Élite (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

MOMMY: Come home.
GUZMÁN: Where are you? - [CAMERAS CLICKING.]
Excuse me.
Everything is going to be fine.
All three people responsible for the construction company are accused of alleged embezzlement of public funds, bribery, and criminal negligence.
Shit, poor people.
That's us.
At least I stole to eat, unlike these rich people.
I meant their families.
But, of course, you wouldn't understand that, huh? Always a mean comment.
Have you talked to Marina? - No.
You should talk to her.
She must be having a terrible time.
Poor girl.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- [POLO.]
Don't worry, man.
- [LU.]
Really, don't.
It's okay.
It's pre-trial detention.
We pay bail and he's released.
- [LU.]
And how much is it? - Three hundred thousand.
- We'll pay this afternoon.
- And the trial? It doesn't matter.
They have nothing.
Then why have they accused him? I don't know, Ander.
Shit, I don't know! Some judge wanted to be on the news, no fucking idea! [STUDENTS CHATTERING.]
They have nothing against him, okay? They have no proof.
That's what your father says, Carla.
Come on, we come in peace, Christian.
Yeah, being called a thief makes me feel totally well.
We're saying that if it was you who took the watches, we don't care.
You return them, and we forget about it.
How can I forget something I know nothing about? How are you? Not well, I'm not gonna lie to you.
Samuel, I don't want to talk now.
Christian, we only care about one watch.
The one with a red leather strap.
It was my grandfather's, he died last Christmas.
- My father is very attached to it.
- Can you listen to me? Yes.
Um - Do you want to talk later? - Whenever you want.
If it shows up tomorrow in my desk, we'll forget about it, really.
Enough already.
Why me? Am I the only one who's been there? - No, but you're the only one - Without a penny to his name, right? And that's enough to make me a thief! Christian, I didn't say that.
We all know rich people don't steal.
Christian, when have I said that? Carla, are you all right? What is it? As far as I know, your grandfather isn't dead.
How much did you hear? [STUDENTS CHATTERING.]
All of it.
Except why that watch is so important.
It's a pen drive, with documents.
Don't tell your brother, okay? Papers from the business my father and yours have.
If they were to fall into the wrong hands right now [CARLA TUTS.]
- Stay calm, Carla - No.
MARINA: Don't give them the watch with the red leather strap.
What are you doing? Reading comments.
Babe, that's the first thing you should stop doing.
Okay? Hey.
What's up with you? Does your religion not allow you to console your friends? Or maybe you can't forgive him for sleeping with me again.
Really! I don't care about what you two have.
My dear Now that you have taken the veil off your head, you should consider removing that blindfold.
- Guzmán and I - Let's see if you understand.
The only man I'm interested in right now is called Dostoyevsky.
But, of course, every time there's a man, even if he's been dead for a century, you can't help getting in the middle, huh? He died in 1881, he's been dead 137 years.
You've convinced me.
It's obvious you don't give a shit about Guzmán.
Omar, can you come to the school? Give me a moment, man.
Hey! What are you doing here? Are you stupid? - Hi, by the way.
- Do you know who Marina's brother is? Do you know what he's capable of doing if he finds out? I don't care, I need the money.
What for? What do you want? - What do you care? - I care about you.
Idiot! I don't want you to to end in jail or worse for a pair of sneakers, or a motorbike.
I already live in a fucking jail.
This! This dough will set me free.
I need it to leave home.
Do you understand now? - Omar.
- Let go.
Omar! Marina.
I wanted to talk to you.
- Sure.
- How are you? Fine.
Well, better.
I'm glad.
I just wanted to tell you that we are here for anything you need.
- Are you okay? - Yes.
Now it's exam time, we'll do everything we can - [RETCHING.]
- Oh, dear! - Do you have a handkerchief here? - No! [MARINA PANTING.]
Open your locker, Marina.
- I'll have to talk to your mother.
- No.
She can't deal with another problem.
I don't know.
