knew very well.
With whom, you were seen having an argument.
Look, Samuel, maybe it's not what it looks like but I doubt any judge will believe you.
And if I had seen somebody else right before I got there? Who? Nano, someone is asking for you.
Great burger.
- You wrecked my house.
- No.
Not us.
We are not sent to break furniture.
We break bones.
Do you know how expensive wheelchairs are? - If you pay now, you'd be saving money.
- I need more time.
People always want what the don't have.
I'm doing something that's going to make money, but I need the weekend.
I can say I didn't find you today.
That you had left for the weekend.
But on Monday I will have run out of excuses.
And so will you.
I swear if I had the money, I would lend it to you.
I know.
What are you going to do? Ah Get the fucking documents.
I know the combination to the safe, so I get them hand them over, so they can squeeze more dough from the contractor than I owe and we all win.
If they catch you breaking into that house, you don't win shit, Nano.
- You lose everything.
- Posh girl's going to let me in.
Christian, she's coming to the party tomorrow.
- You'll try to hook up with her? - Eh - Aren't she and your brother ? - I know.
They are inseparable in class.
Don't get me wrong.
If I were a chick, I'd be all over you, no doubt, man.
I'd fuck you dry, make you quadruplets, at least.
But I don't know, there's no accounting for taste, Nano.
Maybe this chick is not into good ham, and prefers some bland turkey breast.
No way! She's so stupid she prefers me.
For that, she deserves whatever happens to her.
- And your brother? - What? - Does he deserve that blow? - He was due for a blow regardless.
The sooner, the better.
Why don't we go on Monday? Can Polo make it? You ask him.
He's not talking to me.
Wasn't it you who wasn't talking to him? Same thing.
Same thing? Let me get this straight.
He brings that troglodyte into your relationship, then he freaks out, makes a scene, and punishes you with silence? Sure, next he's going to expect you to get on your knees and beg for forgiveness.
And as usual, you'll do it.
Why are you mad at me too? Because I can't stand it when he walks all over you.
It's good to put your ovaries on the table every now and then! What do I say? "Marina, I like you, girl.
" Girl with a "U.
" Man, just as if you recited a sonnet.
Better not that.
What matters is you make it clear that you like her.
- Okay.
- This can be your night.
Is this a bad time to admit I fear rejection? How do I look? You look like a flan.
A very elegant flan, mind you.
Okay, I'll go change.
Have a couple more pills? What's that? Have you expanded the business? I'm telling you, no surprise he has so many friends.
With yours alone we wouldn't have enough.
I had to go through my address book.
- What are you doing? - Nothing, the usual, man.
- Relax, what's a couple of pills? - Don't let Samu see you! - Is this sangria? - No.
It's an alcohol-free punch.
But he put way too much sugar in it.
Better stick with beer.
Let's have a look.
Three two one! Not bad, right? Merry Christmas.
What's up? - How are you? - Good.
Hey, do they know who I am? - They know who your dad is.
- I'm not like him.
You have his name, right? That must surely open lots of doors for you in life.
If the price is to get the stink eye from those two, that's still a good deal.
Wow, a reggaeton DJ, and a philosopher! Have fun.
Hey, Guzmán, what's up? Thank you for talking to my dad.
In the end he's lifted the punishment.
I'm not coming today.
I'm tired from training, so I'll talk to you tomorrow, okay? Bye.
Come on, Ander! What are you doing here? My father is in the back room.
Hello, by the way.
I'm a customer, Nadia.
I'm here to buy this.
Asparagus? You've come here to buy asparagus? No.
I've actually come to ask you where the thin one lives.
I know he's throwing a party.
Well If you don't have the address, I guess you're not invited.
Listen, Nadia.
Marina is there without my parents' permission.
And you don't know her, or what she's capable of.
I just want to make sure she's alright.
Please, tell me where she is.
Nadia! - Nadia, please, tell me where it is! - Calm down! I'm not going to tell you.
I close in half an hour.
There's a bar across the street.
Have a cup of tea while you wait for me, and if you've relaxed, I may go with you.
You're coming with me? No.
You're coming with me.
I did get an invitation.
With me, they may even let you in.
Your asparagus.
Put them on my tab.
What are you doing here? Christian invited me.
I see he didn't tell you.
Never mind, don't worry.
I'll introduce you to everybody.
This is my friend, Omar.
He's in my class, but fortunately, he's not one of the leaders of tomorrow.
- Can I take your jacket? - Nice to meet you.
- Your face seems familiar.
- Yours doesn't.
Andrés, was it? Ander.
You said Román, right? Thank you.
Andrés, really? Samuel doesn't know about me.
Which part, that you're a dealer or that you're a fag? Neither.
