Élite (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 - Press that button.
- What's that? It's a time machine.
Press that button.
We're going back in time now.
To last week's Monday.
To the moment when you told me.
I am HIV-positive.
Only, this time, I don't stand like an idiot, not knowing what to say.
I don't care.
That's not true, I do care.
It makes me like you even more.
Something huge happened to you and you've overcome it.
It makes me want to know you more than before.
Have I fixed it? If not I'll keep trying until I do.
Nailed it the first time.
Great, this was a doorbell for science class, I was never able to make it ring.
Congratulations, Nadia.
This exam deserves a ten.
Well, so did one of your classmates', and you know that here we grade on a curve, so I'm sorry.
Excuse me, on a what? Haven't they explained this to you? Let me show you.
This curve maps human intelligence.
On one end is a minority with low intellectual ability.
On the other, there is another minority which is extremely intelligent.
And the majority falls here in the middle.
Let's assume the class is a sample of society.
There are those who have a ten, and those with a zero.
The rest is distributed here.
There can never be two tens, or two zeros.
So the grades are assigned before the exam.
That's right.
If you're in the lower 20%, you fail even if you did well.
- Damn, that's why I always flunk.
- Isn't that a bit unfair? Guys, this prepares you for life.
Out there, if you're in the lowest 20%, you don't get anything.
And on the podium, there can't be two people.
If you have any complaints, come to my office hours.
- When is our next dinner for three? - I don't know.
The fish was actually very good the other night, the meat, not so much.
You didn't even try the meat.
- How about dinner just for the two of us? - You know that can't be.
No problem, I'll go on a diet, then.
Too bad, I was really looking forward to it.
I am tired of feeling like a dick with legs.
I am good for a lot more.
It's true.
You're right.
Would you like to come to a party with celebrities? It's a benefit cocktail party.
Some 100 guests gorging themselves on seafood and champagne because they're super worried about world hunger.
And, then, with the funds they raise they buy garbanzo cans for the poor.
The truth is, I only go because my father makes me.
Champagne, luxury, seafood What a drag! Would you like to come with me? Would you like me to go? Of course.
What can you tell me about Pablo Ruiz? They say you expelled him two years ago for having sex with Marina.
She was 14, he 17.
I didn't expel anybody.
He left.
Do you have any way to contact him? No.
Is there anything else? Is this another plan you hatched with your friend? I don't talk to Lu anymore, Nadia.
I just want to make it up to you.
What I did was wrong.
I was an asshole.
A gift only proves you're an asshole with money.
What do you want? I've tried everything.
I mean it.
Tell me what to do, so you'll forgive me.
In my culture you haven't only insulted me, but also my family.
- So first you'll have to go through them.
- Sorry? Precisely.
Ask their forgiveness.
Muslim style.
Go before my parents and explain to them that you tried to take my virginity, to then mock me.
And ask for leniency - on your knees.
- On my knees? Is your family from Game of Thrones? With this we'll forget about the money.
The address is behind the photo.
No way, I'm not killing anybody.
Who said anything about killing? A warning, on the leg.
So he learns he should pay his debts.
How do you feel? Like fucking James Bond.
License to brag.
But this is too much.
Federico, how about we take it in a bit more over there? He's gonna make you look great.
No, don't let him fix anything, or I'll have to buy it.
The moment he walks in the door, Federico accepts the charge.
He's like a plumber, then, charges just for showing up.
What does a suit made to measure like this cost? Don't you worry about that.
He's always worked with us and gives us a special price.
No way! Okay.
It's a loan, you'll repay it when you can.
So, how much is this suit? More than 300 bucks? More than 500? More than one thousand? Could we have a moment? I don't care how much it costs.
It's a present, and that's that.
It's not my birthday, or my Saint's day.
I haven't passed all my classes or any, for that matter.
What you've given us is worth much more than a suit.
Before we met you, Polo and I were not doing very well.
And now, look at us better than ever.
Since we are here, I can't imagine 007 with a cheap watch.
Which one do you like? This one's cool, huh? SO, SHOULD I BUY THE SUIT? No! Only those people are attending? And you're telling me now? Make something up, tell them there's canapés, you'll see how many come.
Dad? - I'm going to need another invitation.
