Élite (2018) s03e05 Episode Script


- I don't like you doing this here.
- Where should we do it, then, Samu?
I don't know, but what
if the cops catch us?
Why would the cops show up here?
We're three innocent schoolkids.
- Your mother's in jail for this.
- Wrong.
She's in jail because some
son of a bitch ratted us out.
But this is different.
We're like family here.
Fine, but we have to keep it
quiet. Not a word to anyone.
Okay? Anyone.
Relax, we know what we're doing.
- Keep it up, Valerio.
- I can't believe it!
Good. You finally learned how to cheat.
I don't cheat, sweetheart.
The thing is, I am
oof, one of a kind.
And I have great study buddies.
We go at it hard every afternoon.
And every night.
- You're kidding, right?
- Mm. Hmm. No, I don't think so.
This is serious. Very serious.
- Shh! No, it's his turn.
- Stop! Stop!
- Quiet. Which one was it?
- It tickles!
Ah, okay. Potassium nitrate.
- Take off a piece of clothing.
- What do you mean?
- He got it right, didn't he?
- Yes, but he's wearing too much clothing.
This girl learns fast.
- Not as fast as you.
- Oh, really? Not as fast as me? Ah!
Show me some respect.
I'm the teacher here.
I never thought studying
could be so much fun.
Do you realize you could
even graduate if you want to?
You could even go to college.
- For real.
- I don't know.
I never put any thought into my future.
In fact, it never occurred
to me I could have one. Pfft.
Well, you could.
- You guys are going to London, right?
- Mm-hmm. King's College.
- Why don't you join us?
- No way.
I don't have the grades or the
money to get into a place like that.
Neither do I, but his mothers will
- We got in thanks to our connections.
- Yeah. Mm-hmm.
Because my mothers are
friends with the dean.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I don't suppose they could ?
Well my mothers are
vouching for Cayetana because
well, b-because she's my girlfriend.
I'm not saying that you
and I aren't a couple,
but they know her well.
They've known her longer.
- They don't know you yet.
- Mm-hmm.
- So, I'm nobody, right?
- I didn't say that.
- No.
- That's not it.
- It's okay.
- I didn't mean that.
There is a word for you
two being together, but
there's no word for this.
Don't worry. You've
already done enough for me.
Hey, it's fine.
Got me thinkin' about ♪
Peaches and scream ♪
Peaches and scream, peaches and scream ♪
Peaches and scream, peaches and scream ♪
Peaches and scream ♪
Peaches and scream ♪
Gin and tonic, please.
Who am I anymore ♪
What's this blackout thing about?
A blackout. It's just that.
This Friday at midnight, it'll
be lights out at the club.
- And that's it?
- People dig the dark.
They can do what they
want without being seen.
You could bang three guys in front
of Nadia without her finding out.
I'd be happy if you didn't say
anything. It's better for her.
Oh? It's better for her to live a lie?
If she finds out, she
might end things with me
and forget all about New York.
Why risk it?
That's what I was thinking.
Why did you take that risk?
- Why did you kiss me?
- Why do you think I did it?
I'm with someone too. But unlike
your relationship, mine's real.
Wild child ♪
Are you happy?
- Wild child ♪
- Yes.
I see Nadia isn't the
only one living a lie.
It's on the house.
Your hands are freezing.
It's okay. It's no big deal.
You didn't see your face.
Please don't say it's no big deal.
It is.
Chemo is killing me,
and I'm scared shitless.
And so are you.
Maybe we should stop acting
like it's no big deal.
Lucrecia, do you have a
minute? It's about Columbia.
Take a seat.
I wanted to tell you that
you were both ranked highest,
so we have to ask you
to make one last effort
so the panel can make a decision.
Next Wednesday, you'll need
to do an oral presentation
that goes into more detail on
the last topic you addressed.
- So? Nice, huh? Whoo!
- Oh!
- Hey! Wow!
- Ouch.
It's because of chemo. I have cancer.
I'm sure you have lots of questions,
but you have Wikipedia for that.
I get tired easily.
I hated him.
I blamed him for my illness.
The champagne bottle broke.
The neck fell by the restroom,
and I went to pick
it up to throw it out.
Polo was there.
What are you talking about?
I lost control.
I stabbed him in the
heart with the glass.
- You're nuts. Why would you confess?
- What does it matter?
I'm as good as dead.