We've all fucked up at some point, right? It would be a shame if, for one mistake, no matter how big, everything went to hell, right, Martín? Um Let's see, Marina is an exemplary student, Azucena.
And we should consider the circumstances, right? This could stay between us.
But it can't happen again.
Okay, but to ensure that, we need to nip it in the bud.
- Who sold it to you? - What? Your dealer.
The one who didn't hesitate to sell drugs to a minor at her school.
I don't know, he never mentioned his name.
You have his number on your cell.
Didn't you text him to meet? Your phone.
NANO: I didn't give it to them.
- No.
- Marina, this is serious.
I only need a name.
Marina, give me the phone! Marina! - I can't.
- Give it to me! I'll give you a name, but, please, don't report him.
Give me the phone.
Omar! His name is Omar, he's Nadia's brother.
I think this is all getting a bit out of control.
I can't have a student blackmailing me whenever she pleases.
I can't jeopardize my job.
- I can't, I'm sorry.
- Of course.
What a pity.
Too late.
The stork is on its way.
Of course, you're worried about Marina.
Don't worry, she will not talk.
If she does, let me remind you that you and I are on this boat together, and will go down together.
Besides, do you think I will let her talk? You have everything you could wish to be happy.
Why get in a mess like this for a shitty trophy, and a scholarship you don't need? I don't understand you.
Martín, do you know why I am thin? Excuse me? Because I always see myself fat.
Do you know why I'm the best? Because I'm never satisfied.
You should learn to be content with what you have to be happy.
Are you happy earning $1,160 a month? Repeating the same shit in class every day? [LAUGHS.]
Besides, who wants to be happy nowadays when they can be the best? - [SIGHING.]
- Right? Have a good day! [STUDENTS CHATTERING.]
You couldn't wait to tell me whatever it is at home? No.
Who sold you the marijuana you had in your room? Was it Omar? No.
It was a girl.
Blond, bleached hair.
And fat.
I mean, overweight.
I only saw her once.
Why? Is something wrong? We caught Marina with marijuana that this Omar sold her.
He's Nadia's brother.
No idea.
Anyway, I'll have to talk to the parents.
I need it, it's important.
NANO: Why what's so special about it? [SIGHING.]
Fuck, Nano.
What's going on with that watch? Thank you! I'm sorry I got you involved in this mess! No problem.
It's no sweat off my dick if that bunch of posh idiots think I'm a thief! What matters is you are no longer in debt man, it's over! Now you can begin to enjoy life.
Working 40 hours and sweating like a pig for a shitty salary that doesn't even cover rent.
To enjoying life! No, Nano, you and I are going to strike gold.
- Really? How? - Yes.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Christian, can you leave us for a moment? Sure, shall I make you a sandwich? No, please leave.
- [SAMU.]
- Thanks.
Are you okay? Yes, but I'm a bit dizzy.
It's okay.
We have to figure out how to return the watch.
If it's so important, how much would they pay us for it? What? If their lives depend on that watch, how much would they be willing to pay? That's blackmail.
- Yes.
- Have you lost your mind? No, I'm using it! This can be my chance to escape this shit.
Or to go back to fucking prison.
- It's going to work, Samu.
- Sure! - Your plans never fail.
- Help me, then.
I have the balls, you the brains.
We go 50/50.
If they don't pay, we go to the press.
Do you realize what'll happen if those papers are published? [NANO.]
To those rich people? - Why are you so worried? - I worry about Marina.
Me too.
She's your girlfriend.
I don't want anything bad to happen to her.
And we aren't giving that watch to anybody.
We bluff so they pay.
- [MAN.]
Marina Nunier? - Yes.
Are you a relative? - Yes, I'm her boyfriend.
- Then you need to hear this.
The tests say you are pregnant.
About four weeks.
If you need anything, I'll be in my office.
It's okay, no problem, we were not together four weeks ago.
It's okay.
Whose is it? Huh? Marina, don't worry, you can tell me.
Whose is it? No, I can't, Samuel.
I have to get out of here.
Shit, he's not answering.
