Élite (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

1 What happened in town a few days before Marina's death? What do you mean? Haven't you seen the news? - Is there no police report? - I want you to tell me.
Everything happened.
- Things were really tense.
- Too much.
When gunpowder meets fire only one thing can happen.
- An explosion.
- Boom.
Everything turned to shit.
- The burner phone, so they can't trace the call.
- Okay.
- Got the marchioness' husband's number? - Yes.
Here it is.
His name is Teodoro Rosol.
We need to decide how much to ask for for the watch.
A whole lot, the more the better.
That one will pay whatever we ask to get this back.
No, we need to be clever.
It has to be an amount he can get without attracting attention.
And how much is that for a rich person? Two hundred thousand? - Five hundred thousand? - No, he won't have that at home.
Much less.
Besides, if he withdraws it from a bank, they will trace it.
I'd ask for 90,000.
Yes, 90,000 is good.
With that, we can do a lot.
I could start afresh somewhere else with half that money.
Are you sure you want to leave? We are okay, aren't we? I don't want to miss you again.
I'm not needed here, Samu.
You're better off without me.
Believe me.
It will be good for everybody.
No, they've frozen our accounts, and we can't make bail.
Three hundred thousand.
No, no.
No, you wouldn't have to cover it all.
I see.
Thank you, Federico.
Have a good day.
My mothers can cover part of it.
For any more, they would have to withdraw from investment funds, which takes time.
Thank you.
Tell them I'll call them later.
What about Lu's parents? They are diplomats, and can't get involved.
Besides, I don't want anything to do with her.
I get it.
Testing, one two, one two, testing.
Let's hear it.
Testing, one two, one two, testing.
- Good, right? Sure? - Yes.
Hello? Yes, speaking.
We have something you want.
You don't want it to end up in the papers, or with a judge.
Who are you? - Do you have my watch? - We want 90,000 euros.
- Tomorrow.
- Ninety thousand euros? You better hand it to me tomorrow, and expect nothing in return.
You don't know who you're messing with, idiots.
Have the money tomorrow.
We'll contact you for the exchange.
How was it? Fine, I think.
- He was scared.
- Good.
- He'll pay for sure.
- Good.
Who do they think they are? They want to blackmail me? Me? They want a measly 90,000 euros! You're not paying? - How could I give in to amateurs? - Wouldn't it be better to pay? It's not that much money.
- Do you know them, or what? - That's ridiculous, dad! I'm only saying the person who called is a clueless nobody.
When they got in here to steal, they even knew the alarm codes.
And since, lately, you make friends with anybody - Good morning, Carla.
- Hi.
- Teodoro.
- Good morning, darling.
- I can't believe you'd say this to me - Everything all right? Don't worry.
If someone's tried to pull something on me, I know what to do.
So do I.
To begin with, they won't get a single penny.
Not one.
They should know that.
Were you waiting for me? I've been up since seven, making calls to get the money.
It's horrible.
I see.
I'm sure someone will lend it to you.
Doesn't seem like it.
Rats are the first to abandon ship, and my father's world was full of rats.
It's good to see you.
Are you going to stick to me all day long? What will your friends think when they see you this clingy? I want to make the most of these days with you, if they are your last.
We have to keep you here for the next school year, Nadia.
It's hopeless, Guzmán.
Once my father makes up his mind, he's inflexible.
You should go to class.
- Go on.
- Fine, I'm going, bye.
- Can you do me a favor? - Yes.
Can you give this to your brother? My brother? Yes.
Your father took away his cell phone.
I don't want to go near the store, or they could see me talking to him.
- Can we talk after class? - We have nothing to talk about.
Do you know you've ruined my brother's life? That's why I want to talk to you, explain what happened.
I didn't have a choice.
There's always a choice, Marina.
But people from your class never consider anything but saving their own ass.
- If you'll excuse me - So, betraying your brother is wrong, but you betraying Martín is awesome, right? Are you really making that comparison? We need to talk.
Come to the bathroom with me? I'm all ears.
Why did you get close to me after ignoring me for years? What? Who stole the watches? I know you are involved.
You were in my house, saw me enter the code, and, as girls, we used to play with my father's watches.
You knew where they were.
Me? Come on, Carla, do you think I remember that? How can you think that? Well, you have a history of making crappy friends and falling under their influence.
You seem stupid.
