Élite (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

1 On the first of June, around 9:30 pm, you entered the school swimming pool.
Marina was there.
You had an increasingly heated argument until you picked up the trophy, and hit her on the back of the head with it.
She did not die instantly, which means you left her there bleeding to death.
This is what we believe happened, and more importantly, what the judge believes happened.
Do you have anything to say in your defense? Nano? I'm going to pick you up from school a little early.
Make your escape during the party, and we will do the handover at ten.
What's wrong? Are you getting cold feet? Tell me about Morocco.
About Asilah.
What is it like? Small.
A bit dirty.
You can only reach it by car, taking crappy roads but it has a beautiful beach as well, right next to the souk.
You will come and pick me up from my friend's one day and we'll watch the sunset together, which is awesome.
I was looking at where I can get medication, and there's a clinic nearby where they need volunteers.
I could help people who have just been given their diagnosis.
I've been through that.
Okay, I'll pick you up then.
But we will watch the damn sunset.
Sorry, Nano, I'm just a little nervous.
- I need one of your hugs.
- Hey Tomorrow, all right? All right.
What happened? - Are you all right? - What do you think? Do you think we're all right, eh? This is the second time our home has been broken into, by people looking for who knows what, since you got out of the slammer.
What a coincidence.
Your brother could have been killed.
Are you listening to me? Your brother could have been killed.
I could have been killed! Do you even care about us? - Do you even care about us? - Mom! - Why don't we have a cup of herbal tea? - Right now, I'd prefer some whiskey.
Let me have a look.
Come on.
- What a mess Mom's made.
- She was shaking.
- You or her? - Both of us.
- I'm sorry about your fucking watch.
- Don't be.
- It wasn't here.
- Who has it? Ah.
Of course.
The sooner you have the money, the sooner you'll be out of here.
Right? We're getting out of here.
Both of us.
- Tomorrow.
- Why are you telling me this? I'm sick of lying to you.
Of not being able to look at you in the eyes.
- I swear that from now on - You will never lie to me again, because I will never listen to anything you say again.
You are no longer my brother.
It's just a small party to celebrate the end of the school year.
Are you really not going to let me say goodbye to my classmates? I want you home as soon as you get the grades.
Why won't you let her go? She's done nothing wrong.
- She just wants to say goodbye.
- Mind your own business.
She just wants to say goodbye.
Omar, don't start with me.
I don't care.
I'm tired of having to put up with you.
- Tired of - Of what? Of your father? The one who has given you life, who raised you, fed you, and in return you have only brought shame on him? Please, don't argue.
If I'm not allowed, then I won't go.
She only wants to say goodbye.
So parents can go? And brothers? Since you're so eager to talk, you will come.
That way you can apologize to the principal.
- Me? - Yes.
In this family, when you are wrong, you apologize.
We will leave that school with our heads high.
You went after my family, you son of a bitch.
That will cost you We had a deal.
And you broke it when you sent your thugs to steal the watch.
Now it will cost you a million.
- You are crazy, kid.
- You're the crazy one.
The way you're going, those documents will end up in all the papers.
And you won't see a penny then.
I'm used to being penniless.
To living in the shit.
What about you? How will you feel about losing your business, your house, your damn family? Think about it a bit more, kid.
One million.
You have until seven o'clock tomorrow.
Are you coming to the party? - It starts at seven.
- We have nothing to celebrate.
Tomorrow morning, we have an appointment with the doctor.
Now you have nothing to say? I love you very much.
And I hope some day you will forgive me.
What? Are you shitting me? What do you mean you don't have it? Did they search for it? Of course, they searched everywhere for it.
They turned the place upside down.
I don't know.
That guy has no brain, he could send us all to jail, whether we pay or not.
Do you realize what you have done? No, we can't give in.
We have to put an end to this or they will ruin our lives.
Have you really canceled the trip to Croatia? Somebody had to do it.
Or did you expect both our families to travel together, as if you and I were still a couple? Let's leave the families out of it until things are definite.
Carla? Maybe we can still work things out.
In which parallel world are you living in? Did you hear her? Polo, I'll ask you one more time.
Are you really going to let that guy steal your girlfriend? Don't you see how she ignores me? She won't listen.
So stop talking.
