Emergency Couple (Eunggeubnamnyeo) (2014) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Song Ji Hyo Choi Jin Hyeok Choi Yeo Jin Lee Pil Mo Clara Emergency Couple This drug is so popular in the United States that it's out of stock! If you'd think over it once more Let go of me, first.
I thought love was all that was needed.
However What is it that you do at home? I'm saying that I almost died.
Hey, are you crazy?! Hey! HEY!! Marriage was reality.
Emergency Couple An intern is what? - The bottom class!
- The bottom class! Then, I'll call out the names of the bottom class.

Oh Jin Hee.
Oh Jin Hee is here.
I don't like it, either.

It's terrible! Then you should quit and leave! Why should I? If you hate it so much, you should leave.
A nightmare that has come back in 6 years.
Everyone, don't move! Why did you save me, you bastard?! Why are you doing this to me? Why did you appear all of a sudden,
and why are you so intent on killing me? Are you going to quit when someone truly dies? A beginning of a new romance? Do you know what we call a stupid and
crazy doctor like you amongst ourselves? You're the Big Rock that Chief Guk has talked about, right? I heard the daughter of the Minister is not an easy one.
Apparently, most guys aren't up to her standards.
He's totally my type.
I heard he was an intern at your hospital.
What's his name? The emergency backup lights are on.

The elevator has stopped as well.
- Oh!
- Oh! Have you done a tracheotomy before? - No.

- Do a tracheotomy, immediately! Me? Aish! Emergency Couple Episode 4 Why? Did the call get disconnected? I can't get connected.
Aish! I'll do it.
No, you can't do it.
No, I can do it.
Out of the two of us, someone has to do it, now! I've only seen a tracheotomy in a textbook.

I've never seen it in real life.
You have to help.
Oh Chang Min! Do you have an anesthetic? No! If the tracheotomy is unsuccessful while
the patient is under anesthesia, he'll die.
Just make the incision.
I understand.
Oh Jin Hee! Oh Chang Min! How did it go? Why aren't you picking up your phone?! Oh Jin Hee! Oh Chang Min! Don't pay attention to him.
This is the cricothyroid membrane, right? Yeah.
Am I supposed to make a transverse incision? No am I supposed to make a longitudinal incision? With the skin, it's longitudinal, and with
the cricothyroid membrane, it's transverse.
Kelly clamp.
You can't let go of your left hand, okay? More gauze.
His oxygen saturation is going up.
It worked! It worked! Did we do it?! Did it really work?! It looks okay.
You guys did pretty well.
Please book an OR.
Why did you turn your phone off? You should've done this via video call! It was me You should have listened to my orders and followed them.
Who do you think you are to take charge on your own?
You're just an intern! What if something bad happened to the patient?! Were you going to take responsibility, you bastard?! I'm sorry.
Both of you get your act together and take him up to the OR.
Bag him.
Sunbae, don't you think you were too harsh? They did well, considering the situation they were in.
During situations like this, you need to follow protocol.
Still, you shouldn't have slapped the intern in his face!
What if that lands you in trouble?! - If I don't do this now
- Later, are you worried that he'd experience
what you went through? I think I overreacted a bit.
What's going on? There was a problem with the hospital system for a moment.
You told the patients' families to rest assured, right? Of course.
Thankfully, I think the patients are okay.
Wow! Have you guys heard? About what? While Chang Min was bagging the patient
with esophageal cancer, they got stuck in the elevator.

The patient suddenly became unstable, so he did a tracheotomy! - Really?
- Yep! Wow, as expected, he's Oh Chang Min, the "Hands of God.
" Hands of God? All that you've done so far is practice!
How could you dare give him that nickname? Why not? Are you ignoring us because we're interns? We practice like it's the real thing! Don't you know how many people struggle with even practice? That's right.
Oh! Here comes the Hands of God! What? You're awesome.
It's only been a few days as an intern,
but you've done a tracheotomy already.
That's right.
Ah, does the Chief know? Of course he does.
I found out when the Devil
was telling the Department Head about it.
Hey, that I'm so jealous! Right, Coo Coo? Only Sunbae Chang Min could have done it.

