Élite (2018) s02e05 Episode Script

63 horas desaparecido

If anyone has seen him, or has any information 63 HOURS MISSING [INAUDIBLE.]
Giving interviews without consulting me could jeopardize the investigation.
Really? Great Of course I'll ask for help wherever I need to.
Both of my sons have disappeared.
Both of them.
And what do you people know about it, hmm? What do you know? Nothing at all.
What are you doing here? - I won't do anything.
I'm going to smash your face in! - [LU.]
Guzmán! Guzmán, your sister was the most important person in my life.
For real, we were going to have a kid together! I would've never hurt her! Ever! - [GUZMÁN.]
Shut up! - [NANO.]
I know it's easy to blame me, but worry about your so-called friends.
- They are laughing at you.
Shut up! - [SAMUEL.]
Let's go, for fuck's sake! Move! - [GUZMÁN.]
Nano! If you come anywhere near me or them again, I'll kill you! [SAMUEL.]
Do you always have to fuck everything up? You're going to talk to me like I'm criminal as well? Don't come here and start threatening everyone.
Go home and stay there.
Don't even stop off at the store.
You're still looking for evidence - to nail the little marchioness, right? - I'm doing things my own way.
And if you mess up again, it will all go to shit.
- Don't fuck with me! - No, you don't fuck with me! You're going to do things my way, too.
Go home.
That thug walked right in here as if he owned the place.
I know, and I'm sorry that it happened.
- [LU.]
But it happened anyway.
Samuel Come in, please.
Let's hope you have the dog well tied up.
Lucrecia! That person is innocent until proven otherwise.
Or until he kills someone else.
Shouldn't there be a restraining order against him? God! He just came here to tell you a few home truths.
You need to hear them every now and then.
He didn't slash anyone up.
The thugs look out for one other.
Why not give him a slap on the back? You could do with a good slap.
Showing your vulgarity doesn't make you right.
What did you say, blondie? I didn't hear you well.
All right, that's enough! Sit down.
May I? How are you? Not as happy as when I paid the bail.
I see Where did you get the money? That's confidential information.
Are you scared? Should I be? No.
He won't set foot outside the house and he won't cause any trouble.
Trust me.
Does he know anything about you and me? No, he has no idea about He doesn't know about you and me.
Hey, guys, you're all invited to a party at Rebeca's! [REBECA.]
Son of a bitch Something ethereal in stereo Rang a bell for them While the sun hit them On their foreheads And in their minds waves That touched them deeply Like in a rite The rhythm shook their bodies Mist that distracted them And did not allow their day to pass [CELL PHONES CHIMING.]
And the heat of that rum That burned them Suggested that Everything would continue [GRUNTS.]
Does throwing a party right after a murderer has threatened us all seem normal to you? You're going to stop living your life because of that? - We are going to that party.
- [LU.]
Baby Really? Do you want to go back to your old house? I don't know.
I think it's really creepy.
We are all going.
We'll have a great fucking time and if Nano comes near anyone, I'll smash his head open.
Did you think I was bluffing earlier? [DOOR OPENS.]
Samuel told Carla that Nano will be staying at home.
Sure, as if Samuel could stop Nano.
- He can't even - Nothing will happen, Ander.
Didn't you hear what Guzmán said? Maybe the innocent guy will end up getting killed because we got him released.
You're telling me? I wasn't the one that wanted to get him released! No, you were happy to see him in jail because of you.
Shut up.
It has nothing to do with me.
The last thing I want is to make them aware that I exist.
It was my mother attempting to get me to make friends.
Look at that face.
That face It's the same face every day.
Right, little brother? That's what that shit does to you.
You're on a high one night and then the comedown lasts for days.
Don't listen to her.
- Come to my party and get right back on it.
I think it's ludicrous that your mom sent us a text to invite us all and that she misspelled "Halloween.
" You're so right, babe.
That's why I think it's no place for you two Barbies.
What a pity.
We've already confirmed.
Hey, don't frown Don't raise your eyebrow Or you'll get all wrinkled and need Botox.