Marina, they are blackmailing us.
And your family stands to lose more than mine.
Your father is in pre-trial detention, and if these papers were to surface not even the best lawyer will get him out.
Carla, I know nothing about it, really.
My father will not pay.
You think he's going to let some idiots take his money and get away with it? No.
He's going to find them, and it will be bad for everybody.
Mostly for you.
So tell them to keep the watches, but to return the red one.
And to do it now.
Fucking Nano! Nano, we agreed you would forget about the blackmail.
- You've put me in a difficult situation! - Marina, don't worry about a thing.
How can I not worry? That watch contains sensitive information.
If it reaches the press, it will ruin my family.
I won't let you do it.
That information won't reach anybody, trust me.
That guy will pay.
We need that money to go away together.
I haven't said I'm leaving with you.
- What's this? - Do you like it? A bit obvious, don't you think? Your way of telling me you can buy me these things, but Christian not.
It's just a present, I don't mean to buy you.
You can't buy me.
I don't have a price, and if I did, you couldn't afford it.
Are you going to let that loser ruin everything we have? You ruined it.
Not him.
And I'm the one in front of you, asking you to forgive me.
I don't I can't live without you.
- Don't you see I can't? - Yes, you can.
You know why? Because, I think you like boys more than girls.
And it's no big deal.
That's fine.
You just need to accept it yourself.
I'm working on it.
So what if I also like guys? What we have is stronger than all that.
We're Carla and Polo.
We go together.
That can't be broken.
It's already broken.
Would you like a photo? It's your moment of triumph.
I'd like to give you my best angle.
You are top of the class, the prize is for you.
As if I cared.
Lu, I'm also leaving the school.
My father doesn't want me to do my next year here.
So we won the top idiot prize by competing, right? I never wanted to compete.
Nadia, please! From day one, I recognized you as my equal.
Even if you won't admit it.
For you and me, nothing is ever enough.
We always want more.
Did you really think that prize would change anything in my life? No.
And still I needed it.
Too bad another hypocrite will get it.
Marina? She's the best after the two of us.
She screwed us over really well.
Turned out to be smarter than everybody else.
But I'll tell you one thing.
I won't leave without a fight.
Or without winning.
So what happened between you and Polo? I left him.
We wanted to keep our relationship alive by any means, - but dead things don't come back to life.
- Damn, I'm sorry.
But then you have no boyfriend.
You are alone, free.
Yes, alone, free, with no close friends, and a thousand problems.
I did not expect this going into the summer.
- But then you and I could - We could what, Christian? We could date! - We have great sex, right? - Yes.
I don't know if I'd want to date someone who sells himself for a cover.
I don't sell myself, okay? I make a living, which is what those of us who were not born millionaires do! - It's very easy to judge us from up there.
- All right, Christian! Christian, wait! Fine, you're right.
I'm not in your situation.
Don't you think that's precisely why we cannot be together? Honestly, no.
Stranger things have happened.
You could give me a chance.
The only thing I need right now is a friend.
Think you can be that? Yes.
Remember Fatima and Nasser? - Of course.
- She used to look after you.
- How are you, Omar? You're all grown up.
- How are you? A very good son.
Very responsible.
Follows the Koran.
And very hard-working.
He has a daughter, about your age.
- You know her, right? - Yes.
Why don't you come for tea on Wednesday and bring her along? I don't know if I can on Wednesday.
Do you have anything better to do than meet your future wife? Bye, then.
And don't rush him.
We don't want him looking that scared when we introduce them.
- See you soon.
- Bye, my friend.
I get it, my father is a leper and you won't help him.
Very well.
Never mind, when he returns to work I'll remind him who was there, asshole! - Everything all right? - What are you doing here, Lu? I go to school for my things, and don't see you.
I call and text you, and you don't answer.
I'm beginning to feel a bit ignored, actually.
You don't see me for three days, and I'm already forgotten? Sorry, I don't know why, but all I can think of is getting money to bail my father out.
I see.
And you can't answer one of my messages while you're holding your phone.
Lu, right now the last thing I need is your passive-aggressive drama.
And what do you need? Money.
How much? Three hundred thousand.
Got them in your bag? Why are you being such a jerk? I only wanted to help.
Oh, you came to help me, sorry! I thought it was because I didn't answer your calls.
If you are not well, lean on me.
Don't insult me.
