Élite (2018) s03e07 Episode Script

Nadia y Omar

Savor the taste ♪
- What the hell is he doing here?
- Savor the pain ♪
I'd never ask you to forgive me ♪
And you will never see my side ♪
And I will always think I'm right ♪
But I always regret the night ♪
I told you ♪
I would hate you till forever ♪
Sure, private number.
There's no way in hell I'm answering.
I already have a damn
Internet and phone plan.
Were you really selling drugs at school?
Is that true, Valerio?
You two, come in.
- Azucena, good morning.
- Good morning, Begoña.
I'd like to talk to you.
Do you have a few minutes?
Um, I'm dealing with an
important issue right now.
It can't be more important than mine.
I'll be right with you.
I'll speak to these two
I can always bypass you
and speak to the board.
I'm only suggesting meeting
with you out of politeness.
- Just a moment.
- Damn.
I have to go to Ander's house
to get the rest of my stuff.
Then I'll see
Maybe I'll perform
hara-kiri over my grades.
Were they really that bad?
On a disaster scale:
the Notre-Dame fire,
Spain at Eurovision,
- Madonna at Eurovision
- Damn.
my grades.
Nah, it's better to just laugh
it off. If I think about it
in the end, I won't even graduate,
I don't have Ander,
and I'll be out on the street.
Why don't you come to New York with me?
- What?
- Don't be stupid.
You've always wanted to travel
and live somewhere where
you could blend in.
If you can't do that in New York,
I can't think of anywhere else.
You can look for a job
and learn English.
But what the hell would
I do in New York?
Where would I stay?
This is crazy, Nadia.
In my apartment?
Yeah, you showed me photos.
It's as big as Central Park.
Nadia, you can't ask people
you don't know well to
What do you mean, I don't know him?
We were engaged for one night.
Anyway, you two certainly
know each other well, huh?
Hey, it was just a hookup.
- I meant
- Yeah, we just hooked up.
You've made that clear.
Staying with you would
be a temporary thing.
Okay, I guess.
If someone hadn't talked,
no one would've found out.
Valerio and Rebeca were selling drugs,
and Polo reported it to administration.
Are you blaming him for
doing the right thing?
Samuel, Guzmán.
Come with me, please.
Let's see, Azucena.
You can make an argument
for expelling Rebe and I.
- But them?
- We didn't do anything!
You were warned.
I said I wouldn't tolerate
another incident.
And since Christmas break,
you've been making his life hell.
Don't listen to her bullshit.
Polo's mom's behind it.
She was here right before us.
Am I right, Azucena?
The decision has been made.
You are expelled and will not graduate.
- What?
- Samuel!
You're all a bunch of fucking sellouts.
There's no justice here! All you
care about is money and power!
- Don't talk to me like that.
- Or what? You'll expel us?
Samu, I'm telling you,
it's not worth it.
Samuel, what are you doing?
What's he doing? What's he doing? Stop!
- What are you doing?
- Relax!
Enough violence already, okay?
- Are you defending him?
- Yes!
He said he didn't accuse
you two of anything!
And you believe him?
You're doing this so you won't feel bad
about accepting the scholarship.
You'll accept it no matter what,
even if it means taking his side.
I'm gonna miss you being in my head ♪
Son of a bitch.
- But now I'm going my way ♪
- Lu, forget about him.
Nadia, don't play innocent.
You want to smash this bottle
over his head as much as I do.
- Admit it.
- But now I need to go and be away ♪
From everything in my head ♪
If they had let me change schools,
this wouldn't have happened.
That doesn't matter now.
We need to think of a way to fix this.
We could
It's too late. It's over.
It's not fair for it to end like this.
Carla almost drowned last night.
- She almost died. It was his fault.
- Sure.
It was my fault!
It was my fucking fault, okay?
What the hell are you talking about now?
I sold her the Molly
after Valerio refused.
Valerio was going to stop dealing
after your little lecture, champ.
What? You didn't know? Well, now you do.
But, of course, you couldn't
wait to make a scene.
Maybe you couldn't bear the
idea of doing something right
for once in your damn life.
- All right, okay. Go home, Rebeca.
- Fucking Bodyguard Barbie.
Or better yet, just go straight to jail.
You'll end up there
with your mom anyway.
That's another thing we have in common.
You get along pretty damn
well with criminals, right?
As long as they pay for your outfits,
expensive dinners, and tuition.
But I get it, okay? I really do.
Hold on to him tight and don't let go.
Because you know what you'll
be left with when he leaves?
Nothing and no one, hon.
Screw this fucking private number.
