Élite (2018) s03e04 Episode Script


Good morning.
Would you like some coffee or tea?
Some toast with cured ham and tomato?
No? Nothing?
Oh, damn, that's right. You're on duty.
I hadn't noticed.
- [SCOFFS] Don't worry, I'm fine.
What are you looking at? Want
to take a picture? [SCOFFS]
It's not like it's the first time
someone's been arrested at this school.
She's right.
Before, we just had a murderer
and a wannabe con artist.
Now that the narco's been arrested,
Las Encinas pretty much
looks like Guantanamo.
- [GUZMÁN] Let's go to class.
- I see you two are all chummy.
Are you friends again?
We're working on it.
- [CARLA] Mwah.
- Hey, hey.
I seriously don't get what's going
on at this fucking school, really.
Ready for Valentine's Day?
We'll have flowers, a meal
at the best restaurant,
- and maybe a few surprises
- [MOUTHING] Please.
Actually, we always
celebrate at Lu's, right?
- [LU] Yes.
- Not me. I've never been invited.
- Not to Valentine's Day or anything else.
- Right.
I don't feel like
doing that this year.
I don't want to throw a party
because I'm crazy busy with my
studies and the Columbia program, so
Is that why? Or is it because
you have no friends left?
What did my mom say?
You know, the usual stuff:
"How are you? How's school?
Hey, is your mom a
mobster drug dealer? "
So what if she is?
Was it my fault that
my dad was behind bars?
What can we do to help?
could you lend me some cash?
For the bus, the 314. I take it
to visit my mom at the prison.
[GUZMÁN] Don't be ridiculous. Here.
Take a taxi.
- What?
It's not my business, but
the whole party thing
it's because you don't have
the money to host it, right?
[SCOFFS] You're right, it's
not your business
- I see.
We even have an audience.
They've got everything here.
Spoiler alert: you're not
winning Mother of the Year.
Hey. This is just a bump in the road.
It's nothing we can't handle. We
always manage to hang in there.
We? Don't kid yourself.
There is no "we, " all right?
Baby, you're pissed off, I get it.
But I'm telling you, I'll be
out of here before you know it.
Sure. And until then, what the
hell am I going to live on? Huh?
Okay, then.
I'll have to break open the piggy bank.
[SANDRA] Rebe.
Fight. Don't give up.
And hit the punching bag.
You're letting yourself go.
I know Valentine's Day
is a Christian thing,
- but it's just a dinner.
- [SIGHS] I can't go.
- Besides, it's my mother's birthday.
- [SIGHS] I see.
But thanks for the invitation.
- Honey go. It's okay.
[IN SPANISH] Um would you
like to celebrate with us?
- The restaurant has a Michelin star.
Thanks, son, but it's a
little out of our price range.
It's on the house.
The owners are friends
of my father's. [CHUCKLES]
[NADIA CHUCKLES] Mom, you deserve it.
- Hm?
- Mm-hmm.
Invite whoever you want.
Omar will come, right?
Omar will always have
a place at our table
but I don't think he'll accept.
Thank you very much for the invitation.
We will go.
You got what you wanted. When
do I get what you promised me?
- [INSPECTOR] It's not easy. We need time.
- What do you mean?
- Well, if it isn't the Queen of the South!
What a surprise. Come in.
Be careful. A horse's head
could turn up in your bed.
- [VALERIO] Come on in.
- [REBECA] Sure.
- What are you doing here?
- I could ask you the same.
I've been calling you.
Who were you talking to?
The phone company. The bastards
kept me on hold for half an hour.
Listen, with all the confusion,
I didn't realize I can't
go back to my house.
Um, can I spend the night here?
Thanks, Samu. You're
all I have right now.
It's not a problem.
I had nowhere else to go.
Don't take it as a compliment.
Valentine's Day is going to
be very different this year.
I'll be planning it.
- "Reverse Valentine's"?
- That's right.
Oh, please. Let's be honest.
It's become a boring, cheesy,
and old-fashioned tradition.
The flowers, the
chocolate, the colors
And we girls are objectified.
We spend hours at the salon
to look good for the guys.
All that's over now.
I had this great idea
that the roles should
be reversed this time.
The guys will be the
ones who show some skin
[CHUCKLES] and the girls will
get dressed up in elegant tuxedos
penguin suits, if you will.