I won't let you sacrifice
yourself to protect someone, okay?
- How long has he been sick?
- For months.
- I only recently found out myself.
- What do the doctors say?
Not much.
He's about to finish chemo,
and we'll see after that.
But he'll make it, right?
Of course he will.
It's Ander.
He doesn't deserve this.
Not everyone gets what they deserve.
You knew, right?
Do you think I didn't want to tell you?
- That I wanted to deal with it on my own?
- Why didn't you tell me?
Because Ander asked
me to keep it a secret.
And because I thought, what did
I have to gain from telling you?
Would you have cured him? Besides
sometimes, the truth is
I'm sorry.
And thanks for everything.
You're the best thing I've
got, Samu. And the only
- Don't talk nonsense.
- No, I really mean it.
We've turned your house into a drug
lab, and you just grin and bear it.
As soon as the last batch is finished,
I promise you, it will be over.
We'll shut down the business.
And then you and I will
have a very boring life.
I'd really like that.
We just found out.
It sucks.
He's tired of hiding it.
It's taking longer than we expected.
And how are you holding up?
Never mind me. What matters now is him.
I try to get him to go out, have
fun, and forget everything, but
He's very lucky to have
you by his side, you know?
If you only knew.
I know.
A word of advice.
If you want to keep your fling a
secret, you should be more discreet.
But relax, I won't say a word.
There's no secret fling, damn
it. He's my sister's boyfriend.
Yeah. Crazy, huh?
Look, being cheated on
makes us stronger.
Try to see it that way.
I know because my boyfriend
cheated on me with your sister.
- When are you going to tell her?
- Never.
Nadia can't leave Malick now.
- Why?
- She needs him to go to New York.
He'll also be there next year.
That's why my dad let her
apply for the scholarship.
If she found out he's
using her as a beard,
she'd scrap the whole idea. I know her.
- The contract has arrived.
- Has it?
- Mm-hmm.
- When will it be signed?
It's with the lawyers now.
It will take a few days.
The only thing is
there's a clause that allows
Yeray to withdraw the funding
- at any time during the first five years.
- What?
He'll be pulling our
strings all that time.
- Five years?
- Mm-hmm.
- I'm going to tell that bastard off.
- No.
You won't say anything.
Especially not now.
Have fun.
Hi. I'm looking for
this book.
Sorry, I've got it.
Nadia, you know it's
essential for the presentation,
and it's not online.
Well, I've got it.
I need to ask you a question.
If you knew someone was being
cheated on, would you tell them?
I'm sorry.
I never apologized to
you for what happened.
Why now?
Because you never know how much
time we have left in this world.
And now that I'm starting
something serious with someone,
I understand you better than ever.
I always thought you
were cold and heartless
until I helped break
your heart into pieces.
I'm really sorry, Lu.
I'm done with the book.
- What's going on?
- Nothing.
Is that what you wanted to talk
about? Or is someone else cheating?
No, no one.
Forget about it.
How are you?
are you training hard?
With the punching bag?
Do we have to speak in Morse code?
- Come on, you have to be fucking kidding.
- You need to be careful here, baby.
You should have taken
your own advice, hon.
I trust no one.
What a depressing life. I
don't want that for myself.
- Well, it's the life you're leading now.
- Yeah.
Until I get the money I
need to pay off the school.
- Then to hell with it.
- You'll always need more.
Or do you think that once
you've tasted real seafood,
you can go back to
eating canned sardines?
See if you can get it through
that thick skull of yours:
I'll pay for every shrimp
I eat with my own work.
No hustling and no scumbags.
This conversation is over.
You can see the scumbags
coming a mile away.
It's the good guys, the
ones who look like angels,
who are the ones you
have to look out for.
What the hell are you saying?
I'm saying
that our living room was bugged.
And all the "scumbags" were
either taken down to the station
or are in jail.
All but one.
The little angel.
No. Samu would never do that to me.
- How do you know that?
- Because he loves me.
Do you know what that means?
What if there was a way to make sure?
Samu, I need to find out who it
was that stabbed us in the back.
You can't imagine how badly.
Didn't we want a boring
life with no trouble?
Are you with me or not?
The snitch must be on
the security footage.
We had cameras everywhere, but
the police confiscated them.
But if we're lucky, the security company
will have a copy of everything.
But my mom doesn't know
which company we had,
and the police seized all the
contracts, invoices, and everything.