You don't look bad at all.
At least not at first glance.
- I can't remember a thing.
- That's normal.
No, it's not normal. I lost control.
And I helped you lose it.
- I'm sorry.
- No, you warned me.
I'm the one who's sorry. I just
found out you were expelled.
But that's what he deserves.
Yesterday wasn't his fault.
He didn't even want to sell it to me.
Well, it's the first time he's had
some common sense in ages.
But it was too late.
Well, bye.
Lu, I've been trying to
change for a long time.
Trying to but you never manage to.
- You're never going to grow up.
- I had nothing to do with it.
You're like a fucking baby
who's always sticking his
fingers in electrical sockets.
I've been trying to keep you
from electrocuting
yourself for 17 years,
but it's never enough.
I can't take it anymore.
Have a nice life.
He always wins.
I swear, I'm fucking sick of this.
We should've moved on a while ago.
- They kicked us out for no reason!
- Not today, not yesterday,
but look at all we did before that
to make his life a living hell.
Not a single day has gone by
that we haven't put all our
energy into hating him,
and we made sure he knew it.
He didn't win. We lost.
- How are you?
- I'm fine.
I know you.
What they've done to you is intolerable.
We deserved it.
What? This can't be the end of it.
It won't be the end of
Stay out of wars that don't concern you.
It concerns me
especially if it affects someone I love.
Careful. You can't lose your
scholarship. It's your future.
What about yours? Doesn't it matter?
I'm 17 years old.
I can afford to put my
future on hold for a year.
After the graduation ceremony,
we're gonna party,
and we're gonna have a blast.
Nothing will fuck it up.
I promise.
Give me a light, honey.
You never smoke on the job.
Those kids will be the end of me.
The school year's almost over,
but they'll be the end of me.
What you've done is massively unfair.
You know that, don't you?
- No, please. Not you too.
- What do you want me to say?
This isn't about fair or unfair, Ander.
It's much more complicated than that.
You'd have to be in my shoes to know.
But Guzmán and Samu didn't deserve it.
Just focus on the important stuff.
On your exams, for example.
I'm not going to do makeup exams.
Please don't start saying you
don't want any favoritism.
There is no favoritism in retaking exams
due to your medical treatment.
I'm not going to waste my final days
in front of a book, Mom.
What do you mean, final days?
There's no hope for me. Not in
the long term or the near future,
- and
- Where did you get that idea, Ander?
Who told you that? No one told me that.
This is all I have.
The present.
But, honey
Okay, and maybe tomorrow, too.
But I won't waste my
time studying. What for?
And I won't tolerate
this defeatist attitude.
You don't want to study?
What do you want to do, then?
I don't know.
I want to spend some time by myself.
Start getting ready.
You'd have to be in my
shoes to understand.
The lawyer wants to meet my mother
and my brother in Morocco.
- He says he has good news.
- That's fucking awesome.
Imagine, maybe this nightmare is over,
and your brother can come home.
No, none of this will be over
as long as Polo's free.
Man, you're obsessed with Polo.
Forget about him already, will you?
Hasn't he fucked up your school year,
your life, and everything enough?
- How can I forget?
- Distance yourself.
Focus on what matters. What matters
now is your family coming home.
- Do what Guzmán's done: move on.
- What are you talking about?
- What are you doing?
- Close your eyes. Go on, close them.
- What's done?
- Polo no longer exists.
Polo who? I don't know any Polo.
- Hey, neither do I.
- See?
- Hey, it really works.
- Mm.
Can I have a napkin?
I can't believe you had
the balls to show up here.
I just want to dry off, Omar.
And I just want you to leave.
I'm saying this for your own good.
- Mom!
- Baby, tell me you have a cig.
I'm jonesing for one so bad,
I almost smoked parsley.
Aren't you going to give your mom a hug?
That's more like it.
Please tell me you have my lighter.
Why didn't you say you
were getting out today?
I called you a few times this
morning, but you didn't pick up.
- Shit, that was you?
- Of course it was me.
You smell so nice.
And you look great.
- It's nothing.
- Come on, baby, I know that look.
I got kicked out of school.
What are you talking about?
- When?
- Now. I mean, a little while ago.
- And what for?
- What do you think?
God damn it.
Well, know what? Fuck school.
He who can, does;
he who cannot, studies. Hm?
And you've been doing an awesome
job running the family business.
At your own level,
a small-scale operation,
but awesome just the same.
So from now on, it's the two of us,
mother and daughter,
working hand in hand.
Holy shit, Mom.
You can get mad at her later.
Shall we step outside?
Sorry, Ander. I didn't know what to do.