I couldn't have done it.
Don't expect that from me, Jjoo Jjoo.
That's enough.
Go back to work.
Aigoo, you're being modest in this situation.
I'm telling you that's not it.
It must have been quite a spectacular sight.
I'm jealous to have an opportunity like that! When would an intern get such an opportunity? Suddenly, you look even more awesome.
Ah, really guys! This is something to celebrate over.

How about you treat us to dinner? Okay, okay, so get going.
Stop this, and go to work.
Oh, oh, oh! Where are you going? Hands of God? - Hey!
- Ah, it's hot! You should have been careful.
I'm okay.
Take it.
Why? Do you have something to say? Why did you do that? It makes me uncomfortable.
I'm talking about what you did earlier.

The kids think that I did it.
You did it.
While I was panicking, it was you who knew exactly
what condition the patient was in.
While I was confused while holding the scalpel,
it was you who instructed me properly.
Plus, you even got slapped in the face by Chief Guk.
Also, what does it matter who did it? It's enough that we saved him.
Still How did you feel while you were there? I felt as if I crawled out of a scary tunnel.
I thought my heart was being burned.
And yet you made such bold incisions with the scalpel? I know, right? I don't know where the courage to do that came from, either.
Furthermore, it was in front of you, someone who always used to look down on me.
Anyway, it's true that you saved that patient.
Without you, I wouldn't have been able to do it.
You really put me in a weird position You're okay with it, right? Aish Are you leaving? Yes.
Excuse me, how's the patient with esophageal cancer doing? I heard the surgery went well, but he was in such poor condition, and he refused chemotherapy and let himself get to that condition, so we'll have to see what happens.
Then The tracheotomy earlier
it wasn't Oh Chang Min who did it, right? Pardon? I heard you did it.
The nurse who was with you guys told me.
You did it well.
But next time, no matter what urgent situation you're in,
don't think to take charge.
You're not at a level to do that yet.
Go along.
"You did it well.
" "You did it well.
" "You did it well.
" Oh, Chang Min! Do you live here? Oh, it's me.
Han Ah Reum? Whoa Oh, get in.
I really couldn't recognize you.
When I get stressed, I like to go to clubs.
I'm not good at drinking, but I like to dance.
You're really awesome.
Working as an intern at the hospital would be tough enough.
Do you live here? It has only been a few days since I moved in.

You (live here) too? Don't you remember? You dropped me off nearby after our first day at work.
Ah, that's right.
I remember.
What's your apartment number? - Come in.

- Okay.
Please, have a seat here.
I didn't expect a man living alone to have such things.
Oh, the sound's pretty good.
Do you think so? We're just a floor apart.

Man downstairs, woman upstairs.
You're right.
There's no place like this one near the hospital right?
This place is great.
There's even a fitness center downstairs.
You've decorated your place well.
Wow, it's all perfectly set in place.

Who did all this? Chang Min, do you have a girlfriend? No.
My mom did it.
Can I drink a beer? Oh, of course.
Ah It's cold! Here.
Pigs' feet, huh? - Eat up.

- It looks delicious! Our Jin Ae really likes pigs' feet.
Dad liked it more! So, are you saying I shouldn't eat this? Girl How about Jin Ae?
Have you heard from her? Did she not even call you once?! Don't worry.
I'm sure she's fine.

She's your daughter.
Ah, that horrible girl If her sister became a doctor,
she should at least congratulate her.
It's been two years since she left home.
Horrible girl.
Ah, that terrible girl! Mom, I think I may have some talent.
What are you saying? Hands of God.
I may have been born with the Hands of God.
Hands that could cure any disease,
hands that could save any patient.
What the Why are you being like this so suddenly?
You used to say that you wanted to quit! I got complimented today.
Really? Omo, omo.
You did great, my daughter! Wow Son-in-law Oh should have been the first person
to see you like this! Why are you bringing him up?! You wearing your doctor's coat and taking care of patients at the hospital I want to show that to him, right now! These days, I heard people can see everything, even from the United States! If he saw you like this, he would have fallen backwards! He'd be regretting that he lost a woman like you.
- What? There's no way for that to happen.
Why not? Why can't that happen? You should hurry and get a good husband,
then post his picture.
Get a really handsome one.
If one of us gets married, he'd get married earlier than me.
It seems like he goes on arranged dates.
What? Arranged dates? No, Mom.
Mom, the pigs' feet are amazing!
How did you cook them? - Cheers.

