Élite (2018) s03e08 Episode Script


I'd never ask you to forgive me ♪
And you will never see my side ♪
And I will always think I'm right ♪
But I always regret the night ♪
I told you ♪
I would hate you till forever ♪
Forever, forever, forever ♪
Forever, forever, forever, forever ♪
Forever, forever, forever, forever ♪
I told you ♪
I would hate you till forever ♪
- Forever, forever, forever, forever ♪
- Oh ♪
I need the trophy.
What are you talking about? Huh?
- I told you I would hate you ♪
- Polo, come on
Till forever ♪
Where is it?
In a safe place where
nobody can find it, okay?
Well, I want them to know
I did it so all this will be over.
- No.
- No one will find out you had it.
- No.
- I don't want you to suffer.
You don't want me to suffer?
I've been suffering by
your side for months,
supporting you.
You want to throw it all away,
and you're asking me to help you?
Cayetana, it's my
decision. It's my life.
I'm tired of everyone deciding for me.
When have I ever done that? Huh?
Did you contact the British school
so they wouldn't accept me?
What is he talking about, Cayetana?
- No
- Of course.
It had to have been you.
I did it because I didn't
want to lose you.
Because I love you. All right?
You want me by your side,
knowing my life here is hell.
- That isn't love.
- Hi!
Why are you here? What's
going on? Everything okay?
- Lu, stay out of this.
- What a threesome you've got yourself.
Yesterday, I still thought
this was like a horror movie.
Two monsters fighting over
a damsel in distress.
Now she's in tears over two
monsters who aren't worth it.
And a son of a bitch who came to
fuck up our lives. Right, Polo?
Maybe the monster isn't
who you think, right?
- Valerio
- Oh, please!
Lu, Lu, Lu! Can we talk for a moment?
Sure, but you'll need to
get cleaned up first.
What what the hell, Lu?
- You fucking ruined my life, asshole.
- Lu
Lu, I-I just want to
- talk about your scholarship.
- Forever, forever ♪
- Forever, forever ♪
- Just ignore him, please.
- I'll be right back.
- Forever, forever, forever, forever ♪
Forever, forever, forever ♪
- Would you like a sip, Marchioness?
- No, thanks.
Forever, forever, forever ♪
No wonder you don't want anything
from me after the other day.
Well, it wasn't just your fault.
Carla, I wanted to apologize.
I sold you the Molly
because I was jealous.
I did it knowing that you weren't
okay and could've been hurt.
And what was it all for? For a guy.
It's not your fault
he's crazy about you.
And then I say I'm a feminist.
- Fucking patriarchy.
- Well
don't beat yourself up over it.
I was jealous too.
You? Why?
He was with me, but all
he did was think of you.
Yeah. And I was with someone else,
but all I did was think about him.
We really hurt each other. I'm sorry.
Don't get too carried away, blondie.
It takes a bigger blow than
that to bring me down.
I'm worried about Samu.
Haven't you realized it yet?
That kid worships the
ground you walk on.
He'd go to hell just to warm up a
damn pizza if you asked him to.
You have him in the palm of your hand.
But if you clench your fist
Can I have a napkin?
I can't believe you had
the balls to show up here.
I just want to dry off, Omar.
And I just want you to leave.
I'm saying this for your own good.
Omar, give me a napkin, please.
Omar, go get more bottles.
- Where are you going?
- Let go!
- What are you going to do?
- Are you protecting him?
No, you idiot. I'm protecting you.
Say you stab him in the chest,
then what? You'll end up in jail,
your mom will be devastated,
and Polo's moms will want revenge.
When will this whole nightmare end?
Mesmerizing ♪
Mesmerizing ♪
Valerio, please. Let's
let's forget about Polo.
- It's over now.
- A bottle of champagne, please.
Are you going to let
him come between us?
Get away from me, okay?
Here you are, guys.
Polo was right, all this was insane.
You convinced us it was possible.
Yeah, because it was possible.
It didn't end because
there are three of us.
It ended because of who
we are. We need glasses!
Thanks! Cheers.
Hey ♪
Son of a bitch.
Lu, forget about him.
Nadia, don't play innocent.
You want to smash this bottle
over his head as much as I do.
- Admit it.
- But, hey ♪
I really know you wanted me to stay ♪
But now I need to go and be away ♪
From everything in my head ♪
Is it true that your mother is out?
It's true. And she's eager
to get back to business.
I need her to send
someone to scare Polo.
- Excuse me?
- To scare the shit out of him.
To scare him to death, literally.
What are you talking about?
How much have you had to drink?
