Élite (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 She was somewhat aloof, but a good girl.
She was one of those posh girls painting their nails black to look rebels.
She thought she was different.
Or mysterious.
I thought I knew her, but I'm not sure.
- Where's your brother? - In his room.
Why? No, nothing.
This is always crowded, but now we're alone [INCOMING TEXT.]
- Is it yours? - No, my brother's.
- What's all this? - Samu, what's going on? I can't believe it.
Someone's sending him plates.
- What? - Nano! - Samuel? - Nano! - What's going on.
- What's this.
- Who's sending you plates? - What the hell are you doing.
How can you be such an asshole to try to steal cars while on parole? You can go to jail again.
Leave me alone.
Hi, Marina.
Nano, the people you owe money to are in jail.
- I could help.
- Please, stay out of this.
- Let's do something.
- What? From now on, you mind your fucking own business.
- Nano, what's happening - Your fucking own business, Samu.
Look who's here! What's that? What're you doing? The clothes you gave me.
My dad doesn't want me to keep them.
Did you pay for those clothes? Of course.
Won't you think I paid for them myself.
Stay, lets talk about it.
How can you return this? It's cool and you looked gorgeous with it.
- Try it on.
- Now? Now.
Don't you think, Polo? These trousers fit your ass really nice.
Try them on, too.
It might be true that you're using me as an object.
What're you saying? Tell him he's wrong, Polo.
Take his trousers off.
- Come on.
Be careful.
I got stuff down there.
Don't fuck me.
Shh! What the hell is going on here? Why should we explain everything? Labels are for the clothes.
- We can't return this.
That sucks! [LAUGHS.]
This one neither.
- Mwah! - Mwah! - [CARLA CHUCKLES.]
- No way.
Good morning.
Good morning.
- I'm so sleepy - Why? I'm not sleeping well.
Besides, I'm taking pills, I hope the effects won't last long.
- The scarf! - Don't worry, I won't say anything.
On the contrary.
I already got used to all this folkloric diversity.
Come on, guys.
It was a joke.
Nadia, I'm serious.
I think we should hang around to share some ideas.
We'd be surprised from each other.
What if we talk this afternoon in Guzmán's birthday party? [STUDENTS CHATTERING.]
- Ah, no.
- They didn't invite her, right? - Lu.
- Sorry, you are such close friends I'd swear you'd go.
Maybe it's private, isn't it, Marina? Have a nice day, guys.
Do they study all this at home, or they improvise it here? Nadia, this isn't a party.
It's a family thing.
Marina, don't worry.
Samuel, one thing.
I know you only want to protect me, to spare me from your problems But I think I know how to help your brother.
Fuck, Marina.
I'm serious, forget it.
Stay away from him, the more the better.
Samuel, I'm doing this for you.
I know you love him.
Do you want him to end up bad? No, I don't want you to end up bad.
My brother is dangerous.
He can drag you into his shits.
Do you remember those files you told me your parents hide in a safe? - Yes.
- My brother asked me to steal them.
- What? - I didn't do it.
I'd never do anything that would hurt you.
That's why I don't want you to get involved.
I almost did it.
My brother is capable of anything.
Understood? Samuel, we'll talk later, okay? Marina! Happy birthday.
- It's your birthday, isn't it? - Yes, thanks.
It's actually the day my parents chose.
We don't know exactly when I was born.
Who told you? It doesn't matter.
It was Lu, right? Who else? She invited herself to the party.
Do you want to celebrate it the two of us? I can kick everyone out of the house.
We'll be alone.
I'm not interested.
Damn! Fuck! [BLOWS A WHISTLE.]
We'll take a 5-minute break! Your wrist is okay, right? - So, what's going on? - Nothing.
Why? You're going backwards, like a crab.
Next Friday, you have a match you must win.
I'm entitled to have a bad day, right? Besides, it still hurts a little.
No excuses allowed.
I know the stuff you're made of.
We share our DNA, kid.
Leave it, dad.
I prefer you nasty than nice.
Do I have those 5 minutes? [GUZMAN BLOWS.]
A toast for the birthday guy, for Guzmán.
- Thanks.
