Élite (2018) s02e04 Episode Script

59 horas desaparecido

1 My head is spinning over you I think I'm losing my defenses And when I'm standing next to you I feel the failure of my senses You keep me locked under your spell I think I'm losing - [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
Nadia? You were screaming.
Yeah, I was having a nightmare.
Come on, time to get up.
We have to open up the store, get your father ready I can't manage everything alone.
Come on.
Spinning over you My head is spinning over you [SIGHS.]
It's getting late.
But the alarm hasn't even gone off yet.
He takes forever.
- [OMAR.]
What? - Ander, in the shower.
- Ah.
Once he goes in there, say goodbye.
We had to get another boiler.
A bigger one because we'd end up with no hot water.
Sit down.
Want some coffee? No, no, don't worry.
Don't be shy, and don't be awkward around me, kid.
If you're going to be staying here, I want you to Well, I don't know, to feel comfortable around me.
All right? - I don't know how to thank you.
- You don't need to.
After I outed you to your father in the school hallway, it's the least I can do.
Before [SCOFFS.]
I became the pink sheep, I was already the black sheep of the family.
I wasn't kicked out because of that.
Can I drop you off at school, too? It's on the way.
Now that you're back, you won't want to be late.
I'm off, I have to meet someone.
Without having breakfast? And so early? [SIGHS.]
You - You're a selfish asshole.
How could you even think of telling me that, huh? What do you want me to do? Keep this shit to myself? Polo, I can't.
Don't scare me, Ander.
I can't act like nothing has happened.
I can't even look Guzmán in the eye.
You've destroyed his life.
And you're going to have to tell him.
- You have 24 hours.
- No.
- Either you tell him or I will.
- Ander Ander! [INSPECTOR.]
Let's talk about Polo.
Polo? Why? [INSPECTOR.]
We are investigating whether anything that has happened here since the start of the year could have something to do with Samuel's disappearance.
Did Polo tell you what happened at the pool? [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
Oh, boy, I'm gonna ask the cleaning lady for a mop.
- You're drooling all over the place.
- What are you talking about? That suddenly the little marchioness has gone from being an evil Barbie - to being a saint in your eyes.
- All I said was that Polo's messages could be about anything.
I'm just saying that before you were trying to find out if she was guilty, and now all you want is to know she's innocent.
But, hey, it's your business.
- I was waving at you on the stairs.
- [NADIA.]
And I waved back.
What did you expect? A curtsy? Are you going to tell me what's going on? If you don't mind, - class is about to start.
- I do mind.
You've been ignoring me for a week.
We kissed the other night.
You kissed me.
I'd been drinking.
I don't really remember what I was doing.
You're gonna act like you don't remember? Perfect, but stop messing me around.
Good day.
Your girlfriend just arrived.
Sit down, please.
We're gonna start right away.
So Hey.
How's Omar? Fine.
He's at my place, but we haven't kidnapped him.
You can go see him if you want.
How are you? Tired, but good otherwise.
Well, pretty fed up.
I can imagine.
I saw you the other day on your bike.
You passed right by me but you had headphones It's rare to see me without the bike.
- I need the dough, to get Nano - Listen.
Maybe it's a little late to say this, but I believe you.
I think your brother is innocent.
Thanks, man.
Since we're making up, I thought we could go have a romantic dinner, just the two of us.
I've already arranged to meet up with Ander tomorrow.
I'm not going to just bail on him.
- Tell him to join us.
Come on And tell him to bring along his Moorish boyfriend, too, and we can have a double date.
Yay! If that doesn't bother you Of course it doesn't.
He gave me an ultimatum.
What do you mean, an ultimatum? [POLO BREATHING HEAVILY.]
I don't know what to do.
I've been self-medicating.
That's why I can't sleep.
And it just came out.
- Fuck, what am I going to do now? - [CARLA.]
It's okay.
Come here.
It's out of our hands, Polo.
Soon, everyone will know.
It's best that we finish this.
Go to the police station and confess.
It will be much better if they know your version, that it was an accident.
Nothing will happen to you.
You're a minor.
What do I tell them? That you thought Marina had stolen the watch from me.
You had an argument.
You got very angry, and you killed her.
Tell them where the trophy is.