It's a bit early for you to be acting like a witch.
The party hasn't started yet.
And you don't need to be acting like a thug, all vulgar.
You won't make any friends like that.
Even if you threw parties every night.
- Listen to me, darling - [NADIA.]
Rebe, that's enough.
Saved by the bell.
- Gosh - [LAUGHS.]
Please, tell me you're coming.
I have to stay at the store.
No, please, girl You haven't told me how the Viking-Arab fusion fuck went yet.
- Shh.
- Sorry, Palestinian.
Nadia, please, my house will be crawling with scumbags I can't stand.
I need a real friend.
How are you? I've been better.
You left without saying a word.
Just so you know, I put myself in your shoes and I understand you.
But But I don't know I don't think your suffering will end if you always go about things with your fists.
Very good.
Thanks for the advice.
Don't you have anything to say to me apart from that? - This is neither the time nor - Yes, it is the time.
I think it would be best if we went our separate ways.
- You with your girlfriend and I - What if I left Lu? What would you do? - Don't talk nonsense.
- Shit - Why is no one taking me seriously - [LU.]
Darling? - Hi! - Lu, please.
I'm busy.
Excuse me for interrupting your friendly chat.
Uh, we need to talk about Christian stuff.
Your ears may start burning so I'm stealing him from you for a while.
Follow me, love.
The deal starts to be good Because I've been told That I'm heard in the street I want the glass full now The problem is that I miss you afterwards Together in a melody We chat and I put the brakes on No, no! Be careful! Ander! It's wet, I just cleaned it.
Shit, man.
Why did you do it? The cleaning lady was here two days ago.
- I have nothing else to do.
- How about passing the baccalaureate? It's hard for both of us.
And apart from that? What am I doing here? Eating your food, invading your space I don't know, I don't feel comfortable.
Why? Because you aren't either.
I'm a nuisance to you.
Maybe I abandoned you a bit.
Maybe, he says [CHUCKLES.]
Listen, let's do something.
Tomorrow Rebeca's having a party at hers.
We should go, get tipsy I need it as well.
Come home and fool around in bed until dinner time.
How does that sound? I've never been out for Halloween.
Really? - Well At my house, it's the devil's work.
That's a yes, then.
That's "I'll check my agenda.
What's that face for? [CHUCKLES.]
Shit, man Mom is being weird around me and you won't let me out to get some air.
It's for the good of everyone.
I don't want to make trouble, Samu.
I just want to live in peace.
You know that I can't be cooped up inside, but I I trust you and I'll do as you say.
I won't go anywhere.
I'd love for you to trust me, too.
All right.
All right.
My bail.
Nobody leaves that kind of dough in the mailbox as if it were flyers.
- Where did you get so much money? - I know how to make a living.
Samu - [SAMUEL.]
I'm doing a delivery job.
- Delivery of what? - [SAMUEL.]
I don't ask.
- Who don't you ask? It's not your business.
I didn't ask questions when I started either and look at me now.
Anyway, now that I'm out, you can leave it, whatever it is, okay? Easy money is more addictive than heroin.
So you are going to leave it.
We were halfway through the conversation.
How about we finish it at your friend's party? I knew you'd say no at first.
Think about it, okay? Hey.
How are you? I guess people are still going to the trashy girl's party, right? - You heard what Guzmán said.
- Yeah, right.
Um, I think I have the perfect costume.
Jackie O.
Well, when she was still Jackie Kennedy.
I actually want to wear that epic dress she had on when her husband was killed.
I'm just not sure whether to go for before or after the shooting.
I guess after, to make it look darker Boom! It would be cool if I had a JFK to accompany me.
Um a Kennedy.
You want us to get dressed up as a couple? Okay.
- Okay.
- Sure.
- Sure? - Yes, why not? - Great! - Yeah.
How shall we do it? - We're all going together.
- Okay.
That's what people were saying in the WhatsApp group.
I'm not in the group.
- I see - Hmm.
Well You are now.
- Polo added you to the group I am now.
Thank you very much.