Bring your own drinks?
[IN SPANISH] The roles are reversed.
Guests bring their own drinks and food.
And I, the hostess and queen of
the night, will just enjoy myself.
That way, we'll prevent lowlifes
from thinking this is an
NGO and taking stuff home.
Clever, huh? That's fine,
we'll throw our own party.
Ugh. Don't mind her. Are
you guys coming to the party?
- No, they're not.
- Oh, the party's at your house now?
No, and it's not at yours, either.
You got kicked out for using, I guess.
Since when do you have
something against drugs, Guzmán?
Remember, you used to beg me for them.
I have something against
traitors and murderers.
Why are you defending them?
- I don't need to explain myself to you
- Enough, Valerio, please.
[GUZMÁN] What do you say, Lu?
- You're talking to me?
- Yes.
Um, what a dilemma. I'm
like Switzerland here.
- Hm.
- A rich, beautiful country
that doesn't get
involved in anyone's wars.
- Lu.
- What do you want?
- Can we talk for a moment?
Sure, but you'll need
to get cleaned up first.
What what the hell, Lu?
- You fucking ruined my life, asshole.
- [STUTTERING] Lu, I just want to talk
[VALERIO] Come to the party. You
can't let them exclude you like that.
And what good would that do us?
We'd have a shitty night,
and everyone would ignore us.
You won't be alone. You'll be with me.
And that won't be good
for you. Don't you get it?
That's too bad. I hate
everything that's good for me.
I also hate vegetables. I hate
getting exercise. [CHUCKLES]
I hate hanging out
with the right people
and I hate doing what
people expect of me.
Still it's absurd, since we can't go
to a Valentine's party as
a group of three. [LAUGHS]
[VALERIO] Why not?
I like you both.
I don't know what they told you,
but the thing between
Carla, Christian, and me
did not end well.
Damn, Lu was right.
We have to turn all this around.
- Unless you guys don't like me
- We do.
- I mean
- We do?
But that's besides the
point, because [SIGHS]
is just crazy, right?
A beautiful kind of crazy.
Come to the party with me.
Our lives are already
complicated enough.
- [TEACHER] Good work, Lu, as always.
- [LU] Hm.
I'm giving you
two days to redo this.
You won't get into the
program if you don't.
I know you can do a
much better job. Okay?
- Hm? -
[NADIA] Mm-hmm.
- Nadia, are you all right?
- [GRUNTS] Yes.
The teacher must have run out
of red ink grading your exam.
At least he gave you a second chance.
- I wish I could take advantage of it.
- What?
[NADIA] I don't have time.
My parents go to
rehabilitation every day,
and I have to be at the store.
- Why don't you tell them you can't?
- You already know the answer.
- [MALICK] How are you?
- Hi.
[MALICK] Guzmán, right?
- Yes.
- [MALICK] Malick.
Nice to meet you. Nadia
has told me a lot about you.
Oh, really? She never mentioned you.
Yeah. Well, you don't talk
that much lately, right?
Thanks for your concern.
See you tomorrow.
Bye, man. Nice to meet you.
It's Mom's birthday.
- She'd be so happy if you came.
- And Dad?
He also wants to see you.
Sure. And when I tell him I'm
with a guy who's an atheist,
- he'll have another stroke.
- You don't need to bring it up.
- Sorry, how is this any of your business,
- apart from paying for the meal and stuff?
He's my boyfriend.
Right. Well, that guy's my boyfriend.
I can't take him to dinner.
I can't speak about him.
I can't say I love him.
Because my happiness
makes our parents unhappy.
Can you imagine what that's
like? You can't, can you?
Have a nice day.
[MALICK] It would be after dinner.
Some music
A quiet party, you know?
Lucrecia is organizing it.
Isn't she that friend of
yours who speaks Arabic?
[NADIA] Mm-hmm.
Yusef, let's go to rehabilitation.
- What are you doing here?
- Buying asparagus.
How are you, Malick?
Hi, Nadia. What's up?
I thought you'd be studying after
the lecture the teacher gave you.
What lecture?
It's just that [SIGHS]
I haven't been able to spend
much time on the Columbia program.
Working here every afternoon,
I don't have time to
do the assignments well.
I'm sorry, Nadia. What else can
I do? I don't have anyone else.