And it will all be over.
What about you? I didn't do anything, love.
You don't have to implicate me.
That way, you pay me back for what I did for you.
We put a stop to this agony.
What do you say? Will you do it? [KISSES.]
- Hi.
- [NADIA.]
- Is everything here? - Yes, everything you asked for.
Omar, when are you coming back? Dad needs your help and so do we.
Why don't you try putting yourself in his shoes? Why doesn't anyone try putting themselves in mine? Fuck.
Now I feel free.
You might be free, but you've condemned me.
I have to take care of the store practically by myself.
I don't have time for anything.
Is that why you want me to come back? To make life easier for you? That's great.
That's right.
For me, for Dad, for Mom.
They have been moping around since you left.
And it's not about making my life easier.
It's about having a life.
Well, the only way of doing that is by leaving that house.
You know what? Dad might have survived a stroke, but I don't know if he would survive another of his children leaving.
I have to go back in.
He came out on the right like a madman and I didn't see him coming.
Can't people be bothered to go out and get some churros with chocolate? [WINCES.]
Fuck! Fuck you! - Do you get sick pay? - Which planet are you on? Tell them where to fucking stick it.
I'm asking you, please, Samuel.
Poor people can't tell anyone where to stick it.
Don't talk to me like you do to the posh twats in class.
No, I'm talking to you like someone who doesn't need money.
There are always things we can't have, - not even with all the money in the world.
- Tell me one thing you can't have.
My father never told the construction company he worked for what was what.
When he had the accident, he got blamed for being careless, and all we got was a few pats on the back.
In case you come to your senses.
My mother's offer is still on the table.
I've started working at the gas station under the Choto bridge.
It's for a temp agency.
It's killing me, but it's a good way to save up some money.
Forget about the fucking bail.
Forget about me.
I have to be locked up for two years until the trial anyway.
What difference does it make? What difference does it make whether it's 20 years or 22? - [LINE RINGING.]
I'm glad you called me.
I got you a job.
Your table will be ready in five minutes.
Thank you very much.
ANDER Polo, answer me.
CARLA Did you go to the police? ANDER Don't ignore me.
ANDER Tell him.
Tell Guzmán.
CARLA What are you waiting for? CARLA Don't put it off.
Darling - Polo.
- What? We're asking if you want the apartment in Madrid.
I don't care.
I'm going over to Guzmán's house.
- Now? - Very good, darling.
Go and support your friend.
He's having a difficult time and surely needs you.
Do you want anything? Something to eat or drink? No.
Well, just tell me You and I are like chalk and cheese.
Samuel, don't look at me like that.
Like what? You know.
This is not going anywhere, and if we carry on like this, we will end up suffering.
I totally agree.
Why did you come here to tell me this? You could have just sent me a message.
- Want some macaroni? - Excuse me? Leftovers from yesterday, but it'll take me a minute to reheat them.
We can also do things with our clothes on.
You and I are definitely going nowhere with our clothes on.
You're right, then.
We'd better leave it.
Do you remember how we used to sleep over at your house? [GUZMÁN.]
You came all this way to ask me that? We played video games till dawn.
Eating popcorn And we wouldn't stop till our hands got sore.
Can we do that tonight? Sure.
Why? Why not? Those are the best memories I have.
What a sad life, Polo! [LAUGHS.]
You're my best friend, Guzmán.
More than that.
Do you know you're the reason I found out that I like guys, too? Well, I didn't know that.
Relax, I got over it quickly.
Polo, I love you very much, but not that way.
You know what I mean.
I also love you very much.
And I'm so sorry I'm so sorry for any harm I have done to you.
What harm? What harm? What nonsense are you talking about? What's wrong with you? Shit, man Which game shall we start with? [SIGHS.]
Polo, answer your fucking phone! [CELL PHONE VIBRATES.]
Did you speak to Guzmán or not? I swear I'm not bluffing.
You are running out of time.
Polo always seemed like a great guy to me.
You don't have something to tell me about him? Something about what happened? - What happened? - [INSPECTOR.]
After Marina's death, security cameras were installed throughout the facilities.
Are you sure you don't have anything to tell me? [SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY.]
What Hey.
Shit Hey! Polo! Polo! Help! [GRUNTS.]