Why's it so hard to understand?
We do understand.
Look at you. You got expelled. So what?
It's no big deal.
You will graduate next year.
I don't fucking have next year.
What is so difficult to understand?
Fine, you don't have next year.
What do you want to do?
Your mom says that you want
time alone. That's a shitty plan.
Guzmán, you guys will
never understand me.
I'm fine with you doing
whatever the hell you want.
If you don't want to study, then don't.
Do whatever. Go skydiving,
if that's what you want.
Just don't isolate yourself, please,
because if you're really
dying, I don't
I don't buy that you want to
spend your last days alone.
Without your family,
your friends, and Omar.
Ander. Ander!
- God damn it, Ander.
- Leave me alone, please.
I can't take it anymore.
Uh, hi, Polo. I know
you don't want to talk.
That's okay, but I'm just
asking you, please, please
talk to your moms.
They could get them to readmit
Valerio and forgive him
because there's no
sense in punishing him
when he had already learned his lesson.
Please, whatever you decide, call me.
Please, okay?
What are you wearing tomorrow?
I'm not going, Mom.
The only ones who aren't graduating
deserved to be expelled.
What about Guzmán and Samuel?
They just wanted to break up the fight.
Yeah, those bullies have
been making your life
a living hell all year.
If you're not man enough
to face up to them,
you can't expect me to sit back
and watch them torture my son.
How about the striped shirt
with the blue pants?
You'll look fabulous.
What are you doing here?
What's up with you?
How'd you get in?
There's nobody at the door
for you to manipulate.
From when you asked me
to decorate the place
and make it my own.
I see
Those were good times.
Please, take a seat.
Make yourself comfortable.
Why are you here, Carla?
I came to apologize.
For real.
- You're a great guy.
- Hm.
"Yeray, you're a great guy.
You're really worth it.
Any girl would kill to be with you."
Any girl except the one who
says it, of course. Been there.
I really mean it.
Carla, the last thing I need
now is your pity, really.
- Please go.
- All right, all right.
Let's stop playing the victim
because you don't like me either.
- Excuse me?
- You heard me.
I don't like you, and you
don't like me either.
Uh-huh. And what about
these last few months?
- What do you call that?
- You love what I represent.
How well I fit in with
the image you created
to get likes from the people
who made fun of you
when you were the old Yeray.
Your body, your clothes,
your attitude
You've created your own social
network to get them to worship you.
To you, I'm just another accessory.
And you see me as a walking checkbook
who can save your damn wineries, right?
Like I was saying,
we don't like each other
the way we pretended to.
Even so, I was lucky enough to
get to know the real Yeray,
the guy behind the selfies.
And let me tell you something,
he's an awesome guy.
Much better than the one you made up.
And I bet any girl would
kill to be with you.
Any girl but me.
So screw the likes
and screw the wineries.
We've already wasted enough of our lives
doing what others want us to do, right?
You don't need to prove
anything to anyone.
Now can I give you a hug?
Just as a friend.
No manipulation involved.
- Are you nervous, honey?
- Yeah, a little, Dad.
- It'll be okay.
- Look, it's Omar.
- How are you, Mom?
- I'm fine.
You look great.
You too.
- How are you?
- A little nervous.
- Nervous about what? Get out!
- Hi there.
- Hi.
- Hi, Lu.
You look hot.
I like it.
Hey, Lu?
What's up?
Aren't your parents coming?
It seems that your family can
put problems aside for a while
and focus on what really matters.
I envy you
in a good way
and in a bad way.
You look like a pistachio.
Was it really that serious?
Can't you be reasonable?
- After all I've done for this damn school!
- Oh, please!
Look, I'm taking you to court.
That's what I'll do.
Uh Please go inside.
Ventura, do what you think is best,
but the expulsion is
more than justified.
On the last day of the
school year? Oh, please!
My son's entire year was thrown
in the trash on the last day!
- Laura, Ventura, I think
- Lucrecia, honey, stay out of this.
Actually, I wish you had
done more to help Guzmán.
Yes. Your father is very influential.
If everyone makes a little effort
Okay, that's enough.
I'm very sorry.
Hi, how are you?
So? Why have you been ignoring me?
They haven't done the paperwork yet.
- We'll just talk to your moms
- Cayetana.
Why are you so hell-bent
on Valerio graduating?
- So he can come with us and
- And save our relationship.
Because without him, it
just doesn't work, right?
Polo, don't start.
Don't start.
I get it. You're under
a lot of pressure.
- You don't know what you're saying.
- No.
For the first time in a long time,
I know exactly what I'm saying.