A couple of months ago, one of
the cameras broke, and I kept it.
It should have a sticker with
the company's details on it.
Why would they give
you a copy of the tape?
Because everyone has a price, Samu.
Look over there.
It's here.
Shit, there's nothing on it.
You could try calling all the
security companies in the country
and see if you were clients.
Although I think that'd be
confidential information.
I don't know. It's your call.
Wait a minute, wait a minute
Maybe there's no need for that.
Why are you here?
I came to
to see if I can do anything for you.
If you need money,
I could get you the best doctors.
What country do you
think we live in, Polo?
I already have the best doctors
and I don't need to be rich or
be a charity case to get them.
Money's your answer to everything, huh?
I just want to help.
But I don't know how.
Do you have plans right now?
I'm bored out of my mind.
How many more chemo
sessions do you have left?
I don't know. The last
session is next week.
Then I'll get the results, and
they'll tell me if I'm done.
Right. Does it really
fuck you up afterwards?
Omar says I look like the
girl from The Exorcist.
How are things going with him?
This whole thing's a
bummer. Awful timing.
bad times are great for finding
out who will stay by your side.
Do you mean Cayetana?
And Valerio.
- You're cheating on her with Valerio?
- No, I'm not cheating. I swear.
well, we're together. The three of us.
You're getting laid more than anyone.
But it's not just about getting
laid. There's more to it than that.
And I think it's going well.
I guess it's not exactly normal,
but who cares about being normal
if you can be happy?
Shit, you've gone all Zen,
and you're not even high.
- Let me try that.
- Just a little.
How does this go?
Badly. At first, it's always bad.
- Holy shit.
- It's strong stuff.
Do you like sushi?
I'm not hungry.
Uh, I was thinking we could
go on vacation to Japan.
Well, a lot could happen
between now and then.
Are you upset over
that kid in your class?
I see.
I bought you something.
Stay the night.
Tonight and as many
nights as you want.
Just look at his eyes
I love you so much, guys. I
really do. I love you a lot.
Aww, so let's see
You told Ander that we're
together, the three of us?
- Correct.
- Right.
And what if he tells
someone? What do we do?
It's no big deal. We've
all been called worse.
It felt good to say it out loud.
That the three of us are together.
Why do we have to stop being
three when we've only just started?
Why don't you come to
London? Huh, cute curls?
My mothers will be asking for
a couple of favors already,
but they can ask for three.
One, two
- and three.
- But how will you convince them?
I don't know.
I know a girl who is very good
at making up crazy stories.
Well, to be honest, it's
kind of my superpower.
- Is it?
- It is, right?
What if you show me
more of that superpower?
Mm, I just can't resist
Mm! Let's go in the
pool, the three of us.
What's he doing?
- Yeah, let's go in.
- Okay.
- Let's go in the water!
- Let's go!
We can do it inside, right?
- Let's go.
- Wow!
Stop, stop, stop, stop!
Stop! Stop!
Hey, there's a full moon!
What's all this?
- Huh?
- What on earth are you doing?
Hello, Moms!
You're back already?
What's wrong?
- How are you? I think we know each other.
- Too well.
I've seen far too much of you.
This is not what it looks like.
We were studying outside,
and we just felt like
- Shut up.
- Well, I'm leaving.
It's not that big of a deal.
- What, having an orgy at home?
- There are only three of us.
- Technically, it's not an orgy.
- Mom
- it's not just about sex.
- What?
We're dating.
The three of us.
How can you be with two people at
the same time? That makes no sense!
- Why not?
- What do you mean, why not?
Have you ever seen a thing like that?
Do you think this is normal?
Isn't that what your parents said
when you said you liked girls?
That's enough, Polo! It's
always a struggle with you.
Don't we have enough problems
already? And now this?
- Hey.
- Hi.
It suits you.
Listen, if you need
anything, anything at all
I mean, I'm not going to shave
my hair off for moral support,
- but if you need anything else
- Thanks.
I'm fed up with all the sad looks.
I don't know what's
worse, chemo or pity.
Pity, for sure.
But it's not all shitty.
Cancer also has an upside.
Really? Like what?
Well I don't know. I used to
stress about what to do with my life.
My future, my parents constantly
breathing down my neck
We spend so much time
thinking about the future
that we forget the present.
I only do what I want
now, and I like it.
Oh, sorry.
Another side effect is that
I talk like a Buddhist master.