He's super mad.
Polo, it can't be Christian.
He wouldn't risk what he has with us for some watches whose value he doesn't know.
Okay, so now what? Do we apologize? It's better if you go.
He's mad at me over the photo shoot.
And if we get him another? - This time for real, no nonsense.
- Carla, really Polo, we owe it to him.
And you owe him.
Now more than ever.
How are you? - How are you, man? - Fine.
Glad to see you.
I came to see if there's anything I can do for you.
- Do you have 300,000 bucks? - [MOTHER.]
- Hi.
- Hello.
We don't have the money.
Not for the bail, not for the lawyers, nothing.
Our accounts are empty.
We are penniless.
Dad left us with nothing.
So, I guess he's going to spend the next 20 years in fucking jail.
- And she's so calm, I don't get it.
- That's enough.
Why don't you ask for help at a bank? Nobody wants to be linked to us now.
What about a friend with money? Nobody wants to call us.
Not even Carla's father.
Who is dad's partner.
My godfather.
And our manager.
- That's how toxic we are, Mom.
- Maybe we should call them.
Marina betraying your boyfriend can't have been nice for you.
I did hate her a lot for that.
Because of her [SIGHS.]
Because of her, Omar and I - [SIGHS.]
- [ANDER.]
It's about Omar.
I need you to say you got mixed up, that it wasn't him who sold you the pot.
I need you to talk to my mother.
Ander, you know she won't buy it.
- I'm really sorry.
- Yes, but You don't know his father.
- [SIGHS.]
I'm sorry.
- Marina! What are you doing? Let me go.
Do you want your mother to hear about this morning? [MARINA CHUCKLING.]
And do you want my brother to hear why you've come this afternoon? Let go! [OMAR.]
Nadia, help us.
There's a lot of work.
I'm coming.
I have to study.
- Right.
Don't argue.
ANDER: I'm really sorry.
I tried.
Yes, Madam Principal.
Yes, of course.
My husband can go tomorrow.
What is it about? I see.
Better in person.
All right.
What is it this time? Have you skipped class again? No.
- And why do I have to go tomorrow? - Yusef.
That was the principal of Nadia's school.
I am as surprised as you.
First the hijab, let's see what they come up with now.
Forgive me, son.
I know you are changing, maturing.
I also know you are going to make me proud.
Aren't you? [BOTH SIGH.]
What are you listening to? [JAMES BLAKE.]
I don't want you to know I took it with me But when things are thrown away Like they are daily Time passes in the constant state Oh, baby, you look terrible! I know.
Let me help you.
I have a great product for those dreadful dark circles under your eyes.
- Leave it.
- Look at me.
You know you can count on me, right? And I will not breathe a word.
I won't go around with gossip.
As it should be.
Lu, save your breath and ask me straight up.
I told you about Martín and my blackmail in confidence.
And friends do not betray each other, hm? [LU TUTTING.]
- We are not friends.
- It's in your best interest to be mine.
You look better.
You look prettier when you don't talk.
Do you think, after what he's done, I'd visit him in jail? [MUSIC PLAYING.]
I don't know.
He deserves a chance, doesn't he? To explain himself.
And he's your father.
He's a thief.
He's stolen from his family, so he doesn't deserve anything.
What he deserves, that's for a judge to decide.
Your family should always be your support.
What is it good for, if not? You really think I should go? I think it's what he would do for you.
Come on, Christian.
It would be a photo shoot this afternoon at the same place.
Polo will be there with you.
Of course, to make sure I don't steal any socks.
To make sure this time there are no problems with the list.
Do you forgive us? Well, let's see when I hold the magazine, hot off the presses and with my photo on it, maybe.
- Baby.
- Forgive us.
- It's okay.
- All good? Yeah.
- [SAMU.]
Are you okay? - Yes, I think I'm going to be sick.
What's up with the hippie now? No idea, she doesn't tell me anything now.
- Friendship lasted about five minutes.
- What a coincidence.
Just when the watches went missing.