Does everybody know about you? Which part, that I'm a stoner or that I'm a fag? That's why you don't answer my messages, right? In case they catch you.
What is it? Can't live without me, or what? You know it! I'm here to buy.
It's your lucky day.
I've never tried these.
It's easy.
Put it in your mouth and swallow it.
If you're horny right now, just wait until that hits you.
I'll see you later.
Thank you.
Hey! Who wants to play spin the bottle? Come on, we're a little too old for that, Omar! We are not children! You know who's not afraid of being childish? An adult.
Who's in? - I am.
- Silly son of a bitch.
Kiss, dare, or truth? Come on! Do you like anybody here at the party? It wasn't Nano.
I swear to God.
Why are you so sure? Who did it, Christian? Christian, who did it? I only know Nano didn't do it.
I'm at the marchioness' house, chilling on the sofa, taking off our clothes and the guy shows up at the swimming pool, he was only missing the bucket of popcorn.
I swear.
But that is not all.
It turns out he had also been watching at Marina's party.
He had a first row seat, and free.
- So, Polo is a voyeur? - A fucking faggot is what he is! - He got a hard on and all.
- Like a pole.
Come on, it's not such a big deal.
- What's not a big deal? - I mean If they wanted to do that, they should have told you, that wasn't cool, but The fact that Polo likes guys, if he does Who cares? Right, I have a cousin in Almería who's a drag queen.
- Yes, Eligenio.
- Eligenio, total faggot, man.
And he fucking rules.
I'll introduce him to you one day.
He's with me.
He just wants to talk to his sister.
Come on.
Let's show him that we do know how to be good hosts.
Have you looked at yourself? Do I need to remind you what happened the last time we left you alone? What did you take this time? Pablo didn't drug me.
We just smoked a little, that's all.
I slept with him because I wanted to, and I had bad luck.
Not bad luck.
You slept with the wrong person, but you don't learn, and keep hanging out with that kind of people.
You really still believe it's a disease of the poor, right? Pablo liked posh girls, just like you.
Or how do you think he got infected? It can happen to anybody.
It can happen to you too.
HIV doesn't give a fuck about how big your house is, how much money you make, or how long your list of surnames is.
It's not like you.
Did you bring him here? - Your brother just worries about you.
- He doesn't need to.
Sure? So you're free to wear a scarf, but I'm not to take my clothes off? How does this work? I also had a sister.
I wish somebody had worried about her like he worries about you.
That way she wouldn't have ended up like she did.
How did she end up? - Lost.
- What are you doing here? Nothing.
She's come to save my soul.
But it's a bit late for that.
Do you have anything without alcohol? There's punch over there, but they put too much sugar in it.
Hey, fuckers, be quiet! My brother and I are going to offer you some poetry.
Is that OK? If not, too bad, it's our house.
Hit it! Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah Say, say, say, say Passions, brothers and blood I have plenty balls to bust this jail If money doesn't count If my accounts are erratic The reason for my hopes Is not to stop making mistakes My life is an extreme And you say no How to ash mi cigarette Or throw away a banana peel I don't want any money I prefer a heart The bills asphyxiating you Are not my prison I'm everything you're waiting for I'm the one coming for you at night To make you dream I'm the starless sky That can light you up, ah! Brother, listen You'll draw your dreams On paper buildings To make them understand There's no triumph in the future Without fighting in the present Are you okay? - Yes, you? - I'm very well.
This is the best party I've ever been to.
Why don't you introduce me to your friends? Those are not my friends.
They are not my friends I'm not good with people.
Or life in general.
But, then, why throw this party? Sorry! - Are you okay? - Sorry.
I'm really sorry.
- It's okay, don't worry.
- I'm really sorry.
- No problem, Samuel.
- Look.
Are you having a good time? Better than you, for sure.
You've had a sour face all night.
You've been watching me, huh? Look.
I also like to play, but with my luck I'm sure I would never get a turn.
I'd rather do without the bottle.
Is that okay? Truth.
Why have you been looking at me all night? Why do you think I've been looking at you all night? Kiss.
Let's get out of here.
And go where? Is there anybody at your place? Give me another pill.
Another? - Not like this, like before.
- Are you crazy? What are you doing? Ander! - What are you doing here? - Guzmán.
It's bad enough that you lie, and use me to get away, but what's worse is that you did it to come to this fucking party.
Why? Look at this! It's Ken the doll! I'm talking to my friend.
He's my friend too.
Actually, I invited him.
- You are gatecrashing.
- Yeah, I was dying to come to this party.
Let's see.
I think the chlorine from the pool must have atrophied that fucking part of the brain that takes hints.
We don't want you here.
Shall I say it in English, so you understand? Goodbye.
- Guzmán, that's - What are you doing? - What are you on? - Nothing.
