Emergency Couple (Eunggeubnamnyeo) (2014) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Song Ji Hyo Choi Jin Hyeok Choi Yeo Jin Lee Pil Mo Clara Emergency Couple ♫ The fragrance of flowers is being emitted.
♫ Fine.
This is the last time.

If I try I'll try for the last time.
♫ There is no flower here ♫ I believed it would get better.

♫ except for you.
♫ However,
♫ I feel good.
♫ What is there for you to do at home that… I said I almost died.
I said there's something wrong with your mind.
Just because your fish died, you're exploding in anger? Then should I destroy some of your stuff? Marriage was reality.

♫ Continue as you did to ♫ ♫ gaze at me.
♫ Emergency Couple Last Episode
What is an intern? Bottom class people! Then let's take role of the bottom class people.
Oh Jin Hee.
Oh Jin Hee is here.
This ill fate that started again.
What kind of crazy patient would hand his life to you? How can you be a doctor? You can't make it.
You can't tell if it's a vein or an artery,
and where you should get which blood? I'm sorry.
Will you stop once a person dies? Will they be able to start anew? Move this patient to the ICU.
Oh Jin Hee stay next to him and do bagging.
-What is this?
-It's an emergency situation.

Have you done a tracheotomy before? You can do it.
It's okay.
You did great.
A story that hasn't ended yet.
Because of that wrench, you've wasted how many years? Mother-in-law.
It seems the Minister's daughter isn't an ordinary girl.
The Minister's daughter is a doctor.
A doctor? We're working on getting a doctor as my daughter-in-law, and you think my husband is more important? Isn't 40 years of nagging enough? Where are you running off to?! Are you meeting her today? Don't come anymore.
The esophageal cancer patient who just had the tracheotomy, he passed away just a moment ago.
It seems there's going to be a problem in the ER.
Plus, it's easier to find fault since an intern performed tracheotomy.
You said I did it.
I treated the patient.
If someone has to take responsibility, I will.

So stop being your stupid self.
Emergency Couple Episode 5 She fought with her husband and took a pill.
It's supposed to calm you down, but
I'm not exactly sure what kind of a drug it is.
Madam, are you okay? Madam.
Go out.
Don't you hear me telling you to get out? I'll take responsibility.
You're being naive.
I'm telling you again.
Oh Jin Hee just did what I told her to do.
Who's telling who what to do, you bastard?! Responsibility? Who are you to take responsibility? Do you think you are someone who can take responsibility or not? How are you going to take responsibility as a intern? You got everything, right? Yes.
- Follow me.

- Okay.
We already lack enough hands for our own ER patients, so why are we taking a patient from far away? Hurry up! Hurry up! Are you done? Ah, seriously.
Try contacting Chang Min Sunbae.

Where is he at moments like this? I'm picking these up.
Did you just get annoyed at me? Where is Ahjumma? Call Ahjumma.
Oh Jin Hee do you know why we divorced? Should I tell you.
It's because of you acting like this.
Doing things your way.
Once you fall into an emotional state, you don't listen to anyone or see anything.
Placing your emotions first
Making it hard on people because of your cheap emotions Keep your head on straight.
This is a hospital.
Also, I'm telling you again.
I treated that patient.
If someone has to take responsibility, I will.