Show her that you love her.
Take action.
Do something! Sure.
It's so easy for you to say.
- How? - Do I have to spell it out for you? Guzmán Can we talk? I guess they will take advantage of the party for Marina to sneak out.
With the money from the blackmail, right? So what, your brother takes your share and you just rat him out? I don't give a crap about him.
But, believe it or not, I do care about your sister.
- I don't know.
She won't listen to me.
- Nor me.
But you can do something.
You can talk to your parents, they can nip it in the bud.
I could.
But I won't bother.
What do you mean? She can move to the moon, if she wants to.
I'm sick of her.
Sick of looking after someone who wants to jump off every cliff she sees.
Well, let her jump, then.
If she survives, she might learn something.
She's your sister.
And she's the girl that screwed you over.
You, me, my entire family.
She stole from us, blackmailed us with the help of your brother.
Why don't you talk to him? For the same reason I don't talk to my sister.
Because you know if something happens to them, they may have had it coming.
- Do you know anything about - Omar? They won't let me see him either.
What's up, guys? Last day! Olé.
What's up with the funeral faces? Come on, I'm the one with four failed classes for September.
You passed all your exams, and look like your parents were murdered.
Here, have a drink, there's much to celebrate.
Want some? - Do you know what Nano is doing? - Being awesome, that's what he's doing.
Your brother's an ace, Samu.
Don't you see he'll have a future now? And you and I, a house in Morocco on the beach for this summer.
What more can you ask for? Cheer up, man! And you, don't down the whole bottle! - Let me.
- Don't you dare.
- Let me help you.
- Help me? Do you know what you're doing to your family and mine? You should be ashamed, betraying your people like this.
They will be all right, Carla.
If your father pays.
You have plenty of money.
Right, like we can trust your boyfriend.
How do I know he won't take the watch to the papers? He won't, I assure you.
Like I'd believe you! The watch is in good hands.
Do you have it? Your sister has it.
- Did she tell you so? - Almost.
What does she think she's doing? She's running away with Samuel's brother.
They probably planned it together.
When is she leaving? My parents are watching her, so probably tonight during the party.
- I don't think she'll even stop at home.
- Why don't you ask? That means she has the watch here.
Won't you get changed? In a while.
I'm delaying it as much as I can.
It's the last time I'll wear this.
Will we see each other again? If my father is making me change schools, it's precisely so I don't see you again.
Well, hello, how's the happy couple? - What are you doing here, Lu? - I'm here to contribute some glamour.
Well, a lot of glamour, to this celebration.
It actually looks a bit cheap.
But, Nadia, why are you leaving? I'm not an obstacle to your relationship, and your happy ending.
Really, you can stay.
Dear, I mean it.
This woman is very difficult.
- It's going to be hard for you.
- Happy? Yes.
Who am I to get in between the two of you? In the end, there wasn't really anything between us.
- Where's the catch? - There's no catch here, Guzmán.
Sure, sometimes my competitive side gets the best of me, even if the prize isn't worth it.
Savor the taste, savor the pain I don't expect you to release me Give us two.
No, no punch.
- Have a drink.
- To forgive me And you will never see my side And I will always think I'm right Distract the waiter.
Okay? I told you I would hate you till forever, and ever, and ever Excuse me, do you have any bottles, or something I told you I would hate you till forever Ever, ever, ever Oh, oh Forever, forever, forever Oh, oh Forever, forever, forever I told I would hate you till forever Playing the part Playing the game I don't expect you to believe me Missing the mark We tear it apart I'd never ask you why you need me And you will never see my side And I will always think I'm right Hi.
Can you force a locker open? Why would I know how to force a lock? Okay, a guy knows everything.
That's how it is in the school of life.
Polo has some photos of me on his phone.
I fear he may post them online.
He's so resentful right now, I think he might do it.
- I'll beat the crap out of him.
- No, that would be worse.
Could you get me his backpack? It's in locker 134, please.
I'll see what I can do.
I told you I would hate you till forever What else should I say Excuse me.
Could we talk for a moment? There's nothing to talk about.
It's just a moment.
I want to propose a deal, so that Nadia doesn't leave the school.
If you allow her to stay one more year, I swear, on all things sacred, I will stay away from her.