I'm sorry.
Okay. What about London?
What about our plans?
Don't you see? That's all
you're worried about.
London, our plans
- So?
- You're not in love with me.
You're in love with the life
I was going to give you.
Why are you using the past tense?
I'm sorry.
I have to go, okay?
Hey, what happened?
Uh can you give me a second?
It It won't take long.
Can we meet at your place later
so we can close the deal?
Uh, sure. I'm glad you reconsidered.
The ceremony will start in five minutes.
There he is.
Thanks. Let's continue
with the ceremony.
Let me do it.
The students I'm about to introduce
What should we do?
I really don't know.
All I know is I want
that scholarship, Nadia.
So do I. But we're selling out, Lu.
You don't want it, then?
At what cost? Hm?
I'd like to invite the winners
of the scholarship
to the stage.
A big round of applause, please,
for Nadia Shanaa and Lucrecia
Montesinos Hendrich.
Bill McKinley will present the award
on behalf of Columbia University.
Hi, everyone.
Thank you for having me.
I'm very excited to be here.
Congratulations. We're excited
to have you at Columbia.
Thank you.
Good afternoon.
Thank you to our parents and
friends who have joined us
for such a special moment
for us and for our fellow students.
I would like to
I can't do this.
Can you speak for me, please, Nadia?
Go on. You've already started.
- I was saying that
- No, wait.
I would just like to say that
I would like to well,
we would like to
I think I'm speaking on
behalf of both of us
dedicate this award
to all our fellow students,
especially everyone there in the back,
who, for different reasons,
cannot join us up here
as part of this graduation ceremony.
Not being able to have
them here with us
makes this moment
not as happy as we would
have liked it to be.
That's true.
Because she and I should
be jumping for joy
but we're not.
Because we deserve this award.
We deserve this moment, Nadia.
My friends are there
due to a series of injustices
the most serious of all being the
one that deprived us of having
Marina with us.
that we both condemn.
That's right.
And just one person is responsible
for all of those injustices.
- How are you? Happy with yourself?
- I can't believe it.
Look, the award we are receiving
was a ploy your moms came up with
to clean up your image, basically.
And we are accepting it because,
I repeat, we deserve it.
What should we do?
Because this has become
If it's such a problem for you to
accept the award, don't worry.
The scholarship has been called off.
- Please.
- No.
All we've ever wanted is
to support Las Encinas
and to help the students.
Who entered the restroom?
Omar, I don't have all day.
And even if I did, I don't have
the patience. Give me a name.
Are you accusing your own sister?
You know what? I promised
someone I love dearly
that we would celebrate
this day together.
That we would have lots of fun
and that nothing would fuck it up.
Let's go celebrate at Teatro Barceló!
- Hello?
- Samuel.
You need to come to the police
station. It's extremely urgent.
Dad, I'm going to the restroom.
- Wait for me outside.
- Okay.
- We don't have the money.
- We'll take out a loan.
You don't need Nadia to go to New York.
What do you mean?
- I'm not going on my own.
- You'll have me.
Wow! I thought we were just hooking up.
- What?
- I'm sorry.
Sorry I didn't react the
way you wanted me to.
And, yes, we were just hooking up
but it meant a lot to me.
When your sister asked me
if you could come with me,
it left me speechless.
I also thought Nadia's idea was crazy.
And they were more than
hookups for me too.
Maybe that's why we
should go ahead with it.
If a suggestion leaves you speechless,
then you have to do it. Hm?
It was all a trap
so they could find your family
and arrest your brother.
I'm sorry.
I swear I knew nothing about it.
They tricked me too. I swear.
And did they find them?
Your brother is awaiting extradition.
Oh, Samuel
Meanwhile, the killer
is about to go free,
dressed in his suit and tie.
- I'm sorry.
- You should be. It's your fault.
- I told you they deceived me too.
- Who did?
Who deceived you? Huh?
I'll tell you. Your bosses,
your colleagues.
The fucking system you
work for, belong to,
and that you won't do
a damn thing against.
That's why it's your fault.
I printed the document you sent me.
If you want to review
it one last time
Hmm, no.
Uh, no, I think you should review it.
There was a change made to
section three of clause four.
- About the management of the wineries?
- Mm-hmm.
We replaced your name with Carla's.
She will be the sole
and exclusive manager
of the wineries and all related assets.
As soon as she turns 18,
which won't be long now.
Let's see
You won't be involved in the business.
Neither will I.
I'll remain on the sidelines,
so Carla will be the owner
and the one in charge.
Yeray, what you are proposing
has never been on the table.