- For whom? For Samuel, the boy from the party.
Not a chance.
Why not? I don't want him in the photos, in case somebody from the press recognizes him, and they start talking about the school again.
Is that reason enough? When it was good for you, you wanted to have photos taken with him.
Darling, we organized all of this to put that issue behind us.
Oh! I thought it was about the homeless.
We all win here.
Okay? I get good press, yes, but they get a roof over their heads.
Don't they? As long as it doesn't fall on their heads Don't play with tomorrow's event.
OF COURSE, ALREADY HAVE YOUR INVITE Is my pronunciation that bad? Open the door! What the fuck are you doing here? I don't give a damn about your friend.
You don't give a damn about Ander, and I don't give a damn about you.
Are your parents here? I need to talk to them.
Don't worry.
I'm used to seeing her like this at school.
What? Hello.
Sit with us.
Do you need a fork? Well, I've been in Egypt, but they didn't eat like this.
What do we have to do with Egypt? It's mansaf, typical of Palestine.
Thank you.
Thank you for your hospitality.
We would have done it for anybody who came to our home.
Even if we don't know what they're here for.
I've come to ask for your forgiveness.
For the other day at the store.
I wanted to apologize for trying to deceive Goodbye.
What do you think you're doing? And you go and tell my father about the scarf! How could I know you hadn't told him? - And I've only done what you asked me for.
- Because I thought you wouldn't dare.
That it was the only way you'd leave me alone.
Now you know it takes a lot more to discourage me.
For you, all of this is just another challenge, huh? First, taking my virginity, now, getting me to forgive you.
What's next, conquering Everest? After you, Everest will be nothing.
If you don't want to be a challenge, why do you make it so hard? Guzmán.
I don't want anything with you.
Because I think you're a bad person.
Tomorrow we organize a benefit gala to raise funds for the homeless.
Would a bad person do that? I don't think so.
You're invited.
Please, I'll pay you back when I get paid at La Cabaña.
Samuel, I couldn't lend it to you even if I wanted to.
I don't have that money.
Because you spend it all on smokes, that's why.
There are factors that give Nadia an advantage, things that Lu.
She's been able to overcome all the disadvantages.
Her coming from a worse school, mid-course And is that my fault? I'm just trying to balance things, so there is a little more justice.
That's all.
Okay? Martín, all of this about peace in the world is it because of the adoption thing? Sorry? The webpage open on your laptop yesterday.
It belonged to a foundation to adopt older children.
Very generous.
But I think people prefer small children.
Unless they are not approved for adoption.
I guess it's because of your shitty salary and your wife being unemployed, right? Have you investigated us? No, not investigated.
This is the 21st century, and everything is on social media.
For example, that she hasn't had a job in two years.
That's on her LinkedIn profile.
She's a pre-school teacher, so she likes children.
According to Facebook you've been married for eight years and nothing.
And on Twitter she follows all of Spain's adoption and fostering agencies.
Um, she seems a bit desperate, right? What are you doing, Lucrecia? My father has excellent contacts in Mexico.
A pair of phone calls, and you could have a beautiful child.
Faster than you can have a pizza at your door.
- Color and size of your choice.
- And of course you want nothing in return.
To be the best beyond any doubt at the end of the school year.
- Because I am the best.
- Get out.
Not having children can result in a separation.
And it would be very sad if the next profile of your wife's I see were on Tinder.
Pablo gave up a scholarship to study at the best school in the country.
Marina's parents persuaded him to do it.
How? With money, what else? Pablo had sex with a minor.
If they wanted to get rid of him, all they had to do was report him to the police.
They actually paid him not to go to the police.
So he wouldn't report what happened that Monday afternoon.
It's fine, right? As good as new.
It's not swollen.
Does it hurt? Yes.
I'd be cautious and leave it bandaged another week.
Then, if things persist, we'd run further tests to see what the problem is.
Well, that's it, then.
Do you wear your hijab in class? Don't lie to me, Nadia.
Not you.
They forbade it, dad.
I had no choice.
I would have been expelled.
Why do you want to keep attending a school with those rules? Because thanks to that school I can one day be one of those who make the rules.
Not one who needs to obey them.
- Don't let them change you, Nadia.