[NADIA] It's okay, Dad.
I only told you because you asked.
She's missing out on the
opportunity of a lifetime,
- and you're doing nothing.
- Guzmán!
Are you telling me how to
treat my family, spoiled brat?
There's no need. You've only
driven two of your kids away.
- Did you come to insult me?
- I came because I'm worried about Nadia.
Other people aren't, so they keep quiet.
What they say about you is true.
You're totally disrespectful.
Malick! Guzmán, leave.
If you're so clever,
- what do you suggest I do?
- Hire someone.
Ah! How did I not think of that?
Everything's so easy
when you have money.
If you're concerned about
her future, you'll find a way.
Guzmán, please!
[YUSEF] If you're so
concerned, why don't you do it?
You want to help her, right?
Or is getting your
hands dirty beneath you?
Sure. It'd be unpaid work, I suppose.
Three euros an hour. People who
work in the fields earn less.
You won't last one day.
Can you pass me an apron
or whatever you wear here?
[QUIETLY] I will never
forgive you for this.
- I'm doing this for you.
- No. You're doing it for yourself,
out of pride.
Do you want a photo? Go on, get moving.
I'm working here, dammit.
- Holy shit!
Is that how you work?
Scaring the customers away?
- [GUZMÁN] I'm not a trained monkey.
- A trained monkey?
- Be careful.
- So what else is there to do?
Finish cleaning up and
organize the boxes inside.
Tomorrow, you'll do it all again.
And the day after.
And the day after that.
Did you think one day would help Nadia?
You'd need to be here every day
until the end of the school year.
[GUZMÁN] Fuck.
It's not just that I don't even
have the money to buy you a beer.
The problem is I don't know
what I'll live on until she's out.
- That is, if she gets out.
- She'll get out.
- Maybe this will convince her to stop.
You could both live a quieter life,
without worrying about
thugs and the police.
It looks like I'll have
to thank the snitch.
Because I know there
was a snitch involved.
You're chasing me ♪
I'll have to go home and
break open the piggy bank.
[REBECA] My mother slits open an
armchair we have in the basement
so she can stash cash
for emergencies in there.
But the cops have your house sealed off.
- What if you get caught?
- What will they do to me, huh?
I don't know, and I
don't want to find out.
Rebe, if anything happened to
you, I'd never forgive myself.
Samuel, this isn't your fault.
Rebeca, look
Baby ♪
Won't you come dancing tonight ♪
- With me? ♪
- What would you like?
I admire you. Seriously.
Being up front and honest takes courage.
Right. Is that why you want me to lie?
You think I don't lie?
[CHUCKLES] My dad loves me
because he doesn't know me.
Okay, surprise me. What's your secret?
- Can I have a gin and tonic, please?
- [LAUGHS] You think that's comparable?
'Cause I can't get you ♪
Out of my head ♪
- Know what the Qur'an says about lying?
- No.
[SIGHS] I haven't read it in ages.
[CHUCKLES] It says that lying is fine,
as long as it achieves
peace among people.
My father is 65. I want him to
live the rest of his life in peace.
Well, listen
this abominable sin
is on the house.
Why are you worried about me?
You don't know me.
Because I'm in love with your
sister. I'm crazy about her,
and I want her to be happy.
- Baby ♪
- [OMAR] Mm-hmm.
- Could I go dancing tonight ♪
- Thanks.
With you? ♪
'Cause I can't get you out ♪
Can't get you out of my head ♪
Can't get you out, can't get you out ♪
Can't get you out ♪
- What are you looking at?
- [POLO] What?
Nothing. Um, just the
restaurant for tomorrow.
- Hm.
- [POLO] Should I book a table?
'Cause I can't get you out ♪
Can't get you out of my head ♪
Can't get you out ♪
Can't get you out, can't get you out ♪
Can't ♪
- [OMAR] It could be cool, right?
Something different.
Plus, there'll be lots of hot
guys showing some skin, for once.
It sounds like fun.
[ANDER] It sounds dumb.
All right. [SIGHS]
I'll go on my own, then.
- Fine. I hope you have a fucking ball.
If I want us to go together, that's bad.
If I go alone, it's even worse.
And if I stay in with you,
you treat me like crap.
What the hell should I do, Ander?
[SIGHS] Don't spoil the little time
I have left. Is that too much to ask?