What are you saying? Why would Marina rob us? Come on, Carla, as if her family had no criminal history.
Your problem is you are miffed about the thing with Martín.
Dear, that only confirms that this girl is not to be trusted.
If I were you, I'd keep an eye on her.
What can you tell me about these messages? I just wanted to know if she knew about the theft.
There is no record of your father reporting it.
It wasn't such a big deal.
They were valued at over $115,000.
And judging by how insistent you were with Marina, it seemed like a big deal.
Most of all, when you asked about the one with the red leather strap.
Yes, well, it's just that I wanted to help my father.
That watch had sentimental value to him.
It belonged to a friend of his who passed not long ago.
- Hey, this is the girls' toilet! - I'll only be a moment.
What? Are you all right? - Is that what you want to know? - Marina, we weren't together.
It doesn't matter.
But please, tell me if it's somebody I know.
Samuel, if you don't care, why keep asking? And if I don't care about the answer, why won't you tell me and be done? Do you really want to know? Samuel, let's drop it.
It was a mistake.
- At least this one has a solution.
- Are you getting an abortion? [NADIA CLEARS THROAT.]
- Samuel.
- What? - This is the girls' changing room.
- Samuel, go please.
- [NADIA.]
Do your parents know? No, it's not really the best moment to tell them.
- Can I borrow your cell phone? - Yes, of course.
This is the number for a clinic.
Many Muslim girls use it.
They don't ask you for an authorization.
Even if you are a minor.
- But, Nadia, do you approve of me - No.
But if you are going to do it, I'd rather a doctor helps you.
- An underground doctor.
- It's safe.
Believe me.
It worked for my sister.
She asked me to go with her.
I held her hand all the way there on the bus.
I tried to talk her out of it.
But I think I only made her feel worse feel like a murderer.
After that she never confided in me again.
I'm just saying, since you are going through with it, you need someone to hold your hand.
Thank you, Nadia.
And And forgive me for not saying anything to you yesterday.
I was busy with the exam, and Marina, that's very important to me.
I need that scholarship.
Nadia I am truly sorry.
But that scholarship is already granted, and not to you.
How? - Marina.
- Guzmán, this is the girls' changing room, and I'm fine.
I'm going to Soto del Real this afternoon.
Mom made it clear she's not coming.
Are you? Okay.
Tell Dad from me to go to hell.
From you and Mom.
If you want, I can go with you.
Hi, Dad.
And your mother? - And your sister, how are they? - They are thinking of you.
Mostly after seeing your bank accounts.
We needed the cash, we had problems with the construction company.
We'll get a good return on that investment.
Do you understand? - Are you sure? - Yes.
Are you sure you haven't spent it all on coke? [SIGHS.]
Don't worry.
It's going to be all right.
Is it mine? Is it mine? Marina, wait.
- What do you want to do? - I don't know.
What do you need me to do? Maybe I need somebody to hold my hand.
- Will it hurt? - No way.
It's going to be fine.
Don't say that.
I hate it when people say that.
- Hey, it was you who wanted to come.
- What else can I do? Give me one reason not to do it.
I could give you plenty to do it.
You are too young.
You'll have time to have children.
And where would you Where would we go with a child? It's the most sensible thing to do, but But what? But nothing.
- Tell me.
- Nothing.
- Nano, tell me, really.
- It's nothing.
What is it, Nano? I'm leaving this shitty town.
What does that have to do with me? You and I? Nano, I am a minor, and you just got out of jail.
- Not to mention the HIV.
- You are undetectable, Marina.
The chances of the child being infected are less than one percent.
I don't have a Master's on this, I just googled it.
We could go some place where we could make a fresh start where you can continue your treatment.
- Where? - Far away.
The farthest the money I'll get for that watch will take us.
Nano, if I leave with you, it would never be by extorting my family and their friends.
Is that how you want to start a new life? No, I told you, I want a fresh start, with you.
I want to go where nobody knows us.
Where nobody knows about our screw-ups.
Or what we've done to Samuel, Marina.