So stop being your stupid self.
Where are you right now? A VIP patient is coming in.
Give it to me.
I'll do it.
She's not conscious yet.
Her BP is at 90, and
there seems to be damage at her spheroid joint.
You said that she overdosed on tranquilizers.
Before she took medication, they said she fell at a fishery, so she must have hurt her head then.
Quickly head inside and look for an orthopedic surgeon who isn't at the emergency conference.
Yes, I understand.
Ah Reum.
Chang Min.
Where are you running off to? A VIP patient just came in.
Please help me.
A VIP patient? I'll go first and run a test to see what drug she took,
so be careful while moving her.
She's a drug overdose patient? Yes, it seems so.
Did I take too many pills? Did I die and come to hell? I'm hallucinating.
Where's Chang Min Hyung? Professor, are you there? Professor.
What happened? - He's not there?
Professor Kim, too? Yes.
He just went in to do surgery.
What should we do?
It seems everyone went to an emergency conference.
Hurry up and make one more round.
Is it done? - One, two
- Oh, wait.
Leave her and don't move her.
You have to be extremely careful while moving
a patient with a problem in her spheroid joint.
What are you doing, Dr.
Oh? Aren't you going to examine her? Me? Then, should I do it? No.
What happened? It's nothing.
This won't do.
Hurry and bring Professor Shim from the conference.
Oh no.
Her oxygen saturation is dropping to 90.
As you can see, even if he had the surgery, he had less than a 30% chance of surviving the next 6 months, and there was no guarantee that his surgery would have gone well.
But in our Emergency Medicine Department, we've successfully performed a tracheotomy
on the patient while trapped inside of an elevator and sent him up to the operating room.
If they had waited and done nothing until the elevator doors opened, the patient would have died before making it to the surgery room.
Who decided that the tracheotomy was successful? By chance, was it you, a resident? Yes, I made the assessment.
When Professor Seo Yeong Wook, a specialist, saw it, he saw that the damaged blood vessels around the trachea could have been a factor in his death.
How will you explain yourself, given a specialist's opinion such as this? Of course, because they operated under poor circumstances, there could have been damage done to the blood vessels.
But, from how I saw it, there was no mistake.
Who did it? Her pulse is rising to 110.
It's atrial fibrillation.
What kind of a patient is it? She's overdosed on sleep medication, and while falling she seems to have injured not only her hip joint, but her head, too.
There's no way that she has cerberal hemorrhage, right? She's not seizing, nor is she paralyzed.
Then, is it a TIA?
(Transient Ischemic Attack) A minute is too short for that.
She's lost consciousness which means her great arteries have been blocked.
It's almost impossible for them to reopen that quickly.
Who was looking over the patient? Her.
-It was you?
Then you should have quickly made a conclusion
and sent her up to be tested.
What were you doing? For now, I think a brain CT and an x-ray of her hip joint.
Then sending her to Orthopedics So you're seeing this simply as a fracture.
You can't think of anything?
You don't know what you're supposed to do? Whether it was simply due to overdose of
medication that she has lost consciousness, or if the aftershock of falling had caused
damage to her brain and caused unconsciousness, I couldn't make the correct judgement.
So you're suspecting the possibility that she fainted.
Everyone heard, right? Hurry up and give the orders.
Have a brain CT and X-ray.
Check for cardiac syncope and orthostatic syncope.
Also, call for an orthopedic surgeon right away.
Is it true that the intern in the elevator did it? Yes.
-Then, you are saying the intern did it knowing themselves
-Professor Ahn! Didn't he say there was no other way because of the hospital's system check? Then we need to take the word of a resident saying that it was a success? As a chief taking care of the ER interns Who is it exactly? Bring the intern who did the procedure.
How great is the intern? Do they actually have the skills? If they had confidence to do what they did, we need to know that.
Excuse me, they want you at the conference room.
The tracheotomy, did you perform it? What's going on? The intern who performed tracheotomy, I think they're going to call her up to account for it.
Everyone's at an emergency conference, so there's no professor around.
What kind of big rock at the Emergency Room
stepped up as an intern and caused this to go to a lawsuit? A lawsuit? The family members are holding on
to the fact that an intern performed surgery, so they're saying they'll sue and whatnot.
Let's go.
I'm going to come out after I get my gown.
Thank you.
Don't worry too much.
Nothing big will happen.
What wrong did they do? Honestly.
What are they planning on doing after calling the intern? I'm the ER intern, Oh Chang Min.
What's with that guy? That bastard seriously.
How's the patient? I'm a bit busy right now.
Can't you see for yourself? What? Don't just stand there.
Find the guardian, and call them.
This patient is Chang Min's mother.
Oh Chang Min.
What? Are you sure? She's a VIP patient.
In that urgent situation, there was no choice.
I couldn't just watch as the patient's condition was worsening, so I held the scalpel and did the procedure.
Although I don't know about the surgery afterwards, the intern who did the procedure in the elevator was me.
Did you say you're Oh Chang MIn? Yes.
Then, how are you planning on taking responsibility for this? Did you go up there even planning to take off your gown (fired).
I'm asking if you can! If I need to, I'll do that.
That crazy bastard.
No! I did it.
Although Oh Chang Min told me what to do, the one who held the scalpel was me.
I did it.
Anyway, it's true our ER interns did the procedure.
To lessen the pain caused to the family members of this patient, any responsibility following the lawsuit or any disciplinary actions, will be taken by the Emergency Medicine Department.
Thank you, Sunbaenim.
Forget it.
Just do well from now on.
But about the person just now here called, Oh Chang Min, my classmates say he's Director Yoon's nephew.
Director Yoon? You mean Director Yoon Sung Gi? Isn't every generation in that family doctors? What should we do? Make sure to say the respiratory tract opening
was done by Oh Jin Hee, not Oh Chang Min.
You know what I mean, right? Yes, I understand.
These two are seriously You're avoiding it? Hey Lazy Head, Big Rock.
You guys came up with a plan to mess me up, right?
Why do you keep making the problem bigger? I told you to not stand out, but you stand out? Are my words not words? - I'm sorry.