- Dad, why are you always saying that? Because they are already doing it.
You didn't use to hide things from us.
How much was that? It doesn't matter.
I'll return it tomorrow.
Unbelievable, man.
Since you go to that good school, you're a total punk.
So, what about this girl? - Are you serious? - You mean Marina? Of course.
I don't know, why? Nothing in particular.
It's just that now you'll ignore me.
Even more.
Which is normal, when one gets a girlfriend.
What's weird is for a girl to like you.
I had lost hope already.
Get a girlfriend yourself, and then we can go out together.
Lu's decided to come.
Hey, if it isn't Miss Mexico! Look at me, in formal dress! Like a soap opera leading man from 1999.
- Thank you.
- This is my charitable action for tonight.
Lu, if you're mad at me, don't take it out on him.
- Why don't we try to have a good time? - Okay.
But it's quite clear you don't need me to have a good time, dear.
Then you're not mad.
You're jealous.
Let's go, boys.
Pathetic! Let's talk for a moment, please.
If you want to take your pet for a walk, that's okay, but not here, Polo.
Guzmán, he's a classmate, man.
It's not a problem.
If you want to ruin everything by allowing this guy into your relationship, fine, but don't bring him here.
Much less in front of me.
This is Carla's mother's place, - so I can invite whoever I want.
- Do you invite, or does she? - You see how she controls you, right? - You'd rather control me yourself? I am your best friend since grade school, moron! And I yours.
And I remind you that together we've done things I'm not proud of.
Things I haven't told anybody.
And all because of you.
Don't you ever forget that.
Are you still not talking to me today? What is this? Miracle of Marcelino? Please! Now we just need the Muslim girl.
You didn't invite her, right? Oh, Guzmán.
Please! She's not coming, of course.
What happened? Did she give you the Muslim brush-off? Great, isn't it? Looks like we are all widening our friendship circle.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Samuel García.
Samuel García You're not on the list.
- I'm not invited? - No.
- What's wrong? - His name's not on the list.
Do you know who I am? Gutsy, the hippie.
Not even I dare say that.
Marina, darling, we already said you couldn't invite any friends.
Mom, he's not my friend.
He's my boyfriend.
Samuel, let's go.
- Where the fuck are you going? - What are you doing? Your tag's come out? Oh, he was going to return it! Try not to get it too dirty.
You are an asshole, Guzmán.
- Samuel.
- What? Why did you make me come if I'm not invited? I was mad that at the other party you were used for my dad's pictures, - and you - You are the one using me now.
I'm just an excuse to rebel against your parents.
Look, I had imagined many times the moment when we decided to be a couple.
Many times.
But it was never like this, I can assure you.
Do you have your time machine on you? I'd love to go back a half hour, more or less.
I'm sorry.
Do you like me, Marina? - If this is about the HIV you can - You don't know me.
Do you know what I thought when I found out Pablo had infected me? That somehow that secret, that thing we both shared would bring us together.
That thanks to the HIV we would always be together.
Which was really sick, and idiotic.
And then he left.
Without saying goodbye.
Can I tell you a secret? You can't travel in time.
Or change the past.
So why not stop looking back and start looking forward? Is this closer to what you had imagined? You have lipstick.
And you.
Marchioness! Your winery is the bomb, and the wine, amazing! Delicious.
By the way, will there be a proper dinner? You wouldn't know how to choose your cutlery.
From the outside in.
I've seen Titanic twice.
Don't think you're the only one who knows about movies.
Christian, right? Polo hasn't talked about you.
- Do you like Las Encinas? - Yes, actually, I do.
I don't think the school likes me.
I don't pass a single test, man.
And I do try.
Some business about a curve, some weird shit they have there.
- What would you like to do? - I want to be famous.
Famous doing what exactly? Good question.
The truth is I don't know yet.
Begoña, you're not up to date.
Nowadays they don't want to do something.
They just want to be somebody, and the less effort to get it, the better.
- Right.
- Mom, how much effort did it take to become a marchioness? Christian, I think it's very good that you want to be somebody important.
That shows ambition.
We'd love that for our son.
Mom! Dad, the photographers are here.
"WHEN TYRANNY IS LAW REVOLUTION IS ORDER" What are you doing here? Are you here to see Fer? What's up? Need dough, right? Some extra money.