I won't even say hi.
- Are you tired of her? - No.
But you know, as well as I do, that we have no future together.
She does, however, have a future at this school, so, don't end it.
You can trust me.
I have many defects, many.
But I'm a man of my word.
- I have to get back.
- Damn! Is this the way it will always be? When will you be free of your father? And you of yours? How many matches will you play this summer? And how many of those do you really want to play? I only want to be with you.
We're screwed.
My father watches me all day long.
He only leaves me alone when he goes to the bank in the afternoon.
Ten minutes of freedom.
That's all I can offer you this summer.
For one of the students in the penultimate year, this trophy not only means the satisfaction of a job well done, but also a scholarship to study at our high school in Florida.
From there you can go on to an Ivy League college.
And the winner is Marina Nunier.
Thank you for the award, but I think someone else deserves it more.
I don't really have much to be proud of this year.
So I wanted to take this opportunity to apologize.
I'm sorry for all the damage I may have caused.
For letting down those I love the most.
And the person who's made me feel so much in such a short time.
I tried to stop it all.
I tried to be a good daughter, a good sister.
I tried to live up to your feelings, Samuel.
I wish we had our time machine to go back, and start from scratch.
But I was myself.
Stubborn, unafraid of danger.
And always getting in trouble.
I'm sorry.
Why are you here? And you? I needed to think, Samuel.
Marina, stay.
I don't want you to stay for me.
I want you to do it for yourself.
Did you see the way people looked at me? I have nothing here, nobody.
They all hate me, with good reason.
I don't hate you.
Not because I don't want to, but because I can't.
I'm sure, if I've forgiven you, after what you did to me the rest can, too.
I don't see how.
Well, it's not running away.
That is not the way.
Much less after blackmailing your family.
And after throwing away your future to go with a guy you don't know.
Please, don't do something you will regret for the rest of your life.
Nano forgive me, but I can't do this.
I can't leave, I'm sor I'm on my way.
I'm not sure about this.
I don't know.
Where are you? I'm at the swimming pool.
Okay, I'm on my way.
Be there in a minute, don't move.
- Guzmán.
- What are you doing? I've talked to her and she's leaving for good.
Do something! - Who? - Marina.
I just talked to her and she's leaving.
Leave me alone.
- Go away.
Leave me alone.
- Please! Did you get the backpack? - You couldn't open the locker? - I didn't want to.
You don't fool me, that is Marina's locker.
So what? If I asked you, it's because that matters to me.
- You can still - No, I don't want to.
I am not your lapdog, and I won't do everything you ask for.
Does she want to fuck? We fuck.
Does she want a backpack stolen? I steal it for her.
- What's the matter with you? - I am fed up, Carla.
I want you to see me as an equal.
I want to be your boyfriend, for real.
And I know I am poor, and you a marchioness, and our relationship is not possible in this society, only in Disney movies.
But if we are going to try, I want to try for real.
With everything to win, and lose.
I don't want to be your gigolo, or your thief, or someone you can use.
So, laugh all you want now.
Can I tell you something without you thinking I see you as a gigolo? Or like someone I go to for sex or to steal? You just turned me on.
- Why are you here? - The watch, Marina, please.
What? Marina, give me the watch, please.
Can't you hear me? - Give me the watch.
Give me - No.
Give me the fucking watch, please! Why the hell are you sticking your nose in this? - Because you stole from my girlfriend! - She's not your girlfriend anymore! What? So you thought by getting the watch back for her she would go back to you? Shit! What are you laughing at, Marina? What the fuck are you laughing about? You know what you are? Huh? You know what you are? A damn thief, that's what you are! Yes! You betray your people for the first guy from the hood you meet.
Asshole! - Yes! Get off me.
Watch it.
- Know what your girlfriend is doing? Falling for the first guy from the hood she meets.
She's using you, Polo.
- Marina, don't fuck with me.
- It will be worse still, you know why? - She's not going back to you, Polo.
- Give me the fucking watch.
- She's using you, Polo.
- Is it in your pocket? Answer me.
- She's using you.
- Give me the watch, Marina! She's using you, Polo! Like they all do! Like my brother does! You are their puppet! I pity you.
Aggghhh! What the hell? What happened? Polo, what have you done? I don't know.