Help! [PANTING.]
Ander! Ander! God, call an ambulance! Call anyone.
Ander? Ander, please, come to the school, I don't know He's not breathing.
I think he's not breathing.
Polo! Please! Polo! [GASPING.]
Very good! - [POLO COUGHS.]
- Okay - [COUGHING.]
Very good.
Get it out.
Get it out.
Get it out.
Ander! - Thank God! Call an ambulance, someone - No! We aren't going to call anyone! - Shut up! - What? How are you? [CAYETANA.]
Are you okay? - [ANDER.]
Come on.
It's okay, don't worry.
Don't step on my turf.
Falling asleep at school is my thing.
- [SIGHS.]
- What? Was it a heavy night? Order pick-ups until 3:00 a.
An orgy of fun.
We can leave the lesson for another time if you want.
I don't mind.
I'm sure, but the thing is I don't have any more free time.
So you're not going out tonight? I'm afraid I won't be going out for a long time.
Really? Not even if I tell you that Guzmán might be at the club tonight? Why are you so keen for me and Guzmán to get together? Call me Cupid.
I believe in love.
I've seen how you devour each other with your eyes.
Do you know how rare it is to desire someone with all your heart and for them to reciprocate? That's luck, and you can't be that lucky every day.
- Is there anything you'd like to tell me? - Mmm.
Come tonight.
Even death row inmates can enjoy their very last night of happiness.
That party will be awesome.
For real.
What are we gonna say? The last thing Polo needs is his mothers finding out about what happened.
He's all right.
We pumped his stomach, and he'll be out in no time.
- Good - [DOCTOR.]
I'm calling his parents.
Don't worry I've already told them.
He's my brother.
They're on their way now.
I hope he learns from this lesson.
I don't know how He's into those online videos where people do stupid things.
This week's challenge was to take as many pills as possible.
We had swimming first thing in the morning.
He couldn't swim, so I had to pull him out.
Thank God I'm a good swimmer.
He could have died.
- We need to talk to him.
- Mmm.
I look like a mess Polo! How are you? Hey, how are you feeling? I couldn't do it.
You tell him if you want.
Do you guys know anything about Polo? He didn't come in today.
He did come, but he got really sick.
He threw up in the changing room.
He left it in a real mess, right? Poor him.
Anyway Yes, we took him home.
He couldn't manage by himself.
CARLA What's going on? What is this about? Polo and Samuel They weren't even friends.
Lots of other people could have reason to get rid of him.
I thought you didn't know Samuel.
I don't, but people said that he changed after what happened to Marina.
That he became violent.
And he was hanging out with the wrong crowd.
Yes? Hi.
Sandra sent me.
Thank you very much, kid.
What's up, dude? Was it easy or not? Yes, it was even too easy [REBECA.]
I already told you.
My mother wouldn't put you in danger.
That's the way it will always be.
I don't know if I want to carry on.
Well, think about it.
She trusts you.
We could start by paying me for this trip? I'll decide later.
It's just that she's away till tomorrow.
But don't worry.
You'll get the dough right away.
Once it's in hand, you'll think better.
- [MAID.]
Please come in, miss.
- Thank you.
I'm one of Polo's friends.
- May I? - Ah, sure.
night covers my feet Softly rebounding off my dreams My indecent endeavor To explore its mechanism To engage the area Softly rebounding off my dream My indecent endeavor - [MAID.]
This way, please.
Yes, sorry.
My cook made chicken broth.
She always says it's the best thing when you have a bad stomach.
Thank you, but you shouldn't have come.
Listen I'll sit down.
I know we don't really know each other, and I don't want you to tell me why you did what you did.
You must have your reasons.
But I want you to know that if you need anything, I'm here.
And I wouldn't like anything to happen to you because [LAUGHS.]
It was hard to pull you out of the pool! Like Yes.
CARLA Polo, call me.
Thank you very much.
Ah, it's okay For coming to see me.
- And for lying in the hospital.
- Yeah.
And for jumping into the pool and for the resuscitation thing.
- For all that.
You look so cute when you smile.
You look very cute.
I'm being serious.
Your eyes shrink and Are you embarrassed now? Don't be! Well, I just came to bring you this, so I'll give it to your cook so she can heat it up.