Let's get to class.
- [LAUGHING] Give me a clue.
- I can't!
Why so serious, Lu?
Happy Valentine's Day!
I think you should
lay off Omar a bit.
He's with you through
good times, bad times,
and times that are really fucked up.
Don't throw that away, man.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Happy Valentine's Day, Lu.
If you're bringing someone,
bring more to drink.
I'll go alone. But if those
two are there, I won't stay.
[LU] Bonnie and Clyde?
- I set rat traps in case they come.
- I thought you were Switzerland.
You know what? So did I.
But I don't want to leave
you on your own in this war.
We've always fought side by side.
We are Lu and Guzmán, right?
- Uh, I'm gonna get another one.
- You said this was the first and last one.
- Just one more! [LAUGHS]
[NADIA] Shit! Careful, guys! Guzmán!
Help me pick this up before
someone else gets hurt.
- Where's the neck of the bottle?
[AZUCENA] Excuse me.
Rebeca, come out here
for a moment, please.
[AZUCENA] Come with me.
[REBECA] Whatever you have
to say, you can say it here.
[AZUCENA] The Parents Association
has made things difficult.
The charges against
your mom are serious,
and the school's reputation is at risk.
You're kicking my ass out, right?
We will offer you the chance
to drop out voluntarily.
- It won't go on your permanent record.
Damn, how thoughtful of you.
You just have to sign this document.
No. Kick me out.
- Let the whole fucking school know.
- What?
Let everyone and their mother know
that when a rich kid's dad went to jail,
- he didn't get kicked out!
- [AZUCENA] Don't shout.
- What's going on?
- Go back to class, Samuel.
Let fucking everyone know
that I'm getting kicked out!
- Calm down. Guzmán!
- But if your moms fund a scholarship,
you don't get expelled,
- even if you're a fucking murderer!
- Ander!
- You can't expel her.
- It's voluntary.
- I'm leaving too, then.
- [AZUCENA] What?
If she leaves, I leave.
Me too.
- And me.
Me too.
And me too, okay?
- What's going on?
I'll try to talk to the board, okay?
Now, go back to class, please.
What a mess you made, kiddo.
- [WHISPERS] Thanks.
You're welcome.
I need you to
help me mess things up a bit more.
Don't! You can't touch
that. It'd be too obvious.
- Ah.
- This way.
- Come on, go up.
- [GROANS] You're heavy.
Holy shit.
[GASPS] Be careful.
- Do you have springs in your shoes?
- Among other things.
[EXHALES] Come down.
- Why the hell do you have that?
To peel fruit. What else?
Is it there?
I don't know.
- Nothing here.
Shit. Didn't she say anything else?
She told me to work out.
She said I was letting
myself go. That piece of
She said to hit the punching bag.
She told me to hit the punching bag.
[SAMU] Holy shit.
I can't believe this.
Do you like my Bumblebee?
- [CARLA] What?
- [CHUCKLES] Bumblebee, Transformers.
Never mind.
I wish you signed things as
fast as you buy cars. [CHUCKLES]
So you only like me if I
invest in your wine business?
How does this work?
No. I like people who keep their word.
But that investment isn't a
car. It's like 10, 000 cars.
It's not like pulling out
your credit card and buying
[SIGHS] I don't know this?
- Hm. For the party?
- Mm-hmm.
[CARLA] You'll look very sexy in
it. Because it's for you, right?
- The roles are reversed tonight.
- [YERAY CHUCKLES] No, no, no.
Just because your friend
has gone all feminist,
I'm not making a fool of myself
our first Valentine's Day together.
We'll be making fools of ourselves
if we don't follow the dress code.
- Everyone will stare at us.
- Let them stare
and see you looking amazing
- on my arm.
- Actually, I'd rather go alone.
- What does that mean?
- Nothing.
- How are you, Yeray?
- [LAUGHS] Great.
Honey, don't be so fussy.
You need to thank Yeray
for the thoughtful gesture.
Sure, he did it for me, right? [SCOFFS]
Put that dress on and stop
acting like a little girl.
We haven't closed so early in ages.
There aren't many customers
this late in the day anyway.
But don't worry about that.
Focus on what you need to do.
- What about the store?
- There's no need to open every day.
Or to go to the hospital either.