I have a little something for the birthday boy.
I hope he likes it.
What? Your birthday is the perfect occasion to start a watch collection, like mine.
Have you seen it? - No.
- You should.
Look, Guzmán.
- Always with me.
If it could talk, right, Ventura? If we hadn't women here And every day prettier.
Guzmán, mine is more modest.
Happy birthday.
No How did you know I wanted this? [ALL CHUCKLE.]
I love it! - I'll take a picture.
- No, no.
My present first.
Well, well, well.
Such a splendid girlfriend.
Just friend.
Do you like it? You didn't have to, Lu.
Who else could have bought it for you? Other girls would need half their lives to buy it.
Let's take the picture.
Yes, let's go.
- Excuse us.
- Your family pic is fucked up.
It doesn't matter.
Can you take a picture with my sis, Lu? Sure.
Go there.
This is "vintage", more like old stuff, right? Don't worry about it.
It's safe.
No one knows about it.
Everything is at stake.
Have I failed you in 20 years? Marina, here! Smile! One, two three! - [CAMERA CLICKS.]
- How cute! Hi! Samu isn't working.
What the fuck were you doing at my place when we hook up? I know what you did.
Your brother told me.
I just wanted to hear it from you.
All about us was a lie? You only did it to break into my place.
What do you mean with us? - What movie do you have in your head? - Fuck you.
I fucked you to steal at your place.
To keep you away from my brother.
To prove him you're a rich girl who has a crash on jerks.
That's why I fucked you.
And you know what? What? [BIRDS CHIRPING.]
And now I cannot get you out of my fucking head.
But you're with my brother, that's what you both deserve.
Did you come to save me? There's nothing left to save.
Nano, I want to help you.
Don't ask me why, but I couldn't bear if something bad happened to you.
My father's partner has an amazing watch collection.
And that asshole deserves way more to be robbed than my family.
I guess that with 4 or 5 watches you'd settle the debt.
What do you think? I have to go back to work.
Listen, I'm fucked up since I told you that we tried to steal at your place.
I'd totally understand if you don't want to have anything to do with me.
I needed to tell you this.
We'll talk tomorrow.
How are you doing? - [MARINA.]
- Hi.
Samuel, really, don't worry about that.
Are you sure? I was freaking out.
Are we okay? We are better than okay.
Listen, Samuel.
I guess it's time to go one step further, don't you think? - What do you mean with a step further? - To do it, together.
Samu, are you still there? Hi.
Hi, Samuel.
How can I help you? - I need eggs.
- What's going on with you, guys? Can we talk outside, man? My father needs me.
Do you know what's going on with them? Kid's stuff.
One day like this, the next like that.
You can now talk to drug dealers? I miss you, man.
Don't you? I don't need friends to judge me.
Omar, come on.
I'm not judging you, I'm worried about you.
I can't help it.
It comes natural.
And this is how you apologize to me? It sucks.
I'm sorry.
It's fine.
- I've something else to tell you.
- What? Marina wants to do it with me.
- No.
- I'm telling you.
- Does she? Congratulations, man.
- Sure.
- That's great news.
- Well And that shitty face? Those are great news.
- Not great, fucking amazing.
- I know.
- Why are you so down? - Because I'm a virgin.
It's my first time.
I'm embarrassed.
I'm scared I won't get it up or get nervous I look fucking clumsy with her.
Don't worry.
Let the nature work Listen, there is something else that's bothering me.
If I get nervous, I don't want her to think that is because of her stuff.
- What stuff? - Her HIV, man.
I'm afraid she might think I don't want to catch it.
Let me think about it.
- Don't you have anything to tell me? - Me? No.
You're not virgin anymore.
Sorry, but Muslims don't talk about those things.
Sorry, but I'm a bit of a jerk.
- Do you have another story? - Get out.
- Let me see.
- Get out! - Let me see it.
- Don't be a gossip.
- Let me see.
- Get out.
I'm going inside.
Go home to start waxing.
- Waxing? - That's what I said.
Omar! Should I get waxed? - [MUSIC PLAYING.]
- Sorry I'm late.
- Don't worry.