I just can't take it no more ♪
I just can't take it no more ♪
I just can't take it no more ♪
I just can't take it no more ♪
I just can't take it no more ♪
No more ♪
I'm done ♪
I really wanted you ♪
To smile again today ♪
But you don't know ♪
Am I ever gonna stay? ♪
It's really hard to stay ♪
I just stopped someone who
was coming straight for you,
but I won't be able to stop everyone
who wants to slit your
throat in this club.
Thank you.
- I didn't do it for you.
- This time, I'm going my way ♪
Why the hell did you come here?
I'm going to turn myself in, Guzmán.
I just can't take it no more ♪
I just can't take it no more ♪
- Tonight.
- No more ♪
I know I'll never be able to
make up for all I've done.
To you
to Samuel
But at least my moms will pay
for Nadia and Lu's program.
But, hey ♪
That's why I came.
To tell them in person.
To tell you I'm sorry
and to tell you it's over.
I just can't take it no more ♪
I just can't take it no more ♪
I just can't take it no more ♪
- Fine.
- I just can't take it no more, no more ♪
Get out of here.
I'm done ♪
I really wanted you ♪
To smile again today ♪
But you don't know ♪
Am I ever gonna stay ♪
When I get out of prison
one day
will you be able to forgive me?
- Uh, I'm gonna get another one.
- No, no.
You said this was
the first and last one.
Just one more!
Shit! Careful, guys! Guzmán!
Help me pick this up before
someone else gets hurt.
Where's the neck of the bottle?
I don't know. Haven't seen it.
I said no. Do I need to
spell it out for you?
I'd never in my fucking life
order anyone to scare Polo.
But your mom took care of that kid.
I'm not like my mother.
Get that through your
thick fucking skull, idiot!
Isn't anyone going to make him leave?
I'd do it myself if I could.
Watch out for the broken glass!
Let me do it. It's my job.
What else now?
You have to be kidding me. Shit, Polo
Can't you wait one night
for him to be gone?
Are you still defending him?
Clean this up, talk later. Come on!
Look for the neck of the bottle.
Get out of here, Polo.
You think I don't realize
I'm not welcome?
Do you think I need you
to tell me that every day?
Anyway, what the fuck
did I ever do to you, Lu?
What about to Carla?
And Ander?
You don't know how much
you're hurting him.
You have no fucking clue
how much it tortures him
that you're still alive.
That you're breathing
the same air as us.
Mark my words, Polo,
I'll always protect the people I love.
doesn't love you
Stop groveling for once
in your fucking life.
But you're an expert at
groveling, aren't you?
You are.
Until they leave you for
someone better, right?
At least Carla loved me at one point.
But has anyone ever loved you, Lu?
Did you think that by
being the most stylish,
the richest, and at the top of the
class, everyone would love you?
- Shut up.
- But nobody loves you.
- They envy you
- Shut up.
fear you, despise you
That's why they don't love you.
And that's why you're alone.
Shut up.
No, I didn't Polo,
I didn't mean to
I know.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- Sorry.
- I know.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
Lips ♪
And the shadow electrocution ♪
- Lu?
- And now I'm ready to be strong ♪
- What happened?
- Then come ♪
Play ♪
Everyone just goes to dust ♪
Call an ambulance, please!
Call an ambulance!
I forgive you.
I forgive you.
Don't worry.
Don't worry.
- Move aside.
- Stay away.
- Come on.
- Polo! Polo!
- Please!
- The police are on their way!
Calm down.
I-I didn't mean to. I didn't.
It was an accident, Lu.
- It was my fault.
- No.
- We'll tell them it was an accident.
- Nobody will believe that.
Everyone saw her throw
a drink in his face.
- But it's true.
- The cops don't want the truth.
They want to close the
case as soon as possible,
find someone to blame, and lock
them up for 20 or 30 years.
We have no choice.
Yes, we do.
We can put an end to this
nightmare once and for all.
We've all suffered enough.
Too many lives have been destroyed.
We will walk out of here,
together and free.
And we'll leave this
shit behind forever.
Her fingerprints are on the bottle.
We could break it.
Not here. The noise would give us away.
Are you serious?
What if there are other
fingerprints on it?
What if they found all of
our fingerprints on it?
It would be the same as not finding any.
Polo did something horrible,
but he wasn't a murderer.
And neither are you, Lu.
He wouldn't want you to waste
your life paying for one mistake.
You're risking the
scholarship in New York.
- What?
- Before coming,
Polo convinced his
moms not to cancel it.
If we're going to New York
we're going together.
Have we all touched it?
All but one of us.
The most important one.
We can try to make it
look like a suicide.
How will we do that?
Where are you going?
Stay away from him, come on.
Hey, she's his widow, damn it.
Won't you let his girlfriend say goodbye
before they wrap him up like a sausage?