- Cheers! Ah, it's nice.
By the way, the woman you had a blind date with Oh, that? Thanks to someone, I guess word got out.
How about you speak to me in casual form now?
You're much older than me.
I'm not that much older.
(Speaking in casual form)
Should should I? Did you make up your mind to see that woman? No.
To tell you the truth, I got dumped.
What? She didn't come.
She sent her friend in her place.

Whoever that woman is, she totally blew me off! Who knows? If her friend told her that the guy was nice,
she could give him a call.
No thanks.
It's obvious what type of woman she is.
Coming from a good family, a good school, and a beauty pageant winner while she studied in the US What type of woman do you like? First, we need to be able to connect well,
and we need to fit well.
Interests, beliefs, habits, food preferences
things like that.
That way, we'll be able to have a conversation.
It looks there's an innocent side to you.
Anyway, I really hate dumb and accident-prone people.
Ah! How could someone dare to at my son's place think to leave these here? Aigoo, how shameful! How crude! I'll be leaving now.
Who knows what battle
we'll be fighting tomorrow.
Okay, if you say so.
Who could that be? Just a moment.
Who is it? Mom! Son! What brings you here, without even a call? Oh, what's this? You surprised me.
Oh, hello.
The smell of alcohol Did you drink? Just some beer.
She's a co-worker at the hospital.
Co-worker? That's enough.
No need for long explanations.
Take this, - and leave.

- What's this? What are you doing?
I'm telling you to hurry up and leave.
I think you have a misunderstanding I don't.
I understand everything.
So, while I'm asking nicely, - please hurry up and leave.

- Mom, why are you being like this?
- You have a misunderstanding! - Why are you doing this?
- Get out of - my son's house!
- It's a misunderstanding! - Mom, I'm telling you that's not it!
- Leave! Leave!
- Just a moment, please! - Mom, you shouldn't do this!
- Leave! - Mom! Just a moment!
- Where do you think you're going?! - Come inside!
- Mom, how could you be so rude? She's a co-worker at the hospital, a fellow intern! Save that lie for later, when you get a girlfriend.
Do you think you could fool your mom's eyes? It's not like I can't understand you, but What I'm saying is, you should hurry and get married.
I'm telling you the truth! She's Han Ah Reum, who's a fellow intern
working in the ER with me.
Han Ah Reum.
Who? Han Ah Reum? Hold on a moment Why? The name of the Minister's daughter is Jessica.
Her Korean name is
Hold on Han Ah Reum.
- It's Han Ah Reum.

- Who? You know, the girl who was a no-show at your blind date.
I heard she was a doctor.
- By chance, is she
- No way Take a look at this.
It's not this girl, right? - Oh, it's her!
- What? Really? How could the girl in this photo
be that girl from earlier?! Then the Minister's daughter is really Han Ah Reum? Oh my, Chang Min! Gosh! What am I going to do?
I made a big mistake, didn't I? Right? What did your mother just do?! Oh, my! Am I supposed to call her?
What should I do? Your drink preference hasn't changed.
The same drink for me, please.
How did you know to come here? You come here when something's disturbing you.
I thought today would be one of those days.

I assumed you'd be here or at the hospital.
Nothing has changed about you, Sunbae.
People don't change easily.
Are you still blaming yourself? What happened wasn't your fault.
You know that.
Spending 8 years as a resident is good enough.
How long are you going to keep blaming yourself? I'm not blaming myself.
That's the reason why I came back to being a resident.
It's my responsibility.
I'm sorry.
I think I need to head back.
- Are you leaving?
- Yeah.
Hey, no matter how busy you are, be sure to have your meals on time, okay? Of course! Who do you think I am?
I got here with the strength from food! Are you going to visit him today? Yeah.
I'm going to the hospital in the afternoon today, so I'll quickly make the visit in the morning.
I'm grateful for his help while you were in school, but do you have to really visit him in person? I told him that I'd visit him after I pass the intern exam.

I have to go.
Ah, but I'm not sure about it, though.
This sort of relationship is a bit icky.
This will be the last time.
I don't think it's right for me to keep seeing him, either.
I'll get going.
Drive safely.
- I'll get going.