And don't push me aside.
We've always supported each other through the good and the bad.
"We," Lu? How do I say this, so you get it once and for all? There isn't a "we" anymore.
That's nonsense.
I'm in love with Nadia.
You're not in your right mind because of your father.
You don't know what you're saying.
Did you see what happened at the store? Now they want to marry me off.
It's a nightmare.
Omar, she's a good girl.
Really, Nadia? You too? Are you serious? There are arranged marriages that turn out fine.
Before marrying her or any other, I'd slit my wrists.
- No.
Don't even joke about that.
- Get it? Nadia, I don't want to be introduced to that girl.
Help me, please.
Dad is very upset.
But it will blow over.
All you have to do is go along with him for a while.
For how long? Until my wedding day? Or my child's wedding day? No, I can't, Nadia.
Nadia, I can't breathe anymore.
Help me, please.
Ander gave me this, for you.
You really like him, huh? But I'll never be able to be with him.
Go to him.
I'll cover for you.
You mean it? Thank you.
We can't accept this.
What we have to do is ask for twice as much.
If they know Marina has something to do with this, they'll get to us in no time.
And what are they going to do? Call the police? Hire thugs? No, they will come for us themselves.
They will budge.
They act tough, but they will budge.
We have to think through our next move.
You came.
- Shall we go inside? - Okay.
Sure your parents aren't here? Okay, I can see they are not.
So, shall we fuck? Or we could talk.
While we fuck.
Are you going to let your father arrange a wedding for you? It's absurd.
Do you really want to talk about that? What a downer.
You won't let him do it, right? When did you figure out you liked men? You're changing the subject.
Do you know what two gay guys ask each other when they meet? That's the first one.
"When you found out you liked guys.
" The second one is whether your parents know.
I want this moment to be ours.
And not to think that somebody out there is arranging a wedding for me.
But they are arranging it.
Do your parents know? You know what? I love you.
You are so lucky.
I never have the house to myself.
I have it to myself every day until ten.
- See you.
- Bye.
What's going on? Answer it.
- Wait, let me talk.
- No, I'll talk.
- Fine, put it on speakerphone.
- Okay.
- Hello.
- How do we go about the handover? When are you giving me the watch? We want double now.
What? One hundred and eighty thousand.
Who do you think you are? Nobody will pay that much.
You've just dug your own grave.
He hung up, but he'll pay for sure.
Next time let me do the talking.
If there is a next time, fuck.
- We know you're - gay.
- Gay.
- Gay.
And it's not a problem.
Did you look at my computer? There was no need.
Son, it's all right.
If, at his age, I'd told my father I was a faggot - Antonio.
- he would have hit me.
What I want to say is that you shouldn't let that ruin your future.
Tennis is not like soccer.
It's not a paradise of tolerance, but you can make history as the first gay man to win the French Open.
Think about it.
I'm sure there's plenty of sponsors who'd be happy to work with a boy like you.
So I can fuck guys as long as I am a champion.
You can listen to music later.
It breaks my heart to see you like this.
What's his name? His name is Omar.
But we can't be together because his father is from the fucking stone age.
Omar, is that Arabic? - You disapprove? - Who, me? What kind of person do you think I am? What you think of us is alarming! You could talk to his father.
Me? I don't know him.
He's Nadia's brother.
Omar? That Omar? The one who sells drugs? - Are you in love with a dealer? - He's not a dealer, Mom! He used to deal because he needs money to get out of that house.
Help us, please.
He's not lucky enough to have parents like you.
Talk to his father.
And what would I tell him? I can't, Ander.
Only you So many guys out there, and you fall for a dealer.
A dealer who's Muslim, and gay.
I heard you want Omar to meet Fatima's daughter.
Yes, a very good girl.
She is, right? You know her, don't you? Nadia, do you have anything to say about her? - No.
I won't speak ill of Zahira.
- What about Fatima's daughter? I think we all want Omar to marry the right person.
If you have something to say, say it clearly.
In this town, we all know each other.
Why don't you ask around? There's no need.
I'll call them and cancel tea myself.
Our son cannot marry just anybody.
Besides, why the rush? Thank you.
I'm also doing it for her.
She doesn't deserve an unhappy marriage.
- May I come in? - Of course, Guzmán.
What is it? I wanted to talk to you about Nadia.
Did you know she's not coming back here next school year? Her father forbids it.