Well, it is now.
You choose:
let your daughter support
you as she sees fit,
or let your business go under,
so you'll have no way
of supporting yourself.
She is very young and has no
damn clue how all this works.
Say something, honey.
I say I'm done
taking orders from you.
- Excuse me?
- I say
that you aren't going to decide
what I can and can't do anymore.
That's over.
I want to do whatever I want,
be whatever I want, and
be with whoever I want.
You have no power over me anymore.
So? Shall we sign?
You know who's to blame? Azucena.
She doesn't command any
respect from the students.
She's afraid of them, and she's too lax.
It was just a childish prank.
Canceling the scholarship is too much.
At least I did something.
If it wasn't for me,
those two bullies who've
made your son's life hell
would still be there.
- Maybe I deserved it.
- What are you talking about?
Don't be ridiculous, Polo.
With everything that's
happened this year
The bullying, the tweets,
everything they wrote,
the hurt they've caused.
And on top of that, the person
who's supposed to deal
I killed Marina, Mom!
- It was an accident, but I killed her.
- Enough of this nonsense.
- Begoña!
- I don't want to hear it.
Marina had something that
belonged to Carla
and I took it to win Carla back.
- Polo, shut up.
- No!
For fuck's sake, Mom. Don't you
always tell me to be a man?
To face up to things, to be brave?
Well, that's what I'm doing.
I killed Marina.
And I can't bring her back.
And I can't make it so that
Samuel and Guzmán can graduate.
But don't cancel the scholarship.
At least let someone have a happy
ending in this shitty story.
Call now, please.
Azucena? Hello. Yes, it's Begoña.
I'm sorry about calling so late, but
I want to talk about
the scholarship
The choice you made, and I go ♪
I don't need that kind of love ♪
I don't need that kind of love ♪
I don't need that kind of love ♪
Can only watch you leave ♪
Can't take that kind of love ♪
Can't take that kind of love ♪
Can't take that kind of love ♪
- Have you seen Samuel?
- No.
Doesn't wanna tie herself down ♪
Keep it open ♪
Should we hijack the DJ booth
to liven up the party?
No music could possibly help fix
the shitty mood we're all in.
Don't forget, I lost the scholarship.
Who told you two to play the heroines?
Shattering the good ♪
What now?
Let me ask you a question
you once asked me.
Where does this leave us?
What's "this"?
The fact that I'm not going.
That I'm staying.
Well, taking inspiration from
the answer you gave me
I'd say it leaves us in
exactly the same place.
You and I both here.
I don't need that kind of love ♪
That's a good thing, right?
With all the bad stuff going
on, it's a good thing.
I'd say so.
Hey, sorry. Have you seen Ander?
No, but keep looking till you find him.
Can't take that kind of love ♪
Seems like everyone's looking
for someone tonight.
Luckily, some of us have found
who we were looking for.
Through, ooh ♪
Such a simple fact, it's true, ooh ♪
It's harder when it's you, ooh ♪
Try to find a solution ♪
Watch myself trying to drink it away ♪
- Turn the volume way up ♪
- Hey, babe.
- Can't hear myself say ♪
- Hey.
I'm out of touch ♪
I'm out of touch ♪
I'm out of sync with you ♪
- I'm out of touch ♪
- I didn't graduate.
I'm out of sync with you ♪
- Oh ♪
- Me neither.
- Oh ♪
- Well, misery loves company.
I'm out of touch ♪
I'm out of sync with you ♪
I'm out of touch ♪
I'm out of sync with you, oh ♪
What are you going to do?
- Repeat the grade or start working?
- No.
I got an opportunity to go to New York.
But not with your sister, right?
No. I mean, yes.
I was supposed to go with her,
but after what happened,
I'm going with Malick.
He'll help you get settled in, then?
It all sounds too weird.
Or too perfect.
Yeah, that too.
What do you think?
Only what you think matters.
I think I need your opinion.
Only an idiot would let something
too perfect slip away.
- Omar.
- What?
Savor the taste ♪
Savor the pain ♪
I don't expect you to release me ♪
Jumping the gun ♪
Hey, sexy.
- Not now, Carla.
- Why not now?
- You don't know what I want to say.
- I'd never ask you to forgive me ♪
And you will never see my side ♪
this may come as a surprise,
but I've been thinking
But I always regret the night ♪
I told you ♪
I would hate you till forever ♪
What the hell is he doing here?
Playing the part ♪
Playing the game ♪
I don't expect you to believe me ♪
Missing the mark ♪
We tear it apart ♪
I'd never ask you why you need me ♪
And you ♪
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