- You are high! - I'm not! - You can't shut your mouth, look - I didn't take anything! - What did you give my friend? - Nothing.
Don't go near him again, not even with a cough drop.
Or your sister, your mother, your father, and your whole family will know what you do.
okay? Guzmán, I'm fine.
Stop lying to me, you retard, he told me! Okay? And if it is about joints, pills, or cheap hair gel, I trust him.
Don't say anything to him, he told me unintentionally, he's that dumb.
Fuck off, Guzmán! Fuck you too, and fuck you too! Do you hear me? Fuck you! Cool! Let's see what he thinks of you tomorrow.
- Nadia, did you drink? - Only punch.
That punch is really full of sugar.
Samu! The cops! - The cops! - What? Polo, have you told your mother you are coming with us to Sardinia for Easter? I may have other plans.
I'll think about it.
I don't know what I'll do.
Whatever Guzmán says, surely.
Excuse me? Wow, you are talking to me.
- Carla, this is not the mom - Come now, kid.
After the fortune your mother has spent on speech therapists! Please, don't tag the wall, okay? You were going to lose your hot tub.
You think I'm the typical rich girl to whom nothing has happened, right? Actually, yes.
There's something you should know.
Oh, really? Okay, then.
What should I know? Where to now? I'm going home, and so are you.
Why? Because you're too good at being judgemental, Nadia.
We, at least, know how to conceal it.
I want to swim in your pool.
You and I swimming in my pool? No.
Shall I tell the principal what I saw in the showers? So swimming in my pool, huh? Fantastic idea.
- Let's go? - Let's go.
Are you going to talk to me? Okay, it's enough if you listen.
I really don't understand.
Why did you have to ruin it all, if we both liked it? I panicked, okay? What if you like him better than me? Remember what you told me after the party? I love you more than ever.
The same happened to me.
That night I loved you more than ever, because you did what you wanted regardless of what people may think.
Carla! Fuck the world.
- What else do you want to do? - Do you really want to know? Come on in.
- Shit.
Please, they can't see you here.
- That wouldn't be good for me either.
Wait here for a moment, okay? Hello.
- What are you doing? - Nothing.
You? You could have answered my calls.
And you could leave me alone, right? Omar.
- Have another pill? - Stop it.
Got any? Get lost.
- No.
- What are you doing? Let's go.
I mean if you sell pills or anything.
Do we look like dealers? Ander, come, let's go.
You don't look like boy scouts.
- Man.
- Is he for real? Ander! Who do you think you are, rich boy? Look.
Hey, leave him alone.
Easy, man.
Please, stop.
Leave him, please.
Don't you see he's high? Please.
Stop, please.
Let's go.
- Get out of here! - Take your boyfriend, you fucking Muslim! See? If you'd given me a fucking pill, this wouldn't have happened.
Go fuck yourself, man.
And don't call me again.
Or write.
Why? Why? Are you so high you don't remember? Your friend threatened me.
- And if they find out about me - Which part? If that gets out, you ruin my life.
It's best if we don't see each other again.
Best for both of us.
Are you getting in? Are you okay? I've never felt better.
They've drugged you, Nadia.
You're high.
- Where are you going? - To get a towel and call a cab.
What happened? What do you mean, what happened? He got it at your house, in the pool.
Ander? Yes, Antonio, sorry.
I didn't know it was that bad.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
He'll have to wear it for two weeks.
You should be more careful.
It was my fault.
I wasn't looking and he started goofing off.
It won't happen again.
I'll keep an eye on him.
What? It means "I'm sorry.
" I I should have stayed out of your life.
How do you say "I'm still hungover"? You remind me of May.
My sister.
She also used to smile all the time.
Even if she felt sad on the inside.
Mainly, when she felt sad on the inside.
What did you mean the other day when you said she was lost? She drank.
She smoked.
Went out with boys.
She wanted to be like all Spanish girls.
And ended up doing what none of them do.
Leaving home at 18.
It's been two years without any news from her.
All I know is she left my family brokenhearted.
And the last thing I want is to follow in her footsteps.
- I think I'm also losing myself a little.
- Nadia.
We are sixteen years old.
If we don't lose ourselves now, then when? We have all our lives to find ourselves again.
We have a witness who saw you run bloodstained out of the school.
A witness.
Of course, some rich kid, surely.
Of course, because they never lie, right? Our witness is Samuel.
Your brother.
Is he lying? He knows perfectly well I would never hurt Marina.
- Why? - Because we were together.
Thank you.
What for? For not taking advantage of the situation.
And for the cab.
- I'll give you your money back.
- No problem.
My treat.
Who would have thought you are a gentleman.
You surprised me too.
I did not see that business with the pool coming.
Gentlemen don't mention those things.
Okay? Okay.
May I offer some advice? As friends.