- No, I didn't know.
- We can't let that happen.
Education is no longer compulsory at your age.
If the father wants to remove her from school, he can do it.
Why should she pay for her father's intolerance? She did not choose to be born into a family like that.
Nadia wants to be here.
She's a very good student, she has a scholarship.
We can't let her go.
You started to date Marina and you found out she was pregnant.
- Didn't that bother you? - No.
Of course not.
It was hard at first, but I did not resent it.
Samuel, are you telling me the whole truth? Samuel, all of this is a bit absurd, to be honest.
You don't need to sit at the other end when we are in the same room.
You very well know I did not want to hurt you.
I need someone to lean on right now, - to tell everything that crosses my mind.
- That's not going to be me.
Can you give us a moment? We need to talk.
Remember when I told you the blackmailers were nobodies? That they had asked for very little money? - Today they asked for twice that amount.
- What do you mean by that? Marina, that proves you talked to them.
I don't give a rat's ass how you do it, but you need to get that watch.
Fall in love with whoever you want.
Play at being the rebel, the misfit.
I don't care.
But don't risk everything you have and endanger your family.
- Thank you for coming again.
- This is becoming a habit.
- What happened now? - Nothing bad, I assure you.
It's about your daughter.
I heard you don't want her to come here next school year.
We are delighted with her.
She's got an excellent record here.
She has adapted wonderfully.
- It's a thoughtfully considered decision.
- I'm not saying it isn't.
But if there was a way to change your mind we think you are taking a wonderful opportunity from her.
Are you saying I'm a bad father? That, as an uneducated Muslim, - I don't know what's best for her? - No, no, no.
I'm just trying to make you see that Nadia would get many advantages, were she to remain at this school.
- She has learned a lot so far.
- Yes.
She has learned to disrespect her parents.
To lie, to sneak out of her house.
- To neglect her religious duties.
- Normal for a teenager.
They all rebel at that age.
What are you doing? We have an exam.
Is that what you teach here? To be permissive of rebelliousness? Don't turn the paper until I tell you.
Don't worry, there's nothing there we haven't gone over a thousand times.
Excuse me.
What are you doing here, Lucrecia? You are suspended.
I know, but I have the right to take this exam.
I'll sit over there.
Nadia, we're leaving.
- What? - I'm taking you out of here immediately.
- Let's go.
- Excuse me.
Yusef, let's talk.
Don't take it like that.
I never meant to offend you.
Don't make her pay for it.
Nadia, let's go.
Don't make me repeat myself.
Dad, we are about to start an exam.
Let's go! - Don't treat her like that! - Shut up! - Don't grab her like that! - Dad! Dad! I feel for her! For her and for your son.
To be a woman or a homosexual in your family must be hell! Poor Omar! Dad.
- Hey! - What? What are you insinuating about my son? Go back to class.
Let's go.
You too.
Come on.
Carry on with your exam.
Nothing happened.
What are you doing here? She says she has a right to take the exam.
Out! Right now.
What are you laughing at, idiot? If you think you'll get Carla, you are mistaken.
As a hobby you were fine, but you're too small-fry for her.
But I wasn't too small-fry for you, right? What did you like best about me? My ass.
Or my dick? Because you held on to it well.
Asking for a beating, are you?! You'll never be her boyfriend, you hear me? Never! Maybe.
But that is more likely to happen than you fucking me again.
I didn't force you, remember? You allowed yourself to be bought.
You're no better than me.
What are you looking at? - What's wrong? - Your fucking ex! He sure knows how to push my buttons! Calm down.
Look at me, okay? Calm down.
Ignore him.
Just ignore him.
Okay? We could do something fun today.
Introduce me to your friends.
You know my world, but I don't know yours.
Okay? You! Tell me why you are being slandered! What have you done for them to think you like men? Dad! Tell me it's not true! Tell me! Dad Tell me my son is not a homosexual.
No, I don't know who told you that, but no.
I'm not.
It's all right.
Tomorrow we'll meet Fatima and her daughter.
And if she's not the right wife for you, then another.
But we'll find one soon.
I'm not going to let anybody tarnish your good name.
Or this family's.
I am a coward.
You did what you had to do.
What happened? Why does he know? - The school principal told him.
- What? Isn't that Ander's mother? What is she doing? She just ruined my life.
Yours and mine.