Shit, have a little decency.
Go on, then.
Come on.
Come on.
Hey, thanks a lot. Okay?
I really loved you.
So much.
If only I could have loved you better.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
For fuck's sake, Cayetana.
Come on, Cayetana. Cayetana,
that's enough. That's enough.
Let go of the bottle.
Let's go. Let's go.
Don't let anyone touch the body!
My God.
It's done.
- What will they do now?
- Question all of us, one by one
which isn't a problem,
because no one saw anything.
Someone saw me.
Yeah, when I went to pick up
the neck of the bottle
I bumped into a group of
girls, I think.
Shit, no fucking
Did anyone see you go into the
restroom with the neck of the bottle?
Shh. It's okay.
It's okay. Hey.
I need you to remember
who they were, okay?
It's important we talk
to them. Who are they?
- I can't remember, Valerio.
- Shit.
- What if those girls talk?
- Do you have a better idea?
I hated him.
I blamed him for my illness.
I lost control. I stabbed him in
the heart with the broken glass.
- You're nuts. Why would you confess?
- What does it matter?
I'm as good as dead.
What difference is it to me if
I die in the hospital or in jail?
No fucking way.
I won't let you sacrifice yourself
to protect someone, okay?
Who's sacrificing himself?
We need a decoy to throw
the cops off track.
Not just one.
We need a lot of decoys.
It's important that you tell
us everything you've seen,
anything you think might be useful.
Everything. Any detail could be key.
Wait, so are you saying we
should all accuse each other?
That's right.
If witnesses saw Lu go into the
restroom with the bottle, it's over.
But if they also have
witnesses who saw me,
Samuel, or Valerio go in
- Those statements will be worthless.
- Exactly.
Now, the question is
who will accuse who?
It was Samu.
I saw him go into the restroom
with a broken bottle.
I didn't do it.
But if I knew who did,
I wouldn't tell you.
- That means you know who did it.
- That means I'd never tell you.
Although, maybe
I saw Valerio going in just after Polo.
Are you sure?
Cayetana was jealous of my
relationship with Polo.
As soon as I saw her follow him,
I knew what would happen.
What time was that?
At 12:30.
A quarter to one, yeah.
I know because that's the time
I take my allergy tablet.
I was going to the restroom,
but I saw Polo.
I thought I'd better not go in
because I didn't want to bump into him.
And that's when I saw someone go
into the restroom right after him,
carrying a glass object.
Who did you see?
I just feel so bad because
And with all that's going on with him
Cayetana, who did you see?
He bent down, picked up
the neck of the bottle,
and entered the restroom.
You saw him?
With your own eyes? You saw Guzmán?
Nadia. That's all I know. Can I go?
- Carla.
- Rebeca.
I didn't see anything at all.
Hey. You did the right thing.
You did what you had to do.
Nothing will happen to Guzmán.
Or to any of us.
Omar, Polo's dead.
I've been talking about
death for months.
The more I talked about
it, the less I feared it.
But now that I've seen it
I'm scared shitless.
What can I do for you?
What do you want? What do you need?
I need you.
What about the guy you were with?
That was nothing.
What do you mean?
I made it all up.
I did it to push you away. I'm sorry.
If you wanted to get rid
of me, congratulations.
You did it.
Lucrecia, your turn.
Your turn.
I can't do it, Nadia.
You have to lie. Tell them
you saw someone else go in.
It doesn't matter who it is.
Do you remember when Dad asked
you who had messed up the car,
who stained the carpet,
or who dyed the dog pink?
I need you to make up one more story.
Lu, I need you to lie.
But this time, it's not
for me. It's for you.
Several witnesses have told us
they saw you arguing with Polo.
Did you throw a drink in his face?
And at least two people saw
you go into the restroom
with the neck of the
bottle in your hand.
Was it you?
Did you kill him?
We know each other better than
either of us would like to, Lucrecia.
And I think you're lying to me.
Tell me the truth.
Why are you so shaken up? What's wrong?
I'm shaken up because I saw who did it.
I don't know. I-I don't
What happened tonight?
I've never seen you like this before.
And I don't believe you're
this upset over Polo's death.
You weren't even really friends.
What do you know?
Polo was my friend.
Despite everything
we are all friends.
More like a family.
We might not say we love
each other every day
but you have no fucking clue
what I've been through
with these people.
Year after year
and we have a lot
of years in front of us!
I'm shaken up
because it hurts my soul
that the best people
I've ever known
have to go through this shit again
like with Marina.
They don't deserve it.
If I'm crying, if my voice breaks
and I don't know what
to do, it's because
I have feelings, bitch.
But I didn't do it.
Thanks, Valerio.