Were you worried I wouldn't show up? Let's get something to drink.
Don't let them know it's our first time in a gay bar.
Why are we fucking here? There is more than just the school and the training.
Or meeting in remote places.
Besides, I needed to forget about the fucking tennis.
Also, I wanted to brag about you.
You're pissed about the tennis, aren't you? Why don't you quit? It's the only thing I'm good at.
You're not good at anything else, right? If this isn't your thing, you'll find something else.
If I quit the tennis, I'll break my dad's heart.
It's your life, not his.
Besides, believe me or not, no one dies from a broken heart.
A couple won't stop staring at us.
Obviously, we're the coolest.
Won't you stop with the pics, Narcissus? What Narcissus, man? Of course I'm one.
Have you seen the pics? Look.
I've got a gift, man.
I'm killing it.
I've an idea to convince your father that no one is buying you.
What if I get you a job? What do you mean a job? Don't fuck me with a shitty job as a busboy.
I'll always have time for that.
No, Christian.
I don't mean any of that shit.
Did I ever told you that my mum is one of the most important CEO in publishing? Maybe, but I don't recall.
I'm really bad at acronyms.
That means Chief Executive Officer.
In fact, she's now doing one of the most important ad campaign of the season.
- They're looking for models.
- So? - I can tell her to get you in.
- Would you do that for me? - I'll call her.
- You're great, fucking bastard! [MARTIN.]
Against feminine men and those who defended women's rights.
Over time, those men defending women's rights, and mainly women, took over that word.
Starting by the pioneer and suffragist Hubertine Auclert.
Thus, this word has lost its stigma over time Samuel, the phone, please.
Sorry, it was my mum.
No, we can share with the class the important - Give me the phone.
- It was my mum.
You know the rules, Samuel.
I don't care.
Give me the phone.
My mum is asking me at what time I'm finishing.
Nadia, please read.
- Read.
- No.
Marina doesn't have AIDS, asshole.
Stop reading it! What the hell? [MARTIN.]
Guzmán, calm down.
What are you writing? - Please calm down.
- How can you allow her to read it? - First, show me some respect.
Second, you know the rules.
You can't use the phone.
I had the right to do that.
- A hell of right you had.
- Shut up.
Marina, do you have HIV? [MARTIN.]
Nadia, please.
- [GIRL.]
Really, I don't get it.
- [BOY.]
No, no, no.
Guys, please, calm down.
Marina, you don't have to say anything.
Please, don't.
Guzmán, stop.
I caught it a year and a half ago, more or less.
And, well I guess This will be a trending topic for a while.
In order to be informed about what you'll be talking about, I'll tell you, really, you don't need to worry for me.
I take my medication.
I do my medical tests every four months and The virus I have isn't detectable in the blood, so That means that you can't get infected.
Thanks, Marina.
It takes a lot of courage to share this.
Don't you think, Nadia? I'd rather not comment.
I don't want to hurt anyone.
Here you have, man.
It was Pablo who infected her, right? What? What did I miss? Did you know it? Did you tell him and not to me? He told me when he was really down.
- And because I was there.
- Yeah.
That's why you can't stand the new guys? These people never bring anything good, Polo.
You can't judge all of them for one single individual.
Polo, say what you want.
But Christian has already started to take advantage and won't stop.
Those people have a plan to take profit.
And they know how to go with it.
- What? What are you talking about? - Do you tell him or should I? What? Polo and Carla are experimenting with Christian, and I keep telling him the risks, but he won't listen to me.
I knew that already.
He told me himself in Samuel's party.
- Why would he tell you in the party? - See? For fuck's sake.
He's telling everyone because he wants to take profit.
He wants to fuck you.
Nobody will use me.
He won't use me.
When we were little, we were good friends.
- Can I take a seat? - Sure, you silly.
But then we drifted apart and we barely spoke.
How're you doing? - You know - I really think you were brave.
And I'm sorry you had to go through all this by yourself.
Don't worry.
I had Guzmán and my parents.
Besides, it's been a long time since we were BF, so But you can count on me for anything.
You know it, right? Didn't you notice any changes, anything unusual? Damn, I'd love to have a friend.
