Élite (2018) s02e01 Episode Script

20 horas desaparecido

He disappeared last night.
He is 17 years of age.
20 HOURS MISSING He was wearing his Las Encinas uniform when he disappeared.
Maroon pants.
White shirt, gray or blue blazer with a red trim on the lapel.
You know these first few hours are really important.
So let's get back to work, team.
Did you get my present? What is it? Some cheese.
It's meant to be the shit.
Or at least expensive shit.
You can stick it up your ass, Christian.
Did you have fun on your holidays with the marchioness? I'm sorry, Nano.
- I should have come sooner.
- You know what? Marina had that watch on her.
However, when I arrived, it was gone.
Maybe your girlfriend had something to do with it.
Maybe she even did it.
Don't tell me you haven't thought about it.
But of course as long as your holidays, seafood and watches are paid for - none of that matters to you, does it? - No.
It does matter.
- It was a shitty holiday.
- Sure.
I'm going to the pool.
Call me when we have to leave.
Hi, darling! I'm here to show the girl around the house.
What? What do you say? - [REBECA.]
It looked uglier in the photo.
Don't start, huh? The painting needs to be done, some decorating needs to be done, too You'll see how good it looks.
It's going to be awesome here.
Let me out, I really wanna dance so Let me out I'll make it worth your while so Let me out, I really wanna dance so Let me out I'll make it worth your while so Oh, for once in my life I don't need to be proud I got this feeling, got this feeling Got this feeling Like I wanna scream out loud Let me out, I really wanna dance so Let me out I'll make it worth your while so Let me out, I really wanna dance so Let me out I'll make it worth your while so [VALERIO EXCLAIMING.]
Yes! Yes! - [SNIFFING.]
- [LU.]
Here we go again.
It's 8:00 a.
, Valerio.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
Want some? No, I don't eat breakfast.
Ander! Hi, gorgeous! Did you want me to give up on the first day of school? I'm on fire now.
I see.
I thought boarding school had changed you.
It doesn't seem that way.
It's made you even more ridiculous.
- Thanks for that.
- If I were you, I would try and pass this year.
Otherwise, Mom and Dad will cut you off.
And you weren't born to be poor.
I'm not worried.
Whatever happens, I'll always have you.
- I'm being serious.
Thank you You're the only one that still bothers to have a go at me.
Yay! It's my penance as your sister.
Half-sister, gorgeous.
Hi, baby! We could go to your house after class.
if you don't get distracted.
You've got to be fucking kidding me.
They could have thrown all this trash away.
What happened to the watch? What's wrong, don't you like it? We can go and exchange it, hmm? How are you? How was Croatia? Did Christian like it? Polo, we need to talk.
What's wrong? - I think Christian went to see Nano and - [SHUSHES.]
I'm going to see the others.
We'll talk later.
By the way I'm really glad to see you this happy.
For real.
How are you? Long time no see.
- How are you doing? - You didn't post a single photo.
- There's barely any signal at his grandparents' house in Asturias.
A cow is a cow, regardless of how many filters you put on it.
But it was very relaxing.
Like a chill out [INAUDIBLE.]
What are you doing here? I have just as much right as you to be here.
- [ANDER.]
Don't! - [LU.]
Stop! Azucena! [GUZMÁN.]
Get the fuck out of it! - [POLO.]
Don't! - [ANDER.]
Stop, stop! [POLO.]
Stop now! - Stop! - [AZUCENA.]
Guzmán! Get off of him! - Stop! - Guzmán, that's enough! The wound that Marina's death has left in all of us will take a long time to heal.
I need your help to achieve it.
From all of you.
Guzmán, I can't even begin to imagine what you are going through.
No, you can't.
And now imagine that you had to bump into the one to blame for all that pain 1,000 Samuel isn't the one to blame.
If Samuel hadn't come to this school If him and his fucking brother had stayed in their shitty little village, none of this would ever have happened.
- Your father got him the scholarship.
- You're the one that renewed it.
Why? He's a good student.
It wouldn't be fair.
Fair? Marina is dead.
My sister is dead at 16 years old.
Is that fair? I'm not going to argue with you.
From now on, just so you know, if you talk to that vermin, you are dead to me! If you're with him, you're against me.
This is not about taking sides.
