Élite (2018) s02e03 Episode Script

36 horas desaparecido

When a teenager disappears, it's normal not to be too worried at first.
A party could have gotten out of hand.
Or they might have run away in a huff, but end up coming home.
36 HOURS MISSING But if there are no signs of life after 48 hours with every second that passes, it becomes less likely that we will find them.
MISSING SAMUEL GARCÍA DOMÍNGUEZ Samuel has been missing for nearly two days.
If you know anything that could help us find out what has happened to him, now is the time to talk.
Tomorrow may be too late.
Um, we were in the same class, but we barely spoke.
How do we know that you're not lying to us? [CHUCKLES.]
Why would I lie to you? [ALARM RINGING.]
Good morning.
How did you sleep? Good? - Yeah? - [MAN GROANS.]
Don't forget that I need you to cover for me this afternoon and clean two houses.
I have to take your grandfather to the doctor's.
Okay, let's go.
You can be happy with not much With just a tiny little flat Which has a terrace with a sea view It could also have A telephone and bar A Picasso on the wall And a puff to have some rest You don't need to ask for more If you can be happy with not much [THUDDING.]
- Hi.
The chauffeur is still not used to the schedule.
- He is so - Hmm.
What are you doing? What's wrong? Whatever it is that you know about Marina's death, you have to tell the police.
Don't do it in person, an anonymous call would suffice.
Do you really think I had something to do with I don't think it.
You told me.
It was only a game.
I thought it was what you wanted to hear.
That it would get you horny.
Why would thinking that you were involved in a murder make me horny? I don't know.
You tell me.
Because it worked, didn't it? So you're a pervert.
I never thought you were so interesting.
I'm not another idiot that you can make a fool of.
Are you two together? Not now, Polo.
Why are you doing this to me? "Why"? I'm doing it for you! Samuel is suspicious of both of us.
I'm with him to keep him under control.
Like it was with Christian, right? You're pretty good at that, grabbing guys by the dick as if it were a joystick to control them with.
Do you think I like it? Huh? You think it makes me happy? Well, just so you know, since the day that you told me you killed someone, I haven't been happy at all.
When all of this is over, you and I will get back together, right? We'll go back to being Carla and Polo.
You are joking, right? The stain is from the bed With indifference painted on your face And it hurts At least I know I won't You won't fall again At least I know I won't come back here What you aren't telling me [TEACHER.]
Come on, close the door, please.
I know it's Friday, but let's not get carried away, please.
Now that's what I call getting carried away.
There you have it, taste it.
I don't know what you find so funny.
Don't you like it? I think the video is pretty ace.
I think you look ridiculous.
Weren't you all saying that I needed to stop mourning and start living life? Well, that's what I'm doing.
Since you changed lab partners, you've been going downhill, Polo.
Well, brother, chemistry is not your thing, right? I've always been better at the practical side than the theoretical.
When Dad kicks you out for failing, will you be joking then, too? [VALERIO.]
You're so good So good at being mean.
If you'd actually worked on your part Where's your head? In the Soto del Real prison.
- That's where my head is.
- My father has had a stroke.
- Do you think it's easy for me to study? - [SAMUEL.]
- That's not the only thing - [NADIA.]
What else? Where do people's secrets lie? In their messages, photos and videos You want to steal her phone? If you get caught, you'll be expelled.
No way.
Doing it at school would be a drag.
But isn't there a party in that flashy club tomorrow night? Lots of people around, everything half in the dark, everyone smashed My phone got stolen three times like that.
And I've done it twice.
Samuel is not like you.
Come on, he must have pinched something once.
- Not even at the supermarket? - Don't even cheat when weighing the fruit.
Shit, Samu, I don't know if that makes you endearing or a textbook loser.
But you're not a thief.
Nor a detective or a spy.
What am I supposed to do? Just cross my arms after what she said? [REBECA.]
No, you're right.
It's all in her phone.
And with a little bit of luck [WHISTLES.]
To fuck the little marchioness over.
Would you help me out in chemistry? Have you seen my marks? Just jerking off as friends, right? What are you staring at? But now we don't even seem like friends.