I won't tell Samuel the truth.
That would only hurt him more, no way.
If you come with me, he'll find out.
- Nano, this is crazy.
- I know, I know, I know.
I'm not stupid, I know how the world works.
But I also know that this, the worst that could happen to us, may also be the best that's ever happened to us, Marina.
I'm not asking you to say yes now.
But think about it for five minutes.
And if - This is not a yes, okay? - You still have four minutes.
- Look at all this glamour! - Carlos, how are you? - Shall I change over here? - Yes, right here.
Mary, let's begin with color blocking outfits.
How about we celebrate when you are done here? - We have a math exam tomorrow.
- Yeah, it's not as if you'll pass.
That's also true, no arguments here.
- I'll let Carla know.
- Okay.
Hi, hon.
Everything's good here.
But we are tired and we have to study.
Better if we celebrate some other day.
Love you, bye.
Are you okay? Better.
Thanks to you.
It's no big deal.
It is, we have an exam tomorrow.
And you risk getting a measly nine for me.
Seems like you do care for me a bit, huh? Don't get excited, we are just friends.
I know.
I don't I don't want to be your friend, Nadia.
Well, you'll have to get used to not getting everything you want.
That's too bad.
Because I don't think I ever wanted something this much.
I'm sure I'm not the first girl you've told that.
But you are the first one with whom I mean it.
See you in class.
They are great, man! Amazing photos! That one I don't like.
I overdid the intensity, I look cross-eyed.
- So, shall we go out and party? - Somewhere else? We can stay here as long as we want.
And there's free beer.
And the marchioness? She texted.
She can't come, has to study.
Come on, so do I! What would you do that for? You're going to be a supermodel.
Quit joking, man.
Don't mess with me.
Christian, I mean it.
You've taken the first step.
What's left is the hardest part, getting the cover.
- And how do we get the cover? - We talk to the publisher.
And what a coincidence, she's my mother.
Imagine that, what a coincidence.
Don't worry, and listen to me.
It won't be easy, let me tell you.
But I think you have what it takes.
Yeah? I don't have abs, but I can start going to the gym.
- What do you think? - What do I think? - Here's what I think.
- Damn, don't think that much, okay? And see if we can get the cover of the magazine.
- Hey! - That's up to you.
Fuck! Son of a bitch! - What? - Son of a bitch! My dick.
OPEN Dad? Why is the store closed? It's not ten yet.
Hello? - What's the matter? - [YUSEF.]
Did you know? - Huh? - Did you know what your brother sold? Don't lie to me, Nadia! Not you! We've had too many lies in this house! How many things haven't you told me? And where have you been? It's late.
I was with Guzmán.
Wasn't it enough to have him at home the other day? What did I tell you about seeing that boy again? Forbidden.
It's my fault.
It's my fault! - Too much freedom! - [OMAR WHINES.]
But it's over! Go! [SOBS.]
"Nadia, I think you deserve to know the truth.
Lu has done Martín a huge favor, and that's why the scholarship will go to her.
" Can you read what you answered that same night? "You have ruined my brother's life and mine.
" Why are you still up? [SAMU.]
I can't stop thinking about something.
Who the father of Marina's baby is.
And when I think of it, only one person comes to mind.
She helped you with the theft, so you've been talking.
Maybe even seeing each other.
You think I'd do something like that to you? Is that your answer? No, it isn't.
My answer is this.
Fuck you! [SIGHS.]
Forgive me, man.
I'm losing my mind.
I don't know what to think anymore.
Have you talked to your mom? - About what? - Shhh! I don't speak English.
About the cover of the magazine! Christian, do you know what that is? They don't give covers to anybody.
I'm not anybody.
Right? Um, look She's right that it's complicated, I told you that.
- What are you saying? - [SCHOOL BELL RINGS.]
To class.
Christian, please.
- I told you I'd try.
- My ass! I did not accept last night so you could try.
Don't fuck with me, I'm not an idiot! What does last night have to do with the cover? I think there's been a misunderstanding.