Yes, it is.
And you have already chosen yours.
Please, one question.
Valerio - Is it important? - Sure.
Isn't there supposed to be a welcome party or something here? Do you think we're in the mood for partying? Haven't you seen those faces? It's precisely after something as awful as this that these people need to have fun.
To have fun, dance, drink Why didn't he go back with his mother? Because she doesn't know what to do with him.
She packs him off to our Dad, until a few months have gone by, and he gets fed up and sends him back.
It's been this way for years.
It must be tough.
When your parents are divorced and they send you back and forth over the Atlantic like a tennis ball.
Yeah, sure.
It's the first day of term and the guy already wants to party.
I'm going.
Someone has to make sure that when he passes out in a drunken coma, he at least has a cushion to fall onto, and his wallet in his pocket the next morning.
Now you're the big sister? With Valerio? She always has been.
Remember how jealous I used to get about all the time they spent together? What for? He's hopeless.
Everyone to the track.
- Better put your phone away.
If you get caught using it, they'll confiscate it.
Are you a scholarship student? See this? Pure gold, kid.
You must be rich, but you aren't like all the rest.
And proud of it.
You got a problem with that? It was a compliment.
Everyone get in! Rebeca.
With a "c".
- But my friends call me Rebe.
- Samuel.
Get into groups of five with both boys and girls.
We're going to start with dynamics.
Psst Hey, girl, come here! Hey, girl.
I'm Rebe.
Don't worry.
I get on fine with Muslims.
In my neighborhood, I've screwed them all.
Let's warm up! Take your time.
We need two more over here.
You two, get over there.
Second group, get ready.
Hey, Samu.
Greetings from your brother.
Was it too much trouble for you to go see him? I was too busy working all summer, trying to save the money for his fucking bail.
And what about you? Cruise with your girlfriend on your private yacht, was it? [TEACHER.]
One two three He will blab everything.
He has barely spoken for a month.
As though he was afraid that if one word slipped out of his mouth, the whole truth would follow it.
And then what? What? [LAUGHS.]
That's fucking intense.
Do you need another holiday? Relax.
He knows what's good for him.
Are you going out tonight? - Polo, are you all right? - Me? Better than ever! [KISSES.]
Why did you snitch? I thought you were my friend.
So did I, but you got a girlfriend and you stopped answering my messages.
Got a girlfriend? Lu has been by my side all summer.
Do you know why I'm with her? Because she always supports me.
That is not love.
It's devotion, like you would have to a God.
The people that love you will tell you the truth.
And the truth is, Marina's death won't justify you acting wild for much longer.
Do you know that you're at this school thanks to me? I made a pact with your father.
I would stop talking to you and he would let you stay.
That's why I didn't answer your messages.
You're welcome.
I had a hard time convincing him to let me come back.
I'm not a princess who needs to be rescued, and you're not a prince either.
I don't need you.
You want a picture or what? I'd go back to my neighborhood right now.
Why did you leave? We won the lottery.
Shit - What a bummer.
Are you going to that club? I don't think I'd be very welcome.
Are you going to let them decide for you? I'm going.
You're actually going to a club of your own accord and free will? Why not? I'm up for it.
Fuck those posh twats, right? [YUSEF.]
Where are you going? Won't you help me with these boxes? I've arranged to meet Samuel for a quick coffee.
Only 15 minutes, please.
Where's Nadia? She went to study at a friend's house.
Some girl called Rebeca.
The club is fucking sweet.
And we're going to have a VIP area reserved for us.
What's wrong, don't you want to be a VIP? Ten minutes a day every afternoon It's not enough, Omar.
I know.
Everybody knows each other here.
Everybody knows your father.
When the fuck are you going to talk to him? I already talked to mine.
Are you going to compare our families? No, your father is a dictator.
That's why you have to stand up to him.
How are you going to tell him that you like guys or to let you out of the house if you don't even dare ask him if you can go out tonight? But why are you so insistent that I go out tonight? Because I want to kiss you in a club in front of people, like everyone else.
I want to stop looking over my shoulder every time I go near you.
I want to feel free around you, for fuck's sake.
This whole forbidden love thing was fun for a while, but I'm tired of it.