- Who's this? - He's Nano.
A friend.
Nano, this is Fer.
I can give you stuff.
- But that's your territory.
- I don't care.
There's plenty of customers.
You're good to the point of stupid, man.
That's why I like working with him.
With that angel face nobody thinks he's a dealer.
But you I have to go.
Hope it goes well.
Can I trust you? When did you get out? It's written all over your face.
Not long ago.
Already trying to go back in? What about you? I have to pay for schools, diapers, and for a big fat mess I got into while I was in the can.
What do you want, pills, coke, pot? I want you to get your family and go far away.
Because the next guy they send won't be as stupid as me.
I am Discreet19.
Come on, man, fuck off.
Hey, wait! Let me apologize at least.
- You made me come here for that? - No.
I made you come for the same reason I created a fake user-name.
I want to see you.
I want to be with you.
Kiss you, finish what we started.
Don't you? This is what I get for agreeing to see someone who spells hello with one "L.
" Besides, if you leave you won't know what the 19 is about.
It is not my age.
If the 19 business is as real as the discreet - There must be cameras here.
- I know some hideouts.
He's an ace.
- He is, better than his father.
- Excuse me.
What do you mean "better than his father"? - We are improving the species.
- Okay, then, my son is better than me.
YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO DO I ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU COME HERE? Do you want to find out if it's a girl or a boy? - I'm going to the bathroom, okay? - Sure.
What are you doing here? It can't be.
What can't be? That your athlete friend is gay? Or that he's involved with a Muslim from the hood? - He could have told me, he's my friend.
- That's what I was thinking, too.
Let them be.
- I'll pay you for the suit tomorrow.
- Don't worry about it.
Your parents are mothers.
They are two mothers.
Which is totally fine by me.
I love lesbians, I could say I'm a fan.
I never miss any of their movies.
You can keep them.
Come on, my parents are tough on me too.
Would they also like you to be a writer, or a musician, an artist? Somebody important, I mean.
No, not at all.
They'd be happy if I don't end up on the streets, under a bridge.
I see.
At least they don't constantly remind you that you disappoint them.
It's much better to be constantly reminded that you're good for nothing.
And that they don't expect anything from you.
My mother is tired of showing off the winery and now she wants to show us.
She wants to introduce us to some friends.
Shit, if they were famous, at least.
But I don't know any of them.
The whole room may not even add up to 10.
000 followers! - They are waiting for us.
- With all due respect Fuck them! Let's go to your apartment and finish the party there.
I'm hungry.
Come on! Marchioness, thank you very much.
It's been a pleasure.
I love your winery, it's the bomb.
I'm leaving.
Thank you for the cava, marchioness! Carla! Come on! Hey.
Why the hurry to see me? What is it? Did you and Marina do it? Careful, I don't want details.
How was your night? More boring than yours, I'm sure.
At home.
Omar, I know.
And I'm not the only one, Guzmán also knows.
What I don't know is why you haven't told me.
I only do it to make some money.
Don't freak out.
Do you charge? Of course! Did you expect me to do it for free? An NGO, "Dealers without Borders.
" - What are you talking about? - What are you talking about? Omar, how could you get into that shit? I told you, Samu.
You are not the only one with friends at the new school.
Yeah, but those friends you made will make you end up like my brother.
- Is that what you want? - No.
- I want to make some money, that's all.
- Then go and serve burgers.
Like I do.
I should remind you that we took our resumes to La Cabaña together.
But who did they call? Not the Muslim boy.
It's true, the Muslim boy can only deal drugs, right? No, it's not that.
- But that's easy for you to say.
- No, nothing's easy for me.
Nor for your sister.
Look at where she is and where you are.
Why don't you fuck off with your fucking girlfriend and leave me alone, huh? Nice hijab.
I wish I could say the same about your shades.
They're for the hangover.
So, did you have a good time? Did you raise a lot of money? It doesn't matter.
It was all a farce.
- How come? - Just marketing for my father's company.
I knew it.
And I participated, as usual.
It was also so you would forgive me, Nadia.
If I were your father, I wouldn't let you date me either.
Who said anything about dating? Okay.
Friends, then.
I could use one, I don't know if I have any left.