- Okay.
Without you, the house feels so empty.
Haven't you heard from father? Is your father the type to remember our wedding anniversary? No need to do that.
Don't call him.
I have pride, too.
Why don't you divorce him, then? Divorce? For what reason? It's not like he's cheating,
and it's not like he's useless.
If you're going to live like this,
it's better that you get a divorce.
Why would I do something like that? If I get a divorce, I'll have to give half of my assets
and even give him alimony.
Are you telling me to lose my money and become a divorcee?
Do you think I'm crazy? Even if I live like a widower, it's better
to live as a professor's wife than a divorcee.
He's just a honorary professor that seems great.
Don't bring up divorce.
Going through that
with you was difficult enough.
After you get married, and after you inherit your uncle's hospital I'll get a "twilight divorce (divorce at a later age).
" - By then, you'd almost be dead.

- What?! I'm leaving.
It's cold, so don't see me out.
Yes, Oppa.
Why are you guys here?
Why aren't you working? Unnie, is that a bribe for Oppa? I guess you're coming from the Eastern medicine doctor,
after hearing that Oppa's back was in bad shape.
That's right, this is a bribe.
So what? Take it three times a day, before meals.

I had it made perfectly to your taste.
How could you give herbal medicine to a doctor? Don't think of taking over this hospital with just Chang Min
behind your back.
You take care of your own life.
I'm busy.
Why did you tell me to come here? Why would you be busy? The real estate market isn't even doing well these days.
What is it? Where is Professor Oh?
Can you get in contact with him? Professor, my butt.
Right now, I may be able to get a doctor as a daughter-in-law.
Who cares about my husband? Who cares if he drowns while fishing and dies? I told you, right? I said she's be like this.
Just hear him out, Unnie.
What is it? A good position came up at Woosu University Hospital,
where Chang Min works.
I got a call asking to recommend someone.
It's a key position, so it'd be a perfect opportunity
for him to return to work.
Really? Jeez, I guess you're interested.
Just a moment ago, you prayed that he'd drown! Anyway, if he comes to work at Woosu University Hospital then it'd be good for Chang Min in many ways.
Of course! It was a good idea to bring a bribe today.

Don't you think so? I was against it, but Sung Ja pushed for it.
I see.
Is this why you guys got together? I really respect our mother.
Why are you bringing up mom all of a sudden? How could she have left me with such an awesome family? You're here already? Let's sit.
Why do you always get here earlier than planned? Have you been well? Yes, of course.
What is this? It's not much.
I wasn't able to call you on your birthday.
Also, to celebrate my passing the intern exam Aigoo, there was no need for something like this.
You must be really busy since your intern year just got started.
Anyway, since it's a present, I'll accept it.
But from now on, don't do this.

It's too much.
From now on, I think it may be hard for me to visit you.
Why? Do you finally have a boyfriend? No.
Why don't you have one by now? People's eyes must have gone crooked.
How could they not recognize a treasure like you? Do they not like a divorcee? I'm the one who doesn't like it.
Once is enough.
There's no need to get married again.
Oh, don't say that.
You're still young.
Life is just getting started.
Wait and see, you'll find out how long life can be.
From now on, don't come to visit me.
I was going to tell you that today as well.
From now on, you'll get busier, and you'll have to study harder.
Also, you're really starting a new life now, so prepare yourself.
Ah, by the way, what hospital are you working at? It is You're early, even though you're working the afternoon shift.
Did you clear things up with your mother yesterday? I'm sorry.
My mom has a quick temper.
She didn't know Hey, we agreed to speak in casual form yesterday.
You're mom had grounds to do that.
My outfit had plenty of room for misunderstandings yesterday.
Why do you joke around with me? You knew from the beginning that it was me, didn't you? Is this funny to you? Standing up guys on arranged dates, playing jokes on them and sending a replacement is funny to you? You see, that is Now I finally know that you're the Minister's daughter.
I'm sorry.
To tell you the truth Hello? It's okay to talk.
What's up? How did it go? Did you see her? I'm talking about Jessica.