It's like I have a master's in
philosophy instead of a tumor.
I don't know about the
master's, but you're right.
Good morning.
Are you okay?
Uh, yeah. Yep, yep, yep, yep.
Just a bit nervous about the exams.
Hey, do you want to
study with me tonight?
I made plans to go to the club.
- Who with?
- Some friends.
From class.
And and how are you today?
- Fine.
- Yeah?
See you.
See? I told you, kid.
Everyone has a price. Some
of us are cheaper than others.
It's all set. I'll get
the hard drive tonight.
But you don't even know that guy.
Of course, genius. That's why
I'm meeting him at the club.
It's the blackout party, and
you can do anything in the dark.
- Except crochet.
- I'm going with you, just in case.
Okay, Dad.
Rebe, what would you do if you
knew Samu was cheating on you?
- What?
- Why are you asking?
I don't know. Intuition.
The only way to be sure is
by catching him red-handed.
Are you nuts?
What's wrong?
- Are you upset about last night?
- No.
Well maybe they're right, you know?
I've been a problem my whole
life. That's my superpower.
Let's see. Let's see.
Polo's mothers might be
lesbians, but they're older.
Okay? They don't get it.
I don't get it either, to be honest.
I'm not going to pretend
I'm super progressive, but
it's because girls don't dream
of having a white wedding
with two grooms, you know?
It's not what we were taught.
I used to think
that people were like halves
trying to make a whole.
Or like nuts and bolts.
All you had to do was find
the one who fit you perfectly.
But Polo and I didn't
fit together before.
But you showed up
and now we do fit together.
Hey, you're our missing piece.
And, fuck
when you find love, having
to let it slip away sucks.
Guzmán, are you going to the party?
Omar wants me to go so
that I'm not alone all day.
Why don't you go with Polo?
I saw you two last night at your
house. You were having a blast.
So that's it, huh?
We forget and just carry on
like nothing ever happened?
Maybe that's the problem.
I forgave you too soon.
The champagne bottle broke.
The neck fell by the restroom,
and I went to pick it up.
And then?
Someone beat me to it.
Guzmán. He bent down, picked
it up, and entered the restroom.
You saw him with your own eyes?
You saw Guzmán?
Is that Yeray?
- Yes.
- Aren't you going to pick up?
No. I'm going to break up with
him as soon as I finish my dinner.
- What happened?
- Carla.
What happened? Do you
want to know what happened?
What we've been hiding
from you for weeks?
Dad has practically been pimping me
so that Yeray will save the winery.
It's the only reason I'm with him!
I don't love him, and
I never fucking will!
You knew?
And agreed to it?
Don't make the same
mistake that I made, Carla.
I also had a Yeray, but I
chose someone I loved over him.
Hm. And look at us now.
People who are not of our standing,
they think we didn't make
any sacrifices to get here.
But they don't know
we're capable of doing anything
to avoid losing our status.
Learning to love that boy is easier
than learning to live with nothing.
Think about your future, honey.
About our future.
You're crazy, Valerio.
We can't deal at the club!
Remember when my mom expanded
outside of her territory?
Know what the problem is? What
we make at school isn't enough.
Not enough for what?
Life doesn't end when we
graduate. That's when it starts.
What the hell do you
need that money for?
I need thousands of
euros within a month,
before the enrollment deadline
for the good universities is up.
And so do you, right?
Or will you be going
back to public education?
- Are you guys ready?
- Of course.
Do you see him?
No. But there's still
time before the blackout.
Why don't I talk to
him? I don't trust him.
Relax, Mike Tyson. I'm the
one who taught you how to box.
I'll be right back.
Your water, sir.
Eh, easy. It's a bit strong.
- What the hell am I doing here?
- Having a good time, like everyone else.
Come on, loosen up.
Are you not coming to the
hospital on Monday either?
I'm sure you have another
friend to go with you.
Resentment is a luxury I can't afford.
Because I don't know how
much longer I'll be here.
If I have only months left,
would you rather not see me again?
If you'd known how long Marina
had left, wouldn't you have liked
to have forgotten all the
problems and been by her side?
They say the key to success is
to turn your hobby into your job,
- so congratulations.
- It's a job, and it's also a secret.
Can you not say anything about it?
I can make it up to you.
You've got the wrong
person. That's not my thing.
Yeah? And what is your thing?
What do you need?
I just need to fall in love.