Okay, that's the plan, then.
- That's the plan.
- This is so exciting! - Bye.
- Bye.
Val! Dad wants to see you.
I talked to him and he agreed not to ground you anymore.
Okay, that's great.
- Where is he? The kitchen? - Yes.
You love doing that, don't you? Did he really agree? - Are you underestimating me? - Never.
You're amazing.
I thought I was a hypocrite, like the rest of the family.
You are a little bit.
For denying yourself something that makes you happy.
Guzmán makes me happy.
He is distant and you're in denial.
That's a great combo.
That's how couples work.
They have their ups and downs.
But you can't understand it.
You've never been in one.
This is the usual.
- The usual? - Mmm-hmm.
Who wants that? "Never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary.
" Oscar Wilde.
I gave you that book.
- I'll read it to you any time.
- No.
I've already read it.
- Lazy bastard.
- I was in my underwear.
If you'd warned me earlier What do you want? - I brought your stuff.
- My stuff? Here, biker, count it.
I don't want any trouble later.
- What's this? - The delivery money.
- What about the envelope in my mailbox? - What envelope? What are you on about? We pay in person.
Discretion and transparency, kid.
I paid my brother's bail with the money they left me in the mailbox.
Samu, my mother pays you well for riding around on your bike, but not that well.
What? Do you know who did it? Are you fucking kidding me? The marchioness? No Well, I don't know.
See you later.
You have assumed that Samuel has disappeared and Nano ran away.
But I don't think that's the case.
Why? Samuel told me that Nano had lots of plans.
I don't think that Nano would leave of his own accord.
Then, what do you think could have happened? Nano must have run away.
That's what murderers do.
They kill and they go on the run.
Don't you think it could be related to Samuel's disappearance? Not even after witnessing what happened? [EXCLAIMS.]
Put that arm back up.
Like that.
Don't be an idiot.
Hello, everyone.
Baby You're going to wear a tracksuit for the party? It's from a movie.
What's wrong with it? [OMAR CHUCKLES.]
Ta-da! [ANDER.]
What's that? Man I'm Doctor Frank-N-Furter.
Haven't you seen Rocky Horror? I've seen Rocky V.
Frida Kahlo, maybe.
But nobody will know that I'm supposed to be Diego Rivera.
- [LU.]
What? - I look like a cowboy.
No, you don't.
Listen, Guzmán.
Love, Frida and Diego were together all the time.
That's why we have to go to the party as them.
Let me tell you something.
I'm sure Samuel prefers elegant young ladies over ones that wear trackies.
And why would I care what Samuel likes? You wouldn't care at all, kid.
Leave that and tell the decorators what you want in your basement.
And what a state you left it in, girl! Thank goodness the new cleaners turned out to be efficient.
Guzmán I love you.
Uh, look I know, no sentimentalities - No, it's not that.
- Yes, it is.
I know we don't usually say that kind of stuff But it's okay to remind you every once in a while.
Look how good we look together.
What's this? [OMAR.]
Your costume.
You must be kidding.
It's what Rocky Horror wears.
Shit, I have to practice walking in these heels.
The creature that I, the Doctor, am creating in my lab to alleviate my - You have to see the film.
- No.
Let's go to the Chinese store and get a few masks or something.
Why? I'm not going in a gold thong.
It's not a thong.
- I'm not going to show up there and - And what? Huh? It's just one night to have a good time and dress up together.
That's all.
I have never dressed up before.
By choice, I mean.
Because I have to disguise myself all year round.
You look so tall.
Mom says you spend a lot of time together with the girl throwing the party.
Is something going on with her? Like what? As in, do you play PlayStation together.
Shit, man - Sometimes we play PlayStation.
- Really? [CHUCKLES.]
But we mostly box.
- You box? - Hmm.
I haven't seen that as a way to hook up, not even in prison [CHUCKLES.]
We're just friends.
Friends and business partners? - She has something to do with - No.
And stay out of my business.
- I'm worried about you.
- It's a bit late for that.
I don't want you getting into trouble because of a girl.