I told you we didn't talk.
I need so many things right now.
To talk, exteriorize, I do understand you.
Would you like to meet later? - At your place or - Sure.
At my place, great.
Yes, it's me.
- I couldn't find you.
How are you doing? What are you doing here? I couldn't stand any more pity faces, or condescending looks.
Did you see how Nadia stared at me? I had a friend, and I already lost her.
I'm really sorry.
You had to explain it in front of everyone because of me.
It had to happen sooner or later.
Do you know when you think that you're brave, but the truth is that your life is full of cowardly acts? Talking in front of the class as you did is not a coward thing to do.
Samuel, I'm only brave when I'm forced to.
So in the end, I have to thank you.
And are you really afraid of been with me for having HIV? That doesn't scare me at all, okay? Okay.
I am afraid to be compared with your ex.
Or with any other guy you've been with.
If you realize I'm a fucking kid.
Samuel, we are the same age.
Sure, but our worlds are completely different.
Which worlds? I don't know.
Your people have lived seven lives more than me.
Samuel, you're a sweetheart.
- I could do it right here.
- No, no, no.
No, our first time has to be great.
- And it will.
- Let me set it up.
- Calm down.
- What are you doing here? - I came to see you.
You've been a bit harsh today, with everything that happened.
You didn't tell me about your sister.
Damn, Nadia.
This is her stuff, I haven't told anyone.
But you didn't do anything, neither.
I thought you were friends.
I didn't say anything because I appreciate her.
- If it hadn't been her and - And what? - [NADIA SIGHS.]
Leave it.
What's going on, Nadia? [HUFFS.]
This only makes me see how different we are.
I'm not sure why I'm with people like you.
People like me? What does that mean? [KIDS PLAYING.]
You tried to win a bet at my expense.
Then you tell me about your father snorting coke in the cellars.
And now your sister with HIV.
And then you say that our culture is archaic.
Your family is perfect and everything is great, right? No, I'm not saying that we're perfect nor that it's great.
But at least we don't have that kind of problems.
That kind of problems.
- [WOMAN.]
Yes, it's one fifty, please.
- Thanks.
- [WOMAN.]
See you.
Do you know what you're brother is up to? He's a drug dealer and a cocksucker.
Have a nice day.
What did he want? Nothing.
Carla, many thanks for everything.
No worries.
It's the least I could do.
Let's drink something.
Beer or wine? My mum speaks highly of the last harvest.
- Wine it is, then.
- Great.
- Shit, it's finished.
- I'll go to the cellar for another one.
- Okay.
- I'll be right back.
If my mother finds out that I've opened the good ones, she'll kill me.
Marina? Looks exactly the same.
It's been a long time since I last came.
It's exactly the same mausoleum.
- Well, here's to - To friendship, in shitty times.
Thank you.
Omar, can we talk? Yes.
I don't know how to ask you this, so I'll do it quick.
Are you dealing drugs? Who told you that? Samuel.
That fucking son of a bitch! Does Samuel know it? So it's true.
I'm done with it, don't worry.
What were you thinking about? What for? You know, you can talk to me! About everything! [LAUGHS.]
I don't know, Nadia.
We haven't been really talkative, right? I know.
But you can do it.
About anything.
I promise I'll listen to you and will help you.
I'm doing the homework.
Take care of the store.
And there is something else, right? Do you like guys? Listen, if you do, you'll have to break with dad and mum.
With everything they've been fighting for us.
I have the right to live my own life, Nadia.
Keep it aside for a couple of years, I don't know.
It can't be so difficult.
Look at me.
I'm not an ice cube like you are.
Eh! Surprise! What are you doing here? The school is in the same place.
And I can prepare the best Margaritas.
I don't want it.
I get it.
It's normal.
You've been your whole life protecting Marina, and now this.
You need to free up your mind.
Someone that understands you, that doesn't judge you.
I'm here to listen, you know.
We can watch a movie - Why not? - Lu.
I'm not in the mood, ok? I want to be alone.
Don't you miss what we had? I'm not talking about sex, that's superfluous.
I'm talking about us.
You and me.
You understand me better than anyone else, and I understand you.