- I'm sorry.
Seriously! Since when have you two been like comrades,
each saying, "I did it.
" Are you two dating? I No.
Then from now on, don't do anything without my order.
Don't even breathe.
Got it? Yes.
Hey! Why did you do it? What? Why did you say you did it when you didn't? I did it.
You just What are you planning? Are you trying to blame me and curse me your whole life after doing this? It feels like you have a huge misunderstanding.
What? Why? What did I misunderstand? Do you think I stood out for you? Do you think I did it for you? The tracheotomy was done by me.
You just did as I instructed you and followed my orders to what was it called Right, a puppet.
You just moved your hands to my command.
Do you still not know? What? I told you, didn't I? That one of us has to quit for this war to end.
So you're taking responsibility and quitting? Am I crazy? How many times do I have to say it? The patient didn't die because of us.
You're a doctor who lacks in skills to make those kinds of judgements and conclusions, so you should quit.
So right now, you actually think you did it Chang Min! Your mother is here right now.
Where did the patient here go? She was moved to the VIP patient room.
She's in the hospital? Where and how much
is she hurt for her to come to the hospital? Dr.
Oh Jin Hee treated her.
She overdosed on Benzodiazepine, has a
slight head injury, and a problem in her spheroid joint.
Why did you just tell me that? But how did you know? That she was Doctor Oh Chang Min's mother? Uh That's You're here.
Who is she to cause all this fuss? Hospital Director Yoon Sung Gil's younger sister.
Yoon Hospital? Why didn't she go to Yoon Hospital, but here? How should I know? Mother Mother! Then it really was the Ahjumma that did it, not Chang Min Hyung? I told you so.
I was there with them that day, and I saw it with my own eyes.
This Ahjumma has a really large heart.
Then what is going to happen now?
Is she really going to get fired? She saved the patient in the situation.