I'm already perfectly fine.
What do they say? "Strong as a mule."
[LAUGHS] "As an ox, " Dad.
"Strong as an ox."
[CHUCKLES] Strong as an ox.
[WAITRESS] Are we still waiting or ?
[IMÁN] Um, yes.
No, we'll order now.
- Hi.
- [IMÁN] Ah.
[OMAR] Sorry I'm late.
- Dad.
- Son.
Okay. We need to get rid of this now.
How much could you get for this shit?
This is Molly, so a few thousand.
- What does it matter?
- I can't even afford canned beans, Samu.
I don't care if we have to
live on rice with tomato sauce,
- you're not getting mixed up in this.
- He's right.
You're not getting
mixed up in this. I am.
I'll sell it. We'll become partners,
and we'll go fifty-fifty.
What do you say?
Partnering with you is even
worse than pushing drugs,
- so it's a no.
- [VALERIO] What's wrong?
I'm a reliable guy. [LAUGHS]
- We'll flush it down the toilet.
- No. No, no, no.
Let's think this through
before we do anything stupid.
And that goes for both of you, okay?
How is school going?
Well, I'm doing my best.
Between work and helping at
home, I don't have much time.
Good. You must be grateful to
whoever has given you a place to stay.
- Who do you live with now?
- With Ander and his mother.
- And Ander is?
- A friend.
Mom, you met him at
the hospital, remember?
[IMÁN] Oh, yes.
[SIGHS] How is he?
He's fine.
What's wrong, son?
Don't say it's nothing. I know you.
The thing is he has leukemia.
What? Ander?
I do my best to help him.
I go with him to his chemo
sessions, I look after him.
The truth is, school isn't
my priority right now.
Son, you're a very good boy, but
that's not your responsibility.
Let his family take care of him.
Ander is my family.
His family are his
parents, his siblings
He's my boyfriend, Dad.
What you need to do is
focus on your studies.
- Otherwise, you'll get in trouble.
- Did you hear me, Dad?
[YUSEF] You're a very smart
boy, and if you focus, you can
- Did you hear me?
- Did you hear me?
[SIGHS] I'm sorry, but
I I can't do this.
I'm sorry, Mom. [KISSES CHEEK]
Lía, honey, you brought
champagne! Thanks.
So good to see you. Thank you.
- What about the booze? You brought some?
- It's over there.
Perfect. I love the
outfit. It's amazing.
Who invited you two? Where's the booze?
No, we can't allow that here.
Go to the nearest store and
bring some alcohol, okay?
[IN SPANISH] Good God, look
who's here. You look stunning.
- Thank you. So do you.
- [LU] Thanks.
- You're enjoying it, aren't you?
- It's nothing I haven't seen already.
- More than enough times.
- I thought as much.
Wow, wow! I'm blown away. I love it.
- I just don't remember hiring a magician.
I think table three
just asked for the check.
We were talking about how genius
this party is, right, Rebe?
- Uh-huh.
- Leave the bottle over there.
- Thanks, hon.
- Thank you.
I'd say that it takes one
genius to appreciate another.
But tonight, we're judging you
based solely on your appearance.
- You look amazing.
- Thanks, babe.
And you should smile a bit more, okay?
- You look handsome but too serious.
- What's next?
You'll slap our asses and
harass us on the dance floor?
- Hey, Samu?
- [SAMU] How are you, man?
- Great.
- Yes,
- and you should take it as a compliment.
- Okay.
We've been in this town ♪
For far too long ♪
This is a cool party.
- You know. Me and my ideas.
- We're moving on, we're moving on ♪
Polo, Caye, I'm in my house. Um,
well, my former house. [CHUCKLES]
The party looks pretty good. Let
me know if you're coming, okay?
Even bad girls know good love ♪
- Look at this circus, Dad!
- You taste so sweet ♪
- Good evening.
- It hurts a little ♪
- Is everything okay?
- Yeah, but I don't think I'll stay long.
[CHUCKLES] Give me a second.
You know this is a reverse theme party.
Why don't you go "home"
and read a fucking book?
I don't believe you. [GASPS PLAYFULLY]
You're the most persistent
competitor there ever was.
Do you seriously still
want to be with Guzmán?
- It's not a good night to be alone.
- It never is for you.
This is such a great party.