What time? Dad? Dad? Dad! Dad! Dad! BARCELÓ THEATRE - [GIRLS GIGGLING.]
How is it going? - Have you been waiting for long? - Twenty minutes and we're not moving.
Check out the outfit.
Do you know that you look like a pharaoh? Let's go.
Enjoy the queue, guys.
Good night, gentleman.
We're on the list of - What was his name? - Valerio.
Sometimes I need to free my mind Sometimes I get real, real high Sometimes I wanna lose control Sometimes the beat touches my soul Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes Sometimes I wanna raise my hands Sometimes I wanna do my dance Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes Sometimes I wanna lose control Sometimes the beat touches my soul [DANCE MUSIC PLAYING.]
Come on, let's get a drink now! What are you doing here? Let's get you out.
Hey, hey, hey.
Let's talk about this like adults.
Or at least over a drink.
Follow me.
You can see the bar is huge.
You can order whatever you want.
They know who I am.
Let him order downstairs, where I can't see him! - Guzmán! - Do you think I want to look at your face? - What was that? I must have misheard you.
- So let's see if you hear this right.
I'm not to blame for Marina's death! - Because my brother did not kill her.
- Really? So who did? Dazzle us with your foresight.
Who killed her? I don't fucking know! I'm not a detective, but at least I'm trying to find out! [GUZMÁN.]
And do you know who is a detective? The one that put your brother in prison, where he'll rot for the rest of his life.
I hope they crack his head open, so he knows what it feels like.
- [ANDER.]
Guzmán! - [LU.]
That's enough.
Fucking hell, Ander! Valerio, could you please take care of this? - Leave him alone.
He's a good kid.
- Sure! He's your boyfriend's little pal.
How brave you've become.
You're taking his side, right? Guzmán, you're my best friend.
Here's a word of advice: stop forcing people to take sides.
You'll end up finding yourself alone.
Excuse me.
Why are we looking here? We know that he left the party around 10:00, he took this road, and that was the last time he was seen.
Inspector! This way! We found something! - I don't like seeing you like this.
Well Let's see if you can pull a few strings and make me smile.
That's why you want me by your side, right? So you can play me like a puppet.
Christian, I'm not with you because of what happened.
Before that day, I had already kissed you, fucked you and laughed at all your bad jokes.
I already really liked you.
Why can't we go back to the way we were before? Because Nano wasn't in prison because of me before.
They have no evidence against him.
He will most likely be released.
Prison is full of people like Nano.
His only crime is not having the dough to hire a hotshot lawyer.
So what about you? Do you want to end up like him? Because if you admit that you lied, you will be an accomplice to murder.
You know that, right? Why throw it all away? You have such a great future ahead of you.
He was thinking of telling you himself, but My father has got you a place at one of the best universities in the United States, in New York.
You won't need to worry about your grades.
It's the chance of a lifetime.
Life is a real bitch if I have to betray my brother in order to achieve that.
That's not life, it's nothing.
I ignored the fact that you had him as your boy toy for the summer But how long is this joke about dating that Neanderthal going to last? It's over.
That ain't your color.
I've got one that could look totally Gucci on you.
Not the one I'm wearing.
Not everyone can pull this off.
I guess it will sound ridiculous to you, but I feel as though I'm doing something I shouldn't.
I know.
Doesn't it feel good? [BOTH LAUGHING.]
We're party people We are the party people We set the bar And we take it way too far Throwin' it down, shakin' up this town With an 808 and an old guitar We like to do what's never been done Break all the rules and make all the fun We ditch out of school With cola and rum Let's have some fun We're happy to share We need our tribe to vibe Throw your hands in the air No haters here, we don't troll 'Cause we're so into love We make the party blow, you oughta know We're setting it off What? I'm not paying an arm and a leg for a rum and coke.
I might be rich, but I'm not an idiot.
They don't give it a rest.
And it's never to your face, always behind your back.
If it was behind my back, I'd be happy.
When are you going to answer him with a good slap? What should I do, sign up for tae kwon do classes? I'd need to win the lottery, too.
I will teach you how to box.
Boxing? You? What does he think? [BOTH LAUGH.]
- Come here, you smartass.
- What are you doing? What you mean "what am I doing"? I'm going to teach you.
- I even have a punching bag for training.
- Where? In the basement at home.