- Are we friends? - No.
But we are women.
And I don't like it when men toy with us.
What are you talking about? Guzmán is only interested in you because he bet he could take your virginity.
So then he could humiliate you and tell everybody.
To get back at you for threatening him the night of the party.
He's so vindictive.
That is a lie.
Ask him.
- Ready, girls? - Friends? Positions, and Nadia.
I swear it was her idea.
And you think that's an excuse? From her, I expect it.
But I don't know what to think of you anymore.
Think I had you in my pool, ready for anything, and I didn't touch you, Nadia.
And not for lack of wanting it.
It's true.
I could have taken advantage, but I could have taken advantage, but I didn't.
So I should thank you.
For not going through with your plan to humiliate me.
Do you realize how disgusting it is to even consider something like that? The kind of person that makes you? You're no saint either.
Excuse me? You opened your legs for me in my own pool, Nadia.
I had been drugged.
I'd offer to pay your dry cleaning, but I'd be lying, I'm broke.
- It doesn't matter, Samuel.
- Yes, it does.
You are avoiding me, and I understand, I went too far the other day.
- You didn't do anything wrong.
- Yes, I did.
I had too much wine, vodka too much alcohol, I wanted to feel brave, - but all I did was throw up.
- Samuel I needed some Dutch courage to tell you I like you.
Samuel, I'm not good for you.
There're things about me What things? What things? I am HIV-positive.
I don't know what to say.
It doesn't matter.
I'm okay with you not saying anything, to anybody.
You can stay at my place.
Right, so when they show up at mine they find my mother and Samu, right? - This life is shit, Nano.
- Total shit.
Look at her.
She's saying she wants to meet so we can talk.
If they want to spice up their relationship, they should find somebody else.
Do you know why they need to spice up their relationship? Because it's bland, Christian.
That's why they are looking for a good stud.
Listen The more she can compare the more she'll realize that what she has at home looks expensive, but is just a cheap plastic trinket.
- So what are you telling me? - Don't be stupid.
That guy is allowing you to steal his girlfriend right under his nose.
You can't pass on that.
I won't.
You can't be doing this to me, Carla! What do you mean you have plans or something else to do? Do you think I'm stupid? Why don't you just tell me you have a date with this fucking influencer? You know what? I pity you, for letting people boss you around like this.
And for having such low self-esteem - dear.
- Stop treating me as an abused woman, OK? You pose as a liberal, and say you do what you want with men, but the only reason you accepted being Guzmán's friend with benefits is that he didn't want anything serious, and you wanted him really bad.
Oh, sorry.
I was just putting my ovaries on the table.
Son of a bitch! And this shack? It's beautiful! Is this yours? Our parents bought it for us, and we are furnishing it little by little.
We got the bed last Friday.
Christian, do you like fish? Is that a trick question? We are about to order dinner, and wanted you to join us.
- Besides, I think we owe you that.
- Okay.
Listen The neighbor who called the cops told mom.
So we are in trouble.
What's the matter? Marina.
What's the matter with Marina? She's HIV-positive, Nano.
And that's not the worst part.
The worst is I just stood there and didn't know what to say.
Instead of telling her I don't care.
Besides, nowadays it's not a problem.
I've been reading up online, and nowadays it's no big deal to be HIV-positive.
Instead, I just stood there and stared like an idiot.
We have it all planned.
All of it.
Even our retirement.
- Sometimes we worry too much, right? - Yeah.
That's why we decided to add some - spice to our lives.
- And that would be me, right? The spice.
Which one am I? Pepper, cayenne, hot chili? Forgive us, really.
But it wasn't so horrible, right? At least I hope so.
Didn't you have a good time? I did.
Would you like to do it again? Mwah! Have you ever been in a threesome? I love you more than ever.
I love you more than ever.
He told you, right? I'm medicated.
It's undetectable.
That means I can't infect you.
I don't care that you didn't tell me.
But you kept quiet because you were afraid I'd bolt.
It's not a problem, it's normal.
But you told Samu precisely for that, to scare him away.
- Maybe.
- Marina, please.
You don't know him.
You won't be able to.
He'll research the subject, and tomorrow he'll know more than you.
Why are you here? Shit.
Stop toying with my brother, and tell him the fucking truth.
That you don't like him.
I'm not toying with him.
- I feel something, but - Yeah.
Like with me the other night.
No way.
That is easy to see.
I also saw that you felt something too.
Or didn't you? Come on.
This isn't a fucking game! Did you know she was pregnant? If I knew? Whose baby do you think that was? Why do you think we were going to run away together? I went to school to pick her up I found her like that.
We wanted to get as far as we could from here.
Do you know who couldn't stand the idea? Your fucking witness.
Are you suggesting that your brother killed her?
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