Balloons, projectors, people
bringing their own drinks
How much did this cost
you? Ten euros? [LAUGHS]
Bullshit! I'm out of
here. This party sucks.
- Have fun.
They say it's darkest before the dawn ♪
- We're the only ones dressed differently.
- It looks like it.
- [NADIA] Hi.
- [BOTH] Hi.
Sunsets, no regrets ♪
[LAUGHING] Hi! You didn't understand
the dress code either, right?
- The roles are reversed.
- It looks like we're not the only ones.
Hm? I see. Excuse me.
It hurts a little ♪
Should I resend you the
invitation so you get the idea?
I'm sorry, Lu. I will
always be a refined lady.
Uh, sure
Where do I leave this shit?
- Right here's fine.
[EXHALES] She's so classy.
Darling, we're leaving soon.
I don't want to see you more
than strictly necessary either.
- Right.
- Let's enjoy the party.
- Yeah, let's.
- To us.
- Cheers.
Lucrecia, your turn.
Your turn.
I can't do it, Nadia.
I can't.
You have to lie.
Listen to me, you have to lie.
But think of you? ♪
You're always on my mind ♪
- And I don't know ♪
- Hey.
- What else can I do ♪
- Hey.
- If you're not here? ♪
- Hi.
- If you're not here ♪
- I'm going to the bathroom.
- There's someone in there.
- Right.
- I didn't have time to change my clothes.
- It's okay, man. Don't worry about it.
You don't want anyone to
question your heterosexuality.
Uh, Omar
I understand you.
What do you understand?
You have no fucking clue
I don't know ♪
What else can I do ♪
But think of you? ♪
You're always on my mind ♪
And I don't know ♪
What else can I do ♪
- If you're not here? ♪
If you're not here? ♪
I don't know ♪
What else can I do ♪
But think of you? ♪
You're always on my mind ♪
And I don't know ♪
What else can I do ♪
If you're not here? ♪
If you're not here ♪
Ander! How are you? You okay?
- Uh, have you seen Omar?
- Omar? Yes. He's in the bathroom.
- Uh, downstairs. The one downstairs.
- Which bathroom? There are like 20.
There's one downstairs in the
kitchen. It's really far away.
The last one. There. He's
waiting for you there.[CHUCKLES]
You look hot!
I really understand you. I really do.
We went looking for gold ♪
We went looking for gold ♪
The duck was delicious.
- Wasn't it?
- It was.
I really liked it. And the
presentation was really nice.
- We waded into the sea ♪
- We waded into the sea ♪
We were like pirates ♪
We truly meant everything ♪
Babe. Polo.
- And if we never say die ♪
- We never say die ♪
- We never say die ♪
- We never say die ♪
If we never say die ♪
- Buying the time for more ♪
- Buying the time for more ♪
- And if we never say die ♪
- We never say die ♪
- We never say die ♪
- We never say die ♪
How are you?
[SIGHS HAPPILY] Hey, thanks.
For making a scene.
It worked. [CHUCKLES]
- You are stubborn.
- [CHUCKLES] I am.
- [NADIA] Too proud.
- That too.
- But you're also a good friend.
- I didn't do it to be your friend.
I did it
because I love you.
And do you love me? You love me
don't you?
Yes. I love you.
But that's not enough.
Everything's so easy
with Malick. [CHUCKLES]
He makes my family so happy.
I could have a future with him.
I couldn't with you.
Love isn't enough.
[ANDER] Hey.
What are you doing here?
I came to apologize.
And to see how sexy you looked.
It's okay, don't worry.
- Omar.
- [OMAR] What?
- Everything's okay.
- No, it's not fucking okay.
I'm really messed up,
but the only one I
treat like shit is you
because I know you'll
be there, no matter what.
No matter how much I push
you away, you'll come back.
And that's not fair.
You don't deserve it.
You deserve to be loved.
Will you forgive me?
I won't.
Wow, so you do know how
to smile and everything.
[SIGHS] How do you want me to act, Rebe?
Someone I care about threw
their life away for that shit.
Samuel Samuel, look at me, please.
If I have to choose
between you and the cash
then we'll flush that shit
down the toilet right away.
- Look at me, being all romantic.
After saying something that
romantic, we could at least kiss or
Um, hi.
- Hi.
How are you?
- Fine. And you?