I think you are a son of a bitch.
So you thought I offered you the cover in exchange for sucking my dick? And you accepted.
Well, I don't know what that makes me, but do you know what it makes you? What? - A wh - A what? - A wh - Son of a bitch! Good morning.
Um I've called the agency and cancelled the adoption.
- What did your wife say? - She agrees, what else could she say? I see.
What values would we be teaching our child if we got it by cheating? What kind of parents would we have been? I think we'll never know.
Shouldn't you be studying? We were at his mother's studio, and he starts kissing me on the neck, then unbuttons my shirt, takes my belt off and grabs my dick.
- [SAMU.]
Really? - [NADIA.]
Omar told me.
Marina got caught, and then gave him away, yes.
I guess to save herself.
- [SIGHS.]
- She hasn't told you either? - Me? She's driving me crazy.
- She's made me doubt even my brother.
- What? But why? I'll tell you later.
- How do you feel about the exam? - What does it matter? What do you mean, and the scholarship? [SIGHS.]
They can't give it to me if I'm not from this school.
And it was hard to get my father to let me finish the school year.
Nadia, what happened? [GUZMAN SIGHS.]
Hello, everybody.
So, the day is finally here.
Pens only on your desks, please.
- Done.
- Finished? - Sure? - Yes.
Guys, keep working in silence, and nobody move, please! Marina! Marina, what is it? Nothing.
- Not nothing, what's this? - Nothing, I don't know it, that's all.
Samuel, what are you doing? I want to assure you there won't be any favoritism.
- Is it about our issue? - Martín, I just want to go home.
I want to settle this problem, okay? - What? Son of a bitch.
- Have you told him? - Son of a bitch! - What are you doing? [ALL YELLING.]
The son of a bitch took advantage of her and got her pregnant! - What? - What? - Martín? - Azucena, do you think I'd do that? And accepting a bribe, that you would do? My office.
Fuck! Bribe him, me? Please! How can she invent such a fantasy? It was you who told me.
Really, she's crazier than she already was.
It's her word against mine.
- I mean, with this girl's history - Marina is telling the truth.
Excuse me? We made a deal, but today I told Lucrecia that You're fired, Martín.
Don't make it any harder.
We'll send your belongings home.
It's very clear that I had nothing to do with this, right? That That I didn't do anything.
Your denial only insults my intelligence.
And earns you two months of suspension instead of one.
We are in the middle of exams.
You will sit your exams in September.
- How did you do in the exam? - Good.
We changed plans at the last minute, really.
I didn't want to bother you while you were studying.
Thank you for not telling me you were fucking someone else so I'd stay focused.
Hey, you fucked him too, okay? Okay, I'm sorry.
Always with you.
That was the deal.
To share everything.
Carla, really, it was nothing.
It was nothing! Come, give me a hug.
- Carla, I didn't even like it.
- This was something we did to avoid infidelity, lies.
To revive a relationship that was dead.
But given all this, it's better it stay buried.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Let's go.
- No.
One fifty, please.
I need change.
Why don't you answer my messages? - Don't have a cell anymore.
- When can we meet? I'll be behind this counter for two years.
- Omar.
- What are you doing? Thanks.
Omar, please.
I can't.
Have a good day.
Do you want to know whose it is? - Do you really need to know? - No.
I'm tired.
I'm tired of chasing after you.
- Samuel, maybe - Listen to me! Please.
I'm tired of trying all the time to convince you about us.
But most of all, I'm tired of waiting for you to find the fucking courage to break up with me! Samuel.
How would you have reacted if she had decided to end it with you? [SIGHS.]
I don't know, because that never happened.
I have never seen this message.
She wrote it.
She never hit the send button.
Read it, please.
"Nano, forgive me, but I can't do this.
I can't leave, I'm sorry.
" Why didn't she tell you in person? Was she afraid you might react violently? Still thinking about the blackmail idea? [SIGHS.]
I'm not sure.
What are you thinking? Let's go get them.

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