Our Jessica.
Ah, really! Forget about it.
Don't you remember what you did? Why? Did she say that she didn't like me? Did she say that she couldn't understand? She made a mistake, too! That makes it even.
Anyway, you take care of Jessica.
I'm on my way to see your father right now.
I told you yesterday, right? Your father may take the position as
the Vice-Chairman at your hospital.
You've seen him for 40 years,
yet you don't know father well enough.
Why wouldn't I know him? I'm sure he won't listen to me and waste his life away doing whatever he wants.
Then why are you going to see him?
I'm telling you to just divorce him.
I'm going because of you.
For our son.
Even if he gives up his personal honor, I was wondering if he'd take the offer for his son.
I'll beg on my knees.
Even without his support, I have pretty good skills.
I'm going to become a specialist and
an attending staff on my own.
My life was briefly put on hold because of a woman, but I'm not the Oh Chang Min from the past anymore.
Of course I know.
You're my son.
But in Korean society, you need connections.
Are you saying that because you don't know this social circle? How long do I have to suck up to your uncle and aunts? The support from your father will be more helpful than
the support from my side of the family.
You're wasting your time.
Don't go there uselessly and let your feelings get hurt.
Instead, just think that you're going there to see his face.
What's so good about his face that I'd go to see it? Is he a celebrity? Is he the President? I'm hanging up! Ah, her personality is really Oh, it stinks! Oh, really?! Who did he get this from? Did he really get a girlfriend or something? Oh, you came, Madame Yoo.
Where is that old geezer? Did you get a hold of him? He said he's fishing My sister's words were correct.
He doesn't even know how things are going on in this family.
He was quite stressed today.
The provincial office was supposed to give us funding to support his research on the ecosystem starting this month, but the agreement didn't work out.
I'm going to go mad.
What did he say when you told him that I was here? He said you should go back home He doesn't even pick up my calls anymore!
We're just like a divorced couple! Where's he fishing at?
Lead the way.
Just stay here.
Oh, my.
Dear! Be careful.
Why are you doing this? If I drown, are you even going to save me? Instead of saving me, you're going to be fishing, right? If you know the answer, why'd you come? It's late, so hurry up and leave.
I just got here.
Even if you despise seeing me, are you not even
going to look at my eyes? Is this good enough? The old geezer is really! What are you doing? Why are you doing this? Let go! Let go, seriously! Let go of me! Instead, just divorce me!
Divorce me! Do you know what Chang Min said? He asked why I put up with you for all these years! Have you ever been a father?
Have you ever been a husband? Did you even know that Chang Min was accepted
as an intern and was working at the hospital? I know that much.
If you knew, then why didn't you call him? Did you break your finger?
You have fingers that work fine for fishing, but did you cut off all your fingers that you could use
to call the only son you have?! Is he an illegitimate son I had outside of our marriage?! Did you come all the way here to nag at me in front of everyone? Isn't 40 years of nagging enough? This is why I don't even look you in the eye.
What? What the? What are you doing? Dear! Why are you doing this?
Hey, hey! - Why why are you
- Let go! - Stop doing this!
- Let go! I'm going to throw these all away! I'm going to throw these all away! Are you doing this, knowing what kind of work I do?! Did you chase me down to destroy the ecosystem?
You useless woman! Go back, immediately! Leave! Leave now! Driver Kim, what are you doing?
Hurry, come and get her! Let go of me! Let go of me!
Are you not going to let go of me?! My poor life What terrible thing did I do to live like this? What did I do to deserve this from my own husband?! Did I gamble? Did I lose all our money in stock? Did I cheat? I married a man from a poor family
because he was a doctor What am I going through now?! What is this that I am going through?! Father Where do you think you're going?! Hey! You bastard! Ah, you surprised me.
Get out of the way.
You should get out of the way.
You're going to go ahead of me, anyway.
Ah, seriously?! Ah, you're going to trip me up! Why are you being like this?! Really! I'm sorry.
Either come later, or walk faster! Excuse me.
Please spare me a moment.

You work in the ER, right? - Yes.

- What is it? We have some new medication for use in emergencies.
It's been approved for use in the US this year, and we're I'm sorry.
Just a moment, please.

I only need 1 minute of your time.
We're interns.
I'm sorry.
No way, you guys look too old to be interns.
What? Who cares if you're an intern?
You can pass it along to the attendings, sir and madame.
You don't need to call me a sir.
Please, help me out.
Please put in a nice word for me, okay? Why are you looking at me? Were you wondering if I was like him? Many years have passed, but I run into something like this, even here.
Give me that.
Give me all of it.
Fighting! Don't say anything.

Concerning this matter, just do as I say, please.
Dear Oh Tae Seok I have no thought of going back to the hospital.
Just once.