Boom! I have just the thing for that.
This is happiness
and love.
How are you?
It's fine. Go home. Don't stay for me.
Will you be up when I get home?
I can't dance, let alone fuck.
That's not what I meant, but it's okay.
It's not okay. We should admit that.
And, listen.
- I don't care if you see other people.
- Why are you saying that?
I know it's not conventional,
but I want you to be happy. Right
now you're bitter because of me.
Do you think I like that?
No I don't understand,
Ander. I don't get it.
Fine, forget it.
Watch this for me. I'm
going to the restroom.
Omar, throw this in the
trash without being seen.
- What?
- Trust me.
- Just do it!
- Okay.
What is this about?
I just
I just remembered that
I lost your toothbrush.
- Can you buy me a new one?
- Sure.
No. Buy me thousands.
Millions of toothbrushes.
Sorry, babe. The ladies' restroom
was as crowded as the Tokyo subway.
- Mm. Want another drink?
- Sure.
- What's wrong?
- Where's my bag?
- Shit
- Fuck me!
- Shit, I'm sorry, Rebe.
- You had just one fucking job to do.
Pictures like ♪
She gon' post old pictures like ♪
Pictures like ♪
She gon' post old pictures like ♪
Take over for me.
- Do you want me?
- What?
Want to fuck?
What about Ander?
Ander isn't here.
Like ♪
Like ♪
Like ♪
Pictures like ♪
Like ♪
Like ♪
Like ♪
Post old pictures like ♪
Pictures like, pictures like ♪
Pictures like, pictures like ♪
Perfect timing, as always. Nadia!
Hey! Over here!
Pictures like, pictures like ♪
Pictures like, pictures like ♪
What are you doing here? Great hair!
Uh, shouldn't you be preparing
for your presentation?
I should, but I couldn't
concentrate. What about you?
- Want a sip?
- Uh, no.
Me? Same as always. I
just needed to relax.
- You do seem a little tense.
- No!
Have you seen Malick?
Yeah, he's downstairs.
With the crowd. On the dance floor.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
I don't know. I guess
if he has to go, but
Hey, so nice to see you! I
thought you'd miss the blackout!
- How come you look so happy?
- Well
I'm about to have enough cash to
apply to a university in London!
It's amazing what my family can do
to send me as far away as possible.
- You're coming with us? Yeah!
- Yeah.
- Really? Awesome!
- That's great!
I couldn't let you get away.
Where were you?
I was looking for you!
Weren't you staying in?
Malick, is there anything I should know?
- Is there another girl?
- What? No! What's this about?
- Are we okay?
- Of course.
I was gonna tell you tomorrow,
but my parents are here next
week. They want to meet you.
- Why don't we go home?
- No, wait.
- It's time for the blackout.
- So what?
- eight, seven
- nine, eight, seven
Samu, do you love me?
- four, three, two
- four, three, two
- Do you love me?
- Of course I do.
Bounce ♪
I love you!
I love you too!
I had to make sure.
Bounce ♪
What's this?
- It's called fluorescent paint.
- Right ♪
My bag was soaked in it.
Here we go ♪
What is that?
Ladies and gentlemen ♪
You ready? ♪
Nadia. Nadia!
The security cameras didn't work.
That kid wasn't a security guard,
and the hard drive was empty.
- Rebeca, listen to me, please.
- No, you listen to me, Samuel!
Just tell me one thing.
Was that the only reason
you got close to me?
- Was it all a lie?
- You ready? ♪
Bounce ♪
Here we go ♪
You ready? ♪
One, two, one ♪
I'm sorry.
You knew. Why didn't you tell me?
I didn't want to give you a dumb
excuse to drop out of the competition,
especially when I'm about to beat you.
Do you seriously think I'd
go to New York with him?
Listen with a bit of luck, many
men will come and go in your life,
but an opportunity like
this only comes around once.
Anyway, he used you.
He deserves to be used by you as well.
But what he did hurt me a lot.
Yes, I know.
You thought
you were starting something
great with this person,
and that you'd live happily ever
after, but it didn't work out.
And we both know that he's not the guy
you're really in love with, right?
Speak of the devil.
I will meet your parents,
but I don't know if I'll be
as good as you are at lying,
cheating, and pretending that
I have feelings for someone.
That's my bitch.
Let's see if we can go in.
What did you say?
You did the right thing.
Hey. You did what you had to do.
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