Isn't it a bit wrong to fire her? Why are you all like this? You all wanted her to get fired.
You brat.
What intern has the life of a fly? Wait a moment here.
When we were mistaken and came out, why did Chang Min Hyung stay put as if he did it,
and Doctor Oh Jin Hee did not argue that she did it? That's true.
When we were calling him
"Hand of God", he didn't even deny it.
Isn't it because she missed the timing because we were so overboard? Timing.
In front of the Ahjumma who's directly involved, how shameless do you have to be do that?
Is that really possible? This is really weird.
This isn't weird.
This is suspicious.
There's definitely something in this
mysterious world that we don't know.
What is there, you brat? Look here.
That Ahjumma, jumping in to save Chang Min with the defibrillator,
and also that she performed mouth to mouth.
This is too much between simple colleagues.
Also, you said you saw Chang Min Hyung go into the conference.
See, see.
Are they two pretending to not get along in front of us, but they're actually meeting each other in secret outside? Is this some chat room? Why suddenly to me I'm telling you to teach these interns here, you brat! No.
I'm sorry.
Do well.
I'm tired.
What are you guys up to? If you're done organizing yourselves, get going and work! I heard the tracheotomy was not done by Chang Min.
You mustered up great courage in that situation.
What would I have done? Could I have done it? I keep thinking about it.
In that situation, anybody ends up doing it.
But is there some problem because of that incident? How did you know the VIP patient
is Doctor Oh Chang Min's mother just a while ago? There's a reason.
Why? Is it something I can't know? Are you not using honorifics to me right now? Yes.
Even my younger sister is much older than you.
Does she have nothing but age? Seriously.
The phone you are calling is turned off.
Please leave a message.
What is she doing right now? ♫ The fragrance of flowers is being emitted.
♫ ♫ Where is it coming from? ♫ ♫ There is no flower here ♫ ♫ except for you.
♫ ♫ I feel good.
♫ ♫ My heart is at peace.
♫ ♫ Continue as you did ♫ ♫ to gaze at me.
♫ ♫ Like this ♫ ♫ I want to see your smiling image.
♫ ♫ Although as for me, ♫ ♫ not even once yet can I smile.
♫ What are you doing here, instead of getting off work? Don't misunderstand anything.
Misunderstand? I just came because I was curious about the patient I treated.
I just did it as a doctor.
That's right.
Who said anything? I was so scared that you were going to do something to my mom while standing next to her.
I was so shocked.
What do you think I am like? This is why you won't work.
Stop fooling around.
When did I fool around? Mom, I'm back.
Mom! Mom, are you still not back yet? Mom! Mom! Aigoo, my Jin Hee is back.
Gosh, that last customer, until the last minute Omo.
Omo! What happened? Did a thief get in? Mom, did you lock the door properly when leaving? Yes.
I definitely locked the door before leaving.
Hey, let's report this to the police right now.
Where's the phone? The phone.
Where's the phone? Find it fast.
Wait a moment.
Why is this child being like this?
We have to report it to the police quickly.
There's nothing missing.
But, all of your precious jewels and whatnot, so look carefully.
Where do I have something like that? Look here.
Did something go missing? Is it expensive? It's a thief, right? We have to report it to the police now.
Mom, wait a moment.
Why are you being like this? You're giving me goosebumps.
Hey, how did they get in? Was it through the window? No.
She came in through the main entrance.
Hey, how do you know that? Mom, you've never changed our door's password, right? Of course.
It's your birthday.
I was worried that if your sister comes home and no one's home, she'll not be able to open the door and just leave.
This is done by Jin Ae.
What? Did Jin Ae really do this? Otherwise, how come this is the only thing that got taken? Nothing else was touched.
What is this? Is it expensive? Did you buy this without me knowing? No.
What did you buy? It's my wedding ring.
- Wedding ring?
- That's right.
It's my wedding ring from 6 years ago.
Jin Ae kept making a fuss that she would sell this
to get money since a long time ago.
Why do you still have it then? What Just It's not that I have any feelings for him left.
It's just as a souvenir.
This child.
What do you mean a souvenir?
How long has it been since you broke up? Is divorce worth remembering for you to keep that until now? When did I say I kept it as a souvenir of divorce? This girl.
It's a relief that Jin Ae took it.
She did well to take it.
Mom! By the way, are you sure though? Since a while ago there have been unknown calls
that keep hanging up without saying anything.
This girl is out of money, so she called home But she couldn't say anything, so she just hung up.
I only have two kids.
One is divorced, and one ran away from home.
I can't live anymore.
Why are you dragging me into this? Seriously.
Hey, Oh Jin Ae.
I'm going to find you this time even if I have to report you as missing.
Gosh, really.
Today's just a terrible day.
A conference, a VIP patient, and What about the VIP patient? Nothing, Mom.
Let's go sleep.
What is it? You killed that patient, didn't you? Not our Chang Min.
You're the one that killed him! Things like this really get done fast.
If it's a problem that occurred because of the hospital system, shouldn't the hospital take responsibility and compensate? Why would they cut the ER's budget?
It's not like the patient died in the ER.
After the patient died, his family found fault
that an intern performed surgery, so the hospital found a reason to cut the budget.
Even after compensating the family through our budget? A cut on top of that is ridiculous.
Every time, the department that is easy to pick on
and gets the shorter end of the stick is the Emergency Room.
What does that mean? Really? I told you so.
Excuse me.
Head Nurse, I have something to say.
What is it? I heard that because the patient trapped in the elevator was operated on by interns, the ER department's budget is being cut.
So? If the budget gets cut, we will need to fire some staff.
Then that means one of us nurses will get kicked out again.
What kind of stupid sacrifice is this? It was a problem with the hospital's system.
What did we nurses do wrong? - Besides, it's an intern that performed the surgery.
Doctor Oh Jin Hee
- Yes.
That's right.
- But how come it's us?
- Did an official announcement come up? Nothing's decided yet.
Don't get excited yet.
Because of a certain person, we're about to get shi**ed on.
Shouldn't you take responsibility? Don't be like this.
Are nurses your insurance? There's no way that one of us is going to get fired.
Nothing like that is going to happen, right? What is it? I heard that the ER's budget got cut.
So what? I'm sorry.
I stood out and said, "I would do it.
" Doctor Oh Chang Min was going to operate, but I I dropped the cell phone, too, and just on my own So? So what? To adjust to the decreased budget, we will have to fire some staff.
If somebody has to quit, then I will quit.
Is that so? Just a while ago, you were talking about how hard you
worked to get here, and that you would never quit.
Anyway, it would be easy if you quit.
It's not something I can decide myself,
so I'll decide after discussing with the Chief.
Besides this, you treated the VIP patient
that came in yesterday, right? - Yes.