I'll think about it.
Sure My house is haunted, right? Dad, I don't know what to do.
I think he's going to blab.
Don't worry, darling, enjoy your night out.
The VIP area is here.
I don't need that shit.
Are you sure? I think you're the one that needs it the most.
- What do you know? - [CHUCKLES.]
Look, Guzmán.
The way I see it, you have two options tonight.
You can be you or you can be happy.
Listen, I'd screw that guy after four beers.
That one, after two.
That one Wow, I'd do him after an alcohol-free beer.
I would even after a Diet Coke.
What about you? I don't drink.
I wouldn't know how to play.
It's your loss.
What's in it? - [VALERIO.]
A bottle of whiskey! [VALERIO IN SPANISH.]
Sorry! I'm really sorry.
Oh, my! Maybe it's a sign from above.
Well, he doesn't exactly look like an angel sent from Heaven, if you ask me.
Tonight, I'll be anything you want.
An angel A demon Anything you want.
Wow, he's talking to me and everything.
Why wouldn't I? For the same reason as your friends.
Because of where I'm from, the way I look I don't care about where you're from, how you dress or whatever I'm not that superficial.
Who do you think I am? The only thing that matters to me is how hot you are.
Hi! We haven't been introduced.
I'm Lu, Valerio's sister.
Don't even listen.
Nadia, would you excuse us a moment? [IN SPANISH.]
I need to talk to him for a second.
Let's go.
I'll see you later.
Yeah, go talk to him away from here.
Can't let him get contaminated.
Wait for me at the bar, brother.
Do you think you can fool me? - Excuse me? - I've met people like you before.
- Have you? - Yes.
They come from nothing, suddenly they make a fortune and buy a mansion They show up at school in a car with blacked-out windows and 24k gold earrings.
Just like you.
Because their family earned their money through some shady business.
Practically always drugs.
Is this all because we ended up with your boyfriend's house? Maybe if they hadn't got into "shady business," they wouldn't have had to sell it.
Look, I'm not going to give you any advice, gorgeous Don't go near my brother.
Of course You people are against drugs.
So when you go to the toilet in threes, it's a social gathering, right? Of course.
We're the hypocrites, that's what we are really good at.
Because you're proud of your family.
That's why you go around saying that you won the lottery.
That's just classic.
How are you feeling? Fine.
My parents are getting a divorce.
I think it's my fault.
What? Forget it.
I'm really glad to see you like this.
Fuck, yeah! The three of us all together! Where are you going? To do what I should have done three months ago.
And what about me? You don't care about me anymore? [SCOFFS.]
You? Get back with him.
You two are made for each other.
You're not coming, are you? Fine, I'll find somebody else to kiss.
What did you give Guzmán? Happiness.
You want some? All you do is give me a headache, Valerio.
Don't even think about doing something like this again.
What happened to you? We used to have such a good time.
Did you forget about it all? [CARLA.]
Christian! Christian.
He has had a severe stroke.
It will take time for him to get back to normal.
Where were you? Why was your phone off? I was studying.
With a girl from school, wasn't it? [IN ARABIC.]
Who is this boy? [IN SPANISH.]
What were you doing? No, I Don't worry.
I'm not into girls.
But who are you? - I'm a friend of - [OMAR.]
He's a friend of Nadia's.
From school.
What's that smell? [NADIA.]
Mom, I haven't been drinking.
Yes, I did go to a club, but somebody spilled their drink on me.
Why don't you stop lying once and for all? [ANDER.]
Anyway, it's no big deal if she did have a drink, right? You'd think she was a terrorist? [SCOFFS.]
I mean I have Muslim friends.
Fuck, shit, sorry.
Um - I shouldn't say swear words either - You should go.
- Omar, I just wanted - Get out of here! [LU.]
I can't! [GIGGLES.]
Finally! [LU.]
This feels good.
I lost a sock.
Who loses a sock that easily? I left the house with two, now I only have one.
How do you even go about losing a sock? - Very easily.
- For real? I can tell you a really good story.
- I know a girl who went out on her own.
- I wasn't on my own.
- I wasn't on my own.
- I'm the one telling this story.
She went out on her own wearing a beautiful black lace bra.
Where did I put it? When she got back home, she wasn't wearing it anymore.