It tastes better when it's hot.
I'm leaving.
See you in class, okay? Get some rest.
Well, let's save ourselves some work, shall we? I ask you what's up with Polo, you say nothing, I insist, I ask you what's up with you, you call me annoying, I tell you to fuck off, and we'll have a fucking great dinner.
That's not funny.
Thank you.
What's not funny? [GUZMÁN.]
He quit tennis.
I know.
What a pity, Ander.
You don't look well.
Go back to playing sports.
Do yourself a favor.
I'm just worried about you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Did you order yet? No.
I'm actually not hungry at all.
Neither am I.
Fuck's sake, dude, I told you three times.
Shall I tell you in another language? You're being so annoying.
Are you letting us in now or what? [VALERIO.]
Hey, Luciano, how are you doing? They're with me.
Let them in, okay? Thanks for nothing, Luciano.
Stop arguing.
- Rum and Coke, right? - Please! - You? - Just Coke.
Right away! So let's see what's going on here.
Bitches are out and about.
We almost didn't get in because of that stunt you pulled.
I was helping Samuel get his brother out of prison.
Or rather, you wanted to get rid of Carla using those crazy ideas that he has in his head.
And all because you like him, right? Don't go all agony aunt on me.
You have your story, too.
- My story? - Why did you come here, Nadia? For that oh-so-cool Mr.
Blondie Poshpants.
That's if he decides to show up, because Nadia won't do anything about it.
The girl that gets 9.
5 out of 10 and goes to complain.
But when she likes a guy, she just sits in the corner waiting or she leaves everything to the hands of fate.
Babe, take this down: Fate is a son of a bitch.
He has a girlfriend.
That is his problem and your excuse.
And what about you? When are you going to go for it? Never.
Samu likes marchionesses, and I'm nothing more than a jester in comparison.
So basically, that's your excuse.
REBECA Samu, are you coming to the club? I want to talk.
Or I'll come to yours, whatever you want.
Ander, that's enough.
Can I tell you something? I love your eyebrows.
That's cute.
When I was little, I got teased for having bushy ones.
I got teased, too.
I'm thinking about changing my look a bit.
Maybe trim them a little Get a piercing.
Something like that.
I think I would like that.
Not so sure about your sister.
All the more reason to do it.
Cheers to that.
Let me tell you something.
That shirt was a great choice.
- Wow, thanks.
- You're welcome.
At least somebody noticed it.
I preferred not to comment on anything.
Why? Because that shirt It's not you.
Maybe the shirt is me, and all the dark sweaters I used to wear were someone else.
- [LU.]
Come on, Ander - Lu, stay out of it.
That's his partner.
All right.
Let's talk about each other's partners.
That is the first thing you've said to me all night.
I've been trying to have dinner just the two of us all week, and all I've managed is this.
No offence.
What shall we do with these two? Could they be any more boring? [IN ARABIC.]
You speak Arabic? [IN SPANISH.]
Two years in Abu Dhabi, honey.
- Languages.
I don't get it.
- I can't believe you're Nadia's brother.
- NADIA: I'm at the club.
- You're so charming.
- [OMAR.]
My thoughts, too.
I just saw your Mmm, it's so good reheated.
Who needs a chef when you have the cheapest microwave on the market.
You won't see me as a princess when tomato sauce is dribbling down my chin.
I'll do something a lot worse.
I'll ask you what this is.
What we are doing? [SIGHS.]
It's really noisy outside, isn't it? Nonstop, all around us.
It's so quiet in here.
I don't know what we're doing.
I'm quite lonely, and I think you are, too.
So we could be lonely together.
You have some tomato sauce on - Where? - Wait.
- Fucking hell - [LAUGHING.]
- Give it to me.
- Don't, Lu.
The dinner was my idea.
It's on me.
They are my friends and I want to pay.
You want to, but you can't, Guzmán! We'd better talk about this at home.
Don't make a scene.
I'm going out for a drink.
What? I want to go out, not to be cooped up.
So being with me is like being cooped up? I didn't say that.
I just said I want to go out for a drink.
It's what you say all the fucking time.
You know what? Do what you want.
You will anyway, whether I like it or not.
Maybe we should get going I'm going somewhere else.