- You're the intern in charge of that patient until she gets discharged.
What? Why? You don't want to? No, but Why do you care if you're thinking of quitting anyway? They don't have enough interns.
Although VIP patients can be fussier and more burdensome, think of it as a good experience.
- Why do I have to do it?
- You're the one that treated her first.
Isn't that so? That's right.
- Still compared to me, Doctor Oh Chang Min
- Oh Chang Min is assigned to somewhere else already.
Don't talk anymore, and do it without mistakes.
Who are you? Who are you? You Oh Jin Hee? Hello.
W-What is this? Why are you here? Where is here? Where's my Chang Min? Where's my Chang Min? This is the hospital, and you were brought to the ER yesterday.
Please eat.
Move away! What are you? Why are you here? Mom.
Chang Min.
Is she a ghost? Am I dead? Why is she standing in front of me? What is happening? Mom, calm down.
Please calm down.
How can I calm down now? What are you? I asked why are you here.
Please be quiet.
This is the hospital.
That's right.
I know this is the hospital.
Is she working as a nutritionist here? Are they out of people to hire?
Does this hospital not even look at qualifications? How can they use somebody like her?
Are they planning to kill all the patients? Mom.
It's not like that.
Then why is this girl here?
Are you not going to tell me right now? Because I'm a doctor.
What? Mom, that's Keep still.
Doctor? Are you a doctor? Yes, I'm a doctor.
Also, I'm an intern in the same hospital
and same department as your son.
Stop it now.
What did she just say? This hospital's intern? You became a doctor? You? How can you? I wanted to try being that great doctor for once.
I was also curious how great a doctor family is.
I told you to stop.
Get out.
Get out right now.
No! I'm not leaving.
I can't leave! This patient is my patient.
What? Mom.
Mom are you alright? Mom! Mom! What happened? A doctor? Why didn't you tell me? Switch hospitals immediately.
Why should you switch? She should be the one to switch.
Doctor? How can an ignorant person like her become a doctor? Does that make sense? This can't happen.
Please stop.
Is this something normal? After ruining your life, she becomes a doctor? So, did she say she came in for revenge? I told you it's not like that! Where is my phone? Why? I have to call the person in charge here myself.
Mom! Why? Give it to me.
What are you going to say after calling? I'll take care of that.
She's a woman that my son divorced,
so please move her to some other hospital.
Fire her immediately.
Is that what you're going to say? I should do that.
I can't.
If I do, then rumors will break out in this hospital that my son was divorced.
Wait a moment.
Jessica? Where is Jessica? Who? Why? The minister's daughter.
The person I met in your office apartment.
Was her name Han Ah Reum? She's working of course.
Is that so? They should send me someone like that.
Why would they send me someone that can't do anything? How did she pass the intern exam? Did she get in due to miscommunication? As I was losing my breath, I insisted that
I must be admitted to this hospital.
You, too, but why did she end up here? Wait a moment.
Mom, just get discharged.
You're not that sick that you have to stay in the hospital.
I'll take care of things here.
What can you take care of?! Because of that wrench, it has
taken you 6 years to become an intern.
You finally got rid of her and started again.