We're a team.
Remember? I won't allow to lose that.
- Sorry.
- Sure.
Hi Guzmán, I just wanted to apologize.
I've been harsh, and I'm sorry.
I finished, Lu.
Here we go again.
What? - What? - Get out of the pool.
- I can't hear you.
- Don't worry, I'll go.
Lu, it's not the right time.
I only think that you're really boring.
Please, can't you stop fooling around? Besides, we're not alone.
I'm turning one of your worst days into a good one.
- Bye.
- No, no, no! - [LU LAUGHS.]
- Damn! - Come with me! - No, Lu.
I don't want to.
Just a little bit, don't be a spoilsport! I want you to leave.
Okay, then.
Help me get out.
I can't swim with the shoes on.
- Don't do what you're thinking.
- I won't.
I knew it.
Of course you knew.
You know why? Because you can't help it.
We can hook up with others, we can be with others, but you and me will always be you and me, honey.
Right? Come on, kiss me.
- No.
- Kiss me.
Tomorrow the house will be empty, okay? Her parents are on a trip and Carla will be in class.
The code is 1-6-4-9.
I'll text it to you later.
To grab the watches, you only have to go upstairs, to her parent's bedroom.
There is a bathroom with a dressing room inside.
In the dressing room, there'll be some drawers, and the watches will be there.
That's it.
- Bye.
- Bye.
They told me to go.
- Seriously? - I'm telling you.
- Well, well.
What a nice chat you have.
He's telling me that tomorrow he has a casting.
Did you get it? Yeah, with my mum.
Of course you did.
Many thanks, man! By the way, I don't know what to wear.
Well, the less you wear and the more you show, the better.
Don't you think, Polo? You like him undressed, right? - What are you talking about? - Let's go to class.
- Many thanks.
You're welcome.
- [CARLA.]
No! Did you get it? - [LU.]
You know me.
What's going on? Nothing, Lu was telling me - She gets everything she wants.
- Carla, don't say anything.
- What? - I'm talking about Martín.
He's eating out from her hand.
Martín? Why? - Tell her.
- No.
I'll tell you myself.
She got him connections in the Embassy to accelerate the adoption of a child.
Seriously? Yes, I'm his favorite again.
As always.
Poor thing, he was playing the honest, but when you don't have money, honesty is a luxury that you can't have.
Oh, Marina! I'm really happy we're friends again.
Fucking great! Don't you tell me That's a fucking bummer.
Damn girl I had nothing to do the whole day.
They don't allow you to use internet.
They needed to spice it up.
Not at all.
I'm not sure why I wanted to go there.
I'm taking a shower and I'll be right there.
Okay? See you in a bit.
Are you going to explain it? What? Carla and Lu tell each other everything.
It was nothing, Polo, just a mistake.
A mistake, period.
Please leave it.
- A mistake? - A mistake.
- Okay.
- Please.
Your friend.
How're you doing? You don't say hello? I didn't know your classmates will be here.
Should I tell them to sit here? Fucking obvious.
What if they see us talking? - I wanna kiss you.
- Are you drunk or what? - No.
- Ander.
Take a seat.
- Come.
Come on, take a seat.
- How're you doing? - Fine.
Look, as far as you don't sell any shit to my friend, we're okay.
I support you.
And all that, ok? - What're you doing, Guzmán? - What? I'm just [OMAR HUFFS.]
Don't go.
I'm giving my blessing, Ander.
Who asked for your blessing? Don't leave, please.
What blessing? It's not like you're their best man.
Omar, they are friends.
- Hi.
What's wrong with you? - Omar! - How're you doing? - Hi.
- What? - I'm a bit nervous.
- Don't be.
Why? - I don't know.
- Wait for me.
I finish in five minutes.
- Okay.
See you in a bit.
Omar, let's talk about it.
Why the fuck have you talked about us? No, no.
Besides, when did you made up that story, man? - They're my friends.
- We're not together.
It's not happening, Ander.
Not now, not ever.
I don't get why you're acting like this.
Because I can't.
Too many people knows it.
Even my sister, man.
And you don't know my family.
If they knew, I'd break their heart.