Dad dragged me out of class.
In front of everybody.
So humiliating.
- Hello, Pilar.
- Hi, cutie.
- Is Samuel here? - No, he's at work.
Do you mind if I wait for him here? - Sure, come in.
- I don't want to go home.
Because of what's going on with my father.
Some story, that one.
I know.
- I don't think he'll be long.
- It's okay, I'll wait here.
You caught me with my cards.
Hey, do you want me to read them for you? Maybe we find out when your father gets out.
- No.
- This is never wrong.
- Could I use your bathroom? - Of course, you know where it is.
Thank you.
Looking for this? Yes, but not to give it to them.
I wanted to keep it, and keep it from the papers.
I told you I would not give it to the papers.
But here.
I do trust you.
I only ask one thing.
Let them pay us.
That money is loose change to them.
A bargain, after what they did.
And when they pay us, you do what you want with the watch.
Sure? Marina we are having a child together.
If I don't trust you, who am I going to trust? I haven't made up my mind to keep it yet.
Do you know how many calls I had to make to get that money? Do you know what it cost me? But that didn't matter to those losers.
Because for them we are only fucking posh people.
You didn't think the town would be upset? To see your father go free? What? The law is the same for everybody.
If a judge sets bail, and you can pay it, that's not illegal.
You didn't know you were walking into a hornet's nest? Marina.
- Look who's here.
- Dad.
They released you.
Thanks to your brother, who did not stop until he raised the money to pay bail.
He's shown me a lot.
- Marina, we need to talk.
- About what, Dad? Teo tells me you are involved in the theft of the watches.
Who are your friends, child? - They have brainwashed you.
- Marina.
Do you know how serious this is? All that's at stake? - Dad, why do you think I'm involved? - Carla told us everything.
And it wouldn't be the first time you hung out with riffraff like that.
Riffraff, Guzmán? Dad went to jail, but they are the riffraff? - What are you saying? - Don't go there, please.
So you do have something to do with those losers.
- Marina, you just don't learn.
- What losers are you talking about? I'm tired of your arrogance, and yours! So they caught you red-handed? Deal with it! Everybody calm down.
- Sure, ask us to calm down now.
- How can I calm down with this nut job, - who prefers those losers to her family! - You know what, Guzmán? With those people you call losers, I'm making my own family.
More authentic and less hypocritical.
What do you mean? I'm pregnant.
Please, say that's not true.
Who's the father? That waiter? No.
His brother.
That's why you helped him with the theft, huh? That's it.
I'll fix this right now! Where are you going? Ander, call Polo, you have to help me.
Now! Marina, please.
Think about what you're saying.
Don't do things out of spite for your parents.
You can't have a child now.
Much less, with a boy like that! - Even you should realize that! - Do you think I can reason with you? Look at yourself! You're so prejudiced! Just thinking your girl may not date a future minister makes you freak out! - That boy is blackmailing us! - You are underage, and you will do as we say.
That's it.
And you will not go ahead with that pregnancy, you hear? Wait and see.
But don't worry, this child will not meet its grandparents.
Nano, listen, we can leave together whenever you want, okay? Guzmán, this is crazy.
Wait, stop.
Stop, damn it! What? Damn it, Ander! Must I remind you of what happened last time you tried to fix things? - They got fixed.
- You almost killed Pablo.
We go to these people's house, take what's ours, and leave.
- Or are you getting cold feet? - They are not at home.
Carla's just posted this.
I swear she's all right.
Carla's here for a reason.
Why would she ask so many questions? She doesn't trust me or my brother.
No, man, she likes me, for real.
She's mad about me.
Son of a bitch! You may fool your brother, but not me.
First you steal from me.
And then get my sister pregnant.
You are an asshole! Ah! Fuck! - I won't let that bastard end up with you! - Go to hell! Son of a bitch! Ander! Let's go! - Come back here! - Son of a bitch! Please, open.
- Please, I'm being chased! - Go away! Nadia.
That boy isn't your problem.
Let him fend for himself! Say what you want, he's coming in.
They are after me! Call the police! Why the police? Son of a bitch! See why I didn't want you to befriend him? He's trouble! Ander! Ander! I love you.
I love you, damn it! Asshole, they had to kill me for you to say it.
Oh, what's wrong? Samuel? Samuel, what's going on? Aggh! Samuel.
Samuel, what did you do?
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