How can she appear again? Gosh, that tick-like wrench.
No way.
I can't see this happen even if I die.
My head hurts.
Hello? This is Oh Jin Hee.
Hello The caller's identity is blocked.
Oh Jin Ae, you Seriously.
Pawn ticket Pawn shop Awesome.
I need a guitar!
I want a guitar! My life guitar! Rock and roll baby.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Emergency Room is so tiring.
Hey, you don't even go near my mom's room.
I would like to do that, too.
I told you not to.
- Big Rock.

- Yes? - It's good to work hard, but don't stand out from now on.

- Huh? You keep causing problems.
Trouble maker.
I'm sorry.
Also, Oh Chang Min Yes? You're from a doctor family? - Huh?
- You got out well since your family background is good.
What do you mean? What is she talking about? Notice of Dismissal Name: Oh Jin Hee.
The caller's identity is blocked.
Hey, Oh Jin Ae! You think I wouldn't know it's you? Yes, it's me.
Where are you? Why do you keep calling and hanging up? I took your wedding ring.
I called just in case you were needlessly worried that it was a thief.
What? But that wedding ring isn't worth much.

Did you just get married after receiving that? - How can you
- Actually, I still lack money after selling that.
Send me some money.
How can you do this? Does it end if you make a mess in the house and run away? Do you not even feel sorry to Dad
who passed away while living like that? Our family isn't some great family.
There's no huge damage if I'm living like this.
Just leave me out, okay? Just send me some money, you great doctor.
Hey! Hello? Hello? This girl hung up again.
What is this? Account holder Oh Jin Ae Omo.
Have you seen this? I just saw it.
It's not enough to just cut our budget, but
they're going to fire our intern too? Wait a moment.
This is Go Joong Hoon.
You're the Chief of the Emergency Department, right? Yes.
What about it? My name is Yoon Sung Sook, and I got moved to the VIP patient room yesterday.
Please change the intern in charge of this room right now.
What? Who is it? I'm asking you to change the intern immediately! What are you? Why are you being like this? You have to take an electrocardiogram and also a shot.
How can I trust you? What kind of medicine did you put in there? Go away.
Are you not going away? Leave now.
I said leave now! Leave! You're trying to kill me right now, right? Call somebody else here.
I'm a VIP here.
You have to follow the doctor's orders even if you're a VIP.
Doctor? I don't know what connections you have to get in here, but it's just a matter of time before you get fired.

Do you want to get fired right now? Yes.
Do as you wish.
What is there that you can't do? Omo! This girl! Seriously! Omo.
Nurse! Is nobody outside? Where's the call button? Don't get excited.
You'll be in danger if your blood pressure rises.
You have to rest quietly.
Are you not letting go of this? Let go! ~ Preview ~
Send this woman away and assign someone else to me.
Go out.
Did you not hear me say go out? I'm sorry.
This life is f***ed up.
It's been a really long time.
I became a doctor.
Once I grab the stethoscope, the diagnoses comes right out I have the "Hands of God".
Is Oh Jin Hee still not here? I'm sorry.
You're late by 37 seconds.
Don't drink so much then! Are you selling your smiles now? Seriously this Yet you're a chief? The performance tickets I gave you the other day are for today.
Can you give me Jin Ae's contact info please? Where does she work? Hey! ♫ Let yourself in ♫