Why don't you reply to my texts? Huh? Why can't you look me in the eye? Because you remind me that I cheated on Omar.
That's why.
Now he won't stop calling me and I don't know what to do.
I feel like shit.
I just need help With the exam.
Ask Guzmán for help.
I'm fine.
- I'm fine! - Like hell you are! Move.
Are you still taking the pills? They aren't working anymore.
I don't understand why you're like this.
Is it because of Carla? Just fucking ignore everything.
Forget her and move on.
It's not that easy, Guzmán! It's like your thoughts drag you down, take on a life of their own.
They make you sink! - Now you're a shrink? - No.
But I've been a patient since I had my first anxiety attack when I was twelve.
And now it's much worse.
Fuck, you're making me feel like shit.
- What? - The past few months have been so fucked up that I thought I was the only one with problems.
But no.
I haven't been there when you needed me.
You're nobody without me, Polito.
Hey, what if I helped you study? Come to my house this afternoon and we'll study together, like in the old days.
I've been calling you.
I know.
Sorry, I've been really busy.
With the move and all that.
How is your mother? She's fine.
It's a divorce, it's not the end of the world.
What's this? Just a gift.
You always said your back hurts from spending so many hours here.
Thank you.
Don't get too excited.
It cost €8.
It's not that.
You weren't answering my calls and I thought maybe you'd met someone else and you were ignoring me.
I hooked up with Polo.
But it really meant nothing.
So why are you telling me about it if it meant nothing? I don't know.
I don't know, Omar.
Did I cheat on you? I don't even know if we're together.
Or when I'll see you again without being surrounded by melons and zucchini.
What future do we have? No future.
Omar [IMAN.]
Omar! Come help me with your father! I'm being serious, Ander.
This is my life and it sucks.
I know that.
I don't want to drag you down.
Hook up with whoever you want.
Kiss whoever you want.
Fuck whoever you want.
I'm being serious.
I only want you to be happy.
I only want to be with you.
I want that, too.
But I also want to leave this fucking shop, and that's not going to happen.
The number of 4p electrons in a Ge atom is 4.
Well done, Polito.
Relax, you've got everything under control.
What's going on? I didn't know you were coming, either.
No worries.
Fuck, here we go.
Are we friends or what? I'm always the last to find out about everything.
You'll never forgive me for not coming out to you first, will you? No.
So let's shoot the bull.
What's going on here? [ANDER.]
The other day when we were here, we kind of got it on.
- But it didn't mean anything.
- You got it on? You two got it on? When I was there, drunk? In my bed? We lost the plot for a moment.
It was nothing, right? We're just friends.
Jerking off as friends.
Jerking off as friends? I was worrying, while you guys were laughing at me, in my fucking face.
Can't you find any other guys to fuck? [ANDER.]
Don't go there, Samu.
It's too dangerous.
You're exaggerating.
It's just a phone.
It was just a watch, and look where that got me.
And that's why.
Don't you want me to get you out of here? I don't want you to end up in the hospital like Christian, or in the graveyard like Marina.
Don't get obsessed with that girl, don't play her game, do you hear? You don't have to get me out of here.
If I don't do it, who will? Because no one else is doing anything.
We're all going in red.
- I'm wearing this wonderful dress.
We're meeting at the area upstairs.
Valerio always manages to sneak in.
You can't miss it! - I won't.
It's better this way.
At our last party, we tore your house down.
Don't worry, it was no big deal.
Go ahead and I'll catch up with you.
I need to - Don't be too long.
I won't.
What? Close the door.
Where did you invite them? The Fritz-Patrick house? No, the Torres house.
The day I covered for you again.
I know what I'm doing.
I cleaned everything, left it looking perfect - and nobody found out about it.
- No.
I found out about it.
- Okay.
- I almost had a heart attack! If I'd known, I wouldn't have taken this job.
Mom, this is what you've always wanted for me.
You've been putting it into my head since I was a little girl.
You even called me Cayetana.
That's why you took the job.
And I'm making the most of it.