- [NADIA] Fine.
- This is Ander. Malick.
- [MALICK] Hey, how are you?
- [ANDER] Nice to meet you.
- Likewise.
You look amazing.
But you didn't hear about
the dress code, did you?
[CHUCKLES] I feel a little out of place,
especially seeing you two like that.
- Well, you know what to do.
- What? No. No way.
Oh, yes way. You just
have to undo this button
Well, I see you got to know each other.
- Come on! Take it off, take it off!
- [GUESTS CHANTING] Take it off!
- [LU, IN SPANISH] Come on! That's it!
I found out.
And I'm really sorry.
I'm here for you if you need anything.
Don't worry about it. I'm okay.
Of course I'm worried.
We're family, right?
I can't believe your own
sister kicked you out.
- I mean
- Well
I didn't exactly get kicked
out. I left voluntarily.
- Okay.
- [VALERIO] She's been acting a bit crazy
since my dad cut her off.
- What?
- No.
- Your dad did what?
- No.
She doesn't have a cent
to her name. [CHUCKLES]
- Holy shit. [CHUCKLES]
- I don't believe it.
That's what this whole party was about.
People had to bring their own drinks.
- She's so smart, I'm in awe!
- The party was cool anyway.
- [CAYETANA] Sure.
I wanted to go, you know?
With my see-through top
[SCATS] I looked great.
I'd have liked to look at you guys
the way you look at girls, you know?
[VALERIO] We can fix that.
You can look at us however you want.
- Right, Polo?
- In fact, tonight
you're in charge.
- I'm in charge?
- Yes, you are.
Whatever you want.
- Mm, okay.
- Your wish is our command.
Kiss each other.
- [VALERIO] Just like that?
- Yes.
- [VALERIO] Come here.
- A kiss, a word, a fight ♪
Slowly, so we can enjoy it longer.
You, darkness, light ♪
Polo, undress him slowly.
Forever, forever, the fear ♪
A kiss, a word, a fight ♪
- You, darkness ♪
- [CAYETANA] Go down.
- Light ♪
- [WHISPERS] Go down.
Me, forever, fear ♪
- Forever, forever, the fear ♪
- [MOUTHING] Down.
A kiss, a word, a fight ♪
- You, darkness, light ♪
Me, forever, fear ♪
Forever, forever, the fear ♪
A kiss, a word, a fight ♪
You, darkness, light ♪
A kiss, a word, a fight ♪
You, darkness, light ♪
Me, forever, the fear ♪
Fear ♪
Forever, forever, the fear ♪
I didn't tell you earlier
but you look amazing.
I know.
Shall we dance?
I'm fine like this.
To us.
- [AZUCENA] Rebeca, do you have a moment?
- Yes. Yes, of course.
I persuaded the teachers and
board members to allow you to stay.
[SIGHS] Thank you.
Having said that,
I need to remind you we are very
strict with the monthly payments
and the payment deadlines.
And this month
Damn. The fine print.
Be careful. If we don't
receive the payments,
- I'll have no option but
- [REBECA] Yes.
You'll have an awesome
excuse to kick me out.
We already talked about this!
Samuel, either I sell those
bundles, or they'll kick me out.
And, man, I'm tired of
them getting their way.
Fine, start dealing. But
remember how those guys reacted
- when we invaded their turf?
- Hey, hey, hey. Shh!
somewhere with no competition.
Where the market is huge.
Las Encinas.
You have got to be kidding me.
Lu, do you have a minute?
- It depends.
- I just wanted to
ask you to treat Cayetana better.
Just sort of leave her alone a
bit. Leave her alone, basically.
Anything else? I'm in a hurry.
Well, since you're asking, yeah.
Make sure everyone leaves us alone. Hm?
You're good at that.
They'll listen to you.
Why would I do that, Polito?
- My name is Polo, not Polito.
- [LU] Whatever.
And because the Columbia scholarship
is sponsored by my mothers.
And if I recall correctly, I don't
think you can afford to lose it.
- What?
- [POLO] Yeah.
Since your father left you with nothing.
Was it you?
Did you kill him?
[INSPECTOR] We know each other better
than either of us
would like to, Lucrecia.
And I think you're lying to me.
Tell me the truth.
Why are you so shaken up? What's wrong?
I'm shaken up because I saw who did it.
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