Help me out just once.
When have I ever begged so much and asked anything from you? Dear It's not for me.
Close your eyes just once and do it for our son.
Once Chang Min gets married and gets situated, you can do your research on the ecosystem or do whatever you want.
You can do whatever you please.
Plus, Chang Min had a blind date with the Minister's daughter.
If you come back to work at Chang Min's hospital, then everything will go smoothly! It'll be a matter of time before he gets married! If you let them be, they could have lived happily.
Do you know that they broke up because of you? - Dear!
- Minister's daughter? What's the use? Fine, it's all my fault.
Please forgive me.
So, before I die, grant me one wish.

Okay? Plus, I heard that you didn't get funding
from the provincial office.
That's why I'm going to say this What? Can you help me out? You have a lot of money.
In today's world, even those without much money donate to charity.
Our ecosystem is in a seriously bad shape these days.
Our ecosystem? Not "our Chang Min"? Get out.
Get out.
- What the
- Get out.
- Get out!
- Why are you doing this? - Why are you doing this?
- Get out! - Get out!
- Why are you doing this? Professor! Ah Are you okay? Now, you'll begin inserting the nasopharyngeal tube
with the person standing in front of you.
By the end of your intern year, you'll be able to
insert it with your eyes closed, but now, it'll be a painful process that could take as long as an hour.
I hope that you'd be able to insert it
without hurting your partner, in a timely manner.
It'll go towards your intern performance evaluation, so please be sure to do well, doctors.
Oh Chang Min.
You're the intern who made a resident look bad,
so this should be easy for you, right? That's not true.
On-call shift.
On-call shift.
On-call shift? Let's switch.
We'll switch places.
Stop crying.
Swallow, swallow.
Are you okay? Let me take a look.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Oh, did it hurt? Hey, wait.

Do it at one go.
I want to, but if it doesn't go well, then I can't do otherwise.
Seriously! - Oww.

- Hold on a second.
- Why are you
- Ouch! Try to make it as painless as possible.
I get it.
Here, it's going in.
Okay, just let me do it once.
Stay still.
Does it hurt? You seriously.
I must've done it wrong.
I'll do it again.
It really hurts.
We need to do it again.
Let's go again.
Do it correctly! You're doing it on purpose, right? - Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
Okay, okay.
You try it.
You try it.
Ah, it worked.
As I expected, I'm good! Hurry, let me try.
Is your nose okay? Huh? Oh, yeah.
You must've liked it that Yong Gyu put it in at once.
But, a while ago you seemed to be friendly even while arguing with Doctor Oh.
How should I put it? Like someone who you knew well from the past.
You're still mad at me, right? Well, no.
You changed partners.
Although it's no big deal it doesn't feel good to get dumped by my partner.
I'm sorry.
I sincerely apologize.
But, for not telling you while knowing is because I wanted to attend this hospital just
as a intern not the Minister's daughter.
When I saw you that day you seemed to like music.
This is my favorite band's concert.
Take it as my token of apology.
So, next time don't think about fooling me.
I hate people who lie.
Same for patients but the problem gets bigger for doctors.

Do you understand what I'm saying? Yes.
You may leave.
Hey, Oh Jin Hee! Why? What's going on? If you were going to do that, why did you show off in front of me? - What are you talking about?
- You told the Devil everything! - About what?
- To me, you said that I did it, and you pretended to be gracious.
But you stab me in the back like this? It's not like that.
Then you should have said from the beginning
that I couldn't do it because I was trembling! - Oh Chang Min.

- Do you really want to impress the Chief? You shove your body at him, you show off in front of me and tell a completely different story behind my back Do you know what trouble I got into with the Chief because of that?! Oh really? You got accepted into medical school at the top of your class and got all the attention from the professors.
Now that you got into trouble for the first time here, - have you lost your mind?
- What? I know that you're smart and you're good.

I know that you live as the elite, but don't feel inferior against me.
My gosh Feeling inferior? Why? Did you regret all night? Did you regret letting me hold the scalpel instead of you? - Hey.