- Relax.
I'm not like you.
- I hope not.
You know what? None of it was Marina's fault.
Maybe you're right about me always fucking things up for everyone.
I'm really sorry, Samu.
She lives at her old house.
In Marina's house.
Going there was really fucked up at first, but it hurts less and less.
That's enough.
Dressed to kill.
Have a good time.
Again I've already told you, ma'am.
A lot of people wanted to get rid of Nano.
Guzmán [SCOFFS.]
The marchioness And what can you tell me about what happened at your Halloween party? - That's cool, man.
- [MAN.]
Kennedy? [CHUCKLES.]
How cool.
You all right? Yes.
And you? Are you all right? - Yes, everything's good.
- Okay.
You don't wanna play with us You don't wanna play with us Y'all with the same old thing You don't wanna play with us Play When it's time, they shall say You don't wanna play with us [EXCLAIMING.]
You don't wanna play with us Y'all with the same old thing You don't wanna play with us When it's time, they shall say You don't wanna play with us Give a little this Give a, give a little that Give a little kiss Give a, give a little tap Give a little this Give a, give a little that Give a little kiss Give a, give a little tap Lu.
Come right now.
Our costumes go together.
Doesn't coming back to this house freak you out? Okay, guys, drinks, ice and food over there.
- Coats, condoms and vices over here.
- You look cute.
- Same as you.
- [LU.]
Oh I'm fascinated by your den.
I can't tell the difference between the Halloween decorations and the ones you have up the rest of the year.
Yes, it's fucking fantastic.
I'm sorry it's not all spick-and-span.
The cleaners didn't really scrub it properly.
Should we go get a drink, darling? I need one.
- Look at you! [CHUCKLES.]
- Girl, this party rocks.
How did you let yourself end up like this? [OMAR.]
He looks so handsome! Are you sure you're totally gay? [LAUGHS.]
- Let's take a photo.
- Stop fucking around with me.
I sure would like to, babe.
Come on, smile! Smile, man! You don't wanna play with us Y'all with the same old thing You don't wanna play with us [KIDS EXCLAIMING.]
Dad, do you think we will finish very late tonight? [YUSEF.]
Same as always.
REBECA: Nadia, come here! Check out your brother! [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
I deny the devil, I embrace God.
Dad, what's going on? [SIGHS.]
It's okay.
Don't worry.
I'm happy.
I'm at peace.
Thank you for making me so proud.
Look how you have taken care of everything.
Of the store Of us Of your studies [CRYING.]
You are the gift that life has given us to overcome all this pain and disappointment.
You've poured out the whole bottle.
I'm not saying you look bad.
I just said it's not you.
Because I'm dressed up all feminine.
Right, that's cleared things up for me.
- You can go fuck yourself.
- That's not what I meant.
If being so feminine freaks you out, take a look at your friend.
- Fucking hell [LAUGHS.]
Which drag queen are you meant to be? From that RuPaul show, right? No, it's from the Rocky Horror Show.
A bit too much horror.
I like it.
This is even better than what I heard.
Do you know what we're dressed up as? Isn't it cool? No, I don't.
And no, it definitely isn't.
- I'm putting my coat on.
- What? Ander! [SIGHS.]
Fucking hell [GRUNTS.]
Come on, let's change the music.
This is fucking boring.
Move, David Bowie.
We need to get plastered to get everyone dancing properly.
So we're going to play a game of "Never Have I Ever.
" Come on! Really? How old are we, exactly? Ten? You're going to have a hell of a time, babe, believe me.
You all know how to play? One person says what they have never done and anyone who has done it has to drink.
We're going to get well wasted, then.
I'm sure we've done it all.
You tell me, baby.
Even better, baby, that way we'll get to know each other faster.
I'll go first.
Never have I ever been poor.
And since I have, I have to drink.
I have another question.
I think some of you are not being honest.
Uh Never have I ever cleaned someone else's house.
Boring! I have a better one.
Never have I ever slept with my best friend's boyfriend.
What a bitch [CHUCKLES.]