I have something to do.
What do you have to do this late? So you don't tell your boyfriend anything either? Fucking great, Ander.
- Absolutely nothing.
- Ander? Just like you.
- Guzmán? - [GUZMÁN.]
Ander! Ander! If you keep bottling everything up inside, it'll end up eating away at you! Do you really want me to tell you what's wrong, huh? I just want everything to go back to the way it was before.
You, me and Polo.
That's all I'm asking for.
I thought you would pretend you don't know me or something.
I'm not drunk.
No? No.
What do you want to do? We can't go to my house.
We can't go to yours, either.
There's a place, but [REBECA.]
You have condoms in all the drawers.
I'm kidding.
They are in the nightstand.
Maybe it wasn't a good idea to bring you here.
I'm sorry.
It was what it was meant to be.
I'm fine.
I'm a little bit scared.
Me, too.
I remember how much you liked the pool.
- Let's do it! - [NADIA LAUGHING.]
I'm really angry.
I think it was really unfair of you to unload that onto me.
But I'm your friend, and I don't want you to do anything stupid.
Thank you.
It was an accident, Ander.
You don't crack someone's head open by accident.
But I believe you when you say that you didn't mean to do it.
You lost control.
I swear if only I could go back There is one thing we can do.
There's an innocent guy rotting in prison for something he didn't do, at least until the trial begins.
How much money can you take out of your account? I just want to be, want to be loved Guess we're bound to be Bound to be lost I could wait another night Just to take another bite on you Ander Do you want me to leave? Is that what's wrong with you? No Then why are you acting so strange? It has nothing to do with you, Omar.
So why don't you tell me about it? Trust me, okay? It'll pass.
- [PILAR.]
Samuel? - In the bathroom.
You okay? There was a letter in the mailbox with your name on it.
I'm going to bed.
I'm exhausted.
What a day What about the money from the Sáez family? I forgot.
Sáez just called to tell me you stole a dress from her.
My face fell with shame.
Isn't stealing from people on the Internet enough for you anymore? I don't steal from anyone! I do crowdfunding to launch my designs.
To make clothes for yourself that you don't even sell.
How are you going to give back the money you've been given? This has to end.
Mom, we'll talk about this at home.
Don't say anything.
I won't say anything.
You are going to say it all.
In front of the whole class.
You'll say that I'm your mother and that you're here on a scholarship because we are penniless.
And proud of it.
- It'll be okay.
- Let go of me.
Mom, please! Don't ruin everything.
For the first time [SIGHS.]
I'm starting to feel part of something.
- I have friends.
And someone that could be more than a friend.
- Mom - Hi.
Is there a problem? [SIGHS.]
This young lady's chauffeur throws his cigarette butts on the ground and the entrance to the school looks like an ashtray.
Don't worry, I'll talk to him.
Enough of that.
She's a cleaner, not your fucking slave.
The other day in the toilets and [CAYETANA.]
Do I stick my nose in your business? You, looking like a commoner with your sunglasses and all that? So much money and so little class.
Listen, Cayetana, it's only 8:00 a.
and I'm not in the mood for it, but I'd really love to smack your face now, darling.
Hey, drug-dealer Barbie.
Thanks, Lu.
You don't want to make trouble with me.
Let's be careful with badass Barbie.
She'd be right at home in my neighborhood.
By the way, Latin Barbie Nice day.
I was having a rough time.
My girlfriend, who I'd been with since I was 12, had left me for someone else and it was difficult for me to come to terms with.
And yes, I tried to Well, you know.
But now it's over, and it made me stronger.
Anyway, I don't know what does this has to do with Samuel.
Samuel believed that you were connected in some way to Marina's death.
That's absurd.
You arrested the culprit yourself, right? I'm guessing that if you're here, that means you haven't confessed.
You guess right.
I couldn't do it to you.
What does that mean, Polo? I'm a weak person.
If I confess, I'll end up telling them everything.
That you were an accomplice.
And I don't want to do that to you, love.
I forgot to reply to your message yesterday.
What did you want to say? I can't remember.
It was something stupid.
Hi, darling.
So, did you have a good time at the club? [KISSES.]
Guzmán! Let us know next time you're going out, you bastard.
Good morning, class.

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