No, no.
She wasn't wearing it because you were wearing it! - In fact - [BOTH.]
It looked fucking good on me! [BOTH LAUGHING.]
You're crazy! I missed this.
I missed you.
Really? - Always? - [SHUSHES.]
We said that this would never happen again.
I'm your sister, Valerio.
Why don't you reply? [TEACHER.]
Let's go back to yesterday's subject.
Open your books to page 104, please.
Excuse me for a second.
Uh Your classmate Christian had a motorbike accident last night.
What kind of accident? It seems that he had been drinking and he hit another vehicle.
The car fled from the scene.
Did they say how he's doing? [AZUCENA.]
Only that he's in critical condition.
He's been in surgery all night.
What are you doing here? My father has been admitted.
Luckily, it was just a scare.
Do you know anything? About Christian? The doctor just came.
He's alive.
Which is a miracle, apparently, given how badly he was hit.
So will he be all right? [NADIA.]
I don't know, Samuel.
Doctors say it's not looking good.
What? He definitely won't walk again.
I don't know anything about this, Polo.
It must have been an accident.
He was drunk.
Anyone could have run him over.
- [CARLA.]
Are you still there? Anyone [GUZMÁN.]
What are you doing? Are you all right? - [PANTING.]
- Relax, man.
What's wrong? Polo? Polo, what the fuck? Polo! Polo.
In the backpack.
What's with the backpack? - In the backpack.
What's in the backpack? - My pills.
- Where? Where are the fucking pills? [COUGHING.]
Why do you have these? How long have you been taking them? How many? Dad! What are you doing here? I've come to see Christian.
They told us that they won't tell us anything new till tomorrow.
You must have spoken to the wrong person.
I'm going to have to talk to him alone.
I think I can help him.
His parents have agreed.
- You - Can we go in after? It'll be a long conversation and it's late.
- Why don't you guys go home to rest? - I'm not tired.
Would you prefer to be tired in class tomorrow? I'm saying it for your own good.
And Christian's.
He and I have important things to discuss that might help him.
Get some rest.
I'm not moving from here until I can see Christian.
Maybe I didn't make myself clear enough, kid.
Come back tomorrow.
Listen, you must have a lot of friends here, but you don't own this hospital.
Not yet.
You don't decide who can stay and who can leave.
And I'm staying.
Did I make myself clear enough? I'm staying, too.
All of us.
And so am I I suppose.
What are they talking about? Switzerland? One of the best hospitals in the world.
They will operate on him tomorrow, and then he will undergo a few months of intensive rehabilitation.
Who knows? So, is there a chance that he will be able to walk again? There always is.
Where there's a will, there's a way.
And where there's money.
Because that place is super expensive.
How will you afford it? I see I wish I had in-laws like that.
His parents are happy.
What about you? How are you? How do you think I am, Samu? What the fuck do you want me to do? What other option do I have? Guys, it's very late.
And Christian has an early flight tomorrow.
It's time to say goodbye.
As soon as he's feeling better, we'll get you a couple of plane tickets so you can visit him.
Look after Samu for me, okay? Don't worry about me.
I will.
Miss Acapulco I know you were crazy about me from the start.
I'll give it to you when I get back.
Sooner or later, you will fall.
Someone will bring you down.
I hope I'll be well enough by then to dance on your fucking grave.
It was all very strange.
Christian knew something.
I think so, too.
They've bought his silence with the clinic.
I knew it! It was all because of the marchioness and that fucking watch with the red strap It was nothing to do with me.
Nothing! Do you believe me now? I never thought it was you, Nano.
So why didn't you come and see me before? Because Guzmán is right.
Even if you didn't hit Marina, they killed her for that watch.
They killed her because of you.
Because you stole it.
You decided to blackmail those people.
You gave it to Marina.
That's why I will never forgive you.
And you'll let me rot in here for 20 years, right? No, I won't.
I'm going to do everything I can to get you out of here.
And I'm not just talking about paying bail.
I'm going to do everything in my hands to make those people pay for what they have done.
I swear I will see it through to the end.
Whatever it costs.
Whoever falls.
[WOMAN 1.]
Samuel! - [WOMAN 2.]
Samu! - [MAN 1.]
Samuel! [MAN 2.]

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