If you are trying to get me to pity you I'm not trying anything, Nadia.
There's no plan, no strategy.
I don't want you to forgive me.
I don't deserve it.
I don't deserve you.
Now you do.
After a complaint during office hours, I've decided to change the grades.
Nadia, you have a nine point five now.
Um, well I'd also like to file a complaint.
I've already decided.
No need to go over it.
I'm very sorry.
Besides, being second in your class is no tragedy.
Let's continue What happened on the afternoon of April 12, 2016? And don't say you don't remember.
An incident took place.
A fight.
From what I know, this was more of a beating.
Who was involved? Pablo, and other students from the school.
And why say nothing until now? Because one of those students is my son.
I'm sorry about last night, man.
I got to the party, but saw you with other people I got bored and left.
- Don't you ever get tired of lying? - What? Do you think at this point anybody cares if you are into guys? - No.
- Ah.
Then why do you act so weird? Why are you avoiding us? Why the fuck are you using? Ander! - Calm down.
- Let go of me! - Easy.
Look at me.
- It doesn't hurt! It doesn't hurt, Guzmán! Let go of me.
Look at me! Calm down.
Do you think you're the only one I lie to? I've been lying for years! - Years, I have a lot of practice! - What are you talking about? Ander, the tennis player.
It feels like my fucking last name! Well, I don't like it! You know? I don't like it one bit.
And why don't you leave it? What about my parents? All the money they've spent on me.
All those years of sacrifice, for nothing.
I don't know where he is.
A neighbor saw him leaving this morning.
Suitcases and all.
Bad luck for us, huh? And good luck for you.
I tried, but Oh, well.
Come on.
Don't worry.
We'll see if we can find him.
Boy, are we good! Was it that hard to do what was asked of you? No.
Do you know what this will cost you now? Another 20.
000 bucks.
If you raise my debt, how do you expect me to pay? I'm not here to give you advice.
I'm here to give you a warning.
The last one.
Press the button.
Press it, and travel to whenever you want.
Shall I walk you home? Okay.
Give me five minutes.
- What happened to you? - Nothing.
Where are my mother and Samu? Your mother's at work, and Samu in the bathroom.
Shall I call him? No, they will ask questions.
Help me up.
Okay, come on.
- Shit.
- Come on.
Come on.
Let's see.
- Shit! You have to go to a hospital.
- No.
This is just a warning cut.
Maybe next time.
You have to tell them who did this to you.
They did this because I owe 40.
000 bucks.
You got stabbed for owing 40.
000 miserable euros? Look, in the real world people kill for less, you know? Even if it's small change to you.
I don't know.
There must be a way to get that fucking money.
Nano, I'm going to help you.
How? For now I am happy if you don't tell my brother, okay? What's going on? Nothing, a couple of beers too many, and they went to my head.
Let's go, he's a little drunk.
Let's go.
Nothing has been published anywhere.
There aren't any more news in the newspapers.
It's all YouTube clips.
- And fucking gossip.
- Well.
Don't worry, you did what you could.
I did, unlike others.
- What have I done now? - The scene you made over your boyfriend? He's a child.
Who's not ready to Who's not ready to be in a relationship with you.
He knows, mom.
And he doesn't care.
He doesn't care how I got infected.
Or who I did it with.
Or what stupid things I've done.
He doesn't look at me as if I had the plague.
- The way you do.
- Do you have complaints about us? About how we deal with all the problems you bring us, day in and day out? All the ways you've found to fuck with our lives? Why don't you leave her alone? I did not expect this from you, Guzmán.
People surprise you.
I haven't seen her smile like this in a long time.
So if she's happy with him, it's not the end of the world.
That afternoon, you, Polo, and Guzmán waited for Pablo to get out of class.
But that has no bearing on what has happened.
Was Guzmán very angry? He had just found out that guy had infected his sister.
What did you do to him? Hey, Pablito.
He got a couple of punches.
Guzmán found out that his sister was about to run away with a boy that had impregnated her, a boy like Pablo.
What if he confronted her in a fit of rage and killed her? He says he's incapable of doing something like that.
That he barely touched Pablo.
Tell me the truth.
Is that true? Guzmán! It's true.
He barely touched him.

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