What did you want to tell me?
I'm leaving
to study abroad.
That's the idea.
Can people come visit?
That depends.
Will you bring macaroni?
Come here, you.
It's a pleasure doing
business with you again.
You know I've been away for
a while, but I'm back now.
Good morning.
How are you, baby?
I'm tired.
What is it? Too much partying, huh?
Go on, go to bed and get some rest.
No, Mom. No.
I'm tired of dead bodies
police, and threats
I can't do this anymore.
All I'm asking for is a boring life.
Come on, babe.
And all I'm asking you
is to quit this shit.
Tell them to leave.
Because if you don't, I'll be
the one who ends up leaving.
An anonymous call
warned us of the presence of
a suspicious box in a park,
about 100 meters away from the station.
I called you down here
because if we find Polo's
prints on the trophy,
we'll have to reopen the investigation.
I know this must be a
difficult time for you.
He did it.
He confessed to us just before he
that night.
Your brother is free.
He can come back anytime.
He's not coming back.
He doesn't trust you.
And neither do I.
I don't believe you've been
honest with me either.
What happened that night
at the club, Samuel?
What wouldn't have happened
if you'd done your job.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry, Samuel.
Would you like a beer?
Did the police really
buy the suicide story?
At least the guilty
party can't contest it.
Can we talk for a moment?
- Sure, I'll leave you to it.
- No. With you, Cayetana.
You can go to Oxford,
Columbia, Harvard
whichever university you want.
We'll pay for it.
- And for your housing too.
- No, but seriously
It's what Polo would have wanted.
You were the only one
who always stood by him.
We didn't know how to do that.
You deserve it.
No. I don't deserve it.
Anyway, public universities are great.
Seriously. And I think
it's time I accept that
my resources are limited,
that I come from the kind
of family I come from,
and that my last name is what it is.
Still, I can achieve whatever
I put my mind to, right?
Of course you can. Of course you can.
Carla, I suppose you know
that you can't leave to study abroad.
You're responsible for the wineries.
I'll have a trusted contact
here who will report to me.
You'll be working closely together.
I don't know if you know
Valerio. This is my dad.
Nice to meet you.
Yes, your reputation precedes you.
I assure you, the reality's much
worse than whatever you've heard.
I heard you didn't even graduate.
And yet, I ran my own
highly successful business.
Yes, an illegal business.
Since when are you scared of
breaking the law, Teodoro?
Relax, I'll mostly be taking care of PR.
I'm the best at getting people to party.
Do you think this is
what the wineries need?
Valerio is a good person.
And we really need that.
Carla, I hope this is all a joke
Let me tell you about my plan.
I think social media will
be crucial for marketing.
If we want to sell, this
is going to be key
Nadia, hurry up!
Do you have the passports and tickets?
- Yes.
- Aren't you going to check that bag?
No, I'll take it on the plane with me.
- Are you bringing winter clothes?
- Yes.
- It's cold there.
- I know, Dad.
Don't worry. I'll call
when we get there.
I'm sorry about that boy.
What boy, Dad?
Your friend. Your boyfriend.
I'm really sorry.
Guzmán won't make it on time.
Why not?
He's with Ander.
He's getting the results of
the latest round of chemo.
We'll hear how it went
when we get off the plane.
Your parents aren't coming?
No. They're on a business
trip, as always.
No, that's not true.
My parents say they no
longer have a daughter.
You'll always have a family here.
Of course you will.
Thank you.
Look after our little girl, please.
Like she looked after me.
Hi, Nadia.
First, an apology.
This is going to be the
corniest message ever.
But I wanted to say that
if you ever decide to come back
I'll be here
waiting for you.
We have to go.
You look familiar.
Andrés, right?
I don't care how much you push me away.
I'm a fucking boomerang.
And whatever the diagnosis is,
I will be by your side, you hear?
Even if the chemo takes 100 years.
I'll be at your side in this
hospital for 100 years,
- repeating the same grade.
- Listen.
So what if I graduate when people
retire? I don't give a shit.
But I won't leave you,
because I love you, dickhead.
I haven't stopped loving
you even for one day.
You won't have to.
It's in remission. They just told me.
But that was a beautiful speech.
Hi, Guzmán.
You know I'm a bit competitive,
so here's a warning.
This is going to be the
corniest message ever.
I promise I'll come back for you.
Hey, man!
I never thought I'd be glad to see you.
Same here.
I don't know anyone, man.
What do you mean?
Is anyone going to tell
me how good I look?
You look divine, darling.
One rich kid, two, three
Everyone is rich around here.
Las Encinas is fucking awesome.
- Come on, let's go in.
- Yeah.
Let's see what surprises
await us in class.
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