- But I think she's not breathing.
- Who's not breathing? Did anybody see you? Polo, did anybody see you? Good.
Let's get the blood off you.
All right.
Your hands.
Give me your hands.
Fucking shirt.
- Christian.
- What? Do you have a shirt you can lend him? - Can you explain to me - Get a fucking shirt! Look at me! Get rid of the trophy.
Nobody can see you with it.
Do you hear me? Can you tell me who the hell is not breathing? Polo! Who the hell is not breathing? Damn it! Marina.
Attention, please.
May I have your attention? I need you to leave the room in an orderly fashion.
There's been an incident.
I repeat, in an orderly fashion.
Thank you very much.
- Can you calm down, please? - How can you ask me to calm down? Fuck! The police are talking to everybody.
They will ask for me too.
You won't say a word.
- Because you saw nothing.
- But I did! He killed Marina, damn it! That would be covering up! You wanted to be my boyfriend, right? To be one of us.
For me to treat you like an equal.
Then you must know that, among us, we always protect each other.
Like Polo did.
He did it for me.
And if you had opened that locker, he wouldn't have had to do it.
You realize what you've done, right? This is much more serious, damn it! You want your Disney movie? You've just had the break of your life.
Use it well.
- Excuse me, are you Guzmán? - Yes.
- May we speak for a moment? - Why me? - Come with me, please.
- Where's my sister? - Guzmán.
- Where's my sister? - Calm down, Guzmán.
Come with me.
- Where's my sister? I said, where's my sister? - Calm down, Guzmán, please.
Let's talk.
- Where is my sister? Damn it! Polo.
Did you get rid of ? Good.
They will realize.
When they question me, they will realize, I know it.
No, listen to me.
You went home because you were very drunk.
Then, I texted you to come because something serious had happened.
Repeat that.
Polo, repeat that.
I was very drunk and I went home.
My mothers had gone out for dinner.
Carla, my girlfriend, called and said something terrible had happened.
Then, I went back to school.
- At what time did you leave the party? - I don't know.
- Around nine, I think.
- And you went straight home? Can anybody confirm the time you got home? There was nobody home.
Are there security cameras in your housing complex? Maybe we could check the footage to confirm the time of your arrival.
Sorry, am I under suspicion? No, these are routine checks, nothing to worry about.
If the cameras confirm the time you gave us, it will all be all right.
We are done.
Are you all right? Is anything wrong? Yes, yes I'm fine.
Listen How about, later today, we prepare the summer schedule? No hurries.
It will take our minds off this.
I don't want to go to any championships.
I want to stay here this summer.
And I don't want to play tennis.
Losing a classmate is terrible.
I can't even imagine how you feel.
But life goes on, Ander.
And no matter how hard it is, life must go on.
I know.
And I want it to go on.
But I want my life to be the one which goes on.
And I don't want to play tennis again, Dad.
It's over.
Over there.
Thank you for coming.
I love you.
When they check the cameras they will know I arrived much later.
They will know I lied, and they will catch me.
Fuck, I never should have said I went home.
That was stupid.
- That was stupid.
- No.
You were drunk.
It could have taken you longer than you thought to get home, or whatever.
We can make something up.
I'm not going to let you end up in jail.
It was an accident.
Look at me.
What happened was an accident.
- And you can't pay for that.
- I killed her, Carla.
It was a fit of rage, you know me.
I didn't want to.
- Don't talk nonsense.
- I will pay for it.
We must keep a cool head.
Why are you helping me? Because you helped me, and saved my family.
Listen to me.
You and I are not together.
What's more, let's say we hate each other.
That would mean you had no motive to kill Marina.
Why would you want the watch? You see? It wouldn't make sense.
You'd have no motive.
Nobody will think it was you, okay? We are not together.
Where's Marina? Why haven't they brought her body already? I want to say goodbye.
- They need to perform an autopsy.
- I don't care what they have to do! I want them to bring my daughter now! - What is it? What are you looking at? - Mom, that's enough.
Guzmán, where's Marina? Where is she? - Omar, I'm off to the bank.
Be right back.
- All right.
We have ten minutes, right? I'll cover for you.
Until Dad gets back.
Come on.
I can't stop thinking about that poor girl.