Anyone else? Where were you? And your costume? Can we talk? Yes.
You're a son of a bitch.
You came here to dump me, right now? - You couldn't wait till - I wasn't going to break up on the phone! - I wasn't going to break up on the phone! - On the phone? I've been trying to talk to you all week long.
- Me, too - You won't let me speak! - You won't let me say what I want to say! - No, wait, listen to me.
I just told you to wait for one more hour.
- This has nothing to do with that! - Then why? Because I said I love you? - No, Lu.
- I was being honest! I don't love you! I don't love you.
I don't love you.
Let's go home.
Let's go home.
I don't want to be here any I slept with Nadia.
You can't be serious.
You can't be serious, obviously.
I know you really well.
You just want to screw me up.
Am I wrong? Look at me.
- Lu, listen to me, please.
- No! - Not like this.
- Not like what? You saved my life.
I swear I will always be grateful [WHISPERS.]
Go to hell.
Never have I ever passed myself off for someone else, ever in my life.
Enough! This is getting a little bit boring, right? Can you come with me for a second? Ooh, Caye, do you want to tell me something? Say it here.
Or don't you want the others to hear? I'm leaving.
This party sucks.
Don't be a fool! Come back here! This game is tons of fun! Here, Bowie.
So many people! And you look so elegant, babe! You're sure to get laid tonight.
Come on.
Introduce me to your friends.
The gorgeous ones first.
- Hello, kid.
- Hello.
What's your name? [CAYETANA.]
I'm leaving.
You look You look so familiar.
Isn't she the Come on, Mom, go back upstairs.
You're cramping our style.
Okay, okay.
Come on, let's play some good music now.
The cleaning lady at school is your mom, right? Only a mother gets treated so badly.
You had me in firing range.
Why didn't you finish me off, huh? Because under all this, there's a decent person.
What a story you've made up.
Why? To make yourself think you're one of them? - I feel sorry for you.
- I'm not pretending.
This is how I want to be.
You are who you are when you're alone.
And you, on your own, you mop floors.
But you're so far up your own ass that you look down on me.
On my own.
I was just a little girl that believed in fairy tales.
And since my fairy godmother never appeared to turn me into a princess, I had to do it myself.
I can tell I wasn't the only one.
But, then again, you did win the lottery.
So, everything okay? At least I'm not dressed as a stripper.
It was Omar's idea.
Suddenly he went camp and turned into a drag queen.
What an eyesore.
Omar! Omar! - Are you leaving? - Yes.
Ander? Don't even think about leaving because of him.
I won't allow it.
He doesn't deserve you.
So what do I do? Everything about me annoys him.
"Never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary.
" Oscar Wilde.
Stay and have a few shots with me.
We need it.
Guzmán? Want to dance? Nobody looks as divine as we do.
Frida, you're missing the unibrow.
In hell, we have laser hair removal.
Can you talk to the guys at the club? But are you sure you want to work there? If I were you, I'd think about it.
They'll make you a servant and you'll have to put up with a lot of shit.
Val I don't care.
I need the money in order to leave Ander's place.
Before he kicks me out.
I'll think about it.
On one condition.
What? Follow me and you'll find out.
Thank you.
- What are you dressed up as? - Shh.
Tonight we are Frida and Lioncourt.
I thought you were the guy from Guns N' Roses.
I'm the Lord of Lioncourt, who rose from the dead centuries ago as a vampire, to drag my grief and my pain through time until becoming this decadent rock star.
How are you doing? Fine? You invited the wrong dead man tonight, my dear.
That ass is right, damn it.
Look at Michael Myers.
Let me see that machete.
What's up, Rebeca? Not much, as you can see.
I can't be here for long so I'll get straight to the point.
Leave my brother alone.
- What? - Break it off with him.
Nothing is going on between us because he doesn't want it.
I want him to stop working for you.
What is your problem, Nano? Is it because he's earning more than he ever would delivering spring rolls? - I'm not a fool.
- You are not.
- I know how this works.
- How? When something goes wrong, the first one to fall is the pawn and not the queen.