Who? Who's making the most of it? You? Or the girl you made up? This is what I am Yes! Do you really think they would accept me into their circle, that I could be their friend, if they knew I was the cleaner's daughter? My job is what puts a roof over our heads and food on the table.
I'm not going to lose it because of you.
If you mess up again What? You'll take away the allowance I don't have? Remember that I work, too.
I'm going to stop hanging my head when I see you in the hall and I will greet you as what you are, my daughter, in front of everyone.
Like I should have done from day one, instead of asking the teachers not to mention your scholarship because you were embarrassed.
Is that clear? Crystal clear, Mom.
Careful, girl! Fucking posh twat.
I didn't know about your father.
I'm sorry I hadn't heard and that I didn't speak to you before.
Don't worry.
I know you had other things on your mind.
Do you have something to say to me about me having a good time? There's no need for me to say what I think.
It's the same thing that you thought a few months ago.
It doesn't matter.
I only wanted to say that I would have liked to have been there for you and have done something.
And what would you have done? I don't know.
Given you a hug, at least.
A hug from you Just what my father was missing to finish him off.
Samu! - Nadia.
- Don't come near me.
[MAN 1.]
Samuel! [DOG BARKING.]
Samuel! [MAN 2.]
Samuel! [WOMAN.]
Samu! Samuel! [WOMAN.]
Samuel! [MAN 2.]
Samuel! Private lessons? Yes.
Well, math and chemistry.
Listen, basically everything.
A mix of all the subjects.
You could also try studying a little.
Thanks for your notes.
I owe you one.
You were being serious.
I don't have time.
- I'll pay you €20 an hour.
- No, thanks.
Money can't buy everything, Valerio.
This must be a joke This is your tutor? You do know you're wasting your time with him, right? It was difficult to convince her, but you know me.
When I set my mind on something, I get it.
Is that why you hired me? To get on your sister's nerves? Well, among other things.
Why? Does it bother you? I'm starting to get used to these obscure lengths that you rich folk go to in order to have fun.
And what about you? How do you have fun? Everything that I like is forbidden by your religion.
I don't know.
I'm pretty normal.
I'm Muslim, not an extra-terrestrial.
What about sex? Guys? Or girls? [BOTH CHUCKLE.]
What makes you think I would tell you anything about my sex life? I'm taking an interest.
And I get the impression that it doesn't happen to you much.
I'm not a prude.
I simply want to do it with someone I'm in love with.
Wow And you haven't been in love yet? No.
Sure [LAUGHS.]
Hey, is lying a sin in your religion? You're lying to me.
What's going on with Guzmán? He's a good friend.
And your sister's boyfriend.
I don't know for how much longer.
Let's just say the chemistry is not working.
That's the closest you've come to talking about the course all afternoon.
Open the book.
That restaurant may have been really good, but the service was horrible.
I had to wait to get my food for an hour, it was all mixed up and cold.
It was horrible.
Cayetana, I need you to wash all these, please.
All of them? - Yes, all of them.
The barman was so rude.
It was horrible.
But I must say the food was delicious.
I have to go.
I'm running late.
Okay, that's great.
Okay, this is the one.
Hold on a second, Cayetana.
I forgot the panties.
May I speak now? Okay.
I don't like having to tell you off.
I don't like it.
I spent the whole summer with you to comfort you and support you, to move on from all this shit We both decided to do all this, but you're not helping.
I want to be your girlfriend, not your fucking mom.
I know, Lu.
And I'm eternally grateful.
But as my girlfriend, can't you understand that I've had a shitty summer and I feel like having fun? [SLAMS FIST.]
And I've been with you all that shitty summer.
You're always telling me to have fun.
Well, that's what I'm fucking doing! You have fun, then, asshole! Have as much as you want, take drugs, get drunk - You want to end up a junkie - [IMITATES BELL RINGING.]
Class is over.
- Excuse me.
- like your biological parents.
That's sinking very low even for you.
What's wrong? What's wrong? Surprise.
Fun is here! You Fun [GUZMÁN SIGHS.]
Be alert.