I don't know what I would have done if it had been you.
Dad, I'm all right.
I never liked that school.
What does the school have to do with it? - That could have happened anywhere.
- Do you still want to go? Fine.
If you want to go back next year, you can.
But I don't want to hear about that boy again.
I don't want you to go near him.
I don't want you to do anything but study.
You can go back.
But only on that condition.
If I go back, it will be with no conditions.
If I go back, it will be as just a normal student.
I don't know if anything will happen with Guzmán, or with another one.
Or if nothing will happen at all.
But if I go back, it will be without conditions.
You see? See how they've changed you? Dad, maybe I haven't changed.
Maybe the old me wasn't me.
It was a girl who tried to please her parents above all.
Maybe I'm different.
Like your sister? No.
I don't know who I am yet.
But I'm going to find out.
I hope you and Mom can accept that, and love me.
But I'm going to be myself, Dad.
We know who killed her.
On the first of June, around 9:30 pm, you entered the school swimming pool.
Marina was there.
You had an increasingly heated argument until you picked up the trophy, and hit her in the back of the head with it.
She did not die instantly.
Which means you left her there, bleeding to death.
Come with me, please.
This is what we believe happened and more importantly, what the judge believes happened.
You would save us a lot of work if you told us where to find the murder weapon, the trophy.
Oh, right, you don't have a shred of evidence.
It's him.
You're under arrest for the murder of Marina Nunier.
- What are you saying? - Hold him tight.
What the fuck are you saying? What the fuck are you saying? - Grab him.
- What the hell are you saying? Look at me in the face and say it again! We have a witness.
Your brother.
A motive.
As her messages prove, she had changed her mind about running away.
That's why you killed her.
Samu! You know I'd never hurt Marina.
- Get him! - You know I'd never hurt Marina, Samu! They killed her for that watch.
The pen drive had a load of dirt on her father, and we wanted money for it.
But those people are nasty.
They broke into my house, assaulted my brother.
Come on! Look at me in the face! Marina had she had that watch.
Somebody killed her and took it.
One of those rich fucks.
The little marchioness, for example.
- She stood to lose the most.
- We don't have the watch.
Or any proof of blackmail.
You have the cell phone I used to talk to that guy.
You have no proof of what you're saying.
Of course, I'm the one who needs proof to accuse those rich kids.
Breakfast is served.
Darling, are you all right? I'm fine.
Or I will be.
It's all over.
Come on, they've made pancakes, and they are positively yummy.
Do you have anything to say in your defense? Yes.
Go to hell.
We can get this to go, and go home.
You've had enough.
Son of a bitch! If you hadn't come to our school, none of this would have happened.
- Is it my fault? - Your murderer brother's and yours.
Because you introduced them, right? - Live with that.
- No.
You could have stopped it, and you did nothing.
You sat back and did nothing, so if you're looking for a guilty party, - look in the fucking mirror! - What do you mean? Hey, no! Enough, Guzmán! For your own good, don't even think of returning to our school, you hear? You have been told so many times you own the world, that you even believe it, right? See you in class, Lucrecia.
That's if they let you go back.
Guzmán! What are you doing there? Can you get down, please? Samuel was right.
If I had talked to my parents, or to Marina, she would be alive.
No The only person to blame here is the one who killed her.
Nobody else.
My sister is dead.
I know, sweetie.
And I know it hurts a lot.
I know because if something happened to you, I would die.
And so would your parents.
So please don't cause any more pain, will you? And get down from there now! I need to hold you.
Come on.
Guzmán! Please.
Come on.
Do something like this again, and I swear I'll kill you myself, you hear me? Thank you.
You're always there.
Where else would I be? I need you.
I need you, Lu.
Are you coming? We're waiting for you.
It's my fault.
They arrested my brother because of me.
I was so mad at him, I thought he was capable of killing her.
- You are not to blame for anything.
- I accused him.
- And he's not guilty.
- I know.
There must be a way to prove it wasn't him.
Even if we had seen the murderer with our own eyes, who would believe us, Samu? - It wouldn't do any good.
- Christian, I need your help.
He's my brother and your best friend.
We need to do whatever we can.
There must be some evidence, something.
You have to help me.
Are you coming or not?
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