Listen to me, man.
I'm the only chick in the world that would go for the idiot brother over the wild child.
And to top it off, I'm all dressed up like a princess and he's laughing at me.
To me, your brother is no pawn.
Just so you know.
I would never let anything happen to him.
So don't tell me all your shit and whatever you have to say to him, say it directly, champ.
Fucking hell.
Fame They say I've got a bad reputation That I fall in love at night And out in the morning, ah Guilty I'm sorry I'm not guilty Aren't you a little short for a slasher? I thought you were avoiding me since that whole thing with your brother.
Can we talk? Did you leave me the money to pay my brother's bail in the letterbox? Come.
It wasn't you.
What does it matter who paid? The important thing is that Nano is out.
What? It wasn't you.
It's not like you.
To help you? Oh, thanks a lot.
It wasn't your style.
A wad of cash inside a garbage bag posted through my mailbox Marchionesses use garbage bags, too, you know? We even recycle.
The money was in an envelope, not a bag.
It wasn't you.
Listen, just so you know.
Some of us give orders and others execute them.
Like, for example, I order you to kiss me, and what do you do? You make me so horny when you get all macho man.
You only kiss me when you want me on a tight leash or when you feel backed into a corner.
See you in class.
What are you doing here? I need to talk to you.
I'm sorry, I can't.
I don't have time.
I broke up with Lu.
You thought I never would.
Neither did I.
But I did it because I want to be with you.
Nadia Nadia.
You know that's impossible.
If it's because of your family, we'll talk to them.
- We'll sort it all out.
I'm sorry, I can't.
Nadia, please Lu can survive having her heart broken by you, but my family cannot.
CAYETANA: SAMUEL'S BROTHER IS AT THE PARTY!!! Fucking son of a bitch Grab Nano.
I'm on my way.
I'm going to smash his head open! Don't let him get away, okay? Don't let him get away! What the fuck do we do? We have to find him before he does.
What if things get nasty? - We shouldn't have come to this.
- We shouldn't have let him out! No! I should have talked to Guzmán.
Maybe that's what needs to be done.
Guzmán should be told that it wasn't Nano.
And what if he asks you how you know? Stop acting like a dickhead.
That's what I should have done to begin with.
Let go of me! [POLO.]
I thought you were my friend.
You're capable of letting an innocent man pay to save your own ass! Or you'd let him get killed! Another death on your head wouldn't make much difference, would it? And then you wonder why you're all alone.
You're the one that should be in prison! Fucking monster! [EARS RINGING.]
Polo - Get away from me.
- Come on, let's go.
Get away from me, Ander! [REGGAETON MUSIC PLAYING.]
This is my house and I'll decide how you gotta shake your booty.
Hey You're leaving already? With blondie, right? No, I'm going home.
With your brother.
Haven't you seen him? He was looking for you.
Nano, answer the fucking phone.
Where the fuck are you? Shit! Here you are.
Did you see my text? Nano is here.
Are you okay? Polo? Get away from me, please.
Why? Because I'm not who I seem to be.
No one is.
I live in hotels We're going to London They are saying That I've used the money I record at home I sound internationally Internationally Internationally Internationally [MOUTHING.]
Internationally Internationally Internationally Internationally Where the fuck are you, Nano? Fucking hell! Shit! Sorry.
Your Cabify will arrive in three minutes [MAN CHUCKLES.]
What do you want to do to Samu? You put Marina in her grave and turned Christian into a vegetable.
- What the fuck is wrong with you? - [GRUNTS.]
I've already killed a posh girl.
- What if I killed another one? - [SAMUEL.]
Let go of her! [NANO.]
So, that's how you were investigating her? She's laughing at you.
He wouldn't hurt a fly.
Samuel, please, stop.
He did it.
Samuel, you're going to kill him! It kills me to say it.
Always fucking my life up! But he did it.
He almost beat him to death.
I think he made Nano disappear.
It wouldn't surprise me.
In the end, the one you'd least expect turns out to be the worst of the monsters.

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