Our work here today is not only to look for Samuel, but also to keep an eye on them.
Those behind a disappearance are often the first to assist in the search party.
That way, they look innocent and can control what we find.
Hmm? [MAN.]
Samuel! - Nadia.
- [MAN.]
Samuel! What are you doing here? - Why shouldn't I be here? - [WOMAN 1.]
Samuel! I wanted him out of my sight but not like this.
[WOMAN 2.]
Samuel! What are they doing? I suppose the only way my brother knows to make chemistry stick in his head is through his nose.
What about Guzmán? Aren't you worried? No, I couldn't care less.
He can do whatever he wants.
Why don't you talk to him, since you're so worried about him? He may listen to you.
Rebeca will be down here in a minute.
Are you sure you don't want something to nibble? Yes.
Come closer, for heaven's sake.
I won't bite.
You never told me how polite your friend is.
You know he saw me with wads of cash the other day and he didn't even mention it.
I didn't see anything.
You didn't see the money? - No.
What a shame.
It was glorious.
Winning the lottery must be incredible.
The lottery, he says All you need for that is luck.
And luck played no part in all this.
It took a lot of sweat to get everything that I've got.
What? I wasn't going to tell you my whole life story right off the bat.
But now that there's trust [SANDRA.]
Listen, I'll tell you something.
When my husband died, I opened a haberdashery in my neighborhood.
I never studied and I had no experience.
And I fucking did great.
Have some.
But then a shopping center opened next door.
And the haberdashery went to shit.
So I found another high-demand product.
With no big company that could come and step on my turf.
It sounds more dangerous than selling panties and bras.
Isn't it dangerous riding a bike around with cars passing at high-speed? How much do you get paid a day for risking your life so that pizza is hot when it arrives? They pay shit.
Take a seat.
Mom pays her people very well.
You could get your brother's bail money together faster working for her.
A lot faster.
One family member in prison is enough.
Why me, anyway? Do I look like a dealer? [SANDRA.]
Precisely because you don't.
You won't attract any attention, coming and going everywhere on your bike.
Anyway, you wouldn't be a dealer, only a delivery man.
I haven't been here long and I need people I can trust.
Think about it.
Bingo! Look who's coming.
Hi! Well, I'm ready.
We can leave now.
Could I come to that party, too? wait a minute, honey.
Let's see It's a red party.
And from what I've seen, you only have clothes in two colors: boring and mega boring.
Let her borrow something of yours.
I'm sure you have something in your huge wardrobe she could wear.
Let the party begin! I see.
- Cayetana! We're over here.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- How are you? I love it! - Thanks! - Haute couture, right? - A Ralph Lauren.
- I know.
Are you all right? Better than ever, kid.
I can see that.
How about a selfie, huh? [YUSEF.]
Omar, before you close up, clean the camera, and make sure that all the receipts are there.
- Yesterday, you forgot a few.
- Yes.
Inspector! Inspector! Inspector! [PANTING.]
I found something.
- Next to that tree.
- Everyone, stay there.
Fucking hell! We won't attract attention at all.
Want to play again? I came to apologize.
I kinda lost it the other day.
- Champagne? - You can't impress me with your money.
My money is the least impressive thing about me, babe.
- I know.
I've seen your Instagram.
- Did you like it? I did.
Except I'm nowhere to be seen.
That's easy to fix.
I didn't know you guys were coming.
Shit! Don't you look cute! You're not still on about that idea of You go do your thing, huh? Have fun with your new friends.
Make one for me.
- What are you saying? - I want to do one.
How much is it? Nothing.
This moment is priceless.
Nadia, what are you doing? I'm going to do what you're doing.
Drink what you're drinking all night long.
And maybe I'll understand you by the end of it.
Or maybe you will realize how scary it is to see someone you care about doing this.
Is that why you came? - To lecture me? - No.
But don't worry.
If this is so harmless, you won't mind me doing it, too.
Right? [VALERIO.]
What are you doing? [SNIFFING.]
What the fuck are you looking at? So we had to take the metro.
The smells! The colors! There was no Relax, don't make such a big deal.
This is not a white party.
I'm leaving.
You wouldn't be worried about spilling anything on you, wearing last year's dress.
I have better things to do than spend the whole day thinking about what I'm going to wear.
You're too busy thinking about how to steal your clothes from the next starving person you want to fuck, right? I need another drink to put up with this.
Whose round is it? Mine! Coming! I'll be right back.
Valerio Let's see if this works.
Sometimes my card works, sometimes it doesn't.
I've worn it out from too much shopping.
What are you doing? A bottle for my friend! For Thanks! It's worn out from too much shopping.
- Are you paying by card? - Yeah.
Vintage, huh? Okay, yes, you're right.
When I activated mobile payments, I ended up killing the battery at the Prada boutique in Goya.
And then I had to flag a taxi in the street.
That really was vintage.
So? How do you like Las Encinas? It's a dream come true.
Please, man, I don't want to go up there.
All I'm asking you is to tell my friends I'm here.
Let him in.
He's with me.
What are you doing here? What about the store? [OMAR.]
I've had enough of the store.
I've had enough of the store, my father.
I've had enough of cushions, melons.
I've had enough of all of it.
No more cushions.
Do you want the receipt to return it? No, you idiot.
What I'm trying to say is that our relationship is not that complicated.
The thing that is really difficult is spending all day in the fucking store, pretending to be someone else.
Closing up, coming here to find you and kissing you in front of an entire club full of people is the easiest thing I have done in my life.
Till queendom come Till queendom come My queendom come My queendom come Queendom come My queendom come [DOGS BARKING.]
Do you have anything to tell me, Nadia? Don't be afraid.
Whatever you say is confidential.
Nobody will find out.
Not long before Samuel went missing someone threatened him in the hallway at school.
Who? You couldn't pry her away from her phone with a stick.
Not even a selfie stick.
What are you doing? What's wrong with you? Is it Jägermeister? It doesn't wash out! - This a Ralph Lauren! - [REBECA.]
Relax, girl.
Aren't you loaded? Just buy yourself a new one.
It's calimocho.
I wouldn't be surprised if she had some cheap wine stashed down her cleavage.
Hey, I said I was sorry.
You should be sorry for existing.
- Oh, should I? There you go.
- [GASPS.]
What are you doing? - [ALL SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY.]
- Please, stop.
- [LU.]
You fucking bitch! Hey! What are you doing with Carla's phone? Don't tell me that you're a fucking thief as well.
It must be in your blood.
I didn't have time to break your brother's legs, - but as for you - [CARLA.]
Guzmán, leave him! He got mixed up.
- We have similar phone covers.
- What are you talking about? Let him go.
All yours.
You know how to unlock it, right? You're giving it to me 'cause you've deleted anything that might compromise you.
If something could compromise me, of course I would delete it.
I'm not an idiot.
But there's nothing.
I didn't have anything to do with what happened.
I'm not a fucking idiot either! Look me in the eye.
It wasn't a game.
You said it for real.
You had something to do with Marina's death.
- Get out! Yes.
I did have something to do with it.
You know why? Because I wasn't there.
She was my best friend, since primary school.
I dumped her and went off with Lu, just because she was more fun.
Less intense.
I wasn't there, not for the HIV thing, nor when she hooked up with your brother and stole the watch.
I wasn't a best friend to her.
And that's why she's dead.
Where are you? Do you have it? The main thing is not to overdo it.
Cheers! I'll have one of those.
Whatever it is.
- Shit.
Again? Excuse me a second.
- How much did you drink? - As much as you.
Don't you have someone else to bother? Everyone in here is on something! [NADIA.]
Guzmán, please! You're the one that I'm worried about.
And the worst thing is not that you're taking drugs.
It's the reason for doing it.
It's not about having a good time.
You want to fill the void that Marina has left.
- Please, Nadia, don't bring that up now.
- Listen to me.
But no chemical substance will do that.
And I'm scared that you'll keep on trying until you end up joining her before your time.
And it's a bit too early to tell which of our gods is right about the afterlife.
Don't you think? Wow.
Guzmán! Happy now? And a little smashed.
Or at least I think so.
- This is what smashed means, right? - Yeah.
- I can tell you are.
- Thanks.
Um, so Why don't we have a nice glass of water loaded with ice? Thanks.
- Shall we? - We shall.
It came off! Sorry.
It's just I really love this dress.
Though I think it's time to hang it up.
It's very early 2018, and velvet is not wearable Are you all right? - What? - Are you all right? [SCOFFS.]
I don't want to put a downer on your night.
That's what my best friend should be here for, but she seems to have disappeared without saying goodbye.
I'm here, Lucrecia.
For anything you need.
You can trust me and [SHUSHES.]
Call me Lu.
Call me Lu.
Is it true? The thing about the jacket and the blood? What relationship did you have with Samuel? None.
- We didn't speak.
Are you sure? Because one of your classmates told us that you said something to him in the hallway a few weeks ago.
Do you remember what you said to him? What did you say to him, Lucrecia? I said, "You're a dead man, you bastard.
" It's my fault.
I left the door wide open for Miss Palestine.
And she has thrown herself into reconquering him.
Lu, you're not obliged to look after Guzmán his entire life.
And anyway, who's looking after you? Hey.
So, where are you going? The car we ordered, madam, is here.
What? - I almost folded - [CAYETANA.]
but I puked very, very, very little.
- And look at me! Now I'm good as new.
- Sure.
I bet Luis Miguel made a song about that.
- No.
Don't you want to come with us? Your house is not too far.
No, I already ordered a Cabify.
I think it's right here.
I'll take it and leave.
- Bye, honey.
- See you.
NEXT BUS: 40 MINUTES It's really weird, being here, with you.
- What are we doing? - You think it's weird? I do.
What about now? I still do.
What about now? A little less.
- What about now? - [CARLA MOANS SOFTLY.]
Do you want me to take you home? Don't you get tired of playing the knight in shining armor all your life? What's wrong with that? Didn't they used to kill Muslims in the Crusades? Ah.
I forgot that I'm dealing with an infidel Muslim and not a lady.
It's true.
I'm not a lady at all.
You impersonate me And we play at being humans In this gray room I bite the water for you You slide on me And we play at being two cats That don't want to fall asleep My bearings didn't stop your instincts Nor did yours stop my moans - [MUSIC STOPS.]
I've had too much to drink.
Just enough to do what you've been wanting to do for some time.
And I have, too.
- Good night, Guzmán.
- Nadia [MAN COUGHS.]
What's going on with you? The pills, the alcohol I don't know.
Come on, I'll take you home.
Do you know I've been here for over an hour? Nobody even noticed.
How can you close the store like this? Without emptying the till.
Anyone could have come and taken it.
But they didn't.
You say that you're going to take responsibility for yourself, but you never change.
Your family needs you.
And what do you do? Look at your sister.
You bring her home like this, wearing makeup, smelling of alcohol.
- Dad, Omar is not to blame.
- [OMAR.]
Leave it.
I'm the one to blame for everything, right? There are rules in this house.
And what will you do if I don't follow them? Will you punish me? When my whole life is a punishment.
Every day.
Sentenced to run this shitty shop! [SLAMS FISTS.]
Don't talk like that in front of your mom! Or what? Are you going to hit me? [PANTING.]
Haven't you always wanted me to be the man of the house, the fucking alpha male? Well, now it's me.
And we're going to decide the rules between the two of us, understood? You are not the man of the house.
Get out! [IN ARABIC.]
Yusef, please, don't do this.
Go and don't come back.
What is wrong with you, Polo? I'm sorry about yesterday.
I'm still your friend.
No jerking off, just friends.
You can tell me anything.
I won't judge you.
I can't.
Why not? You would never forgive me.
Polo, whatever it is, it won't change anything between us.
I killed her.
What? I killed Marina.
Ander! Please, don't go, Ander.
Don't go, please.
Carla Carla, I couldn't help it anymore.
I couldn't keep this secret anymore.
I confessed it all, everything that happened.
I'm sorry.

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