I thought nobody dies from a broken heart.
Eh Omar, right? - Yes.
- Can you sell me something? We may need it.
How much? It's on the house.
But be careful with it.
It's really strong and we don't want you to get sick.
Everything okay? Yes.
What do you think? The lights are too much? No, it's cool.
I've got pot.
You want some? - No, we're fine.
- Okay.
- Samuel - What? Slowly.
Fuck! [MARINA.]
What? Just relax.
I can't I'm fucking it.
- I'm fucking it.
- Lay down.
I want to love you.
I wasn't so bad, don't you think? [MARINA.]
You were fine.
Samuel, I should leave soon.
My mum works tonight.
I know, but they're expecting me for dinner.
Don't freak out, but someone broke in.
They took the watches and [TAKES A DEEP BREATH.]
They took mine, too.
Yes, everything is in there.
- [SAMU.]
What's all this? - I have enough to pay everything.
Where did you get them, Nano? Marina helped me to open a little door.
What? Why did you drag her into your problems? Fuck! Why does she get into this? Because she loves you.
Why else? I'm telling you.
She'll be fine.
So be happy for me, because I'm fucking settling everything with this, Samu.
Pun intended.
This is for you.
- Put it away.
- It smells wealthy.
- Put it away! - Okay.
My gosh.
Just to make sure you got safe home.
I had a great time.
Let's talk before going to bed, if you want.
Hi, Guzmán.
- Hi.
- How is your sister? She didn't come to the first hour.
I guess she overslept, not sure.
Look at that.
Mwah! [LU.]
You were great at your pool last night.
Sometimes I forget how good we're in bed.
That's why you did it, to tell everyone, right? - You don't surprise me anymore, Lu.
- Was it a secret? Well, I thought there weren't secrets between friends.
Anyway, see you later.
- Don't worry.
- It was nothing.
- Are you alone with this? - Yes.
I called you three times.
My name wasn't in the casting list.
Ah, eh In the end, it wasn't possible.
My mum wasn't sure about you.
Yeah, fucking great.
You fucked him like this? What? What happens? I don't owe him anything.
Besides, I'm fed up of being used by him.
He only wants us to his advantage.
We're not taking advantage from him, right? What's really annoying you? He only wants us for one thing.
- In fact, he only wants you.
- You're jealous.
What're you saying? [SAMU.]
How're you doing? I kept calling you last night.
I called you first thing in the morning, too.
Everything okay? Yes, I was quite tired, and my phone died.
Sure what, Samuel? You don't believe me? No, it's not that I don't believe you.
I have the impression you're avoiding me.
Don't get paranoid, Samuel.
Paranoid about what? Paranoid about what? I'm starting to feel like a jerk.
If something is going on, don't lie to me.
The only thing I can't stand are lies.
That's the only thing you can't stand? Lies? Fuck, you can't stand much.
Because lies are told to make life easier.
To avoid hurting, to avoid suffering.
So you don't hurt anyone.
- Leave it, Samu.
- I'm not sure Marina! Marina! Marina! That's my boy.
I didn't expect any less from you.
Marina! Marina, are you okay? - Fuck! - Why did you argue? I'd never been close to anyone with HIV.
Marina [CARLA.]
What happened? What're you doing, go get help! Marina.
Marina, look at me.
Look at me, look at me! [MARTIN.]
Come on, leave me.
Can you hear me? Look at me.
Look at me.
Follow my finger, please.
Marina, Marina! Fuck, look at those pupils.
Damn it.
What did you take, Marina? What did you take? What happened with Marina? Do you know this is immediate expulsion? We have a zero-tolerance drug policy, Marina.
Fuck's sake! - I don't want.
- I'm taking you to the infirmary.
- I don't want.
- Yes, I'm taking you there.
I'm fine.
I'm perfectly fine.
Are you sure you didn't have a personal relationship with Marina beyond the class? No, of course not.
I'm taking her to the hospital.
Notify the secretariat.
- Let's go.
Martín, no.
I don't want to.
If you tell anyone, I'll explain your thing with Lu, the adoption.
It's not fair what they did to her.
No one deserves that.
Did you hate Marina?
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