- It's not like I don't know you, Oh Chang Min.
Do you know why we divorced? Why do you bring divorce up right now? Up until now, you thought that we got divorced because
you cheated on me with that pediatrician, right? I didn't cheat! I was just doing sales work.
Watch what you say.
This is my workplace.
Or, did you think it was because of your mother? Hey, are you really The reason we got divorced Why we tripped up in life Have you ever tried, even once, to figure out the reason? Have you ever, even once, thought it through seriously? I don't want to know.
There's no reason to know that,
and there's no use in knowing it.
Why? Because I'm living so well right now.
As long as you're not here in this hospital.

Do you know that? Keep living like that.
If so, you'll make another mistake, and you'll trip up again.
What? Hey! How could there be a person like you?! Hey! Chief! Chief.
- Chief, have you heard?
- About what? The patient with the esophageal cancer
that had a tracheotomy yesterday He's at the ICU right now, after his surgery.
I heard he just died a few moments ago.
I think there will be a problem brought up against our ER.
Plus, it's easy to place the blame on us
for letting an intern do the tracheotomy.
Chief! Chief.
- Chief, have you heard?
- About what? The patient with the esophageal cancer
that had a tracheotomy yesterday He's at the ICU right now, after his surgery.
I heard he just died a few moments ago.
I think there will be a problem brought up against our ER.
Plus, it's easy to place the blame on us
for letting an intern do the tracheotomy.
You can't go like this! Father! Father! How could you leave like this? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
What happened? You said the surgery went well.
It's true that I tried my best with the surgery, but sending the patient to me so late was a problem.
What are you saying? Don't you know
what situation we were in yesterday? - Sunbaenim.

- Despite those unfavorable conditions, if we sent over the patient after a successful tracheotomy, then don't you think the ER did all of its job? You said you did your best at surgery? Then, are you saying that the patient died
because we did something wrong?! You shouldn't do this here.
What did you say, you bastard?! Chief, why are you doing this? Calm down.
If a problem arises later, check the surgical report and the autopsy results.
Please let me go now.
If the patient's family sees me like this,
what would they think of me? It can't be It's not my fault.
How could it be my fault that the patient died? Oh Jin Hee, you're overreacting right now.
What did you just say? The surgery went well, but his recovery
didn't go well during the night.
So, the Chief and the residents are having an
emergency meeting regarding that case.
From now on, please follow my orders.
Is she saying that the patient whom Chang Min
did the tracheotomy on died? That's what she said.
What are we going to do? Oh, we tried our best to save him.
They will bring up an issue with the ER.
Head nurse, a patient with drug overdose
will be arriving in 30 minutes.
I told you not to accept long distance patients this week, since the ER is full.
Hurry up and tell them to go to another hospital.
Well, the patient insisted that she had
to come to this hospital, no matter what.
She took some medication after fighting with her husband.
It's something to calm her nerves,
but I don't know what it exactly is.
Madame, are you alright? Madame.
What are you doing here? I told you to quit, didn't I? How are you going to be a doctor, when you're like this? I don't want to talk.
It's not your fault.
You did well.
I wasn't the one who said that.
He said you did well.
Then, that means you did well.

There's no problem.
I was the one who held the scalpel, and the patient died.

How could that not be my fault? So what? It's normal for people to die at a hospital.
If you're a doctor, it's something you'll see for the rest of your life.
That's enough.
You said I was the one who did it.
You said that I did the tracheotomy, didn't you? Let go of me.
What you said was right! So if a problem arises, I'll take responsibility for it.
Why are you doing this, Oh Chang Min? Oh Jin Hee, you asked if I knew why we got divorced, right? Should I tell you?
What you're doing right now Being so uncontrollable Closing your eyes and ears shut to what others say
when you're swallowed up by your emotions Placing your emotions first Making it hard on people because of your cheap emotions Do you seriously Get your act together! This is the hospital.
Also, I'm saying this again: I treated that patient.
If someone has to take responsibility, I will.

So stop acting so foolish! ~ Preview ~
That ahjumma did it? Troublemaker.
Oh Chang Min was going to do it,
but I even dropped the phone Dr.
Oh Jin Hee just followed my orders.
Who orders around whom, you bastard?! I'll resign.
Why are you saying that now?
[Letter of Dismissal.]
This is strange, right?
There's definitely something going on There's a world of mystery that we don't know about.
Is it something that I'm not supposed to know about? If her sister became a doctor, she should at least congratulate her.
- My life, guitar!
- Oh, that terrible girl! A VIP patient? It's Chang Min's mother